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Our individuality is the created part of us. It “sits” like a garment atop a consciousness center, which is part of the immortal Mind of God dedicated to loving and ever-caring for our created individuality. The individuality must be prepared to receive the Mind of God so his Truth can be expressed through it, creating the individual’s experience of His reality. The embryonic individuality’s preparation begins in darkness.

God destined creation to reflect His perfect love back to our individuality through our seamless integration with his Mind. In so doing, God’s Mind extends itself throughout all of creation, where limitless manifestations reflect the attributes of His Truth back to the individuality. Through the KNOWLEDGE of Truth, the individuality observes and experiences continual manifestations that reflect perpetual joy, peace, happiness, growth, connection, and sense of worth, which are among the eternal attributes of God. These attributes possess permanence because Truth underlies their limitless manifestations.

Initially in darkness, the individuality defines Truth by extracting it from the expressions and manifestations it perceives externally. It “looks” outward attempting to discover Truth by asking, “What is the underlining Truth in the forms I perceive?” (For example, what is seen outwardly defines what brings joy, peace, health, purpose, etc.) By trying to extract Truth from an external form, it unknowingly creates an illusion of truth that is form-based, external, and grossly applied over one’s perceived reality. Truth initially seems hidden “outside” the individuality, where it must be discovered in a world wholly separate from itself. The developing individuality is thus encased in an illusionary reality of darkness (separation from God), which it believes reflects truth.

Darkness ultimately serves the individuality by introducing it to the light of Truth through the use of “opposites”. This concept enlightens the individuality to the idea that it resides in darkness where illusions of its apparent separation from God appear “real”, (such as experiences of “lack” or “want”). These illusions assume many forms, revealing a reality of suffering, sickness and decay, governed by the ever-present specters of fear and death. None of this is of God and therefore unreal (not Truth). However all illusions are purposely used to awaken the individuality.

God’s Truth has no opposite because only It exists. By realizing illusions (such as lack and want), are not always true, the idea of “opposites” forms in the darkened individuality and illuminates the first structures of Truth. When first perceived, Truth seems like a lie (unreal) because the individuality initially believes its opposite is true. (For example, when experiencing “lack” the idea of the promised “abundant life” seems unreal. The same applies for all opposites such as peace when perceiving attack, or joy when feeling sadness.) At this point, a conflict occurs within the individuality as to how the opposites it perceives can both be true.

Because of these “opposites” the diligent quest for Truth begins, and the outward-facing senses slowly stop dictating what the developing individuality believes is true. In darkness, the individuality used its senses to define truth by the forms it perceived. It judged which forms produced the “truth” of happiness, peace, satisfaction, purpose, etc., and pursued those forms in order to harvest their “truth”. But in so doing, the individuality quickly realizes that forms are fleeting, taking with them the “truths” they once reflected.

As these forms dissolve into the past and become unreal, the individual becomes conflicted by the idea of how the attributes of Truth can be replaced with an opposite. The individuality looks inward and seeks for Truth’s permanence by asking questions such as; “Where is happiness found in a more permanent way?, How can I experience sustained feelings of worth?, or How can I abide in satisfaction and peace?” These questions can lead a diligent seeker beyond the limits of its illusionary, form-based reality and into the Kingdom of Truth, where the individuality experiences the eternal attributes of God it has long sought for.


~ TreeSoul

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “How Truth is Revealed

  1. It seems like we should live without a problem in the world and escape tribulations because we are born again Christians. However upon a closer examination of the scriptures we see a more realistic way in looking at the path to the Kingdom of God that involves much sorry, pain and tribulation. It is the very negatives of our life that brings us to the most positive side of our life in Christ. It completes the law of circularity. Negative to positive. We must be go through a process of being proved. If we have a goal of being as Christ is, we are given an advance, a down payment in our Pentecost experience. The spirit that is given to us is like the parable of the talents in the New Testament. We are to take it and increase it until we grow into the full stature of the vision given to us. “Without a vision my people perish.” This vision is completeness and to be completed we must be proved as we increase in Spirit.

    Finding our individual reality is why we are taking this journey through this valley of the shadow of death experience. Keep in mind it is only a shadow of death and not actually death itself. The only death we will actually experience is the death of our carnal mind. Another thing to keep in mind as we seek the love of God and find our place in Him, it is that we must realize the most preciousness of life comes through the greatest of life’s pressures. Grapes must be pressed through much pressure to bring about the processing of the wine, representing our spirit. The olives must be crushed to bring about the anointing oil of our understanding. The wheat must be beat and threshed to separate the grain from the stalk and chaff. When the grain is mature, the stalk and the chaff die away leaving only the Christlikeness within. The stalk and the chaff that dies represents the death of our carnality, our “old man” that evil within that must be burned away, by the consuming fire of which God is. God Himself said He is a consuming fire.

    The trials, tribulations and test of life which we so would like to avoid are the very things which brings out the very best in us of the Christ life within. Even Christ learned obedience through the things in which He suffered and by Him being our example, we will follow His example. “They returned again…confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:21-22). There is no way of escaping it.

    We have to come to the place in our being where we understand that life is no bed of roses and the high calling in Christ Jesus does not come without much pain and sacrifice. That price and sacrifice is the giving up of our carnality (death) through the things in which God brings our way to “press” us into His kingdom. We must have a change of mind that we are not to pray away our troubles, we must instead see the value in the trials and test and ask God to give us strength to go “through” them. It is the pressures, heartaches, relationship problems, finances, betrayals, and the many other barrages of life’s dealings that make us as He is.

    These are all part of having and finding the love of God we seek. God did not spare Daniel from the lions den, He protected and carried Him through it. We therefore must also not seek to avoid our trials for our making, but rather ask God to see us through all the things He brings in our path. Many of the people of God recorded in the Old and new testaments suffered many painful episodes in life that proved their love they had for God by remaining obedient to His will, regardless of what came their way. If we desire this greater calling in our life to obtain the better love of God in our life, we must understand that it does not come separate from the sufferings of this life in whatever form they come.

    So, we accept “all” things that they are indeed from the hand of God in knowing that they serve a greater purpose in our life. Again, all things work together for those who love God and their love and obedience is going to be tested and proved by the things in which they are tried. Not all have this understanding, and not all are required to, for it is to those who He has called in their time. All of us will come to God eventually according to the timing and order of our calling. If our time is now, we will see now. God is a consuming fire and fire purifies us through many heating processes…until there is no more to burn out of us. So we should pray and thank God for what He is doing to us to make us as He. Life is a mystery but only until we see God’s true purpose and the way He takes us in being made in His likeness. Whether we can see it or not we trust and have faith that it is all for our good.

    This temporary life is to prepare us for a life which we will have into an endless one. It is difficult but we have faith and hope in seeing the why of it all. Therefore may we be able lift others up, giving hope and truth to All, never condemning or finding fault. If we correct an error let our judgement be as that of our Lord and savior, it must be done in a well seasoned maturity of seeing one as loved in the correction as in seeing their end complete in Christ.

    Love to all

  2. To all who read this…there is is nothing that will ever separate us from God’s will for us. We will live eternally in our calling. This is His promise to us. There can be nothing that will ever separate us from what He has predetermined for us. We were created as finished beings before we were ever subjected to this life of testing. We are loved and we “willl all stand in His presence…in His very likeness. I know this…I hope you do as well. If God fails with one of us, He fails all of us… meaning we all were completed in Him before the world was.

  3. Some food for thought on the “I AM”.

    Some people say that only God can be the “I AM” because He is the only one without a beginning. Others say that Christ and God are one and the same entity because of this nomenclature. We know and understand from scripture that God has no beginning, He just “is”….making Him the “I AM.”

    We also understand that Christ is also called “I AM.” We understand that the scriptures teach that Christ was created a separate “entity” by God, apart from God the Father. Therefore He would be our pattern and example to follow and would be our guide through this valley of death experience. So we are also created in the pattern and example of the “first” Son. So…we are to look at the creation, processing and consummation of Jesus Christ….to see also our “was, is, and will be” circumstances and situAtion of how we relate to God and to our brother…Christ. Since Christ is the firstborn among many brethren who make up the full body of Christ, Christ Jesus the head, and the elect (overcomers,etc.) the body, it stands to reason that Christ is both head and body…a many membered Christ. Our head cannot function without the body and neither can the body function without the head. Therefore the “Son” and the sons make up the entire body of Christ.

    So if Christ is also called the “I AM” along with God and Christ is our exact prototype, then how can we claim to also be the “I AM” without beginning or end? To answer this, what spirit was Jesus Christ made from? He was made from all that God was, is and will be…the same as we are. The substance both Jesus Christ and we are made from was the very spirit of God…which has no beginning…so even though we had a birth date as to our entity being created, the substance of the spirit we were and are given has no beginning or end either…because we are of God…we are of His spirit which has no end.

    Having said this, I would like to add something about the relationship between God and Christ…which I believe I answered above in so many words. God, Christ, and us all being of the same spirit is where we get our oneness and likeness of character from. However God gave Jesus Christ His own “entity”, as He gave to us our own “entity.” People cannot grasp the true relationship between God, Christ and the rest of us because they get likeness and being one with the spirit confused with being given a separate… but….like entity.

    We are even called God’s are we not?
    Psalms 82:6, I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

    So if Christ is called God, what is this saying? When a human is born does not the son come out looking like the father with head, arms and legs just the same? In spirit are we not to be born in the exact image of God just like our example brother was, Christ? Dogs produce dogs, horses produce horses, humans produce humans and God produces offsprings of Himself…god’s. With a little “g.”

    The scriptures can be very plain if we can read them without tradition, myths and falsehoods being put forth from what “someone” else told them. We must not have someone else between us and God to understand truth. Does it not say it is a sin for a man to cover his head? This verse means we should have no other covering or head between us, other than God. No other human between us…not in the hundred fold. We are to go directly to the Father and not ask amiss and He will give it. Ask a man and you will get a mans opinion usually. It’s fine to discuss among others our “truths” and share as we should but we are not to follow any man.

    It’s all good and getting better as we learn that we really are and more “one” than we think….

    • In the real and true, every individualized consciousness, which is held in the holiness of God, is one with Spirit of God, the eternal and unchanging I Am. I am one reflective part and you another and we all are united as one harmonious whole that gives expression to the endless and vast array of divine potentials of truth and divine love that flow from the Source, our Creator. Thus as we love the true self of others, we love the one Self of which we are all a part of. What we do to one we do ourselves and to all, and when in truth we desire to give and always give the utmost love that moves through us as part of God. We are all part and of the eternal I Am.

  4. To clarify my last statement, God, Christ and we all are separate “entities” with the same spirit of God. This is the relationship in the three…The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…..meaning…God, the Son…and the Holy Spirit within us…making us three “one”…in spirit.

  5. Rachel,

    As I was reading this morning and thinking on the things of our spiritual growth, I thought of your article, of how and where truth is revealed. It is how I see it also as Truth is something I believe is the spirit of God and as long as we look externally for the kingdom we will never see it. It is not something that we can see and observe with the natural eye or is it something to be understood with the natural mind. Truth is God’s mind and His substance…and His kingdom of heaven “is” within us…where His truth dwells. We move and have our being “within” Him as He is all and in all…again..within us. This vast universe is God and all that is within it, is Him and of Him…whether in spirit or in the created. It’s all Him. We have often missed the truth because we have relied on our intellect to interpret the scriptures, instead of looking to the true Teacher sent from God, to do His work, and to perform His ministry.

    We can read and study hundreds of books, even the Bible itself for hours, weeks, months and years and we can gain vast intellectual knowledge however we will still never be able to come to the truth. This is because we look and study with a natural eye, looking for a natural understanding of places and occurrences. We search outwardly, never finding reality, because reality resides within us, and this is in our “holy of Holies”, the place in our temple where God dwells. We search the world, reading endless books, reading many opinions other people have to offer. For example, the book of Revelation is thought by some to be a book about things in the past, all fulfilled by A.D. 70, some think its a book about the church age, consummating at the end of this age and then others think it is about coming future natural cataclysmic events. The book of Revelation is a spiritual book, to be read and understood with a spiritual mind. And when we see…we see Christ in every passage.

    All of the horrific circumstances that cause men’s hearts to fail them for fear of these “coming ” events are the very same things when understood in the spirit will open our hearts and minds to a wonderful revealing of Jesus Christ within, just as it says in the very first sentence of Revelations, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” It is a fearful book to the natural mind which can only see the symbol…however as it says it is a revealing of the mind of Christ to those who can see the meanings of the symbols, it is then nothing to be feared but something to be hoped for…it is the revealing of Jesus Christ within us. This is what the book is about. There are two worlds within us and one must fall away to reveal the other. All of the negatives in Revelations are the negatives within us, as are all the positives. One must be destroyed and the other saved…the natural and the spiritual respectively.

    All of these natural occurrences of being studied with the natural mind cannot comprehend and grasp the things of the spirit. Revelations must be spiritually understood. It says the kingdom of heaven does not come by observation, looking here and there and imagining and thinking it is a place that one can observe with the natural eye. The spirit and the scriptures tell us it is the spirit “within” that reveals truth, and truth must be spiritually discerned. As long as we look outside of ourselves we will not see God, Christ or the Kingdom.

    The Bible is written in a natural setting, with natural mountains, lakes rivers, trees, people, etc, etc…and every natural created thing represents something in reality of the spirit. We are spirit beings having a natural experience on earth. The natural is temporary while the spiritual is eternal so are we to pursue natural knowledge of things that will fade away or do we pursue that which is permanent and leads to an endless life?

    As long as we look outside of ourselves for the answers to that which is spiritual we will not find anything of the spirit. We may find much knowledge in types, allegories, mysteries and parables which will help to explain the spiritual, however even these things are only revealed to those who look for them where they exist in truth and that is within God’s temple. We are that temple so we must look where He is spiritually and that is “all” within. God, Christ, and the kingdom of heaven are all in the spirit realm, just as we truly are…so we must seek Him where He is and can be found.

    It is what we desire that leads us to that which is the truth within apart from that which is without. Knowledge seeking in and of itself is of the natural, carnal mind of man. The intellect, a mind that tries to climb up some other “knowledgeable” way than through the spirit is misled. The only way we can find the truth is looking for it where it is and “He” is not in a book, or in a place either here on earth or in some ethereal place off out in the universe somewhere. He is spirit connecting with our spirit.

    If we have a desire to walk with God and to know Him( to know Him is to be like Him), we will have a desire to love others as ourselves and to not divide one person from another, instead we will desire for “all” to be made as He is. We will not condemn and think ourselves above any. We will ask God for a desire to be as He is wherever this may lead us. We must not desire prestige, admiration, or to be “blessed” in the form of being rich or famous. We must not desire for people to look to us first…in order to get to God. We must see that the plan of God is all inclusive, we are all prisoners of sin to be released as He calls and “permits” our release from it. Sin does not define who we really are, it is a temporary created thing that teaches us…and when the teaching is done, sin is also done. If death will be done away with and sin is death, it goes with it. A natural hell is death also, so it will cease with death. Only love will be left.

    If we see only the natural then we will only pursue the natural things that are written down on a page in a book or we will want to be seen in a natural building (called a church) on a certain day of the week or we will want to look up at natural clouds to see “Him” coming in them. All these things are “without” where the carnal mind seeks preeminence above others, however if we want to find God we must put away our ego and childish thoughts about seeing things in the natural as truth.

    The true Word will not be written on a page, the true temple will not be seen with the natural eye and we will not see one day of the week different from another. Our days will all be the same for the light of the day will be a continual light in a continual “day of enlightenment.” There will not be any further recognition of anything natural, not days or nights, buildings or temples, sunshine or storms, mountains or valleys…for we will walk in the spirit and see in the spirit. When we think of all others, including ourselves as one with God..then we will see as He sees. We must see “all” as one and one as all… one plan…and that the love of God has no boundaries….We should seek nothing but the love of God…and ask Him for it and to understand it and to “become” it. Then we will be spiritual.

    Truth is spirit, and we will see truth only when we see God in the reality of the spirit, not us or Him being divided into good and evil, light and darkness, heaven and hell, or in any false narratives about His predestinated plan. We must see that there is only one Love that decided the beginning and the end as having one purpose…and that is that we “all” will come to the oneness and character of our one Father. We must see one God, one love and a God that has only one plan to finish us all in Him.

    • How important of an understanding this is … Revelation is the understanding of Truth that the Holy Spirit builds within us layer upon layer. Regardless of background, age, culture, previous religious beliefs, intellect, education (all the elements that shape outward knowledge), as truth seekers, who sincerely seek Truth from our internal connection to the Spirit of God that is within, we all learn according to the same truths … layer upon layer … as there is only one Truth. And what we each learn of the one Truth is according to our individualized purpose. We are all of the same Source of Truth and divine love and we all have access to this Source within us. If we seek Truth in humility and openness, the Truth is revealed to us in a perfection that testifies to itself.

      Even if someone is speaking of truth, until we have our own inner revelation we can’t “receive” it because our contrary beliefs disregard it. But if what they are saying is being revealed by the Spirit, our one True Teacher, with us then we resonate with their words and we begin to perceive the beautiful unity of the one Spirit that fills us all.

      • i love you angel of god your words are living flames of eternal wisdom and majestic light…you are indeed feeding the sheep of the second coming,,,,,,,,, amen and amen

  6. Yes, I really think humility is the most important key to progressing into the mind of Christ. God’s the decision maker and whether it’s talking about the five foolish, Job, Paul, etc, etc., it seems we must be broken to the place where it is not about a prideful, boastful attitude of “look at who we are”, it’s about seeing all alike where there is no big “I” and a little you. There is a great love found in a humble spirit for others because the human ego takes up too much real estate within our earth, within. As we learn and grow, we can share our experience one with the other but it is God who opens the mind and gives the increase.

    Having said these things we have only learned these things because God has developed in us to this point; as He will also grow all people individually to Himself…as He calls each of us to our purpose in our time. We are His workmanship, not our own, so when the fires are hot and the nights are dark, we are comforted in knowing that He is with us and directing the heat and the trials to where they are needed. Let us therefore not pray to avoid the very things that are necessary for our growth in Christ; instead give us the insight to pray that we see the benefits of our trials and ask God to be with us through them. Let us learn their purpose. There is not one thing we are subjected to that is not for our ultimate good. We do not serve a God who takes pleasure in any unnecessary corrections…not one. God is in the minuteness of our every thought and detail and action in every second of every day. It may seem mundane at times to us, but God waste no time and does a quick work so we do not needlessly suffer one more minute than is necessary for us to learn obedience to His will.

    Every day that passes is a step closer to having a mind in the same nature and capacity of our pattern and prototype, which is Christ. Humble and meek traits belong only to the bold and brave one’s who can remain steadfast in this sea of humanity with its evil surroundings. Th meaning of meekness is not as many may think it is, for it also carries a meaning of a bold steadfastness in battle. Meekness is always adhering to the will of the Father. It is a strength of the spirit that is contrasted to the strength of the carnal mind. Our “meek” spirit is the power that kills the enemy within us, as Love cast out fear, Love is a trait of the meek while fear is the trait of carnal man. The far greater boldness and strength in God comes from the attributes of the Father, not of the flesh. So… a meek individual has all the power of God to overcome the outward pride and foolishness of the flesh. A humble and contrite spirit is one that continues to grow steadfastly and without interruption.

  7. Our callings may be of different orders as some are called to the “high calling in
    Christ Jesus”, yet it is as you say, we are of the same spirit. Looking at the natural to understand this spiritually, one’s status does not make them better, it just makes them better to administer God’s will. King David was required to keep with him the law…and it applied to the king as well as the poorest in the land. Each had a different “position” or calling however each was required to live and conduct themselves to the one will of God.

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