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Dawning of a New Day



Dawning of a New Day


As the soul awakens to the supra-conscious mind, it experiences divine trust followed by divine forgiveness. These attributes originate from the supra-conscious and equip the soul to operate in accordance with the supra-mind’s purposes. Together these Spirit attributes enable the layering of perfect divine potentials in the soul’s reality. As these potentials build layer by layer, the soul becomes consciously aware of the kingdom of God.

In this moment resides the perfect divine potential waiting to manifest. Its manifestation is the expression of the supra-consciousness through the soul (the Christ). Divine potentials find entrance into the soul’s reality through divine trust and they have space to manifest by divine forgiveness. Divine trust connects the soul to the supra-consciousness so divine potentials manifest in the soul’s reality, and divine forgiveness liberates the present moment so the potentials can be established and propagate.

Divine Trust

As the soul awakens, it experiences the power of divine trust. Prior to its awakening through the instructions of the Spirit of Truth, the soul learns the constructs of divine trust (trust in divine love) and gains the desire to trust, but lacks the power to truly act in this trust. As the soul awakens, it receives the power to trust, because the soul becomes aware of divine trust from the supra-consciousness. Trust is the first divine attribute the soul experiences. It’s the state of consciousness that connects the individualized soul to the supra-consciousness in a way that allows the expression of all the other attributes to manifest. Divine trust is the soul’s initial conscious experience of oneness with the Christ within.

Divine trust forms an open door to the supra-consciousness that enables this divine consciousness to expand into the soul. This trust enlarges within the soul until the soul fully trusts in the unfailing nature of divine love and no longer trusts in physical expectations (i.e., the “world”). This expansive trust enables the supra-mind to govern all the soul expressions, and therefore manifest divine potentials in the soul’s reality. The divine trust becomes an eternal gate in the soul through which the supra-mind expresses itself in creation.

Divine Forgiveness

Entering through the open door of divine trust, the next divine attribute to enter the soul in power is divine forgiveness. Like trust, the soul learns about the constructs of divine forgiveness from the Spirit of Truth and gains a desire to divinely forgive, but only upon its awakening does it experience its true power.

Divine forgiveness has the power to liberate the present moment from past negative emotions that create suffering in the soul, and fill the present with divine love which heals and renews the soul. It purifies the present moment, enabling the expression of the other divine attributes. It’s an essential attribute involved in the transformative process of “Life”, regenerating the soul from a mortal experience to an immortal one. In divine trust, the soul rests in the perfect unfoldment of this highly desirable attribute, for it is the experience of the soul breaking free from the bondage of the self-generated consciousness.

Emotions are the expressed energy of the soul. Energy’s vibrations create harmony or disharmony in reality. When the energy is tainted by negative past emotions, it creates a disharmonious reality. For example, if anger lingers in the soul’s consciousness from a past event, then it impacts the emotional atmosphere of the present. When it is a disharmonious energy, like anger, it creates disharmony is the soul’s reality. Versus, when the soul feels the harmonious vibrations of love, it creates desirable circumstances and conditions.

The self-directed consciousness, which is crafted in corruption, holds on to past negative emotions through its erroneous beliefs, perceptions, judgments and constructs, and as a result the soul experiences emotional pain and suffers for events that no longer exist. Upon the soul’s awakening, as the supra-consciousness supplants the corrupted self-directed consciousness, and through divine forgiveness the present is completely freed from negative past emotions. In the light of the supra-consciousness, the past reflects its truth – that it is unreal. Instead, the now becomes real and new, alive with divine love, the source of harmony, vitality, and joy.

Divine forgiveness exists right now for each one of us. It’s woven into the fabric of the energetic structure of creation. All that exists is the present moment’s energetic vibration. This “purity of the present moment” is a reflection of our Creator’s divine forgiveness available to us all. In truth, we are totally free, liberated, and “forgiven” with every new moment. When we receive the awareness of divine forgiveness from the supra-consciousness through the open door of trust, we are able to fully abide in this truth and we are free.

Through oneness with the supra-consciousness, the soul receives the inflow of divine attributes and expresses their outflow into creation, illuminating reality with Truth. As the soul reflects perfect divine potentials, it arises and shines in the dawning of a new Day.

The Golden Key

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.  ~ 1 Corinthians 5:17

Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.”  ~ Revelation 21:5


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  1. So very true and thoughtful. Divine trust comes to us gradually as we are awakened to divine truths. Without understand the plan of God and being blessed to “see” in a spiritual way we cannot have this trust. For those who believe in a God who takes pleasure in the endless torment of those who may have stolen just a loaf of bread and is not forgiven because they didn’t “ask” and he has forgiven and permitted into heaven those who have raped, murdered and caused the suffering of millions of people and has asked forgiveness and it is granted; these people cannot truly trust because of this worldly view of a God who in their mind is unjust.

    And He would be if these myths were true. However when we see the plan of God, and understand we are being trained “up” into the ways and character of God by these very evil things, we start to see a merciful and kind God. We see that suffering causes enlightenment just as Christ Himself learned obedience through the things in which He suffered.

    So, when we see that trust comes by the revelation of the spirit and nothing happens to a person except for the ultimate good of that individual, we then can trust without just saying the words, we trust. Trust comes by loving a God that loves every single one of us and understanding God is a God of love and “all” things He created, both good and evil serves the same purpose. We cannot truly love or trust a God that is less than one who loves all of His creation.

    • Sonny,

      Even this morning after this post, the power of divine forgiveness has grown in my awareness. My soul is overwhelmed by the significance, power and beauty of this divine attribute, that is a beautiful expression of divine love.

      As God is beyond creation and we the substance of his expression in creation, the growing awareness of these truths is in accordance to our purpose and the workings of his plan and purpose.

      When we begin to perceive the depth of divine forgiveness, which is an aspect of divine love, we see it unfolds into creation as it extends through us to others, thus as we are completely, continually, and willingly desirous to extend this attribute of divine love to the most vile, to those who have hurt us the most, and the one who has hurt us the most, ourself, then we are beginning to perceive and experience the nature and power of divine love growing within us. Divine love, thus divine forgiveness, is all consuming, covers all and leaves no one out of its expansion reach. When our hearts truly desire to give this fullness of love then we are in the preparatory stages of experiencing the power of divine forgiveness, thus the outward manifestation of the Christ within. So to your point … when we begin to see all in truth, to discern the real from the unreal, the lies and illusion from the eternal and everlasting, and to perceive the perfection and divine orchestration in all things. .. we are traversing the realm of truth, thus the true nature of God.

      • And… To add a beautiful truth to what you share; when forgiveness becomes a constant, a way, and not an incidence or event, we then walk in an attitude of permanence where the forgiveness abides before the “event ” takes place. Foregiveness becomes just part of our nature without struggle. The seven candlesticks of light were but seven parts of the same one light or spirit. So…when love becomes a constant in it’s fullness…so does forgiveness. When all the seven lights are trimmed and maintained in the tabernacle within, our seven lights become as one and there is no more division but we see in one light, and that light is the very nature and likeness of the Father.

        When the beattitudes we read in the written word becomes the spiritual Word written on the tables of our heart, they become melded into the one spirit within…it is then we become the “I am” with the “I AM”. To think that one day we can stand in the presence of Jesus Christ with a level eye and converse with Him, having no thought of being less in His eye than He Himself is, is a wonderful thought. He is the “first born” among “many” like brethren,

        Words cannot do justice to the the life that awaits us…so let us show God through Christ the love we have for them by showing it to those who are “His.” To all we meet, see, and share with.

      • What beautiful words of life Sonny.

    • excellent sonny amen ❤

  2. Wonderful way to see…where all is positive and “all” things are for our good.

    • the living love perspective of being alive in the growing awareness of the glory of being born of the spirit of almighty god amen

  3. In the words of another in which we agree: “Now let’s proceed further with Paul. In Romans 5:6 he again refers to God in relation to the ungodly. “while we were yet helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.” Then two verses later he says, “God shows his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” This was the glorious message preached also by Peter on the day of Pentecost as recorded in the second chapter of Acts. The essence of what he said was this, “when you did your worst to God (in nailing Jesus to the cross) He did his best for you!” For in the precise moment in which you sinned most grievously against God, He forgave you and made possible your salvation.” End quote

    What a wonderful affirmation of the depth of God’s love. To know that God had no plan whatsoever to do anything but to give the love of Himself to all of His creation, none forbidden, raises our awareness in euphoria to the blessings our Father “has” given to us. Only when we understand that God exudes nothing but love for us, can we “see” and participate in this grace. Grace is love beyond anything anyone can do and say in the negative. Grace abounded before sin was ever a thought in the mind of God for sin itself is but a means to His wonderful grace for it is sin which teaches that grace trumps all created vanities.

    Sin itself is a blessing when we see it’s purpose. Sin teaches us to do no harm to another when we foist it upon another or they foist it upon us, either way, we are blessed when we learn the blessing of blessing. When we come to the pinnacle where we can see as God’s sees we also love every aspect of the plan of God and we can only say with God ” It is good”.

    Grace, a most misunderstood aspect of our Father. Grace simply is the love of God where nothing is not covered by it. No matter the classification, Saint or sinner, Godly, ungodly……rich, poor……fallen, un fallen….nothing has ever separated us from the love of God, the love we had before we were subjected to sin unwillingly.

    “All” things work together to accomplish the end of us…all the means God has in store for us will bring us to that finished end…in Him…in “us” for we are that temple where God dwells…His love is with us and for us from now and without end..for all of us.

    It’s nice to know this about our Father…what does your father say to you? To know the true love of God you can’t know any different love. However what we do know or do not know, it changes nothing of His love for us….it is a marvelous thing to feel this love…to feel it and give it we must first receive it from the one true source. This is the Oneness we seek….

  4. hope all is well happy late easter and hope you know your insights are valuable and often times confirm and vindicate self evidently things that need to be reflected on soberly

    • Thanks Stephen … the words of the Spirit spoken to our soul are full of life. In their perfect construction by the Spirit to our souls, they reveal true life to us as they awaken us to life’s eternal presence within us.

  5. [audio src="" /]

    The only joy, the only complete happiness, the only power and glory that can be poured out like jewels of glorious perfection upon the heads of mankind is the understanding of their own importance, and their connection with their source, as the vine with the branch.  And then as the plant continues to grow the branch also becomes the vine, and branches grow out from it.
    It is all in our hands. We have to buy the gold tried in the fire.  Not with money, but with our eyes open to know that it is there for us, but we have to do the buying.  We have to live the life and perfect ourselves and abide the higher laws even as Jesus Christ did.  We have to stop worshipping Him from a distance, and saying we believe in Him, yet do not follow Him.
    We are literally and actually a race of Gods wallowing in deep mud while the Light is all around us, but we fail to see it.  The Light has always been there.  It is more real by far than the mud, yet we have clung to the mud, we have mixed it ourselves as we have determinedly kept our minds on the mortal concept of existence.
    The glorious. living vibrating Spirit of God fills all space, surrounds all substance, sustains all matter, penetrates all material. It is only as we become aware of it, or in tune with it that we can consciously contact it at all times. As you begin to understand this great force, or power of tender, compassionate loving warmth of living, flowing life that enfolds you, you will soon become aware that it is also within you—and thus it is true, “That in Him we live and move and have our being.” otherwise we could not abound, or exist. This enfolding Spirit of God knows all things, comprehends all things, and as we learn to draw it more and more into our beings with awareness or consciousness of it we are always in direct contact with God. We walk with Him. We abide in Him, and He abides in us.
    These are deep things I am trying to share with you—they are way beyond the ordinary thoughts of man to question or ponder. Go directly to God for your information.  That is done by learning to contact this Holy Spirit of God, and learning to listen to the knowledge of truth as it is brought forth to you.  This is the Atonement, or At-one-ment that Christ dies to give us—that we could be one with the Light, and thus ONE WITH CHRIST THE FATHER.
    Do not think for one moment that Heavenly Father has forgotten you, or has turned from you.  If you do, then you shut yourself out from His presence.  His Spirit enfolds you. it is the essence out of which all things are composed–it is the very vibration of light and life and love that brought all things into existence, and if it were not always surrounding us. and in and through us we could not possibly exist.  Learn to know of its presence and its power and become one with it — then it will be subject to you and you can use it to create with, to heal the flesh of others, to bring to pass the greater works as promised by the Lord.
    The veil that we must rend is this very veil that seals our minds on this physical or mortal plane.  It is the veil that lifts us into the Superconscious mind,  or into the great Mind of the Spirit of Almighty GOD.   that loving,   flowing,   enfolding, protective,  directing force of our Father, in which we live and move and have our being .

    • Yes, God has determined that “all” things started in and with Him and that “all” things will be consummated in Him. Between this beginning and this ending (of our mortal selves) “all” is being prepared to the ultimate conclusion of the in between. If we could really see the overall plan we wouldn’t have a worry about anyone or anything. We may pray for the temporarily suffering of another but seeing their end we see Christ developed within in each’s appointed time.

      So…we pray for God’s will to be done in His conclusion of His creation knowing that “all” will be complete in the love and likeness of God in the end…when He says “It is finished”, all trials, test and suffering will be but a faint remembrance. We will all come to that day when we will see good in all that God did was for His love for each of us…”All of us.”

    • And to say in brevity, “All things in the end will have had it’s “positive” benefit”.

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  8. The Spirit of Truth~ Love you

  9. They will find it if they seek~

  10. thru these transitions of the more on more in life, I cant help but to believe what you all are experiencing also~ whew Jesus

  11. most definitely a time of transition Travis … its been an incredible time of revelation from the Spirit that in time will be revealed.

  12. “Let us learn from your ancestresses and replicate their actions. Switch places with me tonight, just as Leah did with Rachel,”


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  15. The Name of God given Moses and the creation of Eve prophesy our redemption in Messiah! Praise God who is the God of your life? Adam slept, his side open, to give life to his bride, Eve. Beloved, we are the bride of Messiah! Death is like sleep to Messiah as He holds power to rise from it! He often spoke of death as sleep. His side was pierced. He entered death to give life to His bride! Works cannot erase sin, because of the spoken punishment of sin to be death. We need help, once we sin. Even what we may regard as something little, invokes the declared punishment. Please do not regard yourself to be sinless! Please do not make such a dreadful mistake! We need help! God has provided it! He loves people! We are birthed, through one that slept (died), our Groom! God is so awesome and loving! We are birthed into eternal life through the Groom that slept, just as foretold! There is awesome prophesy of the redemption of mankind in the prophesy of the creation of Eve! In Prophetic fulfillment Messiah died ( slept), His side pierced by a soldier, to bring forth life to His bride (us) so that we can be birthed into eternal life. It is fearsome! But, like with a baby, you have to be in Him, in order to be born from him, beloved. You cannot be born without Him beloved. You have to love Him, hold on to Him, beloved with the deep love existing between children and parents, you have to be in Him. God is using a language we understand! His Word is perfect! God is the God of your birth, beloved. In the earthly and in the spiritual. You live, by His grace. He gives life. Similarly in the spiritual, you live, you are born, because of Him! He did it through Messiah, as prophesied in the birthing of Eve through the sleeping Messiah. Is God the God of your life? His identity is in the Name He used to introduce Himself to Moses! In the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob there is Prophesy of your redemption, your life, through Messiah! Praise God! He loves you so! Ask Him to help you see and know Who Messiah is, and once you do, never let go of His Name and testimony! Persecute no- one, God loves people, but do not let go, He is your life!

  16. “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus” says a lot about “His name” or more appropriately His “nature.” We are to move in His presence of His nature, to become His nature as stared in the beatitudes of Galatians 5….

    All knowledge of the scriptures lead to a simple oneness found in the scripture if we want to use the scripture for reference. When it says all the law and prophets hang on two commandments which are two parts of the same, it is saying all recorded statements , laws and rituals of the Old Testament can only lead one to the love of God.

    So, if one has the love of God without knowing much of the law, then which is best…knowing or being? Being born? Of what? Being born of the spirit is the ultimate goal of all peoples…and God’s. This is the end result and knowledge, types, mysteries, and even wisdom itself is only a shadow and scaffolding of the true. As scaffolding is torn down after the house is built, it is because it is finished. The goal is to be found in being in the likeness of our Father…and the love we gain is the love we are which is expressed by the indwelling spirit. It can’t be taught, it can to talked about…but until we love without condition and requiring for someone to agree with us in order to receive, we are poor blind and naked of the truth…love.

    Love truly has no boundaries regardless of one’s views or perspective, for theses are but temporary conditions which will cease to be once we haves walked in our valleys, in our order, in our calling to stand before God in our place. We respect the position that God has called of another for without this respect our love is merely words wanting self to be heard.

    As in the tabernacle Moses built it consisted of two compartments, the holiest of holies and the holy place. Sin was not permitted in the holiest of holies while it was in the holy place. The spirit of God which dwelt on the Holiest of Holies was and is sinless. The tabernacle was and is a type of we the individual. We have those two compartments, one where God dwells and one where sin is permitted, the spirt and soul. The compartment within us which is of God’s spirit cannot sin where He dwells but the place of the soul or “holy place” most certainly can sin and does. Let our soul move toward the spirit as the veil was rent in two making a way for the soul to enter the presence of the Spirit of God, thus fulfilling His promise that we will become like Him.

    Yes, there is a lot to know (become) where we do not learn about the truth but become it. This all will be fulfilled. With patience we wait for our change, some 30, some 60, and some a 100. All are good callings but they are different one from another. The elect, the bride, the 144,000?

    When kindness rules, our Messiah has redeemed us, yes there is hope, however the greatest prize is understanding the love of God for all.

  17. We must hear and see and desire to know. Unless we reflect on Messiah, for it is only His words which can lead us. As Jesus teaches, so does His Word speak, of how we evade the sentence of death. All that we “become” is only by his grace, therefore we are not judged to be as he is by ourselves but only by Him. Not by our estimation. If they hear Me, said Jesus, “they will hear you”. Those who do not know the Shepherd, cannot know the Truth, which is in the Word of Messsiah alone. God has not called anyone to a position. Only a position of Grace. Which holds not merit for a betrayer. We know the sentence of death has been placed upon those without Him. This judgement is pronounced on all.
    But that God for the Messiah who has redeemed us from the sentence of Death. To Him be all glory.

  18. Yes, I agree, His likeness comes first, what we are called to do is up to Him. We do not do what we do for a reward as a “position, for what we do, we will do because we have learned to love, just as He does. The ” “doing” is a result of the nature we become…and what we are asked to do…at His command and will. We gracially accept His kindness and way…and hope the best for all people.

  19. So basically we have to make sure we are hearing Him accurately, and the only way we can have any success at that, is to make sure it is matched with the Word of God. The nature that we became may not be a reliable source for our confidence, because we always must rely on the Holy Spirit. If we do
    not have the Word of God written on our heart, and before us on the page, we can be deceived because
    Satan, will always be trying to derail what God has given. Remember, without the Word, of God, to guide us, love, may be, in the eye of the beholder, just as beauty may be in the eye of the beholder.
    There is natural human love, and then there is a love that lays down it’s life for another. In our generation, love has become a catchall phrase, that encompasses whatever the human mind, wants to glean from that, or “what we are after” personally. So our person must be centered ‘in Him’, and it takes
    the Holy Spirit to do that for us, but. we musn’t assume that we always have it right, but that’s what we
    should pray for. On the other side of the coin, sometimes we must launch out by faith and say, I have faith, and now I want to add works to that, so, I will have a reward in Heaven, for bringing people to
    the Lord. Sometimes you have to cast a net to do that, and some will come under the net, and sometimes, some fishes, may be torn a little, while the net is being brought in. But life is not always
    a very gentle place. There are some rough tides that God will prepare us for, to survive the temptations
    of Satan. But others can be placed on the ship, to help, steady the sails, and of course, there are some
    old scraggly sailors there, that can make the trip more fun. Fun is a dimension of God, which is often
    overlooked in the midst of schooling in religion, if there be, such a subject. In fact we may laugh at
    religion, once we have confidence, in the freedom of God. But it is also a dangerous environment for
    the soul. The sailing manual is still a necessity, as Newton, could well say. To be laughed at, is also a
    possibility for anyone who is a spiritual adventurer. And you may server jail time, when you get it right.

    • There is no mistake when we receive the love of God, we will know the difference for this love is as God is…and sees it…it is unconditional, knows no boundaries and sees only good in all things…for “all” things are building blocks and stepping stones to his likeness and character. Yes, we have to be careful of “words” said of self..but “the” Word which is Christ will not lead us astray. We may fail at our attempts but we are rest assured there is no limit to the number of tries we get? So if we are to “let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus” we will see as He sees and do as He does…loving all.

  20. It’s all Good.

  21. If we speak truth as we cast our net so to speak, we cast it in love with no condemnation and scores, the truth itself will offend enough just as Christ Himself was crucified for no other reason that He loved all unconditionally, even those who put him to death. The ones responsible for His death “loved” themselves and wanted to be heard and admired, and adulated…’This self love is evil. We know the difference.


  22. There’s nothing to fear then, or loathe in condemnation, if the higher one hears, his ears superior, cannot be condemned. Let his ears be the condemnation that he, so fears.

    The sight of lovers feedeth those in love. (Shakespeare)

  23. Love cast out fear. God is love. Faith and obedience leads to the dwelling spirit when matured as n us…we are absent of fear. Be anxious for nothing.

  24. Life is a progression from the natural to th spiritual… with patience we wait for our maturing.

  25. The indwelling Spirit is only given once, when one receives Messiah, as the replacement for his sin. Maturing then is a comparative term. Even the mature may stoop to wash the feat of another, though his heart have no progression at all. So to be mature, one must be able to successfully compare, and that brings judgment. And judgment brings mercy. Therefore mercy is the fulfilling of the law. But the judgment of the law is fulfilled in our sowing and reaping. How great is the mystery of God in Messiah beyond all Praise. Praise be to the Lord.

  26. It is given once…as life…first the natural then the spirititual…just as seed is planted in the symbol in scripture…the “seed” “matures until it is fully ripe. The type is the symbol which is the plant..the antitype is us where the “seed” of Christ is planted within our earth, in us, and when we are fully ripened, we are fully matured or as the translation reads…perfected.

    Yes, it takes His mercy to permit growth out of sin for we were born subject to vanity and no escaping it…we are delivered from it mercifully. God truly has a wonderful plan. All knowledge will cease but only after it has done its work….so we put more emphasis on Him and not our intellect…as Eve erred.

    Nice talking with you. It’s good.

  27. I am unsure as to the concept of mature in the sense of a seed, in any form without knowledge. Maturity is inherent to knowledge. Christ if I may say so, not to be overly semantic, is not the anti-type but He is rather the Prototype. We do not naturally grow out of sin, we are redeemed from sin and then we renew our minds, to the Revelation, of Christ. All this is by grace. But without your mind, I think, saying that would probably be a semantic trick. Knowledge will never pass away. Knowledge is not a work, but is part of the Light of God. In the Beginning was the Word (Jesus) and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Words, are knowledge.

  28. Natural words…are knowledge…the spiritual word is Christ Mimself. About the seed…I speak as in the parable of the mustard seed.

    Do seeds mature as it says in the scripture? First the seed, then the shoot and then the full “mature” ear of corn. Everything in the Bible that is depicted in the natural realm is but a parallel of the spiritual world. This was God’s exact explanation and instruction to Moses in the building of the tabernacle as the tabernacle was a type of the antitype…in which we are. Mose’s tabernacle was only a picture and type of us… the true temple….

    As far as knowledge itself the scriptures teach us that “knowledge will cease”, as it can help bring us to maturity but once substance takes the place of the natural word (knowledge) we start coming into the mind of Christ as the scriptures compel us to “let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus,” it means just that.

    The parable of the seeds in scripture is an allegory of the seed of Christ planted in our very being and as this seed grows, we as the “corn”, grow as well. All scriptures in this sense is to teach us about maturing. Grace and mercy abides as we make our mistakes as we are being matured.

    These are very fundamental concepts. It’s not hard to grasp. I have a road map ( with knowledge) of how to get to Canada but once I arrive and the trip has ended (matured) I know longer need the map…”I have arrived.”

    God’s parables and allegories are easy to be understood by those who pursue love…they are easy and open to one who seeks to live by the golden rule. Those who try to climb up by some other way “the law” are seeking to be approved by the letter of the law but those who seek the mind of Christ do not argue and debate natural words but embrace the good in another by the spiritual word…..Christ.

    We need to learn the skillful use of the letter of the law…in order to understand what it is saying in the and respect cannot be debated…it is freely given in spite of ones differing perspective.

    All is good.

  29. Oh, and your right we do not naturally grow out of sin for that is impossible, we “spiritually” grow out of sin for we grow from the natural to the spiritual….

  30. The type is the “symbol”, the antitype is what the type stands for or what is true. In the Old Testament we see it full of types and in Revelstion for example we see the type more fully explained which brings us to the knowledge of the truth…the antitype. The Bible has certain laws which it follows in revealing these truths.

    I would say the most important mindset to have in searching for truth is always to have a love for the other in guiding them into these truths. It’s in the simplicity of learning to love the other regardless of “their” knowledge and perspective of the law…prioritize.

  31. Some points that need investigating.. Understanding “is” spiritual knowledge. This is given to us in the Word. It’s read there. Not matured into.

    1) We do not spiritually ‘grow out of sin’.
    Christ “took” our sin. The anti type for this, taking of sin is ~ ” The Scapegoat” in the Old testament.” He carried our sins away. Once and for all. NO maturing needed.

    2) Works, to pleas God or come “into Perfection” through”~ “Maturing” are unacceptable.
    The Perfection of “Maturing”, is for our ability to use knowledge and participate as ” Sons ” in the kingdom.

    Seedtime in harvest has to do with “working” in the kingdom. To win or help others.
    Financial as well.
    Maturity comes through practice and study. It is given by grace DAILY. You will never be perfect, except through Christ and even that is by grace alone. You never “mature” to a Perfection Spiritually, it is GIVEN,
    in the Person of Christ, (as the Scapegoat).

    Maturity is for WORKING.

    This next scripture does not mean that knowledge, in it’s essence or complete use of knowledge is done away. This scripture is referring to knowledge that is given in a “Spiritual Gif”, as in “knowledge that would be given ‘temporarily” through “tounges, and interpretation”, or prophecy. Knowledge specialized for a work to do. That is the knowledge that will pass away. NOT knowledge, in general. We will always be learning about “His” Maturity, in Heaven, not “ours”.
    Our Maturity, is being given on a “daily basis’, by the Spirit.
    It is not a “Goal” for or to a destination, for “Perfection”.
    There is no Perfection except “IN HIM”. He is the perfect ONE.

    Here is how that scripture you mentioned reads~

    All the special gifts and powers from God will someday come to an end, but love goes on forever. Someday prophecy and speaking in unknown languages and special knowledge—these gifts will disappear.

    (Thanks for your patient kindness) (I love your thoughts) (I hope this is insightful)
    (We are all growing).

    I only hope to be Mature, “Before HIM”. Not before you or others, or even myself.
    We are only in a contest so to speak to “Please” Him.
    Maturity is a goal we bring “TO HIM”.
    It is not “Our Graduation”
    WE Graduate, when we Receive “his COMPLETED WORK”.

    Our maturity, is not a seed, it’s a BLEED.

    • And… Taking away the sin as in the scapegoat means we are not held in condemnation and it is kept against us as in judgement. Even though we as the Israelites of old still had to obey the law and make the natural sacrifices, we also in the spirit have to do the same. Our sins are as far as the east is from the west, however it is saying as we grow our sins are not held against us, but are forgiven..7×70.. Meaning without end. You have one part of the mystery but not the balance of the spirit within.

      Yes our sins were and are removed. Had the scapegoat taken away the sins “forever” there would have been no need for the repeating of the ritual in the following years. It settled the sin question for that period of time. However and again, the result is the same…continual forgiveness but the children still had to make sacrifices for their sins…on an ongoing basis. This showed that it was not a one time thing with the children although it was and is of God.

      I believe in eternal salvation for all people so I see the love of God for all people, leaving none lost. If one sees the love of God and salvation for the vilest of sinners then I would say this view has to be given from the mind of Christ…to love all… For eventually all will come to the glory in Christ. No condemnation for any one, reproof yes to the unskilled in the word but it comes with the territory. Are we to deny the Christ within and His love and way…to appease those who want to appear right?
      It’s not about who is rough and who is wrong, it’s about learning to love these in spite of themselves and their point of view and opinion.

      You seemed determined to pick apart anything someone differs with you about. Why am I now so blunt? I read you comments for a long time while you ridiculed the author of this blogs comments and I notice instead of entering into dialouge with you, she remained quiet. I believed then you were being condescending and rude but I left it alone. You say it is out of love you want to correct things….whoever it may be. This is well and good but you should use a kinder approach if you want people to enter into a mutually respectful conversation with you. Do you think I am enjoying my bluntness? Well no…and yes. I don’t like putting myself in the place of the misinformed, the accuser so to speak but when someone doesn’t let up as you…. Then maybe a little correction on your attitude is needed. So I apologize for the directness however your childishness and pointing out my error (according to you) went a little far…so do not I have the right to set the record straight when you take your liberty and freedom to disagree with another because of varying views. Do not Inhave as any to respond to my accuser?

      This is the context in which I address you…in the terms in which you set the stage, I respond. Sure it would have been nice to have a dialouge with you with respect in which you are clearly not equipped to do. So, yes I apologize for my directness but you opened the door. Have I addressed this in 100 percent correctness, I hope so but if I haven’t then I have the inner peace in knowing that all that I say is without condemnation to any. I feel like you have this superior attitude and the in part truth you have is all that matters and you do not mind dissing another in a rude manner if they disagree. It seems as though I am doing the same but knowledge proves nothing….the love of God is the end of all things….and I think I know this truth.

      So take it for what’s it worth and go look in the mirror the next time you want to correct others. First get the beam out of your own eye so you can “then” see to remove the error in another.

      Much love and peace to you.

  32. we should not strive…we should “Let this mind be like n us which is also in Christ Jesus”. Striving is veinly trying to obtain something that is a gift already. Letting is accepting what we already have avaiable to us…we just need to realize…reality.

    I can look back and see where I have been….the place God brought me from…I see where I am….and by faith we move forward. If you study the writings of Paul as well as some of the other disciples….it speaks much about maturing. Study the barley harvest (Passover), the wheat harvest (Pentecost) and on into the feast of tabernacles (grapes and fruits). In the barley harvest for example the Jewish calendar year could not even start until the barley was “mature” enough that upon inspection by the priest it was waved before the Lord. If it was not mature the calendar could not start until the following month. Imagine that, it was not by the time of the year mathematically that the year started but by the matured grain.

    This barley signified the beginning harvest of God’s kingdom, first the people of the barley “class” or harvest, then the wheat, then the feast of tabernacles. These three feast represented peoples in callings and orders (30,60,100) and all just as the grain or fruit being harvested had to be inspected to see at what level of maturity it was at…so does God monitor our progress to see where we are. This is not about salvation for this is a separate issue….this is about where we fit into the plan of God…what we are being processed to do.

    Many are called but few are chosen is about qualifying for the position of the elect. This is not about being saved by His grace, obtaining forgiveness nor is it about salvation.

    We must be able to rightly divide the word especially in knowing the difference in the plan of salvation and qualifying and overcoming the flesh to be found in the highest calling. Salvation is not the issue in the maturing of a person.

    All can be saved and live under grace and mercy for our sins were covered and done away with (scapegoat) but not all will be called to mature on into the higher callings of God.

    I see what your saying but, as many, you seem to be confused between being saved and qualifying for the elect “after” one is saved. On the day of atonement in the third feast, “all” were restored of all they lost.

    This is an allegory about the fall and the plan of redemption for all of mankind. The grain, and the fruit harvest represented people’s in callings and we as the fruits of the land cannot be harvested until ripe or “matured” neither can we.

    So, we may need to clarify what we are saying to those who have have little understanding of the scriptures and the various meanings for the various subjects and the differences in the different harvest. You can’t have a harvest until the fruit is matured so in looking at the natural to understand the spiritual, God cannot have His “sons” (.the elect) completed until, as the grain and fruit…they are matured to take on the responsibility of that in which the Father has called them to do.

    This subject of maturing is engrained from one end of the Bible to the other. The parables of the talents…and on and on…and the seeds falling in different grounds and according to where they fall and what they produce is measured in the stature of their “growth” or ” maturity”.

    I understand the part your trying to point out, however it goes much deeper than a plant simply maturing. If you will study in the Old Testament where a ” son” was under tutors and governors until the time of adoption before he could be trusted with the running of his fathers kingdom. This time of his education was to mature the son so that he could take and run the kingdom as did the father. Growing up, being educated, progressing, “maturing” was at the center of this process of being taught to run the kingdom. The son was “already” safe within the kingdom, he was in the house so to speak and he would always be his fathers son….however he had too rove had myself to his father through this maturing and schooling process. Again an entirely and different story of “already bring his fathers son which shied hmmmercyvand grace …”through” the maturing process.

    I do not strive at all about these subjects…I simply let the mind and will of my father work in me to know the difference in what He has taught me. I accept you’re place of understanding, I respect you as a child of God…and to diss another for what they don’t see belittles the accuser for there is a lot in the saying…judge not that you be not judged. Therefore I do not look to find fault in what another says for this is variance and a sinful position to take up. However a healthy dialogue with a healthy respect for the others perspective can be a good thing. It is the intent behind the words which places us in the accused or the accuser. By our fruits we are known. We can have a tongue of immature fruit or from a fruit from a tree which produces good fruit….a fruit that is picked halfway through the season is “NOT” good fruit. So when our tongue and heart has fully ripened in it’s due season we no longer speak immaturely, we speak in a mature nature which has been brought to the likeness and character of God.

    Respect and love always trumps intellect and knowledge…just as we are taught.

    Wish you well.

  33. Sorry for the typos

  34. I can see that you have been very wounded by others in your attempts to press forward into what you have determined yourself to mature into. I could only say that in an attempt to love you, it would be very difficult to get beyond the definitions that you are cherishing. I don’t think any one would attempt to diss you, whatever that means. It seems unfare to presuppose someones love based on these premises. Of course, I wouldn’t be allowed to hold a fare view about that. I don’t know who is accusing you but it certainly isn’t me. That’s the whole point I was trying to make. Let go of the idea of an accuser and presuppose a friend. There are no friends who don’t make mistakes, and I certainly couldn’t follow a law created to be one. But hopefully I would be allowed to be myself. As I would imagine, I am not following a law of maturity either. That is something you are following. Speaking honestly. And I am not requiring that of you either. These demands you are placing on yourself, so you have to accept them.
    I am an innocent speaker, at least am trying to be.

  35. Mishai…life is definitely a journey and yes we have been through many trials, test, and tribulations…and ,any yet to come…however I do not let others define my walk with God as I respect their path God has chosen for them. All callings are not the same so all do not understand all levels…as Jesus told the disciples why He talked in parables to the masses and straightforward to them. The disciples had a higher calling thus required a higher understanding. It’s not that Jesus loved the masses any less than His disciples, it was that their calling required the understanding of the elect, the hundred fold.

    I was speaking in generalities about the negatives..dissing…etc…as I do agree with your statement about the accusing, let the gospel do the accusing if there is something to accuse. Just as Christ said He came not to condem but to set peopl free from the condemnation. So…our words should be used to do the same. Often times one is well intended but the natural carnal mind speaks from the law…for the law condemns, as the spirit gives life…. we were born under the curse so from our birth we are being released, redeemed, resurrected, etc, etc., we are not to be condemned by anyone and we should not condemn anyone. This is of the carnal, egotism all, devilish mind of the fallen man.

    We should spend our time building, nurturing and loving all. Their is a righteous judgement and it is given in love as Christ taught. All judgement is for correction, re proof, and making one in right standing with God. I believe I understand this judging well…it has nothing to do with looking for a reason to be at variance for variance sake.

    An accuser is one who condemns another’s view and speaks in a consecending way from a superior point of view, not considering that the other may be more right than they themselves, however this is not even the point. When people base their journey on knowledge and doctrine whether they are superior or inferior to another, they have missed the point altogether.

    We love in spite of anothers knowledge, doctrines or sins. We rise above all sin…and we operate in the spirit and not the law. Religion is based on laws of doctrines and rules based on the law. We are not under the law, thank God, we are under grace. All sin is done away with…and basically we just have to realize the wonderous gift we have. What were given was given before we were born or ever committed a sin…so the gift of life is not based on our being right…or wrong.

    We are here to be raised up into our calling…according to His will…and not that of our own. I read people’s comments as anyone…and I as anyone else may or may not comment on another’s comments. Maturing is not a law…it is growing up and maturing up into the full stature of Jesus Christ.

    I do not speak nor write to anyone specifically…usually….it is put out there so to speak and if one should share in my perspective,..great…and if not…great…I don’t judge nor love them any less for agreeing or disagreeing with me. However when I see a need to nudge one who seems to feel what they “know” is better than another and speaks to another is a less than loving way…I don’t mind at all…mentioning this observance.

    I demand nothing of you at all…I demand of myself obedience to the Father. I would like to see all participate in the love of God in spirit instead of using the law to climb up some other way as says the scripture. It’s just that many coming out of the law feel a need to speak as under the law…not understanding the law is not written for a righteous person but one who eras….inlther words can’t think from the place of the heart and treat others with kindness and love with. I need to quotes the law…for the law points out fault just as the unrighteousness…and people who abide in righteousness need not the law.

    It’s hard to say in a few short sentences in describing the love of God has for “all” people, righteous as well as the unrifhteuos…I suppose really that no words can ever bring truth to a person for it has to be revealed by the spirit…again…outside the law.

    In making the transition from law to the spirit it is a confusing time for most for we are leaving one world and coming into another. Before Christ everything was observed outwardly, and religion was practiced outwardly, there were outward sacrifices, outward temples…etc..etc…however after Christ everything moved from the outward materialistic world into the realm of the spirit where no longer does the kingdom come by observation but by the indelling spirit dwelling in the true temple which also cannot be observed with the naked eye.

    We do not practice law…we live in the spirit where the natural eye does not see the truth for the eye under the law sees and practices judgement. The spirit sees love even in the immature for all trees (people) of what sort they are will come forth as God calls them. So we should see as God sees, having the mind of Christ also, that “As in Adam all die…so as…in Christ…all shall be made alive…yet “every” man in His own order.” I believe this so it is hard for me to not see anyone as “saved” already. It’s just being patient with others, loving all, and seeing them also being matured into all thatGod promised…to be created in His likeness.

    I give my words as the lord gives me, if I should be found lacking “I know” God will finish His work in me…as in all…this is His promise.

    I would love to go on but….this is Rachel’s blog and even though I know she doesn’t mind at all…I’ve taken up a lot of space.

    I hope that all who reads these words see them for what they are…and from where they exist.

    In Christ…


  36. The true tabernacle vs the type.

    I would like to add some food for thought to those who have an understanding of the tabernacle in the wilderness that Moses built; it had two inner compartments consisting of the holiest of holies and the holy place, and the outer court representing that which is the type, the flesh or world. The antitype is the spirit, soul and body of the true temple that was to come at the appearing of Christ in the natural both in calendar years and the year (time) of the individual. When the spirit was poured into the 120 in the upper room this marked the time when God entered the spiritual temple “not” made with hands, leaving the type that Moses built “with hands.”

    The Holiest of Holies in the natural temple is where God dwelt and needed no secular, artificial light for this was the dwelling place of the spirit or “God.” God was as mature as He would ever be behind the veil in this compartment called the holiest of holies. The place of the soul or “holy place” is the place of the soul in the antitype or in “us”. And the flesh or body is the outer court.

    Taking into consideration and understanding these principles we must see and understand the workings of the natural temple to understand how the true works and functions for the type only represents that which was to come…in the true temple…in which “we” are. So…in our most Holy place where God “now” dwells in our most Holy place is in the “head” or the place of the mind…where sin does not dwell as depicted and explained in the natural temple. So…the spirit within us in the place of God is sinless and has never sinned for there is no sin in God although He resided in the temple in the natural and now in the spiritual temple. The place of the soul or “holy place” is quiet a different story for this compartment represents our fallen part of us or the soul, on the other side of the veil. This soulish place had the candle sticks or artificial light, the table of shewbread and the laver of incense. All natural things.

    What kept the soul from seeing into the place of the spirit in the natural was the curtain or veil, the flesh. (As God instructed we are to look at the natural to understand the spiritual, so we do.) The veil or flesh, keeps us, in the true temple from seeing complete is the same flesh, the outer court or world that influences the soul, but does not and cannot influence the spirit of God. The soul, being separated in the fall of Adam where he was given a spirit and soul was blinded to the ways of God and thus being drove from the garden and God placed upon them the curse of death which is not a natural death for they didn’t actually die but were separated in mind as in the type of the tabernacle. So…again there is a place within us (soul) that was placed in the realm of being incomplete in the fall…however the place of the spirit within, God has never left nor forsaken. The spirit which is steadfast awaits the return of the soul (as in the allegory of Adam and Eve) and as as Christ and His bride the two must become one in spirit and leave the soulish realm or as it was revealed in the crucufixrion of Christ, the veil was rent from top to bottom thus making a way for the soul to be able to be engulfed by the spirit and thus there were no two compartments anymore but the two becoming now becoming “one.” (As before the fall)

    The spirit within where God dwells does not mature for God is already all He ever was and will be, however talking about the soul is quiet a different thing and we must rightly divide the word as I have laid it out here for all to understand and see there is two spirits with us, the spirit and soul, and it is the soul which must grow back into reality or the place of the spirit thus the two becoming one.

    It is the soul which must find its maturity or that place in which the seed was and is planted within our earth so to speak to become one again with the spirit. The soul must become of age, must see the light, must grow from the fall, must have the way of God reestablished within…and thus being explained on and on in the various allegories and types and anti types. They all say the same thing just from a slightly different perspective. The spirit remains steady waiting for His bride to make herself ready just as in a natural marriage.

    So when we talk about maturity we are speaking of the soul being reconciled back to God. What God did in the rending of the veil in the natural temple happens also in us for one must follow the other, so again, type and antitype, natural then spiritual. When there are multitudes of types in scripture about yearly cycles, crops, trees and vines and branches being pruned so the good can continue to grow and be revealed…in us…the “soul” is being reconciled, redeemed and resurrected to the place of the spirit where our spirit and soul within our temple, the true, can be reconciled back to God through the soul maturing from her fall.
    The spirit is mature…the soul is not…until the reconciliation takes place….where we again become one.

    A child throws a tantrum because it is immature in the ways of God but once it remains under tutors and governors during it’s appointed time, it will mature into becoming one again with God…so until the marriage takes place of the child’s immature soul to the matured spirit…within…the child will be depicted in allegories of immature wheat, fruit trees (by the fruit you will know the false from the true) and other growth shown in all aspects in the scriptures. The Bible is a book of revealing from one age to another, from one crop year to another, or personally from one heaven to another for there are three heavens or elevations of the spirit we must past through to becoming a full son in the stature of the elect. Not all will pass through but all will be saved.

    As our God and spirit remain as one within our Holiest of Holies we patiently wait for our bride, the soul to realize that she must be reconciled within our temple to her husband the spirit.

    I tend to agree with Paul for the most part in seeing why scripture is given and it is not to become an idol and be worshipped because the scripture is given to explain what already exist and “is”. Paul said he did not come with a purpose of teaching the law in rituals and doctrines. He made the statement that he was interested in getting the point across that His message ( and ours) must be for the purpose of explaining Christ and Him crucified. His message wasn’t about the natural cross, but the growing up into Christ, the old man being crucified within us, and the soul being regenerated or matured back into the spirit, thus making us one again, in the likeness and image of God. Our purpose should be no less in guiding and teaching the love of God to all. When we must use scriptures as I have done to help explain the spiritual we cannot place the focus on the knowledge and the intellect because we must be careful in placing the plan and love of God in its proper order and priority. The law and the knowledge of it can be a guide to the kingdom but only God can reveal Himself to us …while we also wait in the upper room of our house to be reconciled.

    Knowledge is wonderful but the spirit is better. To know “about” something is a very good thing but to “become” that thing is the very purpose and journey of why we are here on this earth. Whether we all understand the same thing at the same time or not is immaterial, this is all in God’s timing and in His authority. We patiently wait for our deliverance into our calling as we pray for others to also to be delivered into their calling. Some 30, some 60, and some 100. We respect and love all no matter the calling and order.

    God’s plan is one of harmony and unity for all, we will see its fruition.

    Best regards to all, may God bless and bring us to our individual order…with respect to all.


    • Just dropping in today to say how much I appreciate all of this food. So much here that I am gOing ~to be~ just savoring it for a few weeks I believe and forever. Then I’m just going to let it Marinate in my heart tuned mind, Big Love⚡️🌻❤️⚓️❤️ ❤️⚡️

      Kindly, Travis


  37. What I see in your words, is a tightly constructed box, that actually prevents communication. One can use their words in such a way, that actually attempts to tie a motive to the response of another, which by ‘your own’ definition, presupposes, another’s motive. When someone begins to respond to any of your teachings, or statements, supposedly according to your teaching and understanding, the other communicator has “an evil attempt or motive”, should they in any way try to share “Truth”.

    This box you have created around, and throughout your commentary, prevents the Holy Spirit, from being given access to Your Heart. The Holy Spirit will never isolate “one teaching” for a “sole servant alone”. The point I am making is very simple then and can be simply stated. You, are the gentleman whose “motive” is wrong. And you may not be wrong because you have an “evil heart”, of which you said you are so quickly ready to accuse other’s of, (which would be wrong) (so that’s a lie), but the reason I think you have wrong motives, is because it is a Protection Device, which protects your cherished beliefs. The Holy Spirit of God is not held in a box, to a private understanding by a superior character. If you are a superior Character, The Holy Spirit within you would welcome correction, because

    that’s the way he directs his servants. At the very least you ‘should be’ challenged on that issue, and it would prove you, if your were genuine. Otherwise, it simply proves you live out of a box, well protected by the guards of your definitions. That ain’t God’s Nature. His love is open and communicative, not Closed like the Soviet Union. He welcomes examination, and doesn’t finger people’s motives. You have no way of knowing someone’s motive, simply based on a challenge to your thoughts. That is not a reasoning person, that is a close minded and afraid mentality. God is an Open Door. Not a Closed Door.

    • If one can see in the Box then one can see outside the box, Looks like a dose of Sonny is what it is. I have not read any of the posts yet (to discern or reprove for myself for others maybe?) but no matter what the matter is, its always good here> This message was brought to you by energizer – + negative or positive. Its all good as long as someone isn’t keeping the negative deep inside all to there selves. Peace Brothers and sisters

    • Then don’t close dialouge off with another by going down this road that you don’t respect another’s view, you put too much stock in your box without considering the views of another. So I take the liberty without condemning anyone to point out you are condescending in your attitude with those who differ with you. So I don’t mind you speaking your peace. Love is more than a word.. To be explained.

      • Thanks for pointing that out. Whatever road I am going down, it certainly has nothing condescending in it. The only thing I mentioned was about the barbs, placed in your dialogue.
        For me to share any differences, I would have to understand, why that is necessary for you.
        I haven’t shared a thing, but would like to. I have not commented on your views in any way.
        To do so, you would have to share open love.
        God is an Open Door. I have closed no dialogue, but was trying to open it. One of your maturity can handle it. Even a waterfall, condescends, so that’s probably what you want to hear. It makes you feel noble, when you feel like someone is putting you, down, it justifies your barbs. So you choose to see things that way. My hands are empty but my ears are open. I’m trying to understand where your love is, if you hear condemnation all around you.
        God’s love is for you. There are no reasons for you to ever feel condescended to. I’m concerned about why you hear and see things that way? “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires”.
        Maybe you can try again.

  38. Exactly Travis. Here by the way, is the definition of Negative~

    1.consisting in or characterized by the absence rather than the presence of distinguishing features.

    So when you look in that box, you will need to distinguish what’s in there. If there is such a thing as good or bad, it wouldn’t equal positive and negative. Good includes positive and negative. Bad includes only negative. Good is able to distinguish both. To get to, both, you need Messiah. The Prince of Peace.
    “Only one is good and that is God.” ~Jesus.

  39. Thank you Travis, for we go a long way back and gave had many discussions with respect. To be in Christ is our goal. It may take some hard truths for those who look for what is wrong. I think I have made myself clear in that “all” things are going God, both good and evil but the outcome is always good.


    • Travis, you are a pure spirit. Sonny always includes everyone in his dialogues. His love especially is extended to those he feels are impure. He always gives them an extra chance to understand him. The first time they say something out of line, he’s always quick to cover for their failures, and to give them a chance to grow in expression. His Olive branch is always extended to those who are anti types to the Temple he is building.

      • Love has no boundaries whether we agree with the other in the knowledge and understanding or not….we each have been brought to where we are. Two can have the same mind of Christ but a different knowldedge has brought them to this place….for with God the ends do justify the means. We are each stones in the building and it is God who positions the stones whether it is foundational or some other part…but parts we are. We let God build the building, our temple for we are His workmanship, we are not our own. We often get in the way of trying to do something that has already been done…such as saving ourselves, doing good works, etc, etc. I agree with you, there is nothing that can be done which has been done already, the work is finished in the mind of God, we just have to realize what is already determined.

        The plan is a good one, it leaves no one behind, God does not hold our sins and faults against us but uses even the negatives and mistakes in our life to correct us and point us in the right direct. I believe there are no negatives with God but all things are positively created to bring about our end…in Him. Even “evil” has it’s good purpose in the plan of God. Without hate, love could not be known for what it is, without pain, there would not be the realization of joy. When evil has personified the loving ways of God it will cease to exist and the life it has made us to realize can be no greater. God is all love..yet He uses His created tools to teach us that which we are to understand. It is all good, in His purpose there are no negatives…for negative’s sake.
        “All” things work together for those who love……

      • She is a year in Always love that. easy all I feel like i know her but i cant place it I remember this time~ I believe i am just feeling like bouncing stuff its good to have a few anchors yes for me sometimes we are all alone with The Holy Ghost and yes the answers come in time Im just lead by what i feel inside. peow peow 😉 I can just imagine what Rachel is stirring right now. Always profound

  40. Since we’re in a discussion about personal perspectives and one’s use of words, I would like to address a couple of points. This is written to all who have an understanding and a love for the truth and not merely having knowledge “about” things and events.

    So, I would like to say a few things about judgement and what it actually is. In this brief explanation, I use a couple of lines from others I have noted and kept, edited and made into one thought. So I want to give credit to those who seek the goodness of God I correspond with to bring out the best God has to offer in directing our paths.

    God loves us all, this I am assured of, and I for one know positively that I put no one, not one as lost and undeserving of God’s love nor do I not love the same. A person’s true intention, as in the case of Paul and like teachers, who corrected others as they were called to do and set things in order, were often maligned falsely for correcting those who were leading others astray by their condemning nature. Paul continually confronted others who taught and spoke unwisely and therefore sometimes suffered the false accusation of doing the same. However, Paul knew who he was and who he followed, and why. We should seek to be found in pursuing this same mind which was also found in Christ Jesus, then our only intention will be to do His will…and yes we will suffer the same ridicule for standing for the love of God for each and every being, in being a child of God. Sometimes a simple kind word, well placed is all it takes, and then to the ones of superior thinking, a sterner warning is needed.

    However the one who is correcting another must have a true love for the saint and sinner alike for a sinner is nothing but tomorrows saint in the eyes of God. So we must also see and love as He loves to see clearly and speak with only one purpose, a genuine love for whoever we may be addressing. When one wants to differ according to knowledge they have “NOT” the love of God for the other as love is not their motivation to speak to the other. They instead speak knowledge as though knowledge possesses the spirit but knowledge is a dead letter. It takes not the written word to possess love but a relationship with the true “Word” which is in a loving and caring spirit, which is in Christ…and in His likeness and character. We should as instructed “Let His mind and ways become our mind and ways.” Again, then we only have one agenda and that is the, plan and will of our Father.

    Then all of our words spoken in either encouragement, edification, prophecy or rebuke are all done with the same one thought and that thought is that the will of God may prevail in all things and people. There can be only one motivation in the heart of one who loves God and His way, there can not be one love for the saint and a different love for the sinner or even the misunderstood. Only one love. So let us look in the mirror (and the Bible) and see the beam in our vision ( eye) in order to remove the speck in another’s vision. We know we have a clearer vision when we have only one motive in whoever we meet, greet or discuss things with…and that is our walk with God.

    Yes there is a fine line between righteous judgement and a condemning judgement with hypocrisy. We should study to know ourselves before we offer “our love” to another when we haven’t obtained the proper understanding and love to do so. Knowledge will cease just as says the scriptures, it is but a tool to get one to their destination, so those who make knowledge their hope and goal have yet to obtain the true substance in Christ. The law is word knowledge, and Christ warns that trying to climb up this some other way using the letter of the law will gain you nothing but a superior and ego thinking mind, holding your knowledge over others that you deem less “knowledgeable”, than yourself. Yet again, seek for Christ, the true word to come directly into your heart in a one on one relationship that will bring you the love, joy and peace that no one can take away. Since knowledge can and will cease once it has served its purpose to help bring one to the true Word, we should not make it (the written word) our priority but a help in understanding the types, shadows and mysteries. These also JUST “represent” the spiritual things. Put another way knowledge is an exterior thing of knowing “about” things, while the spirit is that which is of God which directly abides within our temple…within our very being, doing and living in a spiritual way.

    It should be plain to every understanding heart that divine judgment will not be given into the hands of hypocrites. A hypocrite is one who has a “condemning” heart accusing and ridiculing others while having like sins in themselves. A hypocrite is not one who speaks of judging and exposing another’s sin as in Paul’s teaching and the discipline he meted out to others. Jesus did not call anyone found in sin a hypocrite, only the publicans, sadducees and Pharisees who “condemned” others while they themselves wreaked with condemnation for others, desiring punishment and death to anyone who disagreed with them. A sinner and a hypocrite are not the same. Even one who is allowed to point out the sins of another as Paul or Peter did, and rebuke them, being void of condemnation in their own heart is what set them apart from being hypocritical. Being hypocritical is having a condemning heart that thinks that other’s sins are superior and worse than their own. We are all sinners and saying one thing and doing another is not even being hypocritical, for the element of being “better than thou”, and condemning another when the person doing the condemning is full of sin themselves is what makes a hypocrite, a hypocrite. ( The condemning is the key factor.)

    “That is the point the Lord is making!  All judgment is committed unto the SON, therefore judgment is given only to SONS.  To the hypocrites the Lord is saying, “The problem is you can’t see your brother.  The reason you can’t see your brother is because you have a beam in your eye — in your vision, in your understanding.  In how you see your brother you have a beam, a huge obstruction.” The mote is just a little speck, a grain of grit that blows into the eye.  You get onto your brother about the mote — the speck — that is in his eye, which you can’t even correctly discern because of the beam, the huge chunk of humanity, that is in your own eye.  It is of great importance that we see how it is that the MANIFEST JUDGMENTS OF GOD are revealed only through that company that has crossed over the sea of glass mingled  with fire and been  purged and purified, have gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name.  These sing the song of Moses and the Lamb, proclaiming that the time has come when all nations shall come and worship before the Lord, for within them HIS JUDGMENTS ARE MADE MANIFEST! End quote
    Addressing the overcomer:
       “If we are not judging by the nature of Jesus, if we are not judging in the same spirit He does, if we are not the personification of His goodness, forbearance, mercy, long-suffering, and redemptive power, then we are not the manifestation of HIS JUDGMENTS and are worthy of being censured and  removed from the throne of judgment.  Judgment doesn’t flow out of what you know.  Judgment doesn’t flow out of a title, position, or office.  Judgment flows out of the life and nature of the Son of God! My dear brother, my precious sister, do you desire a part in the glorious ministry by which the world shall be judged?  Then my prayerful recommendation to you is that you draw very close to the heart of Jesus, sit at His feet, tarry long in His presence, fall intensely in love with Him, learn His ways, be filled with His Spirit, be joined in  one mind, life, and nature with Him and He will create within you the heart of a redemptive sonship judge!  His judgments will be manifest IN YOU.  The wonderful result will be that all nations will come and worship before Him!  That is the mystery.” end quote
                It is the uncovering of that people in whom God has inwrought and birthed His righteous judgments to deal with the sin, ignorance, and rebellion of men, bringing deliverance, producing a mighty change unto salvation and righteousness.  He will deal with every man according to the measures needed to correct and make right what is wrong in him.  Is that not how He has dealt with us?  If you yet entertain the carnal notion that by judgment God will sentence every man according to what he deserves, then Jesus would have to apologize to those men who crucified Him, because He didn’t give them what they deserved!  Rather He prayed for them, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  Do you believe God answered that prayer?  The lovely One from whose gracious lips these redemptive words fell also said, “Father, I thank Thee that Thou hast heard me.  And I know that Thou hearest me always…”  If I were to say, “I am sincerely convinced and truly hope that I shall see every reader of these lines get exactly what they deserve,” would it not strike terror in your soul?  Let us then stand assured of this marvelous fact: BECAUSE OF CALVARYyou deserve the best God has to give and all men deserve the best of God through you!  “Who shall not fear Thee, O Lord, and glorify Thy name? for Thou only art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before Thee; for Thy judgments are made manifest.” 
    Let us pursue only one way…”the way” as it was called in the early church.

    Love to all.

  41. That’s great. You have certainly made people feel free to share here. All they have to be concerned with is an estimation of themselves, and trying to prove it. Not hard with no agreement from the Sanhedrin.

  42. Mishap, the love of God needs no proof for love can not be proved for there are no words that can describe it. We can share our experiences of how we may have been brought to the place in which we presently stand. Love just is, it has no boundaries for race, culture, financial status, religion or what a person simply believes, it just doesn’t matter. I believe God “monitors” our way through this life and supplies every need that a person needs to come to the mind of Christ. Whether we disagree on a subject or how another presents it to another…and our response…. to it must always have a genuine loving care for that person. It may not seem as such sometimes but when we can only see the word on paper and not the motive or intent of another we can easily be misunderstood or misplace where our heart is aimed.

    Rachel, Travis and a few others go back always and sometimes our words to one another in the form of knowledge can easily be misunderstood, yet we know that love trumps any knowledge, view or perspective of the other. Some have come on here and have wanted to send everyone to hell so to speak for having a different knowledge.

    I can assure you that if I wrote several pages or books and you said, Sonny, I don’t believe a word of it, and my love for you and your way was any less because of your disagreement it is I who have failed before my God and my lord. This I know so for what it’s worth let our words get in the way of the goals and love for the other.

    Love you much

    You too Travis 🙂


    • Well, that’s beautiful. So, all I ask, is, to keep your heart in a place where, someone speaking something that seems strange to you, or backwards to your thoughts, is not seen as a personal statement of contention. And I think this is important. When you say, a genuine loving ‘care’. I think, if it was me, I would change that to, a genuine loving ‘interest’. Because a loving care, can be a bit overwhelming to expect from someone who is sharing, specific, technical, emotional, spiritual, “content”. Sometimes it’s difficult to put all the pieces of the different emotions of that together, in your statements when you are trying to convey, say, a piece of writing, that in a parallel way, you are trying to “detach” your emotions from. For instance, If I were to be bold enough to say something like ~ “God wants to say ‘this’ to you”. That would be a prophetic pronouncement. So, you might not be familiar with that approach. But, I wouldn’t know that. So Love, using that word, it’s a bit difficult to stretch that type of feeling or emotion into the thread of everything you say. The love is there, but it’s the interest, that you must combine that with, or see in the content that someone is sharing.
      I cannot change your theology, but it might need changing? I don’t know. Please remember, I don’t think love, will trump knowledge, if love is suspicious. If love says, everyone is right, that couldn’t make sense. But if love says, everyone wants to be right. That makes sense. So the next step is, at least for me, why is it worth the effort? What is the dialogue about? The dialogue is about Truth. I like the statement you made about God monitors our life. But think about this. Was there ever a time in your life when you were completely satisfied, with what you knew about God, that you saw him answering all your prayers, and everyone around you was being healed, emotionally, spiritually (in their soul) and also Physically? So, there is nothing or nowhere that “your words have failed”. Because your responsibility, and mine are not to “prove him”. He will prove “Himself”, Between Us. If what I say, is error, or what you say is error, there is never any worry, it’s just are we trying, to know Him. So you were saying that he monitor’s us. But you have an expertise, and I have an expertise. Different gifts. So, when our knowledge fails, then sometimes spiritual gifts kick in. And that can sometimes be strange because it defies logic. I will not try to convince you of anything. But if I say something “shocking”. Don’t see that as a lack of love. God will sometimes tweak our understanding of “monitoring”, by someone’s blatant errors. And, please get over this fear of hell thing. No one is trying to drag you to hell, certainly not God. But the subject is in the Bible, so it will not be an uncommon subject for the spiritually cognizant. It is part of the textbook.
      Hell and love are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, and it is no doubt, not unreasonable to see that if you believe in love that you didn’t create, then you would just as easily be surprised by the subject of hell that you didn’t create. So, someone commenting on it, doesn’t make that person evil. At least their trying.

      • There is no fear of hell, for love cast out fear. Hell, as I mentioned is a state of mind. Love trumps all things. Knowledge is a created thing. Love is who God is. Knowledge is a created thong just like us. God does not need or be what he is not. If God is love and h created knowledge how can God not be above the created thing? Just some food for thought.

      • You say: And I think this is important. When you say, a genuine loving ‘care’. I think, if it was me, I would change that to, a genuine loving ‘interest’. Because a loving care, can be a bit overwhelming to expect from someone who is sharing, specific, technical, emotional, spiritual, “content”. Sometimes it’s difficult to put all the pieces of the different emotions of that together, in your statements when you are trying to convey, say, a piece of writing, that in a parallel way, you are trying to “detach” your emotions from.

        The point is as before you should respect the choice of the words of another as they do you. This is what I meant before when I noticed your variance with others in trying to change “their thought” with your opinion. If you want to use the word “interest” by all means use it..however I do choose my words carefully and if we are to let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus do we want him to “care” for us or just be interested? It’s all a matter of a person’s personal journey and where God has brought them from and where they are going…I would say in their use of words. If ten people wrote articles on the same subject I would expect the words of choice would be very varied..and would not we respect their juice…unless they were written or said in a mean spirited manner or one of superfluity? You see, Mishai, this wanting to change another’s perspective and how they should see and write was the start of this exchange. I respect your place, your view but just as now repeat the others choice of words without saying they are wrong when it is at worst their opinion and at best “their” truth.

        So again, you speak of being contentious and then you want to split hairs over another’s use of words? Exchanges in the form of debates over words, or being argumentative is a slippery slope to approach. To ask one to change their terminology to suit ones view or insecurities about what it may mean…is asking a bit much especially the way you are presenting it.

        God ask us to care for one another…he could have said interested but care is deeper than interest…yet if you choose the word interested in your sharing, by all means do…because it’s where your at in your understanding and if that is where you are, I’m good with it. No reply.

        I will neither be shocked, surprised, or angry from whatever you say, I think I’ve pretty much seen and heard it all.

        The remark on the hell thing? Your remark here again does not line up with the accusation…in how I referred to the conditional to hell. If you will read carefully I said hell is a place of the mind, just as is heaven.

        Bottom line is we should share what we have with others, using our choice of words..with respect. And leave it there. Re read your statement of which I am replying to…really, you want to send me a word choice list? Do you know another’s heart where you think you should critique their intention when your struggling in finding your own way and identity. I know you will not because I know you but because I know God’s promise to you. I think God is a little more than interested in you because He cares and loves you. I used to avoid using certain words until I understood it is best to use the words which best suits one according to the way “they” see things.

      • I think theology and “religion” is most of today’s problem in the world. I do not root my self in theology or religion for that matter..following Christ is a way, not a belief system of rules and “doings.” The beatitudes found in Galatians is not knowledge…it is a way to think behave and to live. We must all cross over from thinking the knowledge of the law is what gives us life. It is not. The law was written to an unrighteous hear so if you out your faith in knowledge you will fail just as in another person. We put our faith in Christ, in His way, and live according to the spirit and not “knowledge” of the law.

        Understanding the law is wonderful, but having the spirit of only which the knowledge can describe is much better. The bible is written on three levels, the natural, the symbol and the spiritual. Where we are along on this path is where our words originate. Knowledge is on the lowest level of understanding as the New Testament declares, “knowledge will cease” and I understand this very well for I left the realm of the law many years ago for I Realized the law was not written to truth but to the disobedient…for the spirit that comes to us directly from God does not come through knowledge or the law. When Christ returned and His spirit was poured out to the 120 in the upper room…it was afterward it was declared that there would be no more need for man to teach is for the spirit that God gives us directly is all we need..if we would just be quiet and listen.

        I understand what you are saying and the place you are in your journey, your choice of words reveal this. Yet I have no problem with this…Where you are in your journey and your struggles to understand, others should accept and respect. Been there done that. We should however not expect a vocabulary change to suit where we are in understanding. Lack of respect and rudeness, yes we should check.


  43. Mishai that is, this iPad changes the spelling so easily. Sorry.

  44. Let not our words…..get….

    • I’m still making my way back to these posts. Seems like a beautiful exchange. Your edit here Sonny. Lol. My head tilted and I sat back and went. Hmm Woe. That was deep. I was thinking to myself. If my silence is more important than my words than so be it. See no accidents. It is amazing how all of our perceptions change with a different lens or focus. Even Unfocusing has been awesome. Depth of field. I love the spirit of truth here with all of us. It kind of makes me….. Well it does make me cry. A joyful one. Let’s keep em sparking. Both of you warm my heart. Thank you. I’ll stop here before I say so erring stupid. Lol. To late. Hahaa.

      Kindly, Travis


  45. two things i want to bring into ATUNE. CHRIST and HEAVEN. To each of us, Each PERSON is a LORD. the ONE TRUE LORD is a SPIRIT that is in ALL OF US. to condemn any one person is to condemn a part of self. the CHRIST is a SOUL(in heaven) that has MANIFEST on EARTH(through US). to LOVE others is to BE that love in others. To JUDGE others is to LABEL SELF.
    HEAVEN instead of being a place you go after you die, is ON EARTH right now. Each ELEMENTs has LIFE flowing through it. Each of our HEARTS is ONE HEART(in all souls). what we CREATE IN HEAVEN(on earth), is what others play out in the WORLD(of flesh)(reflection of souls).
    When it comes to KNOWLEDGE, sometimes we become PRISONERS of our own domain. but the HIGHEST KNOWLEDGE(100percent of brain) allows an opening in HEAVEN on earth. we will ALIGN our MINDS and HEARTS to the ONE SPIRIT(in all)….

    • Yes, anti, heaven and hell is a state of mind and being, there is no geographical place, no ethereal place off in space somewhere. Heaven is your spirit just as hell is your spirits so we choose this day whom we will serve. We cannot condemn any with condemning ourselves, this is very true. When we see the love of God in all and know all fault in everyone is but a temporary evil, we see all as finished, all in the likeness of God.

      We become anointed by the anointing spirit. It’s all good, it’s a very good plan God has…and we don’t know but little of it all. It’s simply amazing to see that all means “all.” We’re all of one spirit, to be finished in His likeness…is the promise…a good one.

    • fast reply off the cuff Maybe eternity has always been and its even now~

  46. Wow!!! A beautiful tennis match Wow!!!

  47. S Quad!!!! Alright y then. I think were all ready for the next post hahahahahaha Laugh with me!!! I am Its healthy Saterday night!!! All of you Rock!!!! I got a good feeling inside Thank you Read it all Wow Could be a book !!!! Word Up

  48. Yes, I laugh as you laugh. we are all IN SPIRIT. ETERNITY is the ONGOING LIFE that flows through the LOGIC of Space. our own IDENTITY comes within that LIFE….

  49. also, To be dead is to live as Man on earth, and the be raised from the dead, is to AWAKEN into the ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE

    • Yes, the only death we will ever know is of being separated from God on this earth in this carnal mind. Death, hell, and this earthly existence are all the same thing. When the mind is apart from God and not walking with God in harmony…it truly is the death experience. We move into greater life and awareness of God when we exit this body….

      Death is the carnal mind having the works of the flesh as its existence. When the love of God takes over and pushes out death (from our mind) life becomes our reality. This life is the character and love of God. It’s nice to know about God’s love (knowledge) but it is better to become this love in substance. I think we’ve read the same book.

      Or the white between the lines.

      • Hell is actually a spiritual place, which is located in the middle of the Earth. No one is in Hell on this earth.

  50. From the time we were created…before we were born..we have existed. So if life was given at the beginning before our birth…and we continued on from our birth to now..and will continue on laying this body down…is life not without end? So, yes, we are eternal the now…and will always be…life without end. When God gave us the gift of life it was without condition, before we were born, and it wasn’t conditioned upon our failures, our sins, or what we even think of ourselves. We are not what we say we are, we are who He says we are.

    So start realizing and enjoying your eternal life now that you know you’ve been in it for quiet some time…a thousand, million, billion years? In the beginning was the beginning of this earthly existence. Just because there is a beginning of a week, it doesn’t mean there is o my one week…it’s repetitive and relative. So in the beginning of what?…a new creation man as it says.? New freedoms, responsibilities? I think so. If your going to give your children responsibilities you had better send them off to learn responsibility, so here we are…to be trained up in the way we should go according to our calling and order.

    It’s all is…

  51. Welcome to heaven. here is your pass to eternal knowledge(always growing:in I AM)(i am doesnt exist without everyone else:human heart)

  52. Travis, you still play and record? Am I thinking right? It’s been awhile. And it’s good hearing from you.

    • Yes! Last year was 😳. I am setting up shop in the new transition. I hope to be streaming soon. And I’ll tell you all. I’m thinking of three YouTube channels running parallel. Kind of like a time machine that keeps () in the now and may bring empathy. Focusing on what I can bring to serve. Following your true heart has been😳 everything has fallen away and nothing IS gonna change my world. My for lack of better word. God bless. And sweet dreams. Wild times are here Love you

      Kindly, Travis


    • Also I am happy for our health. 🙏🏼✌🏼️🌻

      Kindly, Travis


  53. A mind which is full of self….the flesh….and lives in the prison of their own mind bound by the works of the flesh…is…in hell. Yes, hell exist in the middle of the earth…in our earth. It would be a physical place if located within this physical planet called earth, but it’s not.

    The Bible is written as a natural story with natural events and natural journeys, etc, etc. however once understood with a spiritual mind instead of the natural mind, it means something different. For example Moses built the tabernacle in the wilderness according to the instructions given to him by God. God instructed him to make sure he built it exactly the way God asked him to because the tabernacle only represented what already exist in the spiritual world. I think I covered this already but I will touch on it again; the natural tabernacle represented something truer than itself and to be brief, the tabernacle (temple) that Moses built represented that temple which was to come…in us.

    When Christ appeared on the earth as Jesus, He made the statement we would no longer worship in this mountain or that mountain nor in any temple made with hands. The coming of Christ marked the time which ended the natural worship in buildings, and to cease performing all the rituals listed in the Old Testament in order to please God. Now we would from then on worship in the true temple, in which we are. He taught “know you not that you are the temple of God and we will worship in spirit and in truth.” We would no longer be required to bring natural animals to sacrifice to a natural temple. “Everything” that is listed in the Old Testament in the natural “represents” something in the spirit. This is God’s law in creation. This is fundamental to understanding the truth and to understand what the type represents in the anti-type. The symbol vs. the true meaning.

    We are the true temple now and in our temple is the furniture just as in the symbol. The table of shewbread, (give us this day our daily bread which is Christ likeness), the seven golden candlesticks of light which represented the complete light and character of God. (7 the number of completeness or maturity) the different lights are the beatitudes which make up the complete spirit of God. The laver of incense represent our prayers offered up to God as a sweet smelling savor. The veil between the holy place and holy of Holies represents our flesh or that which prevents us from seeing into the spirit world.

    We must learn to know what the natural represents so we can know how to apply that which is true to our daily living. A lot of the symbols and rituals in the Old Testament is revealed in Revelations. You find the type and pray that God reveals to you the anti- type. Many people pray for this and do not receive the understanding because a persons heart has to be in the right place with God, obeying Him, and doing His will to receive truth, which is God’s character and likeness. “God is love.” We should not get ahead of ourselves and worship the symbol (the natural) or the the law instead of what it represents in the spirit. The Bible is full of allegories, types, shadows, mysteries, and symbols. When revealed in the spirit it can change from a gruesome picture to one of joy.

    Even countries represented certain things in the Bible as Egypt represented the flesh, Canaan the promised land which represents our journey on this earth from the natural fleshly realm to the heavenly realm (the promised land). This symbolizes our walk from the natural carnal mind to the spiritual mind. Now, all this is called knowledge and as good as it is, it is not the end we are looking for, for our end is in Christ and His likeness.

    Again, “everything” in the natural must represent something in the spirit and the only way to know the truth is to start down this “road” (our walk spiritually) and journey of leaving our carnal mind (Egypt, the flesh) and walking toward the promised land. ( Canaan, promised land in the spirit.)

    All the journey from Egypt to the promised land including the battles with the surrounding nations were but representations of our spiritual journey within our temple and we must do battle with the enemy (in us) to overcome our bad natures and prejudices. Life’s a journey and we must travel it, for life is, “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou are with me….etc.)

    We should study to show ourselves approved by understanding not the type but the true. To do this God must open our minds to His way, His purpose and His “completed” plan. Then things start to make sense, then there is nothing to fear nor to worry about. We understand God is in full control and we are part of His plan. We are the reason for the natural being created. We start out in this world and we “mature” toward the promised land. We overcome all that is evil within when the “consuming fire” which God claims to be, finishes burning all the “wood, hay and stubble” (evil) out of us. So you see here God is the consuming fire which will cleanse us, His temple.

    I do not criticize others for their lack of understanding nor do I condemn, however if we speak we are required to speak the truth as best we can as God allows us to…and yes people are going to think and respond in the natural if that’s where they are in their walk. Even this is nothing to be concerned about for all must grow from where God calls them.

    However…..regardless of where we begin our journey and the knowledge we start with we should understand if we can’t respect the other regardless of where they are, there is little hope for our own growth because we have yet to get past the “condemning” attitude toward others. THIS IS THE KEY to living in accordance with God’s will. Let people grow at their own pace, using the language God gives them to use. Let one speak and the other hold their peace and then let the other speak or ask questions, everything in order.

    There is a natural life and there is a spiritual life. We must leave the one to enter the other. We will no longer be in the natural when we lay this body down…so learn the spiritual way for that is what we will leave this earth with….

    There is so much to say however, it can’t all be covered here but I hope you all get the understanding that as we move from the natural understanding to the spiritual, our words will change as our nature within will change…as we become like Him.

    Heaven and hell? Bad attitude your in hell, good attitude your in heaven..or at least on your way. Once we let this mind be in us as was “also” in Christ Jesus, we will have put down all enemies within us and we will live in peace because we have fought our battles and driven out and “killed” the enemy so to speak.

    It’s a wonderful thing to see the other side from the natural where we came from. There is knowledge and there is knowledge, one is natural to know “about” something and the other is about “becoming” instead of just knowing facts and figures. Like the word “believe”, some think is like knowledge, it is something you “believe about”, however in the old Hebrew language, words show action so to really believe you must participate in the action of possessing what you believe or it is fruitless.

    Again, is it better to believe that we “should” love the other, or actually by our developed spiritual nature actually do so? So we share, teach and explain as God equips us. When we lack proper knowledge, we should listen instead of throw stones at those who know…and even then who will believe? The very son of God only spoke the truth, “however” the natural believers of the law put Christ to death for no other reason than He was stealing “their” glory from the people. They loved the praises of people for they gave them the knowledge of the rituals, whereas Christ gave them the truth of what the law could only represented. So there is a knowledge which describes the spiritual or there is the spirit itself…it is better to walk in the spirit rather than the natural road from “Egypt “flesh) to the promised land.”

    We walk in the spirit from an accusing natural mind to speaking the truth in the spirit. The truth hurts sometime but we must allow it to come in and “burn” the hellish nature (evil nature) out of us so to speak. ( God is the one who said He was the consuming fire.) Thats what God said he was going to do to each of us in so many “spiritual” words. Proper knowledge and understanding will bring us to a peace in God because we have left the natural knowledge and walk in the spirit of which knowledge can only describe.

    So if one does not understand what another is saying, restrain yourself and ask. If you don’t get the answer your looking for, look somewhere else. I for example am not offended in the least if someone doesn’t believe what I share…for I know it is God who opens the mind of the other and not myself. We give what we have expecting nothing in return, no praise, adulation, nor admiration…for these are the things sinful people seek. Truth is God’s, we share what we have and leave it where it falls. We should not need nor desire validation for what we say. It is then between you and God to accept or reject another’s words. Each will gain according to where they are in their spiritual walk and what God allows.

    If someone says they love you great, if they say they hate you, great for it is not how one looks at you it is what God requires and looks at you. We will never have peace looking for validation from others, only God.

    Be well.

  54. I don’t believe the essence of what you are saying, because I operate and function from the New Testament perspective. What I find in the New Testament is a much more simple plan and structure, that is not a back and forth type presentation. The story is very simple. It is based on your life story from the point of your (or one’s) Salvation. In that approach, there is little need for a complex presentation, it is about “the Messiah”. In order to relate to other’s, one must simply lay down one’s own prominence and listen. It’s not about offense, or accusation, or non offense. Even a sinner can find a polite approach, but it is the Story of Salvation, not works, or mental works. The Holy Spirit gives to you. It’s not a growth from seed.

    For one who is familiar with History, you would have to acquaint your self with the Story of Paul Bunyan, relating his Visions of Hell, and also ‘the Book of Enoch’, and what the Angels of God were given to show Enoch Always Study, the men of God. I assume these were the ones you were refuting?

    • You say: For one who is familiar with History, you would have to acquaint your self with the Story of Paul Bunyan, relating his Visions of Hell, and also ‘the Book of Enoch’, and what the Angels of God were given to show Enoch Always Study, the men of God. I assume these were the ones you were refuting?

      I say in response”

      I have no idea what your talking about here and what it is your trying to say…however I do see where you make the arguement and then give the answer. You disagree or don’t understand what I say…so it doesn’t matter to you….you the ask a hypothetical question as though that is what I am referring to…then you take the “honor” of answering for to you. Mashia, I hope and pray you can see your dilemma here. It’s not me or anyone else that is blocking your vision, and I don’t mean to be critical, but you have a defensive beam stuck in your eye. Concentrate on understanding what someone is trying to share with you instead of, when you don’t understand them, you fault them as in our situation. I’m not going to debate a subject or argue at all about it…if I can’t get you to understand our problems are not from another, there within our own temple. Instead of being at variance with another because you don’t understand them, leave it be, you don’t have to decide whether it’s even true or not. This is because it is the attitude and spirit one disagrees in that reveals where their heart is.

      If you don’t understand something just say so, but don’t stay God’s word doesn’t matter just because you can’t grasp the meaning of it and diss God and the one who interprets the law for you trying to show you the good…for the good.

      The law and the New Testament teaches us exactly the same thing, love thy neighbor as they self.

  55. Not refuting anyone but refuting misunderstood knowledge. My point is no matter where one looks in the old or in the new it is saying the same thing if one can see God in it all. If one wants to use the law, they should use it wisely and interpret it correctly, if the New Testament, one should understand what and who it us addressing.

    I think way too much emphasis is placed on the written word because we should know from the spirit within by intuition what to do. I don’t believe we should have to be told not to steal, we know we shouldn’t.
    It says we should study as a defense and to explain to those under the law what it means in the spirit. The law is only a guide, again to the lawbreakers. A God filled person needs not the old or the new for they recognize the spirits guidance within.

  56. And it’s only complex in the mind of the complex or confused.

  57. If we dismiss God’s word we dismiss Him. We should not say something is not good because we do not understand it. The Bible was written for instruction to those who cannot function with a clear conscious. To say you don’t read it because you don’t understand it is the wrong approach. We should ask God to reveal to us what is the tru message in all scripture, if we are going to understand it at all.

    You cannot understand much of the new without understanding the old “because” you find the types in the old and the antitype sin the new. To study and search the Bible and understand what it’s true meaning is you can’t say it doesn’t matter because it is you who cannot comprehend it. Most of the book of revelation cannot be understood unless you look in the Old Testament for the type.

    Regardless of what one studies…or not…it is about our daily lives and how we treat others. “All the law hangs on the two commandments, to love and and your fellow man as yourself. ” so in a nut shell all scripture is to bring you to the love of God and to His likeness.” Whether it be understood or not, know that what you don’t understand, when understood just means to love others as you would have them love you. That’s my understanding.

    Just because I may not understand something does not mean it has no good meaning. So we search.

  58. I took the time to go into the knowledge of things only because you place knowledge above love which in my opinion is the opposite of how it is. I thought if Imshowd you some in depth knowledge and what it meant once revealed you would get a better picture of knowledge vs. spirit.

    People shouldn’t say something doesn’t matter just because they do not understand something. They should pray and ask God for understanding, not close their mind to His word…and tell someone who does understand you don’t agree with them because you don’t? This is not a good way to be. So what should one do to please a person like yourself?

  59. Let me try to use this situation as a means to ATUNE. when we disagree, our ETERNAL SELF uses man(other people) to show us our weaknesses and strengths. so if someone is against, it means that we today still have DOUBTS of TRUE INNER BEING. Each person will play out what we CREATE IN OUR OWN HEART(fightng against self(through others)).

    the solution is to again validate, that we LOVE EACHOTHER unconditionally as that is how CHRIST(messaih) awakens in ALL OF US.

    MESSIAH is not a man, but an ETERNAL SPIRIT(in all of us). sometimes we go to deep into the PROPER USE of each word and sylable, that we OVERLOOK the whole PURPOSE of it all. i agree with SONNY 100percent, because he acts on his open heart. i love mishai because i was once where he is, and i know sonny and everyone else was there too.

    there is nothing wrong with mishai, but as MAN, you must eventually AWAKEN into CHRIST which is always around you NOW(naturally ).

    • Hacker. I totally disagree, with your statements. Messiah is a person. Saying I disagree, means my philosophy, or beliefs are different from yours. You have no way to know what I am awakened into. So these are spiritual statements, that are not against you or Sonny. But they are true.
      I would not share any more, unless that is encouraged or requested, but we must seek God through the Word. No problem with your disagreement, it doesn’t mean you are not attuned or don’t love.
      It means you believe differently.
      Thanks for your comment. You are loved.

  60. Thanks Anti:

    It’s all about overcoming “self” , we need to look no further than within ourselves to see all the problem. I do see we mutually know this. The Bible can be complex of you get into the details but once these “complex” details are understood, the message is simple…love thy neighbor as thyself. I really do not care for all the “head” knowledge God has given me and I do not feel I need it to do all He requires…however it is not foe me but for those who are determined to remain under the law. If we can show them the knowledge off the law that they so dearly love and then reveal to them the simplicity in Christ, maybe I have not spent my time in vein. The law is not written but to the unrighteous, the righteous know what to do.

  61. you got it. LAWs is a trust within the LIFE OF ETERNAL. The laws are not laws as religon interpers. but know that they cannot even be broken, even if you try. A lot of us LIVE through the SENSES OF MAN, so they(we) even interper the BIBLE AS MAN. but IN SPIRIT, we AWAKEN TO DEEPER LAWS WITHIN OUR OWN I AM. when we AWAKEN others to this knowledge, we awaken OURSELVES more as we are CONSTANTLY GROWING. Each person is a GIFT from within. we have to find it in eachother…

  62. Absolutely, it matters not who we are now, it’s who we are to become or realize…there is Christ singular and there is Christ plural…the Son…and the sons. Good to know.

  63. Each of us is the SON, but all of us is the SONs

  64. In SPIRIT, “WORD” is global manifestations or physical events. Each event is a WORD of god. There is a LISTENING involved with the WORLD AROUND US. our HEART shows us the SOULS within our being through the WORLD of which we are part(soul world to physical world)…. the WORD in your terms refers to the KNOWLEDGE OF A BOOK. but the KNOWLEDGE is ETERNAL(higher langauge than man)….

    and yes, i love you unconditionally to, i accept your love and love all of what you say. even if you are against me. that tells me the IMPORTANCE of something eternally that i am trying to learn that i cant see yet. to me, you are important,as i hope our differences can be used for eachothers good…

    • Ok. I never said I was against you. Again words. The Book, was given by the Eternal. So you circled on that. The Book given by the Eternal goes back to The Moses, and Garden of Eden.
      Where did you jump ship? This is not the language of man, But God.
      I am speaking very simplistically, to keep from all offense.
      But follow my Words.
      Men have gone before you (Jesus) that contradict your statements.
      So that has to be seen.
      These differences are just being pointed out because the Word was give for the purpose of knowing what God (person) says, who created us.
      Not hard to get.
      I love you.

  65. Mishai is what above is talking to 🙂

  66. ETERNAL is the Holy SPIRIT. we are the LIFE within the HOLY SPIRIT. moses and garden of eden is within the LANGUAGE OF GODS(SOUL WORLD TO FLESH WORLD). Every SOUL in heaven is in every one of us on earth. we must recognize the 2 way communications within the LIFE that flows through all things(garden of eden).

    We are CREATORS, we are made in god’s image. the creating in us is the ETERNAL
    when i say MAN, i was refering to us interpering the bible. When we Interper the BIBLE through the SENSES OF MAN, we end up worshiping IDLES as the power of god(eternal) becomes forgotten(man).

    We agree, that the BIBLE is the LANGUAGE OF THE GODS(on earth). you may not know that gods are on earth now. but each of us has to OPEN THE SOUL In ourselves to allow the GODs to flow through each other. when we throw away power to an idle, we end up NEGLECTING THE WHOLE WORLD(representation of SOULs we give to).

    I LOVE YOU BACK, no take backs heheh

  67. Ok. First you said, Moses (as example) Garden of Eden, is God to flesh world.
    Then the contradiction came.
    When You said, We are creators, we are made in God’s image.
    So that second statement, includes Moses, and the Garden of Eden.

    Secondly God put His spirit on men in the Bible called Prophets all the way back to Enoch,
    possibly further. That pulled those men, into the Spirit of God.
    Enabling them to hear God, and write a message, (The Bible)

    Third, You don’t have to interpret the Bible, they did it for you, it’s in plain English now.
    God did that. That’s acknowledging His presence where you said we have to , Open Our Soul.
    Did you not Open your soul to God’s omnipotence there? He has the world in His Hand.
    That’s not an idle for sure.

    No one’s soul is, in you. Not in the prosaic sense of which you are speaking.
    There is no way you could even have evidence that that would be true.
    That would certainly be a soulish statement.

    I think what I would suggest is for you, to find out who Jesus is.
    The story of the Holy Spirit, and God’s Son, is a reference to SALVATION.

    You said, get away from idols, then you said there are God’s on Earth.
    That’s the essence of Idlos.

    So, I am only stating these isolated incidents to show you Contradictions.
    I think you can see that something you read, misled you?
    That’s why we have God’s Word as a guide to “keep that from happening”.

  68. Prophets have a FOOTHOLD in 2 PARALEL WORLDS. one of FLESH(senses of man), and the other in eternal(source of MANIFEST). If WE identify ourselves as man, we will have these quarels. but to try to understand eachother is of great value to HOLD onto christ.

    What Laws are we following. and dont just say word of god, what does that mean. where can there be middle ground in this conversation. where is the focus point. i do see that you and i are in search for truths no matter how that comes out. but eventually we must ALIGN together, and bring our truths together. where is that focus point. if i answer any question, it will only grow into more questions. i dont mind answering, but i dont want to get caught up in the proper use of each word or sylable, we fall prey to our own way of trying to be right. lets not be right, but instead be givers of LOVE, even to those who may be against us. lets use our strengths together. will always love you unconditionally.

    how can i be a service to you.

  69. The end of “all” things is God’s likeness within. This sums it all up. So if we believe this for everyone then why do we think ourselves different from another. Lack is a temporary thing and the love of God is eternal so why do we not look beyond the now into the eternal…in the other? Where a forgiving heart is not an “event” but an attitude with no beginning or end. We must give up all of self to have all of Christ. And we will, I am certain.

  70. It’s not because I know so much, it is because I believe His promises…to us all.

    • I believe that most of the time I am faster than light (joke) ( kind of. Lol). The responses here are so fast and all for reason. So many layers In all of your responses. I’m still just sipping the soup. Don’t go to late you guys, we just might have another today. Love you all. It’s so good. Blessed Sunday. It feels a little unfair of me not digging in but I just have not been able too, but I feel something wonderful here. It’s you all. I can just see Rachel’s eyes if she hasn’t been keeping touch with this thread. She probably (lol) already wrote something that was flowing and probably won’t need a single edit because God is good. Today for me was probably the most amazing journal so far. I’m gonna take a break. I have been journaling since 1997 and what happened today in a perfect symphony was my indication to breath and go sit in nature. Letting it marinate Holy Holy. Wow. Anti, nice bridge. Peace. May be we all need shorter packets. I don’t know. It’s all good. ⚡️🙏🏼⚡️

      Kindly, Travis


  71. GODs on earth are the SOULS that manifest into the EVENTS we live. god is all around you. all souls flow through the world of flesh.
    each of us have a foothold into the world of flesh, and through knowledge, the world of eternal.

    IDOLs are people who we worship as man(see as an individual). gods are souls which we BRING OUT in the world. (all gods require all of us). the one true god is IN ALL(we being creators). i cant keep it simple and explain the compexitys of what we seek.

    • Explaining is like talking in stick figures compared to the omni present consciences of the divine Holy Ghost. But you all do an amazing job because yes. He is flowing they this ~

      Kindly, Travis


      • Your right Travis, words cannot tell a person much, they have to be “there” to know. This is why we say we can share and explain the best we can but there is no way to explain the presence of God within. It is when we each in our own time are brought by God to stand in His presence, it is only then we understand the other.

        Yes, it’s hard to explain…now go to bed.

      • I am. And with a big full heart and smile. Joy rest then motion. Gotta say. Wow wow wow. It is unexplainable Spoiler alert. It’s fine. So fine. Goodnight Sonny. Much love to you and the rest of the squad👊🏽⚡️👊🏽

        Kindly, Travis


  72. To all…

    Life exudes with Joy unspeakable when you come to know for a fact, the goodness of God. To know that every single person will come to bow the knee to God submitting to His will is an awesome thought. To be able to walk in our daily life and to look at all with one thought..that they too will know and be known by not only God but by each one of us in a oneness. As we understand what it means to be all in all, the one spirit of God working in us to bring us all into that oneness of His likeness so that we will have the same love for “one” and for “all.” We will come to see as God sees, our Father sees and understands, we as He would never leave one behind to suffer in a permanent place called hell as the pagans understand. Call yourself a Christian or what you may, and think yourself above another, you have just judged yourself unworthy to love as we should. One cannot believe in a literal hell and love at the same time. To say you love one and not another is giving lip service to your own lie. We thank God to be released from this thinking. The plan of God is “all” inclusive, what a wonderful revelation for which we are very grateful to know.

  73. Does anyone know what happened to Rachel? This is her last post and it was 8 months ago.

    • She is good. There is so much writing here. , after a post like her last few, can you imagine. Actually all of her writings. Timeless. I believe she is good but comfortable has never been the line. I reached out a few months ago. I can’t speak for her but I feel it’s all good. Rachael? 🙏🏼

      Kindly, Travis


    • Hi Cydney,

      Thanks for asking … I’ve been going through a lot of transitions in my life, and I’m curious to see how the Spirit leads in regards to writing or perhaps something else.

  74. She’s well. As she noted a while ago she had moved across the U.S. and has since spent some time getting resettled ….

    • Sonny, sorry I did not get back to your comments yesterday. I had some things to get done. I know you made some good points.

      • No problem

        Sometimes it’s days before people can get around to things….so no problem. It’s been a bit busy on here lately, more than normal but..all is well.

  75. Hello everyone, for once, i have nothing to say. i am PROUD of YOU IN ME….Everyone has awakened and grown. im determined to see the LENGTH of that awakening in us all. the main reason im writing now is to thank TRAVIS for having his heart opened and listening and acting. i want to thank mishai for challenging me, and we end up SIDE BY SIDE….. i thank SONNY for being a BRIDGE for us all as he has LAYED DOWN EACH BRICK for his own growth. and mostly to thank RACHAEL for OPENING UP TO THE HIGHEST TRUST and bringing us together…… yes, we need a break from time to time, but as each of us dies, and others are born, each CHILD will have to RELEARN everything that we did. what can we leave for them…

  76. Frequency of life(BEING IN IAM:in all things)

  77. mishai, i would like for you to give me an example of what i can do different, i take your notes seriously, and love your WORD. so can you try to exlain to me, how that sonship would look for me, so i can grow further. what would i do different. please explain, and thanks for being YOU…

    • Hack, There is nothing that you can do different to receive Sonship. The heavenly Father, the actual God who created us, births us into the Kingdom of Heaven, in our spirits, not our soul, when we accept His son, Jesus. This simply means, it’s a free gift. A Christmas gift. It’s not a judgment of your ways, it’s a judgment of all our ways, We all must receive this free gift. Then we become as the Father, by the birth of the holy spirit, we are recreated (born again) in our spirit. It’s a free gift.

  78. Sonship?…..”Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” When the beatitudes (tree of life) have completely “overcome” the works of the flesh (tree of knowledge of good and evil) you will have been found in the likeness of the Father…which is “Sonship.” When one becomes and overcomes as a “son” as the first born, you will join, the elect, the 144,000, the overcomers, etc.

    This is the high calling in Christ Jesus and it is the highest calling of the three callings and orders, 30,60 and 100 fold. Knowledge of a subj Ct or a calling does not qualify one for this order, obedience to the will of God and of course, His purpose for each of us. It is not to him who wills or runs but to him who God shows mercy. This is a good calling to pursue however it will not be attained any other way other than desiring to be engulfed in the love of God. This cannot be a saying but a becoming. It can be called the “I Am”, among others but simply put, it comes to those who are called and chosen, those who desire to obey and to be brought to the love of God by letting all knowledge and things consummate in the two great commandments; to love God and your fellow man ( every single fellow man) where your love is not bound by anything, race, religion, or knowledge.

    If God and Christ does not judge to condemn any sin of any other, then if we are to be brought to His likeness…then neither can we have “any” prejudices at all, but we look to see the end of that child of God just as God does… complete in all the likeness of the Father.

    Sonship is being a son in every way that He is, for He is the example, the prototype, the complete picture of those who will come after. It’s not something that we can claim because we know about it, it is something we become because we have learned to love as “He” loves. Again it’s not about knowing it’s about coming to be as He is.

    To qualify one must have no other desire than to desire for others all that one would desire for themselves, in fact this kind of love, one would give up this high calling If they could give it to another…for there is no greater love than to “give up your life” for a friend. It’s not about a position, it’s about wanting evenness, sameness, no superiority over another’s, certainly no pride of being….

    It’s simply one love in all, no mountains or valleys, it’s about as I’ve heard “one” say many time…”be the harmony you seek. We shouldn’t feel down nor up but as one…and we will…I am assured. This is because I see no great thing in oneself that would justify such a wonderful calling, however we do see it is a wonderful promise…to those who overcome, not another, but oneself, we need to look no further than within to see all that is required and all that is supplied.

    Sonship is about loving others just like the Father does, without favor. Where are the words to describe the vision……?

  79. Yes Anti, it is good to hear what each thinks of a particular subject. It seems that no matter the calling, the requirements are the same…and that is to put down all that rises up against Christ within His temple and the “money changers” must be driven out. We know we are the temple and we know we must not accept in our temple…money, things, praise, adulation or anything else the five foolish virgins accepted in the place of the anointing….Christ.

    Although if we may be able to tell and explain all the knowledge pertaining to sonship like the five wise and foolish…we must know and realize the difference in qualifying. One group spoke words and performed gifts, the other five spoke the same words and performed the same gifts, so what was the difference in them? One did it to be recognized in the flesh and build their own kingdom, the other pointed all to God and used all the gifts to perpetuate and further the kingdom of God. Our motivation must always be about the other. No matter the calling or the order we must come to be found in His likeness.

    A good subject.

  80. Sonny I think you may be missing something on judgment of sin. The Holy Spirit does come to do this work today.
    John 16:8
    “And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:”
    The Lord is not asking us to turn away from judgment as an innocent by stander. The Holy Spirit will come to many to help awaken others to sin.

  81. I think we may be in agreemnt, for there is righteous judgment and judgement which comes from the flesh or a “condemning” attitude. God’s judgement as noted in your statement is one of “re proof.” What this means is that what once was or “proved” as in being in existent at one time will be “re-instated”.

    Reproving means to prove what once was. God’s judgement misses the ingredient of “condemnation” because His judgements are administered to turn us away from the judgement of the wold to one of grace and mercy. God’s judgement involves this grace and mercy where the judgement of the world involves condemnation. Many, if not most people cannot separate righteous judgement from a condemning judgement. Look at the religions of the world, most are steeped in condemning others who are not like themselves. This is the human or carnal mind doing the reasoning as did Eve (our immature soul).

    However to dispense of holy judgment one must be matured up into the ways and mind of Christ. This judgment is not given into the hands of the unwise or to those who have a condemning spirit or of those who look for the negatives and faults in another . We deal with righteous judgment without condemnation. Righteous judgement is fully engulfed in the love and “corrections” of God.

    Hope this helps.

    • I agree. All. But the point, or meaning, for righteous judgment, is to awaken, those who do not know God, to the awareness that He exists. Without that, many would not know him. Also, judgment comes to bring justice to those who have been mistreated. We should not condemn, the condemnation, of evil.
      But we should not be too quick to assign details of these observations to someone as to being religious, who is walking in the Light. There are different forms of religious thought patterns and we are all guilty of them. However, as you said, if one is mature (or supposedly mature), we must not judge one another according to religious formulas that say, ‘you are of the flesh’ and ‘I am not’. The term for flesh which is used in the Bible, is not referring to our state of ‘living in a human body’, it is used in reference to the “Works of the Flesh”. Which is sin. You are not condemned as a sinner, for trying to express a spiritual reality about sin, which is stated from a position righteousness. Elsewise, God would have no workers in the Earth.
      Again. Being in a flesh and blood body, is not being “in the flesh”. Being “in the flesh” means spiritually to be living in Sin, or walking in the darkness of sin. The only separation from that is being in Messiah, who split the veil in the Temple, and walking in the Light, which is the Word.

      • Yes, the flesh is our vanity, our nature to sin. The natural flesh when under subjection to the spiritual, neither sins. It is whether our soul or our spirit is influencing the flesh. When our soul becomes one with the flesh, the flesh is one with the spirit. So, yes there is a difference.

        Two things I would like to clear up, the “word” religion and how I use it. Religion is what man has made “spirituality” into. Religion is full of do’s and don’ts, ritual and doctrines. Religion in my definition is labeling…I’m this or I’m that, setting oneself apart and above others. The New Testament speaks against factions, parties, and divisions and if one will do a little research on these words, this is where religion has its base. These are people who separate themselves thinking they do God a service when in actuality they commit a grave error in thinking their “label” or denomination is superior.

        The act of signing a church doctrine in itself is a division, factious deed, a party spirit where one party pits itself against another similar to being in a political party. It’s not about being right or wrong but securing a sense of belonging. We must remain true to God and His way and forsake the systems of man, his religious systems. Not the people in them but the prison in which they are in. When in Revelations, it says to come out of her my people and be not partakers of of “her” sins and plagues, it is addressing that God’s people should come out of the bondage of “her.” Her is the church, whether it is the true or the false. We are speaking here in terms of the false church.

        One church is about building a fleshy kingdom with admiration for the flesh and a numbers game…and the other does not look at what religion a person is in at all, for these people understanding the true church does not come by an outward observation. Church buildings, their rituals, and their forms can be observed…however when one realizes where the true temple is and where God truly dwells, and worshipping in this temple cannot come by natural observation with the human eye, for all that is real and happening in the true temple is only seen by those with a spiritual eye.

        So walking in the light is relative to which church we are addressing, the one seen or the one unseen.

        We are in agreement when we clarify what constitutes the church.

        Nice exchange

  82. I rewrote this as I need to check and edit what this iPad changes…sorry all. Rachel you can omit the first one if you like. Thanks

  83. Anyone who would like a longer explanation of what judgement is, I will be glad to send a more in depth study of it…and along with it what and what is not a hypocrite. These two words are used indescrimately and do a lot of harm to others when used incorrectly when they are directly approached by others using these terms.
For example a hypocrite is not saying one thing and doing another, for this is a sinner. “Condemnation” must be part of the accusation to be a hypocrite. Christ never condemned the sinners, only the Pharisees and priest in the synagogues for they not only sinned they condemned others while they themselves committed the same sins. 
Remember the story of the publican and sinner in the temple?
One thanked God while condemning the other man in the temple, while the “sinner” simple asked God to forgive himself, a sinner, with no mention and condemnation about another. We really must concentrate on looking in the mirror and getting the beam out…with the with love, mercy and compassion for the other. Then others may listen to sound “judgement”.

    • It sounds like you are saying there is a difference between Condemnation and Illumination. So then, once you are illuminated, you are in a precarious position, because your Light will expose the works of darkness. So then, a light is not illuminated and then put under a bed stand, but to be put on a table so that all who entering in may see the light. Take up your cross and follow me (Christ). So you are not being put on a cross, for your kindness. But because your light is exposing the works of darkness. Darkness cannot discern, the difference, between good and evil. So, religion, is simply a cloak, for darkness.

      • You see. So many. Not son many. But I’ll roll widit. Lol. ✌🏼️

        Kindly, Travis


      • “Religion is a cloak for darkness” in my definition of “religion”.

        Mans relationship with God by tradition is full of law, do’s and dont’s, rituals, (mans ideas and concepts about who God is) , this is religion, living just in the moment with the right attitude towards others is without all of the above. “Spirituality” is an existence and relationship with the spirit. It’s a different place all together and I doubt it can be conveyed because you have to walk in the presence of the spirit to understand. It is a presence, it’s not knowledge, it’s not about knowing, it’s about being the love of God and to be found in it, it has to be given directly from the Father. It is something that has no definition, it is an eternal presence.
        When one loves “all” regardless of who it is…you are getting close to understanding the difference in religious show and tradition and being in God’s “ rest”.. Where works define little. Love is a gift.

      • Problem is, no one knows what you mean by love.

  84. hello everyone, how is everyones day…. maybe a chat room to talk together would be of service so we can talk directly 🙂 just a passing idea

  85. without any judgements of words, i would like to add my thoughts to the POOL, as i learn from our differences.

    i like what a read earlier about god’s judgement being of HONOR rather that religions DOOM AND GLOOM(do or else)…
    What i know of judgements through eternal, is that MAN cannot be judged, because they are of FLESH. they know not what they do.

    As an Eternal BEING(which all of us have in us), we are the ones that are judging in which god plays out in flesh. So far, what i write can be confusing.

    When a PERSON DIES IN HONOR, each PROPHET gains a GIFT on earth. and when a PERSON DIES in destruction, each PROPHET gaines a weakness. The world of FLESH plays out the MANIFESTATION of the JUDGEMENTs in which each PROPHET creates in his heart(manifesting onto the world of flesh)..

    Again, if you are to judge others for wrong doings, then we place judgements onto ourselves. the JUDGEMENTS isnt a Personal thing, but a GLOBAL thing. our inner HEARTS(in eternal) in real time are manifested through all of the flesh world. When we judge individually(right or wrong), you may see Wars play out as each EVENT(why compasion is important) shows our own hearts(one heart).

    to be compassion isnt just about being compassionate, its a way of living. this is a BALLANCE in which the UNIVERSE(eternal life) plays out ALL of whom we are. we cant escape our own HEARTS(one heart in all).

    • So, then, ask yourself. What happened to the unrighteous judgment that fell upon Christ Jesus on the Cross? He took upon Himself all the judgments, that were in play in your statements, and He has removed them, from His Bride, for those who are believing in Him, because He is ‘One’ with His Bride. To those who are still married to the world, they are still under condemnation of original sin. Christ said, I came not to condemn the world, for they are already, condemned. John 3:16 For God so loved the World that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have Everlasting Life.

    • If I may add a thought about judgment …

      I believe there is only one true judgment (true meaning of the Spirit) – love.

      Every expression we or someone else portrays is either one of love or a lack of love. So the response we return back to any and all actions when we are perceiving rightly is love.

      When the love of God is unknown to us, we can’t see how this love is the answer because our concept of love is in error. But as we come to know the love of God and how it has healed our own brokenness we learn it is the response to all. This is why all the commandments are summed up in love. Divine love encompasses all the qualities of the Spirit of God that when expressed hold the Spirit’s power. It’s a all important pursuit to come to know this love, for it is very different from our false ego self’s love.

      The response of the Spirit of God who is love and is creating us into ones who give his love through an awareness of our inherent oneness with him, is love. This is what the Spirit does with us and what we are to do to others. And what we do to others, we do to ourselves because in truth we are all united.

      What restores our broken expressions of lack of love is to receive love, not to receive contrary actions that expresses a lack of love. This only creates more of the same.

      • ❤️⚓️⚡️

        Kindly, Travis


      • I couldn’t agree with you more for we have had this discussion before. The love of God “is” the end of all things, and if His purpose is to bring us to His likeness or to His “love” (loving nature) then all His purpose in “judging” is summed up into this one purpose where there is no other purpose in judgement. All righteous judgment n,y has the purpose of bringing everyone to the love of God, in his likeness. It’s this simple.

        If there is only one goal and one purpose for the completion of all people there can only be one purpose for judging, and that is bringing all people to the love of God. This is a wonderful revelation to the purposes of God.

      • Rachel, when you receive contrary actions (so called), then will you turn away? To protect your idea of reality? Or will you face reality, and see what is. If you face reality, what is real, then your broken expressions of lack of love, may be revealed to be a misconception. Sometimes love must blossom. I am afraid you are cutting off some of the blooms while you are cutting branches. And that, will prevent the creating of more blossoms. How are you judging the love of others? And how will they understand your reality? If you turn away,
        that will create more of the same. And so ‘turning love’ may ‘turn into’, or it may ‘turn away from’. When you turn away, it’s not creating a utopia. It’s not filling in the gaps, or creating healing. It creates an illusion. I hope. that what I am saying is not a judgment. But it is an effort at a true perspective of a place, for love to bloom. They say that time heals all wounds, So maybe that would, play a part, in your play. Maybe that would be one of the characters, that you never script in.

      • I agree .. we so often mis-interpret and have misconceptions. Divine love doesn’t turn away, it is constant, steadfast, and patient as it sees the truth of someone. I’ve seen this patience in how the Spirit has been with me. And it is when I get quiet that I’m able to perceive this love that has always been there.

        It’s a beautiful love that flows from the oneness we have with the Spirit of God for it is his love moving through us. This oneness is what we are slowly awakening to – each in our own way and timing, and love is what we are when we are truly aware of who we are and who we are a part of and we no longer perceive separation from our Creator. It’s not about judging another’s love … but to desire to love and to treat others as we want to be treated – first starting with our thoughts. To know how to divinely love is the work of the Spirit in us for it carries perfect wisdom and truth. I think our part is learning to be willing and desirous vessels of this love.

  86. Where I wrote on the 27th at 8:44 : When our soul becomes one with the flesh, the flesh is one with the spirit. So, yes there is a difference.

    It should have said,” when our soul becomes one with the spirit”….

    • Sonny you have the divine truth. With son characteristics being said and on this medium, it is amazing how good all of this goes. The amount of content you provide with the wisdom you have, any less would be another universe of a story. So many lenses with so many imaginations. Co creating with our Father. Amazing.

      Kindly, Travis


      • I must say that God does fulfill His promises to us and we must not deny Christ,, meaning when God gives us the Revelations to share with others, if you truly love them, you will not deny these truths ( deny Christ) to be able to be accepted by these same people just to fit in. So let us love the other by not denying Christ but letting the light we have so shine that it may benefit others.

        I appreciate the kind words, I do, however as you, know where this light comes from, it comes from God. What is for me is for you, what We have God gives us, so we humbly accept this light for this light is what leads us to the pinnacle of all things, Having His nature. Again, when we think of holding back these truths as we see them to be, we are in affect denying the truth (Christ) which is Christ…or the anointing.

        I could care less what the truth is and what it means, I have just always prayed, whatever it is, show me and permit me to believe it and permit me to change my ways for His ways. Following the love of God may cost us friends and family, and for them to turn away but that is ok, for we know by still loving them and not judging them for their error we have the love of God in us. Nothing better than seeing this oneness in all people, whether it is in the now, or in the time of the others calling. We see Everyman has an order and a time to be called into it…so we accept this person in this manner and with patience we will see all come to this one likeness in and of the Father.

        Thanks again, you sparked a clarity in why we are here.

      • Others is us in others in us Huh🤔~ 🙏🏼⚡️ O!


      • Travis, I would like to say that the reason I came to write on this site was not because Rachel and I agreed on our knowledge nor on our perspectives on biblical knowledge. It was the agreement and clarity of why we are here in the first place. The point is, it does not matter where we started out, where we are in our present state of mind or what knowledge we possess and whether it is even right or wrong. It is about a respect and a love for the place of the other that we have “while” we discuss reaching our goal.

        If one’s goal in life is to love others as one would have them to love us, we simply love without judgement inspite of what we possess in terms of gifts or things of biblical knowledge of the law. It is that we can see what the end result is and it is the prize at the end that keeps us going. We can have different knowledge and understandings of a “subject” but is the oneness we know that awaits us in the end which causes us to not judge according to the law, but according to a love for righteousness..or that which leads us into the kingdom.

        In that we believe as the scripture explains, ” As in Adam all died, so as, in Christ all will be made alive but very man in His own order. Since this is the way it is, wherever a person is on their path to ththe kingdom, should we not have but only a love for them in getting there?
        Should we criticize and condemn them along the way or teach, nuture and pray for all. There can be no other thought or behavior to have except for wanting what is best for each in their own situation.

        The word “all” used in the verse above means that as “all” fell into sin by the way of Adam, this same “all” will be made alive in Christ. Some erroneously say this is meaning if they are in Christ already but the sentence is self explanatory as the first all has to do with falling into sin, so this same all that fell into sin will be raised back to life in Christ. It’s a good thing to see this and even better to know not condemn those who have yet to be called.

    • I meant so many not son many but I’ll roll with it. 😆

      Kindly, Travis


  87. Rachel,
    When you say, ‘each in his own way and timing’. Timing in God will always be counter relative, with other people. For instance you mentioned how you treat others. So, in a relative way to that, when God sends someone to speak into our heart, it would therefore be that the timing, would be ‘for a way’. As you said, his own way and timing. If you mean the timing of the individual, creating this, that would be a question, or of questionable origin. If you mean God’s timing, then that would be a way. For a way. So, when God is desiring to love, he may send an individual. So ‘to treat one as we would want to be treated’, do we want to be ‘treated’ according to what God is wanting for us, or ‘do we want to be treated, according to self learning’, and according to what we desire? So then, a judgment has to be made as to what love IS there? The definition of it as far as desire. I think you are saying that God uses love for timing, and timing will have to have a reason, because there is a purpose there.
    So all of this involves a judgment. A judgment of what and when to speak to you. So if God is saying something through this person, that you feel is unlovely, that is a judgment against God’s effort to speak in His own time and way, and about the subject he wishes to portray.
    God’s love is broader, than isolated statements about individual incidents of love, and broader than the cohesive immediate understanding of sowing and reaping.
    God is wanting to sow things into your heart and understanding, that you do not currently know, and saying there is a time and way, will allow, for that, and that would be a form of our love to look into it or see it. That is faith, to believe that love is working to bring more. So love is an open door, that represents an unknown quantity. So, the people you are loving, are speaking into that, to give substance to love for You.
    Those parameters, which are there, for there to ‘be’, any truth, require judgment. Positive and negative.
    When you are walking that path then, the negatives are apart of, the light, to reveal. We mustn’t infer there is no love there. But find the purpose. The purpose in the language. Then love gives that an assignment. But the language, can go, or must go the direction of the purpose for which it is sent.
    Then you find the love within that. You seek it out. It’s not always just about having comforted you, or someone.
    Find the comfort of, the purpose, and that may be the Love you need that God is sending.
    Then share that thought back with the messenger.

  88. What do you mean by true love?

    • From my inderstanding “God” is “Love” so by this description of love in the scriptures, it would seem logical that if we set out to pursue God, we are also pursuing love since both seem to be the same name for one entity. So there is an emotional love on the human, passionate plane, and there is a spiritual love which God is.

      So in my understanding and meaning of love is; that when you think of another person, you should think of them in the context of how God looks at them, or the perspective of love.

      • So, then when you think of another person in context of how God looks at them, it doesn’t mean that they are fulfilling that, love, or that they ‘are’ that love. It means you are thinking of them in context of how great God’s love is toward them. So, if God sends you to them, as He did Jonah, to cry out, for them to repent, since He is the same God, that would be a form of God’s love because God said he would destroy the city of Ninevah if there was no repentance there, because of their sin.
        God saw their sin, and he sent a messenger as a mouthpiece.
        He did the same thing, with James, and other Apostles.
        We are the recipient of love, but we are also the recipient of God’s judgment, when we continue in sin. And idolatry of ourselves, not doing His will, and saying what He would lead us to say, can be a form of sin. God uses men as mouth pieces. The word is a two edged application of Gods nature.

    • Love is; being found in the likeness of God, free from all the works of the flesh. Love is an attitude, it is a way of life, it is not an event or an incident that happens occasionally , it is who we are to become 24/7. To grow in God is to grow in “His” love, His character, His ways and to do and think as He does. This is love.

  89. law of knowledge CLAIMs that whatever LOGIC(lens:knowledge) in which you/we LIVE, you/we do not just become the knowledge, you also BECOME everything attached to that knowledge. as a man,you SEPERATE YOURSELF from the same god in which you will eventually STEP INTO.. KNOWLEDGE of ETERNAL(misinterpered as EXTERNAL KNOWLEDGE) is what connects your HEART to the WHOLE WORLD(through the AWARNESS OF THE ETERNAL). so think of KNOWLEDGE as an AWARENESS as our own consiousness grows, rather than to be something we can discuss…

    Eternal(in comparison to man:flesh)Laws are laws that you cannot break, even if you tried. JUDGEMENT is an outcome of those laws when abused. you judge others, you judge yourself, you show compassion to others, you OPEN aDOORWAY into heaven(gifts within the flesh(world not person)) Every person PLAYS OUT every aspect of what we create in our HEART(not mind).

    through god(actually eternal), Religion was PART of our TESTING as we cannot just be GOD, but awaken into god. Think of all the SATAN/LUCIFER/DEVIL as our COMPILATION of That of which we cannot accept within ourselves(heart not mind). just as Christ loves, we must love the SATAN within ourselves. when we can do that, then satan turns into christ.

    law of opposing forces

    in order for there to be a MESSIAH in terms of MAN, it only takes ONE PERSON to live in the ELEMENT of LIFE(awaken in spirit). we must constantly RENEW our knowledge(mostly from heart). For that MESSIAH, we KNOW that one person is not to be more or less valuable than any other(sin or no sin).

    If Messiah is to awaken, he still does not consider himself a messiah until EVERYONE ELSE becomes a MESSIAH(LORDSHIP aka FATHERSHIP), follow by leading.

    now ,that can be confusing because of religion. but one LAW that everyone does not speak of is called LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES. Each person in flesh is an OPPOSING force against itself. God is shared in all(timeless state)(state of HOLY).

    If one is to be considered more or less valuable than another, then he is not a messiah. As a messiah, if one person falls, then a messiah feels that FALLING in himself.

    THE LAWs mentioned are not laws to be followed, but LAWS that NEVER CHANGE(IN TIME AND SPACE)(in man terms)… SO IN OUR OWN differences, OUR EXPERIENCES will PATH into the SAME OUTCOME….(give as given)…

    The imballance that i see is that each person is lead into his death by religion. by that , i mean that they are TRUSTED to know they are flesh, and the MESSIAH is after death(in a false heaven). People who die will never experience heaven as they waited for MESSIAH.. the chance of messiah is NOW… but not in religion terms. again religion = MAN…


    the FLESH is where each ELEMENTS(souls aka things we all share aka love/hate/happiness/anger/revenge/ect…) dwell.

    Each of us are INTEGRATED into eachother(energy). when one person does a bad act, then we are all guilty of that act(why its important for others to grow).

    • Hacker, Apparently, you do not believe the testimony that God gave through His Son Jesus. If your sayings were a description of the true Spiritual world, they would have to include Jesus, but they do not include his sayings nor do they coincide with the testimony, that Jesus gave of himself.

  90. I see God’s judgement as an extension to His love, His character. So…when He dispenses either it is from the same place and for the same purpose for God has but one purpose and that is the re-conciliation of “all” things. “All” is a very inclusive word.

  91. Rachel, Maybe divine love is not waiting to be manifest. Maybe it is rather, waiting to be seen. Prehaps the game or solicitation of love will come, when one looks for, the love, which is hidden to only the casual observer. So maybe oneness, is not the answer. But the acceptance of division. And then the blessing of that division, by divine intent. By accepting division. One can discourse, on commonality, producing healing that comes from the release of control. By not trying to control the atmosphere, you allow that place of convergence to change, gradually, by recognition. Recognition of what is, without force against it or a presupposition that requires a performance of love. Just let love be seen, but not required. Allowing the gradual change, like coming our of the morning frost, into the morning sun A recognition, of nuances that already exist.

    • Continuing with these thoughts …

      What is made manifest begins with seeing. Thus, why “seeing” correctly (eyes full of light/truth) is so significant. As we grow in awareness (which begins by perceiving deeper revelations of Truth by the instructions and impressions of the Spirit of Truth (the Christ) within, our perception is altered bit by bit as it aligns to the Truth and away from the illusions we’ve created (for example our perceptions alter in regards to who we are, who God is, who others are, what our world is, what reality is, etc), and correspondingly as this alters what manifests in our lives changes. For example, if we perceive the world in harm, attack, etc, then this is what we produce at the thought level and this becomes our experience of it. If we perceive it as revelations to reveal to us divine love, then this is what we manifest and what is our experience of it.

      As we grow more aware, we begin to see that divine love has been, is, and always will be there for us, for is of the Spirit of God dwelling within the present moment within our true selves. In unawareness, we didn’t perceive it within and thus acted like it wasn’t there which created our experience of reality, including a false image of ourselves. As we grow in awareness of Truth, the characteristics of divine love begin to affect every aspect of our being, starting with every thought and belief. As our minds are transformed by this awareness, it begins to affect our words and actions. Divine love is a natural expression of perceiving the Truth.

      Truth is. Most of our soul’s journey is one of seeing correctly, thus I feel one of the most significant requests of the Spirit of Truth we can ask is: above all else I want to see what I need to see.

      As for oneness, it just is. God is all in all. Nothing exists outside of his will. By his Spirit we live, move and have our being. As we grow aware of this Truth, we begin to see this oneness and what it means. I think oneness is a term used a lot in a lot of different ways, much like divine love … so its true meaning, like divine love, is gain by revelations of it by the Spirit.

      • Well, I will reply a little at a time. Because that is a lot to digest. And I don’t want to assume that I see as you would. But in reflecting on your thoughts, briefly stated. I do not take for granted, the idea, that ‘thoughts manifest’. My thought or idea about that would be, thoughts manifest, if you act on them. It seems to be an assumption, that there would be a manifestation, because of “willing it” so. (as one example stated).

        For instance, Jesus said (and I’m not trying to tell you what to believe), but I am using the given paradigm from what I believe~ He said, “Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit to his stature, and which of you by willing it, (or dwelling on it), can make one hair white or black. If you cannot do that which is least, why do you ‘take thought’ for the rest.’?

        There are many things that exist out of God’s will, and I think you were actually saying that before relaying that statement just prior to it, when you stated, “In Unawareness We Didn’t Perceive It”. So that would be~~ out of God’s will.

        Going back and forth between awareness-es, (Plural), that ‘gradation’, it is an experience, that you can hold on to, as a meditative Norm, but that will not lessen the negatives that you may experience, that you have no control over, and at some point your reality could be overwhelmed, by a Truth, or set of circumstances, that you never expected to encounter. So, that certainly places Oneness, or the idea of it, at Risk.

        It seems to be a fragile, starting point, for Reality in Total.
        It is a happy viewpoint of life, and a good way to live, no doubt. But the underlying synopsis, doesn’t seem to make a complete loop for reality.

        Feel free to comment these are just my initial thoughts about it. Maybe I can comment more, later as I meditate on what you are saying.

        Basically though, Observations, Within, I’m not sure that equal’s Oneness, if you can understand that statement.
        I think God would have to be “Bigger than” an awareness.
        There is no reason, to concur, that your “awareness”, is “holding you” divinely.
        Divinity is an Outside source. To Hold you, it would have to Be “Outside” you,
        for you to be in a safe place with that.

      • I’m loose here people. The word of the month. But. I just wanna say. I’m blown away Anti Sonny Mishai and of course Rachel. I know I’m not adding much. But it’s oh so fast and so awesome. Anti!!! Why do I understand you so!!!! Lololo, crazy. Misiah. I here ya. And I here all the love around us. We come in peace and mean no harm. 😂

        Kindly, Travis


      • Rachel, I agree, this presence of truth is the same thing as the awareness of God. To be aware of His presence that leads to His oneness with us is a good and conclusive way to tie it
        all together. Yes, even in “our” unawareness doesn’t mean that it is in God’s unawareness. I completely agree and understand what you are saying. God is aware even though we are not. Oneness is in being in unison with the will of God. Even though we may experience negative thoughts, events and things, we are nevertheless in God’s will and in His direction in all of the negatives. This is because we understand that there is no negatives with God that are negatives within themselves, but negatives to a positive end. To believe that God is in any way negative or would have a negative end to His creation is admission of poor understanding and eyesight. With God, all things are positive; and “all things “ work together for those who…love…God. If we do not “yet” love God and things are not working together for us right now, given time they will, when we have been exercised in learning obedience “through the things in which we suffer. All things are of God, the good, the bad and the ugly, yet it all consumates in the end as to end in a good thing…in our likeness of Himself.

        Yes, I see what you are saying, very good points

    • Call me ~ Maybe 😘❤️🙏🏼

      Kindly, Travis


      • Thanks, Kindly. The next phase then involves understanding that what we are assigned to carry into the 7 mountains, is, not rules or finger-pointing, but rather presence, heavenly solutions, and almost anything that comes under the banner of LOVE. Thanks. thank you.
        Tie it together. Praying for ears. Praying to feel ya.

  92. Love in judgement:

    People are always asking “What is love?” What is judgement?

    We hear many interpretations of each of these words. Many think judgment is the opposite of love, many think judgment is a bad thing, many say that one should not judge. We hear such questions, debates, and statements all the time about the meanings behind these words and actions. The meanings of an individuals words are according to where they derive their meaning from. Is it from the perspective of a culture they grew up in, a political systems views, a certain doctrine taught in one of the thousands of different religions, Christian, or some other? Whether a person is influenced by any of these things, it is the perspective of their own heart and mind that meanings are shaped.

    Regardless of the place that we believe the right answer is from, we are to turn to the author of the words to find their original meaning, and this author is God and the writings He left for us to study these things out are the scriptures.

    There is a judgement which involves love and there is a judgement which involves condemnation. So…there is a righteous judgment and an unrighteous judgment. The judgment we have and use is in according to how awakened one is to the Christ within. Christ is not the person so much as whether one has the “anointing” of God or not…and how much. “Give us this day our daily bread”, is asking for our daily anointing in the growth of the spirit of God. So…we grow in God, maturing into the full stature of the Son of God, a little at a time, just as seed grows throughout the seasons to harvest time. Life was given instantaneously to us as a gift, this has to do with God’s over all plan. Within this given life was created a plan, we call the plan of redemption, from God. It involved a journey to the valley, through the valley and deliverance from the valley…which we call this life’s experiences.

    God, through the son, designed this plan from one perspective and this perspective was to create beings like Himself and give them life, just like Himself, eternal. So He did and this was “before” ever a person was born into the natural and had done anything…”right or wrong.” The gift of life required no works, as does a natural gift you give to someone.

    Walking through this valley of the shadow of death as is required of us all, we are all being trained to the purpose and calling and order of God’s choice for us. We are called and chosen not to warrant life or death as some suppose that do not understand the concept of heaven and hell, we are called to fulfill the order of things designed for us by God through the Son.

    As we walk through this life and once we are called and drawn by the spirit to step into our calling and order, a “judgement” starts to take place as to how well we are doing and what needs to come our way to point us in the right direction. All these corrective decisions are “judgments” made out of the love of God to bring us fully completed to Himself. Since creating man in God’s likeness and image (character) is the Goal of God, then all decisions made for each of us are judgements made from the mind of God, which is from the love of God. The scriptures and the spirit reveal and teach us that “God is Love.”

    When see that God’s true judgment is a loving judgment and that every judgement He makes about us is about the level and growth of Himself in us, a different perspective of what judgment is emerges from our darkened, condemning judgmental mind of the flesh. There is a righteous judgement and there is an unrighteous judgment and as we’re starting to see one is from the fallen mind of man and the other is from the mind of God, so as we “Let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus”, we are letting in the light which will dispel the darkness.

    We are learning to judge righteously in leaving our condemning, judging spirit of the sins of other’s and turning to a “righteous judgment” as is coming from the mind of God.

    God’s judgement is administered to us to bring us to Himself, judging us daily on our growth to see what is needed in our life to complete us in His image. “Without what measurement we meet is measured to us again”. God’s judgments are made from love, the judgments of the carnal mind are made from an undeveloped condemning mind. One judgment is from love and the other is from pride or an inflated opinion of oneself. I think we know the difference.

    By letting this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus, we start to judge actions in ourselves as being right or wrong and once the beam is removed from our own eye, we can then see clearly to help remove the speck in another’s eye. Judgement does not belong to the infant or to the young in Christ, it belongs to the well seasoned, to those who have walked through the valleys and have been touched by all the experiences and circumstances which will have brought one to thinking only in one way about judging and judgement and that can be from no other way than “letting this mind be in us which was in Christ Jesus.”

    When we see this plan of God from the perspective of God, and His purpose for us “all” then we can see that all judgement is administered for correction and not for punishment. We see as parents we “correct” one of our children out of love so that they can walk in life a certain way with a clear vision of where they are going. So likewise God is doing to all of His children, to each and everyone of us, as He calls us each to our own order.

    Since God is love and He is creating us in the likeness and image, of this love, then all the judgements made by God is to bring us to Himself…to this same love or condition.
    When we learn that “all” things in this plan of God, both positive and negative is but for the same reason we then see with the singleness of the spiritual eye and not the double vision of the natural eye. Let us pray to continue to move from the natural to the spiritual world. Let us judge righteous judgement where every decision we make is from a single loving purpose for the other.

  93. So, what are we fighting?
    The battle is not against flesh and blood.

    Eph 6:12,13 For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere. Therefore put on God’s complete armour, that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day [of danger], and, having done all [the crisis demands], to stand [firmly in your place].

    We are fighting the ‘evil’ in our generations, the voices of darkness in our blood and on our soil, that is standing up. Blood has a voice – and the voices are crying out of the ground – KILL, KILL, KILL! There are laws in the spirit and these laws abide. Legalities in the spirit make many things possible. Gal 6:7 For whatever a man sows, that and that only is what he will reap. What did we sow in our generations that we are reaping now?

    We can carry these rights, the harvest, in our blood, on our land without any pursuit from our side. If you are reaping the harvest you would definitely want to get rid of it.
    We need to repent; renounce our sowing of this defiled seed, call it out and cancel it. We need to allow Holy Spirit to burn up and destroy all the dark demonic in our lives and generations. The time is here to renounce all the idolatry in our bloodlines. In the name of Jesus Christ, we have the opportunity to break these dark curses in us and upon our nations.

    This darkness is so deep in us, that many of us are still in denial about it. As a nation and personally, we need to start repenting of our dark genetics, dark bloodlines, dark cellular programming, epigenetic markers of hate, pride and racism, dark timelines of murder, war and hate on our soil and in our blood.
    Yes, soil also carries epigenetic markers. These dark harvests are established in our bloodlines; therefore, we need to serve them a bill of divorce. We cannot hold on to this darkness within us and our nations.

    There are many hidden secrets and dark covenants, contracts, oaths, vows and agreements in our bloodlines and nations that hold legal rights against us. It came in through the cult in our bloodlines, our association with and participation in Illuminati, Freemasons, African witchcraft and so many more.

    It is established agreements; like a demonic three-fold cord, between our bloodlines, nations and dark evil heavenly powers. These need to be addressed in the heavenly Courts and we need to be divorced from them all. We then can apply the Blood of Jesus Christ on all handwriting of requirements that are against us and the generations to come.

    Col 2:14,15 Having cancelled and blotted out and wiped away the handwriting of the note (bond) with its legal decrees and demands which was in force and stood against us (hostile to us). This [note with its regulations, decrees, and demands] He set aside and cleared completely out of our way by nailing it to [His] cross. [God] disarmed the principalities and powers that were ranged against us and made a bold display and public example of them, in triumphing over them in Him and in it [the cross].

    We have to apply the blood against these handwritings. Only the blood of Jesus will prevail for you.

  94. The blood (life) of Jesus as you say is the answer to it all. The flesh and blood follows whoever has it under subjection…just as Paul taught. It is Demons within we are fighting with.

    • The blood of Jesus, may be applied to all who have accepted Him as Lord and Savior, This you must be to be under the Blood, of the Cross. Then yes, you must be obedient to His Lordship. Otherwise there is no covering, as there was only a covering for Israel, in the Old Testament, now We who believe are engrafted into Israel.
      Sins are exposed to God where there is no covering, and He cannot fully take care of or prevent the evil one, from destroying, those who, are faithless.

      • It is interesting you mention about ones being integrated into Israel, very interesting subject to me. The Bible records Israelites and gentiles, two categories of people. We are one or the other. Those who are followers and people of God and those who are not. I would like to add in agreement and to to what you say in this regard:

        Anyone who follows the plan of God, and obedient to God’s will regardless of color, “race” or background is an Israelite. To be an “Israelite” one had to make a covenant (contract) with God, as Moses presented one to them after leaving Egypt. (We do it now within, in our temple.) It says a mixed multitude (not a race) came out of Egypt and before this mixed multitude Moses presented the law and the promises were made to those who would subject themselves to this law or covenant. Israel, being not a race of people for they went into Egypt a mixed “people”, made up of descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth. After leaving Egypt some 400 years later they were more mixed than ever, Joseph married an Egyptian princess, Moses married an Ethiopian and the Israelites that went into Egypt married into every people around them so there was never a “race” called Israel.

        Even God called them a “people”, not a race. To be an Israelite you had to keep the covenant of God. Fast forward to the New Testament where it says that not all who claim to be Israelites are actually Israelites, but those who keep the commandments of God or those who are an Israelite “inwardly.”

        So those who were Israelites by name only, at the time of the change from the natural to the spiritual way (from the Old Testament to the New), from the law to Christ, actually lost their title as Israelites and became gentiles and the gentiles including the Greeks, etc became true Israelites, spiritually speaking as they were converted from pagans (gentiles) to Christians.

        This is because to remain an Israelite one had to follow Christ from the Old into the New way. So again…we are Israelites (God’s people) if we are obedient to His way and will and live according to His agreement or contract, otherwise we are gentiles, not the people of God. To be an Israelite one needs to be found faithful and true to God’s will and instructions. It is all about keeping the faith to be named an Israelite, the “people” of God. Israel was never a race and there is no people today that can claim anything by ancestry and genealogy, and there is no people on the earth today who can claim anything except by faith, as was in Abraham which lived 400 years before the giving of the law.

        Again, to be an Israelite today you must be in Christ Jesus, otherwise your a gentile. Call yourself what you may, it’s all a fabrication of your mind, made up of delusion, ego and a feeling of being superior just because of some made up titled label one gives themselves. What makes one a Baptist, Methodist, catholic, etc, etc,? It is only what one erroneously calls themselves. We are who God says we are and that is His children and we are each His workmanship, not our own. We actually live a lie when we label or title ourselves with a name that sets us apart and above others. The scriptures teach us that having divisions, parties and factions among us are divisive sins. Study these words and their meanings and you will come to understand why we should “come out of her my people” …….the devisive sects of people who claim to be better than others “according to knowledge”, doctrines and beliefs.

        1 Corinthians 13:2. “If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if I had such faith that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing.”

        This is why I always say love is the end of all things, knowledge is just a map of instructions to get us to the place of God’s likeness, but once the journey and likeness is completed we no longer need the map because we have arrived in the nature and stature of Christ. Love is not knowledge, knowledge can be a description of the true but it has no substance of the Christ within… of the love and likeness within. It’s time we quit wanting to know only “about” things and start being that thing…in Christ Jesus.

  95. If you would like to see what you are facing in the spiritual realm, the unseen spiritual realm around you, you may go to U-tube, and listen to the testimony of JOHN RAMIREZ, an ex – Satanist, who spoke with Satan himself during his tenure, in witchcraft, and he will explain how he influenced the lives of people through this covenant, and actually, caused their deaths, and influenced the lives of many entertainers, of which he was given control, over.

  96. Excuse me, but having a label, does not create a lie. It’s a descriptive term. It doesn’t make you evil.
    There is no belief system that you have about natural things, which make one ‘evil’ nor does it make you of evil intent.
    There is nothing wrong with seeking a correct understanding of Bible Knowledge.
    It’s why God gave you a brain.
    Spiritual and Natural go together, that are not at odds with one another.
    You have spoken of ‘oneness’ but your statements here in this section are directly apposed to oneness.
    In the past you have said ” we are all one “. Now, here, you are saying there is a good, group and a bad group. No problem with that. But you must be consistent.
    This is why I was discussing oneness with Rachel, because your statements here contradict it.
    Isn’t that beautiful to have a mind that can analyze, and think and see, these things.
    No, there is nothing, profligate about knowledge.
    No one is needing to be perfect in knowledge, but you must be consistent.

    Much of what you say is correct. However, the promises to the Israelites, were made to the Children of Abraham. Yes, you could be ‘in- grafted’ into them in the Old Testament day. However the promises to the Children of Abraham (Israel) are still intact. And yet we are in grated into the tree.
    Paul, explains this in Hebrews.

    We owe them no allegiance, but we are a part of that spiritual heritage.

    To understand this correctly read Hebrews.

    Israel is a Family Line (Not a Race) you are correct.

    We are not referring to things about ego here, This has to do with God’s plan of salvation, and yes there are those who are saved and those who are not, of which you have stated demarcations, in your statements as well. So, one could as easily say, that You are egotistical, because it is two sides of the same conversation.
    However, it does not mean you are so, and it wouldn’t matter if you were egotistical, because God’s plan for salvation is so, and true whether you believe it or not.
    The idea, is to understand. Egotism has to do with being dishonest, with yourself.
    it has nothing to do, with what you share with others.
    Egotism can only be a fear when you are insecure with your knowledge.
    That’s why it’s a good idea to know these things. Then insults become useless.

  97. These are not insults to anyone Mishai, this is talking about human nature as is described in the scriptures. I see the completion of all people in the plan of God, however we move from the natural to,the spiritual, just like the scriptures teach…first the natural…then the spiritual. “Bad” attitudes in the beginning and as we learn how to control our emotions and tongue and keep them under subjection, we learn to speak not from a natural unregenerate state of being but from the mind of Christ that is developed within.

    Yes we move from the natural carnal mind which is evil, to one of Christ which is righteous. I am not speaking to an individual but speaking about what we are to move away from.

    Ego is of the natural mind, the thing we are born with and as God says, “we were born subject to vanity, not willingly, but subjected to the same in hope.” Hope of what? It is the hope of being delivered from this natural, ego state of vanity and being into the likeness of God.

    Again, don’t take this personally, I am talking about human nature vs that which is spiritual…which is in all of us. I respectfully listen to what you have to say….your are entitled to how you believe, I am. It asking you to change at all. Believe what you are comfortable with and leave the rest alone. As you, I put what I blew I’ve and know out there and I do not ask you or anyone else to believe as I do. It doesn’t matter.

    The promises made to Abraham were made according to the faith of Abraham, not to any lineage at all. When the Greeks convert d by Paul for example it was not by the law they were saved but by the simple faith of believing. The Greeks had no law to perform, no ritual to practice. They were save through faith just as you and I are. There is no natural Israel in reality, in reality there is only a spiritual Israel…and to be found in it it must also be by faith. Faith is spiritual, the law is natural.

    Those in Christ serve God in the spirit, not through the dead letter of the law.

    About labels, I am clear on this, a label is look at who I am, a humble spirit without a label is look at who Christ is. One is about self, the other is not.

    Again, the promises made to Abraham were to a people to come which were to be a people of faith, it had absolutely nothing to do with natural Israel because even when natural Israel failed, they were cut off, just as people of faith are cut off, not from salvation but from the high calling in Christ Jesus.

    What I write Mishai is not specifically to anyone, it is my understanding of the subject at hand. There is probably over a thousand people who read this blog and what I write is to all. You may bring up a topic or subject and others may comment on it such as myself and from from my perspective and this is fine. I do not attack others for differences of opinion, I simply am not interested in you nor anyone else agree8ng with me. It is given to be for the taking or the leaving, this is between others and God.

    I am not insulting anyone, but it’s like read8ng the Bible, if there is something in there that registers take notice. The Bible is written not to any particular individual, but to all, as do I write. It may be an individual that comments or brings up a subject such as yourself and another may respond as do I but my response is to what I know and believe. If you take it as personal affront you are simply mistaken.

    I may disagree with another but my disagreement is according to what I see and believe, if you see something different then by all means believe it. Mishai, please quit being so defensive and combative, we each are entitled to speak freely as we are led…hopefully with respect and with no condemnation of the other. I can assure you that though I disagree with some of your views and logic, I have no condemning spirit nor ridicule for anyone.

    We are one in spirit in the Holiest of Holies but until we reach that “upper room” from the holy place we are divided. Please study the natural tabernacle, it will help you to see the spiritual tabernacle and how it is made, this is you and me.


  98. Satan worshipers, as this Ramirez person, past or present come from a place of darkness. As one comes into the light, where they have been and are coming from affects their present vision. One does not jump from darkness of this kind immediately into the highest of spiritual enlightenment. It is a progression just as dark and light in a day. We all move from dark to light in our journey. We are but to look at the natural to 7nderstand the spiritual just as God instructs us to.

    As much as one may want to look at others to see darkness “or” light we really on,y have to be honest with ourselves and search within. We will see everything we need to see, and every potential display of darkness. As long as we see the enemy being without we will never see any real truth. It is when we look in the mirror and pray to God to see the darkness within our own soul, it is then we ask for God to remove the sin we see in us, (the beam) and once we quit concentrating on the sins of another and we are cleansed and our bean is removed…it is then we see clearly with compassion and mercy as does the father…to then “help” remove the speck in another….without condemning or finding fault.

    There is quiet a difference in the intent and attitude of the five wise and the five foolish. We should study and pray to be better people with a better love for the other. We should not study to know about things which have no spiritual value except to tell others what we know. We can be wrong in our inderstanding and knowledge, however we can be accepted by God for how we conduct ourselves in respecting the other. It’s not about doctrinal beliefs that make us right before God, it is how we treat others regardless of our opinion. Right or wrong.

  99. The promises were made to Abraham’s family, his lineage. That is why the maidservant son was cast out. As far as your statement about the Greeks being saved without the law, you are correct. But the promises to Abrahams lineage, have nothing to do with the law. The promises to his lineage are made prior to the law, and have nothing to do with that.

    The law brought guilt to all people, through the Ten Commandments. So, the laws after that, were instated by the Lord through Moses, because they had to be. Because God brought the sentence of sin down on mankind through the giving of the Law.
    This, did not cancel or change the promises made to Abraham and Israel.
    The promises were made concerning the anti type of the sacrifice, of Isaac.

    The Law came through Moses. Two different subjects, Not Related.

    The Natural Tabernacle, has nothing to do with the Promises made to Israel.

    Once you are saved, your Tabernacle of Your Flesh, is Sanctified, by the Saving of Your Spirit Man.
    As long as you stay out of Sin, there is a constant regeneration, through the blood.
    Your Mind, which is your Soul, is then Renewed by the Word of God.

    One is not perfected, in their Ego.
    You, Crucify your Ego, Daily.
    However, someone saying something deemed un respectful, or according to your judgments amounts to little. There are probably a hundred ways you might assume or scrutinize someone’s speech as being ignoble for you, in your book. And that amounts to nothing. It is not a Job, that we hold, to scrutinize the
    etiquette or ego of other people. It’s not in our power, or scope or calling to do so, unless you are their Pastor, or Apostle, prophet, or significant other, or someone is requesting you to critique them.
    Your Salvation, is based on the SACRIFICE OF JESUS ALONE.
    Not, your Manners.
    That would definitely come under the heading of following the Law.
    Tough not, taste not, handle not.

    That is not what this is about. You are saved, and your mannerisms are His Business.
    Make a dividing line between the two, because it will mess up your understanding.

  100. I apologize for any misunderstanding, concerning my previous comments of which you mentioned, that I may have thought you were saying on a personal level. Which is ok. But I wanted to at least try and be as clear as possible. No harm, intended, or taken. Thanks for the clarity Sonny.

  101. Father, I am praying for Rachel today, that you would enlighten the eyes of her understanding, that she might know the hope of her calling, and the depth and highth of your riches, which you wrought in Christ Jesus, when you raised him from the dead, and I pray that you spoil all principalities and powers which would come against her this day in the unseen realm, Father, I pray that you heal and protect all that concerns her, and her loved ones, heal any breach of spirit, and body, and soul, and give clarity Father against any spirit of attack that would try to thwart her from an intense knowing of You, beyond any previous knowledge that she may have had in time past, I break the strongholds of the enemy of her soul in the Name of Jesus, heal her in any way she needs healing, in body, and protect her journey, to further, Encounter the Holy Spirit, give revelation, of all that encompasses Your will for her, which you created from before the foundation of the world, manifest please Lord Joy, and gladness, into a burst of compassion for her in finding Your highest purpose for her, and her Family, in Jesus. I pray for a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, in power and glory from on High, of which includes all that can be manifested for the believer, through might signs, power and wonder from the wellspring on high giving proofs of your presence this day in many miracles on her behalf.

  102. There is not one faith of Abraham, one of the later “Israel” or a different faith for the Greeks. What God is explaining to the believer, is that there is only one faith and that faith is as
    Abramhams faith, one of belief. The whole story in the New Testament about Abrahams faith is that even the Greeks were to receive and possess this same faith as Abraham had and “believed” and his “faith” was accounted to him as “righteousness”.

    When we are given faith, we are not given a different faith from Abraham, the Israelites, or the Greeks.. The rules apply to all without partiality, and yes from the beginning to the end. One faith, one hope, one way. If God is not a respector of persons in requiring obedience to Him, it is then we begin to understand about the oneness of God, and when we walk in this oneness, we also walk with others “as” they also walk in their oneness, however as we each walk in the way of God, we as individuals become part of God’s “group” or body of overcomer’s. It is not about being in separation in the end as such but “all” will be becoming one in God as God calls each of us in our own order…without condemnation. God brings us out and delivers us from the condemnation that we were born into, however He does judge righteously to see our needs to deliver us from evil…within. Like I previously said the only judgment God has for us is to determine what we need daily to turn each of us away from the natural mind to the mind of Christ. Once one has a clear picture of what judgement is, it puts God’s love in a proper light and understanding. He does nothing for our detriment at all, but everything He does is absolutely for our redemption back to Himself from our fall into this earthly realm. Therefore when we are regenerated we will only speak as He speaks with the same concern for “all”, and that is to only help and clarify the way to the kingdom…again without condemnation for anyone, saint or sinner? We only have to address the enemy within to know what to overcome. And we have to understand that it is the love of God within each of us that is to overcome the evil nature that is also in each of us. As long as we look for the wrong in others we will never overcome, we must overcome that which is within ourselves. Then once we have overcome we can minister to others without condemnation to the saving of the soul. The soul must grow up and into the spirit where the two “minds” within come to having one mind in Christ. This is the marriage of the husband (spirit) and the wife (soul) and when the two become one they are in Christ. As long as the soul within us is negative and arguementative and does not mind her husband the spirit we have confusion, we have divisiveness.

    This coming together of spirit and soul is the true oneness we talk about. When we as individuals are complete, we can then in oneness walk together with others as they become one in Christ…again it must start with us, the individual son, and as individuals we become the “sons”.

    All is good.

    • Most of your comments are good. I think you might tighten up on some of your idioms. For instance you said, “when we are regenerated”. I don’t know what you mean by regenerated. Once you are saved you are regenerated. Then you have to be taught New Testament terminology, and teaching by people that know this. You can be led by the Holy Spirit but I think you are guilty of over spiritualizing the Bible. However your statements are mostly true.
      One example of over spiritualizing is having the ‘husband and wife within you’.
      Ok. You, made, that, up. Nothing in the Bible about that. So, that would confuse people, and You.
      That will confuse you, because no one will know what you’re talking about.
      In the Bible, the woman isn’t the servant of the man, either. So, both the saying, the terminology, and the gist of your subject are in error. That’s confusing people.
      The Bible also says, the man lays down his life for his wife, so that would turn that in the other direction. It’s something you came up with. Not Good. Confusing.

      When you talk about condemnation. Again, it’s an “over spiritualization” of the subject. Generally speaking you are correct.
      But over spiritualizing the subject, you would have to ask, “How are You, going to know, if you are condemning, someone?” You may “think” something is condemning. You can dream these things up in your head, but there are few people, who are actually condemning anyone.
      Your basically using that subject as a tool, to intimidate, people, believers, from talking about subjects you cannot handle. You don’t want to face the subject, or hear it, because you want people to like you.
      The problem is GOD DOESN’T LIKE IT.
      You over “spiritualize’, the subjects until there is no Life left.
      What you call condemnation, is what the Bible calls SIN.
      That is the main subject of the Bible.
      So this timid, religious spirit, is a watered down version of God’s kingdom.
      Condemnation comes to you when you sin. Not when people “SAY” you sin.
      Many people don’t know there in sin.
      If you are an ambassador, for Him, you will not be so spiritual, that you wait on God to reveal something to someone who cannot hear.
      You, may be the only ears they have.

      Point being, learn about the structure of the Word, not just a spiritualization of terminology.

      Ok, you said when we as individuals are complete????
      When is that going to be? That is now, if you understand the Word.
      So, again, it’s an inaccurate statement leading to confusion.

      God is the only one who can bring Oneness. It’s an effort in futility, to dwell on it.
      It’s not Our Job. And how would you identify if you were in “Oneness”.?
      Just because of a Polite Spirit? That, will not, put you in oneness.
      I know atheists that are Polite.

  103. there is nothing in the Bible about having a husband and wife within you.

  104. The entire Bible is a spiritual book. In the Hebrew language each word has a masculine or feminine connotation. Adam is masculine as is spirit, Eve is feminine as is the word soul. There are great truths and parallels in the scriptures which reveal the meaning of the analogies, parables and the types. People do not learn these things overnight.

    You dismiss the word of God so easily when you don’t understand the spiritual meaning of the things we discuss. Is it wrong just because you don’t understand? If you clearly admit you don’t understand why attack someone who does. You seem to be easily offended at someone else because you can’t respect their belief.

    Adam represents our spirit, Eve represents our soul. What we understand is that there is a first Adam and a second Adam. One is natural, one is spiritual. It is a revelation that we grow from the first man to the second man which is Christ. The tabernacle again, the most holy place is masculine, the holy place is feminine. “Spirit and soul”. Husband is masculine, wife is feminine, again spirit and soul.

    I can clearly see you have no grasp of spiritual terminology or revelation which is ok. However just because it is so over your head, why ridicule those who God has given revelation to and the understanding to their meaning?
    Like I said before, a spirit of contention and a need to find fault with another’s understanding seems to be your driving nature. You pick apart words used by another and pronounce them incoherent and false just because of your own lack of understanding? Mishai, you clearly need to learn what is more important, your understanding of words vs another’s, or respect for others when they don’t agree with your understanding of things.

    Over spiritualized?

    And we will be complete when God has taken all the saracasm, debate, and finding fault from us so when will we be complete? When for one we learn it’s not about what you believe or I believe, it’s about getting to the point of respect for the other first without tearing them apart. When we love the other enough that no matter what one says we respectfully disagree.

    How many times have I said that we are God’s workmanship and not our own…meaning…it is in God’s timing of when He completes us, not our own timing. It’s not up to us…as He calls. We losten and obey His will…whenever He decides. So yes it is now if He says it is now and it is for some and later for others.

    I clearly see we should not be having conversations about spiritual things, maybe later.

  105. When God created the earth and the plan of God within it, He put everything in motion in a natural way first which would fepres3nt things in heaven as He later explained to Moses and to others. He taught Moses to build and make things a certain way because they “represented” something in the spirit which was above the thing be8ng built.

    All the build8ngs, furniture, rooms, pots, utensils, etc, etc, represented something in the spirit. This is b3cause we are spirit beings having a natural short experience on this earth. The Pharisees and Saducees in the time of Christ, being blinded by their ego and selfishness didn’t have a clue what the natural represented which Christ scolded them for. They had no concept of the spirit nor any desire to live it, they did not love their fellow man, they loved the adulation, admiration, and praise from the flesh to their own flesh.

    “All” things natural were made to train and teach things of the spirit to those who are not spiritual or just beginning their spiritual walk. For example people then and now have no idea of how we are made up and what comes first, second, third, etc, in priority such as spirit, soul, and body. You have people who put the body first in their religion in reverse order which is what satanist do…and some talk of the soul above the spirit. This is why God had Moses to build the tabernacle, to easily teach the order of the spiritual temple which was to come, and the priority of the spirit, soul, and body as it relates to the each of us.

    The tabernacle that Moses built is a direct type of the human being in spirit, soul, and body. In the temple that was later built, you went up steps from the outer court (body), to the holy place of the soul, on into the holy of Holies, the highest place in the temple. In each are you had furniture and articles and utensils which were used in everyday and periodic worship. This natural temple is not above the true, the natural was created to help those who were and are having a hard time seeing the spiritual walk they are supposed to be having.

    The Pharisees and Saducess that had the type didn’t understand the anti type at all and when Christ tried to open their eyes, they scolded and ridiculed Him and put Him to death “for their own ignorance. If Christ were walking amongst us today our so called knowledgeable good “c”hristian people’s would put Him to death just as fast as the “religious” did to Christ in His day. If they would have studied to understand the spiritual with they types and rituals as their help they certainly would not have crucified their Lord.

    So it is today amongst those who have little understanding not only of the spirit but that which represents what we should be doing and how we should be walking and acting.

    People who cannot understanding spiritual things cannot even understand the natural things that represent the spirit, again this was the error of those who put Christ to death. People are murders today, using their tongue that as explained in the New Testament, man cannot tame, but use it to kilo the spirit of another. Yes a lot of symbolism but for good reason. One should instinctively know how to walk in the spirit because it is within us always JUST AS THE TABERNACLE showed.

    Good reveals the types, allegories, shadows, mysteries, and parables to those who walk with Him as did the disciples to show the walk from the natural to the spiritual world…to,those who need help in see8ng. There will always be the rebellious and the know it all that you cannot respectfully have a dialogue with because they can only see from where they are and instead of trying to learn spiritual things they remain in their ignorance and throw stones at others. We are not to condemn these but never the less we can’t give in to such childish behavior just because we do not want to “look bad”. You think Christ had such weakness when He approached those with childish behavior? To those who stubbornly refused His word, and chose instead to self righteously “stand their ground” He left and turned to those who had a humble spirit to learn.

    I have been through the valley of the shadow of death, I have walked in the shoes of my savior, I have been ridiculed for walking in the spirit and telling the truth to people. I have been rejected by the unlearned, the incoherent, the stubborn and the blind, the “Pharisees” of today for what makes one wearing a “religious label” is just such an attitude. We all need to learn the way of Christ and leave the ritual of religion alone. The Pharisees loved the ritual more than doing what it represented and that is having the love of Christ for others instead of spewing out nonsense and talking to,the masses as though they had understanding. A label is something you wear on the outside telling people how good you are, living for Christ is within where no label exist…and cannot be seen by the natural eye. Natural people like natural recognition while the spiritual have no need of the flesh and the adulation from it. Let the blind lead the blind is a good “analogy” of what we are now addressing.

    Christ was kind in all He spoke and taught to all who listened, however there were times He spoke sternly to those who simply already knew it all.

    I have absolutely no condemnation for anyone however if my words seem harsh to some because I’m speaking bluntly it is because I want to address to all who read this understands there are times when we should make things clear without fearing what others may think from people who are spiritually challenged. We should not deny Christ and speak His truth out of fear of being rejected for doing so. Do we please the flesh and pamper it or do we speak the truth and let it take up its abode in those who have ears to hear?

    I apologize to any who may be offended at my directness, however I know my heart and my intent and I know the works of the flesh. I know as Paul, I do not beat the air with my words nor my with my walk, I know whereof I speak.

    Peace and love to al who have ears to hear..and to those who don’t.

  106. Well how good are you?

  107. Sonny,
    I have always made it my practice to follow the Beatitudes. I find great substance in those deep waters. When we practice, our mind is calm and quite simple. But usually our mind is very busy and complicated, and it is difficult to be concentrated on what we are doing. This is because before we act we think, and this thinking leaves some trace. Our activity is shadowed by some preconceived idea.
    The thinking not only leaves some trace, or shadow but also gives us many other notions about other activities and things. These traces and notions make our minds very complicated. When we do something with a quite simple, clear mind, we have no notion or shadows, and our activity is strong and straightforward. But when we do something with a complicated mind in relation to other things or people, or society, our activity becomes very complex. The shadow is not actually the thinking itself. But right thinking does not leave any shadow. Relative mind is the mind which sets itself in relation to other things, thus limiting itself. It is this mind which creates gaining ideas and leaves traces of itself.
    Often we think what we have done is good, but it may not actually be so. What we call attachment is just these traces of our thought and activity.
    I pray that your study will bring you some enlightenment. To set aside hard temple, for the soft temple of the inner soul. This is the goal of our practice. If you practice this with your whole heart and mind even for one moment you will find peace. Joy.
    These are not things you can necessarily teach a bird, how to fly. Or a squirrel to be a friend. You should burn yourself completely like a fire, in the camp, of seeking. If you do not burn yourself completely a trace of yourself will be left in what you do.

  108. I’m only as good as the Lord has made me, a lot of work has been done which I greatly appreciate and feel the deepest gratitude to God. However, there is nothing in me that deserves anything I have received. If we were given according to merit what would any of us have? I realize God’s love has nothing to do with how good I or anyone else is. It is all about who He is.

    God gave life to us before anyone was born and had done anything right or wrong. It is all a gift, past tense. Our calling within this gift is the challenge.

    The scriptures were once complex to me but when we understand the old and new are spoken from the same oneness and purpose, it all means the same thing, to love thy neighbor as thyself.

    • You seem to be really good. One who is above.

      • Growing up, I never cared much about having a lot of knowledge or to be heard, in fact I rarely spoke. I had a simply desire to live a quiet life and to remain out of sight so to speak. When the Lord drew me to Himself and dealt with me I had been wondering where to go and what I was to do…with this new desire. I was not a religious person at the time, didn’t go to church and met with no one.

        I was home alone one day, picked up a Bible off the table in front of me and spoke to God and made the statement that I would study this book and I would look to no man for guidance but would rely on Him to show me His way. So I studied many hours a day, sometimes before sunup and many hours after sundown. I had a desire to know God. Sometimes later I started meeting with others who seemed to be as independent as I was, some came from different denominations and the common desire was to know the simplicity in Christ. It was a good time in my life but this group dissipated a few years later and I was back again on the back side of the desert…so to speak.

        During my walk I learned that knowledge was good but substance is better. God showed me no matter the depth of knowledge one had, and the understanding of the mysteries He permitted us to know, if love for the other was not our priority then our study, knowledge and understanding of the most deepest subjects were but needless words and idle breaths. There is a purpose to the Bible, the knowledge obtained from it and the learning of the mysteries, the types and anti types…but if we have not love we have gained nothing. I never really cared much for knowledge in and of itself but I had this God given desire to study in spite of the feeling I did not need to study that much ..for I thought I intuitively knew what I was to do, and the way I should live. And I was right in this observation, but looking back many decades, I seem to always understand I was not studying for myself and my desire to remain hidden away from the world in a quiet place was not to be my calling.

        God gave me talents and a desire to do certain things for a living and I pursued this and it required for me to meet with society in a way I would have rather avoided, but with my quietness, I also had a stubbornness and an independence to determine my way through any obstacle placed before me…the same for my Godly calling. I always felt my work interfered with my calling, however my work grew me up so to speak…and I could see change in me taking place. I didn’t know it at the time but my profession(s) were ones in the country that has the most risk and failures in them. Tough business’ but I payed it no mind…and yet I learned that my private life, my business and my dedication to God were all to have the same perspective in life for I learned I could not have one attitude for one aspect of my life and another for another. I had to be as of one mind and thought, so peace came as I learned to see that there is only one God, one life, and one purpose and that one should look at one day no different from another, another person no different form another and every action as though it were co I got from the same place.

        So God took me as a person and made an example of myself to myself and showed me that I was His child, His workmanship, made in His image and I was to see as He sees and I was to walk as He desired, and I was to love all just as He loved all…and to let this mind be in me which was also in Christ Jesus. And although I am not finished, I can see by experience the long hard road to overcoming has been a wonderful experience through it all, the good and the evil circumstances that were always present, teaching, guiding and bringing maturity to my being. Yes life is a gift and that gift was given before I realized anything about the true love of God…or His purpose for any of us…but I learned it is not about my opinion of others or even of myself, it is about learning about the love that God has for all creation…and I am to learn to see and do as my Father which is in heaven and when I do, as others we also will be found in heaven in the present…and it is within us, in our temple, present tense.

        With knowledge comes responsibility and with undertanding of what it’s purpose is we desire to share it with no thought of personal gain or recognition. So, with time comes experience and with experience patience …on to having the substance to know a better way…and this way is the simplicity in Christ. To be in Christ means…to be “in Christ”…

        My walk and calling will lead me to where yours will lead you, and that is where and what God set out to do in the beginning…to make us in His likeness and character. We will all eventually be consummated in the likeness of Christ in our own order, although the callings of each may be different.

        We live and we learn, and once we arrive at our appointed place…all that we have gone through will have been for a positive experience in the end, regardless of the lowest hell we may have experienced in the valley experience. “All” things are of God and regardless if we see things as good or evil…God means it all for our ultimate good. Evil was created in order to recognize good. With God we can definitely say that the end does justify the means. God is a positive being and nothing He created was for our detriment in the end…we may have interruptions in life but even our harshest judgements are found to be rooted in the very love of God.

        It really is “all” good.

  109. And…Hello Rachel.

  110. When you point out errors in someone’s understanding of significant matters in the Bible, that is not someone who does not love you. It is someone who does love you. The part you are missing and I highly respect your statements here, is that you do not love yourself. You show love to others, but when God sends someone to straighten out some of your errors, you accuse them of not loving you. Think about how ridiculous that is.
    That is the weakness of being self taught. In the beginning it’s good, because it’s you and the Lord but eventually, the weakness of that scenario is that it leads to error.
    Knowledge in the Bible, is what Wisdom is acted on.
    So, it’s a lack of Wisdom. If you had wisdom you would welcome correction.
    I love your thoughts and your history, but very few can ever get to know you because you protect this history, with your life, like a Lion.
    Try walking as one of the sheep. You would have a happier relationship with the Lord.
    Of course, all I am saying here is probably “unloving”. Imagine, someone speaking about the subject of love, and then being accused of the reverse.
    You should call your Theology “Self Reversalism”. When someone tries to know you or love your, you cling to that History.. “This is My History”!!! I’ll kill you for it!!!!
    If you can ever let that wall down, you would be able to the Truths you do, have, and be complimented for it, and see the Truths, you are in error on. And you could actually find Love. Otherwise it’s “what I believe.” “Leave me Alone”. Basically your still alone. But their is a greater love, and a greater sharing, but you have to want that as much as you wanted Jesus originally. It’s the next phase.
    If what I am saying here is not love, then you might as well become a monk, because you basically are formatted for it.

    • So many reflections. Big love to you all Happy Sunday. Peace and joy.


    • Mishai, you couldn’t be further from the truth in your observation. As I point out I do not put the knowledge above the love of God..and I am not self taughT…I am taught by no other than my father which is in heaven..”l listen”, ahem reveals Himself to those who listen. One cannot understand the hidden knowledge of the scriptures unless it is revealed to you by God.

      Your depiction of me as a roaring lion is when I am unmoved by the false accusations of another just as you continue to assume you know me when you don’t. You take my defensive in your opinion as hiding behind knowledge or history, which I have been careful not to do. I know it is in error for one to think in such a way. What you mistake for my rudeness is my addressing your inability to understand..or at least to respect someone else of a different understandings.. If you will carefully go back and read our conversation it was only when you without tact took it upon yourself to assume you knew better than Rachel or myself. After trying to tell you in a nice way and you still being inconsiderate I replied to my accuser in a more direct way. I know this is touchy ground when one corrects another and I rarely do unless one continues to want to have dialogue without adding the ingredient of respect into it. You do not.

      I’m sorry if you take my reply to you as an affront and rudeness but it is far from the truth. If Jesus is our pattern, He was always kind to those who were caught up in sin and or made mistakes…He was KIND!”

      When He was addressed in a rude and or in an unkind manner, being accused of being something He was not…He only then took His liberty to correct these false words…it’s not that Hw didn’t love His accusers, it’s that…what was His be mute and let Himself be ridiculed and second guessed by whom?

      Christ, being my example, I never condemn the sinner, regardless of the sin, unless one starts speaking to me as I do not k is what I’m talking about when I know when it is the other who crosss the line of being respectful…then I take my liberty to tell someone they speak when they should be listening.

      Yes, it’s knowledge, and then wisdom to use knowledge properly, and then understanding to know the difference and apply it. Knowledge used as a defense and as a sword…is child’s play.

  111. I do not see what you want to straighten out as an error, an error. So without respect or any tact you just tell someone they are wrong…I know it’s hard sometime to get the point across on paper but never the less…we do our best.

    The Bible is not a history book to me nor do I teach it to be to others. It is nothing of the sort. The entire book is a “REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST” and it is the Jesus which is within our very being! He is not knowledge, He is not in a building on a Sunday somewhere, He rejects religious sects and people who base their faith on meaningless words and doctrines.

    Mishai, I don’t know how to make myself clear to you…

    It is because YOU want to use the law for your justification of your faith…I do not see it this way. I only use the law when one wAnts to substitute knowledge for love as you yourself made the statement…I only use the law to show those who want to remain under the law (knowledge) they are in error to try to find righteousness and God on letters and words written on a page.

    Mishai, stop looking to form opinions of other’s worth according to your knowledge…It doesn’t work this way.

  112. hi all, let me try to set some ALIGNMENTs. FIRST, ANY ENERGY OUTPUTED always comes back to the SOURCE. to be against anything is to be against self. the WORLD(of flesh) is a reflection of what we create in ourselves(from HEAVEN SELF). TO LISTEN TO MAN is to listen to god. you cannot listen to god and reject man. the CHRIST(adjective) is something dormant in all(waiting to be accessed). The way it works is that the ETERNAL is the (past/present/future as ONE). the BIBLE is past self in future version. THE IMPORTANCE of the LANGUAGE of ETERNAL is to connect with I AM(ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE NEVER CHANGES IN ALL OF TIME). to LOVE MAN(in spirit) is to love the GOD self(everyone). IT is EASY to find CONTRADICTIONS when we dissect each word. but to listen in spirit of what the words are accessing are of great importance(outside of MAN SENSES).

    i give SONNY GREAT VALUE(even though he doesnt need it) as i know he sees great value in me. WE give GREAT VALUE in mishai(even though he has something to defend). please dont disect the words, but try to UNDERSTAND the connections of what keeps us BOUND TO EACHOTHER…

    • All we say, do, and share should be for the purpose of seeing the other fulfilled as we ourselves want the same. What I want for me, I should want for others. This is the oneness God asks us to seek and to have…a level playing field.

      Yes, I know it is hepard to discuss the scriptures especially when of varying views, but it is as we know, it is. To about our differences as much as it is about our likes…and I know we will all be alike one day…finished in His image and likeness. So…we with patience look to our end as we look to the end of others as well. When we see the end of others as God allows us..there is no condemnation for anyone. Religious minded people think they have to condemn others to prove their own righteousness when this is childish, misunderstanding of who God is and what He is about.

      It just does not matter about the processing of us as much as it does the finished destination of each of us, so let us look to the end of the other…and treat them as being in God image, instead of looking at our “temporary faults.”

      I see us all as the finished product…and our present blindness is but a fleeting moment. I believe that everything that was created by God was created with the end of us in mind…and the temporariness of sin is just that…temporary.

      So when we look at another, let us look to the good, to the end, to that we shall enjoy together…and forgive the condition we are in that we have little control over…for we were created subject to vanity…not willingly but in the hope of being released from all of our negatives. I know we will.

    • And, yes the anointing (Christ) is in us…waiting for the awareness that the veil has already been removed that separates the holy place from the most holy place, spirit and soul…and when these become one “again” this will be as the marriage supper of the lamb…reunited. The man (spirit) and the woman (soul) again being reunited “within us” to become one again in Christ..then God, Christ, and we will be as one as Christ described. Not one in entity but one in Spiirt.

  113. Perfecly said(i give you value) 🙂 see the GIFTs of self through eachother, as our own PRAISE is god’s praise(word)(spirit to flesh)

  114. We really are all one, we are only waiting for our spiritual sight to be restored to see that we…we are just waiting for that which keeps us from seeing and being as one…is removed….and that being is… our “self.”


    As we wait for the veil of self to be removed from us by our Father…with much patience…to make ourselves acceptable to God…we with much like patience wait in the same manner…and have the same hope…for “all”, because to be found in God’s likeness we must see as He see’s that “all” does mean “all”.

    It’s the only thought and understanding that can make one, “one” with God..our Father.

    It really is…all good…

    • It is~ ⚡️⚓️❤️


      • At the end of the day our words do not matter as to who we say we are, or what we may believe, whether in truth or in ignorance of the truth, or even what we may try to convey to another according to our perception and perspective of knowledge, it is in our every action of what truth resides within us. And who knows the true intent of all of our actions better than the Father of us “all”? So with a singleness of mind we function in our daily living…not trying to convince others of anything we say but living in such a way before our Father which knows all things, observes all things, and watches our “actions” …and words…as we progress towards being obedient to His will. And…we do this not by how we are treated by others, but how we treat them and how we react to how we are treated by them…whether it is right or wrong..for it is not how we are seen by another that matters, but it is how we see them in the light of God. (“It’s not what comes into a person which defiles them but what goes out of them….)”

        We may be thought of as the greatest person in another person’s mind and should we let this myth perpetuate for adulation’s sake, we are in a grevious error. This is the mind of the five foolish…about seeking self admiration and self kingdom building. We should take living “before our Father most seriously” and the best way to do this…is to be most mindful of the other person as we talk with them, correspond with them, and interact with them.

        There cannot be a person on this earth that we cannot pray for in all good conscious…no matter the sin. Look at the person of Paul…religious, self righteous, a murderer, a holier than thou attitude…all steeped in “his knowledge” and from a very ritualistic religion…, yet God took him, forgave him of all his past sins and made Paul an example not only of His own mercy, grace and compassion…but also as an example to those families who had lost loved ones at the murderous hand of Paul…that they also would learn to forgive “the least of these” (in their mind). When we think of the person of Paul, and why God chose him for making him to be chief among apostles…it is to show us there is not a person on the face of this earth, regardless of who they “were”or are, it is who they are destined to become that makes all the difference …as we also shall become…There was no greatness in Paul’s past life which warranted His mercy and grace from God, the greatness lies in who God would have him to be…just as God is trying to convey to us…it’s not where we’ve been but where we’re going that is important. There is a saying in the bible about not taking hold of the plow and looking back but to continue to look forward. You can’t plow a straight line when looking in the opposite direction. It says to be worthy we should not look back but to concentrate on what lays before us, it is the end of us that matters.

        It is a most blessed thing to receive the understanding of who “all” is. When we learn to function in the spirit we really do see that love really has no boundaries, no boundaries of jealousies, of hate, and of any religious affiliations. Ones who have boundaries in order to love another has not the love of God, for the veil (flesh) still hangs between their spirit and soul, preventing the love of God to penetrate through this fleshly way of behaving and thinking. When the veil is rent between our “two” compartments of spirit and soul, we will then and only then stand in only one undivided room, made from the two previous rooms, and we can then walk in oneness for the soul can now follow the spirit on to perfection. Just as the wife takes on the name of her husband in marriage, our soul can now take on the “nature” of the spirit in it’s symbolic marriage and will thus become one in our walk together in the oneness we seek. This is a good parable of the husband and wife to understand for it has great spiritual meaning.

        God is love, and this substance of who God is, is the substance that we shall “all” become. It is a sad situation to see people functioning in a mind of superiority, thinking that the sins of others are somehow beneath their own shortcomings, however with the knowledge that this kind of thinking is just a temporary insanity on one’s part, we will overlook it because God has permitted the love He has given us to see that our end, is the other’s end as well. So we have compassion.

        We should not look at where we are at the moment to justify ourselves or at the like position of another, but we should look to the end where after we have come through this valley of the “shadow” (not real) of death experience, we can then greet the other and thank God it is all behind us as then the rest of an endless life can be enjoyed as a result of this valley experience. We will then have learned through the things we have suffered just as Jesus did, and from now on we will have learned how to enjoy this wonderful life with no end. Can we grasp it? We will.

        Again, we should never look at another as being less than ourselves but we should put them before ourselves because one day we shall all be in a place where our past experiences will have only brought us all to the enjoyment of the other…just like God intended and set out to do in the “beginning.”

        The end of “all” things is to result in being in harmony with everything else, a oneness that is void of anything that divides us from God and from one another. If we can but see the end of God’s wonderful plan, we have nothing to complain about, nor have a fault to see in another to condemn them for. We should instead pray for others to be released from the same sins that bind us just as well. Let us therefore be cleansed from our sins by asking and receiving forgiveness for our own short comings…in order that we may “then” pray for another to also have them to be cleansed from their faults, let us therefore recognize the beam in our own eye and ask to have it removed that we may then be able to help another.

        I know all things will eventually consummate into this oneness we speak in God, into His very likeness and nature, therefore I know of not a person God has not intended for us to have a love for…this is because we know that God’s plan is for all people….just as for Paul…regardless of what was in their previous past and experience. We will all learn from our past mistakes as did Paul, as will all of us.

        To have this oneness in understanding for all people is a most gracious gift from our heavenly Father. Any understanding that puts God in a negative light is not light at all. Negative thinking and actions will never drive negativity from within our being. When we learn to walk in the light we will give darkness absolutely no thought, for as love cast out fear, the light will dissipate darkness. It’s like walking into a dark room, we don’t have to think about wishing the darkness away, we just simply turn on the light.

      • Totally get it. Spot on. I have been in a vacuum lately. But it’s good. My lack of interaction does feel lazy and irresponsible towards just turning on that light. Excellent Sonny. It’s where I am at. With knowledge comes sorrow abs then it goes in oscillation. I love that. No room on this world for the darkness, although it is here. I have been pulling back n my words in all aspects of my life. For reason and the season I suppose. Thank you as always fit your dedication and pure thought on matters. A treasure. I will read and read it again. Timely. I love IT. ❤️⚓️❤️

        Kindly, Travis


      • Travis …

        Sometimes in stillness is when the greatest transitions/transformations happen because there is room to change. I believed that my life would need to get still and quiet to allow the awareness within to more fully awaken – and that is what I’m experiencing (one reason why I’ve been so quiet). We need space and time to unwind so we can let go of the old and embrace the new. We need quietness without to gain a deep quietness within so we can hear the steady and constant guidance of the Spirit through great shifts in awareness/consciousness. Our minds need space to begin to think differently thus create differently, and not be so busy and consumed with our outer life. In this society, we value busyness but in the realm of the Spirit stillness and quietness are invaluable. I find I go through these seasons of stillness as great shifts are upon me. Stillness is a opportunity for inner growth. May this time more fully awaken you to the endless light, life, peace and love within you.

      • Beautiful, and it’s amazing, in the empty to be filled and emptied again~ We will see each other at the next vector love you sisters and brothers and Sonny and Rachel, thank you for the time and thought that flow thru you. Peace and blessings in the day The Lord has made. This morning has been energizing and the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that are all before us just become something new again. I a, devoted completely with my heart mind and body~ 5 years of steady flow. It’s so uncomfortably awesome, which brings comfort. Lolol. Divine paradoxes from within. I love that a place like this in VR exists it needs too. 🙏🏼⚓️🙏🏼

        Kindly, Travis


  115. Remember the natural tabernacle, in knowing that it represents the true tabernacle which is really you and me in type and the anti type respectively?
    We do not point these things out just to have knowledge, to be intelligent and studious or to teach it as a history lesson but we meditate on these natural things to know how to look at spiritual things within us, the true tabernacle. We study the inward workings of the natural tabernacle so that we can see more clearly how to walk in our true tabernacle, how to be respectful, and conduct ourselves amongst all we meet and greet. By learning how and why we were created, and what is it about our earthly purpose, we learn to know ourselves and once we understand our relationship one on one with God through His Son, we can then understand the one on one relationship between all others and God…. and how we are all connected for we are all born with the future consummation of Christ in us.

    This is how the oneness of the spirit and mind is developed in us and between us, it is in seeing others in ourselves because if we see one as evil and another as good, we make the same mistake as Eve by reasoning that there is a separation of “purpose” in God’s plan. This is a mistake to look at God’s plan as good and evil. In Genesis when He said His plan was good, this is exactly what He meant; He had created every thought a person could have, both good and evil, every sin, mistake and fault one could ever do…to bring us to our good end. In Isaiah 45:7, God takes full responsibility for creating light and darkness, good and evil. God always called His plan “Good.” The purpose of God creating evil was to show us by going our own way and doing our own thing what will be the outcome of our disobedience to His will. We could have been created as robots without the ability to create and perpetuate life. We have been permitted to so screw up this world (as we have) and to then see…that if we would have adhered to God’s way and to His will, it would have been much better for us. God is giving us choices to make (within boundaries) and God has brought us up under tutors and governors, the law and prophets, to show us a better way than going our own way. Again, look at the world around us, this is as a result of going our own way which is a selfish and evil way, taking no thought for the welfare of others.

    To give us as much freedom and creativity as He possibly could in order to be like Himself, we also must suffer for being disobedient as Eve (our soul) “reasoned” within herself to do…and we know the result of her “reasoning.” As Eve learned the hard way, we also do not need to reason away the perfect commands and will of God, we just need to simply obey what is already prepared and designated for us. So as Christ learned obedience through the things in which He suffered, we will as well.

    The thing we all ask, is in the why of it all?

    When we are brought to the place of this understanding, we also only see as God sees, and we only see the good in it all. Yes, in the good and in the evil we see from one perspective and from only one will, and this is the will of God and if God created everything and called it good, it must be so, so we pray and meditate on seeing the silver lining in all things and when we concentrate on seeing the good in all things, it is revealed to us according to His purpose.

    I believe the key to understanding as God would have us to, is to be led by a desire to not be above or below our fellow man.. To have been created to live with little understanding of what appreciation and gratitude is all about, we are but robots moving about unappreciative of what a wonderful gift this life really is. This processing is not so God can benefit from it as much it is so that we can feel that love and appreciation so that we can live life to the very fullest. The scriptures are very clear about looking at the natural things that are created to understand the permanent spiritual life. This creation, created by God was specifically created to train us up in the way we should go, be and act, throughout an endless life. What a brief stay for and endless life! God says He created us as a separate “entity” from Himself to have life within ourselves, but not to be separate in His likeness and character of His spirit. Our oneness is not in entity, but in His spirit. This is where many people get confused on what oneness is really about. When we are all stripped of “self” all that will be left is His likeness.

    When you take a child that is born into this world that is void of love and nurturing, but given a lot of material things, there is little if any appreciation for these things or for respect of others. There is very little thankfulness if any for they are responding to what they know and how they have been brought up and treated. However once this child has been exercised in this futility of unthankfulness for enough time to know the difference, God then draws this child to Himself and gives it a contrast to it’s past, a love and an awareness of the good of Himself and His gift that comes to light.

    Our processing and our journey through this valley of the shadow of death puts a contrast on the goodness of God and without this contrast we would remain as unappreciative with little gratitude for anything. Again it is not that God needs anything per say from us, the process is so that we can live life to the fullest, it is to make us aware and to love all just as God loves all. God has made us partakers of His giving nature so that we may enjoy it in the giving…just as He does. , for God never took from anyone to gain anything, it is that He could only give…so to be found in God’s likeness we must also have a like giving heart.

    With God, it is how He could create His offspring to love and to give just as He Himself did? What process could He devise for us to actually be one in thought, in likeness and character and all be of one understanding.
    Christ explained that as He and His Father are one, we will also enjoy being one with them once we have this same mind developed in us which is also in Christ.

    So we should count it all joy, for all we experience brings us that much closer to our end in “Him.”

    The consummation of all things is summed up in the scripture:
    As in Adam “all” died so as in Christ “all” shall be made alive, but “every” man in His own order. ( The “all” that died is the same “all” that will be made alive in Christ.)

    So…if we all died with Adam in his fall from grace, it is therefore just as certain that we shall all rise in Christ…as our “number” is called…to come forth and come forth we will.

  116. Travis, it is sometimes a good thing to pull back in our words and let the spirit within speak in quietness. It takes the “vacuums”, it takes the lows, the highs and everything in between to “make us” in God’s image. Think of it this way…it will happen, not because of our opinion of ourselves, but because of His promises to each and every one of us. It is a certainty because of God’s declaration that “As in Adam all die so as in Christ all shall be made alive, but each in his own order”, so we with patience wait for the promise…and ir will certainly come to pass. It is a wonderful thing to come to a place where we “know” and opinions are a distant past. There comes a time in our walk where we “own” what has been given to us. Let us not deny what we are becoming but let us dutifully “let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus” after all we will just be fulfilling His promises…so accept His presence…and be greatful for it. That’s why we are here.

  117. Edited

    It comes up occasionally about our differences of opinions in discussing the scriptures: The book of the New Testament (as well as the old) is a book about the revelation of the Christ and the Christ anointing within, how we should live, walk in faith and most importantly how we should relate to one another in discussing our differences, whether about life in general or discussing the scriptures. Until we are fully mature in Christ we will differ on the subject matter of the meaning of the scriptures, just as the apostles themselves did at various times. They were like us.

    Paul and James seemingly had two different views on faith, one without works and one with. However when our minds become more mature to its meaning they both say the same thing. It is because of our faith that we do the proper works and our proper works is the love and respect we have for the other. As concerning Paul’s and James’ different wording on faith; Some people think a free gift of grace means they without works give them a clean bill of health to be disobedient after receiving their faith without works, relying on God’s continuing grace to cover their wrong doing…not knowing if we have the proper faith we will voluntarily want do the works in appreciation and gratitude for our God given life.

    There are three rewards when it is all said and done just as there are three harvest of Passover, Pentecost, and the Feast of tabernacles. It is according to our “faith” that will determine which feast or “level” we acquire to, so if we think we are saved by faith alone without any works then be satisfied with a Passover reward of 30 fold, Pentecost a 60, and if we desire to go all the way in being obedient to the end, a 100 fold reward awaits us. We get what we put into it as the old saying goes so if you want to pick the easy way out then by all means do so but do not expect to be among the highest calling in Christ Jesus. All are rewarded according to our order of “obedience.”

    It is obedience to our understanding of what faith is that determines where we will fit into God’s plan. All life’s rewards are good but it is to those who want to give the most which will receive the most…so if you want to keep doing wrong so that grace may abound then go right ahead and be prepared to take your place in the second resurrection among the unbelievers…for believing takes faith and believing properly brings obedience to an increase in faith.

    This article is written to promote spiritual maturity so that Christians can be more charitable toward those who differ with them. In the words of another,
    “It is not necessary to destroy our opponents in doctrine. The world ought to be an open forum. If any man has a viewpoint, he should be free to express it and to discuss it with others. Ideally, if men disagree, they ought to be able to appeal to the divine court and receive an answer from God Himself. It is largely because we lack the ability to hear God’s voice distinctly that our differences remain. And it is the lack of love that keeps us divided.” End quote

    Our faith should lead us to an “obedience” that creates a stepping stone to even more of an awareness of God’s love…and then…when we continue to be “obedient” more spiritual awareness is revealed that we may walk even further in truth which will lead us to the consummation of the highest calling in Christ Jesus…participating in the fullness and greatest of the feast.

    So faith without works is faith without love and faith without love is being disobedient to the will of God. The highest form of love is walking in obedience until we are swallowed up into the fullest of maturity… which is in God’s image…His character..His likeness in that we love as He loves. It is a journey of loving others as we would have them to love us….it’s really a simple concept to grasp once we quit seeing our differences as much as we can see our likeness’ in the other.

  118. really wanting to fellowship more with you This is what the Lord has been revealing to me. I left the church systems for over a year now. You are the first woman that ive seen with this word of truth.

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