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Everywhere and yet Nowhere


Everywhere and yet Nowhere


Truth is everywhere and yet nowhere at the same time. For one person it is and for another it isn’t. The truth is always there, but we don’t always perceive it, for it’s perceived by a soul who is in a condition to perceive it. If we don’t recognize it, it isn’t real to us, thus truth to us. We understand this quality of truth in many dynamics of life, one being as we mature in our souls we learn that there are lifestyles and ways of being that create peace, joy and happiness and ways that don’t. Truth, once known to a soul, is wisdom.

This absolute/eternal truth is created out of divine love, therefore love is also everywhere and yet nowhere at the same time. Like truth, we can lack to perceive it, yet is it always there. Divine love is the expression of absolute truth. While, natural love resides within relative truth.

The heavenly Father loves us with a very deep divine love that has always existed for us, for this is the nature of love. Yet, love waits for the recipient to desire it; it never forces itself upon another, for force is counter to the nature of love. In love is how the heavenly Father manifests himself in our lives. He doesn’t manifest in any other way than love, for this is of his very essence among other attributes, which all together are the expression of love. In this love of divinity is the only “place” we can “find” him, because it’s the only way we accurately perceive him as he is. This is why knowing him is an individual process and experience, for to know his love within us is something only we can perceive for ourselves within ourselves.

When we begin to believe or have faith in this truth of divine love, then it becomes real in our lives. Faith is the carrier of this love into our lives until it becomes who we are. As we start to act and live according to this divine love, we also develop a growing awareness of truth/wisdom. In this, all fear is dissolved because the reception of his never-ending loving-kindness replaces our fears. Divine love is constant, never changing, and never failing. The only thing that changes is our perception of its reality that is determined by the faith we have or lack in it. But once we know it, it just is and it is at this point that our souls experience a deep soul-rest because of the bounty of divine love that they abide in.

Divine love enters this creation through the soul by joining to the soul through a harmonious connection. So, only when we have our souls developed, which occurs by this divine love, can we perceive this love with our soul, thus be united to it.

This love of divinity has substance. It’s a substance that can fill our soul and when it does it creates a different soul reflection and inward and outward reality than a soul without it. Like light, it manifests as an energy, vibration, and frequency in our soul, and from there it flows into our lives. When our souls are in a condition to receive and maintain this higher frequency (by lifestyle choices, thoughts, words, actions, behaviors, habits), then our soul is able to find an oneness with this love, thus with our heavenly Father. All that is in our life becomes assimilated to this higher frequency so that this divine love can find a connection and become a part of our soul, thus our reality. As we seek to perceive this love of divinity, we move to a higher frequency or vibration of life because we are moving in harmony with all that makes up eternal life.

The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the activities we engage in, the soil under our feet, the thoughts we think, the words we say, the jobs we perform, the actions we take, the behaviors we engage in, the relationships we have, the things we watch, all that we listen to, everything at its subatomic level is energy. The vibration of these entities affects our energy make-up; it’s basic quantum mechanics. When the condition of our soul, influenced by everything in our lives inward and outward, finds alignment to divine love, then we find an oneness with the heavenly Father.

Our journey in this realm is learning to perceive divine love, the real, amongst the lies, the unreal. For lies make the truth a lie. We move into a unity with this love by the exercise of our free will in choosing to come into harmony with it and it’s workings, for love is always a choice. By our growing awareness, our heavenly Father becomes closer than our breath for the subatomic energy that shapes our existence from the soul outward is his divine love.

Because this love enters our lives at a subatomic level, it shapes the very essence of our being; from our soul, to our spirit body that houses our soul, to our physical body that houses our spirit body. Energy is the creative force of all matter. When the energy compiling our lives is divine love then everything in our lives flows out of this love, and manifests this love. When the energy shaping our lives lacks love (fear), then that is what our lives reflect. Our lives are a reflection of the energy that is creating them at a quantum level.

Divine love has always been there for each one of us, but often unknown because of the flawed perceptions of the heavenly Father, the progenitor of divine love to us. These faulty perceptions keep it hidden from our awareness. But once we start to desire it with a true longing deep within our soul, the light starts to shine upon this amazing love that is the answer and fulfillment to all we seek. In the light of love’s glow, all lies are dissolved, thus we transform from a soul fashioned in fear to one in love. This exchange is the most freeing transformation we can undergo.

May we by faith let divine love become the foundation of our lives until it is all that is real to us.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

4 thoughts on “Everywhere and yet Nowhere

  1. Divine love is the expression of absolute truth. While, natural love resides within relative truth.

    Rachel. I really like this statement.

    Yet, love waits for the recipient to desire it; it never forces itself upon another, for force is counter to the nature of love

    ~~~(Ask God to arrest you with the truth).~~~

    əˈrest/ verb
    verb: arrest; : arrested; arresting
    1. seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody.

  2. It is an interesting subject about frequencies and vibrations. Scientist study nano technology and wonder what is there and what is on the other side. God is all energy of course and His visible energy is that energy allotted to the created realm. Outside of the created is just God outside of our known given perimeters. When these puzzled scientist say they can’t see and are fascinated to find out what is beyond these energy forces whether they be frequencies, vibrations or the lack of matter, to me it’s just God outside His laws for creation. There is a frequency that exist within us that is in complete harmony with wellness and when we deviate from this frequency we are not as well in the natural or in the spiritual. This has to do with the natural created laws and there is in the spiritual a parallel of being one in spirit (frequency) with one another and the closer we become tuned to this spiritual frequency (the love of God) we harmonize. It’s like a wonderful symphony of individual instruments, in tune playing the song of Moses. The song of Moses is the love of God in each individual heart doing their own part yet they play as one. THis is the corporate (symphony) of the Son’s in Revelation (the man child in Revelation) having learned this beautiful “way.”

    These then will teach all others to learn this same song, the song of Moses.
    Rachel, you understand this true frequency as you do not seek it by law but by the spirit. As you say God is constant and as we grow we come to be constant with him. God is like the great transmitter putting out His true frequency. We dial around hundreds of frequencies looking for something that fills us. We listened to many channels before finding the one that our receiver has always been tuned to. When all have found the same frequency all will be complete, His plan for mankind being finished.

    A little food for thought that is in align with your message. It is fascinating to know and see God in all things, it is simply amazing. As time passes, I am more and more in awe of the simplicity and the relativity of all things in Christ. We just have to spend a little time out of tune to learn a few things but the right frequency has always been with us.

    Your message is well tuned.


  3. Revelation chapter 2: 20-24 matthew had an absolutely solid point what your doing is wrong men were created in the image of God a woman is to compass a man created in his likeness if you wanna be a nun fine stay silent and listen to one filled with the holy spirit will you let live sick souls and condemn the innocent, rather tell others their sins so they may repent. But your married stay silent and lead your husband to God though your own example of devotion. You’ve brought bitter waters upon yourself and I’m troubled at the harm your doing undermining the truth given to those who are truly devoted to God and God alone how dare you serve a man and claim to speak on behalf of the spirit of the Almighty for what? Bread crumbs? Your as inconstant as a ship on troubled waters if you know the true way why such crooked paths back and forth?

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