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Time Of Transition


Time of Transition


It’s been awhile since I wrote. I’m going through a multitude of transitions including a move across the country. Though I haven’t been writing, I’ve been in a constant learning mode (The spirit realm is never stagnant when we are attuned to it), and the transitions outwardly are accompanied by revelations within. God willing, it’s my desire to resume writing in the next months as all settles. But my silence in words isn’t a silence of thoughts toward you; I think of you all often.

I’m continuously learning the depth of how all is created by and through our consciousness. As we begin to perceive that the creative power of our Creator thus of ourselves resides in our consciousness and in the realm of our thoughts, new depths of understanding begin to open up to us. In this understanding, we learn to great extents and in great detail how our inner state creates our outer state. The Spirit of our divine self (the Spirit of Christ) and the thoughts that support it is our place of transformation. In this place, we exchange a nature and mind of separation for one of oneness.

Thus, our “battles” are never against anything outside of us (flesh and blood), but they are always in the realm of our thoughts. Thus, if we go inwardly we will find victory. When we keep our thoughts supportive of the divine spirit, then our reality manifests what we truly desire in the ways of peace, harmony and loving kindness. When our thoughts support the nature of our false-self, then our reality will bear its reflection. For example, complaining creates lack and sincere gratitude creates abundance. As we sincerely love others with the nature of the higher love of divinity, then we receive this love. How we are inwardly is what we experience outwardly. In these dynamics and many more like them, we see how significant the gift of the Spirit of Divinity (the Spirit of Christ) is to our lives and to those around us. By this Spirit, we are able to live in these truths and manifest a desired reality for all. It is by grace and faith that a sublime oneness with this Spirit is made manifest and this experiential oneness is the destined end to our journey through mortality.

I’ve been going through my own inner David (our divine-self and its spirit of faith) and Goliath (our false-self and its illusions) battles. I sense this is part of breaking free of the latter and moving into the substance of the former. Victory comes as the eye of our soul is filled with light (when we perceive all in truth). Thus, as we focus on the Spirit of divinity within our divine-self and reject all contrary thoughts, then the darkness of the false-self begins to fade. Though we go through the experience of the battle because all is consciousness, the “battle” is our Creator’s. Thus no true battle at all, yet in our transformation this is our experience. If others are facing this same challenge, be encouraged you are not alone, and the victory already exists. It resides in the eternal present. We are already one with our Creator and his perfect divine spirit. All thoughts of separation are part of the illusions cast by the self-determined consciousness that we make “real” by our belief in them.

There is an endless supply of strength and grace in our present moment, for our Creator’s divine love can’t be distant; even in a simulated state (dream-state) of consciousness. May we all learn to continuously draw upon this supply and be steadfast in putting off anything contrary to the beautiful attributes of divinity. May we know thus fully trust we are his workmanship and all is of his perfect orchestration according to his infinite wisdom.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

17 thoughts on “Time Of Transition

  1. Amen. Beatiful and wonderful. yes wonderful~


  2. E.W. here, Hi Rachel. God said, “without prophecy there is no restraint”. The only way we know truth in prophecy, is through the Spirit’s revealing. Which is “to be taught by God”(fourth book N.T.). Which, on receiving these truths is how we know without doubt that we are members in Jesus’ church. –That being said, the best I can understand, there are a few small points before the next big happening; of which will be the son of perdition taking his seat in God’s house/Jesus’ church/mind’ of man.  For, the great falling away(1929 & 2015) is done! Jesus said he (s. of p.) would be revealed in his day (day fully established. Yet, those taught by God, “the Spirit will tell all things”. I cannot yet say with honesty, that the Spirit has told me. But, I strongly feel we may see the son of perdition in the next ten years.

    • Hi Eldon, It’s good to hear from you. Certainly there is so much that we don’t know, and even in those areas that we feel we do often our expectations of how something might happen is different from what does happen.

      Our consciousness manifests our reality, and the world at large is reflective of the accumulated consciousness of humankind. Thus, the kingdom of God comes from within through the workings of a divine consciousness (Christ within) where we are no longer a part of our self-directed consciousness.

      That being said, as for my thoughts on the “son of perdition” according to my current awareness, is the soul-state (originating with Adam/Eve – the first created son of which we are all a part and one with) dwelling in the self-willed consciousness (nature) and likeness creating a state of “separation” from the divine consciousness. As we are all one (all of Adam/Eve symbolically) we all have partaken of this “darkened nature” that lacks the internal light, we will all partake of the eternal Christ, the reflection of the son in everlasting light. The first is temporary and of the unreal, and the latter is eternal and of the real. The first temporal soul state served to manifest the latter eternal soul state.

      There may be one (in two) who reflect the beginning of the manifestation of oneness for all as Adam and Eve reflected the beginning into a state of separation. In my life, I often don’t know how the spiritual changes within will manifest in the physical. It is usually in ways I don’t expect, yet once they occur they make sense.

      But I want to mention something in regards to the purposes and plans of God as I’ve learn thus far. God is love. There is no fear in perfect love. We are the only ones that create fear (and all its many characteristics) from an erroneous belief in a separation from God. Any true separation is impossible in divine love, there can only be the lie or illusion of it (remember “Satan” who symbolizes the dominance of the false-self is the “father of lies”, thus a lie himself.) The only real that can exist is the truth in which there are no lies. So we must put off all that is contrary to the Spirit of Christ that is of truth and love – and seek oneness in divine love for all. As this is our focus, it will bring about the kingdom of God into the “earth”, into us.

      • I think we are on the same track to the Lord. We must continue to study in spirit and live in spirit. For, that is the only way (at least for now) we can live with the Lord. However, from a last ditch effort of the Lord, in trying to draw in the nonbeliever, God will again speak in the physical. Since the end of the 1260yr. time-line (1789) God has allowed man to test himself in God’s ways and will. “The Day of the Lord will not come unless there be a great falling away” For the U.S. and many others that was 1929. For all known governments of the world, the great falling away was 2015. —son of perdition must come for the great day of trouble to happen and is a must before the day of the Lord. —Apostle Peter said we scarcely be saved. Therefore, just the thought that one might not have loved as much as they should have, might cause God to shun. This should terrify everyone!

      • Hi Eldon, God’s love is far greater than we imagine. It is man, not God, who creates fear, where God creates love. Your comment spurned these thoughts below that are significant in regards to any discussion on the transition of the times …

        How we judge another is how we are judged. So when we cease to give a condemning judgment (by seeing that we all have fallen short of the magnificent glory of God (his divine love) because none have loved as they should have, for it is impossible without the complete manifested oneness with the Christ (as Jesus prayed in John 17) – a oneness that has yet to manifest for one it does, it spreads faster than death to all humankind). In this divine awareness, we begin to cease to give out a condemning judgment. As we cease to give this type of judgment, this judgment ends. Instead we “judge” all to be recipients of the great love of God that is the very healing they need to manifest immortal harmony. So the only judgment we receive is what we give. This is what we should take heed to, not out of fear but out of love. Thus, in this understanding we seek to be merciful and give mercy. Again, for what we give, we receive.

        As we put off our own “son of perdition” nature (crucify it), then we are prepared to receive the inflow of the divine spirit (the Spirit of Christ). We must empty one in will and desire to receive the other. Thus, we must see this nature within us. I believe there will be a great awakening where all will see this of themselves so that they can “forsake it” and receive the divine spirit. Few have seen this likeness within themselves because a condemning judgment toward others is strong in many hearts. But in the time of transformation … this awareness will become a known truth.

  3. Yes, It’s all within.

  4. Amazing is the timing of the Spirit in his teachings. Just yesterday I was pondering the verses about the son of perdition and Jesus’ words on him. I was thinking there is no way it was just Judas like pastors teach in churches and I was given the thought that we all have the son of perdition in us that is and will be eternally destroyed in due time. I am looking forward to seeing myself and others with all the lies (Satan mind) burned off. To see my true self as my Creator views me will be heaven…the gates are already opening 🙂

    • Hi Carmen – it is amazing the timing … unknown to me, at the same time I was writing this comment about the “son of perdition” my husband was pondering the same things and then your comment which aligned to these revelations – so we experienced a divine synchronicity which I find very interesting. You are blessed to have this revelation because as we can understand this of ourselves, we remove all condemning judgment from another and in this removal end this judgment. And your comment about the “gates are already opening…” met my heart in yet another synergistic divine moment.

  5. Rachel, You say: ” For example, complaining creates lack and sincere gratitude creates abundance. As we sincerely love others with the nature of the higher love of divinity, then we receive this love. How we are inwardly is what we experience outwardly. In these dynamics and many more like them, we see how significant the gift of the Spirit of Divinity (the Spirit of Christ) is to our lives and to those around us.” End quote.

    To see this is a wonderful gift from God. What flows in from God is what must flow out of us to be in harmony with Him. When we receive this love and we filter it through our negative thoughts and the mind of self…we stagnate the very love of God. We do this by not loving “all” but as we pick and choose what is to love and what is not to love we are doing what Eve was guilty of…and that is deciding what is worthy, and who is worthy of our love. We are guilty of eating from the tree of knowledge of “good and evil”. To see and know Christ is the tree of life and there is no opinion and choice in living according to the principles of life in this tree of life…because it has been decided what “is”, therefore we are to only seek the love of Christ and have it for all from the highest Saint to the lowest sinner. We can only love with a singleness of mind and heart. Does sweet and bitter water come from the same fountain…in which we are? It can’t, it’s impossible…it can on,y happen if we eat of the tree of duplicity.

    Seek the tree of life which is Christ likeness, where only the attributes of the beatitudes flourish through the inflow and the outflow of Gods love. There is no division in the tree of life…however when we look at others with a dupilcty of intent…and try to decide if they are worthy of our friendship or love…we at that moment judge ourselves unworthy. When we reach the understanding of what oneness is we no longer see good and evil as for one and not the other but both good and “evil” working for the same end…for without evil the attribute of a forgiving love could not manifest itself in our being. God created the plan from beginning to end as recorded in Genesis and said it “is” good. This was after writing the book from Genesis to Revelation, with all the heart break, sorrow and every form of evil…yet He called it all good. It was only when the darkened mind of Eve came along without understanding did she call some things good and somethings evil.

    This is because unlike God she could not see the oneness of God in that “all” things are created for the consummation of all in the reconciliation of “all” people. Evil was created so that good could and does manifest itself in the processing of all back to the oneness of the spirit of the Father…through His son. Evil in the book of Job was used to correct a false understanding in Job as well as his three friends. Satan was used to test, turn, and correct Job and when Satan had finished his work…Job came out better than he went into the testing…so…thus Satan did a good work at the explicit instruction from God. No where did Satan take it upon himself to do anything…he waited for God to tell him what to do…and didn’t do anything other than what was asked of him and instructed of God. we ponder good and evil…let us see that both have the same purpose and end…and to see this love of God in all things is to see God as He is…with a single purpose in mind…to bring us all to Himself once again…with a new found appreciation and gratitude for the gift of life we didn’t have before …of having been denied it for a season… So that we could experience the without so that when we obtained a greater love we within…we can now exude and participate in a preciousness of life…we could not have had without being exposed to “evil” for good.

    God’s plan has no mistakes or flaws in it …thank God for the “oneness we seek” and are allowed to walk in it…

    Love just “is”, for there is no yesterday nor tomorrow to expect anything different from the eternal when we see heaven where it actually is…within us….we walk in the kingdom in the here and now with no expectation of having to wait for some far off place “out there” to love so to speak…because it’s all within us. Reality is within…because of the spirit, the darkened shadow of vanity is without because of the carnal. Well never be complete looking for God anywhere but from the spirit which is within us. We only “see” with the spiritual eye inwardly and we only see with the natural eye outwardly.

    What wonderful dialouge…a oneness of understanding indeed. It is good…so good.

    • Hi Sonny – It is indeed a blessing to see these deeper revelations of the perfection of our Creator, his utmost sovereignty in all of creation (including this dream-state where our self-will is “in charge”) and a purpose and plan to every aspect of it.

      This deep divine love which is reflected in your words .. a love that manifests an unbreakable bond of love between souls is the power of God along with the thoughts that manifest it, and this power we will all witness within ourselves (thus without) as the “eternal light consumes the darkness”. For this power to come and flow, it must flow through us. Thus by His Spirit, we are crafted into willing vessels to be filled and overflow with this kind of love. For me, the shaping of this vessel has been a great extensive and deep soul journey in purging, letting go, learning of the many characteristics of this love, and the formation of a sincere desire to let it flow. The Spirit has been sharing with me for some time now the importance of being a fount of this love, a soul that gives abundantly, constantly, consistency to all always. This is the way this love enters the human soul and into creation. What we give we receive. Through his instructions of this love to me while in a reality of brokenness, the greatest of this love is revealed to me in ever-deepening dimensions — something I couldn’t know without the brokenness. So as you often state -all is purposeful and serving the highest good.

  6. Thanks be to God for His Love and Faithfulness!

  7. Like everything else the “son of perdition ” is within, that is the one we have to worry about….and when this son of perdition falls away…so will our scales from our eyes to see what the son of perdition could not. There is an outward and there is an inward. If we take care of the sinner within…we won’t worry about those without. Do not fear what is “out there” that is waiting to steal you away, worry about what is already “sold into sin” , that is being redeemed. We are being redeemed from our own selves, our own inward son of perdition….remember if it is without…it is more importantly within. Some food for thought.

  8. Even though we may have been saved for many years, we must now ask the Spirit of God to lift the veil that is upon our minds and reveal the truth of whether we are presently living in the realm of the body (sin, sensuality), the soul (carnality, self-will, intellect, emotions, etc.), or the spirit (life, light, love, victory, peace, joy, righteousness, power, etc.). With reverent heart let each of us ask the Lord to search us in order to be clear where we are. Frankly, many of the Lord’s precious people are wandering day after day in the wilderness of the soul! In the morning they may have joyful countenances, but ere long the pressures of the day take their toll and they become irritable, frustrated, upset, anxious, and dismayed. Yesterday it seems they were in the heavens, but today they are making their bed in hell, discouraged, fearful, depressed, and defeated. Yesterday they were full of faith and courage, ready to believe God for exploits, but today they are disheartened with their walk in God, and full of doubts and questionings. They are continually wandering about in the soul, the wilderness, without rest, circling in the same rut day after day, getting nowhere. Like the children of Israel, they may have been walking with God for forty years, but are still going around in the same vicious circles, with no improvement and no progress, never possessing their promised land of righteousness, peace, joy, and power. Why? Because they are living in the soul, they are earth-dwellers! The soul is barren and desolate, there is no life in it. Those who live in the body realm are still spiritually in the bondage of Egypt, under the taskmasters of Satan’s kingdom; but when we are in the soul we are with the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness!

    The word of God must pierce us so that we may know how to press on from the soul into the heaven of our spirit, where Christ dwells. We must know how to bring our body and our soul into the holy place of the spirit so that the whole man may live in His sight! Only God can teach us these things, and He does so as we sit at His feet in adoring fellowship and communion. Flee, my brother, my sister, from the desolate wilderness of your soul as you would flee from a bear in the forest and you shall find blessed refuge in the promised land of the spirit, for there is a realm there within you, closer to you than the air you breathe, closer than the heart that beats faithfully within your breast, as continuously available as the blood coursing through your veins, a sacred sanctum within your spirit where the things of earth do not rule or have any power. Christ dwells there as Life! Dear reader, ponder if you will this marvelous truth: CHRIST is not depressed, driven, anxious, upset, worried, confused, fearful, frustrated, weary, weak, nor defeated — and CHRIST IN YOU IS NOT EITHER! Tap the infinite resources of the Christ within your spirit and the promised land is your land!

    There is a people rising from the barren dust of the wilderness of the soul and soulical religious activities to sit together with Christ in the heavenly places of the spirit. God dwells in your spirit, dear one, and God in your spirit is both infinite and eternal, and therefore in finding all that is available in God one must be prepared to go ever onward and upward into the vast expanses of the Spirit of God. It is not enough to experience a heavenly realm now and then in the blessing of a gathering of saints. That is not dwelling in heaven! If God is infinite, there is no limit to the experience we might have with Him in union with Him in the spirit. And if God is eternal, there is no end to the measure of grace and glory into which He would lead us by the spirit. When our astronauts began their explorations to the moon, it was not sufficient that they should have entered a rocket and pushed through the atmosphere for an hour or two. True, they were in space the hour they started. But space is vast — and they must go on, and on, and on, and on…even to the surface of the moon. If God permits, man will go to Mars, and eventually from solar system to solar system, then from galaxy to galaxy, throughout the unbounded heavens!

    Now, God has made us partakers of His Holy Spirit, and that simply means He has called us to explore the inexhaustible sphere of the deep things of God and the infinite summits of His glory, wisdom, power, and holiness. Our spirit has been quickened by His Spirit for this very purpose: “that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God” (I Cor. 2:12). The natural mind cannot discover these things, hence the Spirit of God is sent into our spirit to reveal them unto us and to search out and explore “all things, yea, the deep things of God” (I Cor. 2:10).

    For those who live in heaven everything is in the spirit. We walk in the spirit, pray in the spirit, worship in the spirit, speak by the spirit, and do all things in and by the spirit. This is sonship! We find that as we live and walk after the spirit, judgment is brought into our lower realms of soul and body, and we have not to do anything about it. It is all accomplished out of a heavenly realm, by the spirit! There is no other way. If we go around preaching death to self, the need to crucify the flesh, to kill the old man, to reform and change the old Adamic nature, then we’ve missed the whole book. None of that is of any value at all! It is heaven that comes down and fills the earth with glory and stills the raging waves of the sea! My brother, my sister, nothing will ever happen in your earth or in your sea until there is an administration of life out of your heaven. This comes by seeking only and always HIS PRESENCE IN THE SPIRIT. Read the book! It’s all there. THIS IS THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST! THE DIVINE TIME OF TRANSITION!

  9. Well said Amos

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