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It’s not so much that times heals, but as an all-powerful creator within the Creator of Absolute Truth we possess the power to heal all that was created in time.

How our mind perceives time determines its creative liberty to alter the energetic field, which reality reflects. The shift in perception from linear time to spherical enables the mind to make all things new by manifesting divine potentials into the created realm.

The outer reality is a reflection of each one’s relative truth. The moment we turn away from these outer appearances as our source of truth and instead look into the Living Light of Absolute Truth, our spiritual awakening begins. Wherever we are in time and space, Truth’s Divine Will begins to govern every aspect of our inner and outer worlds to lead us ever deeper into the understanding of Truth. This understanding is the Light that awakens us out of a dream of illusions and into the experience of our individualized, perfected state.

Understanding is light. When our understanding is according to relative truth, it produces a false light, because we think we see correctly when we don’t. When our understanding grows out of Absolute Truth’s divine revelation, we see rightly. Our understanding, whether based on relative or Absolute truth, defines our thought-system and our thought-system shapes our beliefs. Whatever the mind believes is true, the mind’s eye “observes” and what it observes, it projects into an energetic field that encompasses the mind’s reality. Our cumulative understanding forms an energetic blueprint that defines the manner by which our reality is architected, like that which is painted upon a multi-dimensional spherical canvas, so that reality continually mirrors our understanding.

When our mind functions according to relative truth’s thought-system of opposites, our energetic blueprint is bound in discordant patterns because of the opposing forces at work within this system. Because this thought-system’s paradigm of linear time carries the past into the future, the discordant energetic formations created in the past are presently held in our energetic field and continually produce disharmonious experiences. Each moment becomes another layer of disharmonious energy. This continual layering of discordant energy creates degradation, thus a reality of corruption and decay. For example, bodily cells, which hold the potential to constantly renew themselves, are blocked from rejuvenation because the mind continually carries past discordant energy into the future.

As our mind shifts to spherical time, which is one of the seven sacred truths of the living thought-system, our mind no longer carries the past into the future. Instead it rests in the present moment through divine emergence, by which the next moment is born according to our increasing understanding of Truth. The understanding that grows out of Absolute Truth creates Living Light which produces a harmonizing and healing vibration within our energetic field. Because of the ever-present and timeless nature of Absolute Truth, it isn’t bound by time and space. It’s healing/harmonizing energetic rays touch all moments, events, and experiences perceived as past, present and future at once. As a result, energetic structures once bound in destructive patterns begin to return to divine harmony and remain in harmony. Instead of energy being constantly degraded by duality, it expands in beautiful formations leading to reflections of eternal growth.

By our growing understanding of Truth, Living Light’s radiance begins to alter our energetic blueprint. The energy formations once held in tact by the thought-system of opposites begin to break apart, freeing energy to take on new formations. The shift in perception of time, in conjunction with the understanding of the other sacred truths, allow everything born in time to heal and become new. Healing from the realm of Absolute Truth is absolute. As a result, we enter a regenerative process that reveals our true reflection of timeless perfection.

“Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.” ~ Revelation 21:5

Brethren, do not be children in understanding; however, in malice be babes, but in understanding be mature. ~ 1 Corinthians 14:20

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

17 thoughts on “Healing Time

  1. Greetings Rachel… A very blessed Passover to You and family in this Month of BIG Birthday Blessings…All Birthdays are for ALL souls.. A ‘time/day’ to give back.. or be in service for another ., A gifting from Our Creator Yeshua —who left us His greatest gift Our freewill choice to choose in obedience His time fully evolving in His perfect gift though the following of Heavenly Divine perfect TIME in the eternal Rest on the true Sabbath.

    Nothing will flow in true accord in line with the Divine Plan unless our time is not commencing the New week of seven with full engagement and delight of the instruction ref Is 58 12.14 This is the crucial instruction – oxygen to the soul of which was also obeyed by Our Saviour Yeshua.

    Time in these “ end of days “ is on loan!
    What is time when in the “ twinkling-of-eye” As quick as a Rainbow 🌈 Yahweh God masterpiece and duly signed with NO human interference. A moment of pure truth to remind all humanity of who is in charge of all time and ‘ eternity ‘.

    Time to get in the correct Divine Time… because again there is no time without Our Perfect time keeper.


  2. the Opposing forces to Healing is Judgement..
    when we judge, we are RIPPING APART(living in death), but when we are giving, we are forming life(within the elements).

    there is a TRICK to HEALING that most of us overlook.

    the trick is that when you are healing, you are actually living in judgement. meaning you cannot reach healing by healing.

    in order for all of us to truly HEAL, we have to consider being HEALED…
    there is a difference between HEALING AND HEALED in every moment.
    if you have convinced yourself that you are healing as an example, then you will never REACH THE HEALED aspect of self(we are always creating).
    if you see pain, but KNOW YOU ARE HEALED, then you can watch the SPIRIT in action as you do not need to be healed, because YOU ARE ALREADY HEALED(that is how you heal).

    again, through the ETERNAL HEART(which is the true HOLY SPIRIT)(aka HOLY BIBLE), everything is always in motion(electromagnetic).
    and as we tend to hurt ourselves and bring cripplings due to overreach, the spirit has got our back. that means you will eather DIE from trying, or achieve the g reatest aspect of what you can do in NATURAL FORM.

    Pay attention to the LAWs IN MOTION.

    • Powerful! There is only truth – and it is only our acceptance of a lie that causes the appearance of lies.

    • I’m grateful you expounded upon this insight of Truth .. I’ve see this as well. If we believe we need healing, such that we believe we are ill, then we believe in opposites and will always manifest opposites, thus will always need healing. But if we accept the Absolute Truth that we are perfection’s expression … then our mind will manifest this belief. Whatever we believe our mind manifests. It comes back to understanding the Truth that our mind can express it. Our journey is about coming to know the Truth. So we see that true healing is knowing we don’t need healing because anything less than Truth’s expressed perfection is an illusion. We only need to wake up to what we already are – Truth’s ever-expanding and living expression of its inherent perfection.

  3. “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Is not this saying what you guys are saying? We think in terms of where we are and who we are. Understanding God’s reality puts us to thinking correctly as to who we are.

    • Good thoughts …

      “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”

      When we see and experience suffering, pain, fear or any disharmony, we recognize we aren’t thinking according to divine, Absolute Truth, thus our understanding needs maturing. Through divine revelation from Truth’s Living Voice (Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit), we gain understanding of Absolute Truth. This understanding begins to re-program our thinking so that we think according to Truth’s perfection and singularity and no longer duality, which is a HUGE shift for the mind to undergo. As our understanding continues to mature, our outer reflections begin to mirror our new understanding, and with each unfolding present moment, layer by layer, all things are created new.

      Because we are one and of one shared mind, so that each one of us is an individualized point of awareness within the collective consciousness, when one begins to mature in the understanding of Truth so that their inner eye no longer observes duality (darkness) but the perfection of Truth (Light), it affects the whole. It’s like turning a light on in a darkened house so that those in the house are able to see it. As within, so without.

      Matthew 5:15 “Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.”

      I’m grateful for the rich understandings being shared here, for we are witnessing the lighting our lamps. Beautiful.

  4. The narrow reply box as it is now, is only showing half of the words as you type them. You may want to return it to its original size.

  5. a lot of times, when we speak of MIND, we are actually refering to the HEART. the mind pulls from the heart, and manifest the HEART ENERGY into experience into the world of flesh.

    when we speak of mind, we tend to still think in the terms of individuals when the true mind of god(actually true HEART OF GOD), comes through ALL OF MANKIND AS ONE BODY(from heart).

    what that means is that if you live in absolute goodness, but the world around u is living in seperation, then you cannot be one with god, as the HOUSE TURNS AGAINST ITSELF.. the HOUSE refers to the TELEPHATHY of ALL OF MANKIND(no one left out).

    there is a POLARITY(yin/yan aka light) of all of us combined in which is the SOURCE OF GOD(through the eternal). the eternal is the HOLY SPIRIT(holy bible). and the names are the LAWS(souls in which we share through the elemental force aka world of flesh).

    to grow in size is the see our HEART IN ALL THINGs, and our MIND adjusts to the greater size(which is true heart).

    now, as the world may turn against itself(house turning against itself), that tells us someething about us as individuals, as even the parts you cannot see within yourself still play out through the world.

    a preacher as an example, beleves that he/she is all god, and has no bad, and has no judgement. but these same people reject other religions except their own. they create satan/devil in everything that doesnt think as they do. THEY = WE. as WE are THEY(love thy neibor as thyself)..

    the word THY is same as THEE.
    thy and thee means I AM IN ALL THINGS(see through the EYES of everyone ).

  6. oh ya, and when i speak, i speak from the point of view of our programming. being the programmer(but one programmer consisting of many fleshly parts

  7. arc of the covenant

  8. Will is the mind’s creative power to manifest an experience it desires, but does not yet materially exist. Since we also learned that will is the nonmaterial presence of Life, it means the mind recognizes it has life by the presence of its will power. However, unless the mind possesses living light’s understanding, it is unable to recognize that the will is not its own, but is rather the Will of Life that flows through it.

    The mind, of itself, has no will, but because it senses a will it therefore believes it possesses its power and can use it freely. Thus, in darkness the mind freely experiences Life’s power as its own will to freely create whatever it desires. The mind’s misappropriation of Life, in the so-called use of free will, is the cause of every form of suffering experienced by the mind.

    The concept of free will is an illusion, which arises from the individualized mind’s false belief that it also possesses an individualized will. This is not true. Individualization does not mean separation, but rather a unique expression of Life’s wholeness. Life flows through the mind, so to speak, giving expression to an individualized reflection which the mind recognizes as Self. When the mind is asleep, in what we have called the seed state and its Tree of Life has not yet grown to produce the fruit of Living Light, it is unable to “see” the oneness of Life’s creative power which it senses flowing through it. Instead it believes the Life it possesses is its own, and separate from every other expression of Life it seemingly recognizes as separate from its Self.

    The essence of Life is creative power. Prior to understanding, the mind usurps this power in the false belief that it can freely choose that which it desires to experience in Life. A mind that believes it possesses free will remains a seed because its mind is contrary to the singular will of Life, preventing the growth of its perfect Self expression. Therefore the mind sleeps, so to speak, dreaming of the Self it freely chooses, until the moment comes when it wakes from the dream of free will. Upon awakening to the oneness of Life’s perfect will, the mind’s Tree of Life begins its eternal growth, creating a perfect, ever-expanding Self reflection.

    • Your clarification of will really helped me to see much more clearly what I’ve been seeing regarding will. I’m so grateful for your words and the light of understanding they carry into my own ever-deepening understanding of who we are and how we create.

    • In order for your mind to more easily receive the understanding of Life’s perfect will, imagine the infinite white space of Life’s perfection as an infinitely long vine, which as yet possesses no branches. Consider that Life flows as a vine, yet because there are no branches, Life has no individualized expression. Imagine the vine as Life’s preexistent expression, the foreknowledge of all the vine shall ever be, even the Will to express its Self perfectly, so that Life may experience the joy of its being.

      Thus we see that Life’s will is the preexistent understanding of all that defines the meaning of perfect self experience. The branchless vine serves as a mental picture of Life’s infinite white space, containing every potential the vine shall ever express by the perfect working of its will. Now look closely, Life’s perfect will is therefore the source of truth because a perfect expression can only be a singular selection out of an infinite array of potential expressions. Every potential Life’s will does not select would be considered imperfect because their expression would never exist, and therefore does not preexist. If only that which Life’s will selects can exist as the vine, then Life’s perfect will can be understood as the source of the vine’s Truth.

      Therefore, this vine of Life is the foreknowledge of all the vine shall ever express because only a single perfect potential exists to be expressed in any given moment. However, the vine, being the infinite white space of Life, can not experience the perfection of its Self until these perfect potentials are individually expressed. This means that Life must become a finite expression, while yet remaining infinite, which it accomplishes through the creation of individualized branches.

    • The infinite, timeless, all-knowing nature of Life becomes finite through the processes of “individualization”. As this critical understanding begins to grow in your thought-system, it will illuminate the nature of your true Self, revealing your oneness with Life and the source of your creative power, by which you will help to usher in the kingdom of Life.

      Yet before we can discuss individualization, we must revisit the concept of Life’s oneness, from which individualization grows. Staying with our analogy of the branchless vine, we can imagine it as the essence of Life, containing every potential that the vine shall ever express according to its will. Life is therefore without material expression because it is the totality of the vine’s expression all at once, just as the whiteness of light is the preexistent expression of every color.

      Although Life is without material expression, it does possess nonmaterial existence in the working of its will, by which it determines which potentials, from an infinite selection, shall be expressed as its finite Self in any given moment. We can therefore imagine the vine’s Life as the governance of all the vine shall ever express as its Self. Before any Self expression exists, Life has predetermined what the vine’s Self expression shall be, knowing in our example, what type of leaf it shall create, the fruit it will bear, even the manner by which every detail shall appear as its expressed Self.

      Before the Self’s material expression it preexists in the Life of the vine, just as a fully imagined painting appears in the mind of the artist before a single brushstroke has been applied. Now look closely, what preexists in Life already is, simply awaiting its expression. Therefore, that which Life expresses can only ever be a reflection of that which already is. Life’s preexistent expression is the better understanding of perfection and the reason why the vine’s expressed Self can be nothing other than a reflection of this perfection.

      In Life, perfection is all there is, and the Self is a finite reflection of its preexistent perfection in any given moment. In this understanding we begin to see our first glimpses of the true meaning of oneness because what is expressed is always one with Life’s perfection, just as any given movie frame is always one with that which the camera has filmed.

      Thus far in our analogy we see that the vine symbolizes Life as the nonmaterial creator of its material, or expressed perfection. Life can be imagined as the vine’s preexistent understanding of all it shall ever express as Self. We can rightfully say that the vine is the source of its expressed perfection because it predetermines its Self, which is a finite reflection of the preexistent understanding that Life knows its Self to be. The vine’s Self expression is therefore always one with Life’s preexistent understanding of Self, and this continual oneness is the better understanding of perfect will.

  9. you got it, and by knowing TRUTH(in which you spring into action), You then UNDERSTAND what we all mean when we say “WE NEVER DIE”

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