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Letting Go and Embracing Life


Letting Go and Embracing Life

Emergence of a Divine Soul


My recent posts reveal the significance of letting go of the self-determined consciousness so that living faith may expand and strengthen.

As I progress down this path, I perceive deeper levels of letting go. And now I’m hearing the call … let go of all.

Transformative Shift

Nearing the end of this process of detachment from attachment, living faith prompts the soul to make a complete transformative shift, the ultimate letting go. It’s an inner transition in which all its being resides upon living faith in divine love. It’s a definitive exchange so that all that is within and without shifts from a platform of self-governance to one of divine governance; like a caterpillar hanging from a tree to begin metamorphosis. It’s a movement in the soul’s will from the corruption of the self-determined consciousness to the incorruption of the divine consciousness.

In this shift, the path of the soul rises out of the dark pit of the false self to a new echelon of light streaming through the divine self.

Bridging the Gap

How is a soul that is impure able to become pure? How is a soul that is corrupted through ill judgments, illusions, and lies that it believes is grounded in truth able to put on incorruption of absolute truth so that every element of the soul is pure? How is this possible in a reality of relative truth, which makes knowing truth impossible? The answer lies in the metamorphic work of the Spirit of Truth as he crafts living faith within the sacred inner chamber.

A Soul Within a Soul

Within the soul is a sacred inner chamber. It’s a pure portion of the soul because it exists before any creative expression of the soul. Because of its pre-creation purity, it’s the place where the self sits as observer, and where it communes with the Spirit of Truth. It’s where the soul connects to its Creator, though a veil resides between him and the forming soul. It’s the origin of living faith in the soul and where this faith is shaped and expanded.

When a soul engages the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit crafts a divine framework of soul through divine truth and love within this inner chamber. Constructed by the Spirit of Truth and formed in a space beyond this reality yet connected to it, this inner working is somewhat beyond the bounds of relative truth that binds the soul in this reality to illusions. Full release from this relativity comes when the veil is removed between the soul and the Creator. As the soul diligently communes, follows, and embraces the Spirit’s teaching, counsel and guidance through the blinding matrix, the received concepts are integrated into the soul to an extent that a divine soul framework is fashioned. Thus, as truths relating to divine love are sown within this place, the likeness of a divine soul emerges.

As the soul takes on the divine constructs of a divine soul, it externally experiences its false self, while internally expands its true self. Thus there are two in one; like the blueprints of a butterfly that reside within the caterpillar. Within the outer likeness of a self-determined consciousness, the Spirit of Truth builds a new likeness of soul that is pure and thus able to connect in oneness to the divine consciousness. When this divine soul structure is complete, then the soul is ready to shed the old outer likeness to reveal the divine soul underneath. (Expressed in analogies of new birth, new creation, caterpillar metamorphosis, bride entering into marriage)

Transition of the Soul

Living faith is the means by which a soul transitions from the false self to the divine self. It’s the all-significant mechanism through which the divine consciousness unites to the inner divine soul to bring it to life.

Living faith is built on a mountain of truth supplied by the Spirit of Truth. All the understanding that is derived from a daily practice of listening and heeding the Spirit of Truth creates a vast interlocking web of understanding of divine thoughts, perceptions, desires, emotions, words, timelessness, and divine judgments; all expressive centers of the soul. The multitude of revelations, lessons, transformed beliefs, and instructions over the long and winding journey creates a foundation for a divine soul. This new soul structure is sacred, pure, uncorrupted, untainted, and holy. Thus, it’s a soul the divine consciousness can connect to; for what is pure can’t connect to what is impure.

Because the transformation is into love and by the workings of divine love, the soul’s awareness, willingness, desire, and acceptance to become what the Spirit is constructing is essential, thus, the substantial purpose and necessity of letting go or repentance. It can’t be fashioned without this willing acceptance on part of the soul, as the soul is being molded into a living creation of divine love. Thus, the requisite of a living faith that enables the soul to transition.

During the formation of the spiritual blueprint of consciousness for a divine consciousness, the soul enters a rigorous journey of refinement. Through the soul’s experiences in conjunction with the Spirit’s instruction, the soul from the inner chamber learns and embraces the ways of divine love in faith; the progressive act of manifesting the substance of a belief. The soul faces each part of its corruption in light of divine love ways. As it wholeheartedly chooses the ways of divine love, they become a part of its divine soul framework. Through this journey the self-determined consciousness is weakened and no longer depended upon, thus living faith is matured so that this complete shift from one foundation to another can be made.

When the instructional period is complete, so a divine spiritual blueprint of consciousness is constructed, the soul is tested. It’s challenged through its sensational reality by its false self’s weaknesses, doubts, reflective reality, and past-future mentality; all representing its soul elements. When the soul chooses the divine self, so the constructs of the divine self supersede the ones of the false self, then there is victory. Belief in and of the divine has been established in the soul; belief is the creative mechanism of consciousness to create an experiential reality. Then the soul is able through living faith to stand solo upon this new foundation and fully let go of the old. This is a monumental stage of transformation is made possible by living faith. In this, the soul reflects its preparation for the divine consciousness.

This complete movement through faith of the soul from the old foundation to the new is the precursor to oneness. A soul fully founded on faith in divine love is pure and complete, this soul state allows the divine soul structure to be infused with the divine consciousness while simultaneously letting the old fall away; like a butterfly sloughing its cocoon.

Living faith enables the movement of a soul from a soul of corruption into a soul of divinity. It’s the transformative power transitioning the content of faith into substance. Thus, through faith is the victory in which the Spirit of God enters the soul of humankind.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “Letting Go and Embracing Life

  1. In our last correspondence about why the suffering and this one of the developing soul you mention the emerging butterfly “sloughing” it’s cocoon. When a butterfly morphs from worm to flight there is a union of two chemicals, one in the brain and one in the body which when they connect the miraculous transformation takes place, if this Union does not take place the change cannot take place….therefore when the head (Christ) connects to his body (the bride) a wonderful Union takes place to where our soul connects with her head and the love of the soul is brought to the love of the spirit and they soar into a new dimension…of oneness.

    And as far as our earthly struggles go the worm (soul) can never soar with the spirit if if does “not ” struggle to it’s awaiting loftiness. If you (meaning well) cut the cocoon to “help” the butterfly from it’s struggle it would never soar because the membrane in it’s wings need the struggle to cause the “blood” ( life is in the blood) to flow into it’s wings to be able to fly. Our struggle is our soul being born again, so the struggle (trials tribulations and testing) is as necessary for the worm to become “unearthed” to become more than she was before.

    There is not anything that God created in the temporary natural realm on this earth that does not explain reality…or the spirit realm from where we’re from and where we are returning to. It ceases to amaze me to see the love of God in “all” things. There is simply no loss in love.

    • Sonny,

      Thanks so much for sharing this .. I didn’t know this about the two chemicals – the depth of these analogies amaze me as well, then again creation was created for our spiritual instruction. 🙂 And I’ve often thought about the importance of the struggling butterfly in relation to our own metamorphosis. Or the struggle before a child is born. Out of the earth, out of the womb, out of the false self and into the divine self. In time, we learn to be grateful for our struggles. We embrace them, by learning from them, as part of our forward movement into what the Spirit of Truth is fashioning within us – a divine soul.

  2. Rachel, I have been reading your passages for about 6 months now. Thank you so very much for allowing God to use you as a vessel to teach people like me . I love reading your emails . This email I read today is exactly where I am at presently . You are a blessing to me and my family and look forward to continue reading from stirring the deep . Please pray for me that I can let go and surrender all to God so that I can be a useable vessel like you . 💗

    • Hi Mary, Thank you for your words, it blesses me greatly to know that the instruction I receive from the Spirit encourages and helps others. And you already are being used as I am a recipient of it this day. I have many weaknesses, but as I continue on this journey into divine love the desire to love according to this love grows inside and I sense that is more powerful than any weakness. Desiring to give divine love is a path that perfects all that concerns us. And in tis love we can rest and trust knowing everything is being used for our good and the good for all. It covers everything, which one day we shall see the perfection of.

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