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The path into Truth is one of becoming ever more aware of who we truly are and always have been. We all begin this journey in the darkness of unawareness in which our misconstrued beliefs tell us and our “reality” convinces us that we are the opposite of who we truly are.

As we journey the path of enlightenment out of darkness, beliefs in the unreal are replaced with beliefs in the real. We discover we are nothing that we thought we were. It’s freeing and exhilarating, but also challenging as all we once knew begins to be undone making space for the new. Because we are going through a transformation of belief, not only does our transition occur precept upon precept (as we could not accept the Truth in fullness because we currently believe its opposite), but also our outward reality begins to unravel and unfold in accordance to our new beliefs.

This movement from the unreal to the real is the process by which our individual consciousness develops into an expressive and creative outlet for the Mind of God.

During this past year, I’ve become more aware of the real versus the unreal and the power to create what we truly want that is inherent in believing what is of Truth. As I share what I’m learning, to some it may seem unreal and untrue because the opposite is still held as true. But for others, it will be a beautiful and needed confirmation because most of the world is still in darkness. Though we are in various places, we are one. As we each become aware, we heighten the awareness of all.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  1. Beautiful 🙂💕🙏🏻💕 NOURISHMENT FOR LIFE


  2. Rachel,

    Yes, we are waking up from this dream world of “unbelief”…waking up to that we once had…plus…so much more. Job is a story divided into three parts; that he had before his trials and test, his test, and then his double portion. This is among other allegories, a story about each of us, just take the name of Job away..and insert our name and it fits. Job is a story about each of our journey before, during and after. We come through this valley of the shadow of death, disciplined to be able to accept a double portion of that we had before.

    This time of suffering and the suffering of the flesh itself is a witness to the greater good that is to come. Everything we experience whether good or evil is for good. There is no negative outcome for any, although we experience the present negatives for the future good. The ends do justify the means. Once God reveals His purpose to us of this valley experience it is a joyous thing…for we “must” walk through the valley to reach the summit of our journey. To be able to know and to love a “Father” which reveals Himself to us in that He would never do us harm nor keep us subjected to evil “forever” is a most gratituous gift.

    To see that when we were created eons ago before we ever came to this earth, perfect in every way, knowing we were promised to end up on the other side of this valley, not only made whole again…but with so much more. To see the absolute oneness of God, a Father who will only give each and every one of us so much more for having endured this experience is something no word can describe. We must come to the place where we start to experience and experience the other side of this death experience yet while in this body of sin, the life of the Father. We do not have to wait to go to some ethereal place off out there somewhere….for when we see…we see all that He is within His temple…in which we are. Know we not that the kingdom of heaven is within us? It is the place where the mind goes, as it leaves the lower hades of the carnal mind, the old man.

    There is nothing to fear, once we see God as He is….one in us….and us in Him…there is such a peace when God lifts the veil and reveals to us there is and never was any intent to harm…only to discipline us to be able to accept a greater freedom and gift…a double portion.

    It is…all good.

    Rachel it’s nice to hear from you, come visit us any

  3. Two worlds … one unreal, an illusion, a dream, constructed out of the belief that we are separate from God. The other is real, the eternal, and constructed out of the belief of oneness. As we ask to know the Truth, we come out of the illusionary world through a transformation of belief and we find our home in the eternal world of light, where our true self has always resided unscathed by a passing dream that served to shape our eternal purposes.

    The only joy, the only complete happiness, the only power and glory that can be poured out like jewels of glorious perfection upon the heads of mankind is the understanding of their own importance, and their connection with their source, as the vine with the branch. And then as the plant continues to grow the branch also becomes the vine, and branches grow out from it.
    It is all in our hands. We have to buy the gold tried in the fire. Not with money, but with our eyes open to know that it is there for us, but we have to do the buying. We have to live the life and perfect ourselves and abide the higher laws even as Jesus Christ did. We have to stop worshipping Him from a distance, and saying we believe in Him, yet do not follow Him.

    We are literally and actually a race of Gods wallowing in deep mud while the Light is all around us, but we fail to see it. The Light has always been there. It is more real by far than the mud, yet we have clung to the mud, we have mixed it ourselves as we have determinedly kept our minds on the mortal concept of existence.

    The glorious. living vibrating Spirit of God fills all space, surrounds all substance, sustains all matter, penetrates all material. It is only as we become aware of it, or in tune with it that we can consciously contact it at all times. As you begin to understand this great force, or power of tender, compassionate loving warmth of living, flowing life that enfolds you, you will soon become aware that it is also within you—and thus it is true, “That in Him we live and move and have our being.” otherwise we could not abound, or exist. This enfolding Spirit of God knows all things, comprehends all things, and as we learn to draw it more and more into our beings with awareness or consciousness of it we are always in direct contact with God. We walk with Him. We abide in Him, and He abides in us.

    These are deep things I am trying to share with you—they are way beyond the ordinary thoughts of man to question or ponder. Go directly to God for your information. That is done by learning to contact this Holy Spirit of God, and learning to listen to the knowledge of truth as it is brought forth to you. This is the Atonement, or At-one-ment that Christ dies to give us—that we could be one with the Light, and thus ONE WITH CHRIST THE FATHER.

    Do not think for one moment that Heavenly Father has forgotten you, or has turned from you. If you do, then you shut yourself out from His presence. His Spirit enfolds you. it is the essence out of which all things are composed–it is the very vibration of light and life and love that brought all things into existence, and if it were not always surrounding us. and in and through us we could not possibly exist. Learn to know of its presence and its power and become one with it — then it will be subject to you and you can use it to create with, to heal the flesh of others, to bring to pass the greater works as promised by the Lord.

    The veil that we must rend is this very veil that seals our minds on this physical or mortal plane. It is the veil that lifts us into the Superconscious mind, or into the great Mind of the Spirit of Almighty GOD. that loving, flowing, enfolding, protective, directing force of our Father, in which we live and move and have our being. No one can rend that veil for us. We have to do it. If we are children of God, then we must do the things that He has done, even as Christ did. It is all ours to accomplish. He is the One who gives the blessings, but we are the ones who have to prepare ourselves to receive them. Note Col. 3:4 from the Emphatic Diaglott translation: “When the anointed may appear, the life of us, then also you with Him shall appear in glory.”

    • Remember, the gifts of the Spirit are joy, peace, love. light, happiness, etc. This is true. As you are more and more aware of the Spirit of the Lord, and as you draw closer and closer to you, and in you, these great, unspeakable gifts, they will become realities in your life. They are beautiful and glorious beyond expression. They are not just words. They are realities. Then you may ask about the scripture contained in the New Testament and in 3 Nephi 9:20 and D&C 59:8, where it says that from there on the only acceptable sacrifice to God is a broken heart and a contrite spirit. It seems to be quite contradictory to the Gospel of Light and joy, and the words that God loves a cheerful countenance and the songs of the heart. Then in the New Testament Apocrypha comes the correct explanation–it says that from then on God would require a contrite Spirit and a cleft or open heart. A heart open to the love and light and Spirit of God.

      Christ says, “I am meek and lowly in heart.” Behind almost every passage of scripture is veiled such priceless treasures of living glory. When we reach the place in our hearts that is truly meek and lowly, or humbly loving, we will find the point where Christ’s Spirit can enter, and from thenceforth He will abide in us–or His divine Spirit of glory.

      Joseph Smith said we must get the POWER before we can go forth to teach. We must get the power before we perform any of the ordinances–and according to the Book of Mormon, everything we do is vain without that power.

      If I could only give you the complete vision of your own importance, you would never again doubt or fear. All power is already in Your hands, but it is not subject to you until you reach out to take hold of it and use it.

      It is yours. You are divine. You can live as Christ lived, and within you is also the power of life that no one can take it from you, if you will just understand. The whole concept is so far beyond anything we have before contemplated that it is difficult to get it thoroughly into ones system right away. There is so very much–and as Your eyes open, every moment will become a glory and a privilege. Life becomes a joy of ecstasy and our vibrations blend into the vibrations of the Holy Spirit. and all things fit into their proper place. Sorrows fly away and one walks in power and majesty, for one then walks with God.

      When we can become sufficiently silent and humble to hear His voice, it will be audible to us at all times, and we will do nothing except He giveth it to us to do. We will speak only His word, for the Holy of Holies is in our own souls, and is where His Eternal Laws are engraved. We must learn to listen and to read.

      It is the first and great commandment that gives one the power to “be still, and know that I am God.’ Or in other words, quiet those worried, distracted, confusing, heartbreaking thoughts that can only destroy, and let that Divine Light of Christ step forth and begin to work out a pattern of glory and beauty and joy and fulfillment. Every person on this earth has the right to contact God personally, through that divine light within their own souls, and as they abide in it consciously, they will bring it forth in greater power, and become aware that it abides in them. They can turn to it always for strength, for guidance, to find peace and comfort or to be directed in every word, in every act, and in every achievement. If it is thus relied upon, trusted in and brought forth, it becomes such a breathtaking power of dynamic unspeakable help that all mortal efforts seem but a failure and a transgression beside it. And then one recognizes it as the very power of heaven that is right within. It is truly the pearl of great price which a man sold all that he had in order to purchase it. It is the treasure that is hidden in a field, which a man sought to purchase. It is more valuable than all the wealthy of earth. No earthly treasures can ever compare with it. It is glory, it is light, it is knowing, it is joy–and soon it is developed right within man until he becomes it–and thus he has reached the “Atonement’ or at-one-ment.”

      • Amos:

        This is very good…is this a part of a greater work you wrote? It seems like it should read right on…I’d like to read on of there is more. I’m in agreement.

    • Yes…

      Even though we may forget about God and even ourselves….we are just as real to God as when we were first created perfect in His presence. We do not have to know a thing, or remember…a thing..because it’s not about us, or according to us, how good we are or how bad we are in the interim. This is because we didn’t do the creating, God did. It’s His plan according to His way. It’s a done deal. So we can self pity ourselves, ridicule, blame and act like a fool…yet it all doesn’t matter what we think. It’s not our plan.

      So we should not take any credit and neither should we praise… or down ourselves…for we are just as important in God’s eyes as the next person and vice versa.

      To make a long story very very short: our end was planned just as our beginning and as we were created perfect, nothing will change to our very end. The only thing different is that our end will be so much greater than our begging. That’s His promise to us. What a wonderful God and Father we have.

      It’s a wonderful thing to see His great love… may it become even brighter as we mature into having this same mind as Christ has…and this is also how it will be. When the last enemy is destroyed which is the death of the carnal mind….the only thing that will remain is life…undivided.

  5. this is just the beggining. there is much much more…. 🙂 wait till you see yourself in ALL EVENTS(AND EVERY PERSON)(eternal self(past/present/future) .
    we blanket it behind concepts of COOINCIDENCE… LISTENING DEEPER(TO THE LOVE ITSELF)(MANIFESTING)(hard to explain using words alone)

  6. A study of the natural tabernacle that Moses built at God’s instruction reveals that God dwelt in the Holy of Holies, where no sin was allowed…because there is no sin in God. . The high priest (represents Christ) before entering in to the Holiest of Holies on the day of atonement, had to pray for forgiveness of his sinful nature…so that God could cover his sin, in His presence while entering into the Holiest of Holies. Being that this tabernacle represents you and me in reality and our most holy place, our holy place, and our body…Spirit, soul and body respectively, we must understand our “Spirit” within and the place in our tabernacle where “it” dwells cannot sin and neither is sin permitted in this “Holiest of holy” place. Think about it. Our Spirit which is of God cannot and does not sin. Yet sin is dealt with in the holy place or the place of the soul. So we have a God conscious, a soul conscious, and a body. The five senses of the human body temps the soul and it fails….yet the spirit remains untouched. This is so that the continuity of who we were, who we are, and who we shall be is uninterrupted by sin…(in reality). Yet we live the illusion of being evil because our soul minds the things of the flesh and sins. Yet the real us does not sin. Since God dwells within us and He cannot sin… the spirit He gives to us, is without sin. Yet it is always the soul that gets into trouble by giving in to temptation. That’s what we call the conscious and subconscious. One is forever witnessing to the other, drawing the soul closer to Himself, the spirit.

    How can the spirit of God sin? If it is within us and part of us as witnessed by the scripture…it cannot sin. Some food for thought.

    As we have mentioned many times before, life is a wonderful experience, knowing what awaits us. Yet we seem to “ barely” make it through our test sometimes. Life was designed to be tough…else we cannot appreciate the contrast which is to come…and it more abundantly than we had. It can be confusing to understand in the beginning…however when we cross that barrier of natural vs spiritual, and understand that All was designed for a positive outcome for and to all…we start to see in a different way. We start to see the one plan of God where every knee shall bow to the will of God and This being so…then is it not “oneness” for everyone. We then will see with a singleness of sight, no good vs veil, not one going to heaven and another going to hell. Etc.,

    There is one plan, for one people, by on God. All things will be completed according to what was predetermined, predestined, and planned before Adam fell or Christ resurrected. There is one love for one people for we are all included in the oneness of God.

  7. Anonymous author:

    “Then cometh the end” – the end of what?

    The end that God so long hath sought!

    The end He always had in view,

    The end that man so little knew.

    The end of sin’s triumphant sway,

    The end of death – the grave’s decay.

    The end of judgment and of ire,

    The second death, the lake of fire.

    The end when God will ever be

    With us for all eternity:

    The end for which His love doth call,

    The end when HE is All in all!

  8. The end?

    What is the end? Does it have to do with time? In one context of creation having a set time, it can but in the reality of things… Christ says He is the “Alpha and Omega, the beginning and ending.” So, where is our ending? It is the same as our beginning and our beginning was in Christ…and in Him being created…He was created without end. This reality is not in relation to time, this is in relation to the likeness of God. This life’s journey is where God prepares us for that in which He predestined us for, through His Son. It is up to Him how our process goes, the ups and downs through our life, our subjection to “good and evil.” It is all for the purpose of bringing us to our end…not in and of relation to time…but our end in Christ… will be an eternal thing… Again, when we “end” in Christ as we were created as in our beginning…this end is not of time but we are “ending” into a continuation of an endless life…so we should not fret ourselves, worrying about what will be because everything is set, and our end is established in eternity…with the love of God well established in us.

    To say it with a slightly different perspective, so forgive my repetition; When it speaks of the coming end in the scriptures if read by what is ”above” the letter, it speaks of our “consummation” in Christ…which in reality has no end. Our processing will end,that’s all. The trials and test will have an end, this death experience will have an end, but these “events” are not us, for our end is in the eternal Christ. Let us pray to understand that the end of all things is a spiritual thing if only which the natural recordings in the Bible are but types and explanations of the true, the reality that is in us. Another truth is that reality never left us for, again our beginning is as our end…we have an interruption called the fall in Adam as well as our resurrection in Christ, yet these two “events” are part of the same oneness and continuation of who we are in relationship to the “All and in in All.” We can only be resurrected to a life we had before for “re” carries a meaning of doing something that has been done before..or existed before. Redemption,
    Redo, recommit, etc, etc.

    Whenever we were first created, eons before our natural birth, our eternal life was established even before then, in the mind of God…through Christ. The processes of our disciplinary time on earth which has a set time which is “within” our eternity has an end…however we do not. So we must trust and believe and have faith in that what God willed in the beginning is the same as He wills in our present and future…without interruption and failure. There is really no free will in reality, and that, that exist is called rebellion. This is because in the end there is only one will, His. Our so called free will, will be swallowed up into His will as we learn to obey and harmonize into one will. There is a oneness to His plan and as God says He cannot change and He is without time…so there will also be a oneness to all things, will included.

    God is teaching us to willingly and voluntarily love Him by giving us many lessons of contrast and as our wills that had clashed, it is also our wills that will blend into one when we become as He is. It’s simply amazing how the seemingly terror of biblical events and happenings transpire into wonderful blessings once light is given to the passages, for all these negatives…once revealed, reveals the doing away of the temporary evil, for the revealing of reality, the eternal self.

    We are here to learn the way of God within our established eternity.

  9. All such beautiful words of life …some of my thoughts … Jesus revealed the unreality of death … this was a priceless gift to us in a “reality” where we are blinded by our self-created illusions and where death seemed to be Truth. His life unraveled what we held as true, certain and unchangeable. In the understanding of Truth, we see that the belief in sin as a Truth is also a misconstrued belief of the separate mind. Thus, why Jesus was instructing those around him to “sin no more”. God as our creator guarantees the sinlessness of our true eternal self … we have mislabeled, misjudged, misunderstood and imprisoned ourselves by our beliefs. We have believed we are something and someone we are not. How can what God creates be anything but holy and pure? So what is the suffering, decay and death we witness, but the reflections of our own erroneous beliefs because we thought ourselves separate from God. But when we turn to the Light within us, we begin to find our freedom of the massive illusion we’ve created. And in that Light our beliefs start to align to Truth and in doing so, our thoughts, desires, wants, words and actions follow. Thus, we see why Jesus said it is our “work” to believe. Belief is our creative force. We vainly attempt to alter the exterior, but it is the interior that must awaken to the Truth and then the reflective outward space will reflect that Truth.

    • Rachel, I reread your comment and as I meditated upon it…I would like to say that even though we “seem” to inflict ourselves with erroneous beliefs, imprison ourselves, misjudging, etc…and the illusion we’ve created for ourselves….we have little responsibility for it. About the only thing we may be responsible for is not acknowledging it’s presence so it can be taken away. That’s the process…He gives us the vanity and our fallen state, then He takes it away as we learn our lessons from it…all according to “His” plan, not ours. It’s a “divine” ordained journey sanctioned by God Himself. Where is our responsibility for any of this plan and us being subjected to it? It says “Man was created subject to vanity, not willingly, but the same is subjected in hope.” Hope of what? It is the hope of being released from this temporary insanity placed on us by whom, ourselves, Satan, or God? This is God’s doing and He takes full responsibility for it all, the good and the evil. (Isaiah 45:7) so if we concur that God is only good, then all He does and creates is for our ultimate good.

      God does not do things without good intentions and for the good of His children.

      I say these things so that we do not take on too much guilt and condemnation for the responsibility of it all, therefore the blame for this condition we find ourselves in, “is” of God who created the illusion, and imprisoned us in this body. It is that we are ring released from it just as we were subjected to it…by God, through Christ…as we learn the valuable lessons from this imprisonment. We get release from the guilt and responsibility when we see things in the context for which they were created…and it is all good for our training and discipline. This is so that we may grow up into the full stature of our Father Himself.

      When we view things through a thought pattern of how could God have meant “this” for good, we will find the answer because we look for the positive values in all things because we know
      God only created the “fall” for His benefit and ours. There is no way when we finish our journey here, having received the mind of Christ will we be able to see anything wrong that we have been subjected to. In our darkened temporary self, we can’t see, but as the veil is lifted gradually we gradually see all that He is…and the why of it all.

      Can we imagine our Father having to explain why He did anything to us “without due cause” or leave a question in us of how it is not justifiable? It is all justifiable and we are already seeing it. One of the most important things we can see is that “we are not responsible” for the fall and the vanity we are subjected to. Once we see our “sin” and acknowledge it, learn our lesson from it, it is removed from us never to return just like the scapegoat that was led into the wilderness. We are not held accountable by any sin, when sin has done its “good” work in its purpose of teaching us, it is dismissed not t9 be thought of again. It’s no longer important.

      We are not of sin, we are of God. We point these things out to release and free our minds from the unnecessary responsibility we take on when we shouldn’t. Being stubborn and not following the plan of being released from our sin, however is our responsibility…so…all of the sinful traits given to us by God, through Christ Jesus, will also be taken from us them also…little by little…as we learn from the good sin teaches and discipline us by. Once God accomplishes through sin “His” purpose the sin is taken away. May we be released from all sin. When “our” earthquakes as in Revelations all sin will fall away, leaving that which cannot be shaken, our God given spirit within. There is nothing but good to be seen in all things God does as He opens our minds to His purpose. When we see the love of God even in the most evil of things, knowing it’s purspose, we then can see the end of all people…made in God’s image. It is a good plan, there is no other way to look at it.

      • Sonny,

        Good thoughts … Is a child responsible for being in the womb? Is it wrong he is in the womb? Is a seed responsible for being in a shell? Is it wrong to be in the shell? Is a caterpillar responsible for being in a cocoon? Is it wrong to be in a cocoon? Of course not – they are exactly where they need to be to become what they are. In unawareness, we misunderstand this stint through time, until we learn of its divine purpose.

        So, our temporary trek through the darkness is perfect and essential for the development of our being who is one with God …. it can be nothing else. Our experience of “opposites” is only to reveal the depth of truth so that we may be as we are in Truth, which is truly one with God. As we begin to see the purpose of this dream-reality and who we truly are and not the illusion we created, we begin to be free from illusionary concepts we “created” such as sin, fear, guilt, blame, shame, suffering, etc, which are all contrary characteristics to truth that are created in the darkness of unawareness. Here in the darkness we experience our illusions – to experience them is part of our learning process. We think because we experience them they are real, but they are not – it’s like each night when we sleep we experience an entire reality our mind makes up as real – until we awaken and realize it was only a dream. As we awaken to the truth, we rejoice as we perceive that the love of God makes these contrary traits impossible in the eternal and real.

        So we see in this understanding that it was only due to our initial blindness that we label and create what we don’t understand as “evil” or “sin” – these are the creations of our own illusion (but of course even our illusionary dream is held within the mind of God). In truth, the darkness of this temporary state and the lessons it brings is how we properly develop to be a part of God with individuality that can return a sincere love back to God and can reflect an absolute oneness with him that is established in a pure divine love. As we’ve said, when all is seen in truth’s light – all is good – it can’t be anything else.

        Through this dream experience where we experience our illusions as “real” – we learn the creative power of belief. We see that what we create separate from God (though in truth we can’t create anything separate from God, thus we aren’t creating but just learning) is nothing, meaningless and vanity, so that we understand our necessary state of oneness and desire this oneness above all else, especially a prideful individuality.

        As one passing through this embryonic state, what is our part or “work” in all this? As an individualized consciousness of the one Mind of God, we find that our “part” (which is also a part of God’s work in us- as we can never be truly separate from Him) is to believe. As a created consciousness through which God creates, we personally experience the movement from a belief system constructed in darkness where we were able to experience the opposites of Truth to the belief system of Truth. In the darkness, each person has their own belief system – because it is made up and not real. Yet in Truth we all share one united belief system – there are no private interpretations – only Truth, thus no illusions.

        This movement from one belief system to the other is the work of faith. So, the Spirit reveals a truth to us and in the dark it will be different than what we currently believe. Although the Truth resonates with our Spirit and we long for it, because it is different from what we have held as true, we have to put our faith in it instead of holding onto the “truth” we created and what we witness which is actually a lie and an illusion. As we continue to apply faith to the truth and no longer our lies, a new framework of understanding is built within us that supports the Truth until a full belief in truth replaces our previous belief in its opposite. Thankfully, it only takes a little continuous faith on our part and the Spirit does the work of constructing the new belief in us. But our faith and willingness is a necessary part, which are both gifts of the Spirit. So it really is all his work … but as his manifested consciousness we are witnessing and experiencing it first hand.

        Like the child, seed and butterfly, our entrance into the light is under the divine guidance of God, which occurs through the working of faith that expands our awareness of Truth which pushes us into the light and out of the darkness when we are ready to be what we are.

  10. So true and so well said. Our end was established in the beginning so our inherent sin cannot come between us and God in the consummation of “all” things. The journey we worry about with all this worlds cares and worries is as much about the love of God as anything else. It’s all a part of bringing us to His vision for us. Sin is that which the hammer and chisel chips away at of the solid stone, leaving the finished work in the image of Christ contained within.

    Yes, we were created perfect in the beginning as was Adam and through this journey on earth we in no way lose a thing to sin….unbeknown to most, we are increased in stature as was Job after our experience of testing and our trial is over. When we are finished and stand before God all this earths journey will be seen as something that made us a better “person” and having a mind more like unto God. Since God created us to be like Himself He could think of no better way to mould us into His exact likeness. If there would have been a better and easier and shorter way, His love would have guided His hand to take the least time and route possible to accomplish this. What is a hundred years to a trillion? How many trillion years is in eternal life? In other words our pain is not even a wink of an eye in duration. It’s nothing. This time simply cannot be compared to the increase that awaits us.

    God looked at us when He created us and saw the finished work in us as though it already was complete. Again, this is because His vision was not on the intermediary evil He would create (Isaiah 45:7) and expose us to , to accomplish our end, but His vision was in the end product itself. This is why He says our sins are as far as the east is from west. They have nothing to do with the prevention of the finished product…at all! They just don’t have anything to do with preventing God’s work, instead they “help” meet the end…as the ends justifies God’s means.

    It’s no different when we want to create something that may take much time. We may mould, shake, beat, hammer and kick at it times, yet all the frustration is just part of the creation…it’s a necessary evil. I struggle for words as I see the end coming upon us as we near our process, yet when we pass over beyond seeing only in the natural…their really is no natural words to do justice to our spiritual seeing. Yet we do our best.

    There is no reason for God to look at our sin to condemn us because it is His tool to perfect us. How can a person create a great image in stone if there are no tools to accomplish this? So…”everything” and “all” things work together for the accomplishement to this end. There was nothing created, neither good nor evil that does not accomplish our perfection in Him. Nothing. God is one and to do anything otherwise He would stand divided against Himself.

    So we thank God for seeing our end as He is…

  11. id like to explain the TIME aspect of ETERNAL. First the missing piece of Time is LIFE(greatest Consiousness)…
    think of all of TIME(eternal) as happening all at once.
    the DATA of the WORLD is the RESULT of time(life we share).
    the way it works is that our own IDENTITY(through dna) is bound to 2000 years past and 2000 years future(each moment affecting eachtother).

    END OF TIMES is the STRENGTH(Heart in ALL THINGs) of our SPIRITUAL(life) self that LIVES IN TIME….
    When we become ETERNAL(fatherish), our BIRTH becomes gifted as well as the day we die(all one event in the eternal).
    When we align with our Eternal self in ANY moment of our life,then our WHOLE LIFE BECOMES GIFTED(greater sense).
    as the FUTURE changes, so does our past. as we learn new things, our spirit changes our past to align with the new futures.
    the NOW is the point of power as we are constantly making our own BIRTHS and DEATHs(as we think of it).
    EACH PERSON and EVENT(global) shows us what we CREATE IN OURSELVES(through god from heart). We are a MANIFESTATION OF EACHOTHER(love thy neibor as thyself).

    we have a constant 2 way communication with the GOD(greater I AM) through the EVENTS WE LIVE(DEFINITION OF WORD is actually the consiousness within GLOBAL EVENTs(LIFE ITSELF)).
    think of Christ as a Vibrational Frequency that allows us to Interact with time(love itself)….(takes all of us in sync)(cross)

    we must recognize that everything in the fleshly world shows us our PUREST HEART(all that is). true BELIEFS come from heart, not from mind.
    and through our own heart, we recognize our CONNECTION WITH TIME(why PURPOSE(path) IS WITHIN TIME)…

    when we are Eternally alive, Our Manifest Strenght reaches the End of times itself(connects to every event on earth).(overflow)

    im sure i could re-word things to make it more clearer, but try to understand, because when we recognize the
    RELATIVE connections we have to eachother(human heart), we STEP INTO GOD(all of time(direction) and space(purpose))..

    there is only ONE I AM, and it takes everyONE OF US to step into that “I AM”(collectivly).
    think of it this way. Every CELL of your individual body(connected to every event on earth) works in syncronicity that allows your
    own CONSIOUSNESS(ancored) to exist within this WORLD. and in those same terms, EVERY PERSON is like a CELL of a much greater body that allows a GREATER CONSIOUSNESS
    to bind us together(what we call god the Eternal).

    Through god, we are all puppets of eachother(a good thing)(recognize heaven). when we put one person down, we put ourselves down(why its important to ALIGN with LOVE IN ALL).
    the rest of what you seek is already inside of you. listening to others is to wake yourself(love all).. BRING OUT THE GIFTs of LIFE

    HOLY(greatest TIME of all)
    () Every event affects ALL other Events aka End of times(a good thing)….

    Science calls this BIG BANG THEORY. i call it MANIFEST(source = heart(beliefs in eternal))…

    • Some thoughts on time … Governance by external time is part of our illusionary dream state. When bound to the illusion, we act according to external time that creates disharmony as it takes us out of synch with the internal governance by the Spirit. Beyond the dream, in the real, we are governed by the harmonic rhythms of the Holy Spirit moving in and through us by which we unfold into expressions of our Creator moment by moment.

  12. Yes, we are to have faith in His plan of oneness, and to believe and desire to truly love God and others as ourselves, and as a result we will see all things come “quickly” according to His will and purpose. When we “let” the mind of Christ come “in” and take up its abode within us, what is there to hate and not to…love? Are we to think or say that we think that this plan, that was actually created by Christ Jesus, is a place other than from God’s very love? Let us give up these childish divisive thoughts and think with the mind of Christ, for it did come, is coming and will come in us until we are full…of His likeness and character.

    To have any understanding other than this understanding means we have yet to awaken from our illusionary dream. And when we do awaken, it’ll be like awakening from a natural dream, we’ll be so happy there is in reality no harm being done to anyone or to anything. Oneness is seeing all things with having only one purpose, and that is to establish in all of us a likeness of our Father. If we do not see “all” included in this wonderful plan of “salvation” our house is divided against itself and will not stand. But we are not divided from God’s onesness for we see the “one” love of God in all things.

    It is a most kind and gracious gift indeed to be able to see with more and more with a single eye, having a single purpose in God…through His Son. Our temple veil ( within) now that it has been rent making our spirit and soul as one again, we can go on to.. being perfected.

  13. when it comes to illusionary, the illusion is that we THINK WE ARE MAN(seperate)…. when we live in EXTERNAL TIME(same as internal time), we ALIGN with the GOD WITHIN…. the illusion becomes removed. his PLAN is OUR plan. HIS = US.. the trickery is that we think we have no power(as man). and even when i speak of power, it sounds like something we can abuse. so we look at the WORST interpertation before the BEST interpertation(in ALL our thinking). HIS/HIM/ = ALL OF US. we all CONTRIBUTE to the GOD within. when it comes to I AM in that god, you cannot place limits upon it unless we choose that WE become with limits….. Disharmony comes when we live WITHOUT TIME(as man). but to live the ETERNAL LANGUAGE, you become TIME ITSELF(greatest I AM)….. again CHRIST is a frequency(in all of time). not a person…

  14. SPIRIT is TIME(outside of and inside of) itself(LIFE WITHIN ALL)(GLUE)

  15. mind(creativity) = time(direction)
    heart(logic) = space(purpose)

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