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Blossoming of Truth


Blossoming of Truth

Within A Soul




A blossom opens with mathematical precision, and so does truth within our soul, which in turn causes our soul to blossom. Both are beautiful reflections of our Creator’s handiwork.

Truth is truth, but how truths become a part of our particular soul is an individual process, like each unique blossom that opens in its perfect timing, manner, and reflection. Like a blossom, the blooming process of truth isn’t random, but flows in calculated perfection that testifies to the work of the Spirit of Truth and Love within us.

Because truth is love’s counterpart, it can only be assimilated to our soul when our experiences teach us about love. If a “truth” doesn’t move us closer to love in some way, it isn’t truth. When we learn this “secret” of truth, then we realize everything in our reality is there to teach us in some way … about love.

Words that are understood, though significantly important and powerful, are only a reflection of what a soul has experienced. Without the experience, words are empty and fleeting to our soul, thus we are unable to “grasp” them. This is especially true with truths of the spirit that lie beneath their physical reflections. But with the correlating experiences, words, whether ours or another’s, become expressions of our soul that solidify our learning and growth, and enable us to share our growth with others.

As different as we are in our individuality that is sown from the interworking of our heritage, culture, and experiences, so too is our personal inner blossoming of truth. Though truth is constructed in perfection for each one of us, how that precision manifests varies for each one of us. Thus, how we articulate what we learn varies. Different symbols and representations of truth mean different things to different people. The same word and connections between words hold different meanings to different people. The words that we share mean one thing to us and something else to the listener. It’s incredible to see the different angles of truth that can come from a written or spoken statement.

One truth can be expressed and taught in a multitude of ways. One truth can hold many levels and connections to other truths that enhances its understanding. But when we gain a truth, then we are able to “perceive it” in the articulations of others, though their experience of learning and how they articulate it varies from ours.

Though our experiences and how we speak of truths can differ, the spirit of unity works among us in amazing ways. As everything teaches us in our reality, so do another’s words .. but in accordance to our experiences. Thus, we don’t necessary gain what they intended to share by communicating. When we are open, we gain what is needed for us at our particular level of development. In being open to learning, we receive what the Spirit of Truth gives to us through another’s words knowing it may be different than what the communicator received and was trying to express. The amount of overlap of understanding with others varies greatly. We need not judge or compare our blooming process with theirs for it will always differ to varying degrees, but we only need to receive with thanksgiving what was intended for us and received by others.

When we are open to learn, we receive what we need when we need it in a precision that creates a solid foundation of expanding truth, thus love, upon which our souls continue to mature.

In the varying expressions of truth, we see the perfection of the unifying nature of love. Love, the result of truths sown in a soul, is what joins us. Though our reception and articulation of truth varies, the love it produces unifies.

Truth serves love. If we put how we learn or how we express our truth above love, then we’ve forfeited truth and love.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “Blossoming of Truth

    • I’m just offended… This is the. Same old manipulative tactic. Be mean and then when things get heated, pretend to be nice… And then go right back to being mean and when I things get heated right back to being nice. The hot and cold or dr j and Dr H I can’t remember thier names. Repent of your sins or you will die in hell fire

  1. You say:

    Because truth is love’s counterpart, it can only be assimilated to our soul when our experiences teach us about love. If a “truth” doesn’t move us closer to love in some way, it isn’t truth. When we learn this “secret” of truth, then we realize everything in our reality is there to teach us in some way … about love.

    This is so well said.

    I agree in saying:

    Truth is love, and love is truth, which added together equals who and what God is. It is encouraging to see that you see what truth is also. I doubt that I could give a better explanation as to what you share in this article. It is wonderful to know that in spite of many “facts” about the bible that are paraded as truth, we see this greater depth that “truth” is so akin to love, that God, truth and love can and are used as synonyms in scripture. To “know” God in the real sense of the word, is what we all strive toward deep down for this is our true calling. In scripture when referencing God in a “knowing” way, it speaks not about knowing superficial facts “about” Him but it is in a deeply “intimate” way which superficial words can hardly describe. It is a “knowing” that abides in us as we learn to abide in Him. As a man “knows” his wife in bible terminology, this word carries the same meaning of the word “knowing” when referencing our deep abiding love in Him. Truthfully it cannot be explained, it has to be lived and it is the living within that matters. There is no other place that we can love but within.

    A word said in truth combines all the spirits of beatitudes into one for the beatitudes are the sum parts of the whole. There is no dividing spirit in words spoken in love because God’s love is one who unites us. Words of division spoken from the mind of the carnal man of division will all melt away one day as God opens each mind to His ways.

    If I continued to “try” to answer these words of truth, I could do no better than to tell one’s to simply read it again.If one can find fault in what you say above and not see these simple truths, we pray their eyes be opened.

    Thank you for your kindness you give to all

  2. Reading your flow gave visions of many flowers. One after the other just appearing all truth all different and all love. Like all the different spirits. Your words are art. Then those very images were sent to me from a complete different source.(The same Source really 😉 ) just affirming and living in what is Love. its never ending. Thank you for adding to my life.
    On another topic. While i was researching ways to develope music and video together with projection mapping I came across this or it across me. Reminds me of your journey Rachel. I am not clear on the words but the tone just speaks to me. Its the real. Art. Raw emotional spirit. with no end…

    Jesus never looks back…

  3. Here is the link to the song

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