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Through the Door of Life


“The last enemy that will be destroyed is death.” ~ 1 Corinthians 15:26

The time is upon us when our collective consciousness transforms, so that we as a creation no longer pass through the door of death but the door of life, ending the illusion and awakening into the real. We awaken to the truth that death is only an illusion allowing the reality of eternal life to fade in all around us.

The foundational lie upholding this illusion is that Death, not God, rules all. Death has the final word in every life by proclaiming: “Thou shalt die!” Who can escape? Its will is unassailable, exalting itself above God’s will that none should die. (John 3:16) But death goes further and stands in the holy place presenting itself as our savior.

Most of us equate death with a release from suffering. We believe death frees us from the travails of illness and pain, ushering us into a place of peace and comfort. It promises to take away our unbearable burdens, worries, guilt and fears. Death is so deceptive and its call as savior so strong that some take their own life that death may save them now.

Let’s be clear, death is not a savior. The way out of suffering, fear and all other illusions isn’t through one’s belief in death’s offerings of peace and comfort. To desire death in any way, shape or form is to choose to put our will and faith in an illusion; for desiring death as a means to escape from any type of suffering sustains the illusion that both death and suffering are real. Release from this illusionary dream isn’t by being separate from our bodies (which include the reality that surrounds them). Our bodies simply reflect our beliefs. They can reflect the illusion of finiteness and death or the Truth of immortality and life. It’s our state of consciousness that shapes energy into its reflective substance and form. What we hold as truth in our minds manifests in our reality. What we believe determines whether we sleep in an illusionary dream of death or awaken to eternal life.

We subconsciously accept that we enter eternal life through death. It’s the ultimate deception because in eternal life the concept of anything dying… ever… isn’t true. Ever. We awaken from this illusion of death and suffering as our faith realigns to this Truth: death is not real. One milestone of this passage of faith is that we no longer desire or put faith in the promised comforts of death in any of its many forms, but instead give our faith to Truth. As we choose to believe death is not real and that God is our only comfort and savior, we awaken and perceive the eternally open door into the Kingdom. This door to life, which is our eternal and ever-present oneness with the divine love of God, remains hidden beneath the dream of death.

As our faith aligns to the Truth of eternal life, we encounter the temptation of death anytime we believe we are not, right now, in God’s perfect care. We are faced with a choice: we can give our faith to Truth or let it remain in the illusion. As the Spirit aligns us to Truth and we put our faith in that Truth, we trust in God’s perfect care and that his divine love never fails. We let go of the idea that death or anything else rescues us from suffering. We realize belief in death or any of its forms only keeps us bound in an illusionary reality.

This awareness reveals that the reality of eternal life, peace, joy, and immortal harmony is ever-present. As we begin to perceive beyond the illusion of death, an awareness of our oneness with God reveals the Kingdom of God is at hand, dissolving the illusion. As we perceive the Kingdom within, we perceive it without. It’s always been, but the illusion of death has hidden it.

Therefore, our escape from the illusion and into life is found in awareness of our oneness with God, not death. The Spirit of God is the eternal living energy of divine love, which extends to all and gives His life to all. Being a part of God’s eternal life we could never die. If we believe in death, we choose the illusion. If we believe in God’s eternal life, we choose Truth. We can’t choose both.

Eternal and unfailing divine love is the Spirit of the Father; the Savior that Jesus Christ extended into creation. In the illusion, death stands as a savior. As we become aware of our oneness with the Spirit of the Father and let go of death’s illusion by no longer putting our faith in it, we begin reflecting eternal life and shine in the likeness of the Father. As the Spirit expels illusionary thoughts of death, our mind becomes a sanctuary (the holy place) for the holy thoughts of God. Our will is joined to God’s and in this oneness our desires of eternal life are manifested. This transformation is a rebirth, from the dream-like “reality” of the finite, into the true reality of the infinite.

  “And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?” ~ John 11:26



Author: Rachel

My passion is cultivating a deep relationship with God and helping others to do the same. I LOVE sharing with others insights that God has taught me and hearing what God has taught them... thus my blog, Stirring the Deep. My focus is on a relationship, not a religion. Life is in the relationship. I believe in a balance and unity of body, mind and spirit. I feel it's important to nurture all three for they all affect each other. I try to live in the present, where the Holy Spirit is. And I try to do all with the motive of love. I've come to believe life is a journey and not a destination. It isn't about perfection, is it about growth.

6 thoughts on “Through the Door of Life

  1. Well said. Death is the carnal mind. Life is the mind of Christ. As we take on the mind of Christ, the carnal mind of man dies within. We can be fully redeemed on this side of the natural grave if we so “Let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus.

    • Yes, ..there is much more upon the horizon .. As we awaken to the One Mind of the Spirit of God (of which we’ve always been a part – though believed ourselves separate for a season) through the workings of the Spirit, in faith as our beliefs and thoughts align to the Spirit’s revelations to us, our being begins to transform/regenerate into the eternal. There will come a time, which I believe is upon us that the Spirit through faith in the Truth and eternal leads us to no longer accept, believe, put our faith in, or will the physical death. As long as we believe it and accept it as a part of our reality it remains, thus the illusion it is built upon remains. This is the creative power of belief. It is our faith expanding into the eternal, thus the real, that changes our reality and brings about a regeneration. Our outward reflection of our bodies and reality reflect our spirit substance. As we awaken into oneness our old garments (outer body and reality that reflected the spilt (carnal) mind) are regenerated so that it reflects immortality and our true oneness with the Father.

      This is a hard and strange thing to believe, for we have believed that a physical death is Truth and unchangeable. But it is part of the illusionary dream, and as we progress in faith the Spirit reveals this to us in such a way that we can receive it. Having this faith leads to its manifestation. As we awaken on this side of the grave – the physical death is no more for we reflect eternity. When this time comes through some obtaining this faith, we begin to awaken together in a centrifugal manner according to our faith and belief – as others see the “revealing of the sons of God” and know that is their likeness as well – all will awaken.

  2. This on the contrair, it is easy to believe, however it depends on where God allows us to be on this journey within. Our hearts and eyes have to be opened. As Christ searches our heart within, with His light He is looking to see where we’ve grown and where we lack. He then creates the circumstances which will further evolve us into a better image of Himself. We are His workmanship and we just need to be patient and let Him decide what is best for us to go through; which trials, tribulations and test. Then we ask Him to carry us through them keeping our faith, knowing these things are the things that will bring us to Himself. When we understand just like in the case of Job, it is God who orders the test for our revealing within, this puts a whole new understanding on the why of our difficulties.

    As more and more of the truth that is revealed to us and the meaning of the seemingly horrific symbols in Revelations are brought to light…there is no fear…for the book is a revealing of the Christ within us. Is this an end of the world thing? It can be if we which world it is the end of. It is the end of the world of the carnal mind and just as the first sentence in Revelation reveals, this book is a revealing of Christ…the entire book is about the love and graciousness of the love God and Christ has for us. Our end was planned before we were ever born and had partaken of “any” good or evil. The process is not to divide into good and bad, heaven or hell, it is to exercise us to the full extent of obeying His way and His will. We are being schooled through the process of being born subject to condemnation in vanity. Then we are released from it when school is over, some a 100, some 60, and some 30….yet all receives the “gift of salvation”.

    How could God plan anything for an evil outcome for any? We see this only if we’re still stuck in the natural Word, but when the symbols are made known we see only Christ and we as He is…All of us.

  3. I often wondered why God would allow us to think ill of Him for all the apparent evil things He subjected to mankind. Whether it was the enemy of Israel or Israel itself, many suffered great and horrific tribulations and death. It is hard to love anyone who would kill their own children, which the type of Israel was. We can’t imagine ourselves doing likewise. Yet there is a natural and a spiritual meaning behind all things and when we start to see the truth, we see the hidden meanings and the love behind all things. Everything is a teaching experience and without being exposed to evil we cannot learn how to conduct ourselves in our life without end when we are released from the confines of this carnal mind.

    It has to be a lesson that sticks with us, sometimes so brutal many cry out, “how long”. What we get is what we need in the way of what is absolutely necessary for ourselves as individuals to be developed to our highest awareness of His likeness within. When we see the meaning of the other side of the symbol it means something quiet different from what we thought. All of the symbolic figures of evil in Revelation when revealed as to their true meaning is actually what we all pray for. Do we not desire for all the carnality that can be shaken from us to be shaken and fall away? When our earth (body) is exposed to trials, test and tribulations, there is a great shaking going on. Our earth quakes as sin is removed and we gain more light. Without this removal we will remain in our carnal state so is it a good thing or a bad thing that is happening to us? And the “Revelations” of each symbol is revealing all the Christ that is within us.

    The “seven” churches in which the book is addressed to is symbolized by the “Golden candlesticks” which had the seven (complete) spirits of God making up His complete character. The overcomers (sons of God) are not only the called out

  4. they are the stars.

  5. These symbols are revealed not to those who seek knowledge or to those who desire to know the meaning of the great mysteries in and of themselves because their is no purpose in just desiring to know things. When a person sees and seeks the likeness and love of Christ, this is above the knowing of a thing. The true revealing of the scriptures come as a result of having our priorities in order. Knowledge puffs up, but love humbles one. Love is not above another, however a desire for knowledge without a purpose makes one special in their own estimation and leads one to think knowing things is the end of a thing…a purely outward thing. We must go inward to see and to desire nothing but Christ likeness. There is no boast in Christ but as the scriptures say “knowledge puffs up.” So when we share these knowledgeable things let us be reminded we take no “pride” in sharing them…unless we can see that scriptures can confirm what is already within us, as we mature within…having our priorities in order.

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