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Time Of Transition

Time of Transition


It’s been awhile since I wrote. I’m going through a multitude of transitions including a move across the country. Though I haven’t been writing, I’ve been in a constant learning mode (The spirit realm is never stagnant when we are attuned to it), and the transitions outwardly are accompanied by revelations within. God willing, it’s my desire to resume writing in the next months as all settles. But my silence in words isn’t a silence of thoughts toward you; I think of you all often.

I’m continuously learning the depth of how all is created by and through our consciousness. As we begin to perceive that the creative power of our Creator thus of ourselves resides in our consciousness and in the realm of our thoughts, new depths of understanding begin to open up to us. In this understanding, we learn to great extents and in great detail how our inner state creates our outer state. The Spirit of our divine self (the Spirit of Christ) and the thoughts that support it is our place of transformation. In this place, we exchange a nature and mind of separation for one of oneness.

Thus, our “battles” are never against anything outside of us (flesh and blood), but they are always in the realm of our thoughts. Thus, if we go inwardly we will find victory. When we keep our thoughts supportive of the divine spirit, then our reality manifests what we truly desire in the ways of peace, harmony and loving kindness. When our thoughts support the nature of our false-self, then our reality will bear its reflection. For example, complaining creates lack and sincere gratitude creates abundance. As we sincerely love others with the nature of the higher love of divinity, then we receive this love. How we are inwardly is what we experience outwardly. In these dynamics and many more like them, we see how significant the gift of the Spirit of Divinity (the Spirit of Christ) is to our lives and to those around us. By this Spirit, we are able to live in these truths and manifest a desired reality for all. It is by grace and faith that a sublime oneness with this Spirit is made manifest and this experiential oneness is the destined end to our journey through mortality.

I’ve been going through my own inner David (our divine-self and its spirit of faith) and Goliath (our false-self and its illusions) battles. I sense this is part of breaking free of the latter and moving into the substance of the former. Victory comes as the eye of our soul is filled with light (when we perceive all in truth). Thus, as we focus on the Spirit of divinity within our divine-self and reject all contrary thoughts, then the darkness of the false-self begins to fade. Though we go through the experience of the battle because all is consciousness, the “battle” is our Creator’s. Thus no true battle at all, yet in our transformation this is our experience. If others are facing this same challenge, be encouraged you are not alone, and the victory already exists. It resides in the eternal present. We are already one with our Creator and his perfect divine spirit. All thoughts of separation are part of the illusions cast by the self-determined consciousness that we make “real” by our belief in them.

There is an endless supply of strength and grace in our present moment, for our Creator’s divine love can’t be distant; even in a simulated state (dream-state) of consciousness. May we all learn to continuously draw upon this supply and be steadfast in putting off anything contrary to the beautiful attributes of divinity. May we know thus fully trust we are his workmanship and all is of his perfect orchestration according to his infinite wisdom.


Resurrecting Blog Posts


Previous Blog Posts


At the beginning of 2014, I removed all my blog posts, going back to 2008. I desired everything in my life, including my writing, to reflect the transforming soul condition I was undergoing. During the prior two years, I intensely and soulfully transitioned into knowing our Creator’s love in a way that I hadn’t before. This divine love reframed every aspect of my life. In response to this pivotal change in my soul’s understanding and awareness, I desired for all my postings to reflect this budding perspective of divine love, so I took down the ones previous to this profound shift occurring within me and in my life.

This shift changed how I interpreted everything around me and that obviously influenced my writing. Our Creator’s divine love is superior to everything in all its beauty and harmony, and I wanted to solely express its reflection, even though I was a neophyte to its likeness. I desired all my expressions, including my writing, to flow from this expanding and developing perspective, because I only wanted to give to others from this place.

Over the past year as the awareness and understanding of this divine love continued to grow, I’ve come to the realization that it is important to honor my entire journey because I wouldn’t be where I am without every single step I’ve taken. In 2001, I started diligently seeking truth in the most honest and sincere way I knew how and it led me to this incredible love. As truth builds so does the love it expresses. The steps prior lead to the steps afterward, and I’ve learned to honor them all. So, I’m putting those posts back up.

Every time I sat down to write, I trusted my divine Father’s hand to guide my hand from where I was at spiritually, and I still do. I couldn’t write without this consuming trust. Each time, I experienced his faithfulness, guidance and counsel. I learned and grew. For me, it was really his and my posts, not just mine. He was teaching and I was listening. He began teaching me where I was at spiritually, and what I could receive given my spiritual understanding and maturity. With each lesson, I gently progressed toward the light of his divine love. And to honor how he faithfully led me, I’m putting those posts back up.

Though we are all connected and are moving toward a similar space in divine love, we each learn in different ways. We each learn different details from our varying perspectives. We each have our own journey, and on this blog I’ve shared significant aspects of the mine as I’ve walked it with my divine Father, who I’ve gotten to know along the way. When we possess a sincere desire to explore and know the realm of truth and love, we are never walking alone.

As I’ve learned to honor my unique and individual pathways into his love, I’ve learned to honor everyone’s. It is my current understanding that the journey for each one of us is to move ever deeper in the awareness and power of his eternal divine love, for then we know the true God. And we not only know him, but we are also able to unite to him in love through his love. We each are unique in how our pathways play out because they are an integral part of shaping our individuality and purpose. Our Creator, who is faithful, will lead each one of his children, whom he loves, into his truth and love, thus into him, our beginning and end. This is the circle of life.

This journey through this dark and blinding wilderness serves many and varied purposes. I’ve learned to honor every step for all it has taught me, for where it has brought me, and continues to bring me. I’m grateful for it all.

Removing the posts for a time was a necessary part of my journey, and now putting them back up is just as necessary. The further we progress along our spiritual path into truth and love, the more we see our lives have been perfectly imperfect that we might dwell in our Creator’s perfection.



Pushing Through

Pushing Through


A blank page, what will be its story?

Here I sit … desiring for my words to flow from a new place, a place deep within my soul. It’s where the finite meets the infinite. It’s the point of light where eternal life blooms from. It’s a place of “knowing” that is beyond the self-judging mind.

So as part of this process of speaking from this inner place, I’m exposing what I’m “pushing through” to get to there.

Self-doubt cloaks my mind. Not in relation to the beyond-words, beautiful truths I’m experiencing as I pass through the purification of divine love, but for my ability to aptly express such treasures because my weaknesses are staring at me in the face.

But even if I had the confidence of a luminous and valiant voice; how can a finite mind express such timeless truths perceived through a soul language that is beyond words? Part of the answer lies in the acceptance that truth is always cloaked in our individuality and the expanding yet finite perceptions that we hold, so we humbly accept that truth will always reflect these aspects when expressed by and through us.

I feel another part of the answer to expressing, what my soul currently perceives from this connection to eternity, in some tangible way lies in speaking from this place in my soul and not from my “thinking” mind, where false self-judgments reign. I feel that when words flow from this soulful place they carry a spirit that transcends the words themselves making them more than what they are.

In the past whenever I wrote or spoke, it was “received” and delivered by an ability coming from beyond me. I was very aware of the grace at work that carried me through my weakness. I had no other choice but to trust in the One who taught me to also form the words to those teachings as I attempted to share them. I had to trust in a power beyond myself to deliver what I felt incapable of doing, yet lead to do. Somehow, week after week, as I showed up, the ability to write and to speak showed up, the essence of faith. Faith is acting on what you believe, but don’t yet see. The dim light of truth traveled upon my words. As I continued my journey and sharing what I was learning, little by little that light grew. For as it brightened, so did my desire to love as I perceived the love I was learning about, a divine, pure and perfect love. This increasing desire, which became an all-consuming desire to possess and be this love, was the testimony to my soul that truth was being unified to it.

But now I feel a change in the way my expressions are manifesting. Instead of my words coming through my thoughts by divine inspiration, like listening to a teacher in the schoolroom, they are coming from the part of my soul that is connected to the infinite beyond us. The trust, power and grace I relied on are more deeply integrated into my being somehow, more a part of my expressions. What this all means I don’t fully know. It’s new territory for me. But I feel it is a path I must take, in faith.

My desire has always been to speak “truth” in love for I’ve seen the life-giving effects of this dynamic pairing upon my life. What I’ve learned over the years is that love is the expression of truth, the two aren’t separate but one. So growing in one is growing in the other. Part of achieving that growth has been and still is an intense process for me; stripping, refining, revealing, changing, and letting go among many other things. To speak this way, my soul is shedding my false self-judgments, and connecting and expressing itself from a new place where the perfection of divine revelation (judgment) flows in. This release is a very deep work of my soul, so much that my soul is passing through a “death” and “re-birth”. Divine judgment comes from beyond our self-judging mind through our soul perceptions as revelation, insight, intuition, and/or a “knowing”, and always serves to unify in love. Conversely, our self-judgments of our finite human mind create separation because they are full of error.

I deeply thank all who have given me encouraging words these past months. May you be greatly blessed for every one you’ve spoken. I hope to return the gift with the things I share. We are all brothers and sisters. We are all headed toward a unified end. Though our journeys are individual and unique, the love that we are moving into is singular and unifies us like a harmonious melody; each playing their part and enhancing the other. The faithfulness of our Creator takes everything we’ve ever gone through, whether we judge it good or bad, and uses it to beautify our reflection as he molds us into his likeness of pure love and truth, and thus into an oneness with him and each other.

Through my journey, a message I’ve received over and over again from multiple places is never never give up, and keep persisting and persevering. I see why I’ve been given this reoccurring message, because the biggest struggle we face is through the aftermath of our false self-judgments against our own souls. But there is a light within each one of us, telling us the truth of who we are … beloved children learning to love, of which there is no greater purpose. We only need to seek and desire to be this love, the expression of our “true” self for we are our Father’s children, and never never give up on it.

Thanks for listening, and may this be a Happy NEW Year.





Hi … it’s been awhile, I know. I’ve been going though a lot of changes at the soul level and because of that I’ve been “absent” from my blog and videos. I feel … “disassembled” which makes it difficult to give a cohesive expression … so much is changing. The analogy that comes to mind is when a caterpillar is in a cocoon and is no longer a caterpillar and yet isn’t butterfly either. What expression can it have? This is how I feel.

Right now everything about my experience is a bit of a guess work as these are uncharted waters for me. It is one thing to know something in theory and another to experience it.

Interestingly, I’ve been learning so much during this process … much that I would love to share for the sheer beauty, life and light the revelations possess, but being in this transition state keeps me from expressing them. I wanted to let you know what’s been going on … for I know I’ve been consistent in my postings .. and this silence is unusual. I pray all is well with all who I’ve encountered in this virtual world and that you are growing in the awareness of our Creator’s perfect love.


Going through Changes

Going through Changes


Young shoot of fern close up in Big island,


I’m going through some changes. They are such that it makes it difficult to write because the foundation from what I write from is shifting. I’m usually very consistent in my posting, so I wanted you to know.