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Time to Remember



In the Peace created by the Light of Truth’s radiance, we remember who we are.

It’s time to remember the Truth of our Identity, whose Holy Light never left us since we were brought into being by the Creator’s first thought of us.

It’s time to remember who we are as the Creator’s expressed Self, united in a sacred brotherhood under one Creator, for in this remembrance Peace is found.

The Holy Light of our true Self can never leave us, it can only be temporarily hidden beneath a veil of false judgments based on a false identity, which we believed as an embryonic soul unknown to itself. In this forgetfulness of the Light within, we believed our vain imaginings and what their projections into reality reflected back to us. As a result, we accepted an illusionary dream in the place of knowing the Truth.

Unaware of our true Self, we wore faulty judgments like tattered garments covering our true Likeness as the Holy Self of God. These erroneous judgments hid our true Identity and kept us in bondage to limitation, fear, discord, and decay. They enslaved, imprisoned, and stole our joy, peace and unity. Yet, because we made these erroneous judgments, it’s our choice to remove them. As we awaken, we consciously choose to forsake all false judgments, and let the Truth we’ve received from the Spirit of Truth consume every thought, so that only our sacred and eternal Identity stands true in our mind.

As the false garments burn in the Holy flame of Truth, consuming everything not like Itself, the illumination of our true Self expands in its holiness and perfection, first in our mind, and then in our expression. As we release false judgments about ourself and others through divine forgiveness, we push through the veil of illusion that cloaks our mind.

Initially, it’s impossible to believe we are created in God’s perfect image because all we’ve ever believed, known, and experienced of ourselves has been imperfection. However, as we continue to focus on the Light of Truth within, our true Self makes itself known to us by the divine Peace it creates. The gentle power of the Great I Am begins to create ever-increasing Peace within our sphere of reality. As we witness this expanding Peace, knowing it is beyond any peace the world could offer, our true Identity as the Holy Self of God is revealed. In this, the belief in our emerging true SELF is accepted into our mind and begins to grow.

The Light of our true Self isn’t far off, it lives within us in the eternal present moment, which we perceive when our mind is free from faulty judgments. In Truth, we can be nothing but our true Self fashioned in the immutable Truth of perfection. Because Truth is all that exists, everything counter to it is an illusion of a dreaming mind.

During this transition from darkness to Light, we may feel overcome by the multitude of mis-creations formed by the false judgments of our darkened mind, but as we rest in the Presence of the Great I Am within, we are strengthened, encouraged, and enter into our true power in Oneness. As we choose to accept only the Voice of Truth and dismiss the illusion’s numerous voices that tell us we are something we are not, the Peace of our emerging true SELF brings an end to the illusion that hid our true Identity, even from ourselves. Without our mind accepting a false image, the illusion can’t stand and fades.

As the Light dawns upon our awakening mind, every thought that challenges our true Likeness, we objectively observe as no longer a part of us and let it go in the power of stillness and gratitude for the Truth. There is no battle when standing in the Light of Truth. We only feel the battle when we’ve accepted the darkness of illusion and gaze upon the Light as if it were far off.

It’s time to remember the Truth of who we in Oneness with our Creator, by which all of reality is renewed, healed and set free from what it is not. This begins with accepting our true Identity within our own mind. As we perceive every moment in the immutable and peaceful Light of Truth, we see our true Self in timeless perfection, fashioned in the Likeness of our Creator.

“But Jesus looked at them and said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.” ~ Mark 10:27


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Time to Remember

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  2. In harmony.

    In our beginning as we gathered around our Lord and He explained to us of His intended new creation we became overjoyed because of His overwhelming generosity as He explained how He was going to arrange the heavens from our solar system to our galaxy to the unending and ever expanding universe. As He explained our role in reaction, we shouted with exceeding joy about the “double portion” we were to attain after our short visit to this planet earth. He told us of all the processing’s we would have to endure and suffer…and…the why of it all and this didn’t phase us at all because of understanding it’s purpose in coming into the obedience of His one will. The rewards were so great the temporary sufferings explained hardly registered with us. “A penny for a million?”

    There are many things which bring us to this understanding for the mysteries are hidden from the carnally wise and until they also, are anointed with the spiritual anointing of the spirit within. I believe we will “all” pass through this dimension so this is no great proclamation and stature of self being above others. We must come to the place of making ourselves one with His spirit without any mixture of the carnal nature. We are a work in progress.

    Our “anointing” IS our awakening to what already is for the spirit is never ending, it is only the carnal which endures for an “hour” or a set duration of time. Love was, IS, and will be from our inception eons before our natural birth, to our never ending loving relationship being enjoyed with our creator. Yes, we are creators, just as the firstborn was created to create, so are those who will come after. There is nothing but the positive in all of creation, for when all is said and done, none is lost. When our carnality is removed from our being this will be our only understanding and experience with death. Only the illusion, the dream will die the death of death. All love remains from its origin to its endless existence. It IS all good.

    • As we unceasingly sought the Light of Truth from within, what has been revealed to us prepared our minds and hearts to extend the Peace of God to others with a power not of this world, but the gentle power inherent in Truth, that IS.

      “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” ~ John 14:27

      With the same spirit that was in these words, we extend divine Peace to all. As it flows through us impacting others, we experience its effects upon our own lives, for as we give, we receive. In the midst of ego chaos, the Peace of God is making its way through awakening minds to be poured upon the earth.

  3. when we learn to live within the logic of the LAWS(unity(oneness)/islam, peace(we all share in ONE B ODY/christianity) law of ancestry(all of time is one body)/johova/mormon), ect…. ect… ect…
    the true nature is when through the eternal laws,all things tend to ALIGN….
    through that alignment is the manifest of our own hearts(of which everyone of us are part of). when we see ourselves in eachother knowing the laws, in their natural form, there tends to be a SPIRIT OF MANIFEST of which our own TRUE IDENTITY can be seen flowing throug the WHOLE WORLD/affects every one of us.

    once we learn the identity of ALL OF US, we start to EXERERIENCE senses greater than the human ability can comprehend(trust/hope/faith)..

    it is because of those experiences, that even i can grow into the awakening(knowing we all are)…
    once we SHARE IN ONE LOGIC(aka through the eternal laws, you learn that there is NO EARTH, but a spirit of (the laws)(live by the CROSS/myans). every EXPERIENCE of all of time, represents what we create from the spirit WITHIN(in which each person is an expression of self).

  4. There is a very fine line between love of self…and selfless love. The defining difference is the ego. As you mention the “ego chaos” it brings to mind the teachings of the differences in the true and the apostate “church” and where it is. I’m sure I’m singing to the choir, however allow me to “add to” what I understand on this subject of the ego. It is the ego in man that feeds the “system” of the apostate for the spirit of the individual “s” combined is what makes a system corporate. The ego does not originate in the system or corporately…so we cannot blame anything or anyone outside of our very own spirit of ego. It is when we are honest enough to see that the “beast” is alive and well within all of us, the carnal mind, do we understand where the battle really exist.

    The true church which is not observable with the natural eye will come to full maturity void of the ego for it is the desire of the carnal nature to seek for preeminence among the brethren. In the story of Paul writing unto an assembly of the brethren where there was an “ego” in the midst and his name was Diotrephes which loved to be the center of attention and dominate the “church.”

    “I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not…and not content therewith, neither doth he himself receive the brethren, and forbiddeth them that would, and casteth them out of the church” (III John 9,10).

    This seemingly simple admonishment coming from Paul toward the “ego” (Diotrephes) that was claiming a fleshly recognition among the saints “is” the great harlot church in seed form. It did not start with Pagan Rome as many teach, it started in the innocence of the founding church of Christ. When Diotrephes resisted the truth being taught by preventing Paul from coming in to set the record straight he in effect was planting the seed in the early church from which the “harlot” church rose to prominence since and on into our day. It didn’t start from something “outside of ourselves” as some preach and believe….it started from an innocent beginning in one setting out to follow Christ but he was overcome by the ego of seeking prominence, wanting to display Himself amongst the brethren which started out as being equals but fell sway to the beguiling “devil” of ego within the person of Diotrephes.

    Do any of us feel this need to stand out and to be heard as the “head” or the center of those we congregate and or fellowship with? Or do we desire only to remain as “one” in oneness in a simple love for the others without the need of standing out or demanding to be recognized as the “one” of truth. This simple question that we can ask ourselves will tell us if we are described as a “Diotrephes” type of individual or if we are of the teaching of the spirit of Christ where there is no system of men where the ego rules over other brethren.

    We could write in depth about this clarification of the true and apostate (false) church but looking at it in this simple explanation of where it all begins should give us pause before we look outside of ourselves to see where the seed of hypocrisy and deceit begins. It is not “out there” for if we look outside of ourselves to describe the problem without acknowledging our own carnal nature and ego. Self is the root of all of mankind’s original problems which has led to the founding of all “church” systems which are outside of the will of God. The reason the true church cannot be seen is because it is of the spirit which cannot be seen with the natural eye whereas as that which is without, the apostate church of brick and mortar, pomp and ritual, can be seen with the natural eye… is therefore material and thus, is of the illusionary.

    We are told to acknowledge that sin we see “within us” and it will be taken from us so let us identify where the enemy truly exist so that it can be taken and put to death within us. As long as we continue to blame what is not the problem and where it exist we cannot come to overcome the problem. We must identify the roof of all apostasy and that rest with the individual ego first for you cannot have the “corporate” without it being made up of the individual (s). We must “let” the love of Christ come into our inner being and let it dissolve all the importance of self and ego. Practicing love toward one another without seeking preeminence is what brings truth to life. The “I” without the “AM” is our problem. We must come to understand what oneness really means. It simply means there is no big I and little u in our heart’s vocabulary, toward any, saint or sinner, saved or unsaved…for we all will come forth as we are called.

    It is the search for God’s unadulterated love with the absence of wanting to stand out with an ego such as Diotrephes had that we will be led into all truth. Those of us who have been shown this most humble truth can grow from this foundation which is of the loving spirit of Christ where self does not rise it’s “head” of authority above others.

    When Diotrephes prevented the love of God from being preached in “his church” by Paul and the other men of God and kicked out those in his church who sided with the truth of Paul’s teaching what remained in this “ Church?” It was the beginning of the “system” of man. It was now a group of one among many of divisions, factions and parties (Galatians 5) where one man ruled over another (and the people loved to have it so) where he placed himself at the head of others instead of teaching the anointing of Christ as being our head. His problem is he took the head position which only belongs to Christ. When we take the things of God and gild them over with a thin plating of the truth on the outside it is hard to see the inward heart of sincerity. Let us understand our primary enemy, “our ego” which is not “out there” it is within..just as Christ is within and it is Christ which must become our head and leader..and it is His spirit which will give us the victory over “self” when He leads us into the battles of the adversary…the ego. God is love.

  5. Prayer of Light

    Father, I recognize my power in a way I have not yet comprehended. I see you are my source, the pure light that shines through the infinitely small gate within which opens into limitless, ever expanding eternity. It is a light that never fades, flickers or is interrupted in any way. I have allowed my belief in darkness, strengthened by the outer appearance world, to cover it. By this darkness I closed my eye, shut out the light and slept.

    But now I am awake, for I recognize that Truth always is. Truth is the light, your life given me and it is self-sustained. In this light I recognize every attribute of divine love, deeper than I could ever fully conceive in an eternity of devotion. As I focus my attention on your Truth, I am filled with the awareness that I am able to project this light into my outer appearance world, filling all with this self-same love, covering all in peace and the joy of divine harmony.

    All darkness in the outer appearance of disharmony slowly fades away as morning mist dissolves into the clarity of a beautiful new day. I am not something new, but now consciously aware that I AM Light, freely given to all who sleep, that my joy may be theirs and my peace may cover all. And look! Father you are in the light, going forth to accomplish your perfect will which removes the chains of false belief that all may awaken and know they are sons and daughters of Light.

    In my shining, Father, so too do I reflect my gratitude back to you who enlightened my mind in the awareness of your perfection. How grateful I am for the blessed gift of knowing I AM the ever-more beautiful reflection of your Truth.

  6. hi, i want to clarify the ideas we have behind EGO.. EGO is not a bad thing, it is a good thing(a doorwaY).
    you can catagorize EGO in 2 ways. Natural, and Unnatural.

    the Natural Ego sits in a doorway between worlds(ETERNAL and EARTH). it binds our own consiousness to ALL THAT IS.and brings our Heart energy into the EARTHLY WORLD.. the NATURAL EGO PREVENTS BAD THINGS FROM HAPPENING(SENSE in MIND BEFORE AN ACTION)

    the UNNATUAL EGO is what we created within our own langauge to take blame of the bad things we have done.
    we tend to BLAME our own ego for the things we have in heart. After an event has happened, it is no longer in the hands of the NATURAL EGO… THE EGO CAN ONLY PREVENT AN ACTION FROM HAPPENING. once ya do the bad deed, it is in your heart, not fault of the ego..

    CHRIST is spirit in all(as a law), along side all other names. if you talk about christ, you must talk about allah, and mohomad, and johoma, and morman and all others. if you choose christ over any other name, then you have rejected christ.

    lets take ISLAM as an example of why it is important.
    overseas, you see muslims worshiping islamic law(same as eternal laws).
    within religion, we tend to reject islam for chris. at the same time, we understand the LAW OF ONENESS. the tricky part is that islamic law IS LAW OF ONENESS. again, each name represents a law. and the rituals u see the reigions doing are associated with each law.

    overseas, through their religions, they bow down togeter in prayer(over and over). it is within that ONENESS as they TRY TO INTERPER the law of oneness(sidetracked into a religon).

    we doing same thing with christ. when we talk about christ, it means many things to many people. most people see christ as an individiual. but christ represents the LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES(both GIVING(christ side), and taking(satan side).

    both christ and satin(through the ego), is part of our own ENERGY SYSTEMS(through the laws).

    christ cannont work at its best without islam(law of oneness)..
    and as u can see, islam(law of oneness), cant work fully without christ.

    it is when we COMBINE ALL LAW , is when everyone on this planet becomes ONE WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT(alignments:cross)(live by the).
    it takes all of us(church in spirit:all of mankind:no group, just ALL OR NONE).

  7. also, the DECIEPT that everyone talks about is when WE ALL have tricked ourselves into thinking we are a man(seperation begins here). the opposing force of DECIEPT(of man), is the SPIRIT(holy:all of us living one LANGUAGE:eternal langauge)…
    it is through the laws in which peace(christ comes about):not as a man, but a spirit shared in all MEN(men not meaning sex, but MANKIND)..

    DECIEPT(we are man) and TRUTH(we are eternal) are OPPOSING FORCES OF ITSELF(christ and satan)…
    Seperation and UNITY are OPPOSING FORCES OF ITSELF(christ and satan)…

    if you live in truth, then man doesnt exist, if you live in deciept, then you are waiting for god.
    if you live in truth, then your fellow man is an extension of self, if you live in deciept, then whole worlds is bad and against me.

    if you live in truth, then you know the holy spirit through the eternal laws(shared langauge in all men). if you live in deciept, you are alone.

    if you live in truth, the holy spirit is around you and in all things all the time. if you live in deciept, then you have placed safety mechanisms around to stop bad things from happening.

    if you live in truth, then you love satan as you do christ(both one and the same). if you live in deciept, then you say you love christ, but reject satan…

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