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Transcendent Creativity


Transcendent Creativity


As the soul transcends into a sublime oneness, its expressed creativity takes on a new energetic landscape.

Conduit of Creativity

In complete oneness, the soul functions as the conduit for the divine will to manifest the Creator’s divine attributes in creation. In this unity, the soul’s desires and the Creator’s will flow as one; as the Creator works through the soul’s desires. Thus, the soul’s role is to desire, and the Creator’s role is to do.

“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.  

John 15:7

Desire is the one soul element that can be purified while the soul is still a part of its false-self. (For example, the soul can desire to perfectly love though it doesn’t have the ability to do so in its current state of consciousness.) Desire resides beyond the soul and yet a part of it because it is a pre-creative state. Thus, along the soul’s journey through the wilderness, it’s the desires of the soul that are purified, which prepare the way for the divine-self. Because desires pave the way for what is created, it is also the aspect of soul where its awakening begins. (The Portal of Divine Desire)

When the soul’s desire comes into alignment with the Creator’s will, then the creative words of the soul begin to flow from the divine consciousness. Through these words the divine potentials of immortal harmony are manifested in creation; beginning with actualization of the divine-self and then abundant life created through that self. The soul asks and speaks according to its desire and the Creator works his will to fulfill the desire of the soul. As the desires of the soul grow more beautiful, so does the soul’s reality.

Because it’s the Creator’s role “to do”, after the soul offers up its deepest desires it enters into its most potently creative state, which is a profound rest that is cradled by living faith, divine trust, and belief.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 

Philippians 4:6 

In this state, the soul completely relinquishes the fulfillment of its desires to the Creator’s workmanship. This letting go is one of the most important aspects of the soul’s desire and its corresponding request. It’s an emotional atmosphere where the energetic powers of faith, trust and belief are potent and active. In this rest, these three creative qualities (faith, trust and belief) become heightened so that the energetic level of the soul finds a connection to the energy of divine creativity. This synergy enables the flow of the divine will through the soul and into its reality. The soul isn’t self-directing the means, manner, timing, and the specific outcomes along the way as it did in the self-determined consciousness, but instead it has become an outlet through which the divine will of divine love is accomplished. Meanwhile, the soul resides in the spontaneous flow of the present moment synched to the inner compass of the Spirit.

Requests in Grace

Transcendent or divine creativity requires a soul state of grace that is void of all retribution. As grace is a state of heart, so is retribution. One desires absolute healing and the other desires suffering.

Because the will of the Creator is abundant life for all, which is accomplished by grace flowing through the soul, in divine creativity the soul desires to give grace (alleviating all suffering) to all, always and in all circumstances. This desired intention of the soul enables  divine grace to flow into creation, which in turns enables any particular expression of divine creativity. Where the words of life from the Spirit cleanse and purify the soul (manifesting the Christ spirit within), the grace given between individual souls enables them to walk in that life. (Symbolized in Jesus washing the disciples feet.)

As I mentioned in previous posts, grace is the power in divine love that enables the soul to walk according to its divine longings. When the soul offers grace to another, then it’s received into its own soul. Through this dynamic, grace and love spread throughout creation and create the foundation for every creative act. Thus, the sincere desire of the soul entails this grace being a part of every circumstance, every heart, and every part of creation.

Requests in Retribution

When the soul desires divine grace, it desires nothing of retribution; which comes in many forms. If a soul desires retribution for another’s error (sin), it not only keeps grace from another’s life, but from its own. Thus, the divine creative energy can’t flow through this soul because the soul is counter to it. Thus, the Spirit of Truth instills truth in the soul that manifests a desire to give unconditional love.

“For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.

Matthew 7:2

Part of the truth that the soul receives from the Spirit that negates retribution is the awareness of the soul’s current condition. When the soul sees that it is all that it judges; it ceases to judge and instead has mercy. One common area where retribution resides is in the dynamic of a bully and a victim; a dynamic that comes in many shapes and forms. As all begins with thoughts, thinking self-deprecating thoughts and thinking deprecating thoughts of another creates “bullying”. Receiving these thoughts as truth from the self or another creates “being the victim”. The false-self is full of both. However, there is a deeper dynamic occuring: a victim is an inner bully, and a bully is an inner victim. And so it is with much of this reflective reality.

As long as the soul believes it is only one or the other, then an active contrary spirit resides hidden within the soul. Without the revealing of both within the soul, one stays active, which prohibits divine creativity. As the soul realizes it is both and “confesses and forsakes” both, it negates the separatist mentality that created a justified retribution. What is revealed can be healed. What is hidden festers.

And forgive us our debts, As we forgive our debtors.

Matthew 6:12

Once all is revealed, then the soul desires grace for all, and transcendent creativity can flow. These counterpart dynamics are why the Spirit creates a humble atmosphere in a seeking soul. In humility, the soul is willing and able to see itself in the dynamics of its life – and learn. And in learning, its desires shift to be in accordance with the divine will.

The transformative path of the soul removes all retribution from the soul so that divine grace can flow and cover all. Without the soul “washing the feet” of those around it in grace, then grace would be withheld from creation. We are abundantly covered in grace from within, and as we desire to give it, we find that something beautiful and new begins to be created upon the landscape of the earth.

“If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.

John 13:14



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

56 thoughts on “Transcendent Creativity

  1. rachel i am so in love with your soul being transformed into the glory of the awakenend knowing being transfiguerd into a heavenly calling your revelations are sacred and priceless i cant express how your spiritual knowleged from the very soul of the heart of the new creation you are becoming amen and amen i am absolutely speechless

    • Thank you for your beautiful expression in these words.. they reflect what I trust the Spirit to do through these words as only he can. And in seeing this unity of spirit my heart rejoices, for it is the beginning of the DAY when the oneness that we all truly are will manifest through the abundant grace poured upon us and as we pour it upon each other. We will see our blessed Creator’s reflection in each other; no longer dimly, but as a bright and shining light.

  2. Every single word of this is divine truth. Every one. Not only that, also divine synchro current of divine light flowing from the limitless river of The Holy Ghost. The impossible has happened again and will never stop. This beautiful pace you are flowing reveals you understand the importance of your awareness to what Our Father trusts In you for others. To feel in this realm is one of His divine gifts of grace. To be able to touch and be touched with his divine love passing thru us for others transparently knowing it is not ours to give but His thru you, is the purest warmest energy I have ever felt. Don’t be in a hurry to get back home Rachel, God loves who you are to him and his people on earth. Love you sister. Truly. This dude abides. I am His and He is mine. He is U(s). Am. Yes. Tears of Joy. I love Him He is Before us and Before us Sweet spot


    • Such treasures lie within your words, Travis … thank you. We are all becoming gates to the beautiful reflections of our Creator; as our will acquiesces..his likeness finds passage through our soul and into the lives around us. Though it’s the same spirit the individuality of each window to his Spirit is truly remarkable and beautiful to behold. I can’t wait to see where this all goes for my imagination can’t contain such magnificence. So I rest in the present moment and watch it unfold. And its incredible to be sharing it with you all.

  3. Thank you for the deep that keeps stirring our reflection.

    Reflecting in the awesome loneliness of divine solitude.

    I miss everything but that, not this.

    Upside down and reflected 000’441 peace

    It feels like it’s 120* in my heart

    On a lighter note, the wisdom brings answers. Such as the old chicken or the egg question. Spoiler alert. The chicken. 😂. We have all been

    Love Divine Truth, Travis >

    • Wisdom does enlighten the heart … one riddled solved 🙂 … but tell me the translation to “Upside down and reflected 000’441 peace” …

  4. I am not sure as I rest also. What’s next. Not sure how many pieces come before I could truly answer that. I usually don’t Babel like that but I feel it’s the upside down and reverse of something good. Has to be. Right? Lol
    As for now. Not to hi. Not to lo. 😐

    • I have learned that all will be turned upside down and inside out…

      Where the will of God’s divine love has taken a “passive” presence (because of the necessary instruction through the self-will) it will take an “active” one, which is turning everything upside down and yet right side up.

      Where the inner spirit man has been dominated by the exterior material man, the inner man will, which contains the spirit of God, will consume the outer. So interesting …

      • Such a water purifying system yiu speak of. The joy and pain. Like sunshine and rain. I feel as if there are 144,000 stars in this divine cluster of what? I dont know. But you are one. Yiu have taking the air right out of my lungs. Why? You know. The parallel streams are No words. Thank you.

  5. rachel you are so moving into the joy unspeakable and full of glory this journey i am beholding in your being is a dispensation of your soul being wedded to god almighty in a actual metamorphosis of living breathing truth triumphant amen ❤

  6. Hi Rachel! It’s Sonne! I have been travelling with our Elohim for many weeks now through the Pacific North-West coastline and into Oregon. I have seen your banner of Divine-Love fluttering high in the windy cliffs and rejoiced. I am living in the very words in your post in my experience now. How we love you Rachel!! B’nai Elohim All surround and lift you up ever higher. See you soon in the Malkut of His Shamayim…


    • Hi, it’s good to hear from you! Sounds like an incredible experience you are having. The more awareness I gain of this divine love, I perceive it is the supreme desire for our hearts; for all that it contains and means. In this love all of Creation, including the Creator, is blessed beyond words and imagination. We each are a “banner” – purposed to be a unique reflection of our Creator by his grace. What beauties await our eyes! And certainly your words have lifted me up time and time again; what a blessed gift to give … for in the giving of it, you also receive it, which is my desire for you. I desire all to be his light and his reflection. May this be all of humankind’s singular and united desire, and as our hearts join in this unity, new vibrations of life are created upon the earth.

  7. we all love you so very much beloved rachel you are such a treasured dove of awesome love and wisdom u need to be forever smothered with kisses galore amen ❤

    • Whatever I write it is by grace .. thus what you perceive as you do is a reflection of the Spirit working through this dynamic .. thus to him flows all adoration. Such affections we will have toward all for we are purposed to be the gates to his likeness, and to thus to him is the beginning and end of all love shared.

  8. Reading the comments on this post, I wanted to share this with you…

    I have a great love for you all, a love beyond myself yet from within myself. It’s a love that is crafted by the One whose name is above all names. It’s a love that desires no suffering, pain or heartache, but the deepest of healing and freedom to bloom in your hearts and into all you meet. It desires for you to be so covered in divine love’s abundance that you know nothing else. My deep desire and prayer is for this love to manifest in all its power, which creates a reality beyond our imaginations. I’m humbled and grateful for your kind words and the beauty, purity, honor and sincerity they are given, for when they are spoken to one, they are spoken to all. And, as I receive, I return all to the One whom is the originator of love and thus the circle of love (life) is complete. Any loving kindness received must not be contained with us, but flow through us like a mighty stream, it is the gift to give.

    Though I know you each to varying degrees, I know you are His and a part of me as we are all one. That you are his special treasure thus a treasure to us all. I’m grateful to see such things. May the love you’ve desired to give that comes from the prompting of the One within you be received in abundance into your own soul.

  9. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  10. rachel i feel the love of your glory and it is all consuming to me i will be forever in awe of your majesty in christ jesus ❤

  11. The quote of scripture :

    “If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.
    John 13:14

    In layman’s terms; if our Lord has cleansed our “under” standing then in return we should then cleanse the understanding of another. When we wash another’s feet, we give cleansed words of understanding for our feet represent just this, “our understanding. The whole body is supported by the feet. The feet are also representing a dispensation of a time (Nebuchanzer’s image) when all dispensations are consummated in “this” feet dispensation.

    There is much to be learned about this “washing” but in it’s simplicity, it means the same as all other revealingly, to love others as ourselves…which is depicted by us being given a clean,
    loving understanding to in return being given to others. Whether someone accepts this or not is between God…them.

    Good reading here, thanks.

  12. this guy is very interesting check him out

  13. i am speaking from absolute experince when i am saying anything. once a soul touches any degree of gods love he or she will for the first time in life know with every fiber of there being that all the power of the universe is given in that divine love and is the key to the second birth meaning born again (jesus christ) and will do the greater works, what ever that is. amen

  14. let me clear up one point you made on one of your earlier post rachel concerning us becoming a new creation in god he is referring to his divine seed those being perfected in christ jesus his sons. those growing in his all consuming love and being made completed as he is. like jesus.and they will indeed create worlds and people them with there off spring and be the elohim gods over them the divine eternal pattern and go on created galaxies and univereses .thats all ways been heavenly fathers plan for his sons even when we where rays of light before the foundations of the earth .

    • Hi Amos, interesting thoughts … from what I’ve felt in my spirit as I get a glimpse here and there, I know that our minds with their current frameworks can’t conceive or imagine what is in store for it exceeds our imagination. But whatever it will be it will be a continual expansion of our soul in dimensions and ways we’ve not conceived. Thus a continual newness in life that manifests continual joy. We are very one-demisional at the moment and I believe we’ll have many dimensions.

  15. very true rachel once the love of god becomes perfected as our new mind the dimension of heaven will be restored in its immaculent wonder of us knowing the full plan of our inheritance as sons of god amen

  16. Rachel, here is something I thought that may compliment your writing of our souls journey…for we are ourselves a study of our own soul….for all is a story about us… becoming the oneness we seek. A very good study.

    The journey of the soul through this life, a love story through and through.

    The allegorical story of Adam and Eve is a love story of “love” denied but only for a short time, it is a story of a husband and a wife …or in actuality of the spirit and soul which the natural husband and wife only typify. Blindness came into the picture as the flesh of clay became the temple of the spirit and soul….or the spirit having been lowered into this earthly realm and divided and split into two parts.

    The spirit hidden behind the veil, shut off from the place of the soul in the tabernacle is the stable immovable part of the temple. It is where God dwelled. This was purposely done by God so that our denied spirit which is that part of us called the soul would take a journey into the unknown abiss of failure and denial. (The valley of the shadow of death) Our journey is a denial of all the fruits of the spirit we once enjoyed in our completeness we had with God just as when Adam walked in the cool of the garden with his Father.

    To help explain this journey, God created the natural to explain the realm of the spirit and it’s journey from awareness to an expanded awareness and to explain the gift of life. We ask why such a grueling and painful experience? There is nothing that makes the heart grow fonder than “love denied”.

    When we truly love another in this life and they go on a journey “out of sight” our heart goes with them and it hasn’t the rest it had when they were together. Our spirit and soul is the husband and wife, allegorically speaking, so as the natural man and woman may be separated for awhile so it explains the true separation of our own spirit and soul within.

    Our soul has been separated from it’s true love, the spirit, for a season…so that it can go on this journey of lost love. The beauty of it is that “nothing” is lost forever but only has the appearance of it being lost momentarily. For what we think of as a permanent loss in this life is but a time of regeneration where in actuality our souls’s journey is a time of gaining an understanding of this new creation and how to live in this new creation.

    The reason the spirit misses the soul so much is that “he” has in actuality lost a part of himself, his soul having been placed just out of site, just out of reach and understanding. We are the tabernacle in the wilderness and as we study it’s constructs in the natural we learn to understand our constructs in and of this spiritual walk.

    Our lost love will not be forever for we know our lost love will return to us in a matter of time. As God gives us our eyesight back, spiritually speaking, we begin to “see” , not with our natural eyes but with the understanding of the spirit behind the veil. We see the soul coming back to us and as the soul learns from her experiences in this life of “love denied” she (we) learn that obedience to the spirit is what is making us whole again.

    A oneness begins to develop between this husband and wife (spirit and soul) and as they make this journey together as they walk daily in His presence and search together, they find their true love together. There is a sweetness in these allegories for just as we journey in our natural marriages, we journey in our spiritual ones, the ones made with God…for all things are of God, through God and for God.

    We are His workmanship, and what we think He does for us, He really is doing it for His own pleasure. It is His pleasure to give us a likeness of Himself, a character that reaches out to give to others for there is nothing greater than to give…just as God gives. We feel far greater when we give when we know the source of our love for we can only give what has been given us.

    It is said that it is greater to give than it is to receive. If we receive a gift of God’s giving and we harbor it, it goes nowhere and affects no one but if we let His love flow through and out to others we can help mend others in many ways…often without a word…just in having a knowing that one is concerned and has their welfare in mind. We can become a spring of living waters to others if we walk in harmony with God and let these waters flow through and connect. Then we are one with another as we are one with God.

    So to desire to walk with God is a desire to walk with all…for God loves all…and as we also are instructed to love our neighbor as ourself…we realize our neighbor is the next person we meet…accepting them as they are. This is not to say we accept their ways for they will and can change…however we accept the potential in all.

    All of life’s experiences, whatever we deem them to be, as being good or evil, is but a lesson in life of what is and what is not to be…to make this union of spirit and soul once again complete. This is the true resurrection of life as the soul is resurrected from “within” our very being to being reunited to her lost love, the spirit. As with all stories and allegories in the scriptures this Adam and Eve story is the greatest love story ever written because it is the only love story to understand. It may be explained a thousand different ways in the scriptures but all the allegories and stories are but many explanations of the one true love…and that is the love of God that He has for each of us.

    Each and every one of us is that prodigal son, that one being sought out to being returned to his father’s house from where from his soul had lured him away from his first true love. By choosing life again, wanting to go back to the father’s house from which we left, we find God waiting to receive us with open arms…all forgiven, all received back to the place of the beginning. We see God in the leaving of the ninety nine and going after the one in the story of the prodigal son. None is lost and none will be lost as God teaches us through what “can be” lost. Loss is a temporary thing. This life’s separation of the spirit and soul truly makes the heart grow to yearn for her lost love, her other half so to speak… Just as we like to say “our better half”. Our other half completes us as the spirit loves the soul and the soul loves the spirit. This goes on until the husband and wife, Adam and Eve, or the truth of it all, the spirit and soul reunite to walk as one in the love and existence of God Himself…once again.

    God is love, God is all that heaven is and can be…so let us walk in His ways, in His attributes, His character and likeness as much as He may allow. As we all participate in our individual calling and order, although different from another’s, it is the same love that binds us together as we walk in our differences.

    Let us respect all, Saint and sinner alike, for when we do we respect ourselves and allow that we want for ourselves we want it to exist in another. Love really has no boundaries when seen in the oneness of God.

    Let us seek this oneness in another for as soon as we may contribute to another seeing God as He is, we in actuality are completing ourselves…for what we give we receive. If we give our all to another, we receive all from God. Let His love pour out and through our very spirit, soul and body to be consumed by all that He “is.” What a wonderful and beautiful walk it…is…when we begin to “see.”

    Let us make every decision we make, made to compliment the best we have to offer to God…and then we are blessed to give what we have been given to another. Then we have given something of extreme value…that we have been given…the love of God.

    • Hi Sonny, Our journey is an incredible story of love in every possible way. I find the temporary absence of the substance of divine love allows us to more fully comprehend it in construct which in turn leads to receiving and giving the substance. For example, in the absence, we learn of its inherent forgiveness, mercy, grace, compassion, righteousness.. as we experience the absence, we experience all that it protects us from — the shadow of death and every shade of separation. It creates a consuming hunger in us that in turn draws this love into our being and through us to others. How could we know these things unless we virtually experienced it through this dream-state life? Much of my focus of late has been on abiding from within my soul in the divine spirit of the Christ.. this is our soul’s true home and in our Creator’s perfect manner and timing this beautiful relationship of oneness will manifest itself in creation. This union is our victory, salvation, redemption, freedom, liberty, life, joy … it is the answer to all we seek and desire. How greatly we are loved and as we seek for truth in all sincerity we are slowly awakened to this love which gives us a consuming desire for it; for love is manifested through the perfect exchange of love given and received, whether between us and our creator or us and another … which in truth is all interlaced.

  17. spoken from blessed lips of joy unspeakable beloved rachel your words are priceless indeed amen and amen ❤

  18. rachel tell me what you think i trust your judgement

    • Hi Amos, Sorry for the delay, life has been quite busy on my end. So much is happening within the realm of the Spirit.

      Connected to your inner most being is the Spirit of Truth who guides you into all truth. Learn to trust this Spirit for the discernment you seek. I feel it is paramount to learn to trust this Spirit versus another outside of us because following his counsel in all the areas and nuances of our lives is essential … especially in following how he leads us deeper and deeper into truth.

      In my experience, I have found that the Spirit can use anything and everything to teach me. What may be useful for one, won’t be for another. Sometimes, it is a manner of timing. Someone can be presenting a reflection of truth but it is at a too high of a level and we are not ready to receive it. So various writings, people who share their understandings, and all that comes across our path is for a reason to us alone. If you feel drawn to certain writings .. then there may be something in it for you. It doesn’t mean that all of it is a reflection of truth, but you are feeling drawn for a reason. The instruction into the truths of divine love are a very personal matter as we are all individually sown by the hand of God. Thus, our greatest asset is to learn to rely on the guidance of the Spirit of Truth from within.

      • The only joy, the only complete happiness, the only power and glory that can be poured out like jewels of glorious perfection upon the heads of mankind is the understanding of their own importance, and their connection with their source, as the vine with the branch. And then as the plant continues to grow the branch also becomes the vine, and branches grow out from it.
        It is all in our hands. We have to buy the gold tried in the fire. Not with money, but with our eyes open to know that it is there for us, but we have to do the buying. We have to live the life and perfect ourselves and abide the higher laws even as Jesus Christ did. We have to stop worshipping Him from a distance, and saying we believe in Him, yet do not follow Him.

        We are literally and actually a race of Gods wallowing in deep mud while the Light is all around us, but we fail to see it. The Light has always been there. It is more real by far than the mud, yet we have clung to the mud, we have mixed it ourselves as we have determinedly kept our minds on the mortal concept of existence.

        The glorious. living vibrating Spirit of God fills all space, surrounds all substance, sustains all matter, penetrates all material. It is only as we become aware of it, or in tune with it that we can consciously contact it at all times. As you begin to understand this great force, or power of tender, compassionate loving warmth of living, flowing life that enfolds you, you will soon become aware that it is also within you—and thus it is true, “That in Him we live and move and have our being.” otherwise we could not abound, or exist. This enfolding Spirit of God knows all things, comprehends all things, and as we learn to draw it more and more into our beings with awareness or consciousness of it we are always in direct contact with God. We walk with Him. We abide in Him, and He abides in us.

        These are deep things I am trying to share with you—they are way beyond the ordinary thoughts of man to question or ponder. Go directly to God for your information. That is done by learning to contact this Holy Spirit of God, and learning to listen to the knowledge of truth as it is brought forth to you. This is the Atonement, or At-one-ment that Christ dies to give us—that we could be one with the Light, and thus ONE WITH CHRIST THE FATHER.

        Do not think for one moment that Heavenly Father has forgotten you, or has turned from you. If you do, then you shut yourself out from His presence. His Spirit enfolds you. it is the essence out of which all things are composed–it is the very vibration of light and life and love that brought all things into existence, and if it were not always surrounding us. and in and through us we could not possibly exist. Learn to know of its presence and its power and become one with it — then it will be subject to you and you can use it to create with, to heal the flesh of others, to bring to pass the greater works as promised by the Lord.

        The veil that we must rend is this very veil that seals our minds on this physical or mortal plane. It is the veil that lifts us into the Superconscious mind, or into the great Mind of the Spirit of Almighty GOD. that loving, flowing, enfolding, protective, directing force of our Father, in which we live and move and have our being. No one can rend that veil for us. We have to do it. If we are children of God, then we must do the things that He has done, even as Christ did. It is all ours to accomplish. He is the One who gives the blessings, but we are the ones who have to prepare ourselves to receive them. Note Col. 3:4 from the Emphatic Diaglott translation: “When the anointed may appear, the life of us, then also you with Him shall appear in glory.”

        Acts 14:22 “—THROUGH MANY AFFLICTIONS ARE WE TO ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD.” That is true— but we can enter the kingdom of God through these many afflictions and get nowhere at all, for life is afflictions when lived on this mortal plane. Surely every little desire of earth is a bleakness of the lone and dreary world. And it is only when we can catch the higher vision and know that it is not necessary to plod out our lives in darkness, and again attain unto the Spiritual realm of living and thinking that we can enter again into the Kingdom of Heaven, and when we do we will know that it is right within us—and when we rend the veil we will see and think and work with the Superconscious or God mind.The Spirit of God enfolds you completely. It is in and through all things. It is light, it is intelligence, it is power and glory. It abides in you, but withdraws from your consciousness under discord, fears and worries, and leaves you groping in darkness without its light and guidance. The least confusion, the least inharmonious thought banishes it from us. But as we become more and more conscious of its nearness and power, its gentleness and love, we can draw it to us and send it out multiplied to bless and heal and enlighten a world. It is ours to use always. It truly is the greatest and yet the servant of all. It is the most glorious gift, and we are heirs to it. Note D&C 11:18 where Hyrum Smith was admonished to “appeal unto my Spirit.”

        This great Spirit of God that composes all substance, that fills all space, that is in and through all things is truly everywhere. It is light! It is power! It is joy! It is glory and peace and happiness! And there is no place where this great eternal Spirit of God is not, except in man’s consciousness. When we can open our minds and hearts to understand, and our souls to receive we shall receive it in its fullness, and we shall be truly filled with light and comprehend all things. It has always been there waiting for us to take hold of it.

      • Incredible enlightenment is found in these words. I love the simplicity of the statement that the spirit of God is everywhere but man’s consciousness. This is exactly as I’ve been taught and a powerful concept to receive as your own. Thank you for these words.

      • ⚡️⚓️⚡️ Wonderful. ❤️Boom! Amoslee144 of course~. God is So Good.

  19. The ‘Christian’ churches promote their concept of the spiritual rebirth as the means of entering Gods kingdom. They teach that those outside of ‘their’ faith are lost, and face eternity in hell. The only alternative is to accept Christ as your personal savior and thus you are guaranteed a place in the Kingdom of God… after you die! Jesus said, “If a man keep my sayings, he shall never see death.” The ‘church’ does not believe that he meant that literally. I know that he did!

    • In my observation, the “Christian Church” operates in the realm of the flesh-mind versus the spirit-mind. In the flesh-mind there is no true understanding of God. It’s through a deep personal inner seeking into the realm of the Spirit (guided by the Spirit of Truth) that we even begin to see glimmers of truth. All is darkness, blindness, misunderstanding, error and illusion in the world of the flesh-mind. The Spirit of Truth is the illuminator of truth from within out.

      • These great dynamic truths that have been hidden from our eyes because of the traditions of our fathers are so breathtaking in their glory when one begins to open his soul and mind to hear and comprehend. We have become so sealed that we want to prove only those things we have been taught,—and these seals must be broken. In searching for the great truth, the truth that will make us free, it is almost necessary to forget all we have been taught, and go direct to the original source of all truth–first the scriptures-
        -all of them–and then to God Himself. This is the only possible way to KNOW Him.

      • Well said, Amos. Sorry for my delays in responding. I’m in the middle of many transitions. What you have said has certainly been my experience. I had to let go of all and learn from the Spirit and it is an ongoing process as my life continually reveals more to let go of and to embrace. Thank you.

  20. The “Spiritual” rebirth as taught by the church is intended to establish the belief, in the consciousness of the individual, that he or she has been “born again.” That according to their interpretation of the scriptures, God sent His only begotten son, “Jesus Christ,” into the world to take upon Himself the sins of the world. That He gave His life on the cross, and died for our sins that we could be saved; and whosoever believes this in their heart and acknowledges it by their public acceptance of it, asking God to forgive their sins as they repent of their sins, and by asking God to dwell in their hearts as they make a commitment to live for Him, shall be “saved”. This is the means as taught by the church whereby the individual seeking salvation can “rest-assured”that he or she has been “born again”; thereby fulfilling His (God’s) decree, that “Ye must be born again.”

    In no way does this “conception” of the spiritual rebirth bring about the Spiritual rebirth. The concept of the Spiritual rebirth as taught by the church can never lead you into the Kingdom of God; into the “consciousness of God”; into a “realization of oneness.” It does not result in the spiritual seeker being “born again!”

    Without question the majority of individuals who take this stand do, however, experience a turnaround in their lives. Many do go on to a life of service; into the ministry, as missionaries, etc., yet they have never truly experienced the spiritual rebirth; of being “born again.” It is an “astounding” revelation.

    In Matthew 19 when Jesus was asked, “What must I do to have eternal Life?”, he replied, “Keep the commandments”; honor thy father and thy mother and love thy neighbor as thyself.

    The Spiritual rebirth as taught by the church does little more than persuade the seeker to incorporate the ten commandments into his or her life; “John Doe” simply becomes a “practicing” Christian; a “John Doe” trying to be “Christ-like”. In doing so they have the assurance of eternal life, but… this does not provide them with the means of entering the “Kingdom of God”! “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom”; he said, and His disciples asked, “Who then can be saved?” “With men it is impossible”, he said. You cannot enter the Kingdom of God as a man! Why? Because it is a state of mind! A state of knowing that you and God are One and the same! A state of knowing that “you” are God manifesting; that “God” is your reality; your true identity. It is a state of knowing that the “I” within you is the Father. For this reason He said “I” and the Father are One! Have “I” been with you all this while and you haven’t seen the Father? In other words, the “Father” is who “I” am. That same “I” within “you,” is “the Father”. It is God’s identity; it is also your identity. “God” is the source of your being. The “source” does not give being to anything besides itself! The source is the “cause” and the “effect” is the cause manifesting; God manifesting! KNOW THIS!

    • An image can’t give life to the eternal. What you described in the first couple of paragraphs as the basic premise of the “born again” process is bound in an image. Though the words and images can reflect deeper spiritual insight, if all we have is the image then our understanding is in vain and affects us only a superficial level. Initially this is where many of us begin. However, too many stay there, trapped, because they are lead to think they are “born again” and thus done with seeking. So they simply try to live in what they think is a good “christian” manner. However, they are still bound up in a flesh-mind in their understanding. As we diligently seek the instruction of the Spirit of Truth, we begin to gain a true understanding bit by bit. And it leads us to knowing that we were always one with the Creator. God is sovereign and always will be. He is all there truly is. Any suffering or separation in divine love is impossible. So through He is all there is, He isn’t the dream that we are now in, but he created the dream state to teach us. When we awake, we see our oneness that always was.

  21. rachel there is a famine in world wide christianity there failing to go to the source to become empowered to do the greater works which incorporates souls into the kingdom of all encompassing love!! and thats a great travesty of untold blindness!

  22. Had to come back and read this again. Spot on. I can’t imagine what’s been going on with you since the last post. Could use a little of what’s next because I am in a vacuum. I pray that I am making best use of my time on earth for others and not spinning in the weeds. 2 people have come into my life that are like heaven sent help for someone that is to much for me alone. So wild. There words can only be from one place, just as your words are. I’ll keep ya posted. Something amazing at work. Day at a time. .

    • Hi Travis,

      I agree something amazing has been happening. Personally a lot has been happening on the spiritual and physical planes. I’m in the middle of moving across country so all is being uprooted as one journey ends and another begins. I feel the same in my spirit. I’ve been on the one and true battlefield – the mind. Truly all is consciousness and this is a where the victory lies. We get distracted by the outer but it’s an inner game that manifests the outer. The Kingdom comes from within. I hope to write soon, the Spirit willing. I love hearing from you. I’m thankful for those who come into our lives to encourage us along. It’s an intense but powerful time as we remember where our power resides.

      • O yes. Good to hear this. Geo change is awesome when you see the inner with the outer in a new place that reveals even more contrast of you divine reflections. Have fun!!!!!!

  23. Yes, there is an amazing stir in the air. I feel it and have felt it for sometime. Change is coming in many aspects of our lives…it has been quiet an event for me since “March” and I have learned so much about things that I could have learned no other way. My life has changed…for the better….although I’ve had a great loss, however I have had a great gain and confirmation of the sovereignty of God. Since my wife’s departure I have not questioned God in the negative at all but I find myself in great appreciation and gratitude for a clear understanding that all is well, she is home, God made a good decision and will keep making “good” decisions until we are all home… We with patience wait for it….

    Things are changing…..for the good of all.

    Good luck with your move. Tenn.?

  24. I wish you and William a good move , I believe it is a wise decision considering what we understand about this era. God is guiding us through and to…..,my wife went to horse shows in Memphis, I went to high school at central one year….a while ago! It’s about 4 hrs so…when you guys get settled come see another beautiful part of the country. We’re starting the project back up on the lake….I told you about way back when….time flys. It’s all good.

    Be safe


  25. I still look forward to meeting you “in the flesh” after you have settled into your new abode…so that we might share “in the Spirit” 🙂 I do treasure reading your blogs, but have to admit that much of it can be challenging for me to understand at this stage in my unveiling journey. Although, I no longer have all of those “babies” in my dreams….perhaps I am a toddler now 😉 I am thankful to our amazing, magnificent, mind-blowing, loving Father for sending me your inspired videos and writings as they help peel away the lies from my mind. You are a great encouragement to me sister Rachel! Happy and peaceful transitioning to you with love from my heart to yours 🙂

    • Hi Carmen,

      I too look forward to meeting you! One of my greatest inspirations is the enlightenment the Spirit brings through his teachings. How grateful I am for all they provide and create. The spirit life is never truly stagnant for one who desires to expand in the spirit. Our Father’s workmanship is deep and perfect and often beyond our present awareness. Thanks for your words. They truly blessed me.

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