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As we awaken as a conscious creator, we go through a conscious declutter of all the dead thoughts we accumulated as we slept, and reclaim our beautiful soul garden crafted by living divine thoughts.

As we slept we attributed many false attributes (opposite to our divine attributes), to ourselves and others. Our mind became like a garden overgrown with weeds. These attributes resulted from our faulty mental judgments in which we mistook our steps of growth as an embryonic soul for corrupted characteristics about ourself. Instead of discerning our stumbles as part of learning to become who we are, we made harsh judgments and assigned attributes to ourself that weren’t reflective of Truth. The acceptance of these attributes led to an endless stream of demeaning thoughts which shaped a degraded reality. They hung upon us like dirty and tattered garments hiding the beauty of perfection of our true Self.

As we awaken, our ability to discern thoughts of Truth versus thoughts of error grows more acute as the Light of our true Self grows brighter. This discernment from the shining Light of Christ (spirit of our true Self) takes us into a transformative stage in which our mind is decluttered, thus our reality, from these false attributes.

False attributes multiply through our thoughts when we accept them as true, put our faith in them and give our imagination to them. Therefore we remove them by taking these creative elements away from them and giving these creative faculties to the Truth. During this metamorphic stage, every situation, expectation, emotional response and thought that conveys a faulty attribute presents an opportunity to consciously replace a false attribute with a divine attribute. Because nothing is done outside our will, our will is actively engaged as our mind goes through this transition. For example, if we feel weakness or littleness, then we consciously replace it with the Truth that we are invincible and we are seeds of greatness.

Initially, the amount of clutter can be overwhelming. However, many erroneous thoughts come from a singular false attribute. For example, thoughts of being harmed, causing harm, fear, attack, weakness, blame, and anger all stem from the accepted attribute of vulnerability. By exchanging vulnerability for invincibility, the many snowballing thoughts disappear. We are the creators, not the created. There is nothing outside of us we are subject to, because everything outside of us is our creation.

By consistently embracing the powerful creative mental states of the Prayer of I Am, resting in emergence and giving gratitude for the Truth, all is accomplished. We are not alone during this metamorphic stage. The Light of our true Self (Christ Spirit) grows within us in accordance to our expanding awareness of Truth. It enlightens our vision to see past the filthy garments to our true Self. These garments can not cling to us because they are revealed for what they are, an illusion. There is nothing outside of us greater than this life-giving Spirit within us, therefore, this Spirit has victory over every illusion we see.

During this phase, we release expectations based on the past, because only Truth is. We release all false attributes we mistakenly attributed to ourselves and to others. We continually acknowledge our true Self as our only Self, one made in the likeness, beauty, holiness, and glory of God.

Throughout this process, we can be grateful we have been saved from the self we thought we made to take the place of our true Self. We can be grateful we are not alone, and the One within us will accomplish everything through us. We can be grateful that as expressions of Truth, our true nature is as incorruptible as Truth. Through this process, we reclaim our beautiful garden of divine attributes given and shared for the joy of all.

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” ~ John 16:33

“For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. ” ~ 1 John 5:4


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Weeding the Garden

  1. We are living a dream of “What If?”

    Most of man’s problem during this journey of our dream is seeing others as good and evil, either-or. This duality of seeing things in a false narrative produces unrighteous judgement for others in the wholeness and light of the oneness of our Father. The understanding that some will be saved and some will be lost, tormented and suffering is the most damaging belief to the peace of this world. The carnal mind in man is a judgmental mind, looking for sin and the fault in man instead of looking for what is good and the plan of God as good and only good.

    Because of this false belief people are too busy judging, condemning, and being critical of others because of this false narrative in that we think we must see and judge sin and categorize people into these two camps of being saved and unsaved, good and evil. Sin is not who we are, it is not part of our eternal being. Sin is an anomaly, it is a tag along accuser of all that is of the righteousness of God. This sin will die the death of death with all other vanity. Sin is a fallen nature that was given to man to enter into a journey of “what if” it were left up to man to create a world outside of the will of God? To understand this purpose of this fall we are but to look around us and see the results of man trying every conceivable form of government, religion, business and life style with no rules except of self rule.


    When our eyes are opened to the oneness of God and we are given the realization that “all” will come to the likeness and character of God, each in our own order, we will then be given the means to look beyond a person’s faults to see their needs. We will no longer condemn nor look for the faults in others, faults that will prevent them from growing to their full potential. We will instead have an understanding that they with us are on the very same path to the very “same” kingdom. When we awake we will see the goodness of God’s purpose in both good and evil. There will only be one way to look at things when once enlightened…and that is with a single eye of only seeing good. Evil is simply for the purpose of teaching what good is.

    We will see the plan of redemption and the hand that guides it, is from a Father of paramount grace and one unconditional love for all alike. When our enlightened eyes are opened, we will see the journey through this life with only a oneness of purpose. To awake from this illusionary dream of doom and gloom as some see it, we must come to the understanding that the “doom and gloom” part of the dream is just part of the “what if,” that we are created to experience to “understand” the difference between self and selflessness. If things went on and they were left as we see them as they are in the world around us today, man would certainly destroy themselves. It is but for God setting the borders and boundaries of just how far man can go, are we restrained from total destruction. His is not a diabolical plan as many want to say, it is only a dream to show us “what if.” On quiet the contrary, it is a benevolent plan of unconditional love to show us if we operate within His plan of oneness, we will enjoy the very best of what life God created fo give us. We will suffer from our vanities until we learn obedience through these very same things in which we suffer.

    The carnal mind is a created temporary mind of self with all the works of the flesh; selfishness, greed and a lust for self power. It is a mind that does not consider others without seeing what’s in it for itself. God had to provide an example of “what if” we were left to making our own rules without the consideration of doing well by others. Freedom’s which intrude on the space of others are not freedoms for as soon as the intrusion is made we are no longer free. When people learn to live within their established borders both physically and spiritually with their fellow man there is peace but without respect for your neighbor’s space there is little peace and happiness.

    This plan of redemption is a good plan…of good and evil. We are sold into it only to be redeemed back from it. We are being “re” deemed to where we were sold from. We were sold…for a time…into a slavery to the carnal mind…only to be “repurchased” from it. Lesson learned. It is a great play written by the greatest playwright, God Himself through the instrumentality of His firstborn son. It is a non fiction -fiction, it is reality mixed with a dream state of only “what if.” It is written…and destined for each of us to come forth in our appointed time to learn the “what if” we didn’t remain in the oneness of God’s plan enjoying the company of all others in this vast universe. We are here to be instructed, taught and tutored to do unto others as we would have them to do unto us. And when this lesson is fully learned, we will have learned the purpose of living in this world of the dream of “what if” in order to live in the love and freedoms of “what is.” It will be a time of great joy seeing that evil was and is just a temporary figment of our dream and imagination with no lasting consequences in reality. All of this journey we are experiencing on and “in” this earth has only a good and loving outcome. To get to this likeness and character of God we had and have to be shown what life would be like in a life of “what if.” It is all good.

    • This dream of opposites of Truth does teach us many things through the contrasts it presents. We learn why we are created to be totally one with God (Truth) and why there is only One Divine Will. One united will is the only way for divine harmony to exist.

  2. Hey Rachel, no doubt you and I have the same connection to the Lord. When a person truly has come to accept the Lord, they are compelled to speak of Him. – To speak of things we have studied in scripture and were enlightened by the Holy Spirit, to noncommittal people, is the same as talking politics or religion. To which such people, have yet to know they are in worship of other people’s opinion, which is to worship the teacher, to which is worshipping the great deceiver. – When a person worships anything other than Almighty God through Jesus’ name, they cannot receive the Holy Spirit. Therefore they cannot receive truth. It is simple but, very sad.

    • I’m learning that our spiritual development isn’t in our hands, but in our Creators. It feels like it is our doing because we are a developing consciousness so that we are witnessing every aspect of our becoming a consciousness who is one with the Mind of God. As we increase in awareness, our thoughts, choices, words and actions change. Our choices are intimately tied to our level of awareness and our level of awareness is intimately tied to our spiritual development. God didn’t leave the formation of his beloved united Self (Son), of which we are all, in our hands when we don’t even realize fully who we are as a child of God. His Spirit is governing every aspect just as an embryo’s growth in the womb isn’t depended upon their level of conscious awareness but upon a much higher and deeper intelligence. And the best part is the embryo can only be and become what it truly is.

      • ❤️❤️❤️

      • Yes Rachel, I prayed for near five years that God would identify His two witnesses. Because, I knew what I was hearing in man-church was only opinion. When the Spirit revealed the truth to me, I said, “Lord, this is so simple, why did I not see it long ago?” Some time had past when (through scripture study) the Spirit revealed that there was many other things I had to know before I was able to comprehend God’s two witnesses.

  3. Emergence is the recognition of perfection and divine harmony. It is the conscious acknowledgement that no threat exists and absolutely no harm can come to you. It is accepting the idea that the present moment you experience is continually created (projected) through you, in oneness with the supreme mind of God.

    Where then is the cause for fear? What is it that could cause you harm when the very source of divine love goes before you to create all that serves to maintain you peace and perfect joy?

    Yet, if you consciously CHOOSE to look outwardly for truth, into the world you “see” with your physical eyes and “hear” with your physical ears, you will be fearful. For in this choice to accept truth from your outer world, you have also chosen, without realizing it, to believe anything can happen to you at any time. This belief is the source of every fear and the subsequent reason for the belief you can be harmed. And what you consciously CHOOSE to believe, whether it is of Truth or not, will be created in your reality. Saying this simply: if you believe you can be harmed, you will be. And in this we see the source of all suffering and defense-based attack.

    Choose instead to look within for truth as conveyed to you by the Spirit of Truth and you will discover the quiet assurance of perpetual peace and ever-expanding joy. And if you repent fully, which is to turn away from all the outer world would tell you about fear and inevitable harm, you will be led into the Holy of Holies within your mental awareness and recognize your limitless ability to create and experience whatsoever you desire through emergence. And always does this lead to your ever-increasing joy, created in the perfect good for ALL.

    Emergence is the conscious understanding of the words “Be still and KNOW I AM God”. It is the recognition that the outer world of “forms and shapes” is not created through the physical striving of work and effort, but projected into outer existence by the energetic nature of your thought and solidified into experience. The world and all its circumstances do not happen to you, instead you create them by the projection of thought shining through the lens of your beliefs. Your outer world is the reflection of what you inwardly believe to be true.

    Repent therefore, and turn way from your outer world as the source of Truth. Turn inward, to the Spirit of Truth and accept only that which you hear and see within as Truth. Believe what the Spirit tells you about Divine Love. Let your thoughts shine through the lens shaped in the knowledge that DIVINE LOVE NEVER FAILS and you will create experiences that reflect God’s divine harmony and perfect peace back to you.

    Pray for understanding of your perfection and limitless nature.

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