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The Spirit of Truth’s Infinite Wisdom leads us to the pinnacle of the primordial staircase, which is the awareness of the One Self, not many separate selves. In this awakening to Truth, reality makes a cosmic shift so that it reflects the likeness of the One Self, and not the illusion of many separate selves. This shift commences as the creative Power of the One Self replaces the destructive power of the separate self.

This cosmic shift toward the Light of Truth is the awakening (resurrection) of the one Self (Son) from its dream of death and separation into the dawning Light of Divine Love and Oneness. It’s the return to our true Self (Christ) in which we recognize our changeless, divine I Am, as the only Self.

This shift is a continual advancement toward the Light within the collective consciousness. As souls awaken to the Internal Light within, their creative governing power shifts from the separate self’s power, which takes at the expense of others, to the Power of the One Self, which serves all in Divine Love. This change in creative power alters the energetic vibration of creation which causes reality to completely transform.

The separate self’s power governs us through every vertical of society. As our eyes open to Truth, we see its wide spectrum of manifestations throughout religions, healthcare, political systems, education, financial institutions, environmental, animal farming, news media, entertainment, family/marriage, etc. The cumulative messaging from these establishments gives voice to a deceptive intelligence which enslaves us when we accept their lies for Truth. Absorbing these lies takes our freedom and steals our peace. Nothing has been untouched by this power’s thievery and destructive ways.

In accepting this unholy power, our true Power remains hidden thus denying us the divine harmony, ever-present joy and eternal peace that are ours, NOW, through the Power of God. For example, religions establish the workings of this unholy power by including suffering, sacrifice, and death as part of their doctrines, as well as attributing guilt, fear, sin, and condemnation to the self, which oppose our true Likeness. These beliefs create a false image of God, the Christ, and our self. In believing this false image, we reflect this image and project it into our world and onto others.

Because what we are conscious of being we express, this unholy self projects itself upon the screen of our sleeping mind, but it isn’t Truth. These illusions are the result of a dreaming mind unaware of itself. Believing in the power of this false image keeps us from being who we are in Truth, the expressed one Self of God. In Truth, we can only be what God created us to be, one in His Holy Likeness. We are being called to awaken to this Truth, which is our true freedom.

The undoing of this unholy power and its multitude of manifestations only comes through divine emergence, by which the Power of God flows through us, and this by the knowledge of our true Self’s Oneness with God. Again, the power we use to govern our lives is the same power that governs us. Our true Self, revealed to us by the Spirit of Truth, is established on the Great I Am Presence within all, whose Power gives Life to all. In this increasing awareness among awakening souls, creation is released from the separate self’s power and into the Power of God.

As we awaken, we clearly perceive the separate self’s power and the extensive destruction it created, reflected in our dream reality. In the Light of Truth, we return to our true Self, the glorious Self (Son) of God, and the Power of God within us begins to renew all of creation.

There has always been only One. As we awaken to our true Self and Power, which is one with God, a cosmic shift occurs throughout creation that creates abundant Life for all.

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” ~ John 10:10

“We know that whoever is born of God does not sin; but he who has been born of God keeps himself, and the wicked one does not touch him. We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.” ~ 1 John 5:18-19



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

27 thoughts on “Cosmic Shift

  1. Rachel, I found your YouTube channel while researching shame five years ago–I have been blessed by your testimonies of Christ and sharing your insights on Scripture and the kingdom of God. I have a question to ask–is there any part of the Bible you do not agree with?


    • Hi Tom – It’s a good question …

      I believe what the Spirit of Truth teaches me about the Bible, whatever part.

      A purpose of the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit) is to reveal Truth to us, whether in the Bible, in another book or through our life experiences. The Spirit always answers a sincere call to know Truth.

      In regards to the Bible, we grow in awareness of Truth according to what the Spirit teaches us through the words, verses, and stories. There are many interpretations of the Bible, but the Spirit teaches us what we need to know at the time to advance into Truth.

      When we hold false beliefs that we don’t know are false, which we all do, growing in Truth is a very personal and methodical instruction that only the Spirit can accomplish. He teaches in a way that we can understand given our current understanding.

      The Spirit’s instruction always leads us away from humankind’s lower and false concepts of themselves, like fear, guilt, attack, condemnation, etc. and reveals to us our true Self as a “Son of God.” He leads us to Truth’s expression, Divine Love (sum of all the divine attributes which bring about the highest good for all), which is the Spirit’s desire for us to receive and to give through our oneness with God.

      If we are humble, sincere and willing to listen and learn, then the Spirit responds to our desire to know Truth. He is a very faithful Teacher and by far the best we could ever have.

      John 14:26 “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.”

  2. Let the Light of Truth be revealed by the Peace of God that can not be disturbed, surrounding those who love the Truth and giving them rest in the midst of the Shaking.

    Let these peace-makers be a light for those in darkness, that any who seek to know the Truth may comprehend the source of the light within and freely enter into God’s Peace.

    Let these then also become lights, full of Truth and able to share their peace with all in need.

    And in this way, may the fire of Life spread and cover the earth in God’s peace.

  3. Cosmic Guilt?

    It is far more common for passive aggression to be practiced by those who have seen the dangers of open expressions of their anger first hand and have discovered that the secret stabbing of an informalized hatred is far more effective in serving the greater good of being socially disconnected from true love.
    “To thine own self too cruel” is a good clause for covering.

    • Mishai, what you see in others is ALWAYS that which you see in your “self”.

      See good in others, and you will discover it in yourself.

      • If what you saw in me was goodness defined, you wouldn’t have made the statement. If you see love in three dimensions instead of one, you will never have to base it on yourself. If what you are after is always being loved, don’t look in one dimension, because it has a multitude of applications. You must always go beyond sight. Your intent is well meaning, but not multifaceted. God cannot be seen. Until you go into spirit. I am in spirit, I am in love.
        Thanks for your comment.

      • Very good. Now let your words reflect the love you see within, and what you give you will receive.

      • I haven’t seen any love within you.

      • Yes, Mishai, I understand this, and that is why I made my initial comment.

        When your eyes are open, you will see love in ALL people because all people are LOVED.

      • If that were a complete understanding, you would have seen love in me, but your eyes are blind? No the fact is, you are the one who is not seeing. You would have realized that your analysis, had failed in yourself first, and you would have understood the satire. If love is in us all you wouldn’t have questioned mine.
        You are the one questioning, because you are looking for love. And you looking by what you feel.
        What you are going by is feelings.
        Not love.
        Your interpretations are, that when you feel warm, someone is loving you.
        Or when they are saying things you agree with, you think that is love.
        That’s why I used the satire, about love. It’s not love your seeing.
        I’m not responsible for what’s in you. And I’m not responsible for your interpretation.
        Look for love, doesn’t mean you cannot have emotions, or speak to someone’s truth or their lack their of. .
        I think you should think about whether you are “love paranoid”.
        You know, no one can live up to your expectations, and they shouldn’t try.

      • HAMLET
        29 Haste me to know’t, that I, with wings as swift
        30 As meditation or the thoughts of love,
        31 May sweep to my revenge.

      • Here’s your lexicon of love thoughtware, reads something like this.

        Hate. unloving statements.~~

        Would you like to talk about that.
        What makes you feel that way.
        You’re crazy, but I don’t want to make you feel unloved by asking.
        You don’t understand God.
        You’ve misunderstood who God is.
        Could you please explain yourself.
        You’ve got to be kidding.
        Have you considered you may be wrong.
        What are you talking about, it doesn’t make sense.
        How could you believe that, it isn’t born out by life.
        How long have you believed that.
        Only You, understand that?
        No one can love you except those you understand through mythology.

        Love. loving statements.~~~

        I always agree with you.
        I hope you won’t disagree on this, because my love is always stable for both of us.
        I only want you to always feel that we agree, or there’s no love here.
        I wouldn’t ever question your logic.
        If I don’t feel good about you, I won’t ever speak to you so love will help build me.
        I’m not sure if I should speak to someone, who isn’t already in my head.
        I’ve got to feel good about this, or it’s wrong to think about it.
        Everyone is religious except me, so if they say they love me their lying.
        People that understand love will never talk about anything in “common baby religion” (those people are stupid) we just have to love them.
        I don’t want to communicate with “those” kind of people, because I love them.
        We want to communicate in one spirit, so if anyone says something different, they have no love for me, or I would immediately know it.

      • Mishai, love is in ALL people, for all people are loved. Love is life. Love is all there is.

        You are the one teaching that LOVE is for some, and HELL is for others. I am not teaching this.

        It is your free-will choice to teach whatever you believe to be true, but what is taught is always learned by the one teaching. Consequently, you have taught yourself to believe love is for some, but not for others because you are teaching this belief.

        You are loved Mishai, with a perfect and ever-increasing love. This is TRUTH and can never be changed, altered or diminished in any way. You are a son of God and bound for Glory. So too with ALL PEOPLE.

      • None of that is what I taught. That’s what you desire to believe. I never taught any of that.
        The issue you brought up, is if You were loved. If you were loved by Me.
        That’s where your thoughts are tied into.
        I have never said anything denying your love.
        Neither have I withheld my love from you.
        As far as I can tell you have cut yourself off from all others.
        I certainly haven’t led you to Hell.
        My comments are about keeping people out of Hell.
        I think you’ve misunderstood the subject of love.
        If you went to Hell it wouldn’t mean that I or God or anyone else didn’t love you, it would mean you chose to believe that evil, is only for this present time frame.
        You’ve suggested that some people need to be able to “see”, or they don’t have love, so you’ve made yourself accountable to the fact that love is not “all there is”.
        All you’ve been able to do is suggest that evil doesn’t go on, like love does.
        That’s not even a logical idea, much less a real one.
        Your love is not enough to satisfy the demands of God’s love.
        Your trying to make me respond to your love, and get in line with your critique of me, but you cannot get yourself in line with God’s love, or His critique.
        The divisions you’ve created will continue, past yourself and into your eternity.
        It certainly won’t be because of your critique of me or God.
        Both of our hands are extended to you.
        We haven’t turned you away. I mean God’s trying to reach you every day. I don’t think you could blame him for trying to knock your door down.
        It’s your thoughts, that turn you away. One has to have a Hazmat suit on to even get near you, and then those people in the room with you are supposed to love You?
        Your too sanctified to hold a conversation with them.
        As if they were bringing Hell to your doorstep, and they can’t even get on the phone with you.
        Your too Holy to come near them.

  4. ‘Mashikha’
    O’ Mashikha, when thou art not here
    I am lost in darkness
    And the Sun will be lost
    With thine absence I am in loneliness

    O’ Mashikha, they knew thee not
    They knew not, the cross and thy mother
    I have missed thee in my words
    O’ the Word of Lord, I am lost in fear

    I shall confess to thou only
    My feet are weak to be thy sheep
    O my pastor, I am lost
    In thy light I am far asleep

    Thou art the Aleph and the Ya
    Thou art the beginning and the end
    Thou art truly the Word of Lord
    Thou art the Word that Lord did send

    O’Mashikha thou art the louver in night
    O’ the healer of blind
    Baptize this dusty cage of mine
    Till thy true cord I find

    Thou didst whisper gently in mine ears:
    “Silence Shima, confess to thy Lord
    Baptize thy spirit in the ocean of grace
    Kill thy lust with Lords word”

  5. Know the outcome and you will see the journey.

  6. Speak not to impress but to make an impression. Paul said it another way;

    And I, brethren, when I came unto you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, proclaiming to you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling. And my speech and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.
    1 Corinthians 2:1-5

    “For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.” This particular verse is saying Paul wrote and spoke not to impress by lofty words of wisdom but only sought to teach in and of the humbleness of crucifying the abstinence of the carnal tongue while perpetuating the love of God. So should we endeavor to approach all in the same manner of our presentation as we present Christ within.

  7. Mishai, I’m happy to have a dialog, but let’s do it over here. I don’t want to take that thread down a rabbit hole because I may add more to it later.

    I am glad to see you read my comments and that something in my words that keeps you interested, even if its simply to say you don’t agree. Why don’t we have a civil “dialog” – or even what Socrates used to call an “argument” about the things we believe to be true. To put this simply: in your comments make every attempt to avoid declaring what you believe I am thinking or feeling. Stick to the narrative.

    Now this being said, we may not be successful because there is a good chance I will not be able to translate my thoughts in a way that makes sense to you. Even so, I’m willing to give it a shot, because I am interested to see what might develop from it. I’m sure we are interacting for a reason.

    Your last comment offered up some insights on your ideas of what love is and isn’t. Often when people think about LOVE, they are actually conceiving of the ideas of kindness and friendship. And this is good in that it points to the oneness of love, but is a very limited and pale reflection.

    When I speak of DIVINE LOVE I am speaking of something very different. The love I am speaking about is the LIFE OF GOD within all created things. It is a CREATIVE ENERGY that is always everywhere present because it is the Governance of Truth. Consequently, there is never an instance when love does not exist, or when love is in anyway diminished, withheld or corrupted.

    As an example, when the adulterous woman was about to be killed by men who saw her as a “sinner”, Jesus revealed that he saw no sin in her. Instead, he saw god’s love in her, because he saw it in himself and understood that Love is not received from without, but rather given from within. Jesus loved her because he saw her as holy, because he understood that love is holy. In other words, he saw in her, what he saw in himself. For added emphasis, he told her to “go and sin no more”, which is another way of teaching, “go and know that you are sinless”. For Jesus, being of Truth, would never command her to be that which she was not.

    Jesus was teaching that Love sees no sin, which means that sin does not exist. And most importantly he taught that Love is the ability to see ALL AS HOLY. This is a key understanding of Love in Truth.

  8. What you are feeling is a pretty important subject because you seem to base all of your reactions on it. I don’t think I could claim to be able to get around that wall. You would have to allow it. And that would be love.

    My question is,
    Why are you commenting on or quoting Jesus?
    What does Jesus have to do with any of this?
    Why do you believe Jesus was “of Truth”?

    • I’m simply trying to make a friend, and to shed light on the deep things said on this blog over the years. I used the bible story in an attempt to show you that my sayings about divine love are similar to that which Jesus taught because, from your previous comments, it appears you see Truth in his words. I hoped this be could be a connection.

      I am also trying to gently reveal that the church teaches a different version of god’s love – and that the Spirit is the only teacher that will lead you into proper understanding. Why does this matter? In the end, it really doesn’t as all will come to the understanding of this higher frequency in the proper time. But I wondered, because you’ve hung around so long at this blog, if maybe the Spirit was opening up your heart to receive this new understanding. If so, I want to share whatever I can with you.

      That’s really all there is to it. I like talking about spiritual things because its my nature.

  9. Well you have a friend, so that much is covered.
    So, are you going to ask yourself this question?
    From what you are sharing, and sharing implies that there is a friendship, and a friendship would imply an interest or an invitation, it sounds like, from this side, that you are saying that, to you, ~”spiritual things”,
    means~ metaphors. Everything is in metaphors.
    This is a continuation of your original thought about a conversation, I haven’t strayed from it.
    I’m saying, here, all your thoughts about spirituality, are in reality, metaphors.
    For instance, do you remember the day, or the time, the hour, where, you were, when the thought first came to you through reading, or did you just think it, that the word sin, is a metaphor?
    So, when Jesus spoke to the woman, He said, Go and walk metaphorically.
    I mean, she thought he meant sin, but supposedly Jesus meant, a metaphor.
    So, she had to be a meta physician to get that he was saying, “quit violating God’s commands”.
    So, your religion is a language, not a spirit, it’s just a language, and once we change everything that people think word’s mean, that will change the World?
    But just do whatever you want and one day God will help you?
    Is this correct?

    • Excellent, consider me a friend.

      Metaphors. Similes. Stories. Yes, I use these often. But do you remember I told you beforehand I would have difficulty translating the truth into concepts that can be understood? This is why these things are used. It is not the words, but the idea behind the words I hope to convey.

      I used the story of the adulterous woman to highlight a very important idea – that being that religion is a great deceiver. And how do they deceive? By preaching that their wrong interpretation of sin is the truth. It is NOT the truth.

      Religion (specifically those who uphold the Bible) are represented by those who would stone the woman. They teach that if you make a mistake in judgement, (and who hasn’t?) no matter what the reason, you will be “stoned”. They preach that mistakes have eternal ramifications so terrible that God was forced to sacrifice his son in order to make amends. And even more, religion uses “fear” to uphold their teachings and proclaim that if you do not accept, you will be cast out of God’s love forever, and eternally tormented.

      I am not trying to be course, flippant or in any way insulting of any religion. I am simply stating the facts about religion to illustrate the image of God they are promoting.

      Let us not be deceived by the church’s interpretation of sin, but listen instead to what Jesus taught. He did not ask anything of the woman, and he did not condemn her at all. After saving her life he says to her, “Go and sin no more”, meaning from now on do what you know is right.

      Jesus saw her as a frightened child, who desired love but instead made mistakes and acted in selfish ways that hurt others. He saw her in the love of God. He is teaching that this is how God sees us. And in so doing, Jesus revealed the true image of God for those who desire to know the truth.

      You might also consider a small child who, with a sharpie marker, defaces the entire house. Upon the parent discovering this, the child’s “sin” is viewed through the maturity of the parent which reveals the child erred by acting foolishly. The child may be disciplined as a loving parent sees fit, but in no way is there ever the chance the child is cast out, nor would the parent stop loving the child.

      In the end we are talking about gaining eyes to see God as Jesus does – not as the churches have interpreted God for us. This is our objective.

      We can continue if you are willing…

      • Let us follow what Jesus actually taught, and not what the churches would have us believe he taught.

        Jesus revealed that in the “last days” many would proclaim who he is, but that these should not be believed.

        “For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.”
        ~ Matthew 25:5

        Who are the MANY that proclaim “Jesus and the Christ”? Are these not are multitude of churches that unknowingly deceive MANY with their flesh & blood voices? Though the members of religion mean well, they unknowingly proclaim a false image of God because they do not understand Jesus’ own teaching.

        And what did Jesus himself teach? How did HE reveal the way in which Christ can be known in TRUTH?

        He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter answered and said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Jesus answered and said to him, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven.
        ~ Matthew 16:15-17

        Again, the majority of people in these churches love God and are simply unaware that they have accepted a false teaching about Christ. These have simply not yet awakened to the desire to seek Truth directly from the Spirit. For when they awaken they can SEE that religion does not proclaim what Jesus actually taught. This is why we are called out of religion.

        Trust Jesus who tells us that only God the Father can give us the proper understanding of Christ. Without this light of true understanding, given only through our free-will choice to listen to the Spirit of Truth, we will remain asleep.

        May we all gain Eyes to See!

      • What do the churches proclaim is the Gospel? What is the message they preach continually? Is it what Jesus taught? And if not, would there then be two Gospels, one false and one true? If the church’s gospel differs from that of Jesus, which one should we accept as true?

        When we look to the churches we see that they proclaim a Gospel that declares we are evil and wicked, eternally corrupt and deserving of never-ending torment. They teach that we are made clean only by believing God killed Jesus as a sacrifice for our eternal corruption. They teach that God’s love is not freely given, but demands that the innocent be sacrificed.

        And so we repeat the question, do we follow the churches teaching, or do we follow Jesus’ teaching? This is a question we must answer.

        If the Gospel of Jesus’ death is truly the means of our eternal salvation as the churches would have us believe, then most certainly we would see a great emphasis on such an important issue in Jesus’ teachings. Surely his disciples, who knew his teaches best of all, would be fully aware of such a Gospel.

        Yet, do we see this Gospel of Sacrifice taught to his disciples? Do we ever see it proclaimed to the masses? Did Jesus preach such a gospel?

        No, in fact Jesus proclaimed quite the opposite by saying: “I am the RESURRECTION and the LIFE”. And when Jesus and his disciples went off to preach, it was always about THE KINGDOM OF GOD. The gospel of the KINGDOM is what Jesus proclaimed.

        Jesus never spoke about his death being necessary to save anybody, because he is Life, and his Life exists in all if only the people could recognize it. In fact, when he did prophesy that he would die a few days beforehand, not one of the disciples understood what he was saying. They recognized God in him, and never did they believe he could die. When he was finally crucified, all were confused and devastated. Not a one, even of his closest friends, believed they were somehow saved because Jesus died.

        There is no greater understanding of Jesus’ true mission than in the story of “Doubting Thomas”. For Thomas refused to believe that Jesus was resurrected until he SAW and FELT Jesus’ own body. He demanded SENSORY PROOF that Jesus lived, otherwise he would not believe.

        And how did Jesus respond to this professed unbeliever? He provided the proof Thomas wanted. Jesus didn’t condemn Thomas for not believing… instead, in one of the most beautiful examples of God’s love, he revealed the truth in the way most comfortable for Thomas. Jesus loved Thomas, and by his disbelief revealed how God sees ALL people who, for whatever reason, do not yet see the limitlessness of God’s love.

        Jesus did indeed save us from our sins. Not because we are sinners, but because our sins (mistakes) BLINDED us to our true nature as a Son of God, just like Jesus, our brother. He died to awaken us by revealing that there IS NO DEATH, and to show us that we too have the victory. He went through death’s door to show us that there is only LIFE, that this LIFE is God within us, the very teacher he promised us. And in this understanding we recognize that Jesus gave us a great gift, a teacher within us who will awaken us to the mystery of the Kingdom of God, which is the TRUE GOSPEL.

        Whether we doubt, or whether we believe. Whether we seek for truth, or prefer the sensory-based world, the love of God is the LIFE that sustains us. The churches have not yet awakened to LIFE within, and do not recognize that Jesus came to save us by revealing who we are in Truth. For we are ALL sons of God.

  10. Mishai, Thoughtware, all good points to be considered and discussed.

    The Bible is an interesting book to say the least. It has many parables, mysteries, allegories and symbolisms which are in effect word puzzles. And there are metaphors to help explain the true meaning of God’s intention for mankind’s journey here on earth. Some scriptures are revealed to us in a straightforward language such as the beatitudes while other scriptures may build on revealing how we are to come to “know” the beatitudes in realism…or…truthfulness.

    Saying “God is truth” starts leading one down a path of seeing God as a spirit as some may think of God as a separate entity apart from other realities. In this phrase one can say truth is a metaphor in linking God to a “spiritual thing” instead of a natural or bodily form. “God is Love” also offers the same invitation to think of God as being a part of ourselves for we are asked to “love and be truthful” within ourselves, spiritually existing within this natural body.

    What a lot of us are saying, along with God as He opens our minds to the true meaning of love, in using parables, metaphors, etc., etc., is to search “beyond” the natural meaning of the parables or the “metaphors” if you will, to find our spiritual place in the midst of a natural world into which we are born. In the saying “first the natural then the spiritual” is telling us we are natural beings born of a natural woman and as sure as we have possessed the carnal mind we will also come to possess the spiritual mind, born of a spiritual woman. These comparisons are clearly taught in the scriptures as we can all see.

    In making the transition from the carnal to the spiritual, from darkness to light, from self to selflessness it can be a confusing and bewildering journey and transition. People are born into this world in different countries, cultures and religions. The contrast between people’s beliefs can be very far apart in their “beginnings,” however as we move up the pyramid of life we become closer and closer together as we reach the pinnacle of reality or God’s likeness. What God is teaching us through our many outward differences is that the reality of our likenesses is who we really are and as God (truth and love) is revealed to us within we become more and more as He is.

    Life is a stage, life is a school, life is a journey, are all different metaphors explaining that life is in seen by different people in different ways but the metaphors do not change the reality “of God” to which all are pointing. So, we are not to live all the metaphors of the true but we are to endeavor to know the true “destination” of the meaning of all words used in the pursuit of the true. It is because we are first carnal does God give us truths in the form of parables. Just as Christ explained to the disciples when they asked why He spoke in parables to the public, He explained that why He did so was in the fact that it was not for the masses to understand “at that time” but it was only for those disciples He chose to understand. ( They were first being taught so that they could later fo out and teach the masses in which Christ was “temporarily” turning away.)

    This was and is because there is a progression of revealing Himself in “orders” of redemption and progression by calling in the “timing” of each of us as individuals in eventually making up the corporate man. The end result of each of us being made into God’s likeness and image is according to a predetermined plan and it is being executed by the specifics of God’s will. We will not all make this transition from the carnal to the spiritual at the same time nor at the same pace. We all will come to God’s likeness as He draws us and removes the “metaphor” revealing the true likeness of Himself to us. This is our purpose for coming through the many experiences of this life. It is to come from the darkness of the shadows to the light of God and who God is. We will find God’s true likeness and character as we also become as He Is. The “I AM.”

    We must come to see both sides of the subject matter at hand to understand and bring together the natural and the spiritual or the parable or metaphor to their highest and truest meaning. This meaning or these truths are the love of God within us as we grow to be as He is. So whether we only understand the natural before we transition to a higher understanding from the lesser there is one thing that “should” always be constant across the learning process and that is what our goal is and what the goal of another is, which is the same. Sure, we have our differences, but again, it is our differences which cause and encourage us to find our mutual likenesses. Differences are temporary as there can only be God’s way as our likenesses become eternal as we enter into His reality, leaving the dream of sin. This is because sin is temporary while love is eternal. We learn from the temporary to establish the eternal.

    When we understand the destination the journey will explain itself and all the parables, symbols and mysteries of the journey will not be so important to us as to the end result. What we wish for all or should wish for all is that the goal of becoming as “HE IS” is firmly planted in their heart regardless of where they received their start in this world or where they are presently on their journey…from the carnal to the spiritual. God is one spirit and our true selves are one spirit with His. We will live the “lie,” metaphorically speaking, in order that we may learn to only live in the truth of reality. We learn what is acceptable to God by participating in a set of principles and laws that cannot and will not work for all in the reality of the eternal. We must learn through our life’s experiences what will not work in order to see what will work. This is the reason for God allowing evil to exist for a “time.”

    We have been given “free will” for a time only in order to understand that there can only be one will which governs all of us as one. When we go our own way in our free will, it is in this environment do we learn a better way, a better will. It is when our will learns to be one with our Father’s will are we free from self will. Our differences in misunderstanding word meanings and their usage should not be the deciding factor in our journey nor in our relationships with one another for love must always be constant in our differences.

    When we see the final destination of our brother is the same as ours in the likeness of our “mutual” Father we will no longer sweat the small stuff. Our temporary misunderstands of words and their meaning can never replace our love of the other. We may think we can but this is the lie in which we participate in where we once thought of ourselves as being divided from one another where in reality we are all to come to the understanding that God is all and in all. This is because as we have taken on the nature of the carnal we will as assuredly take on the nature of the spiritual, which is no less than the character of our Father which is in heaven. If we can look in the future perfect past tense, we cease to strive for something we already possess.

    It is all good.

    • You said, “We will find God’s true likeness and character as we also become as He Is. The “I AM.”

      Yes, sir! This is a great mystery, and our power. This is the very light of the world!

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