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Tips for Hearing the Holy Spirit


Tips for Hearing the Holy Spirit


1 Kings 19:12 And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

God wants you to hear Him. He calls you to seek His counsel, wisdom and guidance, thus you have to hear it … how do you hear unless you take time to listen?

God speaks in many ways and can use anything. There are two key mediums God uses to speak to us. One is through the Bible because in the truth is where we learn to hear the Voice of truth. He speaks when verses stand out to you, verses speak to your situation, and you learn truths of a passage that He confirms in other areas of the Bible and in your life.

The second significant medium God uses to speaks to you is through writing or journaling. In this dynamic, you receive powerful instruction, counsel and wisdom as you write with a listening ear. The two mediums complement each other, work together and feed upon one another.

God gives abundant wisdom and understanding, yet how can you receive those priceless life-altering gifts unless you are listening? How do you hear God who is spirit? How do you tune into that still small voice?

1. Create a quiet outward environment to be with God alone. If your area is full of distractions it will be very hard to hear. Turn off the phone, shut the door, shut down the computer, and give Him your full attention. Give Him nothing less than the best and your total focus. In that quiet space as you read and pray, focus on listening to God as you would a close friend.

2. Seek to know God as He is beyond ALL the images. Your motive during this time should be to know God in truth and spirit … beyond what you’ve been taught by others … beyond the images. When we filter our communion with God through false images of Him (from families, religion, false teachings, worldly teachings), it hinders our communication because it affects our understanding of Him. But if we seek to know God as He is realizing we have those false images, He rewards that desire with the truth. Hebrews 11:6 Little by little the lies and false images are discarded and replaced with the truth. The more truth you know of God, the more you experience Him.

3. Focus on having a conversation with God. This time is about fellowshipping with God; a back and forth interaction. Whether, you are reading or praying, remember you are having a conversation with God. This focus helps to move you into hearing His voice because you are tuning in. Therefore, it isn’t a task or “study”, but a relationship you are cultivating. Many are good at speaking, but not so much listening, especially in the spirit; yet hearing Him is invaluable for He is your teacher, counselor, and guide.

4. Write in a journal as you read and pray. Have a pen in hand during your entire time with God. Writing helps to focus your thoughts. Through that focus God can help you tune in to Him. As you write, He will use that writing to counsel you.

Write whatever comes to mind; thoughts about what you’ve read; impressions that come to mind; issues/concerns and thoughts about those issues; ask questions. Remember it’s a conversation with God so keep that in mind while you write. At first you’ll wonder if it’s your voice or God’s voice but continue the practice and in time you will learn to discern. God speaks spirit to spirit. His voice comes as thoughts, impressions … a voice in your head. But it speaks on a very deep level, directly to the spirit. His voice is gentle, confident, loving, patient, and authoritative. It always harmonizes with the Bible. If what you write or hear is from fear, angst, worry, guilt … it isn’t God’s voice.

5. Practice quieting your mind. To hear God, you need not only a quiet external environment but more importantly a quiet inner one. Most people need practice in quieting their mind. Here is a suggestion, at the end of your time with God, for 5-10 minutes focus on quieting your mind. When “to-dos” come to mind, write them on a piece of paper and refocus on God. Set a timer because for some 5 minutes will seem like forever at first. Focus on characteristics of God or verses that have stood out to you during your time with Him. Be still internally. Have a pen in hand and simply write whatever comes to mind. Don’t write to put perfect thoughts together, just let it flow, no inner critic. Then at the end read over what you wrote. Ask God to confirm things to you in His Word.

6. Above all ask God to show you how to listen and hear Him.  Your time with God is about a relationship, and developing a trust and ability to directly learn from and commune with God. He wants to show you. It’s easier than you think, but different than what most are use to. Be patient and give Him the space and time to teach and show you. Persist; never give up. In time, you’ll be amazed at what you hear.

Journal Speaks

Through my pen flows words of life
Setting my soul free from strife

So sweetly You speak to me
Feeding me from the Living Tree

A jot focuses my distracted mind
Bringing it to submission and I find

Counsel and wisdom filling my awareness
Breathing in life; manifesting Your fullness

Your voice I’ve learned through communion
Spending time forming our union

Your Word taught me to recognize
A still small voice once disguised

Ears masked by abundant lies
You opened to hear Your voice on high

Daily I write to hear from You
The Voice of Truth; all others subdued

Gently in righteous love You renew
Setting my thoughts on what is true

What a joy to hear
The voice I hold most dear

For it creates true life in my soul
A power long ago foretold.

~ Rachel DiPaolo
March 4, 2012

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

19 thoughts on “Tips for Hearing the Holy Spirit

  1. Great advice! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well said thank you for sharing such useful advice!

  3. Debbie, I really liked
    your poem,
    In Moses’ Day.

    • Hi Glenn . . .thinking that I might be the Debbie that wrote that poem. haha! Where did you read it at? God bless you!

    • Yes you are, the one.
      Somehow I clicked your
      name one day, and it brought
      up your web, blog page. It
      doesn’t do it now, so I guess
      I got lucky.
      I thought that was a very,
      avante-guard, prophetic poem.

  4. This is a great post, definitely timely for me as I went through a listening crisis this weekend, I wrote a bit about it on my blog.

  5. Rachel, thanks for going
    into great detail on listening.
    It’s very helpful.

  6. This is wonderful Rachel. I love how you share and show us what we can do. You make it very understandable and not complicated or mysterious! 🙂 God bless you as you commune with Him today! Loved the poem too!

    • Hi Debbie – you make a good observation … it is simple. It’s amazing how complicated and burdensome we’ve made the things of God, when He has made it simple – Seek Him and Live (Amos 5:4)

  7. There is an interesting documentary just out on this exact subject.

    It’s called: The Voice

    What do you guys think of this guy?
    Is he for real?

  8. Thank you for sharing this.
    Yes, he’s for real.
    This was really awesome.
    I loved it.

  9. 99 pacent of life is all about spiritual.

  10. Hearing the spirit is so simple that little children can do it. The spirit is loving kindness, the spirit is feelings, the spirit is the voice of God. The feelings of doing acts of loving kindness if the voice of God, the Holy Spirit. Several years ago I was asking the Lord what to call Him. Because in the Community of Christs Church, no one referred to Him as Jesus or Christ. Both words being of Greek origin. I told the Lord I didn’t like calling him God either because that word has become a symbol of power, death, vengeance and anger. So I asked Him what do I call you? And the Lord said to me “friend”. A few years later I was dwelling on the prophets and how they were like a brother to their Creator and I wished I could have a relationship with Him as did the prophets. The spirit drew near and said, “didn’t you know that you were always my brother?” Now when I wake up in the morning I always say good morning brother and in the evening good night brother. And the spirit says that He will be sitting there beside my bed watching over us the entire night. And so I ask my brother questions about everything. Even my dreams my brother is able to interpret them. My younger brother had passed away a couple of years ago. I had a dream about him in which he came home and he was very young again. I walked over to him and sat by him and I was very glad to see him again. And I wanted to spend time with him and talk with him. And my brother said “I’m not even suppose to be here.” And I said to him, but I’m glad you are here and my brother says “I like what you are doing.” The dream was confusing so I asked the Lord what it meant and He said “that is how you are with me”. The Lord continued, “everytime I see you, the feelings of wanting to be close to you is always with me. And when your younger brother passed away. You stopped talking to me and you just sit there not saying a word to me anymore like you used to.” The said that my younger brother in my dream was me and that I was experiencing what He experiences with me by looking through His eyes briefly. The Lord never called me a sinner for being depressed at the loss of my younger brother. The Lord didn’t raise His voice and speak with authority and anger like we see in the movies. He was gentle, loving, understanding, compassionate and has a patience for me that must be terrible for Him. You can teach your children to hear the spirit by telling them to ask the Lord what color is an apple. And the child has to imagine the Lord answering them and saying the color red. And most important teach them that God is always looking at them with wonder and love. And that they are the most important objects of creation in His eyes. Children who practice this learn to rely on the Lord their entire lives. An example with my nephew, is when my brother became missing my nephew said, “my father is in the hospital”. And that is where we located our brother and he later passed away. Any feelings that are the opposite of love are not from the spirit. The information on this website does not seem to really explain what the spirit is. And you really don’t need to be in a quiet situation to hear the spirit. I could be at a store and there could be cars passing by beeping their horns. And the spriit will always tell me to hold the door open for someone entering the store or leaving the store. This seems like common courtesy but the difference is I acknowledge that it is the Lord telling me to do this and I answer Him saying, okay Lord I’ll do that for you again. And relationships with others who hear the spirit of loving kindess helps build your ability to hear the spirit.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for sharing your experience.. certainly His manner toward us is always full of gentleness, compassion, wisdom, kindness …

      We each learn differently .. and we learn from where we are and go forward. But the end result of abiding in His love is the same. He is always with us … and to be consciously connected throughout the day is a huge gift and blessing .. yet something some struggle with … but once you learn you realize it is simple in nature and natural.


  11. Amen, I needed that. I’ve had a hard time focusing my mind on God because of the many distractions in the world.

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