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The Prayer of I Am connects us to the consciousness of Light, and through rest in emergence we become the Light.

There are two overarching states of consciousness; a consciousness of darkness and a consciousness of Light. The concept we hold of our self determines our state of consciousness, and our state of consciousness determines the world around us.

Through the dynamic interplay between the Prayer of I Am and divine emergence, we actively engage our transformation from the consciousness of darkness to the consciousness of Light. The Prayer of I Am connects us to the Light, and resting in emergence allows the Light to flow through us and give expression to our true Self. Like the journey of the prodigal son, our spiritual path is an awakening to remembrance of who we truly are; to our true Father, to His Name as our own, to His inheritance (all the divine attributes) given to us, to His Likeness, and to His Reality of Truth.

Through the Prayer of I Am we are consciously choosing to leave the consciousness of darkness and its storehouse of lies, the sub-conscious, which was formed around the false image of our self. We no longer identify with this self who bears the unholy name, I am + opposites to divine attributes. This Prayer acknowledges only our true Self, because it professes the true name of our eternal Father and Creator, the holy I Am + divine attributes. When we are holding this Prayer deep within our consciousness, we are connecting to our true Self, and the divine Mind of God, which makes this Prayer infinitely powerful.

Through the interplay of the Prayer of I Am and emergence we creatively engage the supra-conscious for the first time, so that Light (Truth) begins to break through the darkness (illusions) of our perceived reality. In the Prayer of I Am, in which we consciously embrace our true Name, nature and likeness, our mind ceases to create reality from the content of our sub-consciousness. Instead, we connect to the supra-consciousness, the divine Mind, the source of our true Identity. In emergence, we no longer seek to strive, control, or manipulate our external reality. This rest allows our mind to disengage from the sub-conscious and be a gate for the supra-conscious. Our trust in the supra-conscious mind of God manifests every moment for the highest good for all as it brings the divine attributes into being. In a stillness of being, we become the Light.

As we embrace the Prayer of I Am inwardly, and rest in emergence outwardly, we become an open gate to the expressions of Truth. Inwardly, we are connected to the supra-conscious mind of God as our governing creative source. Outwardly, we rest in emergence which allows the infinite wisdom of the supra-conscious to create our reality according to the fulfillment of joy for all. In this, we reclaim our right and true Mind, therefore we reclaim our true Identity, as the Light of the world.


“Until now you have asked nothing in My nameAsk, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” ~ John 16:24

“You are the light of the world.” ~ Matthew 5:14


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

11 thoughts on “Reclaiming Our Identity

  1. We are all coming to the place where we will have zero problems of accepting other people just as they are, who they are and whether they agree with us or not in our beliefs. Some are at this level of acceptance and understanding now and this is a characteristic of moving beyond the veil of fleshy thinking, where the beliefs and conditions of all do not change the definition of the oneness of God and who we are in him. We must move into this peace and place of understanding that as God sees all of mankind in His unconditional love, so must we come to this nature and understanding in exact likeness. We will not judge nor condemn because we will see the end of all other people completed at the consummation of the ages. We will see that others will grow into God’s likeness and character, not because that any of us deserve it but because it was God’s unconditional promise to us all before the world was and before we had done anything, right or wrong. We are here to be trained and disciplined in the ways of God and to receive His greater gift of life, and nothing more. What we lost at our coming to this place of discipline we will gain the more. This is because Job’s double portion did not come without discipline and training for he went through much suffering and trials and test. However when Job’s time of testing was completed by God Job was enlightened with wisdom and understanding to be trusted with his being given more responsibility and territory depicted by His being given a double portion. Job was committed fully and accepted all that God brought his way for he said even though God were to slay him he would still serve him. Job trusted God completely and he was rewarded according to his obedience and faith. We are all as in the person of Job in our processing for Job did not suffer for anything evil he had done, his suffering was to condition Him to be able to take responsibility for his greater blessing which was to come, his double portion. This coincides with the parable of receiving the talents in the New Testament.

    There is a love and a peace that comes to us while walking through this life with this revelation of truth intact in our hearts. This revelation relieves us from judging others as to their degree of good and or evil or whether or not we think they are worthy of our time and love. When we see all people the same and see our destination of “eventually” being all the same, we with patience and kindness will be of one mind and attitude towards all as a result of this understanding. To believe the horrendous tradition of a false narrative of eternal punishment and torment removed from our minds completely brings a peace and a love for all of mankind. Peace and love for others cannot be fully achieved by believing in man’s tradition of eternal torment that first started with Augustine’s religious heresy. Never was this false narrative taught in the early church. We must understand the symbolism of fire as well as the others to know it is only a purifying process…for God Himself is a consuming fire. This does not mean He will burn nor torture us, but that which is within us that is not of Himself, the wood hay and stubble which is our vanity, will certainly be removed by Him consuming all that we are that is not of Him.

    Humbleness is in seeing all people as being one without our ego inflating ourselves as being someone greater than…or more knowledgeable, or more important than…another. Different callings and different orders do not alter the spirit of God within us, for God is God and His spirit does not change. Just as we may have different jobs (callings) in this life, our character and our calling are not to be confused as being one and the same. As God brings us all to His likeness, little by little, until we are matured completely in His likeness, it is a dangerous thing to keep score of another’s growth and judge it unrighteously. When we look at another with scorn or with an attitude we are unrighteously judging whereas if we see a fault and we pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness for this one, we judge righteously without condemnation.

    This actually delays our own growth for we will have to learn we are doing something that is not our privilege to do. God’s judgement is righteous in that He measures our growth and “judges” what we need to further our growth in Him. Again, righteous judgement is to make one righteous, it is never to condemn. When we can look at all people with an unconditional love for them in seeing their future perfect state of being, we have a comfortable peace about the oneness of all we can live with.

  2. As one’s eyes become single to the glory of God he begins to comprehend the glory of God’s infinite plan in creating the world. He begins to comprehend the great love expressed in the creation of each and every child of earth, for each and every child is, first of all, a child of God.

    In God’s great love all are included. There were no favorites at the dawn of creation. There were not a few created above the others, nor were some created only to grovel and wallow in failure and despair. These conditions of failures and darkness have been of man’s creating and of man’s choosing because man has been blinded by the great ignorance.

    In God’s plan and in His Will only are the great perfection, the divine, triumphant glory, the supreme, healing love. And in that love and triumphant, sublime perfection are contained the eternal free-agency of man. Every man must make his own choice. He must develop and use his own will. He must make his own selections. He must learn the power of his own thinking and his own desiring. He must learn the suffering that is caused when he sets himself up contrary to the laws of progress, love, happiness and eternal goodness.

    “Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servant ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness.” (Rom. 6:16).

    When man has learned obedience by that which he suffers through his pride, his arrogance and his evils and follies, he learns that he is indeed a prodigal son who finds himself cast out and lonely, a wanderer in a strange land. Humbled and repentant, he becomes aware of a burning desire to return to his Father’s house, if only as one of the least of his servants…AMEN…..

  3. Hey Rachel, Eldon here. If I am understanding you (the only way to know God in truth?): Jesus was most critical of lawyers and preachers. Saying, people that follow their words instead of studying scripture and depending on the Spirit of God to give them understanding, would be knocking on His door (When God’s wrath comes) and He will say depart from Me!

    • Eldon,

      From my experience and what I’ve learned, I believe that being taught by the Spirit of Truth, the holy Spirit of God, who was in Jesus Christ, is the only way to comprehend Truth in a way that it becomes our Light and transforms us into the Light, and sets us free.

      We each have an intimate connection to this Spirit because it is of the love of God and His love is never separate from us. Whether we study the scriptures or heard Jesus personally, without the Spirit of Truth conveying Truth to us from within, we wouldn’t understand the Truth. We see that those who studied the scriptures, didn’t recognize the Spirit in Jesus because they had never engaged this Spirit one-on-one for themselves. We also see many examples of those who listened to Jesus and didn’t understand what he was saying, but when the true meaning of what he said was revealed by the Spirit, then they understood.

      However, if you are attuned to the Spirit as your sovereign Teacher, then the words of the Bible and Jesus become rich with understanding. And, the Spirit isn’t limited by these two means, though they stand out among the many, to teach us. The Spirit can use anything and everything to open our eyes to Truth, as we learn to be taught by him, he does use everything.

      When we come to the Spirit in all sincerity, then we begin to learn from him. If we think we already know, then we aren’t really engaging his instruction and we remain lost in our lack of understanding. Love is patient and ever-present. This Spirit is always present and when we are sincere, our communion with him opens up and becomes our greatest treasure here.

      Does this answer your question?


      • Hey Rachel, I think I can agree with you. However, I cannot agree with people that make a living from selling God. — After Jesus went back to heaven, the disciples (before being taught by the Holy Spirit) took it upon themselves to choose a replacement for Judas. However, Jesus did the choosing (Saul/Paul). Since the rise of Constantine; who “thought to change God’s times and law”(Daniel), popes have been the carry-on apostle Peter. – Since the fourteen-hundreds (rise of protestant-denominational-church), all preachers say, “I have been called of God to teach His truth” — Where is the proof? Such as what was witness to the prophets, Jesus and the apostles. —In God’s New Testament Covenant, “death and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it”. —Popes and denominational preachers have been dying since the beginning!!!


    • I think “love” maybe a felling of witness. Where the “connection” comes through having God’s two witnesses (faith & conscience). —We can talk faith, but, conscience-directed-life is the proof.

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