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As our true Power awakens deep within, our manifested reality transitions into a Sphere of Light.

We each create our individualized world within the larger world, a creation within the creation.

Reality is comprised of energy. Thoughts organize these energetic frequencies into what we perceive as our external reality. Our mind translates thought energy into external sensory experiences which then are interpreted through our body. In this, our mind creates and governs our individualized world or sphere, which contains all our experiences of reality.

These energetic thought vibrations either come from the Light of Truth within or the darkness of unawareness. Depending upon our source, our mind creates two different spheres of reality; a sphere of Light (Truth) or a sphere of darkness (illusions). The sphere of Light is created by the Power of God that operates by the Laws of Oneness (Truth). The sphere of darkness is created by the power of the separate self which operates by the laws of separation.

The Great I Am presence within all is the origin of our individualized spheres of experience. When we are awake, we are one with this Presence, and are able to recognize it as our true Self. In oneness, the Power of God is our power and creates a sphere of ever-present peace, expressing all the divine attributes. It’s a sphere of divine love governed by the Power of God according to Laws of Oneness, through which we are limitless.

Initially, when we are spiritually asleep we are unaware that this Holy Presence within is one with our true Self. Instead, we believe in a false image of our self that is separate from this Holy Presence and consequently we believe we are separate from all other selves. According to this belief of separation, the mind mistakenly believes the body is the center of its creative power, thus the mind serves the body instead of the Spirit of Truth. Because of this belief, the mind seeks to operate through the destructive power of the separate self, which is an outer dominance over others that is expressed emotionally, verbally or physically. This governance through the outer sense realm confines the mind to many perceived outer limitations and lack, which are supported by arbitrary laws of separation that the mind believes are true as a separate self. Nothing but wrong beliefs sustain this sphere. Therefore by the continual pursuit of Truth it can be transformed into a sphere of Light, which is our purpose.

As darkness is to light, everything pertaining to the sleeping mind is backwards, upside down, and opposite to the awakened mind of Truth. Our concept of self stands at the center of our sphere, whether the True or the false, and determines what our mind serves, the power by which it operates and the laws that govern its creative ability, all of which create the experiences within our sphere of reality.

By belief (faith) in the Words of Life we receive from the Spirit of Truth, we awaken to our true Self, our true Power, the Power of God. Through divine emergence, these Words of Life are carried in our thoughts and translated into our reality so that our sphere of darkness transforms into a sphere of Light. We no longer operate under the limitations of the external reality according to the power of self and its lower laws. Instead, through emergence, our reality is perfectly governed so all our experiences reflect the Truth. In this, our sphere of reality becomes an ever-expanding expression of the Divine Mind.

When we operate by the Power of God, we reside in unshakeable Peace. Anything that could disrupt our peace doesn’t affect our individualized sphere because our peace is immutable when we rest in divine emergence. The Power of God perfectly sustains us because through His power we only give divine love, therefore this is what we receive. A sphere of peace and freedom becomes our home, the Kingdom of Heaven.

This manifestation is the first part of the “reward” for those who seek God, and it greatly “pleases” Him because it creates a sphere that enables the Light of Truth to be shared with all, completing the peace of God, the second part of the reward …

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” ~ Hebrews 11:6

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” ~ Matthew 6:33

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

10 thoughts on “Sphere of Light

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

    • You say:

      “This manifestation is the first part of the “reward” for those who seek God, and it greatly “pleases” Him because it creates a sphere that enables the Light of Truth to be shared with all, completing the peace of God, the second part of the reward …”

      Isn’t this why we are here? God “is” the reward in that all that He is “in spirit” will we be also. His likeness and character that we are being transformed into from this temporary carnal nature is an experience in contrast, or in not going our own way as Eve thought to do. We are here to be disciplined to be obedient to one will, one faith and into a realm of oneness which is “The Kingdom of heaven.”

      As you also say, “ As darkness is to light, everything pertaining to the sleeping mind is backwards, upside down, and opposite to the awakened mind of Truth.” It is this way because it was specifically planned this way… as we must learn as you so well articulate in many ways, we must “emerge” from a oneness of “self” into a oneness which is applied to all.

      The simplicity of the message of this oneness is so obscured by the division of religion. People join this faction, party or division according to their own reasoning. If we were in tune with God’s will and ways as we should be, there would be no need to “come out of her my people” for we would never had entered into one of the false and divisional labels we call “denominations” in the first place. However God allows us to choose self in order that we may later choose Himself and a better way. Actually when we join a group which cuts ourself off from others by our “private label of choice,” we become separate from the oneness of God. When we “come out” we accept all people in whatever present state of being they are presently in, in realizing it is not for any of us to decide the path of another. This is outside of our “privileges.” On the contrary labels are divisive, argumentative and self righteous in that in the subtlety of “joining” they are in fact separating themselves from the oneness of the whole creation. If God is to look at the prodigal as well as the faithful until they come home, so should we. This is oneness with the vision and the will of
      God for they cannot be different if we are to be as one.

      Maturity comes by the spirit from heart to heart or from spirit to spirit, being to being, it does not come by the law nor by any man’s interpretation of the law, even though a man may understand all knowledge and mysteries. Maturity comes by the simplicity of loving all men as oneself, this means the atheists, the agnostic, and the “religious.” It is that when we “see” with the spirit that what we may consider “the least of these” is as important as any other of what we may consider “the greater of these,” we see as God sees. This “seeing” is that every man, in God’s order will come forth and be crowned with His majestic spirit of oneness. As it is written, “every knee will bow” to the will of God in their own order of call8mg, and His will is none other than His gift to us, Himself, in all of His likeness.

      I know that I’m preaching to the choir…so to speak…however I would like for people to understand that although “two or three” may speak and use words from a different perspective the “end vision” of all of us is the important message so we must learn to look beyond the natural word to see the spiritual word which is the spirit of Christ within. This is the greatest of all mysteries….becoming as He is.

      When universal “love” is the vision which pertains to all, this can be confusing to the natural mind, this is why it is necessary to see that we are all equally special in God’s plan, some 30, some 60, and some 100. Never the less…all.

      • I did not write the original article. Kindly direct your lecture to the original author. And get your own blog… your comment will be deleted after one day.

      • The real problem with every religion is that it is based on a very limited set of man made, pre-defined beliefs that must be accepted. Else, you are deemed “not of” the religion. This limits spiritual development for a several reasons:

        1) The beliefs must be easily and quickly digested such that large numbers of people can grasp the concept of the religion.

        2) The beliefs must be simplistic and worldly such that people without any spiritual understanding can attend a service and find it relatable, welcoming and non-offensive to their current manner of living. Therefore, “church” is a perpetual regurgitation of a few simplistic messages, designed always to appeal to prospective new members.

        3) Religion takes on the role of “spiritual authority” and in order to preserve itself, does not promote the belief that one can learn directly from the Spirit.

        4) All religions contain an element of fear by including the belief that bad consequences will occur should one stray outside the boundaries of the religion’s pre-defined belief system.

        5) Religion inhibits God’s command to “seek the kingdom”, because members must remain within the belief system the church has already given them. Thus we see people attending various churches/religions for many years without ever growing beyond their original understanding.

        6) Religions always ask for money, which reveals, no matter what they proclaim to the contrary, their central belief that God is powerless.

        In summary, every religion is a man-made approach to spirituality. While it can be a good jumping-off point for anyone with a seeking heart, it is more often a trap because it tempts an honest seeker to believe he has found all he needs within the religion itself.

  2. Sorry, it was a mistake. I clicked on comments without realizing it was under your reply. again my apologies.

  3. Accepted. Thank you.

  4. Thoughtware,

    I think we agree that “religion” is man’s way of communicating “about” God whereas spirituality is communicating “with” God. It is about relationship. It takes awhile for man to get to this place of understanding, however in time we will all cross this threshold. In patience we wait upon God to our turn.

    There is nothing to fault…but only to understand.

    • It’s like we are holding out a massive diamond and saying, “Take it, its yours!”. Yet the people, wearing dark sunglasses, refuse it because to them it looks like a “rock”. Or worse.

      I feel like religion sells sunglasses.

  5. You “see!”

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