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Where is the Joy?



Where is the Joy?

Perfect peace and joy are within us resting beneath the illusions of our dreaming mind that tells us a lie that these gifts are not eternally present. Through the awakening to Truth by the Spirit of Truth, we perceive our invincible peace and joy that is always with us because they are a part of us.

The creative structure of the Divine Mind is as follows: absolute Love governs absolute Truth that governs our true Mind that governs Creation, which expresses its Source, absolute Love. Absolute divine Love is the cause, and Creation is its effect. This creative flow manifests perfect peace and joy, which are invulnerable and can’t be disturbed. This is the foundation of the thought-system of Truth.

The opposite structure is true for the dreaming mind. It’s creative flow is as follows: illusionary creations (our body and reality) govern the mind that governs each one’s relative truth that governs fear. An illusionary creation is the cause and fear (and its many faces) is the effect. At best, this manifests fleeting likenesses of peace and joy. If peace and joy can vanish at any moment, then a fearful reality is the effect. This is the foundation of the thought-system of the dreaming mind.

Eternal peace and joy come from perceiving rightly, therefore thinking rightly, which stems from the creative structure of the Divine Mind. Every present moment is an offering from the Spirit of Truth to remove faulty projections of the dreaming mind. By dismissing the illusions, regardless of how real they appear, and accepting the Truth of the Spirit in their place, the present moment will reflect its true Source, revealing the love of its Creator.

Our thoughts and their emotions create our reality. Thus our reality is an experience of our thoughts. Understanding how we create though thought is essential in re-creating a reality from fear to love, from unrest to peace, from suffering to joy. And being thoughts, we can choose to change them. Knowing the Truth gives us this ability and freedom. The teachings of the Spirit of Truth afford us a choice of whether to invest our belief into the structure of the illusionary mind or the divine Mind.

Both thought-systems use a self-sustaining feedback loop which maintain the continuity within their creations. How we perceive reality determines our thoughts, and our thoughts determine how we see reality, including ourselves and others. One creates perpetual peace and the other endless expressions of fear. This ongoing cycle of perception and thought operates without our conscious awareness. Unless our perceptions and our thoughts are illuminated by Truth, we experience a reality where “nothing changes.” The Truth sets us free from this cyclic imprisonment of the dreaming mind by bringing awareness of the creative structure of the Divine Mind within us, through which eternal peace and joy are created.

The dreaming mind doesn’t recognize it’s creating its own reality. It mistakenly believes it creates through the body within a world separate from itself and gives its thoughts little to no power. Yet, the body is part of the illusion, and therefore it uses illusion to create illusion, which is a feedback loop void of Truth. For example, the dreaming mind thinks antagonistically against someone and yet uses the body to convey a smile of approval. In this duality, the dreaming mind creates an environment of conflict without realizing what it is doing. This mind believes it can hide its thoughts, and that somehow by hiding them they are negated, diminished or lessened in their impact. But thoughts are eternal and not subject to time and space. Unless their source is changed, fear and conflict are always created. This blindness keeps the dreamer asleep, and until he awakens he is unable to create the eternal peace and joy that is his rightful inheritance. 

The creation of perfect peace and joy begins with integrating into the creative structure of the Divine Mind. Divine love becomes the source of our Truth which in turn becomes the source of our thoughts which then create a reflection of their divine Source. Now we perceive ourselves and others in the light of Truth. It’s in this realm of understanding that the Spirit of Truth reworks and reframes our thoughts giving us unlimited power to re-create our reality into an experience of eternal peace and joy.

We are far more powerful than we realize, but we are beginning to see. 


Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

~ Matthew 5:9

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  3. It’s why we’re here…to live temporarily in an illusion of the absence of love so that when we wake up from our illusion of our absence we will appreciate who we really are. Absence does make the heart grow fonder and when we are reconnected with “reality” we will understand the gift of life more clearly. Sometimes we don’t know the value of a thing until we lose it…and then..when we find it…again…there is an awareness and an appreciation for the gift of which we did not know it’s true value. Having a gratitude for a gift given is far better than taking a gift for granted. Having gratitude and an appreciation for something given to one is the highest form of love that one can give another for the gift. This is what God is teaching us and it is not that He may receive anything in the way of adulation, it is only that we learn that when we give the same love we have been given we learn the lesson..that it is better to give than it is to receive. If “everyone” is giving then everyone is receiving. It is the giver who knows for certain what is being given for it may be years before the receiver understands the appreciation of what is given. Yet, all things work together for the good of all…for even lack itself creates in it a desire to have…something more fulfilling….than this absence of God within. When we invite Him into our temple and have fellowship, we no longer lack anything but are fulfilled in every way


  5. Joy, which is the opposite of sadness, is a very spiritual condition. “A fulness of joy” which is promised in the scriptures, is a fulness of life. It is life expressed in its fullest extent. It is the life more abundant, even Life Eternal.

    “Fulness of joy” is also used synonomously with the promise of “Fulness of God!” Which is the ultimate completion of all that is glorious and perfect and sublime and powerful.

    Singing gratitude and praise brings forth this great gift of joy more speedily and more completely than any other attitude or method possible to apply. Praise and give thanks and rejoice and sorrow will flee from you. It will be dissolved along with the veil of darkness as you step forth into the singing wonder of His divine, holy Light. Remember always, in the moment of Christ’s greatest suffering He was offered the “bitterness and gall.” He rejected it. He could have given way to His human heritage and wallowed in the bitterness and the gall of injustice and sobbed in his self-pity. So can you. Or you, like Christ, can reach beyond mortality into the God-given powers of your own soul and reject the law, mortal thoughts of bitterness and gall as you rise triumphant forever over every disastrous calamity or misfortune. By learning to participate in the releasing of this unspeakable melody of unutterable glory you may take hold of the powers of creation. And by so doing you need never again know want or despair nor pain and distress for all these things will be done away in you. “For all things will be subject unto you, both the Light and the Life; the Spirit and the Power, sent forth by the will of the Father, through Jesus Christ, His Son!”

    • Very, very good…we cannot repay a gift but the attitude of gratitude is much to be appreciated. Once we obtain this presence of being, God has accomplished in us what He set out to do. We cannot repay, however we can be most grateful and appreciative to God. I believe He just wants us to “see” and understanding what the gift of life is all about.

  6. So true and so beneficial to understanding our growth.

    When we share we feed off one another and we realize greater understandings and as we share, we learn from our own giving for truth and love is spawned by the desire to give, this we learn from our own words as they are given in the moment of desiring to give. A desire to give is a birth in itself, thus we are given to…

    The illusion of living this dream is erroneously held :

    In believing that life began at our natural birth.
    In believing that life ends for some at our natural death.
    In believing that life begins for some at our natural death.
    In believing that sin is punishable eternally.
    In believing we are the creators and authors of our sins.
    In believing that God forgives some sins and not all others.
    In believing we should condemn others to raise ourselves up.
    In believing that material success is a measurement of spiritual success.
    In believing we are being punished for having done something wrong.
    In believing that sin is reality.
    In believing that making mistakes separates some of us eternally from our Father.

    In which none of this is true. This is because God’s plan of creation is to “allude” to the fact of what it would be like if billions and billions of His created beings were released to do their own thing in not considering nor respecting the boundaries of space as well as one’s conduct within these spaces. Does not the very allegory of Adam and Eve and their resulting planned disobedience prove the purpose of this illusionary fall into the realm of the carnal mind of man? Does not the creation of the two trees of choice prove there is a purpose in teaching us obedience so that we are not running all over one another in the great expanse of the universe? Are we not being taught there is harmony in obedience to God’s will and in living by the rules that apply to all alike and looking out for the other person and respecting their space? While suffering no actual loss of reality we were lowered into a deep sleep along with Adam to “dream” of a loss as a result of making choices and decisions outside of God’s will…as did Eve (our soul).

    The fall into sin was as planned as was the resurrection and redemption from it in order to teach, discipline and “correct” (not to punish) selfish behavior. A child does not see it is harming others when they want what they want when they want it. It is a natural thing to want our way and not to think how it may effect others around us. So the play was written and the stage was set and when the great playwright was finished with His well thought out and scripted play of an illusionary world…of what it would be like for billions of His children to be operating within their own will. Thus the book of the great play was opened and scene one began.

    Nothing from this great play of unreality and illusion has been deviated from and all good and evil that was created (Isaiah 45:7) has been included in our life to test, try and to prove each of us just as Job was tested and recorded for our example to follow. All the sins of all the players in the book of Job, including the Sabeans, the murderers, the “friendly” accusers and doubters of Job’s friends and family were given their parts to play to accomplish the cleansing of Job..or the left hand washing the right hand. What happened when the “right hand” of Job was cleansed through this time of persecution and trial? Job then turned and prayed for those God had just used as the left hand while washing Job clean of his erroneous ways of doing and thinking. The “right hand” of Job when cleansed turned and washed the “left hand” (his accusers so both the left and the right hands became clean.) So is all of life “played” out likewise where both hands are cleansed. When both hands are cleansed they will wash the rest of the body down to the feet or those people whom the body can not move without.

    In order to see God’s love in “all” things and for all people, we must see and feel the illusion of loss for a season of darkness where reality is blinded by the veil of the flesh for a “time.” The illusion of loss is just that, our loss is only a dream of failing, for we will never lose the spirit of the individual entity we were given long before we came to this earth and participated in this play of tragedy. This tragic play was written and has been played out, not in realism, but in in a fictitious way of “what ifs.” What if one painted a mural where another had already started one? What if one moved a star in not understanding where another had placed it for a good reason? For was it not to be moved by another for was it not within the firsts’ own “jurisdiction” given by God to do so?

    The reality of it all is God has a plan for each of us and we “all” having been turned to destruction for a short season to learn selflessness instead of selfishness, and to learn to operate within a rule of law that pertains to all equally and without prejudice, so that we can enjoy the oneness of one way..and not in billions of individuals doing their own thing and going their own way. The book of the Bible is self explanatory when we see it as a good thing as God said in Genesis for he called His creation and plan “good” and not “good and evil.” It was the fallen mind of Adam and Eve that ate of the tree of knowledge in seeing the plan as an evil thing ask well as a good thing. They did and could not see clearly in this dream state of this illusionary, unrealistic play that both good and evil was created and called “good” to teach us all a valuable lesson that obedience is better than sacrifice. If we remain in obedience we do not need to make a sacrifice for missing the mark (sin).

    Again, this life is a life of “what it would be like if” we went our own way and did our own thing without considering the rules laid out for all of us as one people. What would it be like? Just as it is. Just look around us, look at the chaos in this limited world where disobedience is confined to this earth and to our individual earth or person..where God set the boundaries where man can go no further. Nothing of reality is lost by having fallen asleep and dreaming of loss for we will all awake and we will all realize our dream was and has nothing to do with reality.

    God did not take away from us our eternal life we had with Him since our beginning in Him, however to increase the gift of life as He did with Job, we have to learn obedience by the things in which we suffer just as Christ Himself learned obedience by the things in which he suffered. How are things supposed to be on this earth? They are supposed to be just as they are and as we see them for the good we learn is from the evil we are exposed to. Everything we see, touch, hear, taste and feel in the flesh spawn temptations inherently given to us by design…to teach restraint, abstinence and obedience. “All things work together for good for those who love God.”

    When God pulls back the curtain that was blinding the Holiest of Holies from the holy place and permits us to see as He sees and do as He does, we see all things as good and beneficial and that the end does justify the means and that all things permitted are for a pure purpose. There is no lasting or eternal evil for evil itself teaches us that it is better to be obedient to the will of God that to suffer evil for going our own way. This life has only one purpose and only one end, it is the end of our old man, our carnal selfish self and a new beginning in Christ with a double portion of what we came into life with…Job being our example of the purpose in suffering…

    It is all good…there is nothing to fear, nothing to worry or to be anxious about. For we are a work in progress and everything and “all” things work in unison for the redemption of all of mankind. It’s a perfect plan, redeeming all form the fall into the dreams and illusions of “what if’s.” We should rest and let God accomplish His work, for it is His promise that He will complete each one of us in our order of our calling. No ne left behind. We need to stop trying to climb up by works that we imagine will give us an upper hand in doing things.. for if we would instead be patient, God will bring everything our way that we need to experience to teach us the things we need to know. The scriptures tell us we do not even know what to pray for. This is because the things we need to mold us are often unpleasant things we must experience to change our carnal nature from the negative to the positive. No young spiritual person prays to suffer, to be done wrong and to experience the ills of life…however it is often these very negative things that bring out our best in us.

    Wherever we make our bed, even in Hell, He is there to redeem us from wherever we are…to bring us all full circle to Himself. Sin does not deter God from completing His promises to us, to think so is just an illusion, a dream we will all awaken from for sin itself is a much needed experience to teach us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Failure is necessary to reach us what success is. Once we have experienced the selfishness and cruelty of the carnal Adamic nature, we will gladly accept a better way of life after we suffer defeat as did Saul for not following a specific order of things that are acceptable to God. We all must come to order and be accepted as obedient children of God. This life prepares “all” people to be obedient to the will of God, our Father..through the example of God’s first born son…then the rest of us at His calling to our order.

    It “ is” a perfect play for God approved of it, as His firstborn Son wrote every scene from beginning to end, placing Himself in subjection to the fall Himself as we also each have been subjected to it. Everything is for our good and eternal purpose.

  7. “Ask and you shall receive! Seek and you shall find! Knock and it shall be opened unto you! For everyone who asks receives! And he who seeks finds! And unto him who knocks it shall be opened!” Such is God’s eternal promise to the children of men.

    Individual man has never shouldered the responsibility of so great a work. The quest for his own soul has been indifferently, ignorantly or fanatically placed in the hands of some accepted leader, if undertaken at all. Man has searched collectively and in groups in an irresponsible way. Man has sought for his soul and for God through some church of his choice or some religious representative. This search is one which no man can make for another. It is a quest which each individual must undertake for himself. It is each individual’s own responsibility. Where the scriptures enjoin man to meet together often and partake of His holy sacrament, does not necessarily mean to gather in meeting-houses or churches. It means that each individual is to meet together with God often — meet together with Him in the secret closet of his own soul and there partake of the hidden bread of Life. This is the sacred, holy communion that will reveal the Christ. At first this contact is only the contact with that dynamic “Christ Light that is given to abide in every man who cometh into the world.” Then as one shuts out the world his own thoughts and mind will begin to blend with the mind and will of God. With such holy communion the individual will begin to be rewarded openly for the physical world will begin to take on the aspect of the spiritual. This inner contact IS the “Holy Communion!” It is the partaking of the sacred bread and waters of life — even the life more abundant.

    Humanity, as individuals, has relinquished its divine quest, its sacred search for the Holy Grail to its appointed religious leaders, who have themselves more often remained blind as in blindness they lead their blind followers.

    Man himself is the holy chalice, the sacred grail in which the divine Eucharist is held, or from which it is bestowed. It is through and out of man’s own heart that the streams of living waters must flow.

    The time is at hand when each individual must meet the challenge to undertake the search for his own soul. It is the greatest quest of all time and the most rewarding. None can undertake or accomplish this search for another. It is a road of individual effort and individual desiring and individual experience. It is as individual as being born — or of dying. It pertains to the one.

    He who undertakes this greatest of all quests — and continues in it, cannot possibly go unrequitted. As he becomes more and more faithful to the call of his soul and to the secret meetings within his own secret closet, as he learns to close that silent door and “be still”, his own desires become purified and all promises become real and possible. As he lays hold upon them with his mind they will be fulfilled unto him. His physical being will be purified, cleansed and exalted and all outward conditions begin to serve his ennobled purposes. This is the reward that will come openly and continue to increase until every promise is fulfilled unto him. His very body will become spiritualized in time. Thus he becomes filled with light and with knowledge. He begins to comprehend all things as his vision expands and his enjoyments increase.

    This quest is the most joyous search in all existence. It eliminates all darkness, all negation, all hates, all sanctimonious hypocrisy and increases the ecstatic joys until there is scarcely room enough to contain the glory singing in his soul…..

    • Yes I agree, we must first come into His presence and maturity individually to join the ranks of Christ corporately. We must take responsibility for ourselves for if we leave it to others, when they err, we err. “Overcoming” can often be a road less traveled, however when we understand where God is, we have the best help within to overcome all things. We must trust and have patience to know and understand that we are in good hands. When things seem to ebb at a “low tide” if we will “wait” we will be strengthened for our weak periods are where our “self confidence” shifts to having confidence in a higher power. It is better to trust in “Him” where there is spiritual strength than in the self confident but weakness of our carnal self. When we are young in the flesh and or in the spirit, we are bold and confident in thinking that “we” can do it but as we grow wiser and older we learn it is “He” who does the work in us. He knows what we need when we need it…and we with patience wait for His work to be done in us. We know we are growing when we only want to see a mutual love in development between friends. What caused the church of Philadelphia to stand out and be accepted was that, although they still had faults and sin in their lives, they did not condemn one another, instead they loved in spite of the errors. They did not ridicule and condemn, they carried one another’s burdens while they prayed for their release of sins…in both themselves and others. It’s all in the attitude of the beatitudes. Love conquers “all” things.

      • Along with this great love comes the perfect gift and privilege of forgiving. It is beautiful beyond expression, for in it is contained the very glory of God. Read carefully the Sermon on the Mount which is contained in the fifth, sixth and seventh chapters of Mathew. At the end of chapter five is given the admonition to love your enemies, to pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you — in other words, think love, speak love, give love, and live love — and be willing always to go the second mile — that you might be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect. Yea, be the servant willingly, with deep, eternal love, and as sure as you live you will become one of the great and noble of the earth.

        If this Sermon on the Mount sounds like so many words, then please pray about it and study it often. Then begin to live it and you will know of the doctrine, whether it is just words or whether Christ was putting the truths of eternal power and glory into the hands of man. These teachings are truly living principles, filled with the power and glory of the Almighty. They are the laws of those who desire to become “Saints”, which means “holy ones.” No church can make a person a Saint. That has to be done by the individual as he becomes obedient to the laws of God. None can become holy only as they live in holiness, and those glorious laws of perfection become not only their creed, but their very lives.

        At first the Sermon on the Mount may seem terribly difficult and even impossible to live, or at least not worth the great effort required to give love for hate. It is so much easier to love our grudges and weaknesses than it is to love our enemies. It is always easier to hold to our human faults than it is to forgive them in our neighbor, which if done, would cancel every flaw in our own characters as well as heal our foes. As one’s soul opens to comprehend the divine power contained in these teachings he will rejoice in the majestic glory of these perfect privileges, for he will prove to himself for all time that it is indeed a privilege and a glory to forgive. It is the complete cauterization of an otherwise incurable ulcer on the soul, and no matter how painful the process it will bring healing, pure and glorious.

        You will glory in the divine knowledge, that you too, can forgive sins that they stand not before God. You too, can share in the work of the Savior, in that you too, can begin to do the works and take upon you the sins and mistakes of the world, that they might be blotted out, that the love and light and the power of God might begin to flow through you to bless and heal and enlighten. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and even greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my Father.” (John 14:12). His greatest work was the healing power of His compassion and mercy — His forgiving tenderness. In order to have the perfect power to heal and bless He had to have the power in His own heart to forgive, which was always used in connection with the healing, for more often He said, “Thy sins be forgiven thee,” than “be thou whole.”

        As one stands thus above the discordant vibrations of the hates and discords around him he has “overcome” and all power is given to such a one. He walks the earth in majesty, doing the greater works for they automatically follow.

        If you do not believe this, then try it. Live it and you will know of its power and you will need none to teach you for God Himself will be your Instructor for you will be one with Him.

  8. There must be more love than hate, right?” “I’m not always positive we can be so sure. In any case, I’m starting to feel like being confident in that equation isn’t always the best motivation for me to be my best self — it can kind of let me off the hook a little bit when I think I should be striving to contribute more love outside of my comfortable sphere of family and friends.

    • In this current reality there is an absence of real love – for all love expressed “here” eventually breaks down into “hate”, or worse, apathy. Yet, this perceived absence of love is only an erroneous belief and could never be true in reality. And since our beliefs create our perceived reality, love does indeed appear to fail continually. When we recognize our own inability to love as we desire, it is a sure sign of awakening.

      The function and the purpose of our calling is to love perfectly, which we do by our continued seeking to understand the true nature of love which is received and communicated to us directly by the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit). Ironically, when we admit we need to seek for the nature of God’s love (a love that never fails), we are transmuted into “open doors” that, without effort, can be used by God to express his love into the lives of others. Even being obedient to this love through our feeble attempts to think loving thoughts toward others, we grow in our ability to love others perfectly. When the Bible says be perfect as our Father in heaven in perfect it means to love as God loves – which is to express his perfection.

      • No one can approve your love.
        No one person can approve your love?
        Your love cannot be approved of?
        There is dissent about your love.
        When will your love become agreeable?
        How long will you be willing to love without approval?
        Must your love find approval?
        Are you alone in your love?
        Who will ratify your love?
        Do you love what others hate?
        Must hate have your love to be eradicated?
        Will your refusal create love?
        Can you communicate your love about what you hate?

      • I realize my words may not make sense to anyone because they reflect the vision of my own path. And I don’t mean to offend.

        Yet, if I were to speak more plainly, I would say that I am utterly unable to love as I desire. In fact, over the years I have lost friends and family because I seem to be the only one on this earth born without any capacity to love, even despite my best efforts. It has been no small struggle in my life – for since I could not give love, I could not receive love.

        Yet has this seeming “lack” in my soul awakened a passion to seek for love with all my heart, motivated by God’s promise that if one seeks diligently, he WILL find. So I seek every moment for the understanding of how to love as God loves, because if I can find this, I’m sure it would save the world.

      • Your words are true to yourself, and explain your heart. Honest and faithful.

        But didn’t you get the Memo God sent? Jesus already saved the world.
        He just did not shut the world down, because of our weakness, He gave us His strength.

        Your struggle is not to love as He loved, but to receive the love He gave.
        His blood covers our mistakes, and He, the Father, sees us, like He sees Jesus.
        Perfect. Doesn’t mean we are, but he sees us through the blood of HIs Son.

        Ok, Watch this. We are not just spiritual beings. The Holy Spirit, (a Person) with a personality, deals with us, in our spirit because He is spirit.
        But, Ok. We are also, psychological creatures, and our inner beings can be wounded,
        since childhood, and many, times, or rather all of us, from all our early times, must be
        healed psychologically. So, Love, is not psychological, but spiritual.
        But the effects of sin, have wounded us, all, psychologically, and emotionally.

        I think therefore, in your sayings, you are requiring too much of yourself.
        The idea, the process, the journey of love, is not about perfection, because we are not equipped, in ourselves to be perfect. We were born into an environment that rips away
        from love, but love is more powerful, but it is alive.
        Now, if you have ever read the Word, of God, (the Bible) which you seem to have, because you mentioned the Holy Spirit, you will read where it says this, in one Epistle.
        That is DEMONs. Spirits, Ok Jesus, is the SUPER HERO THAT DEFEATED HIM. HIS LOVE, NOT OUR EFFORTS TO LOVE. We can only be partakers with Him.


        So, I think in your sayings here, you have been trying to “BE THE VINE, NOT A BRANCH”.

        You can only love powerfully, with Him as the root system. And knowing He is the Source, not ourselves.

        Did you know that one of the most powerful Teachers, of ‘inner healing’, Agnes Sanford, had a nervous breakdown herself.? Why because she was trying to be a perfectionist, in her life, instead of Trusting in the Divine Arms of God.

        Without HIm, you are fighting spiritual forces, from Hell, that will, conquer your heart.
        Don’t do it Alone.
        Also, God covers our failures to LOVE PERFECTLY, IT’S PART OF HIS PLAN, NOT OURS.

      • Actually, your words made great sense. That was very excellently written and portrayed the love of God perfectly. You wrote beautifully.
        In, my question’s, I was trying merely to portray the idea, that the exchange between what people experience in love and hate, when it comes to the psychological mind, and the psychology of love, can draw us away from, or confuse us as to God’s love.
        Because we have love, does not mean we don’t, or won’t experience the forces of hate.
        Love, will defeat hate, but it’s because Jesus, completely obliterated it in the spiritual realm.
        The psychological realm, and the physical realm, there is a fight to secure it.
        And fighting to some people means hate. But a fight for something is not hate.
        You have to secure love, by force, sometimes, and sometimes secure it by peace.

      • Thanks for the heartfelt words.

  9. In reality, God is only love and everything He does, He does to one end. It is He, through Christ, which hid His purpose and His true nature from mankind in order to discipline us to becoming as He is. If we knew God in our earthy beginning as He is, we could not be disciplined and corrected and be taught as God intends. This is because God purposed for His creation to be as He is, in His likeness and character.

    If we understood in the beginning of our disciplinary process that God is only a God of love and would never annihilate one of His children we would have no fear nor respect for what He is teaching us. If there was no fear of loss, why would we try to do better…if life if free no matter what….? As it truly is a gift that we did not earn nor deserve. However to be given the freedoms God intends for us to have, we must understand that for us to have our freedoms, others must also likewise have there freedoms as well…thus the need for us to understand there must be harmony in the by the same rules.

    This is the need for our life to be momentarily darkened where we are blinded to God’s true nature for a short period of that we can experience a situation of what it would be like if we tried to operate outside of God’s will. We may have a temporary “free will” but just long enough to see His will is better than ours. This life is an illusion of going our own way and doing our own thing..and when we see and understand our way (as Eve our soul) when not lived in accordance with the will of our Father, we will cause much chaos and discomfort for others. This time we spend on this earth from reality is a time to be taught that we must live in harmony with God and with all others.

    The Bible on its surface leaves a lot too the erroneous thinking of the carnal mind of man, however once we grow in God and we begin to see as He sees, we see God as He is. There is no true hate in the mind of God for any of His children although He does hate (means to love less) the “ways” of man when they abuse their brethren and want to go their own way at another’s expense. So to give us our ultimate freedom, God had to devise a school of hard knocks to teach us the consequences of “intellectualizing” God’s purpose and plan for us. This is what Eve did, she (our soul) reasoned, appropriately so, that we would not surely die but her concept of death was not one of realism but of permanency, where God’s definition of death was a mind that was not disciplined in the ways of Himself. Thus the need for a process of a perceived failure and the. a redemptive plan back from a loss from His presence…He calls death…realistically speaking.

    This life is only a dream of loss but the reality of this life is to teach us that being obedient to God’s “one” way is the best way for us all to enjoy life where the love for one is the same for the other. There is no seeing one as less than oneself in the kingdom of heaven. We are only living in an illusion and separation from God, when in actuality He is within us where He has always been a part of us…for we were given our separate entity from a part of Himself to forever be His offspring. God does not take back the gift of life He gave us eons ago. He just created an illusion to make us think so…to let us see…it is better for all of us to operate within one way, “the way” of Christ.

    Imagine a place where life is without end and everyone is operating on the same level of understanding..that we are..all one.

  10. Love “IS” as this is what God “Is,” therefore Love is reality. God does not need to prove Himself to any, however in many ways He shows us and leads us to believe that He is true and unchanging. In this life we are challenged and experience the opposite of who our Father is…only to come to the understanding that God does not change and will not go back on His promises. With other created beings, we experience mistrust, betrayal, along with all other “works” of the flesh. God is steady and immovable and remains as He is.

    God is teaching us by experience to have the same mind as He does. He could have just blinked us into existence without any possibility of making errors or being free thinkers as He is Himself. God is not interested in robots that behave by rote but is creating beings with the same freedoms to create as He creates and to think freely as He freely thinks. The saying “Let us create man in our likeness and image” contains much truth and realism in this declaration. It means to be “like me” with the same abilities to free think and to “independently” do things in oneness, knowing our limits.

    Thus the purpose for such a proving ground of what works and what doesn’t, what is permissible and what is not. What is free will and what is not free will. A child raised up correctly with all the right and wrong choices placed before it will gravitate to the one or the other and by having first made selfish choices and has suffered for them…will learn as the prodigal son …to return to the rule of His father’s house. The father had always had the welfare of the prodigal son in mind but the father knew that if the son did not leave the security of his home and learn the difference in obedience and defiance, the son would not conduct himself voluntarily and freely but with doubt and mistrust.

    So this allegory of the prodigal is the same as us leaving the security of our Father’s house and coming to this “strange” land to learn obedience by the things we suffer. Our life experiences are to teach us to be like our Father because we want to and not because we have to. To love and to give because we want to is a freedom we cannot obtain by compulsion, we must understand we must be like our Father and everything began by His “giving” so we must learn to be givers as our Father in heaven is a giver.

    This universe is expanded by giving to it and by not taking away from it, it is ever expanding because God is forever a expanding. If our likeness is to be the same…then we must give and expand with Him. The carnal mind works against God and all that is good. This is nothing more than an untrained child (carnal mind) of God wanting to be as a God but to only be as He Himself wants to will Himself to be. This was Eve’s problem. God gave Adam and Eve the “limited” possibility of going their own way and doing their own thing but this would have been a universe of chaos and destruction. Billions would be operating in someone else’s boundaries and territories when they would have absolutely no business in doing.

    So until we all learn to walk in a “oneness” of spirit, doing unto others as we would have others do to us, we are limited in freedoms to this dusty earth until our time of training is fulfilled. In looking at the natural to understand the spiritual taking a story from the Old Testament, when a son was schooled to the age of thirty he was under governors and tutors until the appointed time. This was called the age of adoption meaning the time of his maturity. At this time of “adoption” he would be able to run his father’s kingdom as the father himself had always done, just as Christ learned the same and as we will learn to do the same. This is because Jesus Christ is the “firstborn” among many other sons that will follow in the firstborns footsteps.

    All subjects are realistically the subjects of love for love is nothing more than the likeness, character and the substance of God…so… love is not something to be proved…it is something that we must become. Again, what we become needs not to be proved to another…for love does not come by giving proof, love comes by “acquiring” it. Appreciation and gratitude is a thankfulness for what we receive, they are not a payment in return.


      • It is so. What can we do to repay the gift of eternal life? It is a gift. However when we truly come to the realization of the kind of love involved in the giving of the gift…we are awestruck with what we have become to know vs. what we thought we knew. There is nothing that can change the meaning of “unconditional love,” nothing.


    • You can learn from your mistakes if you get lucky you may live to survive it, or you can learn right and wrong from God’s Word, and prosper, and defeat satan who will try to steal kill, and destroy, you and every thing you love.


  11. The greatest opportunity we have been given to love is in the difference we just had with another…so forgive our brother…and…sister. It gives us the opportunity to understand the greatest love to have for another…so…let nothing stand in our way. Differences are but a teacher of how much alike we actually are. Forgiveness is not because of an event, it is a way of “being” before the event ever happened.

    • We can forever talk about Gods love and right deep explanations of its powerful benefits, but once we tune into to its reality, then begins the new life in CHRIST JESUS!!….HALLELUJAH!!

  12. Welcome to the door, here is the key


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