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Creation waits in earnest expectation for us to awaken.

Our purpose is to express Truth in its endless rays of beauty, perfection, peace and love into ALL of creation. As we meld into the divine mind, we begin to operate by the laws of Truth (divine love) that bring forth these characteristics. This is how we transform the reality we experience from one of suffering into one of peace.

As we awaken to Truth within, the reality around us changes to reflect that Truth. Truth translates into reality through our thoughts, choices and actions. To be asleep is to believe we have the Truth, when we don’t. To believe we know divine love, (and give our darkened interpretations of it), when we don’t.

One of the fundamental witnesses to an awakening mind is an all consuming honor for creation. Truth is one and for all. Truth is expressed through our consciousness, this is our purpose and part in creation. Therefore, if we don’t possess the Truth because we are still asleep, Truth isn’t reflected into reality. But as we awaken, it is expressed.

Divine love is the expression of Truth. It is the desire to give all the divine attributes to all. Therefore as we awaken, in which we enter a oneness with God, it becomes our expression. The Light has begun to dawn as this most fundamental aspect of Truth is beginning to be expressed toward the animal kingdom. As souls awaken, they no longer support their suffering, torments or harm in the industries of animal farming (meat and dairy industries), animal testing, and other debase uses. Instead, animals are seen according to Truth and their true purposes as companions, spiritual ministers, guides, help and support.

In a consciousness of darkness, we live in a state of duality. Something is okay if it is deemed “good” for us, even if it causes suffering to another. Yet, this is total blindness. We receive what we give. If we choose to support suffering and harm, then our reality reflects this back to us through our experiences in a numerous ways. We can’t support suffering (for example partaking of the meat and dairy industries) and not bind ourselves to suffering.

What we believe is of God, but not characteristic of Truth isn’t of God. Many are bound to suffering in their life because they can’t perceive the love of God because of false doctrines they believe are the Truth. Most religions are based on separation, guilt, fear, and conditional love that enslave the mind to darkness because what is untrue is defined as Truth. In a spilt mind of duality, the love of God is greatly misunderstood and therefore not expressed. This mind doesn’t hear the cries of creation, instead it hardens hearts through false and misunderstood doctrines.

Divine love isn’t selective. It is Light that shines on all equally. In creation, we are the chosen venue for that Light. If our mind is darkened then this Light doesn’t shine through us, instead we cast the darkness of a nightmare upon creation.

Because we are the ones to express this holy Light of life, our awakening happens as we see this holy, pure love being expressed for all; especially for the animals because of the intense and vast darkness in this area. Our care or lack of care is a direct reflection of our comprehension of the divine love of God that is given to us to be given to all of creation through us.

The Light is dawning. Let’s embrace the Light to be the Light, which is our most glorious reflection and purpose.


For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. Because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. ~ Romans 8:19, 21

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

16 thoughts on “Changing Reality

  1. It is beautiful to see the love & light of God flowing into creation through our conscious choice to extend the Love (Truth) we have received to ALL. As God, who is infinitely higher than man, has given us the fullness of his Self (divine love/truth), so too can we pour out his love on those who are but a bit lower than us.

    Only when we shine the love we been given upon ALL of creation, do we become aware that we are shining.

    “Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”
    ~ Matthew 13:43

    • “Righteous” was defined twice —“Noah believed God -and- Abraham believed God and it was reckoned unto them for righteousness”. “Man must live by every word out of the mouth of God” —Therefore the scripture cannot be broken or any part discarded. —I claim to love God, but, proof to God, is if we love people. I do not trust people (God said to not even trust our wife when it comes to understanding His word). —Rachel’s “Steering the deep” helps me to remember that my imagination, or following someone else’s imagination is the spirit of satan. Jesus said when two are gathered together in His name, He will be there. —Religion says this means: all people come together in a building & follow the opinion of the one standing above us. The Holy Spirit tells me: when Rachel & I discuss the Lord (even through cyber-space) Jesus will have the Holy Spirit let us know when we are hitting on a truth of God. However, there is still something missing when it comes to loving people!

  2. Righteousness is “right” thinking…a mind so formed as to be able to convey divine thought. It is seen that creation stems from that which is truthfully expressed and Truth can only be given by the Spirit of Truth to a mind capable of receiving it. This is better understood in terms of an awakened mind, for a mind that sleeps is simply not yet ready for the light of Truth. Creation is the manifestation of that which is righteously proclaimed, and this is why all is created through the Word of Christ, for only the mind of Christ can convey truth. Creation through righteous proclamation is the meaning of shining.

    But more than righteousness, what is belief?

    Belief is best understood as the mind’s conscious CHOICE to accept that which it has received as truth, made possible through one’s individualized will. When our choice is to believe ONLY the Truth given us by the Spirit of Truth we are able to receive it and awaken into the righteousness of our TRUE mind. When our mind is full of Truth, we are of a righteous mind.

    It is important to understand that our WILL to believe determines what we express in thought and therefore what we proclaim in word. If we accept belief in that which is not true, the illusionary belief will nevertheless APPEAR truthful to the mind that accepts it. And what is accepted into the mind as truth is always a conscious choice directed by our will. Even God can not go against the conscious choice of our will and therefore what a mind choses to uphold as truth can not be overturned except by one’s own free-will choice, for we are all a fractal component of the ONE MIND of God, though we do not recognize this when we sleep.

    Those who are righteous are nothing more than centers of consciousness within the divine mind who have awakened while some still sleep. These awakened, individualized minds within the divine mind are able to convey truth – and express its reflections into our sense-based, three dimensional reality. To shine is to proclaim truth into creation and establish it so that others, by truth’s light, may of their own free will exercise their belief it. In so doing those who sleep can prepare their mind to receive thoughts of Truth so given by the Spirit of Truth, Truth’s only source.

    Now, in regard to the belief that it is acceptable to DIVINELY LOVE some while excluding others (no matter how you may choose to justify it), understand that “separation” could never be a part of love. Love is WHOLE and shines as a LIGHT which covers all and is in all. There is no fear or death in divine love’s Truth. Nor is their suffering of any kind where Love shines. If a mind makes the conscious choice to believe that Love accepts such darkness as a part of itself, know that this mind will be unable to receive truth because it has used its will to shut the door through its CONSCIOUS BELIEF that illusion is true.


  4. when Jesus spoke of “this generation” He was talking about people from the time of the beginning of His ministry until the opening of the sixth seal. This generation is always looking for a sign that we are in the right path to the Lord. Therefore, there has to be a foundation teaching as to what is proof of truth. HE said, “This generation is an evil generation; it seeks a sign but, no sign shall be given to it except the sign of Jonah. For as Jonah became a sign to the men of Nineveh, so will the Son of man be to this generation.” —Jesus always did and said what HE hear and seen of the Father.

    • Eldon, not sure what you mean to say here….

      Perhaps you mean to imply that Truth’s reflection would need a sign, but that wouldn’t be logical. Truth “is” – and it’s reflection is self evident (as is all received truth). Truth is beyond every aspect of the mind that could deny it.

      It is not possible for one who seeks to be taught by the Spirit of Truth to be led into error because Truth is immediately KNOWN once it is received. Truth is NOT taught – it is received and immediately known. The Spirit uses teaching only to prepare the mind prior so that it is readied to receive (know) truth and this requires dedication and investment of thought. Truth can never fully be known as it is continually received as the mind is ever expanded into Truth’s source.


  6. Creation waits in earnest expectation for us to awaken……..THE ELECT OF GOD ..THE FIRSTFRUIT ….HIS BELOVED SHEEP…THOSE THAT WILL DO THE GREATER WORKS ARE HERE ………….NOW!………….BEHOLD ……………………………………..I AM….

  7. NO! Truth does not need a sign. However, as there is the Almighty I AM, there is also the great deceiver. —It is God’s way of allowing us to test our self (for how can anything be known unless there is an opposite?) The deceiver’s main weapon (HE WANTS TO BE GOD OF ALL & thinks people worshipping him is the answer) is counterfeit teaching of everything the Almighty has said & done (a fine line between every word of God & the imagination of man). —Those that live within God’s truth are the elect of God. — Jesus forewarned that in these end times (evident by the prophecies already fulfilled), the deceiver would convince people to the point they would be so strong in their preaching/teaching that if it were possible would even fool those who hold God’s truth. — I am saying that the forethought of our Almighty God will not leave us without some common denominator of proof. PS can there be anything on earth greater than discussing what we know about the Lord?




  11. Present day religion doesnt go to God for revelation SOLUTIONS ..thats why it has no POWER and NO Transforming LOVE and thats the whole reason it has ABSOLUTELY ZERO triumphant impact in the world…ITS DEAD IN GOD EFFECTIVENESS…BUT TRUE RELGION IS HIDDEN FROM THE WORLD AT THIS TIME …AND ONLY THE ELECT WILL DEMONSTRATE THE WORKS OF JESUS AND EVEN THE GREATER WORKS AS TOLD IN THE BIBLE..<3

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