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Attach to your creative name, “I am”, only what you want to experience. What you accept as a part of you, you manifest.

Our consciousness is the substance of all things expressed, experienced and created. What we hold inwardly as true is translated into an outer expression. Because we hold conflicting ideas and concepts as true, and give our faith and imagination to them, we perceive and experience a chaotic cocktail of conflict. For example, we are sick and we heal only to be sick again. This chaotic duality is why we often don’t recognize ourselves as creators.

Our consciousness is constructed around the concept of our self. The attributes we attach to our creative name “I am” shape our inner world of consciousness (our awareness of being) that translate into our outer reality of experience. Therefore, our transformation into an outer expression of divine newness of our true Self begins with our self concept of “I am” we hold within our conscious awareness.

“I am” statements are creatively powerful whether we attach a false or divine attribute to it. For example: I am sick, I will heal, and I am perfect vitality are all creatively powerful, but the three are infinitely different in what they create.

Sickness is an illusion of our sleeping mind. To say, I am sick, is to affirm a false attribute to our self. To say I will heal requires a belief that I am sick. To believe we can be both sick and healthy, forms an illusionary reality of duality, where we can be both attributes, yet in being both we aren’t perfect vitality. In the awareness of Truth, we only accept as part of our identity the changeless divine attributes, therefore I am perfect vitality. As we hold this divine attribute in faith, it must present in the outer.

While we slept as an unconscious creator, we created a reality of attributes opposite of Truth. Being unaware of our creative capacity and mistakenly possessing the belief that our reality isn’t created by us, what our senses conveyed to us we believed to be true, not realizing they reflected our own mis-creations. As we awaken out of our sleeping mind and all its mis-creations, like sickness, we deny what our senses tell us and give our faith to the Truth received from the Spirit of Truth.

As we put our faith in the divine attributes, like perfect vitality, and attach only these attributes to our creative name, “I am” with no thought to time or method but resting in divine emergence for their manifestation, our reality begins to reflect the Truth.

This creative capacity is foolishness to one of a lower state of consciousness who believes that its external senses convey truth, and that striving within the immense limitations of the external reality is how desired states are achieved. The Spirit of Truth reveals our true creative ability in oneness with the divine Mind of God, a creative capacity of true power, limitless in potential, and orchestrator of divine harmony.

In oneness with the Creator, the only “I am” statements we assign to ourselves, others and all of creation are ones of immutable Truth. Any attribute that isn’t of God, isn’t of us. Only Truth is, in which there is no opposite or duality.

Because consciousness is the substance of all we perceive and experience, as we integrate into the divine Mind, all that isn’t of that Mind is dissolved. In stillness, we turn away from the outer sense realm and bring all our awareness inward. Deep within our consciousness, we pass through a refining fire where illusions and lies based on a faulty identity are consumed by the brightness of Truth and divine Love. Through the growing awareness of our “I am” identity, we recognize we are the “I am” within the Great I AM.

Our true Identity translates our reality into its glorious likeness, making all things divine and new.

For we walk by faith, not by sight. ~ 2 Corinthians 5:7

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” ~ Hebrews 11:1

“And all Mine are Yours, and Yours are Mine, and I AM glorified in them. ~ John 17:10

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

13 thoughts on “Divine Newness

  1. Hey Rachel! No subject is more important than God’s truth. -I am not sure I totally understand the concept of this blog. -I am trying to compare it to the fact that 45% of USA people (more so in all other countries) won’t do their own reasoning but, rely on such things as denominational religion or political parties to think for them. See, I am wondering how these people are handling the fact of USA safety, because Trump is winning the war of the wall (disease spreading). Or, why isn’t (those making a living from selling religion) telling the mindless to quarantine themselves in “sanctuary cities” on return from abroad? -Fact is that as long as we are in the flesh body we are going to get viruses & diseases; only the spiritual body is immune. -Jesus said we must love God & man. Without one there cannot be the other. -USA going away from the pledge to the flag “in divisible with liberty and justice for all”, says, there is no love for fellow man.

    • Eldon …

      Let me try expressing these ideas in another way …

      When you have a “flesh/carnal” mind, then you believe the flesh or external world has power over you, like a virus. When you have the spirit mind (mind of Christ) you have life and peace because the flesh has no power over you but you over it through oneness with the Mind of God.

      This transition from the “flesh mind” to the “Christ Mind” is the essence of “being born again” of “becoming a new creation”, and the “Kingdom of heaven is within you”.

      We DO have governance over the flesh. Jesus Christ who was a representation of one who had this divine Mind, and a representation of who we are in Truth, had governance over the flesh as he demonstrated through his miracles – and he said we would do much greater things than he did. This is accomplished by the renewing of our mind in Truth through communion with the Spirit of Truth. In the growing awareness of Truth, we transition from the lower mind governed by the external flesh world to the mind of the Spirit governed by Truth that is above all.

      The truth is we govern the flesh it doesn’t govern us, but in unawareness of who we are in Truth (in Christ) we have greatly weakened the power we attribute to our mind while exalting the senses of the body so that the external world (flesh world) has “dominion” over us – but only because we gave it dominion. This is what it means to have a flesh or carnal mind versus a spirit mind.

      The Kingdom comes from within because it is a higher divine state of mind like the mind of Jesus Christ that creates an outer “Kingdom” of peace. “The Kingdom is at hand”, means now, in the present, and within our grasp. This transition into this higher state of mind is what I am talking about in my blog posts.

      This is a very exciting time spiritually, and time of letting go of our old ways of thinking and perceiving ourselves. As we do our reality will follow. As long as we believe we are under the governance of the external flesh world, we will be and will face a host of problems. When we recognize who we truly are in “Christ”, then we consciously govern the external flesh world. In this we are in peace, we become peacemakers, and we experience perfect love that drives out all fear.

      • I appreciate the clarification. -“We govern the flesh (through the spirit of Jesus) it doesn’t govern us!” -I know my problem is like that of Paul, “Lord, remove this thorn from my side”. I have seen the evils in this world & have committed some of them. When I truly had set my mind to know God in truth & Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to teach me as I study and I am compelled to help others, I keep seeing what is, as well as what is going to be. -Could it be as Jesus said, “when we hate the things of this world——-

  2. Therefore My people shall know My name;
    Therefore they shall know in that day
    That I am He who speaks:
    Behold, it is I.

    Isaiah 52:6

  3. In simplicity of giving and receiving; A prayer of gratitude and appreciation for love received and given covers all things.

    • There is a beautiful simplicity within all the expanding awareness of Truth.

      In Truth, as we perceive all according to its true Likeness, we see the overarching attribute of Divine Love that covers and consumes all so that all are clothed with the attribute as loved and loving. Seeing this in all is to see our true Self and what we see will manifest.

    • Very powerful and stirring comment, Sonny. I keep coming back to it… and think its the best definition of eternal life I’ve come across.

  4. When we have a “flesh mind” we have a flesh body … When we have a spirit mind we have a spirit body.

    As we grow in the awareness of Truth and our mind is renewed in the Truth of our true “I Am” Identity, we gain a spirit body. It is all about what we give our mind to .. the illusion or the Truth. We are far more powerful than we’ve previously understood, and nothing of who we thought we were, we are far more glorious in our perfection.

  5. Emergence is the only means by which we express our true self, in full power. Yet, to enter emergence we must turn from the outer expression, for its open door is WITHIN. We must “sell all” and let go of all outer expression. Our truth is within, and what is expressed outwardly is but a reflection of what we believe to be true.

    When we at first repent, which is to turn away from the outer expression as our source of truth, we consciously experience our outer expression fade away. This is difficult because we formerly believed the outer world was our source of truth, even pre-existent. Consequently, real repentance feels like dying, or the gradual process of becoming nothing. Can you bear the conscious awareness of becoming nothing? Know that the illusion of time makes this process even more difficult because you will be tempted to believe you will never recover.

    Time deceives us into believing that what is always will be. When we feel “nothingness” begin to cover our expression because of our repentance from the belief in an outer source of truth, we are tempted to believe we will never escape. Time creates the idea that “the nothingness that is, always will be”, and this refrain circles through our mind continually. Yet it is only time’s attempt to deceive our consciousness into accepting a lie as truth.

    The truth speaks quietly and gently, never using persuasion. Instead the truth is, and as it is looked upon it is seen in an ever greater depth of clarity and strength. Truth is unlike anything in the outer world and the conscious mind that persistently seeks it eventually recognizes the difference between the truth it sees within, and the false image expressed outwardly.

    Emergence is discovered within as the OPEN DOOR by which truth is expressed outwardly, recreating the outer world in its likeness. The light (or radiance) of Truth must flow out purely, as it is, through the conscious resting of the mind, that it may do its perfect work. Truth creates expressions of itself, from the nothingness revealed through our repentance. Nothing can exist in one’s outer world, lest the mind perceive a false idea of itself. This is the purpose of death: that our consciousness becomes aware that the outer world does not exist.

    Therefore, if we freely choose to repent, look inwardly for truth and joyfully accept becoming nothing in our outer world…AND can bear it for a time, Truth can shine forth and paint a new expression upon the blank canvas given it.

    And in the conscious understanding of Truth’s rightful expression, there is no need for physical death to reveal the nothingness of the outer world – and death is overcome. For death is only needed as a means of dissolving all a mind believed to be true about itself, that TRUTH can be established. This process can be passed through inwardly, removing the need for an outward, physical death.

    • these inspired words brought to mind …

      “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” ~ Matt 16:25

  6. Forgiveness removes the effects of time. Forgiveness dissolves time and releases us from the prison of a “sinful past” and a “corrupted future”, which are time’s unholy gifts to us.

    When we begin to “see”, we will see all men in the present, free from sins of the past and simply stumbling in the darkness created by their darkened thought. The belief in TIME causes one also to believe in sin, where mistakes are eternally enshrined in an unreachable past. When we become aware of timelessness, we consciously free all men from the “sin” time uses to imprison them. Instead of a past, we see all in the purity of the present moment, free and holy sons/daughters of God.

    Forgiveness is best understood as the DISSOLUTION OF TIME and the release from its bondage. Why then was time created? And what is its purpose in salvation?

    All of time is but a non-existent instant, a flash so short it can not be discerned in the context of eternity, for in truth it never existed. Time is better understood as a frozen moment of eternity through which the divine mind of God can assess the outcome of every possible expressed potential and fully understand its eternal effect. It is a means by which every scenario can be comprehended in terms of its adherence to the divine harmony of perfect expression.

    In this understanding, the expression of certain potentials are curtailed, essentially dissolving their effects altogether. Every potential that results in anything but eternal good is destroyed, becoming non-existent (unreal). We are speaking of our birth as TRUTH’S EXPRESSION, living gates through which only the Truth may flow.

    It is easy to believe that eternity is simply infinite time, but in truth there could never be such a thing. Time, by its very nature, is comprised of “beginnings and endings”. Time is the notion that what is will be, until it is no more. Time is the essence of “change” and since truth is changeless it is clear that time is not of truth. Saying this more clearly, time is an illusion.

    Yet the illusion of time serves a very great purpose, for it is the Valley of Decision in which our “individualized mind”, projecting outward from the one mind of God, can consciously desire a unified will to express only truth, because it has understood the suffering created from non-truthful expression. Time is the “instant” in which you are born as Truth’s expression, a son/daughter of Truth, an extension of God’s mind.

    You are born again when you freely choose to limit your expression to those potentials that create eternal good, which is to become conscious that your outer expression can only occur through the open door of EMERGENCE by which the source of truth (God) flows through you. To express the truth, a mind must consciously become aware it is a gateway for truth and this by the free will choice to dissolve every potential for false expression. This choice, this eternal decision of mind and your true birth, can only be done in the Valley of Decision, which is time.

  7. Good thoughts…and so true. Forgiveness and un-forgiveness are elements of time as well all other carnal emotions of the mind. It’s good to be able to see the temporariness of all things time related. Suffering is an element of time and when we realize it’s benefit, we understand then why we are asked to be thankful in all of our sufferings. When we understand that God has a predetermined goal of why this plan exist as it does with all of its “disappointments” we see all things in a positive light and we then see God as He is in the singleness of our minds eye. It really is….all good. Let us give thanks for our gift we are being prepared to receive…

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