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When we become aware of who we truly are, then our embryonic shell breaks open and we become a fountain of life unto the world. These words from the Father are for you because you are a part of Him.

My Child,

I Am the Source and you are My expression.

As an extension of Me, you are a divine spirit that knows no end. What you are consciously aware of isn’t your limit, for you are limitless. In time, you can only see a slice of your true Self, but know you are far greater and always will be than your present awareness.

You are an expression of our intimate connection and all I give to you through it. I am with you always for I Am love, which knows no separation or condition. Through you My divine love is manifested in creation.

Through your mind of Truth which is shared with Mine, I create all things. You are my fountain through which my life, light, and love flows. Our united spirit pours living waters into creation making all things new every moment. You are becoming my expressed Truth in endless arrays of beauty, vitality, magnificence, joy, holiness, perfection, harmony and glory. 

What you are, you give to the world. You see me when you see your true Self, for we are united. You are my expression, extension, and manifested Self along with all your brothers and sisters and all of creation. Though I am infinitely beyond your awareness, through the awareness of your true Self and your expressions of Truth you know Me. 

You are endless abundance of everything good, perfect and holy. As you freely and joyfully give from this abundance, you begin to experience my Spirit of abundance within you and know its endless treasures to be shared. 

You are my living words of life manifested. 

Desire above all to release the false image of yourself, it keeps you from seeing and knowing your true Self, thus Me, as you are a part of Me and extend from Me. Embrace the creative power I’ve shown you. In the free will I’ve given you, which is in the likeness of my own, you direct your experiential reality by your choices for Truth or illusion. To choose Truth is to choose us, our expressed oneness. To choose illusion, is to choose nothing but endless dreams of separation. 

You can’t know your true Self without knowing me and can’t know Me without knowing your Self. Forget your body for a time. It’s a past reflection of your old thought system. Know you are part of my Spirit, we are one. As you come to know and accept this Truth in its fullness (For Truth is one and can only be expressed in its fullness) then it will be reflected outward. 

Every word I give to you, I give to all. ~


Father, let nothing tempt me to hold a false image of my self and obscure and hide the Light of my true Self. In Truth I cannot suffer, experience loss or any form of death. In Truth, I’m a fountain of Life.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

22 thoughts on “Fountain of Life

  1. Hey Rachel, your statement of theme, “My passion is cultivating a deep relationship with God & helping others to do the same”, has also become my theme of existence. For if one studies HIS word & continually ask Him for wisdom, the Spirit will keep us in His elect. —I realize I am short on communication skills. However, it is near impossible to communicate with people of closed or, one-track mind. I have witnessed your tack in this same thing from the past. —Is your position just to let God handle it or, do your try different approaches?

    • Hi Eldon, Good questions.

      I believe we know Truth from the Spirit of Truth through revelation, this Spirit (of the Christ) is our one Teacher. Truth is received directly from his Spirit to ours.

      We can only share what we are learning, be a confirmation to what others are learning from the Spirit, deepen an understanding that someone is already receiving from within, and encourage one another. So to your answer, it is both. I share because sharing has many purposes, but I trust the Spirit as the one true Teacher of us all. We see if we spoke Truth clearly – even as Jesus did – people still can’t understand – it has to come from within.

      Many confuse Religious dogma and Truth. Truth is the living Word of God that comes directly from His Spirit to ours. Religious dogma is learned from the outside. Dogma is static. Where Truth continually deepens from our perspective. It is changeless, but our understanding of it grows clearer and more lucid – especially considering the unawareness of Truth we originally come from. Religious dogma usually entails guilt, fear, conditional love, and other means that are used to persuade unknowing souls that what is spoken is true, even when it isn’t. Therefore, people accept it as Truth, but it isn’t the Truth of the Spirit. The Word of God isn’t contained outside of us, it comes from the Spirit of Truth from within us – thus it is LIVING. It lives in us, we are the “epistle”. Only when we receive the living Word within do we see it reflected outside us because then we understand the meaning of things.

      Even if one was speaking of something of Truth, it can’t be received if someone isn’t already learning from the Spirit. It can spark ideas, thoughts and questions – but to truly know Truth comes from our one and Perfect Teacher. Our Teacher can use anything to teach us but we only understand the meaning of those things if he is teaching us. The Bible is a great example. It is so misunderstood because it has fallen into the realm of religious dogma, which extends many lies. But if the Spirit teaches you, then it can hold many valuable treasures.

      Religious dogma also teaches people to speak the same way and same thing to everyone because this is all one knows. For one learning Truth from within, the expression of Truth is much more dynamic for whatever the situation requires.

      Does this answer your question.

  2. Yes, you have confirmed what Jesus told me this morning, —“Lord, will those who are saved be few?” And He said to them, “Strive to enter by the narrow door; for many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able.” —I could wish it be some other way but, I am glad we are living by God’s decisions & not mine.

  3. On who will be saved….

    Some food for thought.

    There are many scriptures which seem contradictory such as this one below and the one Eldon quoted, however when understood in the proper context and in the spirit of Revelation, all scriptures harmonize and speak as one thought and with one purpose. There is the subject of salvation to all men, and then there is the subject of the few who make the high calling in Christ Jesus. The seeming contradiction comes from not understanding the difference in the two subjects. One can lose out on obtaining the high calling in Christ Jesus because it is a very disciplined and “narrow” way. In comparison, salvation was given to all before the world was. Where we are placed in our order and calling is determined by our obedience to God. The scripture quoted below explains as in other places that every man through no fault of their own fell with Adam before any had done anything right or wrong. As “all” fell with Adam, this same “all” will rise with Christ in everyone’s own order. We must rightly divide the word and understand them properly…and when we do then no scriptures contradict but bring about a beautiful story of harmony and reconciliation.

    For just as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive. But each in his own order: Christ the first fruits, then those who are Christ’s [own will be resurrected with incorruptible, immortal bodies] at His coming.
    1 Corinthians 15:22-23

    The coming is as He brings us to maturity in our own order.

    Romans 14:11 For it is written, “‘As I live,’ says the Lord, ‘to Me every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall make confession to God.’

    In the scriptures when it speaks of all families, all nations, and all the peoples of the world being saved in the ages to come, these promises were made to Abraham in saying that all people’s would eventually come to know God. God has a plan, and an order of progression, which He will carry out in detail.

    And hundreds more scriptures speak of the reconciliation for all men. Again keep in mind the subject matter which is being discussed and the fact that the scriptures are written first in the natural…with symbols and then the truth is manifested in the revelation in and of the symbols. If God is a God of love and ask us to forgive our enemies and forgive all transgressions against us…is He not asking us to do as He does? We serve a loving God, or do we worship the traditions of men which teach otherwise?

  4. It’s very important to understand and we are taught by the Spirit of Truth that All are “saved” – the need to be saved is one from a limited perspective our developing Self. The divine and perfect love of God would never allow the need to be “saved”. In Truth, we all are “saved” in this present moment. But we are the ones blind to our true state and our true Self as one who cannot be separated from God, who is Truth and love. Therefore it is our awakening to this Truth that is needed, and as the few awaken from within, then all will follow because we are all united. It is an incredible revelation to receive for it is a gate to much deeper understanding into the divine love of God and who we are as a part of Him.

    • Yes, God has given us free choice to be as HE is or to be whatever we desire. God has allowed the great deceiver into our world that we may know the opposite of God & everything in between. It is why the forerunner said we must first “repent” (change from being our own god), before salvation (become part of the Almighty) can happen. God kicked the deceiver out of heaven, can we possibly think God will let him hide in us & get back into heaven?


  5. It is interesting to understand that the word saved or salvation in its early usage and present translations from the Greek means to be made whole, to sanctify, to be delivered from some uncomfortable situation. It has been used erroneously to teach an escape from an endless punishment . We are thus being made whole…or redeemed from the loss of our memory from whence we came. We were blinded for awhile as we entered into this world away from our reality in our prior existence with God before this world was… in order to be disciplined to become obedient to one way and one will. This process and awakening is the “salvation” or “ being made whole” again, redeemed, reconciled to God. “Re” means to redo something , to buy “back” something we once possessed. We in reality are experiencing a time of being prepared to accept greater things from God. The story of Job is a witness to the before, during, and after journey of all who God is testing to see who can be responsible for accepting greater or lesser responsibilities after our test are given. As the story of the talents each are given according to their accomplishments with what they have been given. It is also in keeping with the saying, “we reap what we sow.” Do we sow and desire to expand on the ways and love of God or do we waste our time promoting ourselves and personal gain and ambitions?

    Which will receive of the greater rewards, of the more talents and freedoms? Will it be those who speak honestly and plainly giving God all the glory and being appreciative and thankful for being given our life? Or…will it be greater for those who have promoted self by seeking preeminence in the eyes of others, thinking themselves to be greater than…and promoting themselves as such? Once one understandings the obstacle of the ego (the carnal mind of man) and see it as the enemy within us (not in another) we can then start to see it is our own selves which keep us from being made whole…or “saved.”

  6. As for the subject of…Jealousy does not come from those who speak God’s truths and are mature in them, jealousy comes from those who are not getting the recognition they think they deserve that they think another is getting. We need to be saved from this mind set that our sharing is not a contest of who’s knowledge is superior in which thinking only breeds contempt. Truth can be a double edged sword and it will cut away, as it should, and make plain “to ourselves” what “our” lack is. God does bring circumstances and people together…to give and to take what is needed for our development. As we witness even among the apostles, as in the exchange between Peter and Paul, good came from their “controversy” of understanding we are to treat Jew and gentile “exactly” alike. It is said that all people are either “Jew” or gentile” or in the faith or out of it. So, it is wise to treat all the same regardless of how another classifies themselves for we are not but who God “labels” us as. God knows our beginning and our end “already” and he judges righteously of all our needs… and our lack… to then be given proper measures to “be made whole” (saved) so He then administers the corrective action and the means needed to complete the end result in us…and that is to be as He Is.

    We can’t get there by only wanting the “high calling” for ourselves, it doesn’t work this way. When we can sincerely say we would give to another our place…in Him…this is when we will be given Truth in a matured and perfected substance. We see each other as one in spirit.
    To be made whole (Saved) is God’s promise given to all before the world was…where we fit into this promise is what we are being rewarded for as in the giving of the talents. The talents given are a measure to the “degree” of our earned freedoms.

    To all alike…we give our best.

  7. The coming Kingdom arises in the consciousness of those who have shifted belief from illusion to the real, from that which the mind judged to be true, to that which is true. The most significant shift is from a belief that we possess “free will” (or a SEPARATE mind from God), to knowing that only God’s will is true. The belief in separate minds is revealed to be false, and ONENESS of mind revealed to be true. Darkness is replaced with light and illusions which appeared “real” dissolve into the beautiful light of a new day.

    Prior to awakening, the belief in a separate (or private) will facilitated the belief that it was possible to exercise one’s mind according to whatsoever he or she deemed best or “good”. In this falsely appropriated form of judgment, the mind decides upon a self-expression to justify its belief in “goodness” and creates a “garment” intended to cover all that the mind believes it would “lack” without their covering. If, for example, one believes humility is a “good and proper” reflection, it wears what it believes are good and proper expressions of humility, garments it desires others to see and appreciate. If one seeks for honor, so too does the mind strive to create garments which reflect honor, that the wearer might feel honored.

    And so it goes with every belief, that sleeping minds have covered themselves in a multitude of garments such that they will feel comforted when others perceive them as they desire to be perceived. And without these garments, they believe they will appear “naked”, exposed as nothing and unacceptable to others, even to God. These garments have so hidden the light of mankind, creating a reality so dark and full of lies, that man now believes he would perish without them.

    If you are reading this I’m certain it is because the Spirit of Truth is revealing your true nature to your conscious understanding. You have come to understand you already possess every attribute of Truth, for you are made in Truth’s image. You may have discovered you trust in God’s care and provision more easily now, and you feel less need to try and BE anything but what you are right now. Those growing in Truth have come to understand they are ONE with the mind (will) of God and need no covering, for their expression is perfect, derived by the one will of God and given for the betterment of ALL. For when one shines the TRUTH, they reflect God’s perfect will and create DIVINE HARMONY.

    But what of the Kingdom?

    We see that those who allowed God to remove their garments are able to shine Truth into creation. These shining ones have come to understand how to exercise their creative power in accordance with the will of God. These fountains of living water pour out Truth into this illusionary reality, that God may enter our dream of hell and recreate it according to his good pleasure. The contrast of those in the light of truth will increase the darkness in the realities of those who cover their light with filthy garments. Minds will be shaken in those who believe they needed self-created garments to hide their self from others. Yet, by the contrast of the light observed in others, and by the powerful working of the Spirit of Truth, all will eventually allow their garments to fall away.

    • It is an amazing contrast of the difference in the real and the unreal. Every seemingly negative thing when uncovered exposes a loving God. When the pressures are so great it is hard to see this so we must trust and have faith that it is as we envision. When Job’s friends showed up to “comfort” him he was so distraught he couldn’t speak to them for a week and yet he knew deep down God meant all that he was experiencing was for his good. So it is with us.

      God is teaching, disciplining and correcting us through all things in that we give up on going our own way and that His will is to be ours and ours is to be His. We will simply return to God after having been shown what a mess we humans can make given the opportunity. Then we will return to the sanity of reality, pleased to be obedient and only partake of what is lawful to all alike. It’s a learning experience.

    • The only things I can be sure of is what God tells me through HIS word & explained by His Spirit. (Luke) Jesus told what was going to happen at the mock-trial of religious people. Luke 18:34 they understood none of these things; this saying was hid from them and they did not grasp what was said. — Only when the Holy Spirit is allowed (by Jesus) can we know what is coming: this is how we know we are truly of the elect. such as both old & new testaments tell of the rise & fall of the United States (and this is hard for me to absorb because I shed my blood for this country). However, receiving such knowledge is proof of truth/New Testament Covenant explained in Jeremiah & John.

  8. Yes, T.W. All will be well when our memory returns. And when it does we will not only awaken to what we had before but we will awaken to far greater joys and freedoms. It’s called a double portion. The gift of life called salvation is free, we cannot work for it, for it “was” a gift, however our new found freedoms will be determined by how well we adhere to His ways and to His will and forsaking our own will. God, without any possibility of failure designed a way to work into us a desire to not stray as did our original earthy parents. Their fall and we in them and with them, is also to be our redemptive and awakened self. God simply saw that with greater gifts and freedoms come greater responsibility. He lowered us as He did Adam into this earthly realm for just long enough to teach us to stay in harmony with Him and with all others as one.

    It will be wonderful when all will see this wonderful truth…that they…with us will return to reality with such a newfound appreciation and gratitude toward our Father and our brother and brothers in Christ. There are no words in my vocabulary to describe that “As in Adam all died, so as, in Christ all (the same all) will be made alive, however each man in their own order, Christ the firstfruits and then they at His calling.” Emphasis mine.
    “ALL” …what a wonderful thought and this understanding is the only one that can bring true understanding, true joy and peace, and an unconditional love for all. Every other belief is a lie from our old carnal man. How can you say you love someone who is going to punish and eternally torment your best friends for making the same mistakes as those who are “saved.” Being saved is nothing more than a phrase for being “made whole” and this goes for whoever is reading these lines…saint or sinner. We will all come to the knowledge of the truth. It is a blessing to share this joy with other like minded people who understand what God’s unconditional love really means. We thank God for the understanding that the simple word “all” does in fact mean nothing more and nothing less than…”all.” We are wonderfully made and blessed whether we know it or not.

    • You say “we will ALL come to a knowledge of Truth”. Excellent! And how wonderful it is to know the inevitability of truth’s revelation – and that ALL, each in his own way, play a role in shining the LIGHT.

      Happy 2020 to ALL!!

  9. Divinely beautiful~ Deeply thankful.


    • and as all of your posts rachell Timely vectors that reveal all truth in your words and reveal other things within myself that may or may not be true wich also is truth ~

  10. This life experience is the greatest privilege man has ever received. This earth is the school for Gods but not all will fulfill so great an assignment, but many will. Those who assume the responsibility of living up to their highest, inborn instincts will evolve into Godhood. Each individual selects his own goal and reaches it according to his own desiring.


  12. Keep in mind that truth NEVER fails. If you rest in it because you are consciously aware of its presence within, you will not be moved. Your peace can not be shaken.

    But the realities of others will have to be shaken – but it is only as one shakes a child who refuses to wake up. Yet a shaking of the mind’s belief system to rapidly uproot that which one erroneously believes to be true may be a difficult process. Let us all keep our mind on the truth – and consciously shine it into the sleeping minds of others.

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