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We’ve come to a pivotal choice along our spiritual journey, which our increasing awareness of Truth has afforded us.

“The turning” is an irrevocable choice to totally turn from the persuasions of physical senses as conveying anything of Truth to the eternal Light within as our only Truth. This turning uproots our thoughts from the illusion thus removing what sustained its existence. This choice is the undoing of the illusion of death and the emergence into the radiance of Life.

Our thoughts are rooted into this illusionary reality through our physical senses and our perception of time. Our senses are how we perceive and experience the dreamworld of our embryonic soul. They are an integral part of the dreamworld like our body in a night dream that allows us to intimately experience our dream. When we uphold our outer reality as the source of truth, the perception of time seemingly gives validity and realness to what we physically sense because either the past supports its occurrence or because of duration. Time supports what the senses tell us to believe about ourselves. Our senses collude with time to define who we are, our limits, our frailties, and everything we believe about ourself. In this self-deception, we assign false attributes to ourselves and remain unaware we are creators of all we perceive. It never occurs to us we’ve accepted we are someone we are not.

In the dreamworld, all we’ve sensed and experienced isn’t who we are in Truth, but a false image of our self.

We can’t embrace the false image and our true Self (revealed by the Spirit of Truth), as both true. They are totally unlike each other. We have to choose one, a choice that is intimately tied to what we believe is true. To choose our true Self as the only Real, requires we deny everything our physical senses have ever told us. It’s to deny all we thought was true, real and a part of us. In this choice, we give up the little illusion of ourself, and for a time seemingly become as nothing, to become everything.

When we fully perceive the significance of this turning, we experience a profound divine forgiveness because all we experienced never truly existed. The illusion of a sustained past continually encroaching upon the present ends and only the emerging present of perfection remains.

As we stand strong in Truth, overcoming the temptation to allow our senses to assign false attributes to our self, our mind resurrects from the governance of the senses into the ever-present Mind of Truth. We reclaim our creative power that we foolishly gave away, and through this power all is renewed.

If we’ve built up the sense realm as something desirable it may be hard to turn from it as true. However, if we perceive this pivotal choice, then our minds are illuminated with the Truth and there is no comparison to what we will experience and express in the higher consciousness of Truth. We gladly let go. With endurance, persistence and faith, our mind will transition and accept our transformed awareness. The ever-present perfection of emergence frees our mind from the illusionary construct of time, and the false image of ourself and its past dissolve into nothingness. Our true Self arises to its rightful place.

Our true Self resides beyond the illusion in the perfection and holiness it was created in as God’s living thought. In this turning, we enter into the realm of divine consciousness, where the Identity of our true self within the Great I AM is known and expressed.

When you know who You are, you will no longer be what you are not.

“From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent [Turn], for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” ~ Matthew 4:17

“Beloved, now we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.” ~ 1 John 3:2


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

14 thoughts on “The Turning

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  2. Yes Rachel, you who have the standard of Ahavah, along these lines is a study that lines up and adds more clarity to these revelations for those who are the remnant that walk high up the mountains above the clouds.~SonnYael

  3. So true. When God created us before the world was, we were already established in Our eternal self. This short “detour” changed nothing as to our true identity and our free gift of life. This journey it is a time of an experience to discipline us to accept His will “willingly” by choice thereby giving us freedom to choose. It is true eternal life is given without merit but as we freely choose life in this experience we are rewarded within this eternal life to the degree of our obedience. Our loyalty and obedience establishes our future freedoms, however not the already given free gift of life.

    That in which we are not, the carnal man is like a sickness we acquire by being exposed to an environment which is not conducive to our true and healthy self. As we awaken from this time of internment , we return to the reality of our good conscious health, more knowledgeable and with an awareness and understanding of God’s true likeness and character. Our purpose for being exposed to unreality is to teach us to accept the true reality of God’s oneness. Nothing is lost by this experience, it is a time of gain. The only loss are those temporary teaching aids we call a sinful nature we were given at our carnal birth which we will relinquish as we awaken to God’s reality. Peace and understanding comes when we see…it is all for our good.

    • When a searcher see’s into the eyes of ‘Perfect love he then discovers that this authentic love can do all His Righteousness. The new born Male child is…The Woman in the Man as-Ehad. He is B’nai Elohim. He cannot be killed. For this ‘Love is indeed stronger than death;

    • It is a true and life-giving sentiment to see there is only gain through this temporary trek through the “shadow of death” — What can God create but gain for his creation as he is the ultimate giver? To see it another way is not to see. This instant in time gives us everything for eternity because we come to recognize the depth of our oneness with Him.

  4. How can the mind be free? How can it escape the sense-based world the body rules?

    To escape the body the mind must separate itself from the belief that it is contained within the body. It must also realize that only the present moment exists and that all it ever desires is present now.

    This can not be understood in the world of time and space, where the past determines what can exist in the future. In that world the past must be physically extended to “build” the future according to the body’s definitions and judgments of success or attainment. But from the perspective of MIND we can recognize a “new world” existing “within” the world of time. It is the world of NOW, a world beyond time and space and therefore beyond the limitations of the physical body. It is a world where the PRESENT is extended, instead of the past, freeing the future from every limitation the past may suggest. And it is here, in the “timelessness” of the infinitely small present moment between past and future, where the mind exists. The mind knows only NOW.

    To understand “timelessness” within a world of time one should think of the present moment as ALL that exists. You can imagine a movie on DVD that exists entirely in a single present moment, yet when experienced frame by frame provides the illusion of a past and future. Every present moment that could ever exist, ALREADY EXISTS as a potential in the mind, for if you can imagine it, so too can God. Consequently, there is only the current present moment and the mind which selects a subsequent present moment, out of an infinite array of potentials, it desires to express. The mind makes this selection through the illusion of free will.

    A mind that decides upon a single present moment, out of an infinite selection, “feels” as if it is making the choice based on its own free will, yet only the singular and perfect will of God could ever make such a choice. And while the mind has no free will of its own, it remains free because it selects based on DESIRE, which the mind interprets as free will. Yet, desire, when governed divinely, is better than free will because the mind always selects perfectly and is thereby able to create in perfection.

    DESIRE is used to guide the mind as it selects a potential present moment, which it then imagines (creates) into being. The mind steps into this newly created present moment and FEELS its desired sensations of joy just as if the present moment was now manifest. The mind, being NOW, can enter any present moment it so imagines, and where the mind is, reality must follow. Because the body can not step into a present moment beyond the one in which it currently exists, its ability to create is limited by the past, and the physical strength it currently possesses. The mind, being timeless, has no such limitations.

    In timelessness the mind is free from the past and simply creates the present moment it desires to experience without regard to HOW this moment will be manifested. As the mind consciously and persistently remains in the desired present moment created within itself, aware of how it FEELS to be there, every successive present moment is divinely created through the love and harmony of emergence, eventually manifesting the present moment where the mind currently exists.

    • Many incredible thoughts in these words. Your words … “And while the mind has no free will of its own, it remains free because it selects based on DESIRE, which the mind interprets as free will. Yet, desire, when governed divinely, is better than free will because the mind always selects perfectly and is thereby able to create in perfection.” This added much depth of richness to this verse ..

      Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.”

      The depth of understanding of all these things makes them palatable to our mind so it can take them in and begin to express them outwardly.

  5. now, whats is to come, is an awareness when every one of us share in ONE KNOWLEDGE(within all our differences: through putpose) Holy Spirit awaits.(share in I AM)

  6. I am not sure if I am in the same reasoning-process as is the group. Because, my reasoning is based through past life-experience compared to God’s words and God’s words compared to teaching from the Holy Spirit that tells me things to come in the future. This would be as you say, “Mind, living in the present moment”. However, some people would say I have no mind of my own. To which, I do not believe to be true. Because, I am not ruled by denominational-religion, political-parties, news-media, actors, almighty-dollar, nor a multitude of other gods that people dream up.

    • Eldon, your not as far off as you might think. The path gets narrow and steep where angels tread nd they who push on can only do so if they are compelled by…here it comes the most misapplied word in all history, Love. When the sprout of this celestial Love begins to germinate in a beleiver the inner house gets activated by exponentially powerful light. It is the same lightning that Yeshua rode away from earth in… and the are good restaurants to eat in. Rachel’s ministry points to Torah and she speaks to them who come from intellectual gardens. That a remnant of them who receive the love of the Truth may be led by the ‘Good shepard.

      • This love you speak about is so misunderstood as you say…and in agreement…..I say.

        There is no other compelling force that can lead us into all truth other than this love…for God is love…and He is truth, He is all. God says He will give us our hearts desires….to a point. When we desire in error, we receive in error…again to the boundary in which God sets for each of us. As Rachel pointed out we each grow from where we were or are, from our previous or present condition in mind and body. If we each have sincerity in pursuing God’s will and have a vision of where we are going, we do not require another to see nor agree with us even if we are right… or wrong. This is because we know all paths lead to…..

        In order to have a proper love and respect for others, we must accept them as they are, where they are just as we desire the same for ourselves. We do this in knowing each of our paths will lead us from where we are to where we all shall be…eventually. This is why we do not judge and condemn. We are all being led from the natural to the spiritual, from darkness to light. We are all being redeemed. Condemnation has no place in the heart of one who desires truth. Let us be given our true hearts desire, and when we have been given this visionary oneness, we will see as one…with a mind akin to God.

        So let our hearts desire be simple, in pursuing the likeness and character of God which is love. Eve left her first love of not accepting that she was already as God chose for her..and she (our soul) therefore attempted to use the tree of “knowledge” of intellect, reasoning and knowledge to complete herself apart from God and His already established plan. We do the same for Eve is our soul in reality which “reasons” when no reasoning is necessary for we are but to accept what already is for us in reality thus only the need to awaken to it…and accept it.

        Pursuing “love,” the likeness of our Father is a desire without fanfare, nor seeking adulation, admiration, fame or fortune. This love is seeing others in the same light as we see ourselves. God said if we love Him we will obey Him…and this obedience is again nothing other than seeking God’s character, the beatitudes. In having these characteristics it makes us all walk in harmony, accepting all just where they are, encouraging their redemption at their pace as we do ours. Love is without conditions…for grace covers any condition in any person until love is fulfilled…in all.

    • Eldon,

      We each have our own spiritual journey that is unique to each of us, though along the way we learn similar Truths, if our journey is sincere. Because we are led out of our illusionary world which is based on our own wild imaginings, which are our own and no one else’s- our journeys look different. However, if we are sincerely seeking Truth from within, then we recognize what we are learning, others with the same sincerity are also learning. We may be at different levels along the path, and describe our growing awareness using different words and word pictures, but the singular Light of Truth is growing in us. It reflects our individuality but also our oneness.

      • I know you are right and I believe as Sonny said, “HARMONY with God”. Because, the world in the flesh, is a proving ground for a spiritual-society of everlasting. Thank you!

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