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Goodbye My Old Friend


Goodbye My Old Friend

My inner child speaks in rhythmic refrain
As I proclaim my freedom from death’s reign:

My old friend it’s time to let you go.

You stood as my hope and comfort from life’s pain
As thoughts of you flooded my mind like drowning rain.

You promised to set me free from unbearable afflictions
To take me through the consummate transition.

To steal me away in the night into endless sleep
To send me through the gates of eternal peace.

You promised to take me to a distant land
Far from the cries of suffering I could hardly stand.

“This will be your eternal home
When I come to take you as my own.”

Your proclamations of my end
Came as a voice of a much needed friend.

When life seemed kind you stood quietly waiting
For bound in time my joy was fleeting.

Again, I welcomed your coming as life tore me in pieces.
Your darkening touch would save me from taunting curses.

Thankfully you didn’t answer this mistaken call
For you were but a part of my illusionary fall.

Unwavering you stood as savior in my dream of suffering
The one to lay me to rest and end all my struggling.

When fear was my enemy, you were my friend,
My surety that his torments would eventually end.

Embracing you made me feel fearless and strong
But now I see my foolishness and wrong.

So I give up the illusion of you.

My hope in you disguised my true liberation.
Joyous life and peace hid behind your empty deliberations.
How could you – nothingness – offer me redemption?

Disguised in empty promises, you came as a friend
Offering something new and wonderful in the end.

Phantom whispers of release, freedom and joy
But you were but a thief to steal, kill and destroy

So I gave up the illusion of you and chose One who is true.

This One guarded my soul while I dreamt of you.
Now his divine love is my only truth.
His love fails me not and feeling its strength

It’s all I desire, so I let you go for the True.

In His open heart resides my eternal peace.
There is no delay in his timeless gifts of grace.
They, as He, are forever present within the holy place.

He stood beyond the narrow gate.
In a Light so bright it brought me to a new fate.

His love beckons me out of the illusion of you.
My heart rejoices at his call I now hear as true
And his voice steadily leads me into eternal youth.

No longer through a barren land do I roam.
Today, in this present moment, I am home.

So, I leave you in the place of forgotten dreams
And empty my mind of your endless games.

I take back the treasure I so easily gave away in vain.
Goodbye old imaginary friend, your loss is my eternal gain.


~ Rachel
February 8, 2018


The Golden Key

The Golden Key


From my teacher’s open hand
I lifted a golden ring
From it dangled a transcendent key
Reflecting the end of my reign.

The key sparkled a lucid light
Shimmering in a crystalline glow
I marveled at the magnificent sight.
I wondered at its door.

“Crafted out of my divine love
It contains a glorious power
Not found in any other.”

“It’s the key to my heart
And I give it to you.
I am you and you are me
You are all and all is you.”

“I know your heart well
Its love for the weak and the small
For through our journey
My heart I sowed in you for all.”

“A heart to hold my key
In tenderness and harmony
To treat it with care and delight
To never shun its brilliant light.”

I slid it around my finger
That I might not lose it forever.

The key quaked in my hand
Then melted into my skin
Its power surged down my spine
Then I knew his heart was mine.

“A single key for a single door
To unlock the bound to be free
Once the door is open it can’t be shut
It will loose all above and below
Into a state which their souls did not sow.”

“It ends the past and releases the present.
It turns back time to the beginning.
It melts its chains and removes its pains.
It’s the substance of love again and again.”

“Dissolving scars, tears and stains
It sends eternal love pulsing through every vein.
It ends all strife
And brings new life.”

“It frees the soul from the past
Where all that is untrue is vast
Encroaching upon a tender mind
Enslaving it in endless binds.”

“Is this your desire?
To release all?
Justice isn’t found if one should fall.

“Justice is unearthed in divine love.
It protects, delivers, heals, and renews
And brings the vilest into the true.”

“Free one, free all
Bind one, bind all.
This key I place into your heart
And I know what you will do
Thus my gift to you.”

I raised the key to the light
To see a marking on its side
Engraved in pearly white
A word of life, forgiveness, showed bright.

I ran to the inner chamber
I slipped the key inside
I flung the door wide open
And fell upon my side.

A gentle breeze danced across my skin
My tattered garments became as nothing
A flash of light filled my eyes
I felt a change inside.

Many rainbows flooded my soul
of unparalleled delight
All was changed; all became bright.
Time stood still as if no more
Then my eyes fell upon the open door.

The wind travelled into the human soul.
Touching every creature great and small.
Though unknown from where it came
Hearts melted enraptured by its call.

Life began to bloom.
Exalted in joy I feel to my knees
And from deep within whispered,
All is one and one is all and we are all free.

~ Rachel

November 6, 2015


Silently My Soul Weeps

Silently My Soul Weeps


A tear fell for my pain
Then a few more
Then they fell for you.

For the afflictions of your soul
The innocence lost
The weeping broken heart
For a love to last.

Then they fell for all
All singed by life’s hard turns
For all its pains and burns
This day I cried, for me, for you, for all.

Everyone is you, everyone is me
There is no other
Together we are bound or we are free.

Where does our help come from?
Seared longings lead to One.
Our Divine Love who gave us form
Only he can heal and bind the eternal wound.

Waiting behind the glistening veil
Time and space stand still.
Anticipating the divine breath of life
To unite, raise and end all strife.

Held in tears is love’s promise
That this love cannot fail
To awaken the soul to eternal bliss
Where suffering no longer prevails.

Love is the cure
And it comes in One
As we are one in him
As he is one in all.

My soul weeps for me, for you, for all and for him.
Yet, my soul rests in suffering’s end.
It served to bring us back into the One.
A return to innocence… perhaps it’s begun.

~ Rachel

Written: September 12, 2015 – October 25, 2015


Welcome to the New Day

Welcome to the New Day


Hand Sunset

My soul silently waits with mounting anticipation to be revealed as a child of your vibration. I sit quietly in the closed walls that are wearing thin to be released once and for all from the prison within. Glory to be God in the Highest for his great love that redeems us from the deafening depths and distance.

Awake oh heavens! The time of your deliverance has come. Awake oh earth! To a newness of life never-ending. Open wide your hearts and souls and let the light of a new day flood in. Lay down your man-made images that his love may raise you in his likeness.

Rejoice above and below; for today, unity, harmony, abundance, rest, peace, joy, and love spring forth from the barren land creating the eternal glories of paradise far better than the beginning. Let every heart sing a new song; a sweet melody of life everlasting.

Welcome to the new day, the day our Lord has made.

~ Selah and Amen


Tips for Hearing the Holy Spirit

Tips for Hearing the Holy Spirit


1 Kings 19:12 And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

God wants you to hear Him. He calls you to seek His counsel, wisdom and guidance, thus you have to hear it … how do you hear unless you take time to listen?

God speaks in many ways and can use anything. There are two key mediums God uses to speak to us. One is through the Bible because in the truth is where we learn to hear the Voice of truth. He speaks when verses stand out to you, verses speak to your situation, and you learn truths of a passage that He confirms in other areas of the Bible and in your life.

The second significant medium God uses to speaks to you is through writing or journaling. In this dynamic, you receive powerful instruction, counsel and wisdom as you write with a listening ear. The two mediums complement each other, work together and feed upon one another.

God gives abundant wisdom and understanding, yet how can you receive those priceless life-altering gifts unless you are listening? How do you hear God who is spirit? How do you tune into that still small voice?

1. Create a quiet outward environment to be with God alone. If your area is full of distractions it will be very hard to hear. Turn off the phone, shut the door, shut down the computer, and give Him your full attention. Give Him nothing less than the best and your total focus. In that quiet space as you read and pray, focus on listening to God as you would a close friend.

2. Seek to know God as He is beyond ALL the images. Your motive during this time should be to know God in truth and spirit … beyond what you’ve been taught by others … beyond the images. When we filter our communion with God through false images of Him (from families, religion, false teachings, worldly teachings), it hinders our communication because it affects our understanding of Him. But if we seek to know God as He is realizing we have those false images, He rewards that desire with the truth. Hebrews 11:6 Little by little the lies and false images are discarded and replaced with the truth. The more truth you know of God, the more you experience Him.

3. Focus on having a conversation with God. This time is about fellowshipping with God; a back and forth interaction. Whether, you are reading or praying, remember you are having a conversation with God. This focus helps to move you into hearing His voice because you are tuning in. Therefore, it isn’t a task or “study”, but a relationship you are cultivating. Many are good at speaking, but not so much listening, especially in the spirit; yet hearing Him is invaluable for He is your teacher, counselor, and guide.

4. Write in a journal as you read and pray. Have a pen in hand during your entire time with God. Writing helps to focus your thoughts. Through that focus God can help you tune in to Him. As you write, He will use that writing to counsel you.

Write whatever comes to mind; thoughts about what you’ve read; impressions that come to mind; issues/concerns and thoughts about those issues; ask questions. Remember it’s a conversation with God so keep that in mind while you write. At first you’ll wonder if it’s your voice or God’s voice but continue the practice and in time you will learn to discern. God speaks spirit to spirit. His voice comes as thoughts, impressions … a voice in your head. But it speaks on a very deep level, directly to the spirit. His voice is gentle, confident, loving, patient, and authoritative. It always harmonizes with the Bible. If what you write or hear is from fear, angst, worry, guilt … it isn’t God’s voice.

5. Practice quieting your mind. To hear God, you need not only a quiet external environment but more importantly a quiet inner one. Most people need practice in quieting their mind. Here is a suggestion, at the end of your time with God, for 5-10 minutes focus on quieting your mind. When “to-dos” come to mind, write them on a piece of paper and refocus on God. Set a timer because for some 5 minutes will seem like forever at first. Focus on characteristics of God or verses that have stood out to you during your time with Him. Be still internally. Have a pen in hand and simply write whatever comes to mind. Don’t write to put perfect thoughts together, just let it flow, no inner critic. Then at the end read over what you wrote. Ask God to confirm things to you in His Word.

6. Above all ask God to show you how to listen and hear Him.  Your time with God is about a relationship, and developing a trust and ability to directly learn from and commune with God. He wants to show you. It’s easier than you think, but different than what most are use to. Be patient and give Him the space and time to teach and show you. Persist; never give up. In time, you’ll be amazed at what you hear.

Journal Speaks

Through my pen flows words of life
Setting my soul free from strife

So sweetly You speak to me
Feeding me from the Living Tree

A jot focuses my distracted mind
Bringing it to submission and I find

Counsel and wisdom filling my awareness
Breathing in life; manifesting Your fullness

Your voice I’ve learned through communion
Spending time forming our union

Your Word taught me to recognize
A still small voice once disguised

Ears masked by abundant lies
You opened to hear Your voice on high

Daily I write to hear from You
The Voice of Truth; all others subdued

Gently in righteous love You renew
Setting my thoughts on what is true

What a joy to hear
The voice I hold most dear

For it creates true life in my soul
A power long ago foretold.

~ Rachel DiPaolo
March 4, 2012


Spiritual Sabbatical

Spiritual Sabbatical

This week God called me to give it completely to Him, so I’m unplugging from the routine (in case I’m slow on approving and responding to comments). It’s a time of celebration, a feast, of delighting in Him as He transitions/transforms me by His hand.  There is much going on spiritually, I pray you diligently seek Him this week above all else for He has the words of life.


Come Walk with Me

Take a break, come walk with Me
To feast from the living tree

Your spirit is ready to bloom
To destroy darkness and doom

It’s been a long journey of strife
Letting go of death and embracing life

Awakening as from a hazy dream
To become for all a gushing stream

All things are formed from a new cast
First fruits of love created to last

Steal away with Me into the stillness
In faith you’ll see manifestation of My fullness

This is My desire, let it be
Have no doubt, come walk with Me

~ Rachel DiPaolo
February 5, 2012




A fountain of life to water souls
A source unexpected, yet long foretold

Springing forth from the wilderness
Rivers of love and tenderness

Vessels prepared yet unaware
Of the purpose they were to bear

Filled by God’s magnificent presence
Transformed in quiet transcendence

In weakness the greatest power is housed
In rest the sleeping giant aroused

To regenerate a corrupted place
To change the countenance of every face

From tears to unspeakable joy
Freeing imprisoned minds, evil’s toy

Though wickedness once abound
Its victory soon will not be found

Darkness loses its authority
As the incoming light quenches its ability

Establishing truth and righteousness in the land
The power shifts to love’s guiding hand.

Break forth in song, for the Day is here
Extinguishing every worry, care and fear

Mercy floods in as waves of light
Redeeming by God’s perfect might

Using few to bring forth His domain
God is glorified and named above all names

The Kingdom come, Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.

~ Rachel DiPaolo
November 13, 2011

Luke 14:5  Then He answered them, saying, “Which of you, having a donkey or an ox that has fallen into a pit, will not immediately pull him out on the Sabbath day?”

Matthew 19:28 So Jesus said to them, “Assuredly I say to you, that in the regeneration, when the Son of Man sits on the throne of His glory, you who have followed Me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

Mark 13:9 “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”


The Day of The Lord, What Will It Be?

 The Day of The Lord, What Will It Be?

God has been teaching me about the Day of the Lord. This poem reflects the puzzle pieces He has been putting together for me. I pray the Holy Spirit will use this to confirm what He has been teaching to those who are diligently seeking truth in these days.

The Day of the Lord:
What will it Be?

The Day of the Lord, what will it be?
Perhaps something different for you and me

A fire of testing to reveal our faith
Uncovering all not leaving a trace.

What is the truth we hold?
The seed of our hope will be told.

Was it our strength, idols of our making?
Was it God’s mercy, eternal and everlasting?

As the Day dawns, the fires igniting
The dark grows darker and the light lightening.

For some growing angst, worry, grief, and pain
For others increasing power, rest, joy and gain.

Judgment cast by our own hands
As God lets our choices stand.

A time of trial unlike any on earth
For some a prison, others new birth.

Look to your left, to your right
Is it peace in God or growing fright?

Our God a consuming fire, coming in the clouds
To burn away all that’s haughty and proud.

For some a thief coming unaware
Others a fulfillment of hope prepared.

A shift among the powers of heaven
From evil’s reign to love’s dominion.

Children of light become mighty warriors
Bringing judgment as evil’s plan foils.

For both a sadness in what is lost
When love to save was given without cost.

But love will prevail in the end
Given by our truest Friend.

It’s mercy that’s without end, not suffering
It will cover all our blunderings

To redeem all that was lost
Though there are paths of different costs.

Out of the ashes will arise beauty
Lives transformed by God’s faithful duty.

In this Day, love holds the victory
As God reveals the fullness of the mystery.

What will the Day be for you?
A day of uncovering shame or being gloriously anew?

~ Rachel DiPaolo
October 1, 2011


Seeking God Regardless of Your Feelings

Seeking God Regardless of Your Feelings

Psalm 111:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments. His praise endures forever.

Feelings can be VERY misleading. Our feelings are based on what we believe and know at the moment. One area they can be incredibly misleading is in regards to our connection with God; especially for those who haven’t diligently sought God in truth and spirit. Feelings like God doesn’t care, He is distant, seeking Him doesn’t matter, and reading the Bible doesn’t matter. We have to fight and disregard these type of feelings when it comes to seeking God, which can be difficult.  However, for those who fight through those emotions and continue to seek, they find a relationship with God far beyond their expectations, thus a life beyond their imaginations for He is life.

As in the verse above, those who do God’s commandments from their core are those who have pushed through contrary emotions and have discovered a deeper wisdom and knowledge. They’ve learned that the paths to abundant eternal life are walking in God’s ways and not their own. They’ve learned that all else is lies and deception that lead you further from what you desire instead of closer. Thus, they willing and desire to walk in God’s ways and truth and are driven to keep pushing deeper into Him.

We start out in this life following our own will, which is formulated by the world’s (culture, society, traditions, etc) concepts. From birth, we’re consumed by this world and its philosophies therefore that is what we own as truth and live by. But as we seek God in spirit and truth, we gain an altogether different understanding. We see not only the truth of God, but also the truth of our own lives and what we are truly manifesting by following our will. We start to see that when we are in “control” we manifest depravity and not the life we desire. We begin to see when God is in control of us He brings about every perfect gift and blessing.

It’s hard for people to seek God, to truly devote to seeking Him as He calls us to. We’ve been misled to believe that His paths aren’t really full of life, but hardship, depravity and loss when in reality it’s our ways that bring these afflictions. It’s all backwards. Further, we look at others who are supposedly following God and judge God and a life with Him by their lives, a HUGE mistake most of the time. Many people aren’t truly seeking and walking in God’s truth. They are following a man-made religion, not God. They don’t truly seek and therefore in lack of truth and knowing cling to their self-will of depravity.

Only when the God is truly YOUR God, meaning He is in charge and you are at rest, do you journey His paths of truth leading to abundant life, in the deepest and fullest sense. When you do, the life you live far exceeds your expectations. Eph 3:20

While most never traverse this path, because the lies they hold about God that keep them at bay, some do. Matt 22:14 For those who come to the point to dare to seek God as they feel a stirring that there is much more, they seek and continue to seek despite what they initially feel. They seek in spite of the fear of losing their lives, of losing control, and what their lives might become once they step into God’s domain. They seek regardless of not wanting to at times because they are buried in lies that a life with God is anything less than magnificent.

Those who actually do His commands, (not the religious commands governed by mere humans Matthew 15:8-9), are those who have sought and understand the Truth of God. They understand that God’s way is the only desirous way, yes desirous. And it’s actually not their own will, but God’s light and truth pouring through them as they’ve become united to God’s will by laying down their own.

I’ve traversed this journey, I fought against what I felt many times and continued to seek God. I have the before and after pictures of my life and the afters blow my mind. I know His ways are better, my life is a testimony to me.

This newness of life fuels my passion to encourage you to seek and persist in seeking. God’s gifts are like a consuming ocean, more than we could ever want. The more others have of this true life blesses my spirit all the more. There is nothing more important than seeking first God’s kingdom and His righteousness. Matthew 6:33

Seek and persist regardless of what or how you feel. It’s the path of life that’s met with much resistance in this world. Realize this conflict as you embark upon this journey. Don’t trust your feelings. Trust if you seek you will find. Meditate on God’s truth and promises. You have nothing to lose; and everything to gain. For those who persist in seeking God in His truth, there awaits in this life, unspeakable joy, purpose and blessing.

Matthew 7:13-14, 2 Peter 3:16-18

The Path Found by Few

Shrouded in a cloak of lies
Hoping in what only binds

Trusting in what won’t deliver
The deepest desires cast to a sliver

An existence governed by strife
Hoping, yet never bringing true life

It’s a faulty assumption of hope
That self-will brings what you grope

There’s a way out
Clouded by doubt

That looks like depravity
Yet holds true vitality

To walk God’s paths leaving your own
Is the only way to be full grown

To be the budding vine
Is to be enraptured with His wine

To drink from the heavenly fountain
To rise to His Holy mountain

It’s narrow and disguised
This path out of the lies

But for those who dare to walk
Enter into His sacred flock

The home of all they hold dear
A place without pain, angst or fear

Flowing streams of life abound
Watering the soul to be unbound

Now covered now garments of light
Transformed and entering endless heights

~ Rachel DiPaolo
September 7, 2011