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Goodbye My Old Friend



Goodbye My Old Friend

My inner child speaks in rhythmic refrain
As I proclaim my freedom from death’s reign:

My old friend it’s time to let you go.

You stood as my hope and comfort from life’s pain
As thoughts of you flooded my mind like drowning rain.

You promised to set me free from unbearable afflictions
To take me through the consummate transition.

To steal me away in the night into endless sleep
To send me through the gates of eternal peace.

You promised to take me to a distant land
Far from the cries of suffering I could hardly stand.

“This will be your eternal home
When I come to take you as my own.”

Your proclamations of my end
Came as a voice of a much needed friend.

When life seemed kind you stood quietly waiting
For bound in time my joy was fleeting.

Again, I welcomed your coming as life tore me in pieces.
Your darkening touch would save me from taunting curses.

Thankfully you didn’t answer this mistaken call
For you were but a part of my illusionary fall.

Unwavering you stood as savior in my dream of suffering
The one to lay me to rest and end all my struggling.

When fear was my enemy, you were my friend,
My surety that his torments would eventually end.

Embracing you made me feel fearless and strong
But now I see my foolishness and wrong.

So I give up the illusion of you.

My hope in you disguised my true liberation.
Joyous life and peace hid behind your empty deliberations.
How could you – nothingness – offer me redemption?

Disguised in empty promises, you came as a friend
Offering something new and wonderful in the end.

Phantom whispers of release, freedom and joy
But you were but a thief to steal, kill and destroy

So I gave up the illusion of you and chose One who is true.

This One guarded my soul while I dreamt of you.
Now his divine love is my only truth.
His love fails me not and feeling its strength

It’s all I desire, so I let you go for the True.

In His open heart resides my eternal peace.
There is no delay in his timeless gifts of grace.
They, as He, are forever present within the holy place.

He stood beyond the narrow gate.
In a Light so bright it brought me to a new fate.

His love beckons me out of the illusion of you.
My heart rejoices at his call I now hear as true
And his voice steadily leads me into eternal youth.

No longer through a barren land do I roam.
Today, in this present moment, I am home.

So, I leave you in the place of forgotten dreams
And empty my mind of your endless games.

I take back the treasure I so easily gave away in vain.
Goodbye old imaginary friend, your loss is my eternal gain.


~ Rachel
February 8, 2018

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

141 thoughts on “Goodbye My Old Friend

  1. What a lovely truth about leaving death’s reign and seeing only the reality of an endless life living in an existence of the completeness in the love of God. To see this is the promised land. This was a joy to understand.

    • Yes it is. The perspective at the end of the prodigal journey is a tremendous gift – our eyes are opened to see the power and significance of each step along the way. It’s a perspective that ends all darkness for it is here that the Light is seen and experienced in a way it never could until we arrived at our journey’s end.

  2. This explains the foundational truth of why this blog exist and the purpose of its author(s). It is to to teach and to reveal to others that “all” things in this life happens to us in the context of an unconditional love where nothing else really exist in the mind and will of our Father. And that “all” things, positively “all” things, work together (both good and evil) for those who love God…for we see that God is only of one nature…where He will see all finished as He is.

  3. This prophecy was given us before the creation…of time.

    Psalms 139: 7-18,

    “Where can I go from Thy spirit? Or where can I flee from Thy presence? I ascend to heaven, Thou art there; I make my bed and sheol, behold, Thou art there. If I take the wings of the dawn, if I dwell in the remotest part of the sea, even there Thy hand will lead me, and Thy right hand will lay hold of me. If I say, surely the darkness will overwhelm me, and the light around me will be night, even the darkness is not dark to Thee, and the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are like Thee. For Thou didst form my inward parts; Thou did weave me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to Thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Thy works, and my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from me from Thee, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth. Thine eyes have seen my unformed substance; and in Thy book they were all written, the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them. How precious also are Thy thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand. When I awake, I am still with Thee.”

  4. As I thought about people’s differences and how we relate to others because of them I thought about John 1. and how we should be and let be until we each are delivered from ourselves…not another.

    The three phases of our life..

    In John 1, John writes of three stages of spiritual growth; children, young adults and parents. Our spiritual growth through each developmental stage carries with it certain conditions or levels of maturity. Before we entered into the first phase of our life and had done anything good…or evil, our destination was determined before God ever placed us in our mother’s womb to be formed into this body we have. We physically go through stages of physical growth as we also go through stages of spiritual growth. We must remember as it is in the natural so it is in the spiritual, this is God’s rule of created life. God intends for us to learn spiritual things by all of the created and the recorded natural things in the Bible. For example if we study the tabernacle in the wilderness in how it was laid out, its proportions, the materials used, its furniture and its relation to the outer court and the encampments of the children of Israel around it, we will understand our structure and how we relate to all that is around us…for we are the true spiritual tabernacle of which the natural only “represents.” The encampment represented and represents the entire world and how Israel functioned or “should have functioned” is how we are to see the larger picture of

    The children of Israel were required to participate in the three feast of the year which parallel with the three stages of growth John wrote about. Our journey through this life from our birth to our exit of it is told in hundreds of allegories, parables and mysteries recorded in the scriptures. What we must understand and remember is that it is the natural which explains the greater and higher life we are to achieve and therefore we are not to place our worth in the explanations and “knowledge” of the natural…the letter. We are only to use the study of the natural to understand where and how we are to come to in our spiritual walk in Christ.

    In our beginning stage of growth, being young children, we are not condemned to “hell” or suffering because of our sins, mistakes or naivety, by our parents, we are forgiven them…as we continue to grow and learn by and through them. This stage is where we are so full of our devilish self and where life is all about us and what we want. God’s grace covers all of our vanity as we learn through this stage…as well as all stages until we stand before Him in His likeness.

    The second stage of becoming young adults is the stage where we begin to understand God’s ways vs our ways of our childish past. We must remember at this stage also that we are all created subject to vanity, not willing but with a hope being placed within us to be delivered from our vanity. In this stage of life we are starting to listen another, to that greater spirit that has always resided in our temple (behind the veil) in the Holy of Holies…where God dwells within us. This is the stage of life where we start understanding we have a choice some call free will. In this stage we are in that transitional stage of life where we are free to choose our way vs His way….only until…we are able to leave our free will choices behind and move on into the final stage of growth where it is all about conducting ourselves in the only will that will last…and that is the will of God.

    In the final phase of our growth we enter into the realm of understanding the sovereign mind of God and what the unconditional love of God’s character really means. In the first two stages we heard about it, read about it and desired it and may have prematurely claimed it by only having a knowledge of it as children most always do…but in this final stage of parenthood, being in the realm of the Father, we start awakening to the “substance” of God’s mind while leaving the realm of only having the knowledge about the maturity of God. In meeting, discussing and sharing our progress and understanding with others, we each must understand we are all along one of these different stages of progression. In the first two stages of being spiritual children and spiritual young adults, we do not handle the word of God as well as we do when we mature on into being “parents” where we have been there and done that in the first two stages of growth.

    In this “adulthood” phase of the spirit we will no longer base our love on what we “know” and learned in the phase as children and young adults, for we will now “become” that which is past the realm of words and explanation. We will come to fully suffer those who are coming from behind because we realize that this realm of unconditional love we are entering into is a space of grace where no sin nor fault will be held against any by God…or by those who have entered into this third phase. This realm of the higher calling is a realm where we are to take on the will and mind of God as did His first born Son…thinking, speaking and doing only the will of the Father. In this third realm our “free will” ceases to exist as it existed in the two previous ones and as we take on the one true will of the oneness of our Father. All phases have their substantiated argument from the perspective of the place of one’s current understanding however as we come into the fullness of God there is only one will and one way. In the phase of young adult hood as we exercise our free will God is there to correct it and turn and guide our will until our will becomes one with His. He wants us to freely and willingly accept His way.

    It is in this final stage of growth that we understand with compassion where others may be because of where we started out..and where others may be at this moment in their walk in their appointed time. This adulthood we are maturing into is the place of an unconditional love where we no longer look for nor see the fault in others, we instead see them as we see ourselves, children of God going through their different phases of growth. A fully matured adult in the natural can explain all the truth in the world to a young child and out of the defiance that is inherently within them they will go and do what you taught them not to do anyway. Yet as these young children learn from their mistakes, they start to see and listen to the adult within them…which is the spirit of Christ.

    The adult, God’s spirit has always been in the house and just in the other room right next to the room of our immature soul, in the Holy place. Our Father (parent) has always been with us and in us in the Holy of Holies…where the veil of the flesh has kept us separated. When Christ appeared on earth the veil was rent in the temple in which we are, and the two separated spiritual rooms or compartments became one again…as we are now. It is the love of God’s grace that covers the sins of the soul while it is being redeemed and reunited to the spirit where the two become one. There is no recognition of the sin as it fades away into the reality of the Holy of Holies where never a sin was allowed to dwell. So it is within the true tabernacle which is within each one of us.

    As matured adults in Christ we will tell all there is no difference in race, culture, religion or any other stature in life because when we enter into the spirit of unconditional love we will now understand it is a love without borders or with “any” conditions in us giving it or in others receiving it. Love sees the finished end of God’s plan and when one sees this end there is no sin of another that can keep us from loving them and wanting the best for them as we want it for ourselves. If we condemn and dwell on the sins and faults of others and harbor ill feelings because of how we’ve been treated by these others in our past…we remain as a young adult. We must be patient with all just as God is patient with all. A mature parent loves their children no matter what and they will be patient, and kind and unconditionally love them while hoping and praying for their deliverance from their childish ways into adulthood. An adult “knows” the end, spiritually speaking. Many children and young adults will claim that they “ are” mature because of what they “know” but until we enter into being a father as God is a Father can we speak freedom to all children. Do we unconditionally love? If we are not of this mind and character …we are still a work in progress and we will know we have arrived when our love does not stop at an offense or an insult from another. Our character and likeness cannot be defined by another’s weakness of character for if we react and give insult for insult we are also yet in our immaturity, as they. Giving stern warnings as did Christ and the Apostles must come from a place of this unconditionally love…and we are but to examine ourselves to know if we are of this maturity level in God.

    Whether we meet a stranger in a strange land or those who are near neighbors to us we are to look at each one of them just the same regardless of who they are, where they are from, what they believe or don’t believe, for we are all God’s children and where we are along the path to our freedom is not for another to judge…Observation is not condemnation. When one observes and prays for another unconditionally that is bound by any sin, regardless of what it is, this is coming from a matured love of God. When one sees sin in another or just disagrees in having little respect for another’s understanding, this one does not yet see God as He is. God sets us on a path of being redeemed from our “inherited” faults. There is no need to condemn and to ridicule for what we already know exist in the carnal nature of man for we all were born with this vanity. It is the work of God…and…the “parents” to release and redeem “all” creation from the born vanities of self. The devil of condemnation and ridicule will never accomplish what the love of God will. When we condemn we wound and kill and prevent another’s spirit from growth, however when we “ unconditionally” love we give the medicine which heals all wounds. It is only through coming to the place of unconditional love that we will ever be all that we can be.

    Unconditional love is the portal into all that is reality.

  5. One more thing on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

    We must always remember in all that we think, say or do in conversing with another, it is because we are sharing that which we know pertains to ourselves first. When we have been through an experience and we had growth as a result of it, we share this in the hope that it shortens the blindness, stresses and the pains of another..that they may see and know the love of God sooner than later. When we share things because we care about others, there should never be be any negative or a feeling of a need to criticize another because they see and understand anything differently. Love does not really care what another believes or thinks in the interim because love knows error, sin and mistakes have a limited life span, while knowing the endless unconditional love of God will always exist in reality.

    When we truly see this we have no desire to be divisive, combative or argumentative with anyone, we should just simply know that they are in the hands of a loving God which “will” turn them to a gentler, kinder side in the time of His choosing. Removing one out of their learning experience prematurely, no matter what the situation is may hinder God’s good work in them. Paul prayed for a situation to be removed from himself, yet God saw the need for it to remain and the scriptures went on ahead to tell of Paul’s need to remain humble in the abundance of the revelations he was receiving. When sin and evil has done its work, as in the example of Job, it will cease to exist in every individual. When sin and evil had done its work in Job’s life he was twice as well off as he was before from having suffered through these evil experiences..and remaining true to God.This should prove to any thinking individual that “all” things work together for those who love God. Job proved himself and his beliefs and love to God by going as far as to say that even if God took his life he would remain steadfast in knowing it was all for his making…for he knew he would come forth as gold tried in the fire. We should know the same without hesitation.

    We must always remember that the only end of us will be that of our temporary carnal nature we were given at our birth in order to test, try and to redeem us. This will be the only “end” we will ever experience. There can be no end to love for God is love and love has never left us..nor will it…for how can God leave Himself. Are we not made from Him?

    • Thank you Sonny, I believe too that Rachel is finally withdrawing into herself, in emotion.
      There is a part of the human mind, whose task it is to be in control of you and everything and everyone in your life. The controlling part of the mind has the task of protecting you and keeping you safe. Originally, it’s task was to protect you against physical harm. If you were experiencing physical pain, or even if there was as threat of physical pain, the mind would immediately go into action to protect you . At it’s most basic and primitive level, it would, respond to a real and present situation of danger with a flight or fight response. In the process of our evolution, however, the controlling part of the mind has learned to respond to emotional pain or the threat of emotional pain in the same way that it responds to physical pain. It believes that emotional pain can hurt you and so it tries to protect you. It employs the same flight response to deal with emotional pain even though your physical survival is not at risk. I think that one, is reinforcing these ideas, and as they turn more and more from God, there is a very unhealthy withdrawing from reality. As far as the controlling part of her mind is concerned, one is still a helpless baby or at best a defenseless and vulnerable child. It must take care of you. When other’s try to show care, they become this sinner by speaking truth, in place of the true sinning reality, reversing the gene pool. Very hurtful to those trying to heal themselves without God.

  6. My comments are generalized statements addressed to all people that pertain to how we each should interrelate with one another. These are not usually addressed to any one specific person for life’s rules of civility pertain to us all equally without partiality.

  7. As we study the scriptures, and listen to the hopes and prayers of others through their writings, we see that God is working in their life just as He is in ours. All will not be given the same pathway to the kingdom just as all roads to a city may come from the four different directions. As each corresponds with the others on the way to the city, they describe and send messages to the others telling them of the hills and valleys while the one coming from the south is sending out messages of the dry barren flat lands they are passing through. Who is right and who is wrong? They are both right for God is carrying each of us along a path that will develop in us the lessons to be learned of which others may be spared.

    Some people go through much sickness and pain in life while others never do. Some go through extreme financial pressures in life without so much as a cough. Yet God gets the job done in each of us pertinent to our personal calling. So it is not for us to say what the understanding and the path of another is or should be. The thing that all of us are being taught, however, is that we are to love and respect the path of another and just because we cannot see and understand the road that God has chosen for another, we should not require them to see as we see, and do as we do. This is children piping in the market place, selling what they know not.

    This is what unconditional love is about. Do not belittle another even if you think they are completely wrong or “lost.” A well placed word without ridicule and criticism may help mend a broken spirit, a sentence or two with respect saying “this is how I see it” is better than a demanding spirit of intolerance of others with different understandings. Our care and love for another should not change according to where another is along their journey. It’s like the note I shared with you all above. A young child in the lord, a young adult and a Father are going to have different levels of understanding because one is just starting out in their blindness while another is coming into their light. What all people in each phase of their life should learn first is the respect that they should have for those who are not where they themselves are.

    All who read these lines and all the lines we read from others should be accepted with a respect in that although we may not understand, there is a law that is above all knowledge, of the parables, allegories, mysteries in which surpasses all wisdom. If it can be called a law…it is the law of the spirit, the law of grace….which surpasses all learning for to be created in Christ likeness is the meaning and end of all knowledge. So if we have not love but only “definitions” of love we are as children and young adults speaking from our immaturity. These are not to be disparaged for we all travel through each one of these phases just the same… as all others do.

    So if one is in the first two phases of life as children and young adults, give them the space that they need to grow and if anything… love them…ray for them…and if you happen to be a little further along than they are, don’t scoff at them, encourage them with kindness, forgiving their faults you may see. Do those being in the higher grades in school scoff and ridicule someone that is just learning to read and write while they themselves boast about how they already can? You see how ridiculous this is? Yet we as immature beings do it all the time, thinking that the knowledge of a thing is righteousness and greater than the thing itself. Having only a knowledge of a thing (love) is not the thing itself….while we do not go on to fulfill knowledge by doing what it commands us to do…to love one another unconditionally. Righteousness is inside the perimeters of unconditional love and we should be practicing a bending and patient spirit toward those who by their own understanding of knowledge think they are justified to judge and condemn another child of God…because of having only knowledge. Rebuke and reproof is held for those in the highest order in the realm of adult hood as was Christ and then those who come after in “His” footsteps.

    We must question ourselves, and look deep within ourselves, do we operate within the law of judgement or from the grace of the beatitudes? We do know that righteousness is “not” of the law do we not? Why are there so many different roads and experiences that one may be subjected to while another experiences something totally different? Why does one understand spiritual things and another only natural things from the scriptures? It’s just a matter of God’s will and God’s timing as He calls each of us and places us in the first day of class to learn what those who are on the same day are graduating from. Both should have the “same” respect and love for the other in understanding life is a journey of different paths but all leading to the “City of God.”

    And when the last one who is enrolled in the class of children and come to and through the phase of adulthood, come to the gate of the city…and…enter in…all who have came before Him will be there as He now is…and he will be as they are. Is this not how Jesus described what oneness is…in spirit? Let us encourage one another in love and not call our childish demeaning behavior toward others an act of love when it is nothing more than facts given as righteousness. I think deep down we know the difference even if our carnal pride will not let us admit we as children are not yet in the “adult phase.” Adulthood does not have to prove anything to another, it is the first two phases we go through that thinks knowledge is righteousness. Children say…”look at what I know,” while Christ likeness is complete and at peace without a word spoken.

    Can we look out upon this world of lust, greed, and evil and love unconditionally? Can we let every little resentment and fault committed against us go without rebuttal? Do we take offense at every opinion that does not line up with our own? Unconditional love is the character of God and His Son, Jesus Christ and are we not asked to let this same mind be in us? There is nothing wrong with being an infant in Christ with all of life’s journey being in front of us. What gives this planet an evil disposition is children playing as though they are adults in Christ..and destroying or attempting to destroy and attack all that is not like themselves. Let us not try to find our righteousness by seeing the lack in others. We are but to be honest and search ourselves..the answers are all right here…within us.

  8. So beautiful and those many tones and shades of emotion, intent and words you have shared that in your heart you must have known after, the prisons doors you may have and will open for so many. Even the image. Yesterdays art image I made (2018) I relived yesterday has both this bird and these trees in it for something I also had happen last year. I took a look at it yesterday and reposted on IG. This morning well right now to see and read this and to know you in ways that I can so far is just… you know. Just~ Feb 8 also happens. (HAPPENS) to be my Birthday. Always here and always… hmmm. Always. A funny word. Love you sister. Always~ Another one for the codexXx~


    • So interesting Travis. The connections we see between things, as you just shared, point to the Spirit of all Life divinely orchestrating our paths at a level beyond our comprehension. Thanks.

  9. When one finds love they will no longer need the guidance of the Bible because love is the end of all learning.

  10. Onward!

    This blog began with a post entitled “Beginning the Journey” on April 3rd, 2008. The journey ended 137 months later with the post “The Journey’s End” on September 13, 2019. If one read this blog from the beginning, it would be possible to see a growing depth of understanding and a systematic progression of awakening. Thus the blog, if it was read in chronological order as a book, could rightfully be called “The Journey of an Awakening Soul”.

    The blog was created through Emergence. Every post was written through Rachel’s current level of understanding at the time and continually revealed new information that never failed to support the understanding and meaning of earlier posts. And no post ever conflicted with information in previous posts. However, this is also why the information became harder and harder to understand as it progressed into a realm that can only be taught by the Spirit. Therefore, unless the one reading had been taught the same things by the Spirit BEFORE reading a post, he or she would not be able to comprehend what was being said. Saying this another way, unless one was also undergoing a similar journey, the truth revealed in the words could not be understood.

    Wonderfully, things are different now because the door to the source of Truth has been discovered and opened, allowing Truth to flow into our reality. The flow of Truth into reality is called Emergence. Though she couldn’t have known until the end, finding and opening this door was the goal of Rachel’s journey, and documented step by step in her blog.

    But what does all this mean? Why does it matter?

    It means that the Spirit can now use reality itself to REVEAL this Door of Truth others without the requirement of a difficult inward journey. This is just as Jesus did when he walked in perfect emergence. Though he spoke perfect words, he could could not have been believed unless he revealed the Truth in his words through “miracles”. For example, by the miracles of healing and overcoming death, the Spirit used reality to reveal that illness and death weren’t actually real. The truth revealed, as a light, that which is actually true – LIFE. Seeing the light in the darkness initially looks like a miracle, but is simply the revelation of truth. By Jesus’ miracles his disciples were able to rapidly receive the truth in his words.

    Miracles are the natural result of emergence – and they come no other way. The purpose of miracles is to make it easier for people who desire to leave the darkness to find and enter Truth. Miracles are gifts given to those who sleep, but desire to awake.

    If any of this resonates with you, then you are called to be of the first fruits – those who have opened the door from WITHIN, and have no need of miracles to choose Truth over all the world offers. You will become the source of miracles, that others who have not been able to make the difficult journey to the door themselves, can be awakened by the light created through your expressed truth. The blessing of the first fruits is a joy beyond your mind’s present comprehension, but I can share that it is a gift of infinite worth. Those you awaken though miracles will themselves awaken others – until Life has spread to all. This will come about with increasing tribulation as the light of truth gradually increases the intensity of the darkness by contrast.

    Emergence is your creative power. As you rest in the perfect trust of God through the awareness of oneness, Christ goes before you to create your present moment – completely free of the past. This is why we never know what our present moment will bring – because it could be anything. However, as Rachel has already demonstrated with the emergence of this blog, every present moment created through your emergence will support and strengthen every future present moment you experience. And NONE will ever conflict – which is the source of your perfect peace. Learning to walk in emergence takes practice – and together we will support and strengthen each other.

    I would highly recommend that you watch this video. Ironically the authors used the term “Emergence” in the title – but they do not fully understand the concept. However, you will get a good understanding of the latest scientific understanding on the nature of reality – which will help you better understand how we will be able to alter it through Emergence.

    Never forget, we have already attained the prize. Death is defeated and there is never anything to fear.

  11. An excerpt out of a longer piece.

    Positive thinking is a result of a changed heart.

    The beginning of learning to follow God in a new way is not in the repetitive repetition of repeating a few words we call prayer for a few moments in a day, but instead it is the desire to emulate the Christ likeness of gratitude, appreciation and above all things it is the coming to possess an unconditional love for all others without judgement…and borders. Our “life” is our prayer and our prayer is our life that cannot be separated into a few time slots or in a few hours on a Sunday or any other day for our prayer is a life that “IS” a constant, unbroken existence.

    This new way of understanding “IS” the beginning of a more meaningful life where we leave our old ways of anguish and worry behind us as we learn of the ways of Christ likeness found listed in the beatitudes. We must “do” and not just “say” and we must come to “be” and to not just “know” about things. While others are growing in “the way” to Christ likeness let us let them grow without our judgement and ridicule, let us rather be an example as best we can, showing compassion, for we too, are also being changed in the same way as all others. Their path is our path. None of us can expect perfection from another and judge them for the lack we see in them for if we do we are in reality only judging ourselves unworthy. Therefore let us give the same respect and love as we ourselves expect.

    We can read, recite and understand what the power of positive thinking is from an intellectual point of view and listen to others indefinitely but “knowing” is not “being” and until compassion takes the place of judgement, appreciation takes the place of entitlement, and unconditional love becomes our true nature we will remain trapped in a stressful life of anxiety and hopelessness. Our attitude must take a more benevolent direction in life. We should have a demeanor of peace in our life today instead of a worry about tomorrow and what others may think of us for this new way we have chosen to pursue. We must turn from seeking the approval of other people and what they think of us and instead focus on pleasing God by desiring His likeness to take root in our hearts and minds. Yes, religious people will turn from us because we have given up on the rituals and traditions of men for pursuing the ways of Christ.

    Situations may not change much around us in the world and many people may distance themselves from us because we do not choose to be entangled with the traditions of the religion we may have grew up in but this change is a part of this life’s journey. All of our examples recorded in the scriptures for us to learn from, from Job and the prophets to the disciples of Christ, none lived a peaceful life in the outer world but what was given to them (and us) inwardly is something greater that we will take on with us into a life without end…and it starts now as we come to this realization, it is not for later.

    It is the pressures and obstacles we are subjected to in our life that brings about change into reality…and it is recorded that we should give thanks for all things that come our way, both the good and the evil for if we do not have situations placed in our life to overcome…we will remain with the old traits we had. We must “gradually” take on the nature of Christ in order to overcome the carnal nature we were born with.

    This earthy experience will be a short lived one, however it is a time of learning and a time of transitioning from a lower realm into a higher realm…and the portal into this new life is when we reach a mind where we love without conditions…and we are to enter into this mind as we become aware of it…not sometimes in the future but in the present.

    God is a God of love and when we see Him as He is in reality…we see that all things that happen to us is for our good and for the maturing of us into His likeness for to bring us into His likeness is His only agenda. He will complete us all in the order of His choosing. To walk down a busy, crowded street and to know and see all as one and coming into their own in their time…is a gracious peace.

  12. As If, A Forgotten Friend
    (living without God’s love)

    You are afraid to express your hatred.
    Your hatred has been condemned
    and driven underground
    but it will not go away.
    It lives life within you,
    hidden from view.
    It even hides from you.
    And then you don’t know who you hate.
    You don’t know how much you hate.
    At the deepest level, you even hate God
    and ask him to leave you alone,
    As if a forgotten friend.
    But He pursues you, even being
    forgotten, He reminds you,
    without your friendship
    He stands powerful
    not at all weakened by your

  13. About…Goodbye my old friend….from my perspective.

    Many understand the depths of this poem about our soul being first loyal to “another” only to find out she had given up her first love to have this “affair” with another, she, our soul awakens to understand she should return to her first love which is the spirit of Christ “within.” Our soul’s “old friend,” her ex lover told her everything she wanted to hear with flattering words of deceitful praise and promises of “if you will bow down and worship me I will give you the kingdom of this world,”……(sound familiar?)

    Yes, death is an old friend that we need to leave behind us and shut the door to as we open the door to our “first love” and return to the reality of God. Death is the carnal mind and the ways of it, which leads us to ruin if we don’t stop and realize we have been led astray by a false lover…which has enticed us with the thought that worldly gain is Godliness and the reward of serving the mind of self is good. The devil, Satan, the carnal mind, the ego, all the same names for the same spirit has isolated us into one of the thousands of institutionalized systems of the carnal mind, we call religion, and many have taken their murdering denominations and called them “Christian,” the greatest affront to God the devil can give. So called Christianity has been responsible for millions of deaths all done in the name of God. This old friend hides in the most obvious of places, right on the high seats of the kingdom….taking the place of

    This is an old friend we should be glad to depart from as we have found the true. This is a lovely story about awakening to the love of God through Christ…and saying good bye to that “old friend.”

    It may be hard for many to understand this farewell address because they are still friends with the old… thinking their old flattering friend with his praise for the flesh is of God, for the carnal mind puts himself in the place of God…and “carnal” men love to have it so. There is no one so lost as one who uses the name of God for their own ego to be flattered by others such as themselves. Yes, the blind will lead the blind and they will both fall in the ditch. But praise God for His mercy that when we fail, and learn from our failures, will forgive us makes things right.

    You say:

    So I give up the illusion of you.
    My hope in you disguised my true liberation.
    Joyous life and peace hid behind your empty deliberations.
    How could you – nothingness – offer me redemption?
    Disguised in empty promises, you came as a friend
    Offering something new and wonderful in the end.
    Phantom whispers of release, freedom and joy
    But you were but a thief to steal, kill and destroy
    So I gave up the illusion of you and chose One who is true.
    This One guarded my soul while I dreamt of you.
    Now his divine love is my only truth.
    His love fails me not and feeling its strength
    It’s all I desire, so I let you go for the True.

    My “nuts and bolts” of my explanation of a different perspective on this lovely truth does not compare…however although it seems it should need no explanation, some cannot see the difference in the carnal mind and the mind of Christ. So, I hope this explains just who our old friend is from another. Hope I didn’t do it a disservice for it is lovely and understandable just as it is.

  14. The glory of NOW, the only time there is! Let us accept our peace now. Let us create peace now.

    Do you see all “forgiven”? Then rejoice, for in your awakening you realize that as you give you become aware of what you possess. (For who can give what they do not possess.) We recognize that only in the awareness of forgiveness, can we extend forgiveness. This is to say, in truth, that we have recognized our Self, and the holiness by which we were ALL created. For now we realize that it was only by the false judgement of others that we unknowingly judged ourself, and clothed ourself in a horrid false-image. And the guilt we extended was that which we mistakenly believed was ours.

    Now accept this: Your holiness…which is the perception of oneness with the Father, protects you from all harm, for it is incorruptible. In our wakeful state we simply see that which we always were, are and will be. We slept and dreamed a dream of guilt and inevitable punishment. We dreamed that God was separated from us, and that we were separated from all others…entombed in bodies of flesh and subject to decay and death. We unknowingly accepted Death as our savior, believing it would carry us into the peace of our father – and that only through death could we ever come to the Father. This was a dream, an illusion of hell created by our belief in sin.

    Now we are aware of the living Christ in us. Death is no savior – but the manifested belief in sin! Death is defeated in the awareness of our incorruptible holiness revealed through the sacred looking glass. That which God created is eternal and perfect…and as God is love, so too are we created in his image, the very expression of the Father’s love. It was never possible that we could be separated from that which love had joined together, for love is the essence of oneness of heart, soul and mind – our our true spirit nature. As the Father is love, so too are we.

    Can death claim the “life” that God loves? Can the Father suffer the loss of that which is the very extension of himself? The Father knows nothing of loss. Let us walk NOW in the awareness of life, that God’s love may be extended to others through emergence, and peace be created on earth. For we are Peace Makers and Revealers of Truth.

    Let us NOW accept our purpose as Living Lights, that by our peace, extended for all through the emergence of God’s love, the eyes of all shall be opened and they shall no longer believe they are guilty. And may we experience the eternal blessing of awakening others to their sinlessness by the light of our forgiveness freely given to all.

  15. You exist loved by God,
    created by God He planned your way
    how He would love you ~
    from the beginning.
    You looked for reasons
    to express things you could not
    express about things you
    were yet to discover about
    God’s plan.
    You second guessed it must be,
    you, who were doing the planning
    and lost track by getting ahead
    of the game plan.
    You disassociated yourself from God
    saying, I’m not comfortable with
    the causation. I want full control.
    You theorized about how full you
    would feel if you focused on all
    the things that give you pleasure
    that make you happy
    but eventually found, that things
    and places, and events were not
    the essence of love.
    Love was being given to you all
    along, from the beginning but you
    had to make a choice, discover that
    all of your understanding could not
    produce the Love that was already
    You took control, and it became enough
    for you to understand every daily facet,
    but that control was the opposite of love.
    So, you began to live in a reality of
    opposites, not realizing that opposites
    in themselves were not the source of
    your discontent, but of your disconnect.
    the idea that you had to control them.
    God was presenting himself to you daily
    with great love He carried you,
    but you wanted control not just of yourself
    but Life. You wanted to control Life itself.
    And to be not like, the creator, but to Be
    the Creator, and follow something
    you totally understood.
    And yet this was unreality, and the un
    real began to usurp the love of God.
    God’s love was the encompassing control
    and He had the keys to happiness,
    and He had the keys to understanding
    and He has the keys to your life plan.
    Looking in His eyes was the only way
    for letting go of the matrix of self,
    while craving understanding, ~of trying to control
    your ~ universe, of trying to plan without
    Him. Then, friendship with Him~
    became the Plan. And you gave Him
    control. And His Love, became real
    and this reality became a comfortable
    place and not a Duality.
    There was no fear of duality in this
    reality, and seeing this side and
    fighting that side of reality, because He
    became the reality, the
    Father of the Plan
    And you began to rest in His Arms.

    • This passage is like a perfect diamond. I see in its reflection the prodigal journey in which we dreamed of duality and created a reality of “self” with God afar off, and we set off to create heaven.

      Our path, though we didn’t realize, was divine, for it led us to discover that though we are created in God’s image, we are not God – and unable even to love as we desired. And our journey changed course, leading to our awakening in which we discover we never really traveled anywhere, and by the “struggles” of our journey gained the vision of oneness with the perfect love of our Father.


  16. These words being shared are flowing as the river of life to our souls.

  17. There is love, and it is the whole of all that exist. Love is all, and in all and we move and have our being in this love. Love exist as a whole number that cannot be divided in order to remain whole. Then there is the opposite side of Love we call carnality, or the adversary of mankind.

    If love is the whole number and it is the numerator in a fraction and the denominator is zero, then there is only undivided love. As any fraction of a number is added to the denominator, it lessens the full power of the whole of love. Our carnal mind is the denominator in life and the higher the number the more “fractionalized” we are. We are given this dominating denominator of vanity at our natural birth which makes our house divided against itself and a house divided against itself cannot stand.

    As we existed with God before we were subjected to this fractionalized life of vanity, our numerator has never changed, it remains constant, although it is hidden in a dream, in only an illusion of reality. Confusion is both the numerator and the denominator being of equal value thus the ability to see clearly escapes us. As we go through life and we learn from our mistakes and as the dominating factor of our lower number lessens as we see that love never changes in our higher self.

    This fractional number reminds us of the temple, it had a division line we call the veil of flesh which separates the higher room from the lower room. The love of God was whole, undivided in the Holy of Holies and the lack of Him was in the lower room or the place of the soul…the Holy place.

    When the veil is rent the divisional line of the fraction is removed and the numerator of love floods into the holy place which was a few steps below the place where God dwelt and dwells, and the two, spirit and soul, can become one again. By removing the division line of the veil, God made and “makes” redemption possible. There is no more veil, no more dividing line between the soul realm and the spirit realm. This truth is for “all” people to understand. We must decrease our denominator of judgement, criticism and condemnation of others until it is no more. The numerator that never changed is as whole as it ever was within our Holy of Holy place where God dwells and remains constant…in the being of all we are…body, soul and spirit.

    We must see that as the saying goes, “He must increase as we must decrease” is an illusionary fraction because it only appears that love is increasing as our vanity is decreasing for God never changes. It’s only the fraction of ourself, the denominator of our lower self, that is changing and being lessened until our denominator of carnality reaches zero and only the whole number of love that numerates ad engulfs our entire being…where we (our carnality) is no more. 7/0=7. Perfection with no divisive judgment is unconditional love.

    We will reach this equilibrium in life when we understand what “unconditional love” is and what it means to reach this state of being. This is no catch phrase, or something to consider that will happen to us someday after this body of ours is laid to rest. When our carnal mind is recognized and identified apart from the love of God and we no longer attribute our ways to God’s ways will we understand what the “death of death” really means. This phrase referring to the “death of death” simply means that when we put away our judgement of others will we then only understand what love is.

    Judgement and condemnation of others is the problem of separation and as long as it is even a fraction in our denominator, it lessens the whole of experiencing unconditional love in our life. It is when we look at life as though God gave us His very sight and His very nature that we will see not only God as He is but we will see each and every being as we see God Himself. Oneness is about seeing all in the nature of God. If we place any conditions on our love for another according to who “they” are, we divide ourself into a fraction of not being complete.

    We must come to live in a purity of love and when there is even a thought of judging the unworthiness toward another for the sin we see in them, we but admit and recognize that our own eyes have not been opened to who God really is…and therefore who we are to become. Instead we are to show mercy, grace and compassion toward all, including our own selves, knowing that perfection, the numerator, that unconditional love remains constant…never changing.

    The purpose of created sin is to teach us what God’s love is all about and that is that nothing can change it, regardless of what one thinks or does. God did not create anything, including evil for the eternal detriment of even one of His offspring. Sin will cease to exist once we have learned from its purpose. Sin is disobedience in its simplest explanation, and when we have learned full obedience through the things we suffer, sin will cease to govern our way.

    Let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus. We must remember that Christ is not a person, it is not a noun or a pronoun. Jesus was the noun, and Christ is a verb which describes the anointing that God gave to Him to become Jesus “the anointing.” Jesus Christ is the pattern Son in which all of us will be made in His same likeness and character. All of God’s children carries His sameness of likeness and character. We will come to operate and love with His very nature. We should not think it strange to be made exactly like Him for what would be the alternative? As it is said that as God is in the Son and the Son is in God, it is also said “we” are no less in relationship to God than the firstborn Son. This is the oneness and the thought of mind we are to live in as we move about and have our existence in living in reality. That place and time is of God’s choosing for each of us so let us not judge while one is awaiting God’s calling.

    This is oneness.

    When we can walk throughout our days and though we may see that unconditional love may not yet be complete in the person of another, we never the less look at them as we know they shall be…someday, in the time of God’s choosing. This is oneness. We must desire to study the life of God in the context of His character which is an undivided, unconditional love.

    How does one really explain love to another? The best we can do is to become as He is and when this unconditional love is shared and given to another with no strings attached or an agenda in mind, this will be all the explanation that is needed. The best teacher is without the need of an abundance of many words, for our substance itself is where our words originate. It is the true nature of our substance which truly speaks to another.

    • Thank you for sharing these incredible words! I especially liked:
      “We are given this dominating denominator of vanity at our natural birth which makes our house divided against itself”

      Your insight into our existence as fractions was exceptional and sparked this insight:

      During our prodigal journey we come to discover we are not the “dominating denominator” we believed ourself to be since birth. Our journey ultimately reveals we are not fractions and that division in Love is impossible. Yet, because we began as a fraction, in a reality of division, we gained awareness of our oneness with the infinite love of God.

      As a prodigal “denominator” we believed we were “something”, able to express our own love and create our own joy. We believed in a separated love and dreamed of life in a reality of separate loves. Yet, had we not dreamed of separation, the best we could have become was a perfect, finite creation, like Adam – who represents an undivided whole number. As a created being, no matter how large his love, or how much his love could grow, Adam would be forever unable to love divinely.

      But your post has opened my eyes to see that our prodigal journey as a denominator is actually a blessing of infinite worth.

      In order to enable Adam (a perfect finite creation) to understand his divine capacity to love, he needed to undertake a prodigal journey by dreaming he was created as a fraction in order to understand the harmful effects of love in division and separation. The purpose of the dream was to teach that the greater he believed his love to be – the more separation he experienced. To his horror, he discovered that the more he exerted his own love, no matter how lovingly, the more harm he created. He realized that as a fraction his love could only harm the whole, because he could never express perfect love in separation. As he progressed, he understood that his denominator of separated love had to become smaller, and smaller still, so increasingly more of God’s LOVE could flow through him.

      The Spirit taught Adam that the more he trusted God’s love instead of his own, the more he would experience the glory of Divine Love’s oneness. His desire to express God’s love became so great he ultimately reduced his belief in a separate love down to ZERO, so that God’s love could flow through him unimpeded. Because of the oneness in divine love he had come to understand, he realized
      when he expressed God’s love, he would create joy not only for his fractional self, but for ALL.

      Yet, what Adam could have never understood had he not taken the prodigal journey through separation, is that oneness with God’s love actually means “infinity”. We know that anything divided by “0” is infinity, and when Adam dropped his denominator down to ZERO – he was given the blessed awareness of the infinite nature of love within himself, which is the nature of God.

      Adam represents all of us. Without the prodigal journey, without this dream of separation, without believing we were born “denominating denominators”, we could have never comprehended we possess the infinite and perfect love of God given for all, which is our anointing, the Christ.

      Thank you for this understanding Sonny. It was a real gift.

      • Thank you kindly,….And yet it is only the simplicity of God’s love we really desire… in Christ. It is sometimes in the abundance of words does the simplicity get lost. Yet we come up with a thought from just a small “spark” that another may share and we don’t know what the next sentence is going to be until the last one is finished. It is a remarkable thing of how that when our target is nothing more than expressing the love of God does the words seem to come as easily as sometimes they do. Even when discussing something as seemingly as unconnected to the purpose of life such as the construction of the temple do the words come together and make it all a story about the love of God. This is because everything written in the scriptures is nothing more than an explanation of God’s nature and His loving purpose in creating this natural explanation of the spiritual.

        Sometimes we don’t know the truth of what we’ve written until we read it back to ourselves and then we understand a truth as though we read it from another…and really it does come from another. It’s called “in” -spiration. It is when we seek nothing more than the unadulterated truth are things made plain and simple. To love others is the highest truth and gift one can obtain, expecting nothing in return, yet when it is returned in the same manner in which it is given is like the icing on the cake….no explanation or words are needed.

        Thank you for adding to….and understanding it’s not about the math 🙂 it’s all about the infinity of a good life open to all.

  18. These ideas are not from the words of God, or true revelatory.

    John the Baptist made it clear, that God called him to reveal Jesus, that Jesus, that Christ, is a person.
    Christ is “the Chosen One”~ also, called by Paul@ Christ Jesus.
    Here John, is showing that Jesus is the only Christ.
    Believers are referred to Never, at any time, as Christ, but as Christians, followers of Jesus.
    John the Baptist witness~~~~below,~
    Verse 20-21: “He John confessed, and did not deny, but confessed, “I am not the Christ.”
    “But am sent before Him”.
    This showing that there is only one Christ. Which is Jesus.
    Christ is not the Holy Spirit.
    The Holy Spirit is another Person in the Godhead or Trinity. The Father, Jesus, and The Holy spirit.

  19. Jesus was the anointed one, and when one is “christened” it means they are anointed. Below is a paragraph as an introductory to the meaning of the word “Christ.” In it’s truest meaning “ Christ” is a verb, it is not a noun. It requires time to search out the meanings of words, however it is worth it to dispel myths and traditional beliefs. We must search for ourselves for when we believe in only what we have “heard” or what we think something means without giving it proper time, study and thought, we prematurely judge the truth.

    Here is just one example of a simple search of multitudes more of studies on the word “Christ” and “anointing“ for a better understanding of the meanings of the words we use. It is very much biblical.

    The meaning of Christ is drawn from the Old Testament. God promised the ancient Israelites that a Messiah would come to deliver them from sin. The idea of the Messiah is carried over into the New Testament with the title Christ. The Greek word Christos, from which we get the English word Christ, is the translation of the Hebrew term Mashiach, which is the source for the English word Messiah. Mashiach, in turn, is related to the Hebrew verb masach, which means “to anoint.” Therefore, when the New Testament speaks of Jesus Christ, it is saying “Jesus the Messiah,” which literally means, “Jesus the Anointed One.”

    However, what one believes until they know better, we should not judge them, just encourage them to look a little deeper.


    • Yes, Jesus the Anointed One. Exactly. The anointed One. Just as I was saying. When you ask anything you ask “IN HIM”. IN JESUS.
      All Judgment is reserved for God. Speaking and teaching the truth is the commission of those whom, Jesus sent forth. Judgment can only come from the Word of God, not from people. So people learn when God sends someone to speak, just as He sent John the Baptist.

  20. Corinthians 1:23

    23 But we preach Christ crucified

    Here again, Paul is showing you that Christ is a person who is crucified.

    And, again, here is Paul saying he is preaching to you.

    Because God sent him, to bear witness about the judgment of Jesus.
    This is the judgment, that your sins are forgiven “IN JESUS”, Crucified.
    When you believe.

  21. Professing words of proclamation are empty and an echoing mockery without the power to prove them. “His kingdom is not in word, but in power.”

  22. Absolutely Correct, Teresa, and we have the power from the Lord, that is issuing in the Word of God into your life today, it’s bringing to death that old critical spirit, and bringing life to those without the Power of God’s Word, and a blessing to all it touches. Praise Him, and bless Him with great Joy, may you be blessed with the Power of God’s Word today, as you continue to seek for the Truth, and come into the Revelation of God’s Living Word and Power that He has for you. I know your eyes will be opened as your spirit is enlightened. Press on In and find what Power God has for you.

  23. This is a part of an article written by George Warnock, a gentleman who had a good understanding of the difference in gifts and fruit which so many confuse the one for the other. We speak of knowledge, just as the gifts teach and bring us to having the fruit of the spirit. The respect, kindness and love of God is the end of all things….for our fruit is why the “husbandman” of “our” garden wants to prune away our carnality to let our fruit grow to its fullest potential, some 30, some 60, and some 100. Which ever calling God is dealing with one in, let them be, and respect both God and them in difference.


    “And the floors shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with wine and oil.” Or, literally, “New wine and oil,” beautiful symbols of the fruit of the Spirit in the saints. Said Paul, “Be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit” (Eph. 5:18). And the oil, as we know, is a symbol of the anointing. “The anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you…” (1 Jn. 2:27).

    This great ingathering is the harvest for which the husbandman has been waiting ever since the foundation of the Church. Gifts of the Spirit are really no evidence of spiritual attainment; God bestoweth His gifts freely by His grace upon whomsoever He will. But with fruit it is entirely different. Fruit must grow; and God has never intended that the Body of Christ should ever bring forth fruit except through a continual Divine growth in the Spirit of God. The Ascension gifts that we mentioned are for the purpose of adding growth to God’s Garden, that we “may grow up into Him” (Eph. 4:15). God will not come to us looking for gifts, but for fruits of the Spirit. He gave us His gifts freely by His grace, and all we had to do was to receive them and use them. What God wants now is fruit, because that is something which He can receive from you. That is something which must grow upon you by your patient and continual walk with God and your appropriation of His Spirit. Until now the Husbandman has come into His garden, pruning, cultivating, watering–without expecting anything in return. But now the harvest time is approaching, and soon He shall visit His garden for one purpose and for one purpose only: seeking for fruit, and trusting that His tender care over the vine has produced genuine fruit of the Spirit.

    Let us never forget that the fruits of the Spirit, and not the gifts of the Spirit, constitute the real test of spiritual life; for the latter are given to produce the former, and it is the fruit that is the embodiment and expression of Christ-likeness within the heart and soul. That is why Paul exhorted, “Follow after love, and desire spiritual gifts…” (1 Cor. 14:1). Gifts are absolutely necessary, for they are the means to the end; but Love is the end, the consummation, the fruit for which God is waiting. Love is the Ultimate, because “God is Love,” and it is His purpose to conform the saints even unto “the image of His Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren” (Rom. 8:29). Love is the End: but it is an End which knows no beginning or ending, for it is God himself; and when we become thoroughly united with Him we are in a realm which is eternally progressive.

    O what a grand and glorious day awaits the Church in the Feast of Ingathering! The Day of the fruit of the Spirit! Because we do not have the fruit of the Spirit in any degree of fullness, we cannot appreciate its glory. Before the gifts of the Spirit were restored to the Church we had a faint conception of what they would be like, but what a revelation it is as we see them gradually unfolding before our eyes! So with the fruit of the Spirit. We know what they are: “Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance” (Gal. 5:22). But we shall never appreciate any measure of their real glory until the fruit of the Spirit becomes visibly manifest in the saints of God.

    • Here is another statement from the Life of George Warnock~~

      There was a great emphasis not only in prophecy and other GIFTS of the Spirit but we were greatly impacted by the evident presence of the Spirit, the anointed Word in teaching, and the spontaneous prophetic utterances that came forth. It was a corporate anointing – with the Spirit Himself very much in control

      • I came across his comments about fruit and since this has been a topic of discussion I thought to add a view point from another. I only recently read his “Feast of Tabernacles” book as I enjoy studying the spirit by understanding the natural parallels. It helps to clear up how “we” are constructed. E.g. the natural tabernacle is the spiritual “tabernacle” in which we are. Good reading.

  24. All of these fruits of the Holy Spirit have been present since Jesus was here. The Holy Spirit was given to the believers in Jesus on the Day of Pentecost, and the fruits of the Spirit are in the Holy Spirit at our New Birth in Jesus.
    There’s nothing to wait for. THERE HERE! jESUS, SAID, rivers of living waster would come out of the belly of believers in Jesus. Praise God.
    God has also given the gifts of the Spirit of God, to believers in Jesus Christ Today.
    Jesus, Christ the same Yesterday, Today and Forever.
    The Gifts of the Spirit are given to believers in Jesus, through the Holy Spirit and as God the Father wills.
    Jesus, said, “The Father within me he doeth the Works”.
    But there is no waiting for fruit. Jesus said a tree is known by it’s fruit.
    Be a Jesus Tree.

  25. Professing words of proclamation are empty and an echoing mockery without the power to prove them. “His kingdom is not in word, but in power.”

    • Every one may profess God’s power Teresa, and that’s good, but we as well as anyone have access to anything you would. God’s power is given both to profess and show. Both are acceptable, and you are not the judge of anyone. You have no ability to “see” online, and you are just professing here as well.
      Show your power to those, who need it. It’s not about being critical. of others, instead share what works or healings you are working. Other’s may do the same.

  26. The Kingdom comes in the power of an endless life – the eternal Christ awakened within those first called. This power is expressed in the EMERGENCE of Christ through these awakened ones, the living gates.

    Spoken words are needed to establish truth in the world – for Truth comes first by hearing (from the Spirit), then must be proclaimed in order to be established. It matters not who believes, for you always proclaim truth for yourself, that it may be established FOR YOU. If other’s have already heard this truth from the Spirit directly, they will comprehend the truth in your words. If not, the words you speak will not be received. This is also why one should be careful to proclaim only what they have received from the spirit directly, or you will inadvertently be a lamp of darkness unto yourself.

    When you have received enough Truth (oil) from the Spirit – and have professed your belief in these words in order to establish them in your physical reality, Christ will awaken within and you will remember who you truly are. Only the Spirit is able to translate the formless thoughts of God into truth your mind can understand. Thus the word of God, as translated by the Spirit, does have the power to awaken the Christ within you.

    Yet, words of truth, spoken or written, do NOT have the power to awaken others because they can not be received as truth. If words spoken by another are perceived as true, it is always because the truth has been translated to you by the Spirit BEFOREHAND – and then the words of another can establish the truth for you. Otherwise the truth will be rejected.

    Why then are some awakened first?

    It is that they may be used to start the fire that will awaken those who can not hear the Spirit. Those first awakened will be given power through EMERGENCE, creating MIRACLES that attest to the truth of the word they SPEAK. Emergence is the SHINING and RADIANCE of Christ in you – as each present moment is crafted by God’s perfect will. Through Emergence, Christ will recreate reality (establish the Kingdom) in accordance with the divine laws, and begin to dissolve the lower laws that currently rule the world. By the power inherent in the miracles you create through Christ’s Emergence, the words you speak will be also be given power – and others will perceive them as TRUE. And you will awaken many, though some sleep deeply and will also need shaking.

    To be able to awaken others by the expression of Christ in you is a very significant blessing – and your great reward. It is not your “doing” that avails anything, but the present moment Christ creates through you that will awaken others. We are to WATCH! Emergence is to WATCH the present moment unfold – trusting that Christ is working through you for the LOVE of all. The command to “watch” is given to the open gates of Christ – that God’s will be done on earth.

    Mark 13:32-37
    “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is. It is like a man going to a far country, who left his house and gave authority to his servants, and to each his work, and commanded the doorkeeper to watch. Watch therefore, for you do not know when the master of the house is coming—in the evening, at midnight, at the crowing of the rooster, or in the morning— lest, coming suddenly, he find you sleeping.
    And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!”

    • You say, and rightfully so:

      “Yet, words of truth, spoken or written, do NOT have the power to awaken others because they can not be received as truth. If words spoken by another are perceived as true, it is always because the truth has been translated to you by the Spirit BEFOREHAND – and then the words of another can establish the truth for you. Otherwise the truth will be rejected.
      Why then are some awakened first?” End quote

      So true, we can be a confirmation to another, however if God has not already opened our mind to His truths, we simply cannot understand the words of another though they may speak volumes and it be the truth. We understand as our minds are opened up by God. The love of God is the end of all things, whether it be knowledge, wisdom, doctrines, mysteries, etc., for all these things are to teach us and to bring us to the consummation of love. We could literally understand the the true meaning of the revelations and mysteries of the bible from cover to cover and if this much study produced no fruit, it accomplishes nothing for love is the end of all understanding.

      We can be among the most intellectually educated ones of the scriptures and if we have not love, we have nothing. The scriptures are a map which give directions to a place but they are not the place itself. The scriptures are the shadow of a thing however love is the thing. The carnal mind seeks and is stuck in knowledge while the spiritual mind seeks the love of Christ spirit to spirit, and is given spirit to spirit. When the intellectual carnal mind of man seeks knowledge to have its standing among it’s peers, it is satisfied with the praise of men. They have their reward. The spiritual minded man seeks God’s likeness and character with little thought of the intellect nor does he desire knowledge over truth. Truth is not facts about things nor does it come by the law, truth is love, and it is given spirit to spirit…by obeying the spirit.

      And why do some understand this love of God before others? It’s in God plan. If we study the three feast of Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles, these are individual progressions through life just as they are also corporate progressions. First there is Christ in the barley harvest, completed in the likeness of God (the sheaf offering), then there is Pentecost, the gathering of the “first fruits”, and then there is the feast of Tabernacles, the ingathering of all the rest of the harvest (People’s). Christ (the Passover lamb) taught the few, the few (Pentecost harvest) taught the many until the entire harvest was and is complete.

      One (the pattern, Christ) had to be perfected first, then those of His choosing ( the Son’s of God, the firstfruits) and then these are to teach the rest of mankind of the ways of God through to the consummation of all things. It’s God plan to teach people to teach, for some are to go before others and so we witness this plan of salvation of people coming alive unto Christ. ( Some get confused by the word “saved” leading one to believe in a false context of one being lost or saved as to a heaven or to a hell. Saved means to be completed and to be made whole in the likeness of God in its truest meaning and understanding.) Our translators have done us much a disservice and created much confusion in their choice of words, however if we seek love, and pray for it to be a part of us, we will not be mislead. If we only seek knowledge and doctrine from an intellectual perspective , we will receive them without knowing of their true purpose. However if we desire and seek love we will receive both it and them for love is the end of knowledge. So love fulfills and makes one complete in knowledge because love is the end, whereas knowledge is just a means to the end.

      Again and to summarize, when we pray to receive only the shadow of a thing (knowledge) we are left void of the thing itself. We can study a thousand details about a subject and never understand the subject because we get lost in the knowledge of the details. We are to desire the thing (spirit) in which cast the shadow and not the shadow itself (knowledge and law). When we arrive in God’s likeness at the “end” of our carnal selves, as all of the “means” of building us to this point is done away as scaffolding is no longer required in the building of the temple. All scripture is given as a tutor and a school master to help bring us to the anointing but it is not the anointing itself.

      We do tend to get lost in the letter sometimes in our explanations but let us always remember and remind one another it is the spirit we seek.

  27. thousands down the ages and thousands today have searched or are searching the scriptures, thinking that in them they will find eternal life, while they ignore Christ completely with His continual outpouring, personal information and loving direction for the constant emergencies of life. It is in that personal contact with God, as one opens up his soul to be “taught of God” that all power lies. The great power to do the works which Christ did is not contained in the scriptures but in the living contact with God. And those who hold their minds continually within the pages of the Bible will become word-bound in their thinking and their lives will become as dried and brittle as parchment. It is these who have failed to go to Christ, in a love of devotion that will reveal the TRUTH and go beyond the dead letter of the law, that remain in their dead, orthodoxed conformity of unprogressiveness…forever speaking many words…..

    • But you are not there, nor are you receiving from Christ, because you are deceived by a false prophet.
      Cleanse yourself from Idol/s, If you were hearing from Christ Jesus, notice there is no mention of Him,
      there would be no Anna Shaklee, between you and He. False lying spirit is speaking to you, deceiving youl
      This is shown by the “hyper” nature of your mentality.
      Open your eyes to what Jesus said about “false Prophet’s”. Then your teaching will be pure, and you can share from Jesus. You are not in line with HIs Teaching, and that is Christ.
      Jesus, Said, If they believe me, they will believe you. My sheep know my voice, and the voice of another they will not follow. So, that is Words, and Words, The Word of God, is the Proclamation, and it is not without Power. The Word spoken, brings the Power. Going to Christ brings you close to “His” Power.
      Your Power, means nothing. Your word’s without His Word, means nothing.
      It is the Gospel of Jesus, not the Gospel of some “false spirit”.
      Yes, keep coming to Christ, but make sure the spirit you are listening to is from Jesus. Not an evil spirit.
      Listen to other people because you are not called to be a Lone Wolf.

      • Mishai, you do not understand what amos and teresa are saying – and so you interpret it incorrectly.

        The time of the end is upon us – and as the righteous reign begins those who pridefully cling to a false image of God will need to be shaken in order to let go of it. It takes humility to admit to God that one may not understand him correctly.

        All can learn the truth, but not all choose to put the love of truth above all one currently believes to be true. God is the source of truth, and you can receive understanding of infinite truth only from God. Man’s (or the church’s) interpretation of the bible is wrong because men’s minds are finite. How can the finite comprehend what is infinite. This is why we must be taught by the spirit, who is able to translate the infinite into that which our finite mind can comprehend. All who desire to be taught by God directly, will receive Truth’s correct understanding. Who do you prefer as a teacher, God or the finite mind of man? We all make this choice.

        The only ones who believe in the danger of “lying spirits” are those who listen to the teachings of men – and attempt to interpret them using their carnal mind. When you learn from God directly, you will be led to hidden manna in the writings of others (such as Annalee Skarin and Joseph Benner) – and will never be “harmed” by the poison of those who, in ignorance, do not speak truthfully.

        To know Truth you must understand yourself in relation to God – and only the Spirit can translate this truth to you. You might begin by prayerfully and humbly asking:

        “Who am I in you, Father?”
        “What is the Truth and how do I recognize it?”
        “How do I see others as you see them?”
        “How can I understand your love?”
        “What is Christ?”

        If you have not learned the answers directly from God, the lack of light will be very apparent to others in the words you speak and write about these topics.

      • I fully understand what is being said by the aforementioned. I am not mis interpreting, because I am not interpreting at all. Teresa is in no way saying that these things come directly from God, because she has said she gets them, from Anna.
        So, this is what she is saying.
        Secondly, the idea that people in the Church do not here from God, is erroneous, because the Church is the Lords, and I am one of His people, so that is obviously an completely false idea, especially for anyone who believes in oneness.
        No, I am fully acquainted with hearing God, and that is the whole point because the assumptive statements being made are that I do not. The vast majority of the Church hears from God, because they have HIs spirit living within.
        The idea’s of evil spirits and being misled, are all through out the Teachings of Jesus, if you are unaware of the fact that Satan is a living being, you are not reading, or believing in the Bible,. so you would have to admit that, and just say, I Make MY own teachings.
        I am a part of the Church.
        The great irony in your statements is that if I at all believed what you are telling me, then I would have to believe ‘your’ statements, and that is from a ‘man’ you, and your teaching as a man. So there is no difference there. No the only way you can understand spiritual things is if you follow the Sayings of Jesus, that is the only ‘man’ who I follow.
        I would know if you were in line with that because, I am one of His servants.
        I fully understand my Relationship with God, but just because someone hears a voice, such as yourself, and has a revelation, does not mean you are to be believed.
        Again, the Bible teaches about evil spirits and these can mislead you and that is a warning from the Lord Jesus Christ to all who want to know God.
        So, just because you believe the things you are saying and hearing does not make them true spiritual or reliable.
        If you have rejected the idea that people who Go to Church, or are in the Church are unreliable witnesses, then I think that is clearly a man made idea, and notion.
        In the spiritual world there are evil forces that seek to deceive you and is again taught by the Lord Jesus Christ.
        Look into What Spirit is speaking to you. The Holy Spirit bears witness only with Jesus words, and that is not just a man but Lord, himself.
        I have asked you the same questions that you posed to me, and you have never been able or willing to respond.
        So, the challenge is reversed.

  28. Phillipians 2:8

    8 And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

    9 Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:

    10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

    11 And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

  29. How do we grow in the spirit of our Heavenly Father? It is as the fruit of the vine. We don’t necessarily know the mechanics of the miracle from the seed to the ear to the full corn in the ear, however we do know if we weed (resist carnality) and water it, and perhaps do a little pruning, the growth happens without any further involvement on our part for God takes it from there. The miracle of growth is a mystery. If we weed, water, and allow our pruning (taking away the dead) to take place we will grow by the grace of God into a fruit bearing, loving individual. By receiving the rain (spirit) into “our earth” and it causes the growth in the branches of the vine, and we receive it into our bodies, it releases the appropriate minerals and nutrients into our system and they go where they are needed without taking any thought of our own..just as in our natural digestion.

    As we take in this love (water) of God’s character, and as it increases we are to take no thought and it will do it’s work likewise. Love is not intellectual, nor does it reason about itself for it is complete and does not need any proof of it’s maturity. When we seek His love and likeness, we are to seek the pure unadulterated, unleavened word of God. This type of love is unconditional and pure. It has no leavening of judgment or avarice or debate. It is not argumentative, it is kind and receptive to all, it does not take into account what another believes in order to be accepting of them. This is a love without boundaries or conditions.

    One must come to this place in God to function properly, for one cannot love when there are obstacles in the way. If we are to be a guide to others, we cannot guide them with an argumentative and debating disposition. The carnal mind uses its faculties to get it’s point across. It is argumentative, offensive, loves to be at differences with others and tries to “prove” others wrong (self righteousness). The carnal man wants to be right at any expense, even to the detriment of others. To be right in the eyes of others is the goal of the carnal…”Christian” or not.

    The unconditional love of God takes none of these attributes of the flesh into account, for the love of God is not offended by the ways of man, for they are understood to be what they are; they are but maturity levels of our three phases of growth from childhood to adulthood. When we understand the progressive plan of God we develop a patience to endure the immaturity found in others…as well as in ourselves. We will come to the likeness of Christ when we put off the old carnal mind of sin…and take on the new mind of Christ. When we take the pure word of God and put it forth it is easy to be entreated and accepted, however when we take the word of God and add leaven (carnal thinking) to it, it becomes a hard to digest fruit.

    How can one say they are teaching the love of God to another when they have a mean spirited, condescending, and self righteous attitude? And when they end their “teaching” in the carnal, to simply say, I love you is supposed to make their disrespect acceptable? Take out the leaven and our message will be received much better.. even if there is not complete agreement. We can have a complete love for another without agreeing with them on knowledge, however even if we have our facts straight, and have not love we remain void of the truth. God’s purpose is to mature us to be of one mind and of one spirit. The carnal mind is about self being recognized, adulated, admired, well spoken of …etc., etc., it takes the word of God and adds leaving to it…The spiritual person does not care to be recognized, they are satisfied with being “one” among the many on equal footing…in Christ. We “are” all the spirit. Let us throw out the leaven of “self” in all of it’s self promoting ways, and promote Christ…a spirit of recognizing “others.” The spirit of God in us makes us no more important than another…and we just treat them so.

  30. If you have not learned the answers directly from God, the lack of light will be very apparent to others in the words you speak and write about these topics….THE SIMPLE TRUTH..

    • What is apparent as well is when one is being deceived by an evil spirit, this shows in ones sayings even greater. If it’s in line with Jesus Christ it can be examined. If it is from you, or a person, or an evil spirit, that can be shown, by God’s Word, that’s how you know. You cannot judge someone’s spirit, that is only for God to determine.

  31. The time of the end is upon us – and as the righteous reign begins those who pridefully cling to a false image of God will need to be shaken in order to let go of it. It takes humility to admit to God that one may not understand him correctly.

    All can learn the truth, but not all choose to put the love of truth above all one currently believes to be true. God is the source of truth, and you can receive understanding of infinite truth only from God. Man’s (or the church’s) interpretation of the bible is wrong because men’s minds are finite. How can the finite comprehend what is infinite. This is why we must be taught by the spirit, who is able to translate the infinite into that which our finite mind can comprehend. All who desire to be taught by God directly, will receive Truth’s correct understanding. Who do you prefer as a teacher, God or the finite mind of man? We all make this choice.

    The only ones who believe in the danger of “lying spirits” are those who listen to the teachings of men – and attempt to interpret them using their carnal mind. When you learn from God directly, you will be led to hidden manna in the writings of others (such as Annalee Skarin and Joseph Benner) – and will never be “harmed” by the poison of those who, in ignorance, do not speak truthfully.

    To know Truth you must understand yourself in relation to God – and only the Spirit can translate this truth to you. You might begin by prayerfully and humbly asking:…….YOU ARE ABSOLUTE ON POINT…

    • Maybe, you are the one with a false image of God? God is not, an image, He is a living Creator, and being.
      He is not an image. So, He can take care of revealing who He is to someone. The Bible says, that Jesus is the express image of God. So, follow Jesus, problem solved. That His representative.
      It’s not complicated. And He loves you.

  32. I confirm that Annalee Skarin’s writings do entice one to pray, to serve God and to love God – throughout – over and over again! Annalee invites YOU to LIVE Christ’s teachings and no longer doubt what our Savior came to teach. His teachings are beautiful! And it was Jesus Christ who commanded us to BE PERFECT EVEN AS OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN IS PERFECT.

  33. The Holy Ghost has revealed to me the truth – not flesh and blood. You do not have to believe that the Holy Ghost revealed anything to me, however. It is up to YOU to pray and ask God for yourself. Do not trust in the arm of flesh. Trust the Holy Spirit of Almighty God. ASK, SEEK AND KNOCK!……

    • Ok, so we have asked seeked and knocked, and now you are to determine if we have heard correctly for your satisfaction? Based on what? Your lone wolf ideas? You can only hear God, if the spirit speaking is in line with the Bible. The Bible is God’s written word. David said, “Write your Laws on my Heart, that I might not Sin against thee”. So, that is written in the Word. And can be seen there. In the Word, and in your Heart. That can only be determined, by the Word through the Spirit. Not just because you see it, because you may be blind.

  34. Knowledge and the law.

    As good as the law “was” and is and the knowledge of it, the law when implemented was a law unto condemnation. This was because it was given by God in the understanding that no righteousness was to be of the law nor could the law ever give spiritual life. It was a precursor to the dispensation of grace, an age closer to becoming reality. God knew that man could not keep the law (because God designed it this way) and it was given to show all of mankind that it was not within himself to be righteous or to live without the indwelling spirit which was to come. We have the first covenant to establish the law of sin, death and disobedience and no freedom was to be had from it “UNTIL” a better covenant was established…not by the letter…but by the spirit.

    The old covenant was lived with outward observations of rituals and rules seen with the natural eye. However this was not to be the reality of God’s plan of salvation for mankind. The new covenant was to be lived inward where no natural eye could see truth, love and reality, for these attributes are spiritually discerned and lived. The study of the old covenant law has its purpose, the words in its pages are filled with the symbolisms of the true found in the new covenant. What the old covenant and the letter of it could not do, the spirit of the new covenant could and can do. Yet the new covenant is not really the written books of the New Testament, the new covenant is a “way” to live and we must learn to communicate in this “way,” spirit to spirit in order to walk in His Kingdom.

    We do our best to speak and to write about the letter, whether of the old or the new, when we see others bound by the law thinking it holds something of the spirit when …it does not. It can symbolize, describe, explain, etc., etc., however the law and the letter cannot give life. “Words” are a description, a tutor, they can give direction as a road map, but the letter is dead. Coming to life comes by degrees, Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. You cannot read the Bible and be given of God any spirit for doing so, whether you read it, memorize it, preach it or explain the mysteries in detail.

    Love is given by God…from His spirit to ours…He does this when we measure up to His will and to His obedience for it is by following and pursuing after His character and likeness do we grow. The simplicity to desire Love must be our pursuit, our goal and no other. Knowledge of love is good but the spirit of love is better…it is the knowledge which can speak about love but it is God who gives it. A person of pride gets their pride from the law, or knowing “about” the law. A person of the spirit desires nothing to be proud of or about, for love cast out pride along with fear. We must not prejudge another’s words, the lack or the abundance of them, for what one may see in just a few, it may take a book for another. We must become all things to all people…meaning…we do not serve ourself in what we write or speak. We must desire for the word to be understood between another and God, and if He should so choose to open their mind…from something we may have said, this is good however what we may have shared and another has understood from something we said, it did not originate with or within us. We all receive reality and truth from the same source.

    Oft times the opportunity of disagreement reveals of what sort our spirit is and whether we seek the fruit of the spirit, or of only desiring to be heard and admired. Does one get offended when they are not recognized over others? This is jealousy. It is easily discernible by the spirit. We may read the works of many, great works, yet them and they cannot give us life. If all the disciples and prophets were sitting in a room with us today, they would not make us one wit more spiritual or loving at all. As they each had and have their relationship with the father…so must we in like manner. Greatness does not come by being recognized, greatness comes from loving from obscurity.

    There are many wonderful written works, written by people who were led by the spirit and let’s just say they are perfect as some of the New Testament letters are said to perfect, however again, it is the walk we walk with Christ that will give us that relationship with our Father. Many people have led a dedicated life, driven to please God and to share all that they understand with others..and as good as they weee or are….only God can give us of His spirit. We are to “respect” all whether prophet, teacher, preacher…etc., but no more than the unlearned for respect of others comes with an understanding that in time “all” will come to the likeness of God. Some of these “all” may have read many and great articles and books written by greatly inspired people of God, but we must remember it is God who gives the spirit. Respect given in the proper and honorable way is good, however we must know how to rightly divide the word and not attribute to man what is only God’s to claim.

    So let us all respect what another has to share, but let us understand all spirit comes from our Father.


  35. It is this gift of attentive listening that develops one’s “ears to hear.” These ears that must learn to hear are the ones deep within the soul. It is first only the power of learning to “feel.” This power to feel or listen, develops also deep understanding. While the divine gift of understanding opens the fountains of mercy and compassion, which hold the keys of forgiveness and unspeakable love.

    It is this gift of deep listening that one has to develop in order to become a member and be of service in the greater work. The very power to listen holds the keys of divine service, for service is given according to the needs of mankind, the urgency of the occasion and the desires in men’s souls. As it is true that the greatest sermons are not always preached in words, so it is true that the greatest needs, the most earnest desires are not always put into uttered prayers. If God never listened what hope would there be for mankind, ever? If the great, noble ones did not listen what possible service could they render, and if man cannot learn to listen how can he possibly be taught by God. Those who do too much preaching, too much teaching, too much talking can never be taught and they will remain in their kindergarten state or grade of existence……..

    • So, God’s people in the Church know this, and have taught this for years. You are not the forerunner of this, but the new Kid on the Block. Thanks for catching up to 3rd grade Church teaching.
      Here you are proving that the Church has preceded all of your, hearing and knowing, because it is Bible theology. It’s not a “revelation from the air”, this is part of Church Theology,. excuse me for using educated language. God is the one who instigated and called preachers. So, that isn’t part of your greater knowledge, above and beyond others, because God came up with that idea.

  36. Within annalee skarins work is unveiled some of the hitherto “unspeakable, incomprehensible things which eyes have never seen, nor ears heard, nor yet has entered into the heart of man — those things which God has prepared for THOSE WHO LOVE HIM!”

    This sacred Path of fulfilling and of unfolding glory is so clearly revealed and its powers made so plain, that as Isaiah declared, “A FOOL NEED NOT ERR THEREIN, though the wicked can never cross over.”

    And so, her books are not written for the unbelievers or for those who love not God, or for those who are so sealed in their present beliefs that even God cannot teach them. This work is for the PURE IN HEART, the humble, the teachable, the gracious, evolving sons of God. “It is for those who are hungering and thirsting after righteousness.”

    These records completely glorifies that “Straight and Narrow Path that leads to Life Eternal!” It is the road to glorious perfection. And every step of this Way is a joy beyond measure…….NOW I AM DONE WITH THIS WEBSITE AMEN..GOD BLESS YOU ALL …

  37. Explain what perfect means to you,? How are you going to explain that? Explain what your perfection entails.? This is very important for you to grasp if you want to “float higher in the spirit, and traverse the clouds”. Teach me to fly like you in the ultimate of God’s knowledge. I’m sure there must be others that make you look like a small toad, because there knowledge, and purity is even greater than yours. But they dare not speak to you or say, so, because of your ‘exalted position’, you would condemn them. They couldn’t know more than you, in your flowing gowns of holiness, the mere mortals beside you.

  38. We should not glory over the knowledge we have, or our understanding of deep things, for if we do we are actually glorifying and acknowledging our lack of maturity. Should not we instead be thankful and gracious in that we are moving beyond the lower realm of knowledge of a thing into the very likeness and realism of the very thing, from the shadow to the image? Is it enough for one to just know about something? There is only arrogance and pride to be had in what one “only” knows for when one moves beyond knowledge into the realm of participation, there is no leaven ( big I) in our heart. We will be content to be known as we are known by our fruit of the spirit where self has ceased wanting to be heard for all it “knows” when it knows nothing as it should. There is a difference in knowing and “being” and when we have left the lower realm of knowledge, we have moved into an existence of experiential love.

    Knowledge is good, very good, however that reality in which knowledge brings one to is much better. We are taught by knowledge of the beatitudes that we should desire these traits of the spirit more than the trappings of this world. Knowledge of the beatitudes are good but are not the possession of them much better? We are told it is good to love our neighbor, this is knowledge. Is it enough to know that we “should” love or is it better to actually love? Let us go on to maturity by understanding it is not enough to know, we are to be…as in the “I AM.” When we actually love others as we should, we will cease to demand they see as we do.

    It is all good.

  39. Very good Sonny. Yes. However in addition, to those thoughts, I would add, that God, if we know Jesus Today, as our savior, that He Himself, becomes our friend, and as we are called by Him, then we make our calling and election sure, and through differing gifts, He gives, those in the Church, it may entail and include “knowledge”, and the sharing of knowledge, as part of our calling, and this too is only to bring Glory to Jesus. Whether we are sharing knowledge, or sharing love, it is all about giving Glory, and obedience to Him. It is Him, who wills if we are to share knowledge through love, or sitting with a sick friend through love. Maturity is not weighed by us, about one another, though we may complement someone for the maturity they exhibit, we do not have the right to weigh someone’s maturity, but only the Lord, may judge us for our maturity. It is not about seeing as someone does, it is about seeing as Jesus told us to see, and when we teach, preach, share knowledge, this is to bring Light. We only SEE, by looking into God’s Word, and God’s heart. I like what you are saying.

  40. As we go about our days and exchange our understandings with others, we should not judge according to what they know or what they do not know. This should not enter into our opinion or love for them for our “opinion” should already be established in Christ…for those in Christ do not judge unrighteously. If we so easily cast someone from our fellowship because they do not see what we see or want to follow the same course as we do..or follow the same religion or person as we do….we are yet children in our immaturity. Jesus Christ simply understood the Father did not draw all men to see His teachings…and Christ did not go after them to persuade them…He let them go. He knew it was not their understanding to have nor was it the time of their calling. God chooses.

    We must walk through life in the same manner without making demands on other people, Jesus, the apostles and disciples did not do as such…they taught and preached the word and if “God the Father” did not draw others and open their minds to what was taught, there was no argument. It is the same today. We reveal our maturity, our fruit, or lack thereof. if you will when we expect others to see as we do…and do as we do, and employ a condescending language and an abrasive attitude when others do not agree. Childishness to put it kindly. Carnality, ego and pride wrapped in a cloak of a mixed garment is the clothing of such a one. Take some truth, add some self…and you have a good dose of self righteousness. Do not mix your “wool” (carnality) with your “linen” (righteousness)….meaning that we should not add to the “words of God’s with our desire for self esteem and for people to adulate us.

    God says if we love Him we will keep His commandments. Commandments can be a challenge to keep and they may be challenged in our deepest despair and thoughts of utter abandonment in our testing at times, yet we keep them because we remember “it is said” to do so. So love is more than an emotional exuberance, or a well defined sentence of grandeur, Love is keeping on course of not wavering and often in its greatest expression, we are in our lowest and weakest place of our spirit. Yet these times are times of our Job experience, and our love will be tested in good times and in the severest of times. Love endures all things….so if we say we have love and want it more than anything…expect the measure of our love to be gauged and measured…and if we are found lacking we will be corrected, and corrected until we as Job said after much trial, Now I see.

    God will never leave us nor will He ever forsake us until His promise is fulfilled…within us. So let us not mix our love and our unrighteous judgement towards others. Let us as the Father has asked of us, to love others unconditionally and bring them along with our un-accusing love for them with patience, forbearance, and suffering long with them until they see love and not condemnation. We may understand great and marvelous works and writings by many…however we have to come into our own person in Christ….then we can be one with all who likewise have appeared before the mercy seat.

    There are many callings…let us not judge another what God has decided for them.

  41. Yes, Very, good, thoughts. Many are satisfied with only loving people ‘ so much ‘ or ‘ so far ‘. Many are self satisfied to watch others perish without God, while others will take up the charge of God’s love and bring the life changing Word to them through stormy seas, and through rough times. These are the ones who God calls the victors of Faith, and those who have given much to pursue the love of God for others.
    Absolutely yes, while those who are wrapped in their own pride will not preach the Word of God’s lifesaving salvation, thinking that silence is humility, they withhold the life giving plan of salvation, from those who are crying out for a touch of God’s saving power.
    Those who are willing to love beyond the norm, are given the power of God to go forth, with every facet of God’s pure kingdom. Yes, Jesus went after them to persuade them into the eternal kingdom, and since John the Baptist revealed Him as the Son, of God, He still pursues all men today. Even in the highways and hedges, He said compel them to come in, compel them to come to my Supper.
    While many made excuses, one said, Master, I have married a wife and cannot go into the kingdom, another said, let me go bury my father, first, and then will I go, and Jesus said, ‘let the dead bury the dead’ but ‘you go and preach the kingdom to others’, compelling them to come in.
    Always we have those who are too prideful to proclaim God’s love, to their brothers, or to share their lives, while God is cursing the fig tree at the roots. Always obey the command of God to speak, in waves of Glory, Yes, we never have to be afraid of the judgment of others, that say someone is not qualified to share, because when we sow to God, He is well please and can break the Loaves we give among many while others are afraid, and stand gasping with a lack of faith that they might “add self” or bring disunity, while ‘they never bring anything”, Blessed are those on the mountains who bring the kingdom, and bring true life in the River, flowing from God’s throne. God chooses those with Faith to represent Him and trains them to know the Word and sends them forth, and brings healing to all who hear. No one is rejected from receiving a message for their life.

  42. We must always recognize that we “see through a glass darkly” and that we only “know in part.” This means that some know parts of the scriptures and their meaning while others know and understand other parts. In the beginning of our walk, we see the meaning of the scriptures in a darkly shadow form as do others and not all on the same subject. Taking this statement in the scriptures into account…we each have what God has given to us to share with others in our walk. In exchanging these different views it is evident to all we do not see things exactly alike. It is intended this way. It teaches tolerance, respect, patience and forbearance of the views of others. It is not near as important as what we share and discuss as in how we conduct ourselves in our dialogue. There is knowledge, law, and stories of which we know things about…in part. And on the spiritual side of dialogue there are the beatitudes and the meaning of grace…which take all authority over the law because they are the end of the law. Let us be able to discuss anything in the spirit of grace….giving space to the other.

    • In this commentary you are referring to people who know the Lord Jesus and have taken him as there Saviour. There are those which, have made a belief in Jesus, but have not gone on to follow Him as Lord. Here, your commentary would cover those who are in a new relationship with Jesus, that do not know the written Word in depth. In relationship to people that do not know the Lord, and do not follow the teachings of the master, there are no views represented there. When someone has a false and misleading view of the Word of God, here, God has sent forth His servants.
      God’s love is reaching out through His servants that know the Word, to reach into the hearts of many who have followed false and erroneous teachings, being lost and confused.
      God commissions and sends those that He has tested and tried and commissioned to walk among many different cultural groups.
      In this part it is more important, very important as to what is shard and discussed to be accurate, inside the corporate ministry of the Apostles.
      I am reminded that the Lord has said, “Till Heaven and Earth Pass Not, One Jot or Title of the Law Shall Pass” So a true knowledge of the Word of God can encompass all aspects of misunderstanding, while others may merely have the gift of Charity, in which they comfort those that need comfort.
      There are many deeper aspects to following God into the Spiritual life of Love.
      But in the spiritual realm there is a demarcation from doctrines have arisen from false god’s that only the Servants of Jesus are allowed to minister.
      In serving God, God gives the commissions, and as Jesus said, The dead will always bury the dead.
      Here one must decide how much love they will give, in obedience to Jesus to reach those God is saying to Love.

  43. Love (charity) worketh no ill to his neighbor: love (charity) therefore is the fulfilment of the law.
    Romans 13:10 –
    Charity is love, it is the fulfillment, it is not “merely” a gift, it is “the” gift and the conclusion to all things.

  44. But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again, and your reward will be great, and ye shall be sons of the Highest, because He is kind unto the ungracious and evil; 36be ye therefore merciful, as also your Father is merciful.

    Do Not Judge
    (Matthew 7:1-6; Romans 14:1-12)

    37‘And judge not, and ye may not be judged; condemn not, and ye may not be condemned; release, and ye shall be released. 38‘Give, and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed, and shaken, and running over, they shall give into your bosom; for with that measure with which ye measure, it shall be measured to you again.’


  45. Yes, absolutely. Your on the right path. There is a Gift of Charity, and Mercy as well. This is where the beginning of your ministry will begin, and according to the amount of charity and love you have you will minister out of those things in your ministry. These are all the milk of the Word, and then you will move on to the weightier things of the ministry, where you are pouring out the Word of God. It is Charity and love, that will provoke you to move deeper, study and find grace from God to share. These things are the beginning of your walk, and the constant that guides you to find even more grace. This is the basis of the saying from Grace to Grace. It is the beginning place of obedience, and wisdom, leading to ministry.
    When you walk in Love you are obeying the laws of God, because they are one in purpose.

  46. Romans 13:2
    2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

    When quoting scripture, always read the whole Chapter. Isolating verses violates the principles of etiquette in understanding, and violates the principles of truth.

  47. There are no chapters in the original letters or manuscripts. Chapters were added. It was all one work so there was no starting or ending point. We can make our point by referencing that which we want to emphasize and as the people were taught it said they went and searched the scriptures to see if it were so. However yes, we do need to read enough and write enough to get our thoughts in context. This is always a good habit to have.

  48. NEVER be afraid to live the teachings of Jesus Christ. NEVER be afraid to recognize when teachings are inviting and enticing you to do good, to love God, and to pray to him — no matter what other people say or do. If you do these things, then you will have all the proof you will ever need in order to know what teachings are of God and what teachings are anti-Christ! For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

    Any individual who has to depend on another for his, or her knowledge, strength, testimony and inspiration can never enter into the great realms of Celestial light — not worlds without end. That is the meaning of: “Cursed is he who trusteth in the arm of flesh, or maketh flesh his arm.”

    And it is indeed a curse to any man who fails in his own great quest. He must do his own seeking, his own searching, and asking, and most of all HIS OWN THINKING…….AMEN….

    • So if teachings are inviting and enticing you to do good, to love God and to pray to Him, then that is what someone else is saying and doing, and that is not your own thinking, it’s someone else you have relied on, to entice you.
      My thought is that you may be confusing the term carnality, with simply being a human being.
      Being a human being and reading things and listening to others, is not what the term carnal means.
      I think you should lighten up on yourself. Every one relies on other people at some time,
      God has laid out in His Word the teachings we are to follow in the Lord.
      If the Word of God, is where you have learned the word carnal from, then you will find there the definitions of what that word is about.
      The Holy Spirit will lead us into fellowship in the Lord, and that is what you may be wary of in using the idea of relying on someone.
      I am not sure where your feelings of isolationism come from, but there is a sense that you don’t feel connection with others. I hope your own thinking is leading you into love, and not into your own world isolation. Have you ever asked, or looked into why you are so uptight about your beliefs and the love of God, as far as connecting to people? This is a good chance to share some of your own thinking?

      • NEVER be afraid to live the teachings of Jesus Christ. NEVER be afraid to recognize when teachings are inviting and enticing you to do good, to love God, and to pray to him — no matter what other people say or do. If you do these things, then you will have all the proof you will ever need in order to know what teachings are of God and what teachings are anti-Christ! For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

        Any individual who has to depend on another for his, or her knowledge, strength, testimony and inspiration can never enter into the great realms of Celestial light — not worlds without end. That is the meaning of: “Cursed is he who trusteth in the arm of flesh, or maketh flesh his arm.”

        And it is indeed a curse to any man who fails in his own great quest. He must do his own seeking, his own searching, and asking, and most of all HIS OWN THINKING…….AMEN….

  49. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

    But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering; for he that waverth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

    For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.

    James Chapter 1, verses 5-7, Inspired Version of the Bible……

    • So, when he is saying ‘if any of you lacks wisdom’, ~ why did you turn to him< for that thought.?
      Why didn't you just go into your bedroom, and find that leading from the Lord?
      The original thought comes from a man James, and hearing that thought doesn't mean you are carnal.
      "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God".

      So, now you will have your own thought about it what I am asking, and that will be from your own thinking. You are the one who will now examine the sayings, and will have your own thought.
      That's not carnal.

      • If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

        But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering; for he that waverth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

        For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.

        James Chapter 1, verses 5-7, Inspired Version of the Bible……

  50. How do we know for certain what is the truth? How do we know what devices are the cunning forces of darkness? For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. (Romans Chapter 8, verse 6) If we are carnally minded, we might search for solid earthly proof, or let all of our belief hang on the opinions and proofs that others provide for us. If we desire to be spiritualy minded, we could choose to follow the simple intructions given by Jesus Christ through Annalee in the book, “To God The Glory” which follow:

    And so that you may be left without excuse I now give you the three tests by which you may know the truth of my (Jesus Christ) Words.

    First: ask of me, with a sincere heart, whether this is of God or not, and He will reveal the truth of it unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost. And thus you may know the truth of all things. But be careful that after such witness is borne to you and testifies to your soul, and brings peace to your heart, by the power of the Holy Ghost, lest you return to your doubting, and thus be found to sin against this Divine Witness, even the Holy Ghost, which sin cannot be forgiven.

    Second: Live the teachings and you will KNOW whether they be of God, or whether they be of man.

    Third: This is the test that cannot fail, nor can a fool err therein, nor be deceived, for it is as plain to discern as it is to discern the light of noonday from the darkness of night. “Anything that enticeth a man to serve and love God, and to pray, IS OF GOD.”

    So be it, for I have spoken. Let none mock my words for they are true and faithful.

    Yea, I am Jesus Christ, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega, the great Amen…..

    • It’s refreshing to hear someone make such a bold proclamation! What you believe is always true for you! May you be a powerful force to end the suffering in this hell we call the world! 😇

  51. It is only the TRUTH that will make one free — the great Almighty Truth of God Himself and the unutterable glory of His vibrating power of Eternal Light — or Spirit — of Life. As one steps into the fulness of this Light, or divine knowledge, he steps into a higher phase of existence. This is not just a cherished membership in some church organization. It is a spiritual birth that is a divine reality. It is as literal as one’s birth into mortality. And with this birth of the Spirit one is admitted into membership with the Church of the Firstborn, the Great Brotherhood of Light……THANK YOU ….

  52. Christ, personally, does not redeem any man. Man is redeemed as he brings forth that Christ Light contained within himself. In that Light is his redemption held, and Christ is its source. To bring forth that Light man must learn to believe on His Name. And His Name is the great Unspeakable Name of ineffable power. It is a Name that is unspeakable because it is not contained within a word. It is a Name that is held in the dynamic powers of an unutterable vibration — unutterable because it cannot possibly be spoken. No word or sounds can contain it. It is a vibration of exalting, limitless power. This unspeakable Name of promise cannot possibly be the spoken word of His Name, but the true reality of His Name as it is sent forth on His own vibration of Light in singing, triumphant, unutterable glory. This great Name, in which we are admonished to believe, cannot possibly be spoken in word — not in any language. His great ineffable Name, in which man is admonished to “believe” or “BE-LIVE”, is the vibration of His holy Light as it is developed and brought forth from within through awareness expressed in tenderness and love….TO GOD BE THE GLORY..

    • In the Bible Jesus said, you must believe on Him to be redeemed. Jesus is the Christ, He is the Savior of mankind, and is our redemption. In the Bible, Jesus said, to his disciples, “Henceforth you have asked nothing in My Name. Ask, therefore that your joy may be full.
      And “God hath given Him a Name above All Names”. Only in Jesus and praying to the Father in Jesus name, will bring redemption to anyone.

  53. As we meditate upon the “ways” of our Lord and as we pray to be all that we can be, our prayers will not consist of any thoughts and request of standing out among the crowd, nor should it be our desire to be a great writer or eloquent speaker. This comes from pride. Some may speak or write well, however there should be no trace of leaven (ego) in it. Our prayers should have no thought of being admired or of receiving any “special” recognition when we walk into a room, a meeting place, or in any other gathering because we realize our brother comes before us…and is just as important as we are in the mind of God. The greatest messages comes from a humble heart for when our messages are mixed with carnal leaven which is “self rising” (ego), we are promoting our self and not in the ways of God…as all being equal.

    The greatest we can be is to be found in the quietness of our being, desiring a relationship with God where there is no recognition of promoting self and what self wants at the expense of others, it must be about quietly walking and participating equally in the ways and attitude of the beatitudes of God. This is the greatest prayer we can pray…for there is a sameness for all in our request…for when we pray for ourselves to be as He is, we know of a truth we are praying likewise for “all” others and when we ask God to relieve our suffering… we must know if we are to receive an answer we must ask according to His will. His will is not a respecter of persons so our prayers must be universal and so our love must be universal, for all…and..unconditional.

    We pray for good to come to all in-spite our own faults of being human, in making our mistakes, … because we, the same as others, do battle with the carnal mind within “us.” We as individuals each have our own issues to overcome and all of our problems to overcome lies within our own selves ( not in another) and when we overcome self, there is nothing else to overcome. We will no longer allow anyone else to have power over our mind over us, not even in the event of death itself…for we realize that our natural death is nothing to be any longer considered in the totality of folife in reality. Laying this body down is nothing more than a gateway to a greater life beyond the grave, free of this death of this earthly journey.

    Death is not having a mind of God and the only place we are told the absence of the likeness of God exist is this earthly experience. Simply put, a carnal mind is death. There is no death outside of it. Seeing reality is a matter of perspective in whether we think as God thinks or if we are still thinking as a mere carnal minded, negative mortal. We must make that Jordan crossing from leaving the wilderness of an unstable mind to overcoming in the land of plenty..also within our mind, our spiritual existence…to be. There were seven “ites” in the promised land to overcome once entered and this in nothing more than overcoming our undesirable and negative inward carnal nature.

    The greatest thing we can offer to God is not a great oratory, writing, or to minister the gifts of the spirit but walking in simplicity to the quietness of His likeness…for all gifts are to be used to this purpose. The “lesser” temporary gifts are “only” for the fulfilling of the greater gift of His indwelling life. They are not for building our own kingdoms or for self recognition. Whether we are the speaker or the listener, the same likeness within us is to be on an equal footing with the other. The tongue and the ear in the obedient are both controlled by God and what is spoken and what is heard comes from the very same source…the mind of our Father.

    We should not worry about the lack we see, whether it is in ourselves or in another and we really should not give it a voice for when we give negativity a voice, we bind ourselves to it in our lesser self. Our tongue holds a major key to our departure from the carnal mind to the happiness of the spiritual mind for our tongue can open doors to life or it can keep us locked into a mentality of self. Our carnality is what we are struggling to be free from and if we continue to feed this beast we continue to give it life.

    We all are made the same with the attributes of the carnal flesh as well as the spirit of God. We should make it a daily active choice to choose in this day which way we will go forward in. Let us stop with the foolish notion that we are somehow made righteous by pointing out our superiority to others. Are we not really saying we are superior to others when we point out the faults in others when ours could very well exceed theirs? In fact our faults do exceed theirs because we are making ourselves judge over them. Peace comes to those who make peace.

  54. The only way to see the perfect God as He is, is to read and understand every line in scripture for and in a positive manner of light. There are no means which does not justify the end of all things in a positive way. There is no evil intent nor outcome in God’s plan and the evil we perceive is an experience which teaches us only good and the players whether on the left hand or the right are hands of the same body. Temporary evil is only in the dream, while eternal love is the reality.

    • The Bible says that Satan is the worker, of evil. And God is the Father of Good. If you are experiencing evil, it is Satan, who is troubling you. You can have victory over Satan, through Jesus. Believing in Him and His Word. Satan is gathering a harvest, and God is gathering a Harvest. Only you can decide which you will go with.

  55. This abundant life for each individual is learning to live in contact with the abiding light and power of that divine contact with the Spirit of Christ, which is within. Ask this “voice of conscience”, this “still, small voice” for help and understanding when you stand upon the threshold of the tempest and it will respond, and legions shall fly to do your bidding. Rejoice with it over its approvals, and enjoy that glorious “good feeling” to the very tips of your toes as its light tingles in every fibre of your being with that divine, inner satisfaction. Learn to follow that voice to the very seat of its inner chamber — and it will lead you to the Christ — and He will reveal the Father to you as given so often in the record of St. John.

    “We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.’ (II. Peter 1:16-19).

    Love that voice within. Praise it. Honor it, and it will become a constant glory in your life. Seal your ears against it and you will ensnare your soul in darkness and your life with failure…..

  56. Our great and glorious older Brother, Jesus Christ, the First Born of the Spirit children of our Father, the most perfect, the most loving, the most noble because He followed in every thought, word and act, the voice of the Christ, or light, or intelligence within. Thus He fulfilled all the laws of perfection, in all things. For this very reason He was chosen before the foundations of this world to be its Redeemer, or guiding teacher — its leading example. “He was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” The only individual who never committed sin — who never for a moment lost contact with His own true pattern of life.

    No one has ever equalled Him in goodness, in love, in meekness and perfection. It is impossible to praise and honor Him enough. His unselfishness, His love, His understanding and compassionate mercy has so completely glorified light — or the “Spirit of Truth” even that very “Spirit of Christ,” of which all things are composed, including us, that He will stand forever a complete embodiment of it — its eternal symbol — symbol of light.

    “Christ” means “Anointed” and “Anointed” — the English translation of the Greek word “Christos” is given to Jesus on account of his being “Anointed” with the Holy Ghost — and because of His Holy calling. He was anointed unto this end before the foundation of the world — that anointing was reaffirmed in the flesh just following His baptism. It was after he had fulfilled this last, final law of righteousness that He received of the “fullness of the Father,” or the fullness of the power and light of God.

    Having followed that inner voice from grace to grace, or from one bit of instruction to another, until he had fulfilled all the laws and kept all the commandments, He received the fullness of light, and all power, both in heaven and on earth.

    His work and mission was not to take away our free-agency and exalt us into glory by us simply saying we believed on Him, or to say that we know that he existed, or, that he is the Son of God. Such an idea is preposterous — yet is the common belief of many. His entire mission was to show us just how the great power of that inner light worked, and how we could, by following the pattern He gave, receive the same power and do the very works that He did, even greater works.

    Ask any Christian on the earth if he believes in Jesus Christ, and he will most emphatically answer, “Yes.” Ask him to prove his statement and he will fail utterly. “If you believe in MY NAME, ye can ask anything and it will be done unto you.” Is that statement false? Is His promise or word, a mistake, or a lie where He declared, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, that if you believe on me, the works that I do shall ye do also — and greater works than these shall ye do — because I go unto my Father. And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the son. If ye shall ask anything in my Name, I will do it.” Not for one instant are these statements or promises false. They are the most true promises ever uttered. It is man who has failed — failed to understand or believe in THE POWER OF THE NAME.

  57. The name “Jesus” is the Greek derivation of “Joshua” or according to the ancient Hebrew “Jehshua” or “Yehshua.” “Jah” or “Yah” means literally, “I shall be.” and “shua” means, “powerful.” This Jesus is a promise — the promise, “I shall be powerful.” And the word “Christ” means “Anointed” or “Anointed with light” thus completing the promise and power of the name. “I shall be powerful when anointed with light!” Or in its complete fullness: “I shall be powerful when I am anointed with light!” Do you believe in that name? Have you ever believed in it? Or has any man ever understood or believed in the powerful name of Jesus Christ? If he has believed in that name then he has fulfilled that name within himself, and can do the works that Christ did. But most emphatically mankind has not understood its meaning and has not received the powers attached to it. They have believed the great Personage who symbolized the fulfillment of that power is the One who is to lift them into glory while all that is necessary is to sit weakly back and let Him do it — all of it — not realizing that each man must fulfill that NAME in his own life. He must follow that voice of light, faithfully, diligently, until all weaknesses and mistakes are eliminated — and until he can, through his own faithfulness, also be “anointed with light.”

  58. God cannot be monopolized. He belongs equally to every child of earth. No man, or group can possibly have a monopoly upon God. He belongs to every man who will seek diligently to find Him. He will answer the cry of any man who will ask for help, for wisdom, knowledge and understanding — yea, He will continue to pour out knowledge upon any seeker after Truth until the very storehouse of knowledge is opened wide and that man will be filled with light and comprehend all things — that man who will only believe, who will ask, who will knock and who will seek…….

  59. And the time has arrived when mankind will no longer accept teachers who teach only with words, who try to fill the road that leads to God with their own personalities. These men will be shoved aside, for they are neither entering in themselves, or permitting others to enter. Every man has the right and the power to find God, to be directed by Him, to walk with Him, to know His mind and will — for God belongs to every man. He cannot be monopolized, though down the ages thousands and thousands of souls have been sacrificed by those who have professed to have such a sacred monopoly. The whole works of man have been backwards, each trying to convert, instruct, and purify or perfect everyone else — without first purifying himself. The work of God must first be perfected within each man before he can have the power of vision to assist in saving his brother. After he has removed the beam of imperfection from his own being then truly he will see clearly and have the full power to remove the moat from his brother’s vision so that he too can see the light.And light and direct contact with God is the direct heritage of every man — and no man has the right to try to lead others, who does not have the power of that contact — “For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power” — power to do the works of God, to heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind, cause the deaf to hear, the lame to walk — to do all the works that Christ did — even greater works. Seek for God — and find Him and that power will be yours. He stands waiting to bestow it upon you, when your soul is humble, when your heart and mind is completely purified, “for no man can perform a miracle in the name of Jesus Christ until he is purified and cleansed from all sin.” To such nothing is impossible…….

    • We can either believe the Teachings of Jesus, or your teachings, but not both.
      I will continue to worship Jesus, and believe His teachings.
      This is the King of Glory and only through Him, Jesus, can you be saved and make Heaven your home.
      I thank God that I know Jesus today, and cannot be deceived by the wicked one.
      Praise you Lord.


  61. What shall it profit a Woman if she gain the Whole World, and Lose Her Own Soul?

    • And the time has arrived when mankind will no longer accept teachers who teach only with words, who try to fill the road that leads to God with their own personalities. These men will be shoved aside, for they are neither entering in themselves, or permitting others to enter. Every man has the right and the power to find God, to be directed by Him, to walk with Him, to know His mind and will — for God belongs to every man. He cannot be monopolized, though down the ages thousands and thousands of souls have been sacrificed by those who have professed to have such a sacred monopoly. The whole works of man have been backwards, each trying to convert, instruct, and purify or perfect everyone else — without first purifying himself. The work of God must first be perfected within each man before he can have the power of vision to assist in saving his brother. After he has removed the beam of imperfection from his own being then truly he will see clearly and have the full power to remove the moat from his brother’s vision so that he too can see the light.And light and direct contact with God is the direct heritage of every man — and no man has the right to try to lead others, who does not have the power of that contact — “For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power” — power to do the works of God, to heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind, cause the deaf to hear, the lame to walk — to do all the works that Christ did — even greater works. Seek for God — and find Him and that power will be yours. He stands waiting to bestow it upon you, when your soul is humble, when your heart and mind is completely purified, “for no man can perform a miracle in the name of Jesus Christ until he is purified and cleansed from all sin.” To such nothing is impossible…….

  62. From scientific observation we know that the laws of chemistry never fail. It is an exact science. Physical properties can be transmuted by adding two or more elements together or taking one or more elements away from a chemical compound. Annalee helps the reader to understand that everything in existence is chemistry. The spiritual gold that is tried in the fire for Christ’s sake is also an exact science. It is a science of transmutation from defilement to purity. Perhaps a better word to describe the gold that has been tried in the fire other than “transmutation”, is that it is a science or work of “transfiguration”or “translation” from filthiness into pure, undefiled gold. Annalee encourages us in this chapter to understand that there are exact laws of spiritual chemistry just as there are exact laws of physical chemistry. And the laws of spiritual chemistry can be used to transfigure ANY condition, element, suffering or tragedy…….

    • You have confessed that people cannot believe your words. This is the exclamation. No one can believe it. You cannot follow men.

  63. The figure of the transmutation of the base metals into gold symbolized the salvation man — the transmutation of his own soul into spiritual gold, which condition was to be obtained by the elimination of all evil and the development of the good, by the grace of God. It was a symbolism of salvation or spiritual transmutation which may be described as the NEW Birth, or that condition of being known as “union with the Divine.”

    • This is one of the hardest bonds to break because within the definition of Dependent Personality Disorder is a person who is wholly dependent on another. Not co-dependent, just dependent. Think of it as the difference between a person who likes their house to be in order, the co-dependent, verse someone who has to clean the whole house daily with bleach, the dependent. It is a much stronger attachment. The dependent won’t make any decisions, including small ones, without the narcissist which feeds the narcissistic “I’m superior” complex. Sadly, I have never seen a dependent leave their narcissist. Even after divorce or death, there is still a strange “you will always be mine” attachment. The dependent continually glorifies the narcissist even in the face of atrocities.

  64. It was definitely known that each man had to find the secrets for himself, though Christ so clearly marked the way: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and all else shall be added unto you.” (Including one’s temporal needs). “Labor not for the things that perish.” etc. The true law of alchemy is this: Every condition in life can be transmuted into glory and made divinely beautiful, no matter what that condition is. If we accept it, bless it, thank God for it, or be “Thankful in all things,” we can transmute the grubby, bitter, heartbreaking experiences and conditions of life by this most perfect and exacting law of science, which is chemistry, into spiritual loveliness, we receive also the power to transmute our spiritual desires and dreams into tangible, material manifestation. So it is that gold can be transmuted from lead, beauty from ugliness, joy from sorrow, light from darkness. These never failing laws of chemistry are HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS or His perfect laws in use. “A man is saved no faster than he gains knowledge.” As his knowledge and understanding increase, he is saved from every dark, contentious, destructive, gloomy condition of the earthly, material level of existence……TO GOD BE THE GLORY…

  65. You’ve made it clear you don’t agree with our beliefs…we get it.

    • You didn’t believe, in Teresa’s sayings, as well. You told her that what she was professing, “should never be taught”.. My comments were no less humorous, in which case, she said she didn’t believe in “my beliefs. So, I am not at all isolated in the subject. There is a bit of hypocrisy, there.

  66. It is only as the heart of man is opened, by the great love, that he can possibly enter that divine Kingdom of God and receive the unspeakable glory which God has held locked within each individual’s soul. And as one exerts himself to “think only the most beautiful things possible,” he will automatically develop that love and will become as beautiful as possible. And as one sends that love forth with all the energy of heart, soul, mind and strength he generates a power beyond the natural mind of man to fathom. And forever will he be clothed in the spiritual radiance, “That the shame of his mortal nakedness will never appear.” “And though his sins were as scarlet, they will become white as snow, to him that OVERCOMETH. And they will never come in remembrance before the Lord.”

  67. The possibility of OVERCOMING and of becoming “perfect, even as the Father in heaven is perfect,” has been there down the endless centuries, awaiting those who were willing to look beyond the common, orthodoxed vision of grubby mortality. This promise of perfection is possible else the command would not have been given. Man has failed to even look or to contemplate it because of the hardness of his heart and because of the great wickedness of unbelief. Yet this invitation to become perfect, “even as the Father in Heaven is perfect” is but the unveiling of the gifts and power of manhood to a small, grubby child. He is invited to grow into such possibilities. And growing, itself, is a natural process.

  68. Truth itself is the great reward for those who are willing to ACCEPT IT, WHEN IT IS REVEALED TO THEM. But most people would rather perish than change one preconceived belief, regardless of its erroneous deception. It is easier for many individuals to relinquish their lives than one cherished false belief. However, he who desires to KNOW TRUTH must be willing to pay the price for it. He must be willing to open up his sealed mind and his hardened heart and to “ask God for knowledge to comprehend TRUTH!” Then only can he rend the black, dismal veil of unbelief which does cause him to remain in his awful state of wickedness, through which the great Truths can never penetrate. Few on this earth, at the present time have the stamina or the COURAGE to seek to Know TRUTH! But the Promise is and has always been: “KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE from error, false beliefs, doubting, darkness, negation and evils! “AND HE WHO IS FREE SHALL BE FREE INDEED!” He will have the freedom and the power to “Come and go as the wind and no one will know from whence he came or whither he goeth!” Yes. He will be born of the Spirit. And, unless you have been born of the Spirit and have its great powers YOU DO NOT HAVE THE TRUTH, no matter what your claims may be…..MY WORK IS FINISHED HERE..GOD BE WITH YOU ALL…..AMEN AND AMEN..

  69. What is the price we pay for love? What is the sacrifice we give to obtain this love? In the type of old Israel when they brought the best of their flocks for a sacrifice ( without blemish) for the remission of their sins, the anti type to this is when we bring our best consciousness of our sins before God, acknowledge them so that He, the high priest can take them and offer them on the alter of which He Himself is. When we bring this “honest” consciousness of our lack to the Lord, and He receives us for our best effort, He forgives us for our sins and does not hold them to our charge.

    Forgiveness must flow through and out to all others for it to take effect within ourselves. What we are actually doing is presenting “ourselves” before the Lord as a living sacrifice (of love) by giving up our carnal selfish views and ways, giving up sin consciousness so that love consciousness may abound the more. If we are always conscious of sin and of the lack we see in others we diminish ourselves, not them, and we prevent our own growth, we are negative. It is good to understand and see what sin is , however we should understand how to separate sin from the person and conduct ourselves in presenting ourselves to them. Sin should be presented in the “third” person except maybe perhaps when the demeaning “Pharisee” appears on the scene where good manners seem to escapes their self righteousness.

    This desire to love and to be one with God and our fellow man does not come by the need nor the desire to be heard, followed or to be agreed with. We speak and share what we know and leave it between them and God for the love of God does not require two to see alike… to love and to enjoy the presence and the company of another. Where two or three are gathered together….., not in knowledge of doctrinal beliefs or in the rituals of like minded religions, but in the uncomplicated spirit of unconditional love. Do we not recognize when we place conditions on our love of others, and make demands to “hear me” we distance ourselves from God and His oneness? We can get nowhere with people and draw them to God if we are pushing them away and demeaning them for not hearing us or “following us.” Ask all to follow Christ, putting Him and them first and our self importance will fade away as it should. Then we won’t have to always be “telling” others what love is..for they will feel it and know it…and knowing of what sort it is.

    Love, loves…and transcends all boundaries, all sins and all other things. “We” love because we see “your” finished end…regardless of who you may happen to be or what sin so easily besets you. We see beyond our carnality…to that finished work in which you and we are. There is peace, where there are no boundaries…and where we place boundaries, we are bound by our own lack of understanding of the true nature of God. We reveal who we are by how we accept all others…without exacting our own rules, doctrines, and views with conditions. We are not the author of another’s salvation. The “way” is set, all we have to do is to understand it, and follow its path.

  70. “Truth itself is the great reward for those who are willing to ACCEPT IT, WHEN IT IS REVEALED TO THEM.”

    When one honestly seeks for the truth, God promises she will find that which she seeks. This promise means whatever YOU CHOOSE to seek, you will be able to find it. Therefore, the best and highest reward is TO RECEIVE THE TRUTH AS GOD REVEALS IT.

    But why even seek for the truth? God says the truth will set you free – but free from what?

    And if we do not know WHY we seek, how can we know what sort of truth we should seek. For example, do we seek the truth of our religious doctrine? Or do we seek for something greater? Is it possible to seek for a truth so high it reveals how God can establish his kingdom of divine harmony THROUGH US? Since God promises that whatsoever we seek, we will find, then should we not seek for the highest good for all, NOW?

    Most people do not seek for such a high truth because religious doctrine establishes that you can seek only for a belief that you have “special favor” in the eyes of God that will enable you enter “heaven” AFTER you die. Further, religious doctrine defines souls as both “good and evil” and specifies that the “evil” souls, because of their evil, may not enter. The seeking of the many is for the only thing they believe can be received this side of death: the special favor that assures them they will go to a place called heaven AFTER THEY DIE. It can be seen that religious people “attack” the beliefs of others because it helps to support their own belief that they are good and the other, who does not share their belief is “evil”. In so doing they are comforted in the belief that they possess the special favor for which they seek.

    But back to the question of WHY. If nothing can be done this side of death, why seek at all? If one believes God is love, why seek for anything if death can not be overcome? Why not simply be the most loving person you could be? After all, wouldn’t God’s eternal love eventually reveal itself to you after death? What purpose could seeking possibly serve?

    The only purpose for seeking is to receive truth’s POWER TO END THIS REALITY OF PERPETUAL FEAR, SUFFERING AND DEATH FOR ALL. God’s Truth is sought only to receive knowledge of how to overcome the world NOW. To save all NOW. If only a few find this truth, are more needed? If those who find TRUTH’S POWER desire to freely give salvation TO ALL, then the world can be saved by the few.

    When one seeks for this type of TRUTH, God promises it will be found. And when it is found, one will remember who they are in Christ – for you can never become that which you have not always truthfully been. And in this awakening, they will recognize the power given them to save the world. Seek and you will find. But understand the REASON WHY you seek.

    • When we give up “religion” and accept in its place His spirit, the need to justify ourselves by a doctrinal system plummets substantially. Truth is without the encumbrances of the law, doctrine, or judgment. And yes, truth is to be lived when we realize it is in the present tense.

      • Whenever we apply the truth” to the degree of living it, We no longer talk about it … begins to do its Marvelouse work of Supernatural Wonder…..OUR FRUIT SHOWS …HALLELUJAH!..AND THE MIRACLES HAPPEN…TRUST ME ……ME AND MY SISTER ARE LIVING BREATHING GOD PROOF…AMEN!

      • This is why Jesus said to follow His Word, and this is the Doctrine of the Gospel, which includes the Laws, Doctrines and Judgments of God, which are given to HIs People. Jesus is the One who Justifies His, people, and those against Him, are without Love, Hope Doctrine, and the Lord Himself. You must give yourself to Jesus. He is the Truth and He is alive.

    • Being a “loving person” will not take you to Heaven, or to the Kingdom. Only Faith in Jesus sacrifice, and Obedience to His Laws. This is what we must seek.


  71. We are a Metaphysical mormons and my sister told you earlier, teresa “we will be traveling soon,spreading the teachings of the pure gospel of JESUS CHRIST…I AM ROSE THOMAS ROBERSON..EVERYONE HAVE A VERY BLESSED MONDAY…



  74. When we study the ways and character of God, we pursue truth for truth is the character of God. There are not thousands of spirits and ways of God but one. Man’s ways are not God’s ways, this is why there are thousands of man’s ways, religions, sects, etc. We have to come to the same mind and character of God to see Him as He is. No condemnation, no ridicule, and no respecter of persons. Love is unconditional, forgiveness is for all and all things. Grace covers “all” sin..forever…as far as the east is from the west.

    Abiding, we must realize that God’s nature is one of grace….which covers “all” sin until all sin receives its final death sentence. The death of death. Love is not to be found in the description of it (if one can describe it) but in the living of it. Arguing and debating how one should see and believe reveals much about the maturity of the demanding one. Let us accept where a person is in their walk without telling them if they do not see as we do there is something wrong with them. We each have abundance and our lack, we each have our gift(s).

    People’s styles are different, people’s gift of teaching is different. People are not a one size fits all. We cannot all be robots of one way, of one order. We have known some of the kindest, most gentle and caring individuals with a spirit of Christ we would all envy, yet they do not speak, teach, or write for their gift is in their ability to live in the character of Christ. This “IS” the gift that surpasses all gifts and all recognition. To be mature in Christ and live in His presence does not require one to have to explain it, argue it or debate it. When we leave the childishness of continuously beating others over the head with our views, we are getting close to understanding what the “way” of life is really all about. It’s not about opinions, right or wrong, it’s about how we love and relate to others in spite of our or their opinions…right or wrong…it is about our inner fruit.

    Christ is a way, it is not a doctrine nor is it a set of rituals or rules. Knowledge is good, however what knowledge teaches and reveals is better. The shadow vs. the image which cast it. Love slows the angst of the tongue down as we grow in Christ. The only purpose for our words to another should be to increase and share the love of Christ. To say “I love you is good” however to love you is better.



    • “We have known some of the kindest, most gentle and caring individuals with a spirit of Christ we would all envy, yet they do not speak, teach, or write for their gift is in their ability to live in the character of Christ. ”

      So true!


      • To truly love Jesus, will lead you into sharing about Him. When you love someone, you speak often of them, and share about them. Our character may reflect, but without sharing Jesus, it is but a shell. The shell, does not reflect the kingdom of God, because the kingdom is in Word, and Power.

    • To Follow Jesus, you must follow His Love, and His doctrine. You cannot follow or be known by the Lord with out submission, to His Doctrine. Those ideas that lead you away from His laws are of the spiritual enemy of the Soul. You must follow Jesus Doctrine, whereas there is no doctrine of Christ. Christ is Jesus. So, a Christ doctrine, must be from Jesus. He is The Lord of Glory.
      Following many doctrines, will lead to perdition, of which is recognized in Judas, for one example.
      And The Roman Kings, many other examples who did not follow Jesus teaching and were led to perdition.

      • Man has never accepted the dynamic challenge to LIVE CHRIST’S teaching. Man has only weakly affirmed his inactive endorsement of those teachings as a fullness of acceptance. And many think they are proving their belief by going forth and hammering others with their interpretations as they send forth their haranguements in discordant, sanctimonious self-righteousness. Yet Christ’s actual teachings have never been acknowledged as a Way of Life and of fulfillment or an everlasting privilege of stupendous accomplishment, crowned with every reward contained in every Promise ever given since time began.

        That First and Great Commandment, when LIVED contains the breathtaking fulfillment of every PROMISE God ever gave, plus all perfection and all power. Within it is held forever the fulfilling of the LOVE which brings into one’s life a complete knowledge of the things which Eyes have never seen, nor ears heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man — those unspeakable glories, which God has PREPARED FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM — and prove it by their living of that law pertaining to it.

        This fulfilling is not something which can be boasted about, shouted about in worldly sermons or declarations, nor is it fulfilled by a silent nod of approval. This commandment must be LIVED! This requires an exerted effort of constant desire and application until the very cells of the body and brain and heart sing together in a glory of joyous response at the slightest suggestion or thought of God, or of His blessings. It is as that LOVE is developed that it will finally take over in every cell and fibre and tissue that one “Transforms his carnal flesh to flesh divine without descending through the gates of death!” Even as Enoch of old accomplished.

      • I did accept the dynamic challenge. Eyes have never seen, nor, have ears heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, those things that God has reserved for those who love Him. (you left out the next part of the sentence) BUT GOD HATH REVEALED THEM UNTO US BY HIS SPIRIT. So, the things of which you are speaking do not come any other way than by the Holy Spirit that is given to those who have the New Birth. We are able to boast only in Jesus Christ and Him crucified, and that we Know Him. We can boast about His Love for Us. One can only be translated from this flesh to the Heavenly Kingdom, either through death, and the spirit leaves the body or through the Rapture. Soon Jesus is coming to catch the Bride of Christ away to Heaven. I pray you will be one.


    • Yes, the Faithful Believers in Jesus, will do the Works of Jesus. I pray you can get out of the Church System of mankind, and be joined to the Church of Jesus Christ of Worshiping Saints. God releases His power when we Worship Jesus.



    • That strange reason, will be the Rapture. The Church will be raptured out, those who are sold out to Jesus, and then the AntiChrist World Ruler, will appear, and will bring forth the Mark of the Beast causing all rich and poor, and lost to Worship him. Those who receive the mark will eternally perish. I pray you will be raptured with the Faithful sheep.

  78. Onward!

    This blog is the journal of a long journey – and created to document that which we learned from the Spirit as we sought to know TRUTH as God would have us know it. It is not intended to change beliefs, or to persuade. It is simply to share the truth we believed we’ve received, and thus establish in our reality. We learned early that the more truth we share, the more we receive.

    When the journey began we sought only to know God, to understand truth and walk in it. Yet, as the journey progressed we realized that we were learning about LOVE. But the more we learned, the more difficult the journey became because we grew increasingly aware of our inability to express this love. And even more, we recognized suffering and fear, pain and lack that we knew, from what we learned, could never be in God’s love.

    We kept journeying forward, documenting every step in this blog, only to discover scientific discoveries that revealed that the sub-atomic reality of existence is energy, and that matter actually only exists because our five senses translate the energetic frequencies of sub-atomic particles into “forces”. We were taught about consciousness and how our minds can arrange these sub-atomic particles in ways our senses can interpret. We learned that there was a reality of matter – and a reality of sub-atomic particles and each reality obeyed entirely different sets of laws. Science calls one reality MATTER and its laws are defined by Newtonian physics. Science calls the other reality ENERGY and its laws are still undefined, but studied through Quantum Physics.

    This is important to understand because the coming Kingdom is based on the HIGHER LAWS of energy – and the way our consciousness is used to transmute this energy into matter. (The reality of matter is the DREAM we have mentioned many times).

    When I mentioned we are to seek for the knowledge of how to save all – it is the understanding of how our consciousness will be used as an open gateway for God’s love to create a new dream that will reflect HIS LAWS. This means that we possess a conscious understanding of how the energetic laws of the Kingdom (TRUTH) can be used to create a reality that reflects the truth from which it was made.

    This will still be a dream – but will be a gentle and joyful awakening into the REAL.

    Love is not the emotional “love” we share with those we believe are separate from us. This is only the world’s interpretation of love. DIVINE LOVE is much too high for the finite man to understand for it is ETERNAL LIFE, the very power of GOD and the author of all TRUTH. Yet, for those who seek diligently to know this LOVE – the Spirit can translate its infinite understanding to the human mind.

    Love is light. Truth is the infinite array of colors (laws) light reveals. So when we are commanded to LOVE – it means we are to AWAKEN and become aware that God’s TRUTH (LIGHT) can shine from us and create its reflection in the reality of matter. This is the meaning of EMERGENCE, which we have discussed often.

    For those who have not been taught by the spirit, love must be shined upon them. This is going to happen through GIVING, Love’s highest and most beautiful law.

    I hope to share more about this.

    • Yes, and Yes.

      This is a very interesting subject…”science”…and it too explains so much about the wonders of God’s creation.

      Even what we call matter…is spirit. Matter is God’s creative nature on a different vibration or frequency. There is nothing but the spirit of God even though it may be manifested in many different ways or forms. God is all there any form, and as it is recorded, God is spirit. And science….is man’s study of who God is, whether they recognize it or not. What one does not understand does not change the reality of the universe and how it was created to function.

      All men are of God and the “seed” was placed in “every” man. Just because a man may not understand this does not make it so. We can call ourselves anything we like, Christian, agnostic, atheist, Buddhist, or any other of the thousands of labels we may choose or may have been chosen for us…yet we are only who God says we are… in reality. That seed of truth will lay dormant as a seed in the earth and until the right conditions are met the seed remains as it was planted. However when God calls forth the seed to germinate by the proper moisture (spirit) and temperature (God heat) it will emerge from the earth (in us) and will grow until it reaches the full corn in the ear. “As in Adam all die ( in whatever condition or label) so as in Christ all shall be made alive, but every man in his own order, Christ the first fruits and then they at His calling.”

      Our finality is not up to us or what we prematurely name and label ourselves for this will not prevent God’s plan from consummating as He foreordained and planned it from before the foundation of this earthly realm. We are His workmanship, we are not our own. As you allude to, and in my agreement, in the study of science, our natural bodies only show up as energy when “photos” are taken with electro photography devices…no matter is seen. All is energy. It is when the ability of the “outside” energy forces harmonize with our energy field being “in tune” do we become as one. Carnality is set to frequencies of its own. Thoughts, words and actions of the carnal mind just do not match the realm and frequencies of the spirit of Christ likeness. They cannot harmonize and until the carnal is tuned off and out we cannot operate on the frequency of God.

      It is all very interesting to look at God’s creation in its many forms and explanations found in “science,” however it is in the simplicity of understanding His will for us and our obedience to this will that we will find and become all truth. There are facts about God and the knowledge of the Bible, but this is a study of God from a distance…whereas “truth” is who God is and this truth involves participation for us to realize our connection to Him. Those who search for truth, which is the love of God, have no desire to be known for anything that will draw recognition to themselves as wanting to be known for a lot of factual knowledge. While we understand that knowledge is a wonderful and useful thing, it has its priority on the scale of God’s plan.

      When we personally read and study the wonders of God’s creation we find in the fields of science, even in these things do we see God in it all…and ourselves in absolute awe of the magnificence of God. It puts ourselves in the proper frame of mind that this gift of life is ours to have and enjoy and we must receive it with a humble disposition of appreciation and gratitude. When there is appreciation and gratitude so prevalent in our being for what God has done for us, there is no room for the pride of life the carnal mind would take any credit for.

      And yes again, we can see this blog has came a long way from its inception and much has been discovered and realized through it all. What has not changed from its humble beginnings is in the “intent” and the search for the love and truth of God in its simplicity to know God as He is. This desire does show through above the words written and as it is said, sometimes it’s the white between the lines which says the most. A lot can be discussed as we do sometimes as in the subject matter you address here and my response to it, however we know it is the love of God we mutually seek which transcends all things.

      When we desire for carnality to cease to exist in all and for God to be all and in all, we know we have found the simplicity to the “way” of Christ. Love and truth puts us all on equal footing.

      • Matter = Energy = Spirit. I really resonate with that. Its exciting to consider how our new thoughts, coming from our connection to the Christ mind may affect reality in ways that benefit all. When we can see matter as spirit, we can understand much more deeply that all is one. What we do for “another” is what we do for ourself. The forms of Love we extend to another (forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation) are also reflected back to us.

        I think you said even better here: “It is when the ability of the “outside” energy forces harmonize with our energy field being “in tune” do we become as one. ” This is such a beautiful understanding.

        Ray and I are really excited to see how these types of thoughts create a divine harmony of spirit/matter in a way that covers all. What a purpose we all share, right??



  79. There is a higher plane as well. Which is the Word of God. In the Word of God, is contained the secret to connection with the Heavenly Father. Before Jesus was manifested in the Earth by being born of a Virgin, Mary, He existed with the Father in Heaven. In Heaven, His name was not Jesus, but He was called, The Word. The Angels knew His name, as The Word. His name was The Word.
    In Genesis, it says, “In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God and the Word was God.

    We existed in Heaven as lights, hovering about the throne of God, and we asked God, if we could become spirits. When God granted us our request, we were born into the Earth, to our Mother and Father.
    In the Ten Commandments, It says ~ Honor Your Father and Mother.

    The Word of God is inspired and written by the Holy Spirit, and is connect to the Word.
    This is where the Light Manifested, as written in First John.
    Without the Word, we cannot find God Himself, who IS the Light.


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