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The “I AM” Prayer of Oneness



Through the “I AM” Prayer of Oneness the one Will of Truth is expressed into Creation.

This Prayer of Oneness is a deeper awareness and therefore more powerful expression of the Prayer of I AM. It’s the activity of God within our mind as God’s thoughts flow through us and into others to manifest divine potentials in Creation. It’s the recognition there is one Self of which we all belong, therefore it’s the end of the illusion of separate selves and the resurrection of the one true Self (Christ in us).

This Prayer is our conscious expression of the one Voice, one Will, one Desire and one Word, which we share with God. It’s the energetic movement of God’s living word into Creation. God’s word enters our conscious awareness, we continue its extension to others, and then it’s reflected back to us as an individualized expression in reality. Its movement is the eternal circle of life, so that God’s extension of his Self is completed through our extension of His word into creation, and in return He experiences the expressed joy of his Creation. In this, our function as a creator within a Creator, a living gate, is established.

An example of the circle of life created by the I AM Prayer of Oneness: (You can replace the words “divine love” with any divine attribute.) 

  • God’s word to us: “I AM divine love in you, manifesting its expression.” (God’s word enters our conscious awareness)
  • Our word to others: “I AM divine love in you, manifesting its expression.” (Extending God’s received word into creation)
  • Creation’s response: “I AM divine love in you, reflected back to you.” (The manifested word of God)

This Prayer of Oneness is the marrying or unifying of our consciousness to the Supra-consciousness of God, and in doing so creation becomes our “son”. All we experience, even in our own bodies, is a result (son) of this union. As we are God’s son, creation is our son (why we are referred to as the “bride” of God). Through this Prayer we recognize God’s word in us, we give the word we received to others, which creation then reflects back to God within us. In this, all is one, and God is all in all.

Once spoken with conviction in the inner chambers of our being, this Prayer outwardly manifests the word through divine emergence. In Emergence we trust that God is orchestrating the perfect and divine present moment through us, therefore we accept whatever occurs without complaining, knowing it’s for the highest good of all. Our true Self can only be expressed through emergence. In emergence, as we rest from striving, we express the divine potentials held for us in the mind of God through our Prayer of Oneness.

By consistently holding this Prayer’s circle of life in our awareness, our true Self (the Christ) takes its rightful place at the center of being, the Altar of Truth.

This Prayer isn’t a magical formula. It reflects our true sonship with God, that we are a creator within a Creator, where divine thoughts are shared by all. It’s an understanding of who we are, how we create and using our creative power as it was intended. The Prayer extends from a mature soul ready to be what it is created to be, Truth’s expression. It’s the means by which our God given nature, gifts and desires are expressed and fulfilled.

This Prayer extends the living word of God to all so that all move, live and have their being in the one Self. How this prayer is individually expressed is the effect of divine emergence. During this resurrection season, March 22-April12, this is a very powerful energetic Prayer to participate in.

“I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.” ~ John 17:23

“for in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.'” ~ Acts 17:28

The Prayer of Oneness

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

16 thoughts on “The “I AM” Prayer of Oneness

  1. Yes…

    When “every knee” will have bowed to the will of God, this is oneness, and we will then be as “I am.” All that Christ is…as our example…we will be also…a creator. To understand what we shall be…we need but look to our example…our pattern..our future.

    • As we are able to say the I AM’s that Jesus Christ said with a deep conviction and sincerity then we have reclaimed our true Identity, we are “in Christ.” and we recognize and know our true Self who is one with God. In this realization, we live by the Spirit and no longer the flesh (darkened mind of unawareness, trusting the deceptive senses), thus we create through emergence reflections of the Spirit. We are the seed that is growing.

      Examples of the I Am’s Jesus Christ stated; I am the door, I am the way, truth and life, I am the resurrection and the life, I am the bread of life, I am the son of God, I and my Father are one. I come forth from my Father.
      These reflect our true Identity, such that Jesus called us brothers and sisters, as we are all one with one Father.

      “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.” ~ Romans 8:1

      This understanding of our true likeness is at the heart of our true power.

  2. Great Awakening and enlightenment!

  3. By this we create expanding peace that cannot be disturbed, revealing the kingdom of heaven round about us.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

    ~ Matthew 10:7-8

  4. Having heard the infants demise
    then all your belongings left, shared
    the clothing with township mothers
    who had abandoned the nearby temples.

  5. note: The word TEMPLE is our way of saying INDIVIDUAL…
    so to abandom the TEMPLES means that we abanonded eachother…

    to lean over a temple as an example, means we look down upon an individual BODY.

    in the same terms. CHURCH refers to a SPIRITUAL CHURCH.
    when we all JOIN in CHURCH, each temple adds to our own strenghts(UNITY)(FLOW OVER).
    the more we come together in church(again spiritual church), then we SHARE IN ONE KNOWLEDGE and we DIRECT the events of the world.

    lets take this virus thats going around as an example. even as we awaken, there are the MANY that still follow religion(seperation in church). as religons teach us not to trust one another as to give value to IDOLs, we tend to not have trust in in eachother().

    the holy spirit(without judgements), will play out that distrust(the beast). the virus which is our own DEATH(lack of trust in eachother as one god), will overcome the earth. it will take us all to have trust in eachother as that is the SPIRITUAL intent of the virus.

    once we gain control of trust through every individual, then the virus will have played its intent, and the holy spirit will change the events.

  6. Perfect power is gentle, yet unstoppable.

    What is perfect power and how is it expressed?

    It is the purpose of human life to discover and express this power, which is the ability to create ever more beautiful expressions of truth, and to give these expressions to all for the joy and peace of all. Our power is expressed when we comprehend that the nature of Self is as a GATE, or door, ever-open and continually shining the perfect creative expression through EMERGENCE.

    Therefore, in the mind, perfect power comes through the awareness of TRUST, which is the only means by which it can be properly expressed. TRUST means to look inward for ALL TRUTH and to disallow the OUTER VOICE to dictate truth.

    Can we trust what we see within? Can we trust it over the outer voices that seem real? Can we trust it despite the many layers of memories that shape our past learning? If so, how can we know what we trust is TRUE?

    We can’t know by looking outward, which is the PAST and that which we erroneously honored as the “source of truth”. Thus, when we TURN, we sell ALL. This means we reject all we ever believed to be true about our Self and the world in which this Self existed. We reject all the past has taught us about the world, and the belief that what the past teaches is true.

    How hard is this?

    It is a very difficult exercise of mind, which takes practice such that the mind can be prepared to receive something NEW. It would be similar to the idea of telling your mind that if you jumped off a cliff, you would not die. Would you be able to jump in the understanding of all you currently believe to be true? Not likely. Everything the past has taught you about your Self and the “laws” of your world tells you that you will die a fearful and gruesome death. And there is no evidence you can uncover in the “outer expression” that would comfort your mind and help you believe the VOICE OF LIFE could be trusted. It is evident that the TRUST needed to express perfect power can not be developed by leaning on ANYTHING that already exists in the outer expression.

    How then can TRUST be developed?

    The answer comes from understanding that TRUST can only be developed in the MIND through practice, and without practice it is not possible to overcome the voice of the “outer expression”, which includes all that exists in the past. Since our creative power is expressed only through trust, we must FIRST DESIRE TO KNOW THE INNER VOICE, to learn to hear it, comprehend it and KNOW it. If our desire is sincere we will commence our practice by trusting that we express our power in every present moment, and we begin to disregard the outer voice that contradicts the voice we have come to know within.

    These are our first steps, even as a baby begins to learn to walk, and the beginning of the experience of walking in EMERGENCE (TRUST). We trust that our present moment is created perfectly (i.e., for the good of all), despite what the outer voices tell us. For example, if the present moment inwardly prompts us to give, we give, even when the outer voice tells us we do not have enough. We see all as sinless, even though the outer expression tells us that sin abounds. Each present moment give us an opportunity to practice trusting that what the inner voice has taught us is the truth. It is an opportunity to lift up the inner voice as the ONLY SOURCE OF TRUTH.

    As we practice trust, we will face increasingly challenging exercises. This should not be surprising. As muscles get stronger when the resistance is gradually increased, so too do we grow stronger in our TRUE POWER to create a perfect outer expression as we continually choose TRUTH over increasingly deceptive LIES. As you persist, you will find it easier and easier to walk in EMERGENCE, and your new reality will testify that God, flowing though your open gate, is its creator.

    Even now, though most are not consciously aware, the outer reflects all we believe (trust) to be true. It is always OUR CREATION via GOD IN US. When in our MIND we TRUST GOD within as our Source of Truth, we will experience a new world, for a new heaven always creates a new earth. What we believe our Self to be, we ARE. When we proclaim “I AM ___________”, whatever we append to I AM is created in our reality. Before we SEE our true expression, we must believe it inwardly and disregard all we erroneously created because we did not yet KNOW OUR SELF TO BE THE OPEN GATE OF GOD. And the proof of our TRUST is that we walk in EMERGENCE (enter God’s Rest), because we know our our outer expression will always be created PERFECTLY; meaning we will walk in PERFECT POWER.

    Emergence is important because its SOURCE is the perfection of God. If we strive and attempt to improve our outer expression through our own effort, we attempt to create that we believe will be best for us. And though we may believe our actions will also be good for others, NEVER IS OUR SELF EFFORT GOOD FOR ALL IN THE ETERNAL FUTURE, and this is why striving will never create perfection. But emergence, always and without fail, allows you to create perfectly.

    Do not give your authority to outer voices, for always are they the EFFECT of that which your mind has caused to come into existence. An effect is never the source, which is why it never speaks truth. And just like darkness, an effect without a source, when seen in the light of truth, is NOT REAL.

  7. Following the Ancient path
    to the rosy Cedar
    thinking you were alone,
    a bowl of coffee was brewing.

    • A brew, however hard it tries,
      Will always be wooly.
      Now wooly-minded is just the thing,
      To get me wondering if the brew is muddled.

  8. Having interpreted each saying
    you filtered through the books pages
    removing the ones you wanted
    to keep, fitting them under
    your pillow without number.

  9. You’ve been missed. Blessed you you’re back, Rachel.

  10. Love is….there is nothing else.

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