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Dawning of a New Day



Dawning of a New Day


As the soul awakens to the supra-conscious mind, it experiences divine trust followed by divine forgiveness. These attributes originate from the supra-conscious and equip the soul to operate in accordance with the supra-mind’s purposes. Together these Spirit attributes enable the layering of perfect divine potentials in the soul’s reality. As these potentials build layer by layer, the soul becomes consciously aware of the kingdom of God.

In this moment resides the perfect divine potential waiting to manifest. Its manifestation is the expression of the supra-consciousness through the soul (the Christ). Divine potentials find entrance into the soul’s reality through divine trust and they have space to manifest by divine forgiveness. Divine trust connects the soul to the supra-consciousness so divine potentials manifest in the soul’s reality, and divine forgiveness liberates the present moment so the potentials can be established and propagate.

Divine Trust

As the soul awakens, it experiences the power of divine trust. Prior to its awakening through the instructions of the Spirit of Truth, the soul learns the constructs of divine trust (trust in divine love) and gains the desire to trust, but lacks the power to truly act in this trust. As the soul awakens, it receives the power to trust, because the soul becomes aware of divine trust from the supra-consciousness. Trust is the first divine attribute the soul experiences. It’s the state of consciousness that connects the individualized soul to the supra-consciousness in a way that allows the expression of all the other attributes to manifest. Divine trust is the soul’s initial conscious experience of oneness with the Christ within.

Divine trust forms an open door to the supra-consciousness that enables this divine consciousness to expand into the soul. This trust enlarges within the soul until the soul fully trusts in the unfailing nature of divine love and no longer trusts in physical expectations (i.e., the “world”). This expansive trust enables the supra-mind to govern all the soul expressions, and therefore manifest divine potentials in the soul’s reality. The divine trust becomes an eternal gate in the soul through which the supra-mind expresses itself in creation.

Divine Forgiveness

Entering through the open door of divine trust, the next divine attribute to enter the soul in power is divine forgiveness. Like trust, the soul learns about the constructs of divine forgiveness from the Spirit of Truth and gains a desire to divinely forgive, but only upon its awakening does it experience its true power.

Divine forgiveness has the power to liberate the present moment from past negative emotions that create suffering in the soul, and fill the present with divine love which heals and renews the soul. It purifies the present moment, enabling the expression of the other divine attributes. It’s an essential attribute involved in the transformative process of “Life”, regenerating the soul from a mortal experience to an immortal one. In divine trust, the soul rests in the perfect unfoldment of this highly desirable attribute, for it is the experience of the soul breaking free from the bondage of the self-generated consciousness.

Emotions are the expressed energy of the soul. Energy’s vibrations create harmony or disharmony in reality. When the energy is tainted by negative past emotions, it creates a disharmonious reality. For example, if anger lingers in the soul’s consciousness from a past event, then it impacts the emotional atmosphere of the present. When it is a disharmonious energy, like anger, it creates disharmony is the soul’s reality. Versus, when the soul feels the harmonious vibrations of love, it creates desirable circumstances and conditions.

The self-directed consciousness, which is crafted in corruption, holds on to past negative emotions through its erroneous beliefs, perceptions, judgments and constructs, and as a result the soul experiences emotional pain and suffers for events that no longer exist. Upon the soul’s awakening, as the supra-consciousness supplants the corrupted self-directed consciousness, and through divine forgiveness the present is completely freed from negative past emotions. In the light of the supra-consciousness, the past reflects its truth – that is unreal. Instead, the now becomes real and new, alive with divine love, the source of harmony, vitality, and joy.

Divine forgiveness exists right now for each one of us. It’s woven into the fabric of the energetic structure of creation. All that exists is the present moment’s energetic vibration. This “purity of the present moment” is a reflection of our Creator’s divine forgiveness available to us all. In truth, we are totally free, liberated, and “forgiven” with every new moment. When we receive the awareness of divine forgiveness from the supra-consciousness through the open door of trust, we are able to fully abide in this truth and we are free.

Through oneness with the supra-consciousness, the soul receives the inflow of divine attributes and expresses their outflow into creation, illuminating reality with Truth. As the soul reflects perfect divine potentials, it arises and shines in the dawning of a new Day.

The Golden Key

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.  ~ 1 Corinthians 5:17

Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.”  ~ Revelation 21:5


Author: Rachel

My passion is cultivating a deep relationship with God and helping others to do the same. I LOVE sharing with others insights that God has taught me and hearing what God has taught them... thus my blog, Stirring the Deep. My focus is on a relationship, not a religion. Life is in the relationship. I believe in a balance and unity of body, mind and spirit. I feel it's important to nurture all three for they all affect each other. I try to live in the present, where the Holy Spirit is. And I try to do all with the motive of love. I've come to believe life is a journey and not a destination. It isn't about perfection, is it about growth.

14 thoughts on “Dawning of a New Day

  1. So very true and thoughtful. Divine trust comes to us gradually as we are awakened to divine truths. Without understand the plan of God and being blessed to “see” in a spiritual way we cannot have this trust. For those who believe in a God who takes pleasure in the endless torment of those who may have stolen just a loaf of bread and is not forgiven because they didn’t “ask” and he has forgiven and permitted into heaven those who have raped, murdered and caused the suffering of millions of people and has asked forgiveness and it is granted; these people cannot truly trust because of this worldly view of a God who in their mind is unjust.

    And He would be if these myths were true. However when we see the plan of God, and understand we are being trained “up” into the ways and character of God by these very evil things, we start to see a merciful and kind God. We see that suffering causes enlightenment just as Christ Himself learned obedience through the things in which He suffered.

    So, when we see that trust comes by the revelation of the spirit and nothing happens to a person except for the ultimate good of that individual, we then can trust without just saying the words, we trust. Trust comes by loving a God that loves every single one of us and understanding God is a God of love and “all” things He created, both good and evil serves the same purpose. We cannot truly love or trust a God that is less than one who loves all of His creation.

    • Sonny,

      Even this morning after this post, the power of divine forgiveness has grown in my awareness. My soul is overwhelmed by the significance, power and beauty of this divine attribute, that is a beautiful expression of divine love.

      As God is beyond creation and we the substance of his expression in creation, the growing awareness of these truths is in accordance to our purpose and the workings of his plan and purpose.

      When we begin to perceive the depth of divine forgiveness, which is an aspect of divine love, we see it unfolds into creation as it extends through us to others, thus as we are completely, continually, and willingly desirous to extend this attribute of divine love to the most vile, to those who have hurt us the most, and the one who has hurt us the most, ourself, then we are beginning to perceive and experience the nature and power of divine love growing within us. Divine love, thus divine forgiveness, is all consuming, covers all and leaves no one out of its expansion reach. When our hearts truly desire to give this fullness of love then we are in the preparatory stages of experiencing the power of divine forgiveness, thus the outward manifestation of the Christ within. So to your point … when we begin to see all in truth, to discern the real from the unreal, the lies and illusion from the eternal and everlasting, and to perceive the perfection and divine orchestration in all things. .. we are traversing the realm of truth, thus the true nature of God.

      • And… To add a beautiful truth to what you share; when forgiveness becomes a constant, a way, and not an incidence or event, we then walk in an attitude of permanence where the forgiveness abides before the “event ” takes place. Foregiveness becomes just part of our nature without struggle. The seven candlesticks of light were but seven parts of the same one light or spirit. So…when love becomes a constant in it’s fullness…so does forgiveness. When all the seven lights are trimmed and maintained in the tabernacle within, our seven lights become as one and there is no more division but we see in one light, and that light is the very nature and likeness of the Father.

        When the beattitudes we read in the written word becomes the spiritual Word written on the tables of our heart, they become melded into the one spirit within…it is then we become the “I am” with the “I AM”. To think that one day we can stand in the presence of Jesus Christ with a level eye and converse with Him, having no thought of being less in His eye than He Himself is, is a wonderful thought. He is the “first born” among “many” like brethren,

        Words cannot do justice to the the life that awaits us…so let us show God through Christ the love we have for them by showing it to those who are “His.” To all we meet, see, and share with.

      • What beautiful words of life Sonny.

    • excellent sonny amen ❤

  2. Wonderful way to see…where all is positive and “all” things are for our good.

    • the living love perspective of being alive in the growing awareness of the glory of being born of the spirit of almighty god amen

  3. In the words of another in which we agree: “Now let’s proceed further with Paul. In Romans 5:6 he again refers to God in relation to the ungodly. “while we were yet helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.” Then two verses later he says, “God shows his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” This was the glorious message preached also by Peter on the day of Pentecost as recorded in the second chapter of Acts. The essence of what he said was this, “when you did your worst to God (in nailing Jesus to the cross) He did his best for you!” For in the precise moment in which you sinned most grievously against God, He forgave you and made possible your salvation.” End quote

    What a wonderful affirmation of the depth of God’s love. To know that God had no plan whatsoever to do anything but to give the love of Himself to all of His creation, none forbidden, raises our awareness in euphoria to the blessings our Father “has” given to us. Only when we understand that God exudes nothing but love for us, can we “see” and participate in this grace. Grace is love beyond anything anyone can do and say in the negative. Grace abounded before sin was ever a thought in the mind of God for sin itself is but a means to His wonderful grace for it is sin which teaches that grace trumps all created vanities.

    Sin itself is a blessing when we see it’s purpose. Sin teaches us to do no harm to another when we foist it upon another or they foist it upon us, either way, we are blessed when we learn the blessing of blessing. When we come to the pinnacle where we can see as God’s sees we also love every aspect of the plan of God and we can only say with God ” It is good”.

    Grace, a most misunderstood aspect of our Father. Grace simply is the love of God where nothing is not covered by it. No matter the classification, Saint or sinner, Godly, ungodly……rich, poor……fallen, un fallen….nothing has ever separated us from the love of God, the love we had before we were subjected to sin unwillingly.

    “All” things work together to accomplish the end of us…all the means God has in store for us will bring us to that finished end…in Him…in “us” for we are that temple where God dwells…His love is with us and for us from now and without end..for all of us.

    It’s nice to know this about our Father…what does your father say to you? To know the true love of God you can’t know any different love. However what we do know or do not know, it changes nothing of His love for us….it is a marvelous thing to feel this love…to feel it and give it we must first receive it from the one true source. This is the Oneness we seek….

  4. hope all is well happy late easter and hope you know your insights are valuable and often times confirm and vindicate self evidently things that need to be reflected on soberly

    • Thanks Stephen … the words of the Spirit spoken to our soul are full of life. In their perfect construction by the Spirit to our souls, they reveal true life to us as they awaken us to life’s eternal presence within us.

  5. [audio src="" /]

    The only joy, the only complete happiness, the only power and glory that can be poured out like jewels of glorious perfection upon the heads of mankind is the understanding of their own importance, and their connection with their source, as the vine with the branch.  And then as the plant continues to grow the branch also becomes the vine, and branches grow out from it.
    It is all in our hands. We have to buy the gold tried in the fire.  Not with money, but with our eyes open to know that it is there for us, but we have to do the buying.  We have to live the life and perfect ourselves and abide the higher laws even as Jesus Christ did.  We have to stop worshipping Him from a distance, and saying we believe in Him, yet do not follow Him.
    We are literally and actually a race of Gods wallowing in deep mud while the Light is all around us, but we fail to see it.  The Light has always been there.  It is more real by far than the mud, yet we have clung to the mud, we have mixed it ourselves as we have determinedly kept our minds on the mortal concept of existence.
    The glorious. living vibrating Spirit of God fills all space, surrounds all substance, sustains all matter, penetrates all material. It is only as we become aware of it, or in tune with it that we can consciously contact it at all times. As you begin to understand this great force, or power of tender, compassionate loving warmth of living, flowing life that enfolds you, you will soon become aware that it is also within you—and thus it is true, “That in Him we live and move and have our being.” otherwise we could not abound, or exist. This enfolding Spirit of God knows all things, comprehends all things, and as we learn to draw it more and more into our beings with awareness or consciousness of it we are always in direct contact with God. We walk with Him. We abide in Him, and He abides in us.
    These are deep things I am trying to share with you—they are way beyond the ordinary thoughts of man to question or ponder. Go directly to God for your information.  That is done by learning to contact this Holy Spirit of God, and learning to listen to the knowledge of truth as it is brought forth to you.  This is the Atonement, or At-one-ment that Christ dies to give us—that we could be one with the Light, and thus ONE WITH CHRIST THE FATHER.
    Do not think for one moment that Heavenly Father has forgotten you, or has turned from you.  If you do, then you shut yourself out from His presence.  His Spirit enfolds you. it is the essence out of which all things are composed–it is the very vibration of light and life and love that brought all things into existence, and if it were not always surrounding us. and in and through us we could not possibly exist.  Learn to know of its presence and its power and become one with it — then it will be subject to you and you can use it to create with, to heal the flesh of others, to bring to pass the greater works as promised by the Lord.
    The veil that we must rend is this very veil that seals our minds on this physical or mortal plane.  It is the veil that lifts us into the Superconscious mind,  or into the great Mind of the Spirit of Almighty GOD.   that loving,   flowing,   enfolding, protective,  directing force of our Father, in which we live and move and have our being .

    • Yes, God has determined that “all” things started in and with Him and that “all” things will be consummated in Him. Between this beginning and this ending (of our mortal selves) “all” is being prepared to the ultimate conclusion of the in between. If we could really see the overall plan we wouldn’t have a worry about anyone or anything. We may pray for the temporarily suffering of another but seeing their end we see Christ developed within in each’s appointed time.

      So…we pray for God’s will to be done in His conclusion of His creation knowing that “all” will be complete in the love and likeness of God in the end…when He says “It is finished”, all trials, test and suffering will be but a faint remembrance. We will all come to that day when we will see good in all that God did was for His love for each of us…”All of us.”

    • And to say in brevity, “All things in the end will have had it’s “positive” benefit”.

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