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Stirring The Deep

The Hidden Door


The Hidden Door

in the Garden of the Soul




Divine Truth is received into our soul from a higher frequency … one that pulsates from divine love. To tune into truth, we must tune into love.


In the innermost chambers of our soul is a gateway into another reality.

There are two paralleling universes. One is a perception, experience, and reality of separation. The other is a perception, experience, and reality of oneness. The place in which we cross from one to the other is in this innermost chamber.

Sounds like fantasy, and it remains a fantasy until we perceive the truth of this alternate reality of oneness. As we tune into truth through divine love, through our soul perceptions we begin to perceive this other reality that we can transition into, the realm of our Father’s presence, the realm of eternal light.

Yet, this glorious realm remains hidden from our awareness as long as our soul remains hidden in lies. It can only be found when the truth of its nature is known, which corresponds to the lies of our soul being replaced with truth. We can’t transform into what we don’t perceive or know. Further, because this is the realm of our Father’s presence, thus the realm of divine love, until we know and desire this love, this reality remains obscure. It’s encountered through his love and entered into by his love for it is the reality of his love. Thus, it takes our free-will choice to accept and be transformed by this love, because love always grows out of desire, free will, and choice. We choose and divine love changes. So, we find the truth through love, and in that truth we find the door to this hidden yet ever-present parallel reality.

The Path

In the reality of separation there is a path to the reality of oneness that leads us to this door. It’s the path of truth flowing from divine love. Truth is definitive. Thus, as we traverse the path of truth, the path becomes increasingly narrow when perceived from the reality of separation because truth doesn’t entail anything of separation. As we grow in the awareness of truth, we shed all that creates separation, and our lives are transitioned from a soul experience of separateness to oneness. This process usually entails great upheavals in our soul as all is turned inside out and all is exposed. It’s a very humbling and trying time. Yet in this process, our soul is starting its transformation from the likeness of one born in a reality of separation to one born of the reality of oneness. While the path is quite narrow while in the reality of separation, once in the reality of oneness we are limitless.

To go through the door into the reality of oneness, we take nothing of the reality of separation. Thus along the path of truth, we shed all that we are except for the pure essence of our individuality shaped by the Spirit of love and truth. We can’t take anything of separation; hatred, anger, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, greed, self-determination, self will, ugliness, blame, judgment, self-pity, pride, self-righteousness, self-exultation, etc. It doesn’t fit through the doorway, for these things don’t exist in this reality of oneness. All we take is what the spirit of divine love and truth have sown in our souls in accordance with the uniqueness of our individuality. Thus, our soul’s raiment is of unity; divine love, peace, harmony, humility, giving, sharing, rest, beauty, etc. We leave behind all the cares and ways of the reality of separation for they were sown in separation to serve separation, and they have no part in the reality of oneness, except as a memory washed in his love. Though only a memory, it’s this memory that enables us to abide in the oneness of the reality of the real and eternal.

The Door

As we start to grow in the awareness of truth, our soul perceptions become attune to the true heavenly Father (not some image crafted by others, but a personal knowing born out of a longing and desire for a personal communion within our soul), who is distant from the reality of separation and yet still close to us. He is only a breath away in our innermost soul, but from the viewpoint of the reality of separation it feels as distant as death. As we continue to draw close and perceive our Father as he truly is, thus his love as it truly is, thus ourselves and others as we all truly are, the door to his reality becomes dimly lit. We are beginning to perceive our true origin; the midst of his presence, which is a consuming love.

This door within our soul leads us back into our point of origin, our heavenly Father. Upon passing through it we enter into the eternal light, which is being fully awake in the reality of our Father’s love. Thus, we are no longer in the sleep of separation.

We awaken to this place once our individuality is formed. Our individuality is complete and ready to find entrance into the reality of oneness once divine love finds its place at the origin of our individuality, which for us is a new birth as the very origin of our soul is transitioned from a starting point of separateness to one of oneness. And once our souls are clothed in his truth and love by the workings of his spirit, we find entrance into his realm.

However, this door isn’t easily seen. In our innermost soul, it’s hidden beneath the dusty lie of perceived separation. This lie resides in the deepest part of our soul covered by all sorts of lies that spawned from it, because it was formed before our first conscious memory. So into our soul we must go …

Our soul is like a garden. Prior to the inner workings of love and truth in our soul, our inner soul has been neglected for we haven’t even seen it. It’s been covered with the mortal mind materialized through a reality of separation. It’s like a garden filled with weeds and overgrown with kudzu. We can’t see anything clearly and our soul perceptions are dimmed and covered in untruths. This is what happens when we abide in the reality of separation.

As we relinquish to the workings of the Spirit of love and truth, our soul becomes like a well tended gardened. As the lies are cleared by the truth, eventually we are able to perceive this hidden door into the reality that is the true home of our birthplace, the heart of our loving Father. In this reality, his loving presence is like the air, it surrounds us, and fills and governs every breath.

Through love’s prompting we stumble upon the path, and when we recognize it, we only want to continue on it wherever it leads because we realize it is the path to the door of our eternal home in the center of our Father’s love.





Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “The Hidden Door

  1. Your the one, I’ve been
    lookin’ for,~
    your the one that’s got the key,
    but I can’t figure out, whether
    I’m ‘too good’, for you,~
    or, are you too good ‘for me’?

  2. Hi Rachel, I seem to fall in and out of oneness. What should I do to stay there and grow deeper into oneness?

  3. Oh Rachel, daughter of the most high! Your light is as strong as the brightest star! I love to navigate by it…


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