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The End of Suffering


The End of Suffering


“I see suffering all around me. How can I end suffering for all as it isn’t even real?”

The way to all truth is through the “supra-conscious mind”, the over-mind that governs all reality. Our minds are closed to the supra-consciousness because we (humans) have relied on our own self-generated consciousness, which is a false consciousness created in the belief that we are separate from all living things. This self-conscious mind is a “closed (finite) system” that functions in darkness (separation from the truth of the supra-mind, which is infinite).

The self-created consciousness forms its own truths based on what it perceives via its physical senses. Thus it believes it lives in a material or finite reality because the senses can only discern the material and finite. The soul, which is eternal, is then subjected to finite limitations which rub against it and create suffering, pain and abrasion of all soul perceptions. The soul experiences “pain” and manifests this pain outwardly as suffering into its reality which is created by its mind. When anyone perceives the suffering of others, without consciously knowing they absorb this potential into their own self-created consciousness. They believe suffering to be true and it becomes part of their reality. Thus suffering and the finite reality of death spread throughout humanity via physically perceiving the manifested reality of others.

How then is this closed system of suffering penetrated, such that light (Truth) can be passed on to others? By Trust in the workings of divine love.

Trust is the open door to the supra-conscious mind which allows the soul to operate in the “infinite system” in which it was created to exist. This supra-conscious mind governs all freewill creatures and is framed with eternal structures of love, peace, joy, harmony, growth and restitution (gathering of all things into oneness and perfection). It is fundamentally different from the framework of the self-generated consciousness and its resulting mind of darkness and selfishness. It is not possible for the self-conscious mind to trust in the thoughts and ideas of the supra-conscious mind, even if it wills to do so.

Such a darkened mind can not comprehend the ways of light and is therefore unable to construct thoughts of life. However, as one travels inwardly into the abyss of the transition space between these two consciousnesses (the real and the unreal), it is here that the door to the supra-conscious is found. This infinitely small door is imperceptible without the guidance of the Spirit of Truth, yet has always connected the self-created mind to the life of the supra-mind of oneness. If the traveller remains in this place of transition and continues to knock on the door once having perceived it, and having come to understand that the Father lives behind it, it is eventually discovered that the door was always open, but appeared at first non-existent and then closed, and then as the soul perceptions of the traveller are refined, it appears as it is in truth: open.

Perceiving this open door is the birth of Christ within the soul and with it the supra-natural ability to Trust in the growing reality of Truth and the infinite space of the living realm of oneness. Slowly this Trust is able to convey the concepts of life into the self-created mind and conquer all thoughts and ideas that manifest expressions of suffering and separation from joy.

As the “Life” pours into the self-consciousness through the expanding doorway of the supra-conscious mind, the self-created mind is consumed by Life. And it begins to operate in accordance with the supra-mind’s purposes, creating a reality that will be able to relay life to the dead (unaware of Truth) through the reality of their physical senses. What is discovered behind the door deep within by the few is poured out into reality, that all may perceive the Truth of the supra-conscious mind via external perception. Thus, Life spreads to all humankind.

As Life consumes the self-created consciousness of those once unaware (dead), they are increasingly able to contain the supra-conscious mind’s thoughts of divine love (Life) and to trust in these thoughts as good, real and possible. For they first must see the light of divine love (Christ) manifested by others via their physical senses and then proclaim it good via their soul perceptions. As this happens, suffering slowly dissolves from their reality through their increasing Trust in the life of divine love.

So it is that through the one door all are made alive. Through the few who found the open gate of the supra-conscious mind of perfection, love and endless joy, all may be made free and partakers of the oneness of divine love’s river of life.


“Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. ~ Matthew 7:14

But now Christ is risen from the dead, and has become the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. For since by man came death, by Man also came the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:20-22

“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” ~ Revelation 21:4


~ TreeSoul


Author: Rachel

My passion is cultivating a deep relationship with God and helping others to do the same. I LOVE sharing with others insights that God has taught me and hearing what God has taught them... thus my blog, Stirring the Deep. My focus is on a relationship, not a religion. Life is in the relationship. I believe in a balance and unity of body, mind and spirit. I feel it's important to nurture all three for they all affect each other. I try to live in the present, where the Holy Spirit is. And I try to do all with the motive of love. I've come to believe life is a journey and not a destination. It isn't about perfection, is it about growth.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Truth, Rachel!

    • I too am grateful for the teachings of the Spirit of Truth who leads each one of us perfectly down the path of unfoldment of Truth. As we progress down this path, truth grows ever more beautiful. We begin to see the perfection in all things, even the perfect orchestration in the womb of disharmony … and our gratitude grows in sincerity and truth and our Trust in divine love becomes steadfast.

  2. My beloved sister Rachel who holds high the banner of His Love high on the mountain tops! Your post alignes well today sister! We suffer now in warfare for those ‘others who are deceived by the lies of the wicked fallen angelic hoard and their kind, who, are now spinning and fighting to remain in power over our earth family. So we suffer inwardly often not even knowing why we hurt. Then, we dream of loved ones, we see visions and hear tales that drive us into realms where angels tread. But, our Elohim makes His Son’s through this warfare, training them (us) into finery fit for His kingdom. As the stars in the shamayim are we made for His pleasure., His purpose, His plan that we may please Him in creating in the shamayim of His malkut! His Name is Yahweh! and His Yahid is Yahushua!! and His spirit toward us is Ruah ha’Qodesh, and these are Elohim!!! Shalom chavarim

    • So good to hear from you Sonne.

      When we begin to taste the depth of divine love, our heart suffers for others whose hope and trust is distant from this divine love, (a distance and unawareness which manifests in all forms of suffering). We suffer for the suffering … this is to feel the divine love of our Creator for our eternal brothers and sisters. It is his love calling out to us to seek first the Kingdom (the Christ in us), which is a realm of harmony, joy, peace and love that we all may be partakers of the Spirit of Life. And yet this love also testifies to our hearts that this temporary dream-consciousness is serving a high purpose of making all into souls who can express the Spirit of the Living God (the Christ). When you feel this love among the suffering you realize in the realm of divine love when one suffers all suffer, thus all are brought into the regenerative bosom of our Father.

    • absolutely sonne dirmoci awesome spirit in your expessions of the godspel amen!!!

  3. So good~

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  4. How great thou art…I bow my head…

  5. Perfectly said. i accept all that was written. i would like to give an example, of how it all works together.
    in the physical world, we place so much FOCUS on donald trump, where within our own CONCERNS, the POWER is in the wrong location. instead of us focusing on donald trump, FOCUS ON EACH PERSON(neibors, elderly, children, familys, and give strenght to your THOUGHTS and STRENGTHs in unity(no SEPERATION THROUGH DIFFERENCES). when we do this, the world SHIFTS, and power starts to flow as you see PEOPLE in LOCAL POLITICAL EVENTS, you see people gather in the street, and in the news. within our own THOUGHTs, we need to VISUALIZE the future of our kids, and give each-other strength to neibors, rather than those who keep us in constant WAR…. within the ETERNAL, there is a CHOICE of peace(where each of us represents ALL OF US), or TRUST in our leaders, as sometimes we dont see strengths in ourselves(eternally ONE)…

    • Thank you for your timely words … What we focus on grows and expands. To keep our minds and thoughts in servitude of what we desire – peace, harmony, and love amongst us all – is to exude this spirit through our words and actions. Peace without comes from peace within flowing through us from the Source and out to others through our thoughts, words and actions of peace and unity. The nature of our reality begins with our nature within, thus our high purpose in this realm is to seek and desire to be of the nature of the Spirit of Truth and Love.

  6. You say:
    “I see suffering all around me. How can I end suffering for all as it isn’t even real?”

    Reality is what we are blinded from that is behind the veil. The veil of our carnal mind, the flesh. These things aren’t real, the veil and the flesh, for they are temporary in nature, they are things God created to teach and once the teaching is done, so are the tools used to do the reaching.

    How we end the suffering is to end it in us first…then we give forth what Christ has given to us …and that is a completed spirit. One that has overcome the temporary for the reality.

    It is by becoming as He is, the allegory of our fruit within is a story of the temporary becoming the reality, from traveling through the natural journey back to the spiritual.

    An excerpt about the natural fruit (the temporary) representing the reality which is to come:

    The Words We Speak

    Are the words we speak, are they the fruit of the grape vine and the fig tree or are they of the thorns and thistles of our vanity? Grapes and figs are planted in the soil of where the thorns and thistles once grew for the field has to be cultivated and cleared so the good seed can produce after it’s kind. For a vine to get established and produce fruit it must go through a few cycles and seasons to get established. Seasons of harsh cold winters and hot summer months, extremes of ups and downs. The thorns and thistles will have to continually be weeded out of the soil which the vines have been established in and if not the thorns and thistles will choke out the vine and branches and they will not produce to their full potential.

    God has planted us in His vineyard and some of us will produce a hundred fold, some sixty fold, and some thirty fold. This is because we are planted in the same earth among our thorn and thistle attitude and nature of the carnal mind. In other words some of us will sacrifice all of our human nature and some will desire to retain and “justify” our views on things instead of sacrificing ours to have His. We are God’s workmanship and He is the husband of our field where our good fruit is planted and must continue to grow while our vein natures are pruned away from us. If the soil where our fruit is planted is allowed to go unattended the cares of this life (thorns and thistles) will choke out the good seed of our Christ likeness that has started to grow within us.

    What and how we speak, write and convey by our actions is the degree of the good fruit we have become and who we “are”. Are we pleased to have our nature within pruned by the spirit of God whereby we resist our nature of thistles and thorns? When confronted with a choice of speaking or answering another, do we give forth from the fruit from the vine (Christ) within or do we answer with thorny and thistle language of our carnal mind which is not of Christ? A positive attitude or a negative attitude? Do we speak to heal or do we speak to wound because we have been wounded? Our words will reveal who is in better control of our spirit, Christ or Satan. Christ heals, Satan wounds, Christ forgives, Satan seeks to wound back.

    When we are confronted to answer another’s thorny, divisive attitude do we seek to have a healing or do we let our lower nature rule out and further the divide? Do we follow our Father of good or our father of evil? As the scripture teaches a kind word spoken at the right time turns away wrath.

    We all will receive of God’s mercy and grace as we are pruned of our carnal natures and processed into His kingdom. However let us stand still and “let” the work be done by God so that we can reap the good of the harvest sooner than later. Let our good fruits be enjoyed by others and let our fruit of kindness feed the soil of another. The fruit of the vine grows so much better when “we” cross pollinate, the giving and taking of that which gives a better life to another.

    We are known by our fruit. Let us grow better and better fruit of the spirit as we enter into a new cycle (year) of growth. Let not the cares (bitterness) of this world within us choke out the “Word” (Christ nature) that is also within us. Let us choose this day whom we will serve. It is written our tongue can murder the spirit of another. Our words reveal if we choose to give life or if we choose to give death to another. Do we maim or do we heal? It really is our choice whom we serve. So once we choose who we desire our father to be, let us choose our words accordingly. We choose Christ.

    The mystery of Christ is simple; He must come into and within our very being. He must take up His abode within our temple and cleanse it from the thorny nature of our carnal mind . And when He does we will produce only the fruit and the words of our Father. So let us choose the fruit from the good tree, the tree of life which is Christ…

    The scriptures say we will produce fruit after our kind. Which “kind” of father do we desire to follow and to produce after?

    • Sonny,

      This analogy has often come to mind in recent weeks, so it is fitting to read your thoughts. So thank you for sharing what you have been given.

      Our experiential reality is a reflection of our soul and as our soul is awakened and freed from the bitterness of unawareness and blindness that creates so much suffering by the awakening Light of the Spirit of Life (the Christ) within us, our reality becomes reflective of the real. Though the darkness serves its purpose … it is our highest joy to witness and experience the ever expanding Light of Life through us and among us. When we begin to perceive the Light of Life within, it becomes a consuming desire to express this Life in every breath – as you say to give words of life always. It is our choice to love always — though the manifestation of this choice is a journey in my experience. This transformation from expressing the self to expressing the Divine self requires a deep trust in the perfect workings of our Father – of whose substance we are. I daily struggle with not expressing what I’ve felt within … yet I’ve learned to be grateful with this struggle because it is manifesting a consuming Trust that opens my soul to the Spirit to express the perfect divine potentials through me. In time, we become grateful for all things as in time all leads us down the path of a divine soul who is the expression of the Living Spirit of Truth and Love.

  7. Hi Rachel, E.W. here. I think I see what you are saying. I speak in the tongue of red-neck, hope you understand. ~ God is not concerned as much about obedience as He is about one’s will to be obedient. If this was not true, then no doubt He would have left “ALL” of His word written in the side of a granite mountain; in form that all people would understand as they read. However, His system (through the Spirit revealing) is learning His truth in bits and pieces ( “continue to grow in grace and knowledge”). Most denominational religious people read a verse or passage and claim their-imagination to be God’s spirit talking to them. If any verse or passage is contrary to one’s thoughts, then the thought is not truth of God! AND: The one thing this old man is finally learning ~ concern for one another is the greatest thing on earth!

    • Hi E.W.

      This has been my experience as well … that our experience is one of growing in a divine desire to divinely love more than “perfection in obedience” in doing so – for we can’t until our soul is fully awakened to the Spirit of Christ within us.

      It is his power in us and not of ourselves that enables us to divinely love. It is through our inability that we gain much that is required to be expressions of the Spirit of Life. Yet, when our desire is sincere, our desire moves us to attempt to act in according to the divine love we perceive though we know it is not of our power but is of the Living Spirit of God in us. Through the attempts, we learn and we gain the soul conditions that prepares us to express the Living Spirit of God (the Christ); one of the main conditions being Trust which opens our souls to His divine attributes flowing through us and shuts down our self-generated will and “power”. As we draw near the Living Spirit of God we realize we can do nothing of what we divinely desire apart from this Spirit. This realization creates a consuming desire for his life in us … which is required because when we awaken we are consumed through the perfect unfoldment of each moment.

  8. It is in and because of our obedience to God that we grow in the kingdom way. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding without obedience is as thorns and thistles for it is not in the knowing but it is in the doing of a thing.

    In the following passages notice it is in the obeying the will of God, it is not in merely knowing about what we should do or have good intentions of doing. Our intentions and knowing must carry the meaning of action with these terms or we will lay as dormant seeds that have never been planted or watered by the Word of God.

    Genesis 22:17-18
    …blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore; and your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies. In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice.

    Exodus 19:5-6
    “Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people; for all the earth is Mine. And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” These are the words which you shall speak to the children of Israel.
    Deuteronomy 4:5-8 (NLT)
    Look, I now teach you these decrees and regulations just as the LORD my God commanded me, so that you may obey them in the land you are about to enter and occupy.

    We surely have to have a good intent to serve our God, just as King David did throughout his struggles to overcome and learn to do better. Yet, at times his carnal nature won out over his intent because he knew better than to take another man’s wife, etc, etc. We do not condemn him , we learn from his mistakes. The condemnation was within himself. We are to observe the mistakes of others and take heed.

    All the false prophets had and have good intentions to lead the people of God but the problem is, do they lead them to God or to their own desire to be recognized, adulated and to be “approved of”? We cannot stand in the way, however we can and must point the way to God and away from ourselves. It wasn’t always a pleasant experience as true prophets usually had and have no great following. Most were stoned for rebuking the false prophets who loved the recognition that was meant to be toward God. Our good intent must be followed by our good fruit which are the grapes and figs of a Godlike spirit…within.

    • There are various levels and perspectives that are reflective of the Truth when discussing this topic … as with most topics in the realm of truth. True understanding is found by inward revelation by the Spirit of Truth, which our words attempt to convey so that being said here are some additional thoughts to yours Sonny .. which again thank you for sharing …

      True “Obedience” is love. If we are “obeying” what we believe is good but not doing so from a spirit of divine love – it is doing little and can even cause harm, though often and sometimes this raw obedience is where we begin. For in the doing we can learn and grow toward the true good – which is to divinely love. Our efforts to obey the ways of this divine love reveals that we can’t love according to the growing inward awareness of this love by our own power or strength, though we try. Our soul journey cultivates the soil of our soul to be outlets of this divine love – which in turn governs all we speak, act and do. This divine love only flows through our true-self from the Source and not from our false-self, for this love is of the real and true and can only be of the true and real. So to give this love, which is also to manifest the perfect divine potential in the present moment (perfect obedience), is a journey of awakening to the Christ Spirit within so that we operate as one.

      When we begin to grow in the awareness of the beauty of divine love it becomes our consuming desire to be and give this love always thus defining all that the eternal good asks of us (obedience). And because we desire to be and give this love we seek and follow the Spirit’s instructions in this area to the best of our current ability. In fact, it is painful when we don’t for we know what such a beautiful love creates when given and received. Some instructions are easy to follow – others we struggle with for years because of the seemingly “hard-wired” habitual thought patterns. Yet the latter is purposeful for our Creator, whose workmanship we are, who uses the refinement these struggles bring to do even greater works in us.

      As it is said “faith without works is dead” .. if we say we love and yet show no actions that support this love – do we really love? And yet we are also subjected to struggle within our broken vessels as stated by the Apostle Paul in Romans 7, which once again is being used for even greater soul refinement. Our true selves are aspects of the Divine Self – thus express divine love perfectly. When we awaken into this “newness of life” of the Divine Self then divine love flows through us … but until that transformation we struggle to love as we desire, thus “obey” love’s call upon our hearts as we desire. So the real desire and the essence of divine “obedience” behind all we do … is once again – to give a pure, perfect and sincere divine love, which is accomplished through the Christ within us.

      • All the commandments we are asked to obey has the essential element of love attached to them for all the law and “prophets” hang on the two great commandments…”to love”…and ….”to love.” I think we see that the end of “all” things is to be found in the love and likeness of our creator. We may have all knowledge, wisdom and understanding but they have no meaning and value unless they lead us to our being complete in the character of our Father.

        We “see” this, it is good.

  9. Rachel, we are in agreement on the subject at hand…and I am prompted by the sincerity of the subject to be a little more direct…albeit in the same spirit of love.

    A true teacher, prophet, or deciple must have the love of the other in mind to teach in reality and this is what is lacking in mainstream religion. We do not condemn the people by pointing out they are following the wrong message and messenger because we are to love the sinner but not the sin….nor love the congregation of the unrighteous but we do point out what we are to leave behind as we walk toward this love we seek. The “business” of religion is the great deceiver of the simple minded where the congregation gives to the “ministry” what it ask for…the admiration, recognition, and praise of men. This is sin…and the blind do lead the blind. Instead of seeking a humble spirit, the proud seek praise for themselves. Instead of seeking and teaching the beatitudes, these proud ones promote the ways of the flesh…The lust of the eye, lust of the flesh and the pride of life in the pulpits and the people love to have it so. Do we teach and encourage the humbleness within or do we promote the big “I” when we speak? When a person stands before others and is proud of what they know, say and do they convey a devilish pride that they think is to be admired…and the listener usually does worship the speaker instead of the one spoken about. Yes, it is a subtle thing to worship God with the inherent pride of man….but this is what the false church in and of religion is guilty of. Pride of what one knows and in the manner of which this knowledge is conveyed is the difference between what is given in love and what is given to reap in from others of the “pride of life”,

    We very rarely touch on the gravity of what is false and what is true in a direct fashion such as this but it is needful to make clear the path of God and “the way ” to God. There are so many coming out of the systems of religion only to get trapped into another. This is because we lack the skills of discernment in our spiritual youth and we must be bitten again and again to “get it” so to speak. When one takes the fallen spirit of man and promotes this as a spirit of God to be admired and emulated it leads many astray. So we must ask ourselves when we share, do we do it in a spirit of meekness, evenness and a love for the other in order for them to “see” or are we focused on whether we are being praised, revered, admired or are given the center of attention to?

    We must fall away from such divination for this spirit of self is called by another name…it is called sorcery in the bible for whether the spirit of self is in the pulpit or in a dark corner somewhere the true meaning of a word can only come from two sources and if it is not of God it is sorcery. We call many religions cults and many innocent, honest seeking people must grow through and feel the experience of religion before God reveals Himself to them. When we understand that we are the temple of God (not made with hands) and He ask us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth, He is asking us to no longer look to a falseness in the outer church but to look deep within ourselves n the inner temple where there is no need for man to teach us..for we will be taught by the true prophecy giver…our lord and savior, our Christ (anointing).

    We should be able to tell others when they are seeking truth and are turning from the world and false religion of where they should turn…and that is not to us but to Christ. These are the two paths, we must choose one and reject the other. One is the love of self calling the pride of the flesh godliness, the other is the love of the other depicted in the two greatest commandments.

    • Yes. Let us always remind our seeking brothers and sisters to look within, to the LIVING Christ who teaches by perfect revelation – which is to say, by knowing.

      • Yes, to look within;

        Deep down beyond the soulish realm is a place of cleanliness, and this place is where the spirit resides and gives forth guidance. This place is within us and it is depicted by the holiest of holies in the tabernacle in the wilderness and later in Solomon’s temple. The only way into the holiest of holies where God dwelt, and dwells in us is through the holy place, the place of the soul. The holy place was entered from the outer court where the fleshly sacrifices were dwelt with. The study of the tabernacle is a very good tutorial of who we are and how we are constructed and how we are to function, it’s all there…for the tabernacle was built according to the vision given to Moses of something spiritual, something real, and these truths are the revelation that God and Christ and us, must live together in oneness, in this temple in which we are. This is depicted by the mercy seat with the two cherubim with stretched wings “touching” one another over this mercy seat. We are to reach this mercy seat in the place of the holy of holies for when we do we make up the holy triune. When Christ was crucified in the natural, He also was in the spiritual, for the veil was rent from top to bottom, thus making a way from the soulish realm into the spiritual realm, in other words from the holy place into the holy of holies.

        To find true meaning we must find it within our personal temple, for there was no holy place outside of the tabernacle just as there is no holy place outside of us…except in the same temple of another. When the individual tabernacle is complete then we have a corporate of temples made whole. As each of our temples are swept clean of the things (flesh) of the outer court (world) they (we) are made ready to accept the complete blessings of God, His character.

        So with this understanding, let us not take the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life into our temple just as it was not allowed in the “replica” of us in the wilderness. There was no flesh allowed in the holiest of holies and neither is it allowed in our inter most sanctum. When the veil is rent in this our temple, the soul is swallowed up into the place of the spirit where there is no distinguishing difference. The marriage is complete.

  10. my heart is sad alot even today I think of everyone suffering and being alone and feeling forgotten the only time I feel happiness is when i suddenly share God with one just as downcast and at that point of truth I begin to perceive I feel alieved, it all ends in him

  11. Thank you for sharing your heart. A sincere love is what is needed response to every form of suffering …

  12. Hi Rachel I just started watching your videos. I was so thrilled to find that you & I have both been called out of church & what truth we have discovered when we are taught by God & the Holy Spirit. It is hard to find fellowship with true followers of the church. I would love to be your friend. Are you on facebook?

  13. Hi Darlene

    What a gift your comment is to me this morning.

    Your comment stirred some thoughts I would like to share that you may have felt as well.

    A true connection to others is a reflection of our oneness with God. Thus as our relationship develops with God in truth, spirit and love so does it slowly develop in new ways with others.

    Though many of us begin in organized religion – as we respond to the call within to progress on our soul journey and go beyond the limits found in organized religion our hearts open up in love and truth and we find many and varied connections to others. In this, relationships come into and out of our lives that contine to support us and us them. As we let go of our expectations and become aware and mindful of what the present holds for us we find we always possess exactly what we need and we fulfill the needs of others as divinely determined. Sometimes what is needed is a stilling of our outer connections as the inner relationship with the Spirit is strengthen and develops.

    Our increasing awareness of the eternal presence of the Spirit of the Most High connects us all in a fellowship of true love that as we begin to gain awareness we perceive this connection in increasing degrees.

    To answer you question I’m not on Facebook. But I’m here.

    Much peace and love to you.

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    • Amos,

      Eby, Prinzing, Hawtin, Des Walter, etc., among many kingdom teachers; when you mentioned Sigler, this is his background of development among these teachers, many others…. All good with a similar perspective. I knew and know some of them…yet we know the true teacher abides within our very being….never the less I have known by your occasional comments where you’ve been and your thought pattern. I suspected you were well read in some of these for Sigler’s message is an accumulation of these teachers. Each has their own “bent” some things we agree with and some we don’t, however we respect and love them a little, three a little….It is good, never the less, no matter how good another may teach, right or wrong, we are Christ’s and we do not “cover” our head by another. I know you know what this means so I’ll leave it there on this blog. I know you know, we overcome “all” things within for the outward only helps to explain the “spiritual” kingdom which is within our bring, our temple, where God in reality dwells…for you I is as I heaven is between the ears…as hell is. Choose you this day whom you will serve…..


  15. ”thank you sonny ❤ and ill leave you with this thought, once the actual love of GOD has been experince ,from that point on your eyes know NOW!!THAT ALL POWER IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH IS OUR SOULS BIRTHRIGHT !!AMEN

  16. Once we understand there is no “other” side of God’s love, we “see” in perfect harmony, for His plan was concluded at its inception. We were and are finished in Him. To know what this means is to know… “It is finished.”

  17. And… When we started “life without end” when we were created before this earthly experience, it was “then” we started “life without end”. We are each here to be disciplined to our particular calling, some 30, some 60, some 100. When we understand the “mystery of Godliness” we enter in to His rest for His and our works are finished as to our likeness of our Father. It is a wonderous and wonderful thing to see God as He is as we become as He is. It’s simply an amazing, awe inspiring existence.


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  19. Learn to Praise and give Thanks continually and light and love will be generated out through you. And as you learn to generate light, the darkness will be banished from you and you yourself will be filled with Light and comprehend all things! This is not accomplished by any outward demonstrating, but by learning “to hear the Voice of God” and in following His instructions and fulfilling His terms. Then only is it possible to actually KNOW GOD! And this is LIFE ETERNAL, TO KNOW THEE, THE ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD AND JESUS CHRIST WHOM THOU HAST SENT!
    from “The Book of Books”

  20. Your right, the kingdom does not come by “outward” observation but veiled from the outward world at large. To come into His kingdom and light we must must become…like Him. The holiest of holies in the tabernacle in the wilderness was not observed outside the tabernacle, neither can it be observed outside this tabernacle in which we are…within. The tabernacle, I’m sure as you know was no more than a replica, a pattern of each one of us. If we want to know where God dwells, look to the holiest of holies in the natural tabernacle where no artificial light was needed for God was the only light needed. The candle sticks were an artificial light which were positioned in the holy place which depicts the place of our soul. The spirit needs no help from the soul whereas the soul does need help from the spirit to mature, thus the need for oil (understanding) in the candlesticks in the holy place…or our soul.

    Nice dialouge, thanks.

  21. Sonship, 144k

    As some others touch here occasionally on the “sonship” message I would like to comment on it.

    I have met with “kingdom teachers” over the years and corresponded with some others who have a wonderful ability to teach, preach, prophesy, etc, etc., and as wonderful as the message of sonship “is” we must keep it in the perspective as Eby, Britton, Prinzing, Hawtin and many others (as we ourselves) have pointed out, and have become to know, it is not in the “knowing” but in the “being” of a thing that matters.

    I realize even with the wonderful knowledge of the mysteries of God that He has given many of us that equals many who we may know..the greater understanding is that although we may know and understand the scriptures and may understand what it will take to become one in the “high calling” – “in” Christ Jesus, it still is not in the knowing but in the possessing…in becoming and “being”.

    To claim something before its time is where many in the “sonship” message has erred. To know is one thing and to be and become the love of God is another. I probably have read most all of the above authors messages over the last 40 years plus and although I agree with a lot of what they say, those of us who can expalin the message by words still do not possess the spirit of the 144,000. This will be revealed in each individual as God permits and even though I myself believe because of my understanding of the deeper things of God and am a “candidate” of sonship…it is not for me to decide that I am. It is through obedience to the end that we become what we become and as Paul so clearly described even He with all the understanding and preaching of “the way” that he had, he himself could fall away as many others he witnessed had done so.

    When we see others childishly and sometimes boastfully claim a certain position in Christ, they usually are poor and blind and naked of the truth for the truth I am talking about is what “is” within and not what we say is within. In other words knowledge is without, truth (love) is within. There is no boasting in truth for truth is without recognition in and of self. However we cannot ridicule the children of God that “name it and claim it” for a mature disciple of Christ must have came through the process of immaturity just as well…so we pray, hope and have faith for others as we do ourselves well, whether we ourselves attain the high calling in Christ Jesus or not. As was Paul’s attitude.

    Our Father’s plan will be completed just as it was predestined to do, from the beginning to the very end therefore we pray that we all fit into “His plan” as we are able to receive our portion and as we “become” all that we can be. We must learn to accept with all humbleness His substance as He gives it within without claiming anything ahead of our time as so many do. Many seek it by knowledge and not by the love of the other. To seek the fullness of love carries not with it the mention of the reward by having knowledge of it but by a quiet possessing of this love. We therefore will come to this “rest” when our works have ceased and thinking we obtain something by having knowledge of it is of works and not of faith. However knowledge does come we must see it as only a shadow of a true thing and not the true image which cast the shadow.

    As wonderful as it is of having an understanding of many of the mysteries, allegories and hidden truths of the bible, it is greater still to understand it is in the substance of Christ that we have patience and wait for… and we count the aforementioned gifts and “understandings” for what they are…as mere shadows. Again , many in the sonship realm ( as they call it) claim position by knowledge of it rather than by having patience in waiting for the realization and manisfestations of God,’s true substance.

    Therefore we wait and pray in our faith and hope of realizing a new nature that it does not come by an “outward observation.”

    All will be complete, all in our own order and calling and we pray that no matter where we fit in, we fit in according to His plan. It’s a great and wonderful plan and I understand the life that awaits us is what no man has ever imagined or seen. But the spirit of God within sees just as He sees.

    We pray that all who receive a good message will go on to become a good message. I see many here see this truth which is a good thing. Blessings to all who will go on to know the Lord in the fullest.

    It’s all good.

  22. Your comment prompted me to share a simple understanding that when understood has profound affects upon our soul and mind ….

    It is ALL good … for nothing can truly be other than good because God is sovereign. It is only our blindness to the Light working in all that causes us to judge it otherwise. As we begin to perceive the purpose of truth in the happenings in our lives then we begin to perceive this utmost Good.

  23. There is nothing to complain about when we see that our utmost times of suffering and despair is only for our ultimate good…so we look forward to being completed…and have faith and trust that… it is all good. There is a peace and comfort that abides in all situations when we see a “loving” Father in all of our corrections in life. To be able to say…”it is good” and mean it is a joy.

    We thank our Father for being so kind and giving…although it may be after the trial that we are able to be comforted in knowing.

    It is all good.

    Thank you Rachel for sharing all the good.

  24. And you sparked a Thought:The sovereignty of God is the good of God which is His sovereign nature…His Love. His commandments lead to one love for He says if we love Him we will keep His commandments. There are only two and they include the love of all for all.

  25. Yes….

    Often it is our judgment that something is NOT good that causes our internal suffering which layers upon additional external suffering as this judgment keeps us blinded to divine truth and love. To truly know the sovereignity of God in all things is to know all is good in its deepest and highest purpose and this awareness alleviates much suffering and replaces it with gratitude and growth.

    I too have perceived this interconnection among sovereignity, the highest good and divine love that exists in every present moment. It always has and always will. Our “deliverance” is awakening to this eternal truth – the nature of the presence of God. Truth always is – we just have to perceive it and as we begin to perceive it it continuely expands in our reflective reality.

    Beautifully said. When we begin to perceive oneness we see that the two commandments are one. When we love the true essence of all others we love God and when we truly love God we love the true essence of all. The two commandments addressing both sides opens our awareness to this oneness. There is no separation in our desire to love all – we have a singular uniting desire of giving all the utmost love which means we are an eternal open gate to the divine love of God streaming in and flowing through us without a judgment of giving anything less than the utmost.

  26. Man, when he has traveled that Straight and Narrow Path, of which Christ is the pattern, the Light and the glory, truly reaches the point of FAITH, where he is wrapped in the Power and glory of his Maker and is caught up to dwell with Him.
    And only those who walk that Straight and Narrow Path of praise and love and glorious gratitude, as their joy and ecstasy increases, can possibly reach the point of FAITH where they can be made perfect as they are ordained of God and sent forth to do the GREATER WORKS. These PROMISES of Jesus Christ have been waiting down the centuries for those with enough humility to travel so glorious a Path of loving and praising and joyous Thanksgiving and believing in order that they might complete the journey of glory and OVERCOME the world! even as He overcame!
    Only in the OVERCOMING OF THE WORLD, OR THE LITTLE MORTAL SELF with its demanding claim for superiority and attention, can the Straight and Narrow Path possibly be traveled. That is why so few have found it. But “Wide is the gate and broad is the Path that leadeth to destruction (or the grave) and many there be who go in thereat.”… Only the LIVING OF HIS WORDS can give one the POWER OF FULFILLING.
    Glorious, Wonderful God! How great Thou art!
    from “Beyond Mortal Boundaries”

  27. i love you rachel to the max ❤

  28. First let me say that scripture is true.  Every word of it. Read and pray for understanding of the scriptures (given at the end).
    This  complete understanding can only he revealed to you as you are led to the Father by Christ, or that Spirit or Light of Christ, right within yourself, as given below:
    “All that the Father giveth me shall come to me: and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out—.  And this is the Father’s will which hath sent me, that of all which He hath given me I should  lose nothing.  But should raise it up again at the Last day.”  John 6:37,39
    “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him,  and  I  will  raise him up at the  last day.    (of his purification).  It is written in the prophets, and they shall all be taught of God.  Every man therefore that hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me.”  John 6:44-5
    “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. And I give unto them eternal life: and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father which gave them to me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. And I and my Father are one.” John 10:27-30

  29. I am posing a question, as to whether these are a contradicition? Whether I am able to see them without the light, or see them with light, would be the same for the enlightened or the unenlightened?
    At least I would think so. I am poising a question, not making a statement. By using the term contradiction, I am not inherently using a volatile term meant to cause slander. I am using it simplisticly as a word that points to definition in my question. You do not need to reply if this represents disharmony for you. It is a reference to disharmony objectively as far as meaning, which I could only hope would not upset the general rule of peace, for asking the question.

    1).Such a darkened mind cannot comprehend the ways of light and is therefore unable to construct thoughts of life

    2) . For they first must see the light of divine love (Christ) manifested by others via their physical senses and then proclaim it good via their soul perceptions.

  30. Sorry for the delay … as I’ve been out of town. I’m very grateful for your question.

    It sounds like you wonder if there is a contradiction in the two statements you identified above. In one I state the darkened mind can’t conceive of the ways of light, but in the other I say it can. And it seems your question is, “How is that possible?”

    There are some who seek deep within for Truth. These are taught only by the Spirit of Truth, who they’ve come to intimately understand through years of continual meditation and conversational prayer. This Truth reshapes their minds to prepare and enable them to create a reality, regardless of form, that is shaped by eternal constructs of peace, love, abundance, harmony, joy, and above all understanding of oneness with all of creation.

    The majority who remain unaware of Truth, therefore asleep, continue to create a reality of darkness that is composed of finite constructs where nothing lasts. For example, happiness decays into sadness, life turns into death, love becomes separation, and so on. These stay bound to these finite constructs because their physical perceptions of reality prevent them from believing in eternal concepts.

    However, as these sleeping souls encounter those reflecting the Truth, what they witness in them will appear to be supernatural, ie beyond their limited concepts of reality. Truth can appear in many forms and will reflect the eternal constructs I mentioned above; such as miraculous healings, more “youthful” appearances, perfect provision in their lives, etc.

    When they witness the Light created by others through their physical senses and proclaim it as good and of God, their internal awareness will be awakened. This will enable them to believe and grow within themselves in these eternal concepts. Those who have sought will be used to ignite those who are asleep for the salvation of all.

    In summary, those who seek for Truth from the Spirit of Truth perceive the Light (Truth) before the Light is revealed in creation. And as the Light is revealed through them, all will come into the Light.

  31. Saying I’m sorry is beautiful, but it goes against
    your ultimate philosophy. (Just thought I’s say so)
    If I take the consideration of all brothers and sisters

    those that you mentioned, supposedly divided

    all involved in a closed system, whether aware

    or unaware, and hold them to my heart

    I have the varying degrees of all emotion

    experiencing the interplay of every imagination

    the difference I see being the difference of will,

    and approaching that from any different angle,

    there still would be tears, legitimate tears not

    fully separate from others.

    So for love, to know itself as love, it cannot be

    known, solely from the viewpoint of separation.

    The question I see would be is separation of self

    inside, or separation of spiritual awareness

    in definition, whether someone is in, or out,

    the birthplace of love?

    Love is known by each and each one must

    either receive it or reject it.

    The divisions of thought, or meditation, or

    cultivation of spiritual awareness

    could not be seen as the birthplace of pain,

    or the birthplace of love,

    or sickness or sorrow, but the birthplace of

    love would need to see the two conditions

    as polar opposites that are at interplay

    with one another. And at interplay with

    all people.

    That would cause oneness to allow

    failure, and failure would need to be healed,

    not awakened.

    Dividing the soul inside seems to be one

    merely hiding from the other.

    How long can “I” hide from the realization

    that if what is in, is then out, then

    all people experience the same,

    and that is not an origin.

    Whether that is good or bad, for you,

    or me, would require a different definition

    and I am not implying that that would be

    subjective at all, but some of it would be.

    There is failure in oneness.

    ( I am rambling, well intentioned, play with it ).

    (Haven’t I the right, to make it up girl?)


  32. When I asked a young lady
    if she could smile,
    she saith, Nay, for ye shall speak of
    love and Venus, whose heart was true
    and truthfully knew, not if others
    were true.
    Afflicted Venus expresses the poisoned heart is bitter and vengeful—closed to life in a way that manifests as an inability to integrate and accept experience; with an inability to receive, or to give love. Afflicted Venus negates in jealousy the beauty, abundance, luxury and luck of others—projecting disdain and negativity instead. The poisoned heart is hesitant and insecure, has little self-confidence, and lacks the ability to trust in self or to trust others. Fear to open our hearts leaves us stuck in the head, unwilling to feel, touch, or breath in life—hiding in fear and expressing mentalized judgments with an incessant need to control our reality. The loss of our intuitive ability leads us to blindly follow dogmas and gurus in submission to propaganda and systems of belief, whether our own or those of others.

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