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Adam and Eve were perfect. But for a true oneness with God, they needed to express perfection beyond perfection. This perfection is an ability to eternally express more and more of the unlimited divine potential of God. For the divine consciousness of God to flow through the soul, the soul must rest like an open gate which enables an expression greater than itself to move through it. This is how a perfect being becomes continually more perfect.

This ever-increasing perfection is an eternal outpouring of the divine attributes of God. It enables our soul to express the infinite God as a waterfall can ultimately pour forth a limitless ocean. A perfect being is defined by the boundaries of its perfection and consequently limited to its perfected state. It isn’t able to expand into the unlimited divine potential of God, but can only be a creation of God. With perfection beyond perfection’s unlimited potential, the divine consciousness is able to continually create new layers of divine expression through our soul’s open door, which makes us truly one with God.

Adam and Eve entered a dream-state consciousness of darkness and separation to gain perfection beyond perfection. Through the understanding gained from suffering the absence of divine love and their separate-self, they came to renounce their perfect-self because they perceived their perfection was as nothing compared to the ever-expanding glory of God’s perfection. To reflect God’s perfection beyond their own perfection, they emptied themselves to become an eternal open conduit to the divine consciousness, thus possess a true oneness with their Creator.

Their story is our story, for we are all one. As we relinquish our perfect-self we become utterly consumed by the divine Spirit of the Creator. We are emptied of self-expression and become as an open door to the limitless ocean of divine expression that now flows through us in endless waves. Oneness is the union of our emptied self and the endless divine potential flowing through us. Oneness isn’t a static perfected state, but continual growth of divine expression, which is life. In this oneness we aren’t simply a perfect creation, but a son, child, and offspring of the living God. We are an eternal ever-expanding reflection of his likeness.

In the oneness of perfection beyond perfection, our Creator isn’t separate from his creation but the very life-force and Spirit that pulsates through it. We experience the most intimate exchange of divine love through the living union of oneness with him.

Still your soul, mind and body and attune to your innermost being where you are connected to the inflow our Creator’s divine love. Sit with him there and let divine love resonate between you and him. Then let that same holy and sacred love flow out to everyone and everything in your reality.

This living union is your power, healing, freedom and joy.


~ Tree Soul



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

48 thoughts on “Living Union

  1. Thanks be to God by redeeming us through HIS Son Jesus. Now it’s possible to be united with God.

    Thanks for sharing sis Rachel!

    • There is no greater gift or fulfillment of desire than to be united to our Creator in a oneness that Jesus Christ revealed the open door (that he also was) through his presence, words and life.

  2. Hi Rachel, – God made us in a whole spirit that is free thinking. He gave us a consciousness of Him and an imagination into self-will. — As a combat-war-veteran, one of my greatest depressions has been the realization that American people, as well as the rest of the world, have not relied on their own mind, but let other people do their reasoning for them. — This election has enlightened me to think there may be many Americans whom still think for themselves. To which, God will give more time for people to choose Him. 

    • Hi Eldon,

      I too sense a change with this election. People are desiring true change, hope for a better present and future, and seem to be realizing that if we remain in the same schools of thought that change and hope is stifled. The thought plane is the creative space of our reality. This is where true change occurs.

      As for the human mind, one of the greatest acts we can do for one and for all is to think and speak words of life toward everyone and all the time – to lift every soul into the realm of the Christ consciousness with our thoughts about them (regardless of what has occurred in the past) and letting the divine thoughts of God flow through us to them. Thoughts of honor, strength, equanimity, generosity, loving kindness, and in support of all the divine attributes of God.

      Kindness in thought, word and deed is our power. When this kindness flows not from our mortal mind but from the abundance Source of Life that resides within our true self – the Christ consciousness – there is nothing more powerful, for the power of God flows through us.

  3. i love you rachel. the floodgates of gods wisdom are poring forth in your being, for every soul that can hear the voice of god calling them back home. amen and amen

  4. You say:

    “Kindness in thought, word and deed is our power. When this kindness flows not from our mortal mind but from the abundant source of Life that resides within our true self – the Christ consciousness – there is nothing more powerful, for the power of God flows through us.” End quote

    As the first sentence reads, it really is this simple. Wisdom, knowledge, and the understanding of them still does not measure up to kindness in thought, word and deed. College degrees, seminary schools, years of studying the scriptures for the sake of knowing about things, events, and journeys of recorded history, all as good as they may be do not measure up to the moment we show in the kindness we show to others.

    It is this kindness found in the love of God that all of these afore mentioned things direct us to or should direct us to. Instead the mind of man, the carnal self, takes all of this wisdom, knowledge and understanding and directs it back toward himself, raising himself up, all the while thinking it may be heard for it’s much speaking. This is taking the things of God, pretending to speak for God, however it’s just a means of promoting oneself. People embark on years and lifetimes of ministries promoting self when in the end they stand among the five foolish virgins and God telling them in the end to depart from Him, He didn’t know them. These foolish ones left out the simple acts of kindness toward others and instead built a ministry of a self promotion of their own kingdom where they were and are the center….giving God second place.

    When a person finds the pinnacle of who and where God is, it’s just…simple acts of obedience…in kindness. No great speeches, nothing to be admired, no recognized greatness of self…for it is all summed up as you say in a simple act of kindness. It really takes little effort to be all there is to be.

    When self is gone…there is peace, it is then that this journey of oneness is complete, not in self, but in His likeness. When we acquire the love of God we have acquired no greater accomplishment.

    So to be all you can be…just be kind…to the next person you meet, then the next, then the next, requiring absolutely nothing in return. Just be kind and continue on your way.

  5. Rachel you seem to be more of a new ager than a christian to me. The Divine energy stuff you talking about seems to be aligned to new age teachings

    • Hi Elvis – As you are new to my blog .. let me share with you a little about where I am coming from. I don’t follow any pre-established thought or organized religion when seeking the truth and the Spirit of the Living God. So I wear no labels in relation to my beliefs and I’m not a part of any organized religion or institution – I follow one, the One. Many years ago – I clearly heard the call to follow the true Voice from within, the Holy Spirit, so this is my Teacher (The Christ). His words of life and he knows exactly what we need to learn and hear next. I learn from the Spirit of God from within, though he uses everything as part of that instruction. I feel it is important for him to be our Supreme Teacher, the Teacher above all. I sometimes find I’ll learn something from within and then I’ll see another state it. And sometimes I’ll read someone using similar words, but with a different meaning. Though truth is truth, we each experience a very personal and individual journey into our understanding of truth, as we are all unique. But if we are truly seeking the truth and another is also and we are at similar places of maturity, then though we may express what we learn differently, the underlining understanding is the same. I often have suggested to others as I have learned from experience to be slow to judge another and listen not to the exterior words as much as what is that person trying to express – because then you will “hear” what they are trying to say. We all express things differently according to how we best learn. We understand and connect much more if we take this approach and we perceive there is unity versus separation. I hope this answered some of your questions.

  6. Forgive me Rachel if my comments are not true. Its just that there are many teachings going out there some of which seem like Divine truth but they are not. I want to know the Lord far beyond the church system. I want to have a real personal relationship with Him.

    • Hi Elvis, I appreciate your candor. And your desire to know him far beyond the church system blesses me greatly. I wanted what you wanted years ago … and when that desire is true and sincere our perfect Father leads us through the maze of our own ill-beliefs and those outside of us and into his truth -as our perfect Shepherd, Teacher, guide, counselor – truly amazing as I look back on my own journey. As I mentioned – others will speak of Divine truth or Divine love with various meanings and levels of understanding as we are all at different levels of spiritual maturity and development and those levels are continuously changing. Know that we are all growing to different degrees and at different rates. We learn differently, though we will all be united to the same truth in the end. So, it is the Voice of Truth, the voice of the Holy Spirit, from within that we must learn to hear above all others – for he will lead us perfectly. As we learn from him, we more clearly hear and perceive what others are saying. If your desire is true, you will have a real and very personal relationship with him that is ever deepening and growing. Seek to put his instruction above all else – for he is your fountain of perfect truth and love.

      • Tank you Rachel. I also want you to clarify what you meant in one of your videos when you said Satan is a characterization not a real being. I believe the Devil is real and is a real being.

      • Hi Elvis,

        Good question …

        As you progress along your soul journey back into our Father’s home (like the prodigal son), we come to see there is your true-self who is eternal, pure, always expanding into perfection, and has always been intimately linked with the Father. This true-self is experiencing a dream-state (shadow of death) of which we are now in. In the dream, we aren’t our true reflection, we experience another form of self, the false-self. This false-self or shadow-self is a temporary personality that is sown in imperfection that we wear like a garment upon our soul to learn some essential and necessary lessons that a perfect being isn’t able to learn. Because of what we learn through this dream-sate of this false-self we are able to be not just a creation of God, but to be a son and child of God – to reflect his likeness. Through this journey, we come to not just dwell in the Light, but be an outlet of the Light (the Spirit of God; as Jesus Christ revealed).

        In this dream-sate, we all experience this false-self. We are all united and the collective whole of this false-self is called Satan. This false-self is a real part of our dream-state, but not truly real. (The “Father of lies” isn’t real, but a lie – a lie doesn’t truly exist but is a mental thought-form that we believe is true) This false-self, individually or collectively, isn’t a part of the true, real, eternal Kingdom of God, which we are a part of when we are “awake”. When you are dreaming at night, your dream feels real and the you in that dream feels real, but when you awake, you realize it was only a dream – so is this reality. When you come to understand and perceive this framework, you begin to understand much more.

        These are things you learn along your soul journey when you are truly following the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit) and not the voices of the false-selves, which are many and loud. You may not be to this understanding yet, but whether you are or not you are where you need to be to learn what you need to learn. When your heart is sincere and steadfast to learn truth and divine love from the Source, the Spirit of God, then you find your beliefs are constantly altering to reflect truth for you are always growing into truth. We grow out of darkness (lies) and into the light (truth). So when we are truly growing, our beliefs reflect that growth.

        Throughout the years as I’ve put the voice of the Spirit of Truth above all others (though he can use others to teach me) I continue to see my beliefs expand, deepen and grow .. and fill with more unity, lovingkindness, and interlocking truth. We come to desire the true Spirit of God to utterly consume us – so we are at one with him – this is how we know we are on the right path. Throughout my videos – you see that what I said was true, but the understanding was always deepening. As a very basic analogy, it is like seeing the outside of a tree and knowing its shape, to understanding its inner workings. Some people see a tree and are satisfied with the shape and don’t seek deeper, but abundant life is found as we go deeper, for the truth sets us free.

      • Thank you Rachel. May you clarify why you say Satan is a characterization. I believe Satan is real and is a spirit being and he will be judged according to Revelations 20

  7. I strongly believe that Satan exists in reality not as some of a dream. This is Biblical. thats why there are demons and the reason why Jesus cast out demons. I believe in oneness with the Father and that the Holy Ghost is our Teacher. The Bible talks of “the Prince of the power of the air, the spirit who works in the sons of disobedience” Ephesians 2 :3. This is Satan that you are saying is a dream. Its not a dream my sister but a real entity, being actively opposed to God and his children. Jesus said satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. At one time He said he (Satan) is a murderer and and has been a murderer from the beginning. He also said to the Pharisees “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. ” This clearly shows that the Devil is real. He is also referred to as a father to those not following the Lord. I believe you need to prayerfully ask the Father to enlighten you here. Remember one of the devil’s lies is to make people believe that he does not exist. Jesus once said that a woman was who was bent was bound by the devil for these 18 years. How can something that does not exist cause someone a physical deformity?

  8. Love is not a new thing or a “new age” thing…we are being “reawakened” to its depth…some less to its full understanding some to more…it depends on the degree we are willing to love as our Father loves..without a divided heart. Let our heart be single to and for all.

    Heb 1:9 “Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows.”

    The “oil” of gladness is the understanding of the scriptures in a spiritual way…far above the understanding of our fellow man. So….loving “all” is key to having this anointed oil poured deep into one’s soul. The two great commandments has little to do with greatness through knowledge but true knowledge and greatness does come by “loving” others…for true love is from God…and God gives you of Himself when He sees your priorities are as He wills and desires. A simple, easy to understand concept…so let our desires be simple…and that is to love “all.”


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  9. Rachel

    If I may add to the meaning of Satan…in seeing Satan as the one within that must be “cast out.”

    Before the coming of Christ to this earth when He walked this earth…worship was conducted in an outward way, there was an external journey from Egypt (flesh) to the promised land (love of God), there was an external temple you physically journeyed to. Upon the crucifixion of the “outward” Christ “everything became spiritual and our understanding of the world and heaven moved from the outward to the inward, from the natural to the spiritual.

    Where the created physical earth and all it embodied and entailed, is by observation with the “natural eye”, when we are allowed to move inward within ourselves and see the kingdom “within” we see all things with a spiritual eye. So as we grow and learn through pursuing the spirit of love, we are given the understanding from the spiritual law as the natural law fades away. The degree of fading and the degree we learn what true love is comes from what we place as our priorities,,,building up self or building up others.

    With all things natural being first, and observed by natural observation, we can only see with the natural eye…so we see a mountain as a physical thing, as we do a river, a rock, or any other natural physical thing. But knowing the natural was created to “help” explain the spiritual we look for a spiritual parellel in all we see in the natural world. Where a rock is just a rock we see Christ as our spiritual rock, where we see physical mountains we understand that physical “mount Zion” is as a reference to climbing to the pinnacle of the highest form of spirituality in Christ.

    When we see “Satan” as an external being which can be observed with the naked eye, we must know he as the rock is also an inward spiritual thing which sits on the throne of God within the true temple in which we are. So this Satan of self and ego must be dethroned because as there is only one mercy seat in the natural temple, there is only one in the spiritual temple, again within us. So as we see the “concept” of the inward spiritual man being explained by outward natural things we must also see Satan as a true spiritual thing as he really is. As a natural tree does not grow within us as a spiritual “tree of life” does neither does any other form of the natural…for we must “see” with the spiritual eye to see and do as God does…leaving the natural world behind.

    Desiring and perpetuating the love of God to and for “all” is a key to walking and seeing into the spiritual world. When Christ told Peter to “get behind me Satan” He was referring to the attitude and understanding Peter was displaying at the time. Peter was spiritually thinking and talking from a satanic point of view and not with His spiritual mind. Just as “Satan” was not physically the person of Peter, he “Peter” was however the personification of Satan because He was not speaking from a perspective inwardly from a love of God. This is why Christ would tell Peter and the other disciples he did not have understanding now but in time to come He would understand all things of and from the spirit.

    So those who God has allowed to see and to walk in the spirit world only sees things with a spiritual eye within their own being for all that exist and existed in the natural world, again, is only a shadow of that, that is within…a true light. A shadow is not the real thing but a dark outline of the true. The natural world is the shadow, the inward world is the true light. So we must let our light within so shine that it does away with the shadow of the natural including the understanding of Satan himself or our natural carnal self. Love is light.

    All the natural world and universe is but an explanation of all that exist within your very own being for nothing exist ” without” that doesn’t explain that which is spiritually existing within. The natural mind (Satan’s five sensual influences) is connected to the outward body, while the spiritual mind is connected to God which is absent and apart from the body. To the spiritual person, God is absolutely sovereign and gives absolutely no place nor strength to another being other than to Him.

    • Hi Sonny, Your comment helps to enlighten the truth around this subject. Thank you.

    • sonny you got it going on amen

    • TRUE SONNY. Satan is said to have gotten into Judas mind to betray Jesus. In another version it is said he gave Judas an idea. the same applies to Peter. Satan got into Peter”s mind. Paul talks of the Spirit expressly saying in the later days perilous time s shall come. People shall give heed to doctrines of demons meaning that Satan is there. The Devil will be cast into the lack of fire. You cant cast a non existing thing in fire. The demon possessed man begged Jesus not to “torment them before time”. I agree with you that we need to see things from spiritual point of view but there are truths that are just as plain as they are and need no spiritualisation. For example Jesus was born by virgin Mary, there is no any spiritualisation of that truth that is needed. Satan is there, he is a DECEIVER, ADVERSARY, MURDERER, LIAR, ACCUSER OF BRETHREN. The Bible says he is angry and he knows that his time is short Rev 12:6. A concept cant be angry but a being can be. After his 1000 year prison term falling down a bottom less pit the Bible says he will agin try to deceive people and wage a war against God. Try to look at these verses and see whether you can still regard SATAN AS A CHARACTERISATION. Brethren lets wake up and smell the coffee. One of the devil’s strategies is to make people downplay his activities.

      • you are right on the money elvis amen and amen

      • Thank you Elvis for your comment…and

        To all:

        We must graduate from the school of natural thought to that of the spirit. No one will remain natural, nether in body nor mind…so we pursue the mind of Christ. “All” reality of “things” are spiritually and are to be spiritually discerned. When we read many scriptures with the natural mind we see things naturally, when God opens our minds to the higher plane of revelation we see what seems to be a horrible thing into a blessed thing. You mentioned the “lake of fire” which in the fundamentalist mind is a place of torment and endless pain. However with the spiritual mind we see the lake of fire as it truly is and that is a place of being released from the the carnal mind of secularism, religious ritual and all things in the shadow, the dark side of th allegory. To be brief, God said He would make His ministers a “flame of fire.” Was He saying they were going to go around burning people with a natural flame, or was this a spiritual meaning saying the words that they spoke would be as fire and cleanse all those who could receive the pure unadulterated word of God, that had been cleansed through the firey process of His ministry.

        God said, “I am a consuming fire” so is He the fire that will burn the body or a part of the lake? Yes and no, depended from which perspective we see it from. His ministers are of that same consuming fire as God Himself claims to be so can we not see that the “lake of fire” is also a consuming fire that will burn out the wood, hay and stubble (vanities) of the carnal minded man. So…to be exposed to the lake of fire is to be exposed to the 144,000 ministers of God who posses the fire to cleanse the mi do of mankind…if their name was not found in the book of life. To be found in the “book” of life means no further processing is needed, you have been cleansed, but for those who lack for whatever reason, they will need further ministering and this ministering will come from those “flames” of fire whom God has appointed to speak words of truth which will consume all the dross from ones carnal, natural mind.

        We must learn to listen and not to be quick to speak until the spirit of truth comes. What I speak is the truth and it comes from the love of God, this I know. I have been where many have been and where you speak from. I do not ask nor do I expect another to agree with me as only God can open man’s mind, so I share “my” walk and my understanding and if another learns from it great and if they don’t I have absolutely no problem with it, for my love does not change toward one whether they agree or disagree with me. Not that I am fully formed in the image and likeness of our Father but I am much more than I was and by knowing here I have been, I know where I am going.

        Good dialogue comes from a healthy respect for all “opinions” and whether one has the ultimate revelations of Truth or not, it is not dependent on doctrine nor knowledge but on the intent of ones heart’s desire to see “all” completed in the same “way ” just as they wish for themselves. This thinking is a desire for a oneness in love for and in all people that will come to pass. We “see” these things once the knowledge of the natural has faded just as the shadow fades as full light comes when the “son” is directly over our head…. where there is no more shadow ( darkness) for we have come into the full light.

        I will say with Paul, not that I have obtained the fullness of Christ but I have learned not to beat the air (not knowing from where of I speak) but I look forward to that I know which awaits us all…and that is for the very substantive love of God to completely consume us all.

        Respectfully Sonny

        P.s. The reason Rachel and I see things in like manner as we do, we understand the end or the goal of where this road leads. We see that whether or not we are in oneness in doctrine, words or explanations we see the end of all things and peoples. So, the means is not as important as the end. When we see the love of God is to be manifested in due time in all people, it means little that we understand all “terminology” alike in the course of the journey, knowing the “means” is continually shifting to bring us to our end. When we see the gift of love is to be the end of us, we see little need to condemn the walk of another…whether they are right or wrong…we have learned to love just the same. “Let this mind be in us which is also in Christ Jesus”. Love has “no” boundaries.

      • Just another food for thought. You say : “You can’t cast a nonexistent thing into fire.” In the natural this can be true, but a spiritual “fire” will and consume all things spiritual. Keep in mind God sake he create “all” the natural to explain the spiritual things for we are to learn spiritual things for the natural will be done away with.

        We have many negative emotions within such as jealousies, strife, covetousness, impatience, hate, etc, etc, and none of these are material objects yet they are of the natural mind. They will cease to exist when the spiritual mind drives them out. What will drive them out? The fire of God for God is that consuming fire which will devour the adversary within.

        There is a natural fire so there must be a spiritual fire, there is a natural tree so there is a spiritual tree. Christ is a spiritual being and He is known as the “Tree of life”. A natural tree does not come into ones heart but the spiritual tree which
        Christ represents can indeed.

        When we talk of the natural and the spiritual parellel of the natural there is a spiritual counterpart to the natural…so if the negative emotions explained above is not a material thing but a spiritual thing with no matter, the the fire they are cast into is that loving spirit of God who is “the consuming fire” (spiritually speaking) that will consume all of our negative natural emotions. Our “eye” must be single to see all things spiritual. Growing from the natural to the spiritual is a journey and many are along this road at different intervals, so we with patience respect where others are walking along this road. Some in the front, and yet some are in the rear but in time we will all see the same message revealed.

        Spiritual things can be cast into the spiritual fire, some pray that our site is moved from the natural eye to that of the spiritual eye…then we can truly “see”.


      • God is the sovereign one which is spirit which made all things in the natural to help explain the spiritual. So…again for every natural thing there is a spiritual thing that the natural can only represent, but cannot be eternal. This is because the natural will cease to be when we learn from our natural experiences.

        Now a word on “downplaying” the activities of Satan. As long as people see the “devil” as out there somewhere they will never conquer him. But when we see the enemy where he is and understand who and where he is we can face him and disarm him. As long as we see things only naturally we beat the air this way and that never hitting the truth of the mayptter where it is. As heaven is within so is hell. As God is within “spiritually” speaking as He says He is, so is Satan, again spiritually speaking. So if Satan is to be cast out “spiritually” what and where is he going to be cast out to? Like you said he can’t be cast into a literal fire if he is spirit…so he is cast into the spiritual God consuming fire.

        I hope this helps all you readers reading this. We must learn to live and move and have our “spiritual being” guided by the spirit of God…for we do not live for the natural or the natural understanding of things. We live for that which will take us on into life without end as the natural and the natural way of thinking will all be consumed by that “consuming fire” in which God is. I pray that all of “self” will be burned out of me by the fire of God…spiritually speaking that is.

        Take this and meditate on it…if you still don’t “see” it, put it on the shelf and look at it again down the road. You will eventually see it if your calling warrants it…some 30, some 60, and some 100. Not all can see the high calling in Christ Jesus nor they need to…so they need not be equipped to teach the deeper things of God. We must not degrade the calling of another just because we cannot understand them…for it is love that binds, not ones doctrine and limited knowledge of the scripture. Eve intellectually reasoned about the tree of knowledge, and when her own ill placed knowledge manifested itself she fell from grace and took Adam with her, Eve representing the soul and Adam the spirit. Knowledge is only good if it leads one to the love of God through Christ, other than this is needless as children piping back and forth to one
        another thinking they will be heard for their much speaking.

        Love covers a multitude of sin…and error.

  10. : D Hi Rachel, Great job! Thanks for making me smile today

  11. Hi Sonny
    Thank you for your time that you took trying to explain the issue above. However I still believe that Satan is a spiritual being who exists and will be thrown in the lack of fire according to the scriptures. The Bible also says “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. Hell was made for the Devil and his angels according to JESUS. I never said every portion of scripture that mentions fire means that people will be burned No. The bible is clear about the existence of hell.

    • Hello Elvis,

      Satan is a spiritual being, I agree. Hell is a place of torment and people are tormented when they cannot see all things spiritual. Confusion is torment, as is indecisiveness, where anxieties and fears originate.

      Yes, I understand where your coming from as you see the scriptures as many do. Where you are is where you should be for returning to the Father is a journey from being blinded in the fall, to once again gaining our site “again” through the “regeneration” of the mind. We move from a natural, symbolic understanding of the scriptures to that of seeing with a spiritual eye. It is not all at once as we are led as God determines when we are ready for the next revealing. We all journey from darkness to light according to our order and calling.

      All who are not complete in Christ Jesus when this journey is at it’s end and their name is not found in the book of life (Christ likeness) will be subjected to the completed ministers of
      Christ to be further schooled in the spiritual ways of God. Many cannot see the very love of God because if they do, they will or may fall away. This is because man moves through fear of “punishment” and this fear keeps them from sin and sinning. Children obey out of fear oft times, not out of love. When God determines we will serve Him and love Him willingly we will be granted sight into the full spiritual meaning of all things. This is because we fear no evil because we have learned to “see” no evil….and that God is a giver of life which is the fullness of love.

      To see the meanings of things as we should in the spirit we must learn to “see” with a singleness of eye. We must learn to see the love of God in every aspect of the scriptures. There is a negative and fearful message to the fearful yet once we see the love of God in “all” things He created we see God in only a positive light with no lasting correction (punishment mistranslated) for any.

      It is through progressive obedience that we see the progressive light and love of God. Many religions say the bible is only natural and it says what it means and means what it says. The bible is written to all, it is natural to the natural mind, symbolic to the transforming mind, and spiritual to the spiritual mind. Therefore it is all of the above and whether one stands in the 30, 60, or 100 order and in what capacity God allows one to move from one to the other, is determined by God. So I nor anyone else can open the mind of another, however we can share what we see and believe to be and it is between God and the other whether they also see the higher truths. Those of higher truths do not throw “stones” at others regardless of where they are along this journey. Those who maim and destroy and kill with the sword of their mouth are mearly trying to defend a lack of understanding. Truth is engulfed in love which needs no defense yet we do try to explain it the best we can with the words given to us.

      I do believe in the existence of Heaven…and hell, I however have left the natural behind and see all things spiritual. Seeing some things natural and some things spiritual is divided sight. We are not natural people having a spiritual journey, we are a spiritual people walking through this valley of the “shadow” of death having a temporary natural experience which will cease to be one day. We will then return to the Father with the spirit we had before we made this journey, had while in this journey, and will retain in leaving this journey. Again, we “are” spirit, have always been spirit and will always be spirit.

      The natural was created to help understand the journey here on earth as was related by God to Moses. So every single thing in the bible that is natural has a spiritual meaning. Since we are spirit beings we are to understand all things spiritual. The natural mind is a carnal mind and cannot understand the spiritual side of things until God removes the veil in the temple (in which we are “spiritually speaking “) and let’s us peer into the realm of the spirit where we truly exist.

      Love is the end of all explanations and meanings in the bible, in fact if any meaning, hidden or revealed does not support the two great commandments we do not see them as it is intended. All meanings point toward this love of God and if one has an understanding of a verse that is not in unity with the love of God and in having a oneness for all, they need to reexamine of what mind they possess. We are all in transformation from darkness into light…so as we journey as others journey let us do so with the end of the other in mind with respect.


    • very good elvis and true …

    • @ Elvis:
      I agree with you in my understanding that Satan and demons are real beings because the legion of demons was literally cast into the pigs by Jesus and they begged him not to be cast into the abyss. When the swine drowned off the cliff the people were terrified from it and the man was back to his sober mind. Also Paul cast a spirit of python out of a woman with just a word to come out and it was in the book of Acts.
      But even though I don’t agree on this matter I still believe that Jesus does speak through Rachel on many things that I’ve also learned and even she confirms it with different wording on the subject. Yeah she might use words like divine energy and that, or Christ conscience, but to me that’s the mind of Christ that Paul mentions that we have, which is imparted to us in part, but the divine energy and that is actually something that is true through scripture. When it says in Philippians that it is God that works in you, the Greek actually says God is energy in you bringing his good pleasure. Also I used to think words like vibration were strange to use since scripture doesn’t really mention them straight out. But God showed me that a word is vibration and God is his word (Jesus) and the word is spirit and life, which spirit is omnipresent holding together and operating all things. So if the word is everywhere then vibration is everywhere, and the true way to “increase vibration” is to increase in the word of God, and the higher the vibration the more beautiful like Paul being caught up into the third heaven hearing mysteries not lawful to speak about.
      Just some insight into what I think as I’m also seeking God outside of organized religion. But I pray the Lord will guide us into all truth and understanding. Blessings to all.

      • I agree with you my brother Josue. I agree wit Rachel in certain areas but her teaching in other areas is not biblical.

  12. amen elvis. and always go to the source the holy ghost for the full confrrmation amen

  13. rachel do you have a facebook just wondering ❤

  14. rachel did you ever have a facebook ?

  15. i think you should have a facebook connected to stirring the deep that would be awewsome

  16. i got a real question who has ever experinced the love of god and the faith that the bible speaks of ? i have.. thats why i can say in complete honesty when ever i am speaking in that realm of understanding. and i can also discern those that havent and are just talking about it with no real experince… trust me i am not babbling at all amen

  17. What are your thoughts on salvation? And the the acknowledgement of Jesus?

    • Hi Joel,

      What a tremendous question when you begin to see the depth and beauty of truth that answers these questions. Every answer in truth is defined by divine love, as divine love defines truth .. and both salvation and the personality spirit of Jesus Christ are defined by divine love. My words can’t reflect the magnitude of these truths; they are like squiggly lines compared to the most brilliant sunrise the human eye has beheld, which grows ever more beautiful.

      To begin to know Jesus Christ is to begin to become like him. This knowing and becoming is salvation from our perspective. From divine love’s perspective, there’s no question of salvation (a sense of separation), there is only oneness. From this latter perspective, our passage through time in which we move from an illusion of separation and into the reality of oneness (salvation) is purposed to reveal the depths of divine love, and to makes us into children of God who can partake of his eternal spirit.

      Truly knowing Jesus Christ is a personal experience, when we only know of him, he is but an image in our mind. Jesus is the individualized personality that is a reflective aspect of the Creator, a personality that united a lost creation to its true Creator. The Christ is the Spirit of God that is in him. In this, Jesus Christ and the Father are one. In this oneness, he opened the door (by illuminating our soul’s understanding) between our soul and the Father and fed our soul with his spirit of truth so we can awaken into our personal oneness with the Father that has always been. The Christ is the unifying spirit that fills all; yet it is not yet made substance in us as it is in Jesus Christ. As we awaken to the truth of who we are by becoming who we truly are, we gain the substance and become partakers of the likeness of Christ, thus brothers and sisters with Jesus Christ. We are all a part of the universal Father/Creator – we always have been and always will be – it can be no other as he is divine love. Jesus Christ reflected the truth and realness of the spirit of the Father in substance which we also one day will reflect, according to our individual personality, as we awaken to the truth. Our awakening, as well as all our life, is in under the governance of his perfect sovereignty. We are his workmanship.

      The Spirit that was in Jesus, is our greatest Teacher. His counsels and instructions are like priceless gems for in them the truth that creates abundant life is found. The words he shared and shares when taught by the Spirit of God from within us leads us into all truth, thus into the kingdom of God (the Mind of the Christ), which when we possess the mind of Christ we create the Kingdom around us.

      The divine love that Jesus Christ exuded for all is the seed of love planted in our souls that in our time of knowing (knowing who we are and who we are a part of) blooms in our hearts and awakens us into eternal life. One of his greatest teachings and acts was showing that all phases and reflections of death can be overcome in this reality. This, one of this most magnificent revelations, is still not fully comprehended by humankind; thus death still exists. We still believe death in some shape or form is certain … and yet the only part that needs to “die” is the part that was never truly alive; the illusion of our separate self.

      Awhile ago I wrote an inspired series … though my understanding has deepened it speaks more extensively to your questions.

      Start at the bottom .. they are labeled 1-12 … with “Muddles Puddles”

      This post in particular is in part how I see Jesus Christ

      • Hello Rachel:

        A good word in a good season. All so true and given in the best of kindness…as in Christ. Given in oneness, given without a thought of gain..given to “all” without boundaries. His likeness shines through you as this is what we all will receive in our time. Have a blessed rest of the year…and.. life. You make it even the more…precious. Thank you

      • Thanks for your beautiful words Sonny.

  18. merry Christmas and have happy new year Rachel thanks for sharing ya heart with us, its very refreshing to hear the truth and helps center the tilting tables. I appreciate it

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