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Kingdom of Heaven = a state of consciousness that is one with God, which creates an expressed reality of God’s likeness and glory.

The Kingdom of Heaven is manifested into expression through the desires of an enlightened Mind.

Every perfect divine potential to be expressed through us is presently held within the Mind of God, a Mind we intimately share. These potentials enter our mind through our desires and are expressed in their fulfillment. This is how we receive the gifts of God and share them with others. This is how the Kingdom of Heaven is manifested from within into an outer reality.

Only a mind freed from the senses can perceive and receive divine potentials because they are not of the ways of “man.” Even if a mind governed by the senses could perceive these divine potentials, it would deem these utmost desires as “impossible” and would dismiss them from its mind, because it’s imaginative power is limited to the external reality it sees. A mind of the senses is bound to desires rooted in the senses, which deceptively misleads one into unworthy pursuits.

When our mind is illuminated with Truth, we recognize we share in the Mind of God, which is our source of opulent abundance. Reality is a reflection of this abundance, not the source of it. In possessing all the divine attributes, we manifest their expression in every experience. They are never fleeting, as with a mind of the senses, but ever-expanding.

A mind of lack, which is subservient to the senses, sacrifices its divine potentials because they are “inconceivable.” A mind of Truth knows no such limitations. It creates from the true Source and not from a limited reality perceived through the senses. The Light of Truth allows the mind to envision desires far beyond anything its known before and in this it becomes an open gate to express the glory of the Most High, the Kingdom of Heaven.

The desires of an enlightened mind are perfectly designed for each individualized mind’s utmost joy, and ultimately for the highest good for all. They are fashioned according to individuality, preferences, and purpose. Though they are the expressions of the perfectly orchestrated Will of God, the mind interprets obtainment of its desires as freedom of choice because it receives what it desires most; what it “chooses” above all else. It’s the way in which we create all we desire and nothing that we don’t, while resting in the perfection of God’s Will so the highest good for all is expressed.

Divine potentials received as desires, are only manifested through the creative power of oneness, which is divine emergence. In emergence, we create through our Supra-consciousness where anything is possible.

If a divine desire comes to us, whether for us or for another, it’s because our personal imaginative power is being used for its manifestation. By stepping into the desired divine potential and feeling the realness of that potential as if it is already manifested, we birth the potential into our conscious awareness. The Supra-consciousness orchestrates the sequential steps to its actual fulfillment through emergence. It’s a creative experience of rest, not striving, and of oneness with the power of God, not separate from it in which we are burdened with obstacles of lack and weakness. We faithfully reside in the experience and feeling of the fulfilled divine potential until it is created in reality. In this, we create in oneness with God where we experience our utmost joy and the highest good for all.

The Kingdom of Heaven expands from within us as we perceive the Living Light within and become the Light through the resurrecting of our minds from the illusion to the Truth. This all-powerful and gentle Light transforms all things into its likeness through our desires. As we rest in emergence, this Living Light moves through us and illuminates the world in divine harmony, perfection and love bringing forth the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

“For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.” ~ Luke 17:21

“Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.” ~ Psalm 37:4


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “Kingdom Consciousness

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  2. You say:

    “It’s a creative experience of rest, not striving, and of oneness with the power of God, not separate from it in which we are burdened with obstacles of lack and weakness.”

    I have found this to be so true….”Let” this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” There is a lot to say about not striving but in “letting” and “becoming”…in that we must be able to accept “the way” without over thinking and intellectualizing the word. There is a true word, it is a spiritual awakening where we no longer have to think “what it says” for we have become the word ourselves where we give it no thought what we should say…for when we reach the point of being…as He is…what comes forth from “our deep” will be from who we have become…without thought. This is entering into His rest.

    Love your flow.

  3. Let us consider the Self, for it is evident that it is in all. What is not as evident is its nature of both oneness and its intimacy with your individualized expression. The idea of Self precedes the notion of “I AM”, which while initially hard to digest simply means you must “be” before you can “express”. We see then that your “awareness of being” is your Self, and the expression of your being is your “I AM”.

    As an analogy we could say that your Self is like an elevator in an infinitely tall building, while your I AM is every floor that is expressed beyond the elevator’s doors. Your I AM determines what the floor contains, even the “laws” by which all things within it are governed, while the Self is always that which is beyond expression, and consistent regardless of differing floors. The entire building, including the infinite potential floors you have not yet expressed, is your Self concept. Thus we see that without the I AM one can not access any expression, and without the Self there is no change in expression. The Self and your I AM combine to form the conscious expression of your being.

    The processes of your Self (elevator) moving upwards and opening at each subsequent floor (I AM Expression), is a picture of “time”. In truth the entire building (your TRUE self image), with its as yet infinite unexplored floors, is already complete, but can only be experienced one floor at a time. And here we come to a significant slight of hand that “time” plays on the mind.

    As the mind develops, in a sense it steps out and experiences the floor presented through the elevators open doors, which represent the open gate connecting the self to its current expression. However, the sleeping mind does not realize that its I AM actually created the the floor’s expression the moment the doors opened. The mind simply “steps out”, believing the floor was pre-existent and therefore must be experiencing something new and separate from its Self.

    For example, if when the Self’s doors opened the mind believed “I AM weak”, the floor would express a reality of self-weakness, appearing in multitude ways. In our building analogy it would be as if one stepped onto a dreary floor littered with trash, pealing paint, broken lightbulbs and graffiti on the walls. The mind would react and try to manage its outer environment, never realizing its own I AM expression created it. If however, the mind instead believed “I AM strong”, the floor beyond the doors would be vibrant, beautifully furnished and offering every form of peace and comfort. Even so, unawakened Self awareness still prevents the mind from recognizing that even its comforts were created through its I AM expression.

    Consider therefore, as one rises in the awareness of its Self (awakens), each “floor” represents a present moment properly reflecting that which the I AM currently proclaims. The Self is your being, and the I AM is the expression of what you currently believe your Self to be.

    Finally consider that we all share the SAME SELF, which is our oneness with God, yet possessing an individualized expression determined by what our I AM declares our Self (God in oneness) to be. Therefore be comforted in knowing that while some only express their lowest “basement floors”, their Self is made perfect in God, and waits only on the awakening of self expression.

    • This is a thought provoking description of the distinction and oneness between the Self and the I AM, and how we are the creators of what we experience. This word picture of the elevator brought to mind the Primordial Staircase. Each revolution of this winding staircase is like a different floor. Each revolution has “doors of learning (awareness)” that as we walk through them, our awareness of Truth increases. As we complete one revolution we ascend to the next level (floor). With each new floor, we understand the concepts of Truth a little deeper and with greater clarity. This is why we often come back to certain concepts but at a deeper level.

      In our increased awareness of Truth what we attach to our “I Am” changes, and our reality alters to reflect this and to support our continued growth or ascension upward. With each ascent we leave the world of illusions a little more, until our mind is fully illuminated with the Truth so that we are “sanctified” by the Truth. With a renewed mind, our outer being and reality begin to reflect our change of consciousness, eventually manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

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