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The Compass of Unconditional Love

The Compass of Unconditional Love


In the land of the unreal, the real is a dream.

In the land of the real, the unreal is a dream. 

Wake me from my dream that I may live my dream

To be Unconditional Love.



The Choice

The Choice exists for our soul, because love is a choice. The Choice is between life or death; to live upon the rock or the shifting sands, to possess the divine consciousness or the self-directed consciousness, and to give and receive unconditional divine love or conditioned human love. These are all the same choice.

Divine love consists of many beautiful characteristics that give it its expression. Some I listed in my post Light Catchers: It’s always 1. longsuffering 2. kind and gentle 3. humble and confident 4. courageous and without fear 5. honoring of all 6. constant, consuming, and all-encompassing 7. healing and forgiving 8. giving and nurturing 9. merciful 10. trustworthy, honest, and faithful 11. abundant 12. of divine judgment. It loves perfectly at all times to all entities of creation. It excludes no one or nothing. This love moves through us from its Source. It isn’t self-generated. It is the Light; the power of our Source and Center, our Creator.

Therefore, to grow in the awareness of the characteristics of divine love is to begin to know our Creator. Otherwise, we hold a false image and reside in a darkened mind. Thus, to choose this love is to choose to connect to Him; for he is found in this love. Thus, this love with each of its attributes is our compass down the path of enlightenment and into oneness with the Light.

Unconditional Love

Lately, one particular characteristic of this love has been highlighted in my journey; its unconditional nature. It’s given and received without condition; a trait unknown in the shifting sands of conditioned human love. It’s unwavering, constant, consistent, and unfailing. It’s always present in harmony, purity, and perfection. It’s a rock. Thus, its unconditional nature serves as an important part of our life compass.

Though, unconditional love is given and received without condition, because it’s love the recipient must receive it and the giver must choose to give it. In this choice to give and receive is where all the conditions reside in conditional love. We judge ourselves worthy or not to receive it, and we judge others worthy or not to give it to; both for a myriad of reasons. When we possess faith in unconditional love we skip this judgment and reside as an open fount while maintaining honor, integrity, and purity of intent.

This pivot point of choice is where our voyaging becomes much more difficult. Once we choose unconditional love, a multitude of conditions from our soul surface to teach us what this choice means. Along this leg of our journey, our choice is refined into one of integrity and sincerity.

Choosing unconditional love elucidates the areas of our soul’s difficulties extending back to our childhood. Our pains, betrayals, hurts, wounds, fear, and all their protective gear; our judgments, self-righteousness, pride, ego, isolation, anger, selfishness, are unearthed and exposed. Our protective gear forms a multi-layered barrier around our soul center; the outlet of love. This heart-wall stands like Jericho and prohibits us from a sincere choice to give unconditional love because we chose our protective gear instead.

Yet, as we continue to grow in awareness, we gain new perspectives that reframe these painful areas. For example, we no longer see past decisions that led to pain or harm to others and ourselves in disdain, but we realize it was part of our shadow self presenting opportunities to grow by. In the lucidity of truth that comes to us in layer upon layer, we find a release for our walled-in difficulties, and assimilate the wisdom they provided to our eternal spirit mind. As these hurts are loosed, the protective gear falls away, and our soul opens to receive and give love in faith. Our self-imposed conditions are consumed by the awareness that this divine love is needed to heal and restore our soul and all those we’ve impacted along the way, thus we come to desire it above all else.

Inner to Outer Love

Through this exposition of our souls, we come to realize we give what we have; whether in faith or substance. A divine love isn’t self-consumed or self-generated. It flows from the Source through us to others. It is received into our soul, and then it is given from our soul. Thus, if we don’t desire or understand the need for an internal love, honor, and respect for our own soul then we can’t progress in giving it to others, for it flows through us and to others. The internal love we possess is the love we express.

Thus, the degree of love we have toward ourselves is the degree of love we have toward others. If we claim to have a love for others and not ourselves, we have not love, but attachment. If we claim to have a love for ourselves and not for others, we have not love, but disillusioned ego.

This inner love is one of the hardest lessons we face. Our shadow self challenges us with personal weaknesses to teach us how to receive a love without condition for ourselves. This is part of its purpose. But we get hung up on the conditions instead of realizing they are present to teach us about unconditional love.

To love without condition is understood when there are conditions to overcome. The more conditions, the more expansive our understanding of this love becomes. Thus, in the midst of imperfections, weaknesses, and afflictions, and all sorts of conditions, we are able to learn of this divine love’s magnificence, depth and vastness. How it covers, heals, and restores. We are given ample opportunities to learn of this divine love, thus the nature of our Creator that we may sincerely choose oneness with him, as a part of his divine consciousness.

Faith Then Substance

Again, the ability to give unconditional divine love in substance is gained through a oneness with the divine consciousness, when we no longer reside in the reflection of our shadow self, but as our true divine self. Because faith precedes substance, the Spirit of Truth crafts a living faith in divine love, which the substance fills our soul at our awakening. Experiencing our shadow self creates the faith that leads to the manifestation of our true divine self.

Importance of Faith

The growing awareness of this love driven by our CHOICE create neuro-pathways of the ways of God within our eternal spirit mind of our true self. This is the formation of our faith. These prepare us for the inflow of the energy of the divine consciousness. If our understandings and desires are in contradiction to this consciousness, there is no synergistic fit, for love is a choice. It’s like two magnets repelling one another instead of pulling toward each other. A sincere longing for this divine love with all its attributes creates an inlet and outlet for the divine consciousness to flow through our soul to others.

As the awareness of unconditional love grows in our own soul, then we are able to extend it to others in faith, which again precedes the substance. If we are unwilling to give this unconditional love, then the door to our soul remains closed. However, even in this state, if we continue to seek truth and divine love; our unwillingness will change to willingness as we learn divine love with all its characteristics is the answer and fulfillment to all we seek. Unconditional divine love is eternal life, immortality, power, harmony, freedom, peace, joy and rest for our souls and streams of living water for others through us.








Our Sacred Inner Chamber

spiritual-awakening-earthOur Sacred Inner Chamber


In a stillness of mind and quietness of spirit, we enter the inner chamber of our soul.

This inner place is one of our greatest discoveries of our mortal lives because it’s where we encounter the light of our Source and Center that guides us into himself.

The Sacred Inner Chamber

The inner chamber of our soul is the place that sits on the edge of our personal reality and the realm of unlimited divine potentials, the realm of our Creator. It’s the center and beginning of our soul. It’s the place before creation; creation of any thought, emotion, desire, feeling, word, movement or action. Thus, it’s a sacred space of innocence and purity.

If we imagine our soul as a temple, this place is the innermost part, the most holy and sacred portion of our being. Because it’s a place before anything we create, it’s untainted by error. In this purity, we are able to encounter the sacred light of our Creator.

Our temporary self-directed consciousness prohibits an open door connection to this sacred light. Yet, though we can’t connect in substance, we can connect through our spirit. It’s like speaking through a door, versus face to face. The substance of the light is the power of divine love and the governance of the divine consciousness. Thus in this self-directed state, we experience the love through the medium of faith versus substance, and the divine consciousness in concept versus actuality. But this self-directed experience is essential in preparing us for receiving the substance. Life comes through a darkened womb under a veil of flesh before entering the light and coming face to face.

It’s through this inner space the Spirit of Truth speaks to us from the divine realm beyond us. His voice echoes throughout our being calling attention to himself to draw us into his truth that he may lead and guide us. It’s here in our inner chamber where his spirit fashions us to be the temple of his divine consciousness. It’s where we are closest to absolute truth and divine love.

Mindful Meditations

As a spiritual practice, we can engage in mindful meditations that serve to connect us to this inner chamber. In stilling our mind and quieting our spirit, we put aside all the distractions and attune our inner perceptions to this inner sanctuary. With pure intentions of heart and mind, and a willingness to listen and grow in the awareness of truth and love, we find entrance into this sacred place.

In this space we sit as an observer; a place beyond and before our thoughts, emotions, and all we manifest. We offer up what is on our minds, what is consuming our thoughts, what we are obsessing about, or what is happening in our reality. We step back and take the place of an observer and open ourselves up to to learn what we are intended to about divine love from these happenings. From this vantage point, we witness the rest of our soul thus life from a higher perspective that enables us to gain insight into our personal stories. Because of this lucid perspective, wisdom finds an entrance into our awareness so that it can instruct and enlighten our path. We attune our inner ear and sit as a student to the Spirit of Truth, and he instructs us about the experiences of our lives in order to illuminate us in the ways of divine truth and love.

Growing Awareness

When we begin our mindful meditations, it takes practice in quieting our minds from the noisy hubbub of life; the more drama and complexity the more noise. Thus, why those on the path of enlightenment choose a life of simplicity. It helps them to reside in this place of enlightenment. It takes time to discern the noise from the Voice of Truth. It’s like learning a new language, a language of the Spirit. So we are required to be patient and dedicated.

Once we find an inner stillness, we can begin to attune to the truth seeping into our awareness. The truth comes like a little light in our darkness. It reveals the nature of harmony, life, love, and truth for our soul, the collective human soul, and all of creation. As we continue our daily meditations, our discernment between the truth and the noise grows increasingly more distinct. In my personal practice, writing is a great facilitator to my inner ear. Sometimes the reflections come through my mind to the paper. Sometimes it’s as if the words flow right from the Spirit of Truth through my pen and I learn and listen as I write. Sometimes, I just listen and record later.

As we diligently cultivate entering into this inner chamber, our ability to hear the truth enhances. The trickles of truth slowly build a new foundation in our soul that enables us to receive more truth. Truth builds. Thus, we grow in awareness as we receive the truth in faith bit by bit.

The droplets entering into our awareness continue to expand until they become a thriving stream. At this point, we find ourselves stopping in this inner sanctuary throughout the day. This frequent engagement is an indication that our lives are transitioning from pivoting around something outside of us, (job, family, spouse, children, pain, parents, self-worth, etc.) to our true center, the place of engagement with our Source and Center. When this becomes our center, the divine light has found a continuous pathway through the spirit into our present awareness. Our thoughts begin to shift according to our new center and we fully engage the journey of enlightenment. Finally, when we transition from growing in awareness from this light to becoming the light, we’ve obtained oneness.

Awareness is a continual expansion of truth and divine love that builds new constructs of belief and thought. These new beliefs and thoughts provide the framework for the inflow of the divine consciousness. It’s the building of our inner temple to receive the spirit of divinity. The occurrence of this inflow happens at the discretion of our Creator, because his consciousness will transform the entire human soul as one, for we are all connected. Until this day of our awakening, we grow in awareness to obtain a divine desire for this light, to make the choice to receive this divine consciousness in love and totality, and to develop a framework of constructs of truth within our soul that his divine consciousness can manifest through.

Therefore, the purpose of of this part of the journey isn’t to self-perfect, because a self-directed consciousness isn’t constructed to, but to grow in awareness of absolute truth and divine love that allows us to connect to the divine consciousness that perfects us. However, the awareness itself does bring about various changes in us.


In the day of awakening, when we transform into a divine soul, our inner chamber is filled with the substance of the light; the governing divine consciousness of divine love. Instead of growing in awareness of the light, we become the light. Our gained understanding of the nature of divine love and our desire to give it to all without reservation is the carrier of this light through our soul and into our reality, which the light regenerates in immortal harmony. When we are one with this light, every aspect of our soul is consumed by it, and all our energetic vibrations resonate according to divine love. Thus, the light governs every aspect of our experiential reality from our soul out to the ends of creation and we are one with the Source and Center, our Creator.

Photo from Cassandra Sturdy




The Path of Enlightenment

The Path of Enlightenment


When we connect to the Source and Center of all and embrace the divine truth and love it offers us, then we begin our journey to becoming enlightened. A path of enlightenment is one into a divine soul state.

It’s often assumed that a truly enlightened soul state is reserved for a chosen few. But it is only this belief that keeps it so. True enlightenment is available to every soul; for it is the eternal soul state for every soul. Truth is owned by no one, and is available to every one.

Enlightenment is an awareness of the truth, light, in such a way that it continuously alters our state of consciousness, thus our creative potentials. Light is awareness of what is true and real. Darkness is blindness by what is false and unreal. Enlightenment comes from being connected through the spirit to the Source and Center, our Creator. It is a soul state of heightened and expanding awareness of truth and divine love. It’s having the eternal light of life turned on in our inner soul’s perception, instead of stumbling around in the darkness of illusions.

Becoming Enlightened

As I begin to see the light among the shadows in my own journey, the understanding of an enlightened soul state grows more lucid. It’s a condition in which souls possess a certain amount of truths that define their being, others, the creation around them, and their Source. It’s a heightened and expanding state of awareness, as the soul is being set free from the illusions. It’s a path of seeking, following and embracing the truths in faith that are presented from the Source of Creation.

As certain truths become personal beliefs, which is the struggle of our soul journey, then inner peace, centeredness, calmness, and insightfulness are manifested; truths surrounding such concepts as present-mindedness, energetic vibrations, and soul responsibility, and the complementary dynamics of love and ego, real and unreal, truth and illusion, oneness and separation, life and death, perfect cause and self will, spiritual and material, light and dark, individuality and conformity, judgment and compassion, humility and confidence, responsiveness and creativeness, true self and false self, and so on.

We all possess the potential to journey the path of an enlightened soul. It’s found through a doorway in our soul that connects us to the divine consciousness of the Source, Creator and divine Father. It grows by a sincere desire that creates responsive actions in us that lead ever closer to the Source and Center. The closer we are to the Source the more enlightened we become as we move away from a mindset dwelling in outer darkness; which has very little awareness of truth, to a mindset governed by the principles of truth; light.

Those who learn how to access this realm of truth are on the path of enlightenment; which consists of endless gradients of growth and expression, as it is a path that never ends. How people access this inner place varies and it’s related to their individuality, personality and background. Though there are similarities such as; stillness of mind, quieted spirit, being receptive to listening, learning, and embracing the truth perceived, and a sincere desire to become that truth. Those who develop this connection reveal similar core truths; truths like the ones I mentioned above.

Our individuality is expressed in the facilitators that help us to enter this soulful place of connection to our Source; such as the varieties of meditation, melodic movement, music, nature, writing, journaling, supplemental reading, and guided practices. We borrow and share ideas from one another discovering what assists our own personal connection. The goal among all these variables is the same; to connect to the Voice of Truth that is beyond us and yet heard from within us. All these modalities of connection serve to extinguish all exterior voices that tell us, who we are, who we should be, or what we should do. They provide an ability to focus on the one Voice of Truth that flows from our loving Creator, a Voice we’ve all heard whether we realize it or not.

Enlightened souls spend amble time cultivating this connection to the light, thus how they become enlightened. They follow its leading and embrace the truth offered as they push through their own illusions and lies. In a humility, transparency of soul, and willingness to learn, they allow the truth to continuously evolve their beliefs setting them free from static constructs that prohibit soul growth. They allow this Voice of Truth to continuously bring them into a clearer and heightened perspective in all things. Their continuous movement away from judgment, control, fear, criticism, complaining, unforgiveness, ego, pride, arrogance, vengeance, greed, jealously, self-pity, and apathy, creates an expanding soul state of love, of which the entire human soul benefits from. They serve us all in the most profound way.

I extend my gratitude to these souls and the truths they share; which I only understood as I connected to the Source myself. Their souls create beautiful and powerful ripple effects into the overall awareness of the collective human soul. We honor them and ourselves not by holding them in isolation as an elite group, but by coming along side of them and embarking upon our own journey of enlightenment. Not to copy their path, but to discover our own through our unique individuality. The greatest gift we can give to our Creator, ourselves, those we love, and all of creation is to journey this path of the peacemakers into divine truth and love.