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Thinking is an ever-present action of the mind. The act of thinking energizes ideas and concepts, giving them “life.” Our thinking mind never rests. Even when we sleep at night it creates an entire world of characters and experiences, and when we “wake” it does the same. The mind’s life-giving nature creates all we see and experience, as well as sustaining reality, because without it reality only exists as a potential.

Our self-concept sits at the center of our belief-system, defining every thought we accept as true or untrue. Therefore it defines the content of our thinking mind, which in turn determines the energetic blueprint that shapes reality. As our self-concept changes, our thoughts change, therefore our reality. Because the mind creates what it believes is true, when our beliefs are “fixed” then aspects of the self and its reality appear static. As creators of our reality, if we categorize some characteristics of self and its reality as “absolute” then they’ll never change, and those we label changeable are subject to change. Outer appearances are as mutable and dynamic as we “will” them to be.

When our mind accepts a lie as true it creates a false “light” because we think we see when we don’t, and we think we know when we don’t. Our thinking mind charges the lying thought with an energetic pulse (“life”) that shapes reality to reflect the lie, making it appear in reality. As lying thoughts become accepted beliefs, they form an energetic cord linking our mind, which is the source of the belief, to the outer reality so that it continually reflects the lie in endless forms and experiences. Our thinking mind, fueled by false beliefs, keeps these cords intact, making the outer reality appear unchangeable.

Reality is fluid because it is energy. As we look to the inner Light as our Source of Truth and no longer the outer reality (the projection of our erroneous beliefs), we find the power to change what we once deemed unchangeable. We find freedom. Truth’s logic, untouched by faulty judgments, shines as an unquenchable light revealing our true Self. It’s luminosity weakens the darkened beliefs that kept us bound to a false self-concept until they fade into nothingness. When we no longer hold the false image as true, the energetic cords to past relationships and experiences, present false self-concepts, and future expectations based on this imagined image begin to dissolve, liberating our mind to be a living gate to divine thought which leads to metamorphic changes.

As we make the borderland journey out of the “realness” of illusion and into Truth’s eternal expressions, again and again our mind returns to the question, “What is true?” The answer is our divine nature as defined by Absolute Truth. There is no other truth, only lies posing as “true.”

With this response, our awareness is brought back to our true I Am Presence’s immutable, divine attributes. We no longer accept reality’s constant chatter telling us who we are, because being a projection of a faulty thought-system it can only convey lies. We no longer focus on a false self-concept, its issues, problems or characteristics. It no longer matters what our personality or expressions of the past have been because everything connected to the false self-concept is fading. In this mental shift, in which we only entertain thoughts of Absolute Truth as true, we sever the energetic cords to the judging mind and enter the freedom created by the words of life coming from Truth.

Truth’s Living Voice reveals our timeless, perfect, and harmonious nature. Accepting our true Likeness is where new life begins. As this acceptance gains permanence, therefore ever-present in our thinking mind, our conscious thoughts shift to the self’s true expression. Because what we are conscious of being, we outwardly express, the present moment is energetically reset to its ever-present state of perfection. Instead of our mind projecting its own relative truth and creating an illusion, it becomes a transducer of Truth’s Life into outer expression. By resting in divine emergence the mind enters the flow of Truth’s energetic current through which the self’s divine potentials are expressed.

As we meditate on our ever-present divine attributes and let them permeate our feeling world by which they charge the energetic atmosphere, we engage the thinking mind’s creative power and begin to alter reality in ways we never deemed possible. It’s time to let go of the old and embrace the new, so our true Likeness can shine.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” ~ John 8:32

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

14 thoughts on “Fluidity and Freedom

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  2. first, the LAWs are to allow u(us) to live(see) in the BORDERLAND… the purpose of the laws is so you can SEE IN THE NOW(past/present/future)(the i am THROUGH the whole world).

    the god(containing all people), is the HIGH END OF THE LAW(see LORD in eachother)…
    when we UNDERSTAND the laws, we become the BORDERLAND(create lordship in eachother).

    the christ is the DOORWAY that allows u to see urself in all things(through the world). but christ is but one law.
    when u SEE in the HIGH END of LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES, you BECOME the HIGHest VIBRATION, as through the laws(in the borderland), each person will become all PROABILITYS of all the other vibrations of your own BEING(LOVE)..

    now, if you speak of christ, u must speak of johova, and yuawea(sorry about my spelling), and islam(islamic and etern is the same laws). you must speak of all names, as that is how you bring out all souls into the world..

    each and every soul is how you see the highest honors in everyone on earth(everyone is a probable self).

    NOW, all that said, you are your own BLOCKs…(through the laws, and understanding the polarity of YIN/YAN, you can control the vibrations(everyone will follow if true to self(heart)).

    NOW: also, the word NAME is way out of wack.
    NAME always refers to a GIVING. when we pray(the right way), we are giving.
    in the name of love, in the name of honor, in the name of life, in the name of peace, I GIVE TO THEE..

    THEE represents the SHARED I AM that is in ALL THAT IS(love).
    to use and understand the concepts of NAME properly, you must throw away the idea of name refering to ONE PERSON…

    each NAME is how we bring out the SOULS(laws of duplication) into this world..
    (hense praying aka GIVING)..

    • When we are asked to pray in Jesus’ name, we are being asked to do so in his “nature.” And…His nature, as you point out is a “giving” nature.

  3. Our journey now becomes more difficult because the door to life has been discovered open, and its light begins to fill your mind. Where there was only the darkness of mystery, living light brings understanding of absolute truth. You may be inclined to picture this as a beautiful sunrise that gradually fills your mind with sunlight’s radiance, and to some degree you are correct. However, it is better to imagine that a war has started, for the darkness has a form of life within it that “fights” for its survival against what it perceives is an alien life which threatens its existence.

    Your mind does not comprehend that it is unaware of truth, for it is blinded by the darkness created through its belief in mysteries. Instead the mind believes it is aware, even that its darkness is light. Therefore, when the light of absolute truth begins to fill the mind with life, the mind resists, believing its own truth is threatened.

    It is important to understand that all the sleeping mind has ever known of truth was upheld by its belief, and this of its own will. It is this “will” that infuses belief with a form of life, and why believed truth appears real and living. Yet, as we have said, absolute truth is not dependent on belief because it possesses the perfect, most high will of the eternal life within it. When living light flows into the mind a battle of wills, so to speak, ensues between that which the mind believes to be true by the power of its own will, and that which absolute truth declares to be true by the word of its living voice.

    The gradual awareness of absolute truth’s living light in the mind’s darkened reality of believed truth is what we have called The Borderlands and others have called the “war in heaven”. It is a troubling transition for the mind because as with a sunrise, both darkness and light appear real, engaged in a seeming battle for the mind’s belief.

    There is no mystery, and therefore no darkness, in truth. As its living light reveals what is hidden in darkness, the mystery inherent in belief dissolves. When belief is cleansed of its mystery and purified by truth’s living light, it transitions into FAITH. This is a very important understanding, for life is given expression by faith rather than belief.

    You have heard it said that fire purifies gold by removing its dross. Using this analogy we can now understand that truth’s living light purifies belief by removing its mystery. All belief contains mystery because belief is the conscious act of willing the mind to accept that its judgments are truthful, even though the truth it believes is not understood. It is only when the mind humbles itself saying, “I do not know the true meaning of this mystery and no longer desire to use past experience to shape my belief, but look now for understanding from truth’s living voice”, that the transformative journey through the borderlands begins.

    • The way that leads to life is difficult because it is a metamorphic transformation of the mind’s thought system, which the sleeping mind can not fathom until the change begins. When a mind sleeps in the mysteries of its own belief it has very little awareness of its thoughts because its attention is continually focused on the reality of its outer appearance world. Consequently, its thought system is designed to assist the sleeping mind as it navigates the outer world it believes it was dropped into via physical birth.

      Lacking understanding of its Self and the world in which it appears to exist, the mind’s initial thought system continually processes information gathered from its physical world in order to judge how it might enhance its well being. As it forages for information, the mind continually judges what it consumes as either good or bad, right or wrong, helpful or harmful. The mind believes its judgments are true and the results are stored in its thought system as truth. These stored judgements are then continually reassessed in order to shape future judgements.

      The sleeping mind is insatiable in its hunger to experience what it judges good for its Self, always believing a greater good awaits it. The function of its thought system is solely focused on processing judgement, continually assessing the outer appearance world to determine ways that may lead the mind to experience what it judges to be increased goodness. Thus we see that the sleeping mind’s thought system is like a caterpillar that continually eats but is never satisfied, for the mind’s insatiable hunger for all it judges to be good drives it on. There is no rest for the sleeping mind, for whatever it judges good it simultaneously judges “not good enough”, and its striving never ends.

      The sleeping mind is a striving mind, seeking incessantly to find good in its experiences. Its thought system is focused outward, into experiences in which the mind finds its Self, judging and assessing each against past analysis so that it may discover whether the present moment is good or bad. And it is for this reason that the mind is clouded in mystery, creating the darkness of sleep.

    • Recall that we have said the sleeping mind finds its source of truth in the past. We can now understand that its thought system must recall past judgments it believes are true in order to judge the relative goodness of its present experience. The sleeping mind’s thought system is structured as a “comparative engine”, by which it continually analyzes present experience relative to an ever-growing data store of past judgments, which in aggregate comprise all the mind believes is true.

      It is for this reason that the mind sleeps in the mystery of its own beliefs, for its thought system accepts that the truth determined in any present moment may or may not be “good” for itself. Thus the mind wanders through its experiences in a darkened cloud of mystery, never knowing if some calamity will befall it, yet always fearful of its inevitable appearance. Now look carefully and you can understand how the sleeping mind’s thought system inadvertently creates perpetual fear.

      In order to more fully appreciate the magnitude of metamorphic transformation which occurs as one transitions to a living thought system, let us look more closely at how the sleeping mind’s judgment-based thought system actually manufactures and processes its own relative truth, rendering it incompatible with the divine will of absolute truth’s living light. It is for this reason that the sleeping mind’s thought system cannot be “saved”, so to speak, but like the caterpillar must allow itself to be willingly crucified, that its living thought system may emerge.

      Imagine the shaking that might occur in the caterpillar’s mind as it remains consciously aware while its body dis-intergrates, losing every aspect of the Self it believed to be real. The last gasps of its thought system might believe it was becoming something altogether horrifying when judged relative to all it previously judged good about its Self. If you can imagine this kind of discomfort you can now recognize the sort of tribulation your conscious awareness may endure during your thought system’s metamorphic transformation.

      We have repeatedly stated that you are not what you believe your Self to be, and also that what you believe appears real to you. Thus what we are actually saying is that the Self you think is REAL, is not. This can now be better understood by the parabolic statement that you are not the caterpillar you believe your Self to be, but rather an entity far more powerful and beautiful than anything you can presently imagine with your caterpillar thought system.

    • We are again reminded that there is no mystery in truth, and as we push deeper into its living light, all that has been hidden in the mysterious clouds of belief shall be revealed.

      And yet, whatever you know of truth is never complete, for while all truth that circulates through the living thought system is fully known, its infinite depth continually leads to increased revelation and the correspondingly greater understanding by which truth’s eternal life is expressed. It is this ability for the living thought system to continually receive and process deeper understanding from the truth it currently possesses that the mind experiences truth’s ever-increasing, eternal life.

      To facilitate our understanding, imagine your present thought-system as one a caterpillar might possess. Every thought believed to be true about its Self is reflected in its experience as a caterpillar. Imagine further a kingdom of caterpillars, in which no butterflies yet appear and all are born to live and die as caterpillars. Nothing in the past suggests to the mind that life is anything but the experience of a caterpillar, believing therefore it shall be what it has always been. This belief, formed out of the past, becomes its truth.

      There came a time when a group of caterpillars, believing they had truth, gathered together and proclaimed, “Behold, the great caterpillar god, in his goodness and mercy, has deemed to bless you with all wonders! For you are more than you appear, and when you die will be given wings and live in heaven!” At these words many became followers of this beneficent, yet mysterious caterpillar god who would bless them in such a way, gathering often to honor their god and spread the joyous message of hope. And, as each caterpillar died, the others were comforted in the belief their beloved friend was now a glorious, winged caterpillar living somewhere in a distant heaven.

      Consider yourself to be a caterpillar within this kingdom, yet with a mind possessing your current understanding of a caterpillar’s metamorphic transformation into a butterfly. While you have not yet become the butterfly you know your Self to be, you know the truth of it by faith. You understand, without mystery, the process of life and what is meant by hanging on a tree and “dying” to gain your glorified body with wings able to lift you into the heavens. Even so, how can you share your truth with others, that they too may become glorified?

      I tell you you cannot, for their caterpillar thought systems are so blinded with belief and your words so incongruent with all they accept as true, your truth would be an offense because it lacks the mystery by which they honor the wonders of their caterpillar god.

      In light of this, how might you answer the following question: Knowing that your fellow caterpillars love mystery, rather than truth, and are therefore unable to accept your words, how might they come to know the truth, that they may be “saved” and enter the kingdom of Butterflies?

      • “In light of this, how might you answer the following question: Knowing that your fellow caterpillars love mystery, rather than truth, and are therefore unable to accept your words, how might they come to know the truth, that they may be “saved” and enter the kingdom of Butterflies?”

        Very good question and not a better topic to discuss.

        I would say and I believe you would agree that 1 Corinthians 13 explains this question very well. There are many philosophers, prophets, evangelist and the like who teach the material word and law as having more validity than the spirit of the word… in not understanding that there is a difference in knowing and being. This is because to be you have to know where you have been to know the difference. All paths lead to the conclusion of each of us by “becoming” the “nature” (what’s in a name) which is of Christ. There are three levels of growth and understanding and knowing are outward observations of what we “shall” become in Christ. In the first two levels of our growth we ask and seek for what we think is the prize of life, however this asking and receiving phase of things can only fill our natural desires. Even the gifts given to the church as in Corinthians is not proof that any have attained to the greater gift, for does it not say if we have all of these evidences of the spirit, they are not the spirit of love for our fellow man itself. Many people have received these gifts of their asking but have never grown in the truth and love of God because they mistake the gift as an evidence of God’s character which they should have sought before desiring one of the gifts. Then they will be able to administer the gift in love Instead of confusion knowledge with the substance and character they should be teaching. The gifts and the substance are two and very distinctly different things and one can acquire one without acquiring the other. We must learn to build on a proper foundation which is the love of Christ and then the gifts can have meaning.

        The third heaven is where we see past the natural world and the things of it that no longer appeal to us for we have come to the place where nothing of this world has anymore attraction for us. This world’s appeal becomes dead to us for the truth of life is taking its place as everything within us begins to seek that life which is to have permanemce. The temporary desire for this life have faded. These first two phases are part of our natural growth to the third and final phase of our maturity…of which is “becoming.” When we “become” there is no more definitions to seek after for we will have become all that was only previously defined by outward word definitions and observations.

        It is recorded in the scriptures that the Gentiles seek knowledge whereas the true followers of Christ seek only the likeness of the Christ within. The Greeks “are” philosophers in thinking there is nothing greater than knowing and disputing “about” things where the spiritually led know there is a third heaven experience to be achieved where the mere knowing and conversing about knowledge without substance has no appeal or truth in it. In achieving this third heaven experience there can be no desire to outdo one another for one seeking the spirit will want exactly the same result for others as well as for themselves. There is no us and them in coming to the truth, just “us.”

        These seeking the truth in Christ will share with others their experience of “getting there” so to speak because they want everyone to achieve this same love of the truth. Man will never achieve the higher calling by wanting to be better than, smarter than or to even be known for having anything than a love for and to all others. To achieve this truth there can be no desire to want to impress others by philosophizing about Christ for this is not of the “truth” for truth is stripped of all of the outward adulation and of seeking of fleshly admiration. “Saved” is an interesting word that was most often mistranslated in the scriptures for the true meaning of salvation is “to be made whole” and when read in this context the meaning of life gains a new perspective for saved carries a connotation of others being lost which is erroneously being taught by the outward understanding.

        Some will never come to the same understanding and knowledge of another, for some orders and callings require a different “proving” as some are of the first fruit company while others require less experiences. These different harvest are by no means better than those who are harvested later on for the sheaf offering was gathered from the same field as the rest of the harvest. This meaning, some will come to maturity before the rest of the ingathering that are still in the outward worshipping phase of their life. All will grow through these different phases from the outward natural word, to becoming the spiritual word, each in our own order.

        The caterpillar and the butterfly analogy is a wonderful analogy. It reminds me of an egg where the white and the yolk are not the chicken that will be but by the time the embryo grows from nothing to the chick walking away from escaping it’s shell, it has consumed all of what was within to become that which we observe without. It’s like the small embryonic seed of Christ that is planted in every person that is hid deep within our earth only to grow into all that Christ is as we feed on the spirit within as we accept the spirit of Christ as our truth. When we consume all of the nutrients contained within the spirit as we receive our “daily” bread all of this natural life is but an analogy and example of the true life to come.

        Thoughtware, as you allude to and point out we must love the journey, but our desire must be for the destination and not merely learning about the shadow of the truth. It is all good…for God created and planned for us to grow thorough all of these different steps and stages for we all learn what love is by experiencing the opposites…and we should not be satisfied with the mere knowing about the truth but have faith and believe that we will become the truth…in which we all will. This truth is the likeness of the love of God that must be of substance attained to which the knowledge and description of it will never take the place of it’s becoming. I know what you are saying, as I see Rachel, Anti, and many others saying the same thing albeit the terminology may be somewhat different in describing it. We can never prove to another what love is by words alone for the only truth that can be understood is by acquiring the substance of the spirit, which needs no explanation or proving. We just want to be and others to be also.

        When we see in another what their true purpose is in speaking and sharing their true desire we can ascertain at which mile post one is at. None is to be condemned because we all were born with the natural mind at birth to learn from the experiences of it in growing through all the stages of our life…for how are these “sons” of the first fruits to understand how to bring forth the rest of the harvest if they have not been conditioned to do so. These first fruits must go through the most harshest of climates because they must be able to discern every aspect of the carnal nature in order to help relieve all from all natural disorders. Much known, much required. The barley grain is a type of Christ (first fruit) because it was planted in the fall and it weathered the harsh cold “winter” season as the other wheat and crops planted in the spring did not have to experience. Everyone has a predestined order and a mere knowledge of an order does not make us of that order. Knowing of the natural order of things is good for all of the harvest (people) to know and understand because by all understanding what to look forward to is good in expecting their own redemption to come to pass. We must participate in our predestinated calling for it to truly be our predestinated calling, otherwise if we are not becoming as He is, and we are trying to “climb up some other way” perhaps by only knowing “about” the Sonship message for example and not knowing the difference in speaking about truth and becoming the truth.

        This life is a progression of all becoming as He is, each in our own order, with none taking preeminence in pride of what they know for to become as He is has no grandeur of position attached to it. When those who have first sacrificed all of self’s identification to the love of this world with all of its vices, it is only to then show the rest of humanity the way to the likeness, character and love of God.

        It is good to spark and nurture and encourage the love of the truth amongst one another although we do see some wanting to challenge the vision we have by thinking it is only through the knowledge that one has as compared to that of another but this is not to be so, for the shadow of a thing can never take the place of the true thing and image itself. The definition and knowledge of love is only the shadow of that love so let us not endeavor to settle for the lesser knowledge of the thing but seek to find the greater. Who of us would be satisfied with only the shadow of a great gift and not the gift itself? God, truth and love are all the names of the same spirit which is instilled in us to seek and no shadow or knowledge of the thing will ever satisfy us. When one becomes the butterfly from the lowly caterpillar and now is soaring above all of what they themselves used to be then and only then will we know the truth about our journey and that of our fellow man . The worm of carnal men who are still crawling amongst the earth dwellers will one day also learn to no longer frown and criticize those who not only have gone on to a higher understanding of heaven because the matured butterfly has always told the worms of their past selves, ” You will one day be as I am because I was once as and where you are.” As assuredly as we all have born the image of the natural man, we will all likewise come to the image of the spiritual man.” Truth comes to each and all alike as only God can give to each of us of His spirit to understanding and become as He is. We all will be made whole as we are called by God Himself in our own predestinated order. Truth has no regrets or grievances for all the things in who h we have suffered through this journey for truth is God perfected in each of us. Job had it right, in understand that even though God may slay him, it was all for His ultimate good for he knew only a God of love which used the fiery furnace of this earthly journey to bring us forth as gold tried in the fire.

    • The story of the caterpillar kingdom is significant and upon further reflection offers many layers of understanding regarding the mysteries that have determined your present understanding of God and manner of salvation. The way that leads to life is without mystery, which is to say without the darkness inherent in belief, and when the sleeping mind’s thought system begins to fill with Truth’s living light it can be very unsettling.

      All who enter through the narrow gate do so because they believe in God and desire to know the truth. Yet when truth’s light begins to burn away God’s mystery-filled image, what remains lacks grandeur, appearing ordinary and philosophical. This causes many to turn back, preferring instead to honor the greatness of their professed mystery.

      Again, we reiterate a very critical understanding: there is NO MYSTERY in truth and therefore whatever belief the mind beholds in mystery is not true. Recall our story about those who set off to bring the experience of fire to a world that believed in fire as a mystery. As long as this belief continued, fire could never be experienced as a reflection of truth. Without experience, every belief about fire’s living light would remain a mysterious creation of the mind’s imagination.

      The mind can not translate mystery into experience, despite believing it is true because belief in a mystery lacks understanding. When the few set off to seek for the way in which they might give the experience of fire to the people, truth’s living voice dissolved fire’s mystery by granting them understanding. And it was by the living light of their understanding that they “saw” the reality of fire all about them, as potentials hidden within the creation of friction. Fire was no longer a mysterious apparition of dancing light, giving comfort to some and destroying others. Gone were the distorted imaginings passed between the people, in order that they might be accepted as truth because of the multitude which similarly believed.

      Understanding made manifesting fire’s experience an ordinary, yet hidden aspect of their current reality. And it was in the understanding gained from truth’s living voice that they rubbed two trees together, created friction and brought forth fire, becoming the saviors of their darkened world. And by freely giving fire’s experience to the people, understanding spread throughout the world, and the mystery of fire, along with its vain imaginings, disappeared.

      The caterpillar story provides deeper understanding into the working of truth, revealing that even though the understanding its living voice provides is known, it is never known fully. Yet what is presently known is always sufficient to create its reflection in experience. Thus we see that when the first caterpillar became a butterfly, it did not know how the transformation would express itself, only that it could create the experience by trusting the understanding it currently possessed. And in faith it climbed out a limb, created a cocoon and waited.

      And by the glory that emerged, faith was passed to others through the “outer experience”. All then knew, without mystery, the truth that the potential to become a butterfly existed within them. This truth quickly spread, and the kingdom of caterpillars became a kingdom of butterflies.

    • Our path through the borderlands leads to life’s expression and is similar to the first caterpillars, who in the knowledge of truth, hung themselves on a tree in the faith that their glory would be revealed. Having never experienced a butterfly’s reality, none could imagine what that glory might be, nor did they attempt to do so. Instead, they did as truth’s living voice instructed, fully trusting that the living light they saw within would emerge through them and into the world, creating a reflection of truth’s glory that others could experience outwardly.

      In their faith they became living gates, lamps of living light by which those who could not recognize the truth within, were able to perceive it outwardly, as the glory of a “butterfly” shining in their darkened realities. The living light, shining through the open gates, was as a fire consuming all mystery, melting away the kingdom of caterpillars to reveal the kingdom of butterflies.

      We now see, in the stories of the fire starters and the butterflies, that the way that leads to life is not traveled for yourself alone. In truth there is but ONE SELF, and those who are called into the borderlands of transition are called for a singular purpose, that they may become open gates for living light so that all may be saved from the darkness of sleep. The awakening of one is the awakening of all, though only a few individualized minds are needed to kindle living light’s consuming fire.

      The present reality is full of darkness because the concepts of light, salvation and God are shrouded in mystery and honored in blind faith. Those who instruct others to put their faith in a mystery, believing the truth of living light can not be understood, have purposely, yet unknowingly, shut their eyes, preferring the darkness of mystery rather than the light of understanding. This is the better understanding of the blind leading the blind.

      Yet it is only the desire to honor truth as a mystery that blinds them. For any who are so called will open their eyes and seek for understanding solely from truth’s living voice. These will lay down their belief that the ways of God can not be understood, and instead believe that truth’s living voice exists, and is able to fully reward them with ever-increasing understanding.

      And here, already do we glimpse the true outlines of salvation in the midst of a darkened world. If you desire to seek for truth as it is, without mystery, accepting its ordinary nature as its understanding is built layer by layer in your conscious awareness, it is that you may shine ETERNAL LIFE into reality and become the revelation of light for others. For when the fog of mystery dissipates from your mind, you will understand how to transcend the laws of time and shine the glory of a timeless life into the experiential reality of those in darkness, that they may put their faith in truth’s pure reflection, shining from you, the first born of light.

  4. I call it yin/yan which represents POLARITY…

    when all the forces come t ogether, it produces ONE FINAL VIBRATION(made of many muchsmaller vibrations).

    just as every New Born child is our own constant BIRTH(giving to our spirit), so is the POLARITY(yinyan) aligning with the GREATER KNOWLEDGE THROUGH THE LAWS(every name) which allows u to LET GO OF UR OLD THINKING to make way for a MUCH GREATER EXPERIENCE(eternal knowledge).. as man, we tend to hurt ourselves through our own LANGUAGES. we label eachother through our own langauge as Thieves, and Evildooers. it is within our own vibration of JUDGEMENT in which others play our own own creations…

    we have to see LIGHT in others in order for others(outside of time), to bring out the TRUST u have placed in them.

    if you HOLD onto judgements and distrust within the mind of MAN, we tend to then become imprissioned(or rise above), our own LANGUAGE(throug the names(laws) or not through the names/laws)(determins the PAIN we go through).

    • “we have to see LIGHT in others in order for others(outside of time), to bring out the TRUST u have placed in them.”

      This is a truthful statement. Yet, it is when others, who are blinded in mystery, are able to see the light in YOU, that they shall come to know the truth, and be rescued. This moment approaches.

      • Yes, we can speak volumes about things but when we become the explanation it is then that we can then be of those epistles read of all men. This is the only true explanation that has any true substance to it for we become the example.

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