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The Awakening Power of Trust


The Awakening Power of Trust


The foundation of reality is the inner soul.

Like a physical birth, the soul begins its life as a seed. Being a seed of the Creator, it is a seed of immortality that grows into an ever-expanding divine expression of the Creator.

Like a seed, the soul begins in a state of darkness and separation, which shapes all its perceptions and thoughts. Walled in by these mortal thoughts, it experiences sensations of inertia (“deadness”). As the soul seeks inwardly into its Source and Center it finds its Origin, the living thought (Word) of God. The soul learns its very life is the substance of the Creator’s thoughts, and then echoes the words of its Teacher, the Spirit of Truth: “I Am the substance of God.” The soul discovers its much more than it ever imagined.

In this eternal Light of Truth, the soul perceives its true nature is not separation from divine love but oneness with divine love. From this spark of eternal truth, the soul begins its struggle (birth) out of darkness and into the light. As the soul begins to grow by divine thoughts (characterized by oneness with divine love), its previous thoughts (characterized by separation from divine love) fade as the night in a dawning day.

The Breakthrough

During the stages of its awakening, the soul’s trust in divine love empowers it to break through the hardened shell of mortal thoughts. When the soul consciously trusts in divine love, a living connection is formed between the soul and its Creator. Since it is through divine love that the soul comes to know its true Creator, it is in this love that the soul trusts. Trust breaks through the walls of separation because it professes there are no walls in oneness. Through growing trust in the nature of divine love, the soul pushes through its fears, doubts, and uncertainties that spawned from the shadows of darkness and reaches into the eternal light.

As the Spirit teaches through life experiences, the soul begins to trust in the unfailing nature of divine love, until the soul is consumed in divine trust, covering even its inability to trust as it desires. Trust in divine love makes the hardened shell of the soul malleable to transformative grace, freeing the soul from its self-generated thought-forms that created the illusion of mortality and bound it to death. Through trust the soul lets go and opens up to divine potentials that enable the soul to take on immortal expressions.

Our true foundation is oneness with divine love. As our eyes open to this truth, we begin to trust in this divine love and relinquish all we once thought we were to gain our true expression of who we truly are. Trust connects us to our Father in sincerity, honor and true adoration. It unites our reality to his nature because of its substantive expression. Trust frees our soul from the bonds of striving and puts all the workmanship of our soul into our Father’s hands. It’s our liberty, freedom, rest and power because we renounce self-power so we can be receptive to his creative power working through us.

Trust in the unfailing and unconditional nature of divine love opens up our souls and lives to potentials that manifest restoration, rejuvenation, and regeneration.


~ TreeSoul

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

31 thoughts on “The Awakening Power of Trust

  1. A masterpiece.
    Every word a symphony. Timeless word that will be understood by many sooner because of the simplistic genius within you to express to express the deep in the shallows. 🍷✌🏼️🍷

    • Hi Travis – it is a beautiful gift to witness the work of grace through and between us. 🙂 May you be so greatly blessed in this New Year Travis.

    • i absolutely agree traviscook2 rachel is indeed a love angel with words singing perfumed grace and divine love ❤

    • Now about how to pray–do not let that trouble you. Pray as you always have, only without trying to send it across space into infinitude. Pray as the scriptures say “Feel Him”. Learn to feel and comprehend that Light within you–love it, praise it, rejoice in it, and when you have brought it forth until it fills every cell and fiber of your being, and your mind, then will you truly be born of the Spirit, and receive the Fullness of God, and He will be revealed unto you–and that Light within, having been brought forth to completion will become OWE with the great Light of Spirit which fills the universe.

      This will he your ordination, your anointing of Light, your glorious experience of receiving the Fullness of God. It is quite necessary that you begin to comprehend, since you have asked–therefore it is time for you to KNOW. YOU must henceforth and forever take hold of the Light and glorify that Light. Worship and praise and adore Him continually. Give thanks every moment of every day, if necessary, to eliminate the darkness. Thus will be given to you the power to cast out darkness, and be clothed in Light (Light of mind or comprehension).

      No individual an this earth has the right to take the place of God in another man’s life. No one has the right to assume the authority of interpreting the will of God to other men–for each must learn of his own birthright, and then truly he will need no man to teach him, for he will be taught of God, and will become One with his Maker, even God. This is the work we must do here in order to connect up with the work that is being done over there. We must free our own minds–then with infinite love and Light teach mankind the dignity of his existence, and the power of his destiny, if he will only accept and fulfill it.

      —You will know the Truth and the TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE. And your mind will never again be shackled to trust in the arm of flesh or in the opinion of men–but you will abide in the true Light, and thus fulfill the glorified promises, that you will need none to teach you, ‘But they shall all he taught of God’. This is the only road to Truth. This work is only to tear the blindfold from men’s eyes, to let them know that it is possible for every individual on this earth to contact Him–to prepare them for the great revelation which will come when He reveals Himself to them individually. Thus He becomes a most personal God to every individual, as we glorify Him. And thus, we who are the very least, can become the greatest–even one with Him, and we too can finally declare, “The Father and I are One”

  2. Perfect except i notice repetitively one thing that should be given more attention. As within the Wording of what i read, and i see others respond, one NEGLECT i see is that within LOVE(in god), we STILL SEPERATE ourselves as it is something we reach for rather that LIVING our HEART in MATTER(logic). instead. being ONE with devine requires t he Recognition of “I AM”. BEING in ALL THINGS allows us to GIVE the VALUE of LORD in each of us. the ONE within lord is within a VALUE of SELF that we PLACE in EACHOTHER. each person(in life), is a GIFT from the GREATER I AM… there is NO SEPERATION in BEING(internal and external), the LOVE you CREATE IN YOUR WORLD..

    • I understand what you are saying however do we not reach out to obtain that which we “are” deep within. I think many times many of us say much the same thing but from a different perspective in relating and sharing what we believe truth is. If we understand and “live” the condition we are living in the “I Am”, but until the flesh is burned away so to speak we cannot see reality and must wait until the “I AM” is revealed either by progression or revelation. Blindness to the spiritual realm came upon us all and it will be a gradual awakening to that we once were in addition to that we shall be….according to our faith and obedience…i.e., our kindness toward God…and to others.

      Truth from God comes by the love we receive and give forth to those we come in contact with….for truth, God, and love are but names of the same.

      To add some food for thought the spirit within man has never sinned for this is the Holy Spirit which we truly are. The blinded part of us (the soul) is that blinded part of us that sins. This is the conflict within ourselves that is hard for many to understand. So….while the “I AM” awaits the soul to be re-United to her husband (the spirit) we will be disunited.

    • We all are waiting to come to this realization. It’s all good.

      • the waiting in truth means, faith becoming awakened into full realization that endows mankind to be endowed with power from on high sonny remember that plz….to god the glory amen

    • Hi .. The truth is that we are all one … for we can be no other as offspring of a Father/Creator of divine love. It is a beautiful truth to deeply know in our soul, and it is knowing of eternal life. When we do know it fully so that every belief, thought, word and action is in accordance to this truth then the oneness we have always been is revealed and the shadows of the illusion of separation dissolve. Separation is a false imagination of our minds, and yet it is serving a purpose. But the time comes when this servant of imagination has served its purpose and the true and real come forth. As we start to perceive our true state of oneness, the false is fading.

  3. the perfection of being born in the family of IAM.. requires the perfection of divine love ,the the holy unity begins in a realm beyond all imaginings.. amen

    • Amos Lee, thanks for your comment but am I not clear on what you are asking me to remember? Did I not say exactly in this comment ( among many other previous statements) the same as you are asking me to remember? Again thanks for your comment. If you need me to clarify something please just ask. Thanks

      • once enlightened by the word the waiting is a process of faith being made real…. in other words moving into the light of all power and wisdom and divine love to administer to the unredeemed of the lord and no i have not heard u speak of the truth in that manner but its all good to god the glory

  4. New Years’ blessings to you Rachel and all 🙂 Thank you for sharing these beautiful truths. Every time I get myself thrown into a tailspin of confusion with my thoughts or thoughts from others, I always come back to the peace, love and joy I feel from my Creator and whatever I was worrying over seems insignificant all of a sudden. His love truly is always there waiting for me with arms open wide. I can feel Him holding my face tenderly in those moments and the trust builds evermore. I know I don’t speak as eloquently as the rest of you, but wanted to get a few of my thoughts and feelings out to you. Love from this baby soul to yours 🙂

    • Hi Carmen – You always speak right from the heart with such a purity and beauty that it always blesses me, it’s a wonderful gift. As our Father’s love becomes more intimate to us, our trust grows that in turn expands our peace and our potentials for joy. The more I become expand into truth the more beautiful it becomes.

    • Simplicity in spirit is a good thing Carmen and it is always a nugget of joy when you respond to Rachel in the kindness in which you do.

  5. in the end, the AWAKING is that we are NO LONGER MAN. it is a LENSE of IDENTITY as which we BRING FORTH in this world I(we) create. in no way is there SEPERATION through each of us, as again, it is our own STRENGHTS that we MANIFEST in eachother. OUR LIVING comes from within(through all). there is no intent from me to seperatate or to say you or anyone is wrong(else i would be wrong), but LIVING outside of man, yet in a man(and woman’s body). there is a GREATER IDENTITY within us awaiting to BECOME..

    each reader and writer is a gift within MY OWN BEING, as without you , i would be alone. the GOD(LOVE) should only be recognized as we STEP INTO the GREATER I AM as god is the AWARENESS within BEING…..

    one trick i learned is that in each moment, we must FORGET everything we learned, so our PUREST of HEART becomes source.

    to allow MIND to WORK with HEART, PRAYERS allow us to RECOGNIZE our own manifestations as we tend to forget WHOM we are..

    • Very good. The end of all our intent, desire and words to another should only be with this “present” presence of love. What ever knowledge we express to another we should express it in the context of this love we seek, else we speak from vanity and a desire to be heard instead of to love. I see you inderstanding likewise.. And this is a good thing to “see”. Yes, it is all good.

  6. Amos, I do not speak on this blog to all that I understand about the word nor do I expect others to see as I do. I usually comment according to the subject matter at hand and try to respect and keep my comments limited in another’s house. I have much to say on the subject that you address and if I feel compelled to I most certainly will. If there is a particular question that you would like me address where you either think I am in error or should address just ask. If this is not the proper place to address your concerns with me then give me your contact information and I will be glad to respectfully address your question (s).

    A discerning spirit is a good thing to have to understand the intent and questions of another…and to answer in kindness without judgement is better still.

    There is a time for all things…knowledge wisdom and understanding….however love should guide all things that the end result is without variance.

  7. excuse me i have no questions to ask…. i have the source and its more than i ever imagined to have access to , once a soul absolutely experinces his god nature its hallaluja, in ways the world will know that he or she is the light of the world …and have a blessed day sonny in jesus name ❤

  8. Rachel,

    We often exchange our thoughts and prayers…but most of all our love and gratitude in quietness to the Father for all that He has given us. And to also realize our Father does have an end to our means of hardship and the disciplines we receive. We concur that in “everything” we receive, we receive in God’s love for each of us as individuals as our callings are of different folds that take different understandings to achieve…. Yet we know it is of the same love. The high calling in Christ Jesus is not one of superiority as some may think and to be looked upon as one would with a natural crown. This spiritual crown is one wrapped in a humbleness of servitude to help and guide others just as we have been helped and guided by the Holy Spirit ourselves. It’s not a completed journey as of yet for many, myself included but we know the path is paved with a love for the other to see and to have and…. to obtain.

    The gifts of the spirit are not manisfestations of any completeness within but of “potential”, an ability to possibly “become”, that in which we understand and when we become it is our desire, duty and hope to help others to “see” this great hope of becoming as we are becoming. Many people teach on this subject as we do and because of limited space (and sometimes the audience) we do not go as deep into subjects as perhaps we should. Gifts are given to use for the benefit of the receiver to “potentially” obtain the substance of what the gifts only teach about. As with the five wise and foolish virgins one had the gifts to “teach” while the other ( wise) had not only the ability to teach and administer the gifts….but….to become the very substance of what they taught.

    I usually do not include the words of another on your blog because of brevity but the following are the words of another which address and confirm what I feel and am saying from another perspective…albeit the same.

    “The “gifts of the Spirit” are manifestations of the ABILITY of Christ within us, while the “fruit of the Spirit” is the manifestation of the NATURE of Christ. Every living thing possesses these two aspects in their being: ABILITY and NATURE. Ability is what you can DO. Nature is what you ARE. With Christ in us, both His nature and His ability are to be fully developed in and through our lives. All that Christ can DO He must do through us. All that Christ IS He must BE IN AND THROUGH US. As these two aspects of God’s being are brought to complete fruition within, we become capable of truly reigning with Christ. Through the development of these we are enabled to be OVERCOMERS. Jesus says, “And he that overcometh… to him will I give power over the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron” (Rev 2:26-27). The nature and power of God within us is to be ministered to the nations that they finally might be ruled by the greatest and most irresistible power of all – God’s SPIRIT POWER! Love power… peace power… joy power… faith power… Hallelujah!” End quote

    We must become one of the wise by “being” instead of just “knowing” about things. We must “become” God’s love to be found in His likeness and image. This is what God, our Father, set out to do through Jesus His son and this He will do…and accomplish we obey…and are patient to wait for the unveiling of “our Christ” within…our anointing to be found in the same likeness and love of the “first” Son.

    Rachel, you know we could go on for pages saying these things…for the confirmation and encouragement to one another and to all others who read these lines…however this particular message registers as it should to those who have an ear to hear the very love of God in it…for we leave ourselves…beside ourselves…as we raise up and show forth the power of another…our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. There is only praise for one and that is for the one who has made it possible for all to happen, our Father, albeit through our Brother, Lord and Savior. Amen and Amen.

    With the old year behind us and “seventeen” just starting we are onto a new experience.


    • Hi Sonny, thanks for sharing these words … it is always interesting to hear others articulate what they are learning because the very way they do often complements and enhances our own understanding in some way. We are being made into the substance of an aspect of the uncreated form of God… as Jesus Christ reflected. And because we are being made into this substance, we already are his substance. And as you referenced, a way to articulate that is in nature and ability. As we begin to awaken to who we are, we begin to see more deeply the oneness we’ve always possessed with God and with others. It has only been our lack of awareness that fooled us into believing we were separate. This is an amazing journey that as you persist the more rich it becomes.

      • And…that lack of awareness you mention is not something we should feel bad
        about at all…just as any of the rest of our experiences. When God pulls back the curtain of the veil of our flesh and let’s us see what He Himself blinded us from…and why…it humbles us to know the love He has for us. To see God’s love in “all” things, even the most brutal sufferings man is exposed to as a means to an end…is such a humbling experience. For God to reveal to us that there is an aspect of love in all things and the neccesity of the suffering and why….we sit in awe of this revelation. There is love in all things…for God is all…and in all.

      • Hi Sonny, So true … every moment is perfect in its purpose. So, everything we perceive or don’t is serving our high purpose perfectly.

        The more we become aware of the Truth, the more beautiful it becomes. In all the beauty of perfection and love that I’ve learned of truth … I know that this will only increase as I continue to grow in awareness of it. God is divine love. Divine love is the most glorious expression whose increase has no end. It is the way in which we “see” God. When we can see this love in all things and it continually increases we are perceiving truth and God and his sovereignty, which is why trusting in this divine love is one of the greatest ways we honestly honor God.

  9. Yes: To have faith and to trust in the one true God that all was, is, and will be perfect is quiet a calming existence. As we are being revealed to His all, we know nothing but the best awaits us for no matter the means it is the end we receive…and that end is to be found in being as is our Father…in an existence void of all of our prior earthly natures. In the end of this earthly journey it will be as though it never happened for the increase we receive will far outweigh the discipline we endured to accomplish the greater gifts.

    It is all good.

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