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Season of Miracles


As an unconscious creator our imagination is overgrown with fearful images and worry creating a reality of suffering and lack. As we awaken, our imagination is given to Truth and a reality of miracles emerges.

As we awaken, we recognize we are a creator within the Creator. As a conscious creator, we create in absolute oneness with God, and our ability to manifest a reality of our utmost desires becomes possible. It’s a reality that reflects divine attributes in every aspect of creation: every creature, relationship, situation, and experience. It’s a reality where whatever we desire is possible.

In this awakened state, our desire and imagination are one with the divine Mind of God. The divine Mind creates through our imagination to manifest our desires in ways that create ever-increasing joy for all. Every perceived limitation that was created by the unconscious mind is overcome and we manifest a landscape of miracles.

To manifest miracles, we hold the final result or state we desire (miracle) in our imagination. It’s a moment or event that reflects the divine attributes for all within the details of the physical forms. With our imagination, we emotionally experience the desired moment, we think from it (not of it) as if it already existed, and let it envelop our being as we imaginatively reside in that present moment. As we continually hold this vision in our mind’s eye despite all outward perceived limitations, it becomes more lucid until it feels as if it already exists. At this moment we’ve birthed this divine potential into being within our consciousness. Now, it’s only a matter of going through the intermittent steps to its physical fulfillment, which is accomplished by resting in divine emergence (God’s expressed love through divinely orchestrated present moments creating divine harmony).

Resting in divine emergence enables our desired end to unfolded for the highest good of all, only something we can do in oneness through the Supra-consciousness, which is our oneness with God. In emergence, we consciously settle into the all-knowing and all-loving Supra-conscious, which orchestrates every subsequent present moment between our desires and their fulfillment, such that creation experiences what blesses it most. We aren’t concerned with how this final end unfolds, because its emergence occurs in an awareness far beyond our own.

Therefore, we don’t force, resist, complain, try to hasten or effort in any present moment that appears along the path to our desired end. In these conflicting states, we aren’t trusting the Supra-conscious, and we engage a mindset of separation and therefore create separation from our desire’s fulfillment. As we rest as an open gate and trust the supreme Wisdom, we quicken our desire’s fulfillment and manifest our vision without effort. Our desires manifest in unexpected and surprisingly beautiful ways that are best for all. We become a miracle maker.

Through our imagination, which has no boundaries, we overcome all perceived outward limitations. As long as we persist in holding onto our vision, all perceived limits are overcome, and our desires manifest. It’s only when we give up on our end vision because of perceived limitations will it not manifest. In giving up, we send the message to our mind that we no longer desire it and our reality reflects this choice. We must unwaveringly hold our desired end in our imagination, regardless of what we outwardly perceive.

When refuse to let go of our end vision within our limitless imagination, (refuse to doubt), we push through all perceived obstacles. We discover we are limitless, and perceived limits are only illusions of our mind. Miracles fill the landscape of our reality creating what once seemed impossible.

But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord ~ James 1:6-7

But Jesus looked at them and said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible. ~ Matthew 10:27 

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

7 thoughts on “Season of Miracles

  1. Words of kindness for sure. When we concentrate on those things from “above” those things from below are consumed by them.

    James 3:13-17 Who is wise and intelligent among you? let him shew out of the good behaviour his works in meekness of wisdom, and if bitter zeal ye have, and rivalry in your heart, glory not, nor lie against the truth; this wisdom is not descending from above, but earthly, physical, demon-like, for where zeal and rivalry are , there is insurrection and every evil matter; and the wisdom from above, first, indeed, is pure, then peaceable, gentle, easily entreated, full of kindness and good fruits, uncontentious, and unhypocritical: — and the fruit of the righteousness in peace is sown to those making peace.

  2. Hey Rachel, compared to this topic, how would you rate the story of Simon in Acts 8:9-24

    • As this came to your mind … I would be interested to see what the Spirit was desiring to show you …

      Here are some thoughts that came to mind ….

      Our mind and its creative facilitates, like imagination, are used to create our reality.

      Anything that is created that seems to “override” the sense realm can be seen as a “miracle”, because for most the sense realm is their source of truth, they are bound by what their senses tell them and therefore this overriding seems miraculous. Our imagination is very powerful … but because of perceived limitations outside of themselves people greatly limit themselves in how they use this creative power. But just because we override the sense realm, doesn’t mean we are in Truth.

      On a deeper creative level, when we believe we are separate from God and don’t know our true Self, we assign false attributes to ourself, then that is what reality reflects. Reality reflects the concept of our self. In this, we assign to our shared name with all, “I Am”, attributes that aren’t of Truth and create a world of disharmony and suffering. However when we know our true Self as one who possesses the attributes of Christ and therefore assign the Truth to our “I Am” name, then creation reflects God’s likeness. This is the concept of “baptism” – we are assigning attributes of Truth (Reflected in Christ) to our name and no longer false attributes. If we truly did this, then we would reflect a new creation.

      Either way if we seemingly override the perceived limitations of the sense realm it seems to be a miracle, but the state of consciousness the mind holds whether of Truth or lies depends upon if those miracles are for the highest good of all. Only when we create in oneness with Truth, thus assigning only divine attributes to ourselves thus to all, are the miracles for the highest good for all, and this is what we should seek.

      • I see your point. -My thinking is, I want to help people past deception and on to truth, for I was once in the same place (as the Lord said, “ALL wonder after the beast and worship his image”). – A person has to be very careful in their own imagination because, this is one of the main tools used by the great deceiver. -Jesus said, “How can you know things of heaven when you don’t know things of earth”. The common denominator is, Jesus said, when in heaven, He kept His ears open to what God said and His eyes open to whatever God did. There were even angels in heaven that did not follow what Jesus done! -God’s grace to us is the fact that He gave us a book explaining Himself and Jesus came to us to demonstrate God’s truth.

  3. As we learn Truth from the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, who teaches us all things, and don’t look simply to our outer reality (including the Bible, which without the instruction of the Spirit is greatly misunderstood like anything), we learn that self-deception through our vain imaginings about who we are, who God is, who others are creates our greatest blindness. Only by learning from the Spirit of Truth, who is with each one of us and can use all things to reveal the Truth to us if we are willing, can expand that internal Light within each one of us so that all is illuminated in Truth.

    Thus encouraging others to quiet their minds and tune into the Spirit is fundamental to being able to discern the Truth from a lie. For each one, it is their choice whether to engage the Spirit or rely on something outside of themselves.

    • Yes, I see what you are saying and whole-heartily agree. Please keep it coming.
      Common sense tells us, even in what is called “Bible”, is much DECEPTION. -All one has to do is look at how many “Versions” there are. Did God really have His word written that many times? OR, is it because of the “Scribe’s false pen” -&- (in New Testament) “those that tamper with God’s word”?
      -Jesus said when the Holy Spirit comes to a person, “He will bring into our remembrance all that He has said” … NOT what some, perceived to be smart person, has said! If a person gets their understanding from “Satan’s versions” the Holy Spirit will not be teaching them but, imagination/spirit of Satan.
      -SO, HOW Do We Know The Difference? -Even Satan’s versions say, “Where two or more are gathered together in My name (Jesus) I will be there also”. ONLY twice in history has this happened, concerning scripture! King James of England put many scholars in a room and told them to not come out until they could all agree on accuracy of the scripture.
      -If we are a true “Workman unto God” then we know, all, the scholars had to go by, was what had been printed by many “Scribe’s false pen”. However, it suited God’s purpose for a time.
      -God knew He was going to prune the USA from the cultivated-stump by 1948 and graft the Jew back as His, Again, chosen people. Therefore, in 1947 (that there be no discrediting) God had an Arab-shepherded-boy discover His placed scrolls from eighteen-hundred years before. Again, scholars from around the world came together to produce the most accurate scripture of today. For the most part, the Jew does not accept it, nor, the New Testament, prophesied by “Malachi 3:16. AND since 1952, there has again been a multitude of Satan’s disciples to “Tamper with God’s word”.
      Your last statement “hit the nail on the head”. The majority of people that call themselves “Christen” are in actual worship of some one preaching from “Satan bibles”, while saying they have been called of God to give His truth. “Many will knock but few will enter”!

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