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The dreamers awaken and bring with them the gifts of eternal life.

We all dream together, and we all awaken together. Once the Light dawns in one individualized mind that is part of the One, it dawns on all because all is One.

As an embryonic divine Self, our spiritual eyes are closed being not fully formed. As we sleep, we dream. Dreams are illusions in the mind. They convey a “reality” that is opposite of the Truth, which is why they are unreal, yet the Spirit uses them to reveal the Truth to us; as light is known for what it is by the darkness that surrounds it.

Foundation to our dreams is our false belief about ourself. How we perceive ourselves is how we perceive others, reality and God. In unawareness, we don’t realize we are the dreamer and create the image we perceive of ourselves, and the “reality” it projects upon the screen of our minds. We believe we are the character in our dreams, who was born into a world separate from ourself, and that we are the dream. We are at one with a lie. All we “see” are fractals of our beliefs and the world serves as a witness to our illusions. We unknowingly create our “reality”, then respond to it as something separate from ourselves and in this cyclical effect we remain in a deep sleep. Our beliefs create and foster our dreaming mind. But when beliefs are replaced with the knowing of Truth, we awaken.

Our minds are not bound to this world of illusions. Because their Source is God’s living Thought of us, we can always engage this Source of Light within our true Being. We’ve always been connected to it, only unaware of it until we sincerely “look” for it. And being a Light, we will perceive it through our darkened mind if we seek in sincerity for Truth. In the quietness of stillness, we perceive it through the cracks in our false beliefs. The Light inherent in the Truth enters our minds in sovereignty over our false beliefs, and little by little It grows until all our mind is illuminated.

As Truth expands, we release the concept of the false self we created and embrace the Truth that we are God’s holy Thought, which guarantees our holiness and perfection. As we remember who we are in Truth, fear fades, thus all sense of lack, attack, defense, guilt, sin, littleness, weakness, and all the other attributes our minds dreamed up. We are Truth and can only be Truth; only in an illusion can we imagine we are something we are not. In our expanding awareness, we begin to act and respond according to Truth and not our previously held beliefs, thus ending the dream.

All of creation will be revealed for what it is – a holy expression of God. The illusion will fade when its purpose is complete, and it has already begun as we are beginning to see it for what it is. We are no longer blinded into thinking what is unreal is real, which opens our minds to the Truth. The illusion doesn’t last. Only Truth is eternal.

We are not who we thought we were in the dream, but we are the sleeping holy Son of God who is now awakening and bringing all the gifts of eternity with Him.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

16 thoughts on “A Dreamer’s Awakening

  1. I once read that “True faith is always at rest” and as we contemplate this we realize it is true to our beliefs. When we enter in to “God’s rest” we will have ceased doing our own works of do’s and don’ts of the law. When we enter in to His rest, we will have come to the end of ourselves and will cease to play God over other people’s lives by trying to micromanage each word that another speaks as we have evidently placed ourselves in God’ stead. This cannot be named among the very elect nor should it even be named among the elect because even these should have matured far beyond the understanding of law and grace. Grace does not behave itself unseemly, kind and considerate toward all.

    Christ reserved His strong language and rebuke toward those who made themselves rulers over other men’s lives, the Pharisees and the high priest of the temple. God is much forgiving and tolerant on sins of weaknesses as He displayed in the scriptures..The religious nature of the Pharisees was one of having an outward show using the rituals of the temple and seeking the admiration of the people, “feeling good” about their form of righteousness but their heart being far from it.

    Romans 8:1-2 tells us, “Therefore there is NOW NO CONDEMNATION for those who are IN CHRIST JESUS. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.” The NEB puts it this way, “The conclusion of the matter is this: there is no condemnation for those who are united with Christ Jesus, because in Christ Jesus the life-giving law of the Spirit has set you free from the law of sin and death.”

    What a person believes is between them and God and we should respect it and them. It is when one goes beyond the love and respect that one should have for the opinions and beliefs of another and they get into the area of name calling, insulting barbs and ongoing belittling remarks…do we take pause of who is doing the speaking. Is it our carnality that is showing through that we falsely label as “righteous judgement” or is it given in a way of reconciliation?

    If we are not under law but under grace then why does our speech betray us, and come from the condemnation of the law using condemning and insulting language of unrighteousness? If we are under grace, then show grace to others, even those who oppose you. If we do battle with the written word we are still under the law and not grace. It is when Christ comes into His true tabernacle in which we are are , it is no longer we who live of the carnal mind, it is the Christ within that leads.

    Contrary to all of our “multitude of words” Christ is not amongst them for He is the true word, and when our matured epistle (book) is read of all men, they will read the spirit for the letter is dead. When we try so hard to prove anything by the letter, we have not yet fully entered into His rest. Yet when we do we know His peace, there is nothing or anyone to prove anything to…for we do not enter into the rest of another…we enter in to only that rest that only God can give. (peace,love and harmony with all) as we move from the law of words we so want to bondage people with….

    Let us be steady…and immovable in grace…

  2. The gift of life is exalted and increased through the joy of right thinking and the positive force of right actions. Life itself becomes victorious and completely established through a triumphant awareness of inner rejoicing as the individual learns to appreciate Its dynamic glory of everlasting power.

    “The Life more abundant” is the vibrant, singing, wondrous potency of complete existence. It is the triumphant, powerful reality of being. It is the melodious awareness of the eternal power of God in its fullest expression.

    As one takes hold of the most holy gift of life, with his awakening faculty of understanding appreciation, he receives the “Life more abundant!” As this sacred Life force increases old age and physical deterioration ends. They are conquered as the cells of the body are spiritualized and hence released from death. This is the “overcoming” or the vanquishing of all mortal ills. And when the “life more abundant” is completely established death is automatically conquered.

    Death itself begins with the cells and the tissues as they are gradually undermined and destroyed by the vibrations of all negative, evil thoughts and fears. Death begins its battle from the day one is born. It is carried on through the emotions and the thoughts and the words and the acts of the individual as he matures and is trained to act and to re-act, perhaps violently, to every circumstance and condition of life which does not please him.

    Man has never fully understood the truth of God’s word, given in the very beginning of time, when He relinquished unto His children the dominion of the earth. Man was, in that day, given full dominion over himself also. He was given the right to choose and to select and to control his own thoughts and actions and re-actions and the unspeakable power of vibrations he would release through his own being. He was also given the power to control and to rule over the vibrations that sought to enter his being from without. The kingdom and dominion is entirely his own. If he has permitted the robbers and usurpers to enter his kingdom and take control then he suffers through his own acquiescent surrender.

    To learn to appreciate that most holy gift of life, centered right within oneself, is to learn to appreciate the power and the dominion of God in its unutterable wholeness of expression.

    Glory in the gift of life! Rejoice in it! Praise God for it and watch it unfold in the beauty and power of its sublime fulfilment — even into the “Life more abundant.” Then lift your eyes to behold the wonder and exquisite beauty of that gift of life within your fellowmen. Look beyond the fleshy tomb in which it is concealed. Look into the sublime gift Itself and you will behold the majesty and the power of God in operation. Let your mind reach out to contemplate It in reverent tenderness in the being of every living soul and you will help to bring it forth in them.

    Go another step and rejoice in that superb gift of life in every growing thing, in every flowing stream, in every blooming flower and singing bird and in the breathtaking expanse of the heavens as you behold “the stars move upon their wings in their glory in the midst of the power of God.”

    Rejoice in the sacred gift of life as your heart expands in gratitude and you will feel the life force begin to surge anew within the members of your own being.

    In the singing song of ecstasy and the vibrant gratitude of heart-felt praise, life is increased and established and the body becomes quickened and renewed.

  3. When We realize the truth of :1 Corinthians 15:22-22 “for even as in Adam all die, so also in the Christ all shall be made alive, and each in his proper order, a first-fruit Christ, afterwards those who are the Christ’s, in his presence,” we can REST in knowing that there is a a first fruit harvest, that in turn will bring those “afterward” that God will then be all and in all… complete. Why do we stress and strain and debate on what has already been promised to happen? We by having this faith in His promise enter in to His rest with patience to wait on His appearing as we each grow as “He” grows the light within our temple.

    Therefore we should not worry about what another sees or cannot see, for one person’s God given understanding is different from that of another. The order of the first fruit company requires one understanding and another understanding is for those who will come after the first harvest. This was explained to the disciples when they asked Christ why did He speak in parables to the masses and explain deeper things to them. There is however the same attributes required of us no matter our calling and that is putting the beatitudes of grace and love ahead of fretting on what someone else believes or disbelieves. One person’s calling and salvation is not according to that of another. I “rest” in this belief for I know “As in Adam……

    We don’t need the approval of any another, therefore when we each measure up to God’s will individually, we can then become of the party of “one.” When we learn to love in spite of…..we also have entered into His rest…..we are God’s work and He is the only one that will and can redeem us through Christ. There is no grievance, no ignorance nor any misunderstanding in another that is a boundary to God’s love for us…to them. Does God and Christ hold us accountable for our sins or does He forgive them all? Should we not come to have the mind of Christ in us to do the same? Is this “debatable?”

    When the love of God comes into our being that’s all we will see in another…we don’t scorn another for their misdeeds, we have compassion and pray for them. This is something we do not prove to another, this is something we do “for” another. There is a difference in words and deeds. We don’t love by speaking, we love by giving what we have been given. It’s not a debate.

    Watching Paul as many wanted to debate “faith” he taught that the simplicity in having faith without the that this kind of faith brings much clarity to mind of what is foremost important…and that is to talk and simply treat others as we would appreciate the same from them. Faith and love does not come by a multitude of words no matter how accurate they may be…for it is the lord who opens our hearts and pours His spirit into us directly. It comes by no other person or method than this…simplicity in Christ. I know that “your” salvation is secure as well as my own. We are in Christ and there is no other qualification than to just believe it. Salvation is a gift to all people, where we fit in to our salvation is according to our obedience to His will. These are two separate issues that some mistake for the other.we can lose the high calling but never our eternal life. This was given to us before the world was.

    We thank God…for…it is all good.

  4. The Eternal Power of Almighty God

    With the foregoing information established the realms of Light can be opened wide to the understandings of the righteous that they might truly be filled with Light and comprehend all things, “THROUGH FAITH IN THE PROMISES!”

    “And again, verily I say unto you, and I say it that you may chase darkness from among you;

    “He that is ordained of God and sent forth, the same is appointed to be the greatest, notwithstanding he is the least and the servant of all.

    “Wherefore, he is possessor of all things; for all things are subject unto him, both in heaven and on earth, the life and the Light, the Spirit and the Power, sent forth by the will of the Father through Jesus Christ, his Son.

    “But no man is possessor of all things except he be purified and cleansed from all sin.

    “And if you are purified and cleansed from all sin, ye shall ask whatsoever you will in the name of Jesus and it shall be done.”

    In this almost unspeakable PROMISE is given the information that one must be ordained of God (not man) and be SENT FORTH by the power of God and under His direction.

    The world is filled with those who lay claim to such divine calling but have only assumed such authority as God has enlightened them occasionally in their dire needs or earnest searchings.

    To be ordained of God and to be sent forth by God is to be directed by God in every instance and in every word. This can only be fulfilled in the fulness as it was with Christ, Who proclaimed, “I speak no word except my Father commands it.” And the Father can only direct the one who has united his three minds in the power of divine love until they become ONE — or SINGLE.

    And in that holy ordination and unit the individual is “appointed to be the greatest, notwithstanding he is the least, and the servant of all.” This seemingly contradictory statement was first declared of John the Baptist and needs an explanation.

    It is most easily understood by those who have fulfilled the divine calling and received that sacred ordination. No one having such a holy calling of greatness upon his shoulders could ever boast of it. Nor could he acclaim his superiority or greatness.

    With the power of God upon him he would become the very least in his own selflessness and sublime degree of devotion and loving humility. He would become the least in his own opinion and the very servant of all in this great love. He could never lift his voice to bear witness of himself or entertain, for an instant, even a desire to do so. Like Christ, he would realize that he could never become an insufferable braggart, but as Christ, would say, “I do not bear witness of myself.” But the very power of his calling would bear witness of him. As long as anyone boasts of his higher place or qualifications or self-importance and self-righteousness he is denying the holiness of such a calling as he seeks to exalt himself, “even above the throne of God.”

    • So true, as we grow in Christ…we witness of who He “Is”. The witness is not in ourselves but He in us. Good, very good.


    “That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter until the perfect day.

    “And again, verily I say unto you, and I say it that you may chase darkness from among you:

    “He that is ordained of God and sent forth the same is appointed to be the greatest, notwithstanding he is the least and the servant of all.

    “Wherefore, he is possessor of all things; for all things are subject unto him, both in heaven and on earth, the life and the light, the spirit and the power, sent forth by the will of the Father through Jesus Christ, His Son.



    The foregoing scripture has been mentioned before in this work. But now its very fulness must be completely unveiled. It must be held in mind always that that which is of God is Light! It is always light and there is no darkness in it. Not ever! And as one holds to the light he will continue to receive more and more light, which is joy and confidence and understanding until “there is no darkness in him.” Such is promised that his light will increase until the PERFECT DAY. This perfect day is when the individual himself has OVERCOME the darkness, the negation, the doubting and fears within himself by learning to turn on that magic switch as his mind shuts out the darkness and turns on the light. And this LIGHT is intelligence. And it is perfected in the individual who learns to hold his mind single to the glory of God, or who mentally thinks only the most beautiful things possible. Such will become glorified in light and “Will comprehend all things!” Then it will be that he will be ordained of God and sent forth to become the servant of all, in the glory of the “greater works” as he is “BORN OF THE SPIRIT!” This is the ordination of God. And this is the PROMISE and the COVENANT OF ALMIGHTY GOD. This is the ordination and the fulfilling that no man can bestow upon another. Only God can bestow it when man has fulfilled his part of the Covenant.

    And he who thus OVERCOMES the darkness is “possessor of all things; for all things will become subject unto him; both in heaven and on earth, the life and the light, the spirit and the POWER –” As ALL THINGS become subject unto one, both in HEAVEN and ON EARTH he has gained full access into the realms of divine wonder where the understanding and the power to take hold of that holy, spiritual substance, the primal matter, is henceforth his own to use as he brings into earthly form the full accomplishment of fulfillment of his yearning HOPES and desires.

    The very purification mentioned, “the cleansing from all sin” is but the OVERCOMING of one’s own doubts and fears and negations. These are “the evils of one’s life.” And the OVERCOMING is achieved by the using of that switch as the individual becomes the master of his thoughts instead of being mastered and enslaved by them.

    Thus as one masters these realms of darkness by learning to use that divine switch to turn on the LIGHT he becomes filled with Light. “He becomes glorious,” according to the PROMISE, or COVENANT. And the very realms of heaven become his to explore and to use, as all things in heaven, the elements the glory and the power become subject to him. This subjection is but the ability to take hold of the elements of Light and the Primal substance or divine material and mold it into form, useable and dynamic in its power of fulfilling. These are the things of heaven that become subject unto one as he begins to make use of them — “WHEN THE DARKNESS IS CAST OUT!”

  6. It must be here remembered that in God’s plan is held all the perfection, the splendor and the honor and glory possible for one to receive.

    Within the Light or vibration of Christ is contained the power of redemption and forgiveness and overcoming. Within the River of Life is contained the power of sanctification and of perfection so that even the effects of one’s sins are blotted out.

    Man, in his mortal blindness, has continually fought against the Will of God. He has not realized that within the Will of God all joys and gifts and blessings are held in all their divine abundance and overflowing, breathtaking perfection — blessings and gifts so far beyond anything mortal man is capable of comprehending or conceiving, he would be utterly blinded by their brilliance if he glimpsed them, even partially, before his own purification was accomplished. “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, the things God hath prepared for them that love him.”

    These dynamic, breathtaking blessings are not intended for only a few. These blessings are intended for each and every individual who will learn to place himself in tune with the Will of God, for obedience is true love in its fullest expression.

    As one learns to hold himself in the fountain of God’s almighty love he lets go of the little, mortal “self” and it is dissolved and the great, dynamic, Christ-enlightened soul of himself steps forth to fill the place of a redeemed, sanctified son of God.

    Also within the waters of the beautiful River of Life is contained the power of the great healing that will eventually heal and restore the earth and every living soul who will accept of Its blessings and prepare himself to receive them. Within these sacred waters is held the power to heal even the memory of one’s errors and mistakes and sins so that “they will never come into remembrance before the Lord.” They will also be erased from the memory of the individual who committed them and from the memories of those who may have been injured by those misdeeds of rebellion, defiance or ignorance or deliberate wickedness.

    The thing required to participate in these wondrous blessings is that one begin to develop the gift of love. The waters of the River of Life are the concentrated, outflowing powers of God’s love and only by bringing forth some degree of that love from within one’s own heart is it possible to share in the healing wonders of its divine properties and powers.

    And it is only through these dynamic waters of love that one can possibly step across into the higher realm of divine activity and progress and exaltation…..

  7. Greetings.
    Plse may I have permission to re-post your articles on my website.
    Alec J Seekola

  8. i think rachel needs to give you full permission..


    The deep night of the ages is passing. The long sleep of the mortal regime is coming to a close. The awakening is at hand. It is the time for man to throw off the infant swaddling clothes of his earthly thinking and advance into the higher glory of divine thinking.

    Man must now know that whatever he can think is possible else he could not think it. Man’s very hopes and dreams reach out to stamp their imprint upon the elements of things “waiting to become!” By his pure, unwavering hopes man can gather those elements into tangible form. Such is the stuff of which man’s dreams are made.

    As man lifts his mind to contemplate the things that mortal eyes have never looked upon and views, in thought, the glory of the things unseen he begins to take hold of the creative elements of God. Such is man’s power to lay claim to that divine “substance of things hoped for,” and to weave it into tangible form, or to mold it into concrete reality. Man’s hopes are the very essence of “things that can become.” Those holy dreams, held out, as deep desires in a pure and yearning heart, must be fulfilled. Such is the law of God.

    Holy, inspired hopes and thoughts and dreams come when one’s mind is lifted to the very heights. They are heard by the spiritual ears or seen by the spiritual eyes of man as they are revealed by “The Holy Spirit of Promise, which the father sheds forth upon all who are just and true.”

    Whatever man can think, or has thought, is already inscribed upon the invisible scroll of heaven. Man’s very thinking transposes his thoughts upon that living record of eternity. No one can think a thought that will not be engraved upon the archives of “all-time.” If one’s thoughts are evil they are engraved eternally or until the individual himself repents enough to erase or recall them.

    Good thoughts, high ambitions, noble aspirations are awaiting the fulfilling order of any who can believe and hold to their belief. A dreamer dreamed and then forgot his dream as he became engrossed in what is termed, “More practical things.” In time he permitted the dream to fade from his mind and his heart as doubts took over his life. In relinquishing his hold upon his dream, through lack of faith, he gave up his right to fulfill it. Yet that dream remains a waiting promise for anyone who follows and who thinks those same thoughts again. Each time they are re-thought they are engraved more deeply upon the archived scroll of promise. It may be that they were thought many times before there comes forth the one whom faith and courage has fashioned strong enough to follow through — and so with power to fulfill.

    As one holds to his noble dreams and aspirations he will develop the power to prove not only the reality of his thoughts but also the dynamic promises of God. When the power of the Almighty is linked with the living faith of man nothing remains impossible — or unfulfilled.

    The very power to “believe” is the element of which faith itself is formed. And faith contains the substance of all things that are possible to hope for as man’s mind opens to view the wonders of eternity. Thus the possibility of all existable things awaits the conception of man’s thoughts and the patient nurturing of his emotions as faith fulfills the seed and brings it forth full formed.

    This is the law of God. And this is the law of creation. And this is the wondrous power entrusted into the hands of man as he co-operates with God. This fulfilling is the power contained in God’s Holy Spirit of Promise as it “promises all things and fulfills all things,” through faith.

    And so can be achieved all that man has designated as impossible….

  10. It is by grace.

    For those of us who think it is by our good merit or by “our good works” we are saved I would like to give some good food for thought, this may relieve some of our unrighteous judgement toward others:

    Romans 5:10. NAU. “For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His son, much more having been reconciled, we shall be saved by/in His life.”

    This verse is speaking of all people including the barbarian, idol worshipping gentiles as well as the sinful Jew, that while mankind were yet ENEMIES TO AND OF GOD, it was in this state of being that we were reconciled to God…through the death of His Son. It wasn’t after any were baptized and saved or had yet to repent…and as any of us were saved by any good works. We were saved while yet in our sins of being sinners of every degree whether it be murderers (as Paul), self righteous (as Paul), steeped in the condemnation of others in the sin of the law (as Paul), so religious and pious that one stank of rotten flesh (as Paul).

    Why did God use Paul as an example of His mercy toward “all” men? Paul was in the worst of conditions in many different areas of his life and Paul Himself understood this as he proclaimed “O wretched man that I am, who shall deceived me from this body of death?” Paul wasn’t just being modest and repent-full here, he understood where he was “coming from” by making this statement. He knew he was being brought out from under the law to being under grace. You see Paul was a zealous man of the law, trying to claim righteousness by the law…which was impossible to do as he would find out through his redemptive process he entered into while on the road to Damascus.

    Read Romans 5:10 again with these thoughts of Paul in mind….and realize that while Paul was God’s enemy in the worst of ways, God used Paul as His prior enemy to use him as an example “to us” that we were “all” enemies of God whether under the law or being of the Gentiles…”WE WERE RECONCILED WHILE WE WERE STILL ENEMIES” and in carnal bondage to the flesh. Whether one was under the “fallen from grace” Jewish religion or whether they worshipped the pagan Gods of the Gentiles, they were all reconciled through Christ. Both were enemies. The act of reconciliation started and was granted before any are born, for this reconciliation was to “all”, past present and future children of God. It had nothing to do with our acts of neither good nor evil for the promise of being raised in Christ was from even before our fallen condition. IT IS BY GRACE THAT WE ARE SAVED, IT IS NOT BY MERIT. Our obedience is not to qualify us to the salvation that was already gifted to us before we were born, obedience through testing and trials is to qualify and prove us to our order and calling. Many misunderstand that the New Testament is written to the spiritual man in Christ and not to those who are determined to remain under the law. When we walk without having condemnation toward any we walk in grace as the Christ within us walks in grace “with us.” So let us not deny Christ, this is not denying that He exist off out there somewhere, it is saying do not deny Him guiding us into being as He is…in the present.

    Understanding that we were reconciled while still in our sins and God’s enemy, it was also determined at this same time that we would be raised “in” Christ through His merciful, compassionate and forgiving grace. In other words if we were forgiven (past and future tense) while we were yet enemies of God, how much more it is to understand we are being saved by His grace by His indwelling life!
    You see God is a wonderful Father that predetermined our fate long before we had done anything right or wrong just as He explained about the fate of Jacob and Esau and their predetermined lot in life. While Jacob was still doing things against God, cheating, deceiving and stealing Esau’s birthright, selfishly and deceitfully dividing his father in laws cattle to benefit Himself, God knew what and when He would change Jacob to start down a new road to serving Him…just as He had reconciled Paul to Himself in His appointed time…

    Just as God gave Jacob a new name (nature) so did He do the same for Paul. These men were picked by God and were recorded in the scriptures for an example to us. These men were not Holy and righteous men in the beginning and God did not turn them to Himself because of any meritorious virtues found in them. They were reconciled while still steeped in sin both without the law as Jacob and in and under the unrighteousness of the law as was Paul while both were still enemies of God doing unrighteous acts contrary to the will of God.

    You see, this was and is God’s plan to reconcile “all” people and nations back to Himself…just as He promised Abraham He would do, over 400 years before any law was instituted. And remember the law was instituted because of the unrighteousness in man, not because of virtue. Those who want to worship the letter of the law are worshipping the unrighteousness in man which the law is addressed to. Should we not rather worship under grace where sin is not imputed to us as we grow in Christ until we come into the full image of Himself?

    So if we are to have the mind of Christ, let us not judge another whether under the law or under grace, for if we have the mind of Christ, we as Christ understand that we have “all” been enemies of God but are now to become as He is through being raised up into His likeness in His life. (Romans 5:10) The law is a good thing if used wisely. If it is used to reveal Christ within which is the same as saying to come out from under the shadow and condemnation of the law into the full stature and likeness of the “Son” of God, we do well. All other uses of the law is of sin.

    The purpose of the law was instituted to reveal and expose the sinful nature of mankind…to keep them in check until the promise came which is Christ, which could give them the life which the law could not do. The law could add to or take away any sin. It was put in place for a temporary time frame until the Son of God came to redeem us to Himself. We really “all” died to the power of the old man of sin on the cross with Christ, and we at this time also rose with Him under the grace which was to follow until all of the old chaff (carnality) was and is consumed and separated from us leaving the grain which symbolizes the bread and life of Christ. We must desire to put on Christ and leave the wordiness of the law to prove ourselves.

    Our tongue is a sword both of the carnal mind and of the mind of Christ. We choose our weapon of choice according to if we tend to maim and kill as being under the condemnation of the law or under the spirit of Christ which is “kindly” of the spirit of grace. We choose our “tongue” (sword) of choice…unto condemnation or of grace. Let us choose this day whom we will serve, and by our fruit we will be known. One must walk in grace, condemning no one, to discern these attributes whether they be of God or of self. No one can walk in this gift of discernment until their eyes have been opened to the plan of reconciliation of all people. As any gift is to be used, discernment of another is not to be used against them, condemning them, but is to be used as a righteous judgment to turn one to God just as Christ uses righteous judgement to correct us, not to punish and to maim and kill the spirit with the “discerning” tongue.

    I must end by saying this, I understand the purpose of the law and as good as it is, I have no faith in the law as to salvation for I know it’s purpose. My faith is established in grace and it is in the grace in which I see Christ functioning and bringing us forth into His likeness. We are His workmanship, we are not our own for the carnal mind under the “wordiness” of the law hasn’t a clue of what it is talking about. I can understand the frustration of the “new” man (Christ) in Paul trying to get the religious legalistic to understand grace. Their time would eventually come and Paul knew this, however until Christ exposed the man of sin that was within them, they would remain in their sin. Keep in mind that these men in which Paul battled with, was as He Himself was before His Damascus journey. So, yes Paul knew that He was battling men of his old self, the carnal mind.

    Our salvation is a done deal, it is already bought and paid for. We are here for the experience and the testing and trying..and “re” proving of ourselves to made into a new man, disciplined in the likeness and image of Himself…for…”As in Adam all died so as in Christ all shall be made alive, however every man in his own order.” This is so true for we were promised this while we were and are the enemies of God. We thank God for the Revelation of Jesus Christ which has come into our being and has shown us of His wonderful plan of salvation, it is a blessing indeed. When we start to see and actual see as He sees we see “all“ in Christ, whether they are His enemy or ours, it’s all the same…and as God and Christ see all complete in the future perfect do we. It’s all the same perspective because we see our brethren, even those who make us their enemy, just as Christ sees them…and that is we and they were and are to be finished in His likeness. As soon as all the dross is consumed away by God’s consuming fire what will be left are brethren of one spirit…each in his own order.

    Again, let us use the written word correctly if we are going to use it at all…to reveal Christ in all things and in all people…in the timing of God’s will. The law is good if used wisely to reveal its only purpose, which is revealing Christ within which is all and in all. This is “the” mystery revealed, Christ in us and we in Him…and we in God..the triune. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit that is within. Thus making “us” three one.

  11. Matthew 15:13-14: “Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up. Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” And the ditch into which the blind leaders are leading their followers is the grave.

    It is this great spiritual blindness that has caused the world to remain “In its awful state of wickedness” that none have been able to comprehend the great and unspeakable things that have been hidden from the foundation of the world. This gross wickedness has caused generation after generation to be led like sheep into the ditch — of death.

    The churches have always represented the doorway to the graveyard. They have used only the teachings that prepare a man to die — not how to live — nor how to overcome. Nor have they revealed the way to the Life more abundant.

    The churches have meant well, even as a blind man, who is leading his blind followers, means well. But the churches are the back door into the great life beyond. They preach long sermons about the “HEREAFTER”, not realizing that it means the literal “HERE after” one has developed the eyes to see and the heart to understand. They administer their sugarcoated pills to the bereaved as a soothing sedative. Some even stand holding that back door ajar as they signal men to enter by their own little pet path.

    It is within men’s minds that the blindness must be overcome. It is not in the churches that one must struggle to bring the exalted vision. Each individual himself must seek to “see” as he learns to let the blind leaders follow their own roads, if so be they are determined, for those who cannot be taught must perish. The ones who think they have all the Light are in the greatest darkness of all. They are so sealed they cannot be taught. No word of Truth nor of Light can penetrate into their inner consciousness to awaken new thoughts. For this reason it is impossible, as yet, to reach the blinded, orthodoxed groups, sealed in their creeded conformity.

    It is within each individual’s mind that the blindness must be overcome. It is an individual thing. The way to receive the power of divine vision is very simple, so simple there need be no excuse for remaining blind.

    The mind is spiritualized through love. Love God with all the mind and it will begin to receive the power to comprehend and behold the Light. Enfold the mind continually with this love. Bathe it in love. Send love only through it. Let only thoughts of love enter or go out from it and watch it begin to fulfill its glorified destiny in its expanding power of divine vision. As one learns to love God with all his mind, its blindness will be overcome. It is then that those great powers of inner, spiritual vision will be opened and one will begin to comprehend all things — and all things will be overcome in him.

  12. It is time that those who profess to be Christians, and followers of the Son of God stop running away from issues which they do not comprehend. Every word spoken by Jesus Christ is a direct guide to true living, and no one is living true to the pattern He set unless he lives by every word that proceedeth forth from His mouth. Of course faith is necessary because He taught it, and because without it a life is a vain and useless thing. Of course repentance is necessary — and repentance means a “right-about-face”, or a complete changing of one’s life. This can only come as one learns to understand the true teachings and turns from the old, dead way of living to the way of Life. Repentance does not belong just to the sinner. It belongs just as much to those who have only lived on half-truths and ignored, or denied the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course Christ taught that authority was necessary, but authority in the hands of a man who denies the power thereof, or who cannot use that power is vain. How can anyone claim to believe in Christ and to be a follower of Him, yet deny or ignore anything He taught as a part of the way of life? No wonder the works of Christ are dead — no wonder there are none who have ever done the greater works that were promised to those who believe. Modern Christianity is a shivering skeleton of dead works clothed with the glorious word “Christianity.”

    “Or have angels ceased to appear unto the children of men? Or has he withheld the power of the Holy Ghost from them? Or will he, so long as time shall last, or the earth shall stand, or there shall be one man upon the face thereof to be saved?”

    “Behold I say unto you, Nay; for it is by faith that miracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; wherefore, if these things have ceased woe be unto the children of men, for it is because of unbelief, AND ALL IS VAIN.”4 (Moroni 8:43-44).

    Christ never wasted words. Certainly on the last eve of His mortal existence He was not going to start chattering just to hear himself talk, or to fill in the time. In the last hour of his mortal ministry He was giving the deepest, most loving message of all his teachings — words that hold the glory of majesty and the keys of power to do even “greater works” than He had done — the keys to ask anything and have it granted — the power to receive the Second Comforter, or the personage of Jesus Christ and the Father to attend one.

    After Christ had spent as much time as there was left, trying to give the true understanding of His words, “Abide in me and I will abide in you,” he gave this saying, “I have yet many things to tell you, but you cannot hear them now.” (John 16:12).

    If Christ, of Himself, could do nothing, except the Father which abode in Him, did the works, how can any mere mortal think that any authority will give him the power to do the works of Christ, unless he abides in the vine? Or lives life as Christ lived it? Yea, He must live in direct contact with that “Still small” voice of God centered in his own soul. He must develop his ears to hear, for this source of all-knowing is the “vine”.

    One thinks with the mind. One feels with the heart. But the center of the soul is situated just a little below the heart, in the center of the body. That is why it is given that we should love God with all our hearts, minds, and souls. When the intelligent desire of the physical mind can unite with the love of the heart and the great power of the soul then can the words of Christ be completely fulfilled; “If you love me you shall have whatsoever ye ask.” We are to love with ALL our hearts, ALL our minds, and ALL our souls.

    As these forces blend and unite we find that at the center of the soul is a fountain of light. This can only be contacted through that great INNER STILLNESS — “BE STILL and know that I Am God.”

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