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A quick reminder … The perfection of Truth is always beyond our finite understanding. Therefore, what we proclaim is always according to our present awareness as we progress out of darkness and ever-deeper into the Light of eternal Truth. As we attune our internal ears and eyes to the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit aligns our understanding and beliefs to Truth. This awareness of progressive understanding is the humility that enables us to continue to learn and grow as a divine being.

We are as God created us and nothing can change that; we are holy, sacred, pure, good and most importantly through this embryonic state we become perfection beyond perfection, which is our ability to ever expand in oneness with God. It’s only in our self-made, illusionary reality (which our senses convince us is real), do we imagine we are limited and separate (cut-off) from God in any way.

Separation from God is impossible because divine love is all-inclusive. Therefore, we must be recipients of his love and are destined to be expressions of his love. In this, we see suffering could never be his eternal will and instead suffering is our creation because we mistakenly believe we are separate from his love. This false belief constructs an illusionary reality that we experience as real because of our physical senses, which are also a part of the illusion. If we trust and put our faith in our senses we remain bound in unawareness. Because we hear, see, taste, smell, and feel we assume what they “tell” us is truth, yet even in this dream how often have our senses misled us. Our true eternal state is perpetual peace, abundance, joy, love, and all the attributes God fashioned in us as a part of Himself.

If we believe suffering is of God, then we make him a sufferer, something he is not. This false image of God enslaves us to suffering. God is eternal and his reality contains nothing of finite characteristics. Only in the darkened dream of illusions can we create such a false image. Jesus Christ came to dispel such illusions not reinforce them – removing sickness, lying thought-forms (aka demons), and even death. He came giving abundant life and proclaiming the “Kingdom of God is at hand”.

However everything serves a divine purpose even this dream. In this dream we experience an illusionary absence of love that we may desire to choose love of our own free will. It affords us this Divine Choice – a choice to be what we are: at one with God’s loving attributes, holy and of his likeness. It provides us a liberty of will that creates a capacity to outpour and extend his divine love. This free-will Choice establishes in us the divine quality of love that makes it what it is – unconditional and freely given. Love gives because it wants to give (an element of “choice”). By choosing the true image of God, in accordance with divine love, we are now empowered to dissolve suffering from our reality because we awaken to the truth that we were always one with this love. In consciously making the Divine Choice, our love of God and all of creation is sincere and not “robotic”, which pure love can never be.

In this dream we live our illusions. Just like a night dream, our reality isn’t actually real, it only seems real. Our illusions are confined to a finite, temporary dream state of consciousness. In our night dreams, we create all we perceive – every character, situation, etc., and we do the same with this “reality.” Science is finally catching up with this aspect of reality that truth-seekers have known for centuries: life is but a dream.

We awaken as we stop putting faith, trust and belief in what our external senses perceive and put them in the internal Voice of God that only speaks peace, love, and eternal life to us. In this realignment of faith (awakening), we begin to release the finite concepts we “created” of sin, evil, guilt, fear, shame, separation, condemnation, suffering, lack, etc. As we go through this transition we struggle and go through many ups and downs as the depth of our illusions are unearthed so we may be liberated into the Truth. To believe in what you internally hear from the Spirit and not what you outwardly see with your eyes is challenging. To believe that our perceived suffering isn’t real is extremely difficult, but it’s how we move out of the illusion and into the Truth. If we persist we are carried in the arms of transformative grace through this transition, and we cannot fail because divine love never fails.

What we believe we create. As we cease to believe in the massive illusion we’ve created, and instead put our faith in Truth, then we will manifest the Kingdom of God as our reality.


~ TreeSoul

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

34 thoughts on “Life is But a Dream

  1. another memorial and masterpiece pf unspeakable truth,,,, rachel you are living divine love to me ,,,amen

  2. the Dream is indeed a Sleep of great untold ignorance and the Awakening is the Pure Divine Grand Splendore of all consuming Love unspeakable,,,,, to GOD be the GLORY!

  3. ❤️❤️❤️ 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 came to mind when reading this…

    • Man of flesh = the man of lawlessness… it is the thoughts, the living within this “dream world” that veils our eyes to the truth and THE Truth… until the “man of lawlessness” (the man living within the dream and believing it as truth) is removed, the illusion, the dream, the “deluding influence” will continue to be our “reality.”

  4. So glad to see you are posting again, it was food for my soul to read your latest articles. So much so that I posted the latest one on LinkedIn which has a membership in the hundreds of millions and personally I am at about 13,400 first level ones. Many many people of faith there and I hope they venture over to your site and illuminated by your words

    God Bless


    • Good to hear from you Steve. Thanks for sharing – as our understanding expands in these concepts – so our faith is more established in the Truth and not lies, and in this realignment of faith the Truth they reflect grows more powerful in our lives through belief.

  5. “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” We must pray to “see” correctly with all understanding beyond the symbol of the law. Then when our understanding comes we must believe and think correctly that we are what God reveals to us that we were, are and will be…and that is… we are complete in Him. It is conclusive so we must think in the reality as He reveals “within” us His truths, His love to and for all people.

    When we see and understand correctly, we can think correctly, and when we think correctly we become one with the “I Am.” Perfection lies within us behind the veil. It’s never left us for we can see by the example of the natural tabernacle a picture of the true tabernacle. God dwells within our temple and as we see Him as the veil “has been removed” we can see into and “go” into the most holy place…We therefore become as He is. “As a man thinks in His heart so is He,” is a powerful thing to understand…but even more so we must think and know ourselves to be complete…as our Father is complete.

    We know He resides within us, and we know God dwells in heaven…so all we have to do is think of where we “are” and we will be in that place. If we think we are lost, we are lost, if we think we are found we are found…if we think we are all that He is…it is because we are…in reality. We we wake from our dream we will see He truly never left nor forsook us, we have just believed a dream that wasn’t so of which we can take no responsibility for. We have experienced and dreamed this life only that we may know Him as He is. The dream has done its work exactly as God intended right from the beginning. Evil has only been a means that has brought us to a place where we can see a clearer picture, that it is better to be obedient to “all” the will of God.

    We must think…God is Love…and all that He has ever done for us or to us is to love us. All things were created, both good and evil to teach and discipline us to receive a better gift. The gift is Him.

    • Even our dreams can’t separate us from the love of God … His love through his Spirit resides within our true self who is the dreamer – and at moments within this dream we get glimpses of this eternal love, and as we learn to meet him within our true self in the realm of truth and the real, we sense his consuming and unfailing love.

      In every happening of our dream lies a divine lesson. As we begin to see according to truth, each lesson provides the opportunity to expand our awareness of divine love. These lessons are never lost. Even as we look back upon the past that is long and gone, from the perception of truth we can perceive a deeper and more expansive understanding of divine love through what we experienced, which in turns enables us to be an outlet of this love. With each renewed perception our mind implodes and is consumes with the light of understanding, peace and comfort in the recollection of all things. We see that his love never forsook us, even in a dream. We were just unaware of it because of the illusions we created that filled our perception, and thus we experienced a perceived reality that felt distant from his love. But in the real, there are no illusions. In the real and eternal, it is impossible to not be fully aware of his love. And this dream fashions us into eternal beings that pour out and therefore experience this love through oneness with Him.

  6. I agree, nothing can separate us because we were never separated in the first place. The only reason for our partial blindness and lack was and is for the soul purpose to increase His gifts in and to us. Job is a good allegory of this journey to a double portion. We don’t just give huge responsibilities to people without them being qualified to handl them.

    Thus our purpose for our troubles. We should only see the ultimate joy in the process, however this takes much enlightenment to see the value in our suffering. We thank God to see there is no lasting and real harm done to any. The rod is used very wisely…and we should accept it as love rendered.

  7. We will only look back to see that we were only being prepared for something greater. We will see no loss anywhere in anyth8ng or anyone. It is “all” good. We have to quit acting as though we suffer for no reason or that something went wrong or is wrong. Everything was planned with a love of God that is so unimaginable to the carnal mind that when we see…we will not be able to see anything but the love of God. There just are no words to explain it for we must be it to know it….we grow closer to that mountain top…day by day. We anticipate seeing and knowing everyone that God through Christmas ever created…and when we wake from this dream things will be so magnified, so complete that this journey will only seem as a pin prick in comparison to its accomplishment.

    We should all look ahead as though it is already done and trust the pain you may be presently feeling is part of what brings you to your very best. I find myself almost always over explaining what I want to say because I just don’t have the vocabulary to equal the thoughts and visions in my mind. Perhaps I will improve as I pray that God gives me a more clear and precise message.

  8. The word “ZION” remember, means “THE PURE IN HEART!” The road to Zion is the road of the purification of the heart. And only by the purification of the heart can one ever travel it, though a fool need not err therein. This is the Pathway of LOVE in which one practices and learns to love God with all his heart. This is the road of fulfilling. And as one’s heart is purified by such dynamic love in action, he will automatically be cleansed from all sin. The very forgiveness of sin can only be accomplished through love as one forgives all who have ever trespassed against him. This is love in action. This contains the power to be cleansed (or forgiven) for all sins. It is beautiful! It is unfailing! It is truth eternal! If you wish to be cleansed from all sin, then love until it reaches out to enfold your trespassers in the glory of your own divine forgiveness. Let old grudges melt away. Let present hurts be dissipated in compassionate understanding. Let mercy caress and enfold all whom your thoughts touch. This is the power to be cleansed from all sin. And with this power all things will become subject unto you — and you can ask what you will and it will be granted. For in this great outpouring of your love “your minds and lips will have lost the power to hurt or wound and your voice will be heard among the Gods,” for you will have joined them in the upward trend of your own divinity.

    Yes, “The nearer man approaches perfection the clearer are his views and the greater are his enjoyments, till he has OVERCOME the evils of his life and lost every desire for sin, and like the ancients, arrives at the point of FAITH where he is wrapped in the power and glory of his Maker and is caught up to dwell with Him!”

  9. When we live in the consciousness of the outer man we are burdened with many cares of this world, with pressures, anxieties, fears, stresses, depression, angry dispositions, and a sense of hopelessness with no spirituality of mind.

    However when we start living in the inner man, following after that Christ likeness within, waiting on the presence of the lord to direct us..we will then find the peace and contentment with a love of life we can find in no other way. This is living in the simplicity in Christ and the sooner we learn this, the sooner we will find happiness in our life. Our outer world may be raging storm but we will have a peace of mind if we follow these simple rules of following the Christ…within.

  10. We are predestined to live in this world in order for the inner man to conquer the outer man as stated above. My reply puts everything into a simplistic answer as to why we are here. Christ must live and the “works” and the desires of the flesh must die…meaning the carnal mind (outer man) must cease to rule. Once our inner man brings under subjection the five senses of the flesh there will be peace in “heaven”. The body becomes subjected to the rule of the spirit. The soul is the weaker part of us that succumbs to the senses of our fleshy desires and when “she” does not mind the spirit of Christ within…she has committed spiritual adultery.

    We are predestined by a careful and deliberate design of God, through His Son and we are subjected to this world of vanity…and…exercised in it…for good things to come in us. Each and every thought, decision and action we can possibly make, whether it is good or evil was created by God through Christ. We were created to fail only for one reason…and that is so that when we are called to rise again, we will rise to even greater freedoms and things than we ever had before. For each decision we make we will learn that which will bring us closer to walking in unison with our inner man. We may be kept in an outer man condition in order to learn the many ways that is not of the kingdom of heaven…where God is…”only” for the purpose that when God does call and say “come” we will have been subjected to a place to come from.

    In order for God to bring us to Himself in the very likeness of His image and character He had to subject us to what it is like to “freely” choose to do good or evil. This “time” for a free will choice of going our own way as a prodigal son does not last very long for God returns His mind to us through this gradual earthly learning experience. The prodigal son allegory is us leaving our Fathers house of the spirit and coming to this earth and thinking we are better off without our Father ruling over us. We desire the things of the fleshy which turn out to be but filth as compared to the lowest position in His Fathers House. Each that is born of of the flesh will be born “again” of the spirit…as God calls and each will be called in His own order…just as we are informed by scripture.

    To summarize this, there was never a plan written to harm any of His children, never an angel, fallen or otherwise, given any more power than to carry out God’s explicit will and purpose for “all” people. There was and is nothing but a steady stream of God’s love to us and for us from the instant that we were created and given to be a separate entity. If we can only get to the place of seeing this journey as one that was carefully planned to teach us to love, honor and obey God we will do well. There is no need to be perplexed about why we are sinners and why we have our faults…and make our mistakes. As Paul explained so well about our condition and our relationship of the inner and outer man, we see that we are to identify with the inner man even the the outer man is present. We acknowledge the inner and not the outer man until the outer fades away as we give him no power to rule.

    When there is opportunity to do good when evil is present we choose good and satisfy the inner man, starving the outer man of His nature. If we do not feed him, he will die, just as Paul explained, on a daily basis. This will go on until there is only the inner man left, the Christ within. God never called His plan nothing but good, therefore we must learn to see only the good intended. This one way (oneness) of seeing God’s purpose will bring a love, peace and joy to our one inner man…and in heaven, for the kingdom of God is within us.

  11. “Ye Are Gods” by Annalee Skarin, and simply want to hear someone else’s opinion. Maybe you have only heard the rumors regarding this book and have been afraid to even pick it up. After all, the writer, Annalee Skarin, was excommunicated from her church for not denouncing its contents.

    Could it be you simply stumbled here by accident? Maybe a friend has passed this on to you. It does not matter. This site is for all who decide to stay and take a step into a higher dimension of Christianity. One that is not weighted with tradition, socialization, greed for money or power, and confining orthodox beliefs. It has been reported that Annalee Skarin disappeared in the early 1950s. Some believe she was translated into heaven, without dying. Can we believe something so un-orthodox?

    Many things have been said about the author of this book. It is everyone’s God-given right to believe as they choose. However, it was never Annalee Skarin’s intent to become a figure to be put upon a pedestal, or the opposite. When you pick up any of her books, please remember that fact, and only focus on the message and not the scribe (a favor she often requested of the reader).

    The kingdom of heaven is not in word but in power. The power (the kingdom of heaven) is within you. If you feel or have felt that power of the kingdom of heaven ignite within you from reading the works of Annalee Skarin, then that is your testimony. If you’ve understood the importance of the works by Annalee Skarin – you will feel inspired to pass them on. There is just enough information in this book review to supply a dash of salt for a spiritual meal “Ye Are Gods”, to be savored. Pass it on. There is enough information in “Ye Are Gods” to wet the pallet that is thirsting for righteousness. Pass it on. But one’s thirst will only be satisfied when one actually drinks of the waters of life (then a person need never thirst again). “Ye Are Gods” does lead to those waters. Whether a person dips his or her heart and mind into that fountain of life is a private choice.

    The inside front jacket of the 1952 hard-back edition of “Ye Are Gods” describes the book as follows:

    The book “Ye Are Gods” takes each individual and clothes him with dignity. It reveals that within each man is locked the powers, not only of a genius, but of divine majesty, a pattern of his own perfect unfoldment and fulfillment, a divine destiny, if man will only permit it to come forth.

    It reveals what faith is. How it works, and what can be accomplished by it — even the power to raise the dead and move mountains.

    It shows that no man has a monopoly upon God nor upon His power. God belongs to all mankind just as all mankind belongs to God. It lights a highway leading upward toward divinity — a highway which can be traveled by every mortal man of earth.

    “Ye Are Gods” is a very simple book of lessons – backed by our very own “Bible”, many other good books, Mother Nature (for all things bear record of God, the Father), and the Spirit of Jesus Christ within. This review will guide you briefly through each chapter – only for a small taste of what is contained within the pages of Annalee Skarin’s book. Anyone can read the following. Those with an open heart and contrite spirit will ask God himself if “Ye Are Gods” is true or false. And only such questions should be asked if the book is actually being read and pondered in one’s heart. ✞

  12. Annalee Skarin as she Journied from her LDS background to where she was carried through “her” experiences learned many things from her perspective. We all find identity with others in whatever they believe or write. In the past I briefly read some of her articles. I believe she as many of us looked for something that was deeper than knowledge or doctrine and she followed her faith to where she was led.

    She had many good things to share and to say…some we agree with and some we do not. However we look beyond our differences and see the intent and what a person’s goal is…is it Christ and placing others with the utmost respect in our life? Or do we seek to identify with the flesh, the admiration, prestige and the “pride of life” so many confuse with the inward man. Annalee, as with any person we may read is who she was and is, and we accept this. If we can gain insight to living in our inner man, it matters not from where it comes from as it is truth which registers. I don’t know of any work of any person I have totally agreed with after reading it…because we should not place value on any person’s knowledge and even the great ability to teach, we instead look if the message is about developing Christ within and diminishing the influence of the outer man.

    We put no man on a pedestal or think above them what we should. However we with them praise God for the ability and understanding not to compare ourselves with others, saint or sinner…and even more so not even compare ourselves with ourselves. This is because life is about growing in Christ as an individual and the only measuring stick is the Christ likeness and fruit we develop. We can be happy for others as they see as we see and we can be joyous together that we see Christ in all people..condemning none.

    Yes she had some good things to say…and as do many others we share with. What one may write, say and write will be received in the parts one may identity with by the level of truth God allows one to posses. Wherever one is in Chirst and whatever their calling and order is, we should accept them as they are and be happy for them. The 30 fold is as much loved as the 100 fold. All callings and orders contain the same spirit, Love and likeness of God, therefore we listen to others and learn according to our calling and order. We therefore wish all Godspeed in their particular calling and order…without condemnation.

  13. If Christ is ruling within there is no fear in reading and listening to anyone. This is because it’s not what we know but who we become…we do not become knowledge, we become…as He is.

  14. to those that know the love of god and have a real association with the holyghost i say to god be the glory …i am done with this website ❤

  15. Spiritual Egos without a real connection to the Source… dont inspire me …because there going nowhere ..but in pathetic circles and with No Great Joy! GOD BLESS ❤

    • Not sure what exactly where these comments are coming from…. as we’ve always shared what we are learning at the time, and we know we are all progressing with great mercy and grace according the Spirit’s leading in each one of us. Regardless, I’m thankful that our paths crossed and in the past you have poured out many beautiful words here. We are all at different places along our journey (yet none of us too far from the next in the span of eternity), but regardless of the finite differences we may perceive at the time, we know in truth the oneness we possess in the divine love of God. May this triumphant love rule in our hearts and our thoughts.

      • As I thought of how we are to respect the writings, speeches and opinions of others this verse came to mind;

        4For when one of you says, “I follow Paul,” and another, “I follow Apollos,” are you not mere men?
        5What then is Apollos? And what is Paul? They are servants through whom you believed, as the Lord has assigned to each his role. 6I planted the seed and Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.

        To understand this verse (s) in the context of which it is used and how we should also use and understand it, I added the context around it….from the scriptures. What it is saying and I agree with is that the messenger and the message are not to be confused as to “who is the message” and “who is the messenger”. All who contribute to describe who Christ is, what He is, and how we are to become like Him…is the messenger….while Christ is the only true “messages.”

        We can get our inspiration from many sources but where we direct it separates us from the five wise or the five foolish. There is one God and one Christ and it is to them we give our direction and honor. As much respect we may give to Paul, Apollos, or to any other disciples, past or present we must understand they are as we are, followers of Christ…not men. As we see in the scriptures there was much dissenting going on among the brethren on who was more important than the other, who had more knowledge, and who should follow who. Paul made it very clear to follow no man but to take the instruction from himself, Apollos and the others and put all the emphasis on following the one that can actually give us the love we seek.

        TO BE SPIRITUAL IS TO FOLLOW AFTER “ONE” AND TO FOLLOW HIM AND HIM ONLY. To be spiritual is to seek the “love” of God through Christ and let this be our single goal in life and all these other things will be added unto you as the Father sees fit.

        We must not be distracted by those who come into our midst wearing the name of a sheep when their true motives are revealed by their own use and way with words. The spirit knows the difference in being in “Infatuation” with another, and being in oneness with them. Oneness includes all in the world, room or discussion seeking out a likeness in Christ. Babes and the young in Christ can even let the physical attraction of another skew their thoughts, words and actions of tongue toward their hidden (they think) desire to be liked by another above another in their midst. We see it often, jealousy raises its sword and cuts and slashes on its way away from the presence of the carriers of truth such as Paul, Apollos, or any other messenger and or just one who shares their understanding.

        Yes, we must ask what is our true motivation for wanting to be heard…is it to help further Christ and His likeness in another or is it to draw attention to ourselves, like the five foolish. I think we should seek to be among the five wise and make ourselves small and Him the message.

        ◄ 1 Corinthians 3 ►

        God’s Fellow Workers
        1Brothers, I could not address you as spiritual, but as worldly—as infants in Christ. 2I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for solid food. In fact, you are still not ready, 3for you are still worldly. For since there is jealousy and dissension among you, are you not worldly? Are you not walking in the way of man? 4For when one of you says, “I follow Paul,” and another, “I follow Apollos,” are you not mere men?
        5What then is Apollos? And what is Paul? They are servants through whom you believed, as the Lord has assigned to each his role. 6I planted the seed and Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. 7So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. 8He who plants and he who waters are one in purpose, and each will be rewarded according to his own labor. 9For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, God’s building.
        Christ Our Foundation
        (Isaiah 28:14-22; 1 Peter 2:4-12)
        10By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as a wise master builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one must be careful how he builds. 11For no one can lay a foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.
        12If anyone builds on this foundation using gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, or straw, 13his workmanship will be evident, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will prove the quality of each man’s work. 14If what he has built survives, he will receive a reward. 15If it is burned up, he will suffer loss. He himself will be saved, but only as one being snatched from the fire.
        You are God’s Temple
        (Romans 12:1-8; 1 Corinthians 6:18-20)
        16Do you not know that you yourselves are God’s temple, and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? 17If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him; for God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.
        Worldly Wisdom
        18Let no one deceive himself. If any of you thinks he is wise in this age, he should become a fool, so that he may become wise. 19For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: “He catches the wise in their craftiness.”a 20And again, “The Lord knows that the thoughts of the wise are futile.”b
        21Therefore stop boasting in men. All things are yours, 22whether Paul or Apollos or Cephasc or the world or life or death or the present or the future. All of them belong to you, 23and you belong to Christ, and Christ belongs to God.

        Let us meditate upon these things…listening and separating the wheat from the chaff…of the what and why of others and what they have to say. Let us love all who speak, whether what they say is well intended or not. When we cast our line in the “waters” what is it we truly fish for, is it so “I” can eat apart from the will of God
        or is it so “we” can eat together as one?

  16. We may can tell others what a son of God is, what 144 means, what being the bride is, the overcomers, to be of Jerusalem, Mount Zion, etc, etc,. However as we have said numerous times, it’s one thing to know about the things of God and as wonderful as this is, it is quiet another thing to understand that these things stand for something far greater than in just the knowing of a thing. It is nothing other than coming to the achieving the love and likeness of God in our life. To think it is something admirable to have only knowledge about the greatest God has to offer without partaking of it is like waking and standing before God and hearing Him say as He did to the five foolish, “Depart from me for I never knew you.”

    To know means to be a part of…and of the same substance as He is…

  17. God judges with an unconditional love and when God judges the sin He sees within us, He then judges what it will take to remove it. The sin is judged to be removed and the methods it will take are then covered by His mercy and His grace “while” the removing is being done. God’s judgment is not counter productive to His love for everything is administered to bring about our maturity in Him. We should also judge all things in this same way, else we are not in oneness with God. All things that God does and allows that pertain to us has only one purpose and that is to make everything and everyone complete as He is…according to His predetermined plan, set in motion before the ages began. We patiently and happily await our fulfillment. It is done…in a future perfect tense.

    We do not give up on anyone…just as God left the ninety nine sheep to go after just the one, making not one lost but His creation being one hundred percent found and complete. Many may pull away from God for a time exercising their free will but when He determines its their time to come to His will, they will come with as few or as many judgments as it will take to bring them unto His likeness and character. The carnal man is so blind and ignorant that he keeps rejecting all of the very same things he says he really wants. All is really a lesson in understanding that it is better to obey God in not eating of any forbidden fruit and eating of the tree of life which is the ways of Christ. Why do we need to go our own way when the best has already been created and given to us without our having done anything for it? We should receive our gift of life graciously and thankfully while being most appreciative for it.

    There could not have been a better plan created and put into place, or there would have been, for God does not create anything but master pieces. We are not the second best He could come up with, we are just as He He says. He made us of Himself. I don’t think it can get any better than this.

  18. hi all. i want to add something to remove some minor confusion. ONE thing we must recognize is that ALL NAMES(laws) require all other NAMES(laws).

    4For when one of you says, “I follow Paul,” and another, “I follow Apollos,” are you not mere men?
    5What then is Apollos? And what is Paul? They are servants through whom you believed, as the Lord has assigned to each his role. 6I planted the seed and Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.

    again to follow as a person is to be man(we seem to see each name as seperate from another), and to FOLLOW as a LAW(all names work together) is to BE IN THE LORD(collectively)(spirit of eternal). What this means is that EACH NAME(LAW) requires ALL OTHER LAWs(names). to choose christ and reject any other name because of christ is to NOT CHOOSE CHRIST(we must see christ(all laws) in everyone).

    When it comes to knowledge, there is KNOWLEDGE that the BIBLEs teaches that each of us must STEP INTO. and there are todays perceptions of what knowledge is(thrown around like a rag doll). the KNOWLEGE of the bible refers to STEPPING INTO THE ETERNAL LORD(substance of I AM(shared in all)…. LAW of KNOWLEDGE claims that whatever KNOWLEDGE(logic) in which we LIVE, we dont just become the KNOWLEGE, we become everything attached. the KNOWLEDGE(awareness) of the ETERNAL allows us to be something GREATER THAN OURSELVES(we see ourselves in everyone). EACH OF US is a gift(even in our down times)…

    when we BECOME ETERNAL, we become the world(ALL EVENTS manifest from heart). ONE BODY(we are the elements of life)..

  19. also GOD is a spirit that requires each WORKING PART(to all his own). if one of us is removed, then god doesnt work. but if we can see GOD in eachother, then we BRING OUT THE SPIRIT(consiously). Even though we recognize the spirit, and choose to live within it, our OLD PROGRAMMING(unwise) seems to suck us back away from the spirit(in thinking). we must continuously recognize god in all(without judgement). to say god judges, means that WE JUDGE EACHOTHER. to play as though god is something seperate(even though we know we are connected) is unwise. to FOLLOW GOD is to follow our own hearts(we must recognize the difference of HUMAN HEART and ETERNAL HEART). Eventually, we must recognize that each HEART IS ONE HEART(ALL NAMES(LAWS). to follow god is to TRUST IN HIM. HIM refers to EACH READER(trust eachother).
    if you condemn others for god, then you do not trust god. but to set aside god and love everyone equally is to love god..

  20. Anti,

    I understand what you are saying, and yes we are one in spirit now and when we are all finished in the image of the new man we will then be one in spirit, soul, and body. When one starts out to design a building or carve a statue, a lot of time goes into the planning stages and one must have a vision of the completed work to work toward which is often transferred to a drawing, which in turn is used to finish the project. God’s plan is just such as this…and His completed work “in us” was decided well before we were ever lowered into this earthly realm… only to be disciplined and trained to be able to accept greater things as the allegory of Job teaches.

    If we condemn, we are condemned because only that which has not been enlightened to the goodness of God remains in condemnation. When we look into the hearts and minds of others and listen for a moment to their words we see them as they are, for a person is revealed by their fruit. Let us not be ones who carry a message of the natural word which condemns, but let us be partakers of the spiritual Word which is Christ so grow in our temple that this Word releases one from condm nation. The law kills but the spirit makes alive. We must see and understand the differ nice between law and spirit.

    The only permission we are granted omrightfully have is that when we look at another is to see them in the vision of a completed Christ like being. We must look at their “drawing” and see the end product and desire and speak toward their completion in Christ. God, Christ, and those who have been given eyes to see the kingdom does not see sin in a person as something to be condemned, but only as something that is temporary and will be removed as soon as God grants them the desire and to see the path to His light and away from the darkness of the carnal mind. All of us are to be released from our sinful nature as God calls us to come forth and to be healed and freed from our carnal nature. All of us has the sin nature, and all will be released from it…in our appointed time. If God is not ready to call and start a person on their journey why should we compel them to do something they cannot within themselves?

    We are not to be condemners, but ones who are to help release others from their bondage. We do this with the love of all having been matured within our own being. We should not use the sword of the law to maim and to kill one’s spirit, as many do, we should however use the sword of the spirit, rightly dividing the true word of God to heal and to endeavor to make one complete and whole without a hint of a condemning spirit. When we look into the book of Revelation we see overcomers and saviors (plural) that see as He sees and doing as He does, condemning none but instrumental in saving all.

  21. again, each NAME is a law. spirit is ALL LAWS. each us us require ALL OF US. there is NO SEPERATION. what we must recognize, is that EACH PERSON IS AN ASPECT of self(eternal self:source of god). to see others in sin, is to see ourselves in sin. as i plant a seed, you water the ground, and god does the rest, but if i dont plant the seed, and you water the ground. or you water the ground, and i dont plant the seed, then god has no power. we have to be ANNOINTED(all LAWs working in syncronicity). the spirit is of ALL LAWS. sometimes our words CHOOSE one idea over another. but EACH WORD stand for ALL PEOPLES(eternal ONENESS). we are all right in our own ways, but i cannot exist without you, and you cannot exist without me. we are ONE.
    an example. we see a lot worshiping christ, but if you were to confront them, they may reject allah, or mohamed, or mormon. yet they see christ(but really dont). also someone who worships allah, may reject christ or morman. each of these are UNWISE. so we must come to terms in how we see LAW. our inner logic of LAWs are different in each person, so even as we speak the words, we cannot see eachother in spirit. to love christ is to love mormon, and to love morman is to love allah, ect… else even our own LAWS may not matter(seperate). he = US. and US = HE. THEY = we and we = THEY.
    another way to think of it. even as we agree with CHRIST, we have not even begun to speak of mohomad or jahova YET. christ is nothing without them, and they are nothing without christ. yet each is a part of the same SPIRIT(different viewpoints: just as we see eachother differently). yet the same….
    when i speak, i speak from every viewpoint rather than one over another. if i use my words to choose good vs bad, then i am bad. but if i remove good and remove bad, then i am good. not because i say so, but all may agree…..( we must come to terms(in all law(s): one spirit). TIME(our strengths) requires all names(laws)..(overflow depends on it)….. without it, we cannot MANIFEST…(whole purpose:space)

  22. You know, we really don’t have to know much about anything of the mysteries, parables, types and shadows, Revelation, and understanding the meanings of the symbols therein. These things, as nice as they are to know and they do have their purpose… however for us to come to the place in Christ and to His likeness…all of the “law and prophets” hang on just two “commandments” and they are to love God and our fellow man as ourselves. That’s it.

    If we can grasp these simple commandments…and do them…we’ve accomplished our primary purpose for being here.

    Salvation is a given, it’s done.

  23. How does one actually define reality? When we “become” it, we have found the only true definition of it.

  24. Hello, first timer here.

    So we’re still living in the world of illusion right? Self-created that was manifested from Love and Wisdom. Are we still in the soil or have grown out of it? Would it make sense to say this physical world is still in the soil? Carnal fleshy self? Am I still in the soil? I see we’re all in and now outside growing feeling breathing along with the spirit (air). Air is a symbol of mind? Light symbol of wisdom, Fire symbol of Love which is God? Love manifest into light and travel throw air (mind) and into our body as energy? From the food we ate which give us the energy, warm and love to the body to help it grow through blood and water? So is Fire and light through air to help us discern through the mind? Is this not God in manifestation from the Sun? Would you say this Sun and its physical world is dead without the spiritual Sun as the body without the soul? Without that source, there is no life? Are we not living inside the air or mind? And so that which live in it does not comprehend what it is? Therefore, would not have known what is time and space? Until one is outside of it? Is not water act and correspond to the physical conscious mind as it carry blood to the body? And so is air act and correspond to our subconscious mind as it carry light to our mind so we can discern and see? Is not the moon a reflection of ourselves? Giving off fake lights and love of things for ourselves and the world? Who is showing this? Is this not the work of God? Would you say that your heart and your lung correspond to Love and Wisdom that without one or the other you would not live? Would you say that Love always rule over Wisdom and so is your heart over your lung? That when your lung stop but your heart still beating, you still alive? That when your lung is alive but your heart is stopped, you’re dead? Does not this validate that the Love always rule over Wisdom? That your right brain rules over your left, your right eyes rules over your left, right hand rules over your left, that male rules over female? That she comes from his rib? That they’re destined to be one because of her love for his wisdom and his wisdom is for her love? Is not the female that ate the apple first before the male? Choosing wisdom over love so you can be alive and love? Can they be separated and still be one? Would you say they’re one before they’re separated? Can Love ever separated but manifested into parts? And so is the manifestation of the spiritual and physical worlds? That anything manifested is not real? Is this why God cannot be seen by any man but a manifestation of it? That anything manifested is from within and so is God in you as the body is the temple of the Living God? That nothing manifest is alive without a God in you? Would that explain this world is dead make alive through the Love or Will inside you as a car move by the driver? Would you say this Love within has been distorted and make it into Self-love because we have become individualized? That separation causes one to see an image of itself and that image correspond to Wisdom and its likeness correspond to Love? Is it not our goal to recognize this likeness and destroy that image so that we can be with that ONE again, that I AM in that i am? 🙂

    • Welcome … as your socratic method revealed .. we are beginning to see the oneness in all things, and as we each begin to see we help others to see. As the illusionary forms and the attributes we gave them give way to truth, we see the spark of Life and Light in all things – and this seeing that opens the way to grace is the undoing of the illusion and the awakening into the eternal.

    • You ask many great questions and are asked in a way that answers themselves in many cases… so, yes, God is “love”. And yes the lower vibrations of Himself we call creation manifest Himself in many forms. So yes, we see love in many types of manisfestaions and “parts” of the whole…just as the “seven” lights of the candlestick represent togther the oneness of God. Seven, being the number of completeness or perfection tells us that the seven lights are but seven parts of the one light, or the one love of God. Love, “God” is before all things, including wisdom for wisdom is to know the difference in and of all things. Wisdom, nor any attribute created and given to man cannot be above the love of God for Solomon was given greater wisdom than any man before or after him. Yet, Though Solomon had the greatest wisdom ever given to a man, Solomon, not having a greater love for God than He should have had became a less than honorable king. His wisdom did not deliver his mind from building hundreds of false idolatrous alters for his many wives. His wisdom did not prevent him from being responsible for the kingdom being split by his evil display of favoritism as he treated some different within the kingdom from others. Wisdom, misused or ignored can certainly fail us as Solomon in all his glory teaches us. This is recorded for us to see and to learn that “though we have great knowledge, understand (by wisdom) the mysteries of God, and know all things…and have not love…we are nothing without it.

      All gifts, wisdom, understanding all the mysteries, and having knowledge in any form is good…but without the correct foundation for these things to be built upon are useless. This foundation is the very unadulterated love of God. Had Solomon been wise enough to understand this…and practice what he knew… he would not have erred. He just didn’t love God more than himself, for his wisdom did not deliver himself from himself. This is saying as you insinuate that the parts, without the whole cannot complete us. This is a good lesson to know and learn…without the complete light (7) we are in part and can only see in part…but more than wisdom…love is the com0leteness of all things.

      The point is we may raise and ask many philosophical questions which is a good thing for when we ask, we can be given the answers if we seek them. It is stated there is nothing greater than God’s love for this is who He is.

      All that we participate in, in this temporary created world, whether it is real or unreal, natural or spiritual, came from somewhere and that somewhere is from God creating it out of Himself…and all that we are able to think, say or do. What part of these things did the creature or the created…create? We don’t create a thing however we can choose to participate in the “illusion” of evil if we so choose. Christ created this world as we know it, as He was given the power from His Father and ours to do so. I believe that some of us will go on to become like creators ourselves but only after these ones have been proved by their obedience to the Father…being disciplined while on this earth to learn obedience through the things we must suffer..for it is by obedience to the will of God that will deliver us to Himself…to His likeness and to His character.

      All things came from the one God.

  25. who is the REP guy, i like him already. i cant wait to see more of what he manifests within me…

  26. Rachel,
    I have a couple of questions.
    I am reading your stuff and i really love what you say as a seeker of truth and love myself that comes from knowing the one true living God I truly want to understand why you dont use scripture to back up what you are saying. Im only asking this because i truly see that that could help others in their journey because I know scripture can be backed up by your revelations. I think it will solidify the truth for some people and encourage them to first Seek the word for truth before other sources. I believe the word of God is the primary source of truth before any other writing.
    WIth that said ..Have you ever heard of Nany Coen? she preaches about alot of this with biblical scriptures to back it up and is encouraging the church to rise up into their true divine calling.
    hope i made sense and didnt come off condemning because that was not my heart and also trying to type while one year old is crawling all over me lol.

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