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It all comes back to love.

Our journey into Truth leads us back to absolute divine love from which we came. The world we were born into taught us we were separate from this ever-present love. It gave rise to the thought that God’s love could fail us. So, our minds gave way to the wild imaginings of fear and all that is finite. Fear manifested in an endless array of expressions that tainted our understanding of love in numerous ways. In holding this erroneous belief, we accepted we were the opposite of who we truly are, therefore our minds created the opposite. Our lack of awareness bound us to an illusion that seemingly had no escape but through death, which would transport us into the presence of absolute love. Yet, it isn’t death that sets us free, but the Truth.

During our journey into Truth, we realize we are absolute love and who we truly are can never be separate from us or changed, only unrecognized. We awaken to this awareness as we seek Truth beyond the illusion in the present moment of Truth’s eternal presence. In the Truth of oneness, love is the only law. Love is the expression of Truth. It dictates all forms of creation to manifest ever-present peace, purity, harmony, beauty, vitality, freedom, joy and abundance.

As we come to know absolute love, we desire to be its expression and extend it to all. It’s Truth’s reflection, thus absolute. It’s all inclusive. It’s ever-present, unwavering, and unconditional. It’s for all and lives in all, whether recognized or not. It waits in the stillness of the eternal present for us to acknowledge its presence and freely and fully welcome it and all its gifts.

Divine love is the rock upon which our eternal Self resides. As absolute love finds a dwelling place in our minds, we create this love through emergence. Emergence removes the manifestation of all thoughts pertaining to error. In this creative God act, we stop creating a reality to avoid fear. Therefore we don’t create anything to fear. Eventually, even death ends as it was our creation to escape fear and enter divine love we believed we were separate from. Fear is forever pushed out as perfect love dictates our thoughts, and in turn we express who we truly are. We are the divine Self, in all its fractals. We are an extension of our true Source of which we are One.

Every sleeping soul carries the light of love in them. Through the revelation of Truth, we see this light that was hidden beneath the garments of false beliefs. As we see it in others, we see it in ourselves, for we are one. In this vision of eternity, the glory of the Eternal Light that dwells within us, the great Morning Star, illuminates reality and begins to morph it into a reality reflecting the divine attributes, the Kingdom of Heaven.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

39 thoughts on “Return to Divine Love

  1. So true. The saying “there is no fear in love” holds a lot of thought and truth. Can a person really say they love a being that would torture their children for misbehaving? And because one says I’m sorry even though they committed many times the trespasses of another, one is forgiven and the others suffer a billion times more? We fear what we are afraid of and how many people say they live in fear of damnation and knowing their own weaknesses believe they will be held accountable? If we truly believed there was a God who would torture a being endlessly for billions of years for a moment of an infraction while another walks free is filled with ignorance of God’s true nature.

    On the one hand we want to paint this picture of a God who is nothing but “unconditional love” and then turn around and say he does indeed put conditions on it. What a mess of confusion. Anxiety, fear, stress, etc is a product of a gross misunderstanding. At one time it was written that one of the major leading causes of mental health and people in these institutions was a cause of believing what they were taught about an eternal hell. I never believed in an eternal hell for even as a young child without even having studied the scriptures for it made absolutely no sense at all.

    Absolute, unconditional, 7×70 (eternal forgiveness) are a few of the several terms of learning the truth. Seek love and desire to give it without stopping to think if one deserves it or not and you will start to understand the difference between “justice” and grace. We as Paul will remain in our faults until the fault or the sin has done its work…and then…God will take it out of the way. Paul prayed for this fault (sin) to be removed from him and God said His grace was sufficient for the time being and He would leave this sin in place to humble Paul. And yet God would hold another accountable for a similar fault and punish them for eternity? We need to quit playing church while we judge and condemn some while exonerating our own loved ones. It is time to grow up and see God for who He is. Search the scriptures to find fault and you will and you will remain prisoner to the carnal mind. Search for the best in people and desire to love instead of judge them and God will give you the desire of your heart. Ask for justice for another and “you” will probably get it yourself. Ask for forgiveness for yourself and for others in lieu of “justice” for the offense and great things will begin to happen for God will give you His heart.

    He will give you a tender heart, not one of stone, Ask for an understanding between law and grace and an “unconditional love” for another will start to develop within you and the scriptures will unfold the true nature of God. . Love does away with all fear of torment. Love covers all trespasses. There is no condemnation in love, period, for love covers all things for all time…and beyond.

    • Good words, Sonny. A growing understanding of unconditional love without “buts” and “exceptions” is a reflection of an expanding awareness of absolute Truth. How do you know you are moving toward Truth in all your learning? Your understanding of unconditional love and your desire to give unconditional are expanding.

      • A good gauge is just as you say it is. When we look at another or read their words do we look for fault and for a way to condemn them or although we may see the fault do we have a heart of compassion for them…in seeing that in time God will correct all the fault we see in them? Examine ourselves, it says, so how do we feel when we look at others? Do we have feelings of contempt for them because they are different or believe differently? Do we compare our knowledge to theirs and form an opinion of their “worth” and righteousness?

        Or do we look at them, knowing their end…and desire to have patience and suffer long with them through their journey? Do we understand that all the ignorance that they are having to live with is but a lesson in futility to teach them how to treat others as they would have others to treat them? Do we see the “good” plan of God with all coming forth in their calling and order? Do we not see that the error that hinders our growth is not in the person we see the error in but how “we” see the error in all, including in ourselves?

        We should not be searching the scriptures so much in thinking we will find eternal life in them, instead we should be listening and searching our own heart and discerning whether we have an unconditional attitude towards this life and see its good purpose in “all” things. The tree of life uses a different standard than that which comes from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The attitude and fruit that comes from the tree of life (Christ likeness) sees the good in all and in all things and the purpose in evil itself, however the fruit of the tree of knowledge is used by the carnal mind to see things as evil and judge and condemn with an evil heart. It says to choose this day whom we will serve…the carnal mind finding fault or the mind of Christ which condemns no one in sin…but desires their release from it.

        Serve God and learn the ways of the tree of life and you will find no condemnation from partaking of its fruit and you will see the end of all as God does and we will have an understanding that even in the greatest of sufferings produce the greatest of blessings. We must do away with partaking of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and see as Christ sees. When we get up each morning we have to decide what we will include in our diet or from which tree we will gather our fruit. Do we start to think of who is worthy of our love or whether someone deserves our forgiveness for an offense? Do we think of cultures and races as one being better or different from another? Do we categorize people into good and bad camps? If we do these things we eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil…which is forbidden…however we can eat of the tree of life freely.

  2. It does…”all” come back to love.

  3. 🌹Rachel…… Another masterpiece of Wonderful Revelation Truth… I AM very honored to have come across your understanding of the Gospel of the kingdom of heaven..YOU ARE LIVING THE TRUTH AND SHARING YOUR GROWTH INTO BECOMING THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE..YOUR BRILLIANCE INSPIRES ME WITH JOY UNSPEAKABLE!!!🌹


  5. THIS SHOULD BE A BOOK!!…Every sleeping soul carries the light of love in them. Through the revelation of Truth, we see this light that was hidden beneath the garments of false beliefs. As we see it in others, we see it in ourselves, for we are one. In this vision of eternity, the glory of the Eternal Light that dwells within us, the great Morning Star, illuminates reality and begins to morph it into a reality reflecting the divine attributes, the Kingdom of Heaven.

    • It is incredible to see the perfection of Truth, how each concept and each thought of Truth is connected to all the other thoughts and concepts of Truth. It builds, supports and integrates — it’s amazing.


    • As we connect to the eternal divine love within our true Self, we connect to it in others and it “burns” away the false beliefs, which counter it, that we held about who we thought we and others were: weak, loveless, unholy, guilty, etc. When we understand divine love has always been with us and is our very nature, it begins to change our thoughts about everything, because how we perceive ourselves affects how we perceive everything else. Love truly is a consuming fire that removes all the dross of our vain imaginings about what never truly was, but was only a child’s bad dream.

  7. What else could be the greatest possession that a person could have but to possess the very likeness and attributes of God? “Let us create man in our likeness and image” is the stated purpose in the first book of the scriptures as to God’s purpose for His creation. (The word “image” in the Strongs Concordance carries with it a meaning of character…which has nothing of the meaning attributed to a physical image.) Is this not the number one reason for being put through this experience of testing and trials? Is it not but for the reason to develop an obedience to His will? Higher understanding is most often to be found in the simplest of details in the scriptures which are so easily overlooked by legalist looking for facts instead of spiritualist looking for a change in character, from the natural to the spiritual.

    The beatitudes, the verses that deal with mercy, grace, forgiveness, truth…and unconditional love are what “legalist” skip over and instead go with works of the law and knowledge of knowledgeable facts instead. It’s not that we should love others because we are instructed to, it’s that we must do so because we are willing and “desire” to. To see that God loved us before he created us, when we were but thoughts in His mind to be “spiritually birthed” into existence opens up volumes about the true intent and nature of God. The love that God had for us when we were but just a thought in God’s mind, and after being created as a separate entity and then on into this earthly natural experience of being subjected to sin unwillingly, God’s love has not changed at all. Sin has no barrier to God’s plan nor does it interfere with His promises of redemption for all people.

    Before we were born of sinful flesh, our destiny was foreordained before starting this experience of being tested, tried and proved. Sin is not an obstacle in God’s way, or is His tool of teaching and correcting us. It may change our order of calling and responsibility in what we are to be trusted with in the new freedoms that lay before us. What is a few years of pressured schooling compared to an eternal life that cannot even be measured in the trillions of years? There are different callings and levels of responsibility and the severity and the pressures of the schooling is equal to the expected results. We prove our responsibility by our obedience to what we understand and overcome and to what level of sacrifices we are willing to make. We lose nothing of His love, for whether one is a parent of many children of different talents, it changes nothing of the parent’s unconditional love for them.

    Life is a test to substantiate what we want to do “willingly” and not by any compulsion or out of any fear of some fictional punishment for having made some mistakes. Those who learn that God is a God of love and that no “created sin” has ever come between Him and us because of it, a better understanding comes to us as to this life’s only purpose. It has nothing to do with any negative thing of God as to punishment, it has everything to do with God’s love, corrective measures and His unconditional forgiveness for all sin. We have got to get past believing that anything was created for a negative purpose and see that God had already created us perfect and eternal in Him before this world was established. “All things work together for those who love God.” ALL THINGS.
    People want to parse this statement that it is good for only those who love God. What it is really saying in context is that when we come to know His complete plan of redemption for all and that “all” things mean “all” things, it is only then a love can develop for God that we can see Him as He is…in the present tense.

    Then when we realize that all things that come our way, both good and evil, we understand it is truly at the direction and instruction of God for our good…and only our good. There was not one evil allowed to test Job without God’s permission and explicit instructions to do so. Job’s friends saw Job’s suffering as a result of some evil Job must have committed. They found all manner of condemning words and false accusations to use toward Job. These self righteous “friends” showed little compassion for Job, only ridicule, contempt and condemnation…all in the name of doing it for Jobs benefit! Friends? Know any of Jobs friends today?

    Every single thing that God has ever thought of, planned or devised is to complete His purpose in us. All the negatives, the doom and gloom of Revelation, and supposed eternal damnation is only for the experiencing of what would life be like if eternity was as chaotic as this short earthly experience? We must see the problems with going “self” in this life and as a result, we are confined to this minuscule earthly realm where we can not do any lasting harm as we learn obedience to God’s will. Once we experience the negative, we awaken to the spirit of a better way and that is thinking and realizing that we cannot go our own prodigal way but we must learn about being of the same mind of all other people…looking at another’s gracious gifts from God as important as our own and to give to make up any lack.

    This life with its every pain and hardship as much as we would like to be able to pray it away, we must realize the greater love comes from the greater suffering. Those who suffer the greatest for the cause of God through Christ are the ones who can do more for God in being able to help those to come to God through the things they must endure just as yourself. Not everyone will suffer this life as much as some others will, however the more we are subjected to the more we can be placed in the shoes of another to see where they are…so that we can…bring them through it because we have been there. If over the course of our lifetime we only gain experience in one thing we can help in only one thing, however if some (the hundred fold) have not given up and have persevered and experience all that Christ suffered, then we can be most beneficial to the most people.

  8. And no one can continue to travel this road of holiness, of love, of devotion or of reaching for the fulfillment of perfection without eventually reaching its glorious ending. It is impossible for anyone to keep going AND NOT GET THERE!

    Those who often have the most difficulty in traveling this Highway of Holiness are not so much the sinners as the self-righteous. These may be the ones who have developed too much personal ego in their own method of service, as they continue to relate their own experiences, as though they were in some manner, far superior to others. Because God has directed them upon occasions they assume it was because they were more favored of God. This is possible, but that favor is lost in any self-acclaim. It is easier to give up any trait or condition or thing than the little self, with this boasting trait. These precious ones believe they are glorifying God in the retelling of each personal experience of their lives. Instead they are only dragging along their own stairways. They are completely over-burdened with this heavy load –AND WITH THE PAST. These often have great difficulty in stepping across into the realms of LIGHT and POWER. Their pathway is blocked by themselves.

    God bless such mistaken ones. They usually insist that they are only “letting their Light shine forth!” They realize not that they have developed no light as yet. They comprehend not the real meaning of “LIGHT!”

    The command is: “Let your LIGHT so shine that others seeing your good WORKS might glorify the Father which is in heaven!” It does not say, “Let your experiences be shouted forth that others hearing your WORDS may glorify the Father which is in heaven.”

    As one sends out LIGHT he must have learned to comprehend and to release Light. And no individual is filled with Light until his eyes become single to the glory of God! One learns to send out Light, the great Light, through casting the darkness from him and developing eyes single to the glory of God instead of to his own. Then it is possible for one to be so filled with Light it will flow forth through him to heal and to bless all with whom he comes in contact. He will never need to bear witness of that Light. It will bear witness of him. This is accomplished through loving humility — not for self, but for God.

    “God’s Kingdom is not in WORD but in POWER!”

    • You say, “Those who often have the most difficulty in traveling this Highway of Holiness are not so much the sinners as the self-righteous.” Was this not Jesus’ attitude also? He did not judge those who were caught in the weakness of sin, but those who judged according to having an air of superiority and self righteousness about themselves, so he had a harsh rebuke toward them. Ones who are overcome in weakness are a sin unto themselves, however those who put out false airs of their own importance and put out false requirements of the law are of a different caliber. These people stand between God and the people requiring that people must “hear them” to know the truth. We see it everywhere we go for it is the carnal mind, religious or not who is self important and think and say their way others have to think. This is not the way of Christ. This is a pharisaical attitude as described above of those who demand for others to see as “I” do or be damned…is the attitude of the carnal mind. These do not operate with the attributes of leniency and forbearance for those of opposing views, they have an air as a Pharisee that you must see as I see or do as I do to be “accepted.”

      These are children playing in the market place, piping words of no value, thinking their words justify their own arrogance and superiority of their understanding. These are people who want to be heard and impress others for their knowledge. By this attitude we perceive in others, we see their immaturity, yet we bless and condemn not. If we are mature we sill look far past the immaturity and desire to see their end in Christ. Yes, they may be insulting and and want to Judge us because of their differences in understanding but so be it, let them be the child they are, we may follow the way” we are taught. This attitude is not of Christ and if it is not of Christ, then of whom does it originate? We must remember that it was the “religious” ones who knew the law that we’re jealous of the truth…and put truth to death…to maintain their place of superiority. The place of superiority is in our minds, it’s not housed in a building with a name out in the front of it or is it a name we name in word. It’s our undeveloped, immature mind of Christ within.

      To be accepted we have to have the mind of benevolence and kindness toward all, and yes even toward those who can kill the physical body…and those who kill with the tongue. Life is a lesson and we will all…eventually…learn what is “the way” of Christ.

      • many are called few are choosen…plz……. “go to the source” THE HOLGHOST….without FAITH ur every word is BOGUS!!!

  9. The truth is, all attempts to see demons and the devil as mere mental diseases, and the “personification of evil” are really attempts to rationalize something that seems irrational. But the Bible is clear: Satan is a literal, personal being; and demons are spiritual personalities that think, reason, speak profanity, and express fear, and under certain conditions, can enter into and possess the mind of a human being!
    Pray for those who are encountering the double mindedness that portrays the entrance of demon spirits.
    This often manifests in a religious format between two extremes. Pray for their mates who could be severely endangered from abuse. It is a wild ride of psychosis, that can very much endanger their lives one day if not understood.


      • I understand the complexity of confusion you are experiencing. Those who have lived in fundamentalism often feel this way about those who understand the spiritual world and reveal what the word is projecting.
        Those in opposition of what such a force represents, do not have to fear.. in fact it would be better that they are aware, so rather than be consumed upon interaction – they can master.
        Those who embrace this force, would gain most by achieving mastery – but to experiment with immersion and come out knowing is one form of mastery as well.
        I will pray for your baptism, repentance, and love manifestation, and greater understanding of God’s interconnection. It’s about love. No one is good enough. But God is. Jesus loves you.

      • i understand the complexity of your twisted lies in the form you indeed speak and the opposition of your diabolical nature to captivate and dazzle the true meaning of the scriptures of God…and you claim you will pray baptism, repentance, and love manifestation, and greater understanding of Gods interconnection… dont have a love bone in your filthy and pathetic soul …..ONE MORE TIME… NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!

      • Mishai, you are right. Let us pray that others may awaken to the light in themselves that we are able to see by the awakened “eyes” given us. When eyes are closed in sleep, unforgiveness and attack is all that can be seen. When we forgive others it is only because we have understood the nature of our own forgiveness – for we can only give that which we possess.

        I am happy that you are part of this community, and enjoy you posts.

      • super jerk lol

  10. The door to this glorious Path of joy and gladness and increasing enlightenment and understanding is contained fully in that divine, First, Great Commandment of all power — LOVE!

    “LIVE the laws and you will KNOW!” So said Christ. And no one can possibly KNOW anything unless he himself experiences it. To hear about things and conditions, or of God may become part of one’s beliefs, but never becomes a part of his own actual KNOWLEDGE until he experiences it for himself.

    Yes, “LIVE that First and Great Commandment and you will KNOW!” And “you will need none to teach you for God Himself will be your teacher!” And to LIVE it does not mean to merely nod one’s head over it in an inactive affirmation or casual acceptance of the idea. To fulfill it requires that every cell and fibre and atom of one’s being be imbued with it. Only then does it become a part of one’s own experience, hence his KNOWLEDGE.

  11. It is not possible to enter this divine Kingdom of Heaven, which is the kingdom of awakened understanding and infinite power, by just weakly desiring it. One must first comprehend just what issues are involved, and by his own awakened choice decide whether he will serve the darkness or advance into the Light. He must continue to use his free agency, as he always has, if he has not already forfeited it to sin. And if it has been thus relinquished, he must begin the battle of his life to recapture this priceless possession, for he is completely impotent without it. He must use this free-agency henceforth with the knowledge of just what is involved. With his understanding opened he becomes completely and fully accountable. He also becomes endowed with the power to fulfill speedily the laws of either realm.


  13. We cannot use the fact that we believe in God, and call upon His name and think because we believe that every word we speak is sanctioned by God. The most devilish mind we will be subjected to are from those who name the name of Christ but their heart is far from Him. Devils believe and quote scriptures bit their fruit is not of God.

  14. THE END!

  15. The Bible is a continuous account of miracles and powers so far beyond any ordinary human powers or abilities to achieve, that if Christ were alive today, the millions of professing Christians and proclaimed believers would shout: “CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY HIM!”
    The blind, the deaf, the crippled and mangled and diseased and distressed were healed, blessed and exalted beyond any orthodox acceptance. Glory be to God for such wonderful FAITH that can release the powers of the ALMIGHTY!

  16. The works of God are all on that divine supernatural level beyond the normal abilities of man to duplicate. But the words stand forth in the centuries of their proclaiming, “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HIM WHO BELIEVES!” (see Matthew 17:20) We are living in a world of UNBELIEVERS, OF
    HOLY CITY, because they are FEARFUL. Afraid!
    Afraid to go to God lest they stand before Him in THE SHAME OF THEIR NAKEDNESS! The whole Bible is a continuous revealing of the
    supernatural —- the divine powers of God in action,
    the wonders of the Almighty God and of His Son
    Jesus Christ!
    When God takes a hand in matters, He does not
    explain His method to THE MOCKING
    UNBELIEVERS. And so each miracle wrought is
    supernatural, mysterious, glorious and all-powerful,
    even as are all the works of God.

  17. “They search the scripture, because in them they think they have eternal life. And they are they which testify of me, why don’t you come to me that you might have ETERNAL LIFE.” (see John 5:39-40) This gift of eternal life is not in the scriptures. It is in the contact of Jesus Christ in person. Only through that contact with God and Christ can one possibly be taught of God or KNOW TRUTH WHEN THEY HEAR IT.


  19. hello, i decided that i want to teach you how to use a spiritual gift that you already posses.
    NOTE: what im about to show you is why in our own storys, we tend to have christians destroy a witch(wrong beast).

    each FEELING represents a smaller element in the ULTIMATE FEELING(all words combined).
    happines and love and compasion raises our own frequencies.
    anger/madness/revenge/ has a very low frequency(in life).
    (note, all frequencys are all happening at the same time)
    NOW, we tend to have our words attached to each FREQUENCY.
    when we used the word SIN, our frequency LOWER(where doubt binds to all other frequencys).
    when we turn against one another, there is this constant push and PULL(as each person bounces off another).

    the trick is to understand how we percieve these frequencys. and learn the source of thought.(note, thoughts live outside of time).
    once all frequencys align to our identity, a thought comes through(DIRECTION).(space = purpose)
    most people, when their frequncys are off in any layer, they get what i call a SHORT CIRCUIT…
    some words trigger old memories that bring people back in alignment with a past event(stuck between layers).
    we need to learn how to listen to those frequencys by learning to know the source of each thought(where spirit comes in).
    thought(direction) bind the whole world together(through all prophets)().

    (MIND creativity = time(direction)
    (HEART logic = Space(purpose)
    The heart is what you live in(the whole world of all thoughts)….
    the mind is how you see the heart in which you live

    Giving is about how we bring EACH NAME into the world of flesh…(spirit to natural)(heart to mind)(purpose to direction).
    the name was not about the NAME OF. the name is the GIVING in thought(from heart)(which binds us all to the human heart).
    there is a deeper language within each bible(they all come from the past).
    thought travels within every cell of our body(dna = through time).
    there is always a communications with spirit that flows through us.

    NOW, the whole purpose of all above is how it all comes together.
    most people just run on automatic(through every element)(flow of frequency).
    in your own mind, STEP BACK OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF, and see what flows through you.
    When you listen through this ULTIMATE FREQUENCY, you must recognize, that there is INFORMATION flowing through that
    makes each person a PUPPET OF GOD….. when you look back at your life, there is a story told. remember that child self, and while that BLIND CHILD is doing its thing, know that what you see upon that child right now, impacts your whole timeline.
    as you change your past, you change your future.
    if you were to look back 2000 years, and then look foward 2000 years, you would think that would be a total of 4000 years.
    but you would be wrong. the same distance of the past and the future is the same data.
    in this LAYER OF BEING(outide of time), we can see PATHs of which we placed upon ourselves.
    each thought in each monent tells a story.
    and to listen to those deeper BEINGs, there is a PATH being shown.
    the world will manifest what you CREATE, upon the whole world(as we are the ELEMENTs).
    EACH NAME lives within this spirit.
    it was not about NAME OF, as it was about WHAT WE GIVE…
    we cannot give physical things to the spirit.
    we can only manifest from spirit(which binds us all withing those ULTIMATE FREQUENCY.,.
    hope that made sense…

  20. note: i told ya, that when another awakens, my knowledge becomes stronger

  21. a return to love is a vital message of the greatest hope thats in the soul with the support of every angel in heaven and earth..THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS NOW!!

  22. When all of this earthly experience has run its course and is complete, there will be absolutely nothing to be sad about for we will all have learned that all things created and all things we have experienced is but to bring us all to one mind, and that is to the mind and oneness of being on the same level of understanding of God our Father…and Christ our brother. This illusion and dream of “loss” is only to teach us that it better to work within the will of God than it is to “try” to operate outside the will of God (as did Eve) so that we “each” are as one in our Father’s eyes as is another. We must learn that there is no little you and a big “I” but we are to be one in substance where we see that the rules apply to me equally as well as they do to you.

    God has a plan to give to us as much freedom as He possibly can give us to be creators as He is a creator, however it is to be done in considering the same freedom of another, all others, in that we do not trespass on their freedoms. On this earth we have lots, farms and properties that have borders and we must learn to operate within our territories and respect the boundaries between us and “them.” So is it in the vast universe that we are being prepared to operate within. Love is respecting that what God has given to us, it is given and shown to another as well. We do not take from another what is not ours to take. Look around us in the world, this is what it is like to want what does not belong to us…countries, cultures and people’s looking covetously on the territory’s of others..which is not theirs to covet. In other words look at the world with its problems as it is…and imagine a universe with as much chaos. So we are confined to this small spec of dust while we experience living a life of vanity abusing and being abused…so that when we “graduate” and go into the spiritual beyond…we operate within the rules of the tree of life.

    This life is a teaching experience of living life in harmony with all of whom God has created. There is a harmony, a peace and a contentment that can only be had if we we learn to love others as we are loved by God. There is only one definition of living in unison with all people, loving as we are loved and doing as we are done to…We are learning it is better to give than it is to receive and when we are giving we are completing the law of circularity of giving what our Father has given to us. We break the law of giving and of grace when we prevent this flow of oneness that is extended to all people equally. Eve wanted operate in a place of doing her own thing, thus the lesson of the two trees. One way was operating within the law of oneness where all people lived in harmony with all others equally, the tree of life, however the other was a law lived unto oneself, the tree of knowledge…where one such as Eve wanted to make up her own law and do things opposing the will of God. So…Eve being our wayfaring “soul” must learn to obey He creators plan and live in harmony in knowing the will and plan of God is to be equally applied. We must learn that every individual must adhere to the “one” plan of God in order to avoid clashes of disharmony.

    This life is to teach us one way, one harmony, and to respect the one rule of spiritual law. This is to prove to us what it would be like if everyone did their own thing and went their own way, so we were and are blinded for a season, to operate within a dream and in an illusion of selfish chaos. Look at the world around us, with “many” forms of governments, none working for they are the product of the thinking of Eve, a do our own thing and operate within our own order and way of thinking, not considering what God had asked us to do in eating of only one tree and not of the other. One is a a tree of unison and the other a tree of self of wanting self rule.

    This life is a teaching experience. It is not a place of loss, although it is an illusion of loss. We must learn and finally understand as did Eve, that it is better to live according to the rules than it is to suffer the consequences of going our own way and doing our own thing. This is so that we can live our life to the fullest…while we allow all others to do likewise…it is called respect. Respect is desiring and knowing that what is good for also good for you as well. Your “I” is the same as my “I.” There is no lower case and upper case in explaining the difference in you and me. I am so at such at a loss for words of trying to explain what I “see.” There is a such a beauty and a peace in seeing “all” in the likeness of Our Father.
    In understanding that it is a “we” thing instead of an “I” thing brings an understanding and a love for all people. God is a Father to us all, and none is or will be lost…just redeemed from an illusion of loss.
    This plan of God when seen with the spirit is a joyous thing.

    • Yes. And now we are going to dissolve this illusion of separation – for it has done its work and is no longer needed. Let us receive the truth through the open door we discovered within, that we might give all to all and save all.

  23. Absolutely Sonny ,so very right and true, indeed…..the walk in Christ is a discovery of knowing the secret of eternity ….. divine love awakened, to create a Joy unspeakable ever step of our adventuring into the fullness of our being …..making us a light unto others to behold the Glory of GOD!!…..ITS HIS VERY SPIRIT OF EVERLASTING LIGHT AND POWER THAT DOES THE JOB EVERY TIME !1AMEN..

    • Yes, life is simpler than we understand it to be. We are more alike than we presently know…in fact our differences are very temporary…and our likeness’ are eternal.

  24. It is a wonderful and fulfilling thing to see that our likeness’ in the love of God is our true reality…and our differences are but for a moment in time. When love connects, though we have not seen nor been in the presence of another, we nevertheless “see” with the spirit which cannot be any clearer. The connection that the spirit gives between any us…is greater than anything in the natural realm. I do not think we have yet to comprehend the wonderful joy of eternal love…and yet to imagine is to hope…and to hope is to wait upon that which is promised to us…and this hope is to have a love for others as God, our Father has a love for us…for there is no greater love. To love and to be loved on an equal basis is to enjoy life to its fullest…and to desire that another has no less love than ourselves is it’s truest definition.

    When we can look at what some would consider the “the least of these” and see them in no less light and love than we ourselves…we are partaking of the third heaven…where we have surpassed all of self…and have become as He is. When we see the love of God in all people and for all people…we see…as we are seen…as He is.


  26. A little seed is the beginning of a great tree. A mustard seed becomes a tree in which the birds of the air can nestle. That great day when Christ shall deliver up the kingdom to the Father, and God shall be All in All — that is the great tree of the kingdom of God reaching its perfect consummation and glory. Ah, beloved, let us take the seed of that glory into our hearts and let us bow in lowly surrender and humble submission, saying with a broken heart and contrite spirit, “Amen, Lord; this be my one thought, this be my life — to yield myself to the unutterable yearnings of the Holy Spirit that I may not rest, but ever keep my vision set on that day — the day of surpassing glory, when in very deed God shall be ALL IN ALL.” God help everyone who reads these lines, God help us all to yield ourselves to Him, that we may be in the fullest and total sense the FIRSTFRUITS OF HIS KINGDOM. This is the beginning, the power, and the glory, of the kingdom of God! Amen

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