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Know YourSELF

We are the living Thought of God. We can’t be separated from our Source or His perfect eternal and unchanging Thought of us. As an extension of Him and His likeness, when we awaken to the Truth from the dream of illusions (which is created by the belief that Truth is not), we perceive our united true Selves as His Self (the Christ).

Truth is … we are peace and peacemakers. We are abundant and manifest perfect abundance. We are eternal beauty and reflect eternal beauty. We are joy and givers of joy. We are divine love and givers of eternal divine love. We are strength and reflect power in gentleness. We are holy and reflect innocence. We are magnificent and are magnified. We are limitless and free as we are only governed by divine love of which we are. We are timeless and abide in the eternal present. We are eternal Life.

There is only Truth. Anything that opposes Truth, which has no living opposite, is an illusion. As our maturing sleeping mind awakens to Truth, our childish dreams which conveyed an opposite reflection of our true Self (which was used to mature our minds in Truth), dissolve into nothingness from which they came.

Truth is known by looking beyond the veil of the illusionary body (we mistakenly think is us), its world and reality (we mistakenly believe is real and true), and time (which keeps us bound to both). Our bodies, the world, and our “reality” reflect our beliefs, not Truth. As our source of truth shifts from the external to the eternal, Truth begins to take the place of illusions and our reality begins to reflect this shift. As our soul awakens by the Light of Truth from the dream of illusions, we begin to reflect the attributes of our Father’s likeness.

In Truth, the means and the end are the same, we create through being. All we are and ever will be is within our true Self in this present moment. Through being in an awakened state, all that we are in Truth is expressed through us as the glorious Light of God.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  1. ~crashing waves, beautiful~ love the caustic warm Rays from the surface and thru the divine water. The Flashes of particles unfolding light in my eye. A place I can be right here & now with words that sparkle so rich and deep and in the shallows such as these~ Ray !!! ! Thank you . Hugging you in my hearts mind with those same beautiful tears in my eyes~ U do tHIS~ and this is me speechless …so far… . . . . . .

    • so poetic Travis … we are all the beautiful expressions of the One true Self as we are born (awakened) into the Truth out of our dream that is an illusion in our mind.


    • Too often we assume we know who we are because of who and what this world tells us we are, and so we stop seeking or don’t seek at all for the Truth of our being, therefore we never know our true Self, thus the one Divine Self, in whom we are all One.

      • the matrix of mass consciousness the full gravity of this worlds thinking will always determine the outcome of a person not having a true desire or real faith to know gods will…”so very true” …TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR HIS ELECT..

  3. If you believe that illusion holds not truth, but everyone is under illusion, I would have to ask where your heart is, because it could not share but under the same illuminated shadows. If there is not much truth in the world, then you live in a world of illusions. There, one, would need to deal with a depth of issues, of which reason was created through language. Use reason, to find truth. For what, reason, is truth important? If truth is important. Why? ‘Why’ do you ‘care’? What is the care, about? Perfection, comfort? is what your after? The are things like care, and comfort an illusion? The list goes on about love, because without knowing these, there is no love. No identity for love.

    • as long as we think in our unawakened mindset not being “love illuminated “we are forever under the spell and gravity of sin and death..thats the illusion…and we are creating all of it..and we will indeed die in our illusion if we choose to remain bound to the great sleep of the ages…

      • Sin and death are not an illusion. In saying this, in stating this, I am not rebuking your thought patterns, because I am not historically knowledgeable of their point of origin. What I am saying here is that twice you stated, dying in illusion, and sin and death an illusion.
        Ok, whatever it’s not what you think about them that makes them an illusion, or makes them real. They either are real, or are not real. Ok, thinking in your awakened mindset brings you to the point of “love illuminated”, but “love illuminated” has no purpose other than to reveal the fact that sin and death are real. Once sin and death are revealed by ‘love illuminated’ as being real, and not an illusion, you are transformed into the heart of the savior, who has separated you by marriage, (not earthly marriage), by marriage unto Him, in which case you are not creating it, because you will have become a New Creation. A NEW Creation, is not just a mindset, it is a new creature. This illuminated person the new you, is not concerned with illusion, because that is a minor weapon of satan’s arsenal. Jesus has given himself, all of himself to us, and told us the revelation of His Lordship. Illusions, are therefore not the issue, Sin and death the Bible said, were defeated. This means, there effects were defeated but it shows they are real. So, there is no illusion there. They are defeated by understanding written, and plausible Truth. Truth has an antithesis. And the antithesis, is not a vaccum, or a void. In the spiritual world, or realm, of which you are part, there are negative forces, that are not illusions, but they are invisible. You can see them through the Written Word, which is how they are verified, or in the spiritual world by sight. Real things, real realities, but spirit.

      • the illusion means to me its subject under our control and we are making it real because of our mindset ….not knowing god in truth and spirit is the cause of it all…and the very reason we all die period…and take it into the beyond…to suffer greater trials of remorse and pain..even until we come to the awakened love of god amen..

    • this world is without christ , its not of god…its slowly becoming deep darkness..and mainstream churches dont represnt christ…sorry… but Gods elect will indeed save it!! JESUS TRUE SHEEP AMEN

      • When you say mainstream Churches, there is actually only one Church, made up of many different bodies of believers who gather to praise and worship God.
        If that is unacceptable to you, it is acceptable to God. Not sure what you mean by saying they don’t represent Christ. Don’t know how you would quantify how they would represent Him that would please you, but it is about pleasing Him only.
        So representing Him? There are many that may not. But it’s not because they are mainstream that would cause that issue, it would only have to do with whether there heart, is turned toward Him and they are obeying Him.
        There are many mainstream Churches that serve God.
        You don’t have to be side stream, or cliff dwellers to serve Him.
        If your representative nature for Christ Jesus is strong enough, you will be able to relate to anyone who is serving God, in truth in their heart.
        It’s about someone’s heart being turned toward God.
        Not where there stream is. A stream is just a place to flow in the Spirit.

      • ill be just blunt with you..since u so love being a real jerk! most churches that claim to know god ..and you as well ..MAINSTREAM DEMONSTRATORS THEY DONT HAVE THE FRUIT OF GOD” THAT MEANS THE LIGHT OF HIS TRANSFORMING LOVE…


    • Maria, Mishai, Ann, Jason, Susan, Brad – Remember I said that Truth needs no defense? Only Truth is real and nothing else is. Only in an unreal world would one need to argue truth’s truthfulness. Therefore, if one is arguing, it is also apparent that he is not yet aware of the truth, otherwise he would not be arguing.

      And regarding love: Have you ever been loving? Then you are loving – as is everyone else for the same reason.

      • so simple and powerful and to the absolute point of pure reason…thank you ,thank you ,thank you..

      • I think you would need to explain what you are resisting? For instance, Teresa, has just said before you that we are living in an ‘unreal world’? So by arguing, I think you are referring to ‘”explaining a concept'”. You’re saying, ‘only truth is real, and nothing else is’. So, that contradicts what Teresa is saying?
        So, by ‘world’ do you mean ‘this world’, Teresa’s world, your world? What world?

        What truth are you referring to?

        You are saying ‘truth needs no defense’. I think you are correct. It does not need a defense.
        Because truth is not singular, it associates ‘among’, by revelation.
        So, part of your truth is not defense, it is resistance to association.
        A truth that you do not know, does not need a defense, it needs an association.
        So, I can identify with truths that I recognize in Teresa.
        For me to share truths she doesn’t know, doesn’t mean they don’t exist, it means they require association through communication.
        So, I think you are saying you limit truth to what you know.
        When new truth comes, if you interpret that as defense, it ‘s not needed.
        The defense comes when you are resistant to truth.
        If love is truth it will encompass all these aspects of learning by association.
        So, you are correct. It’s not defensive. It is revelatory.
        I think what you are referring to as truth, is what you believe.
        I don’t think truth is “apparent”, which is what you seem to be assuming.
        Just because you think you have truth, doesn’t mean it’s apparent.
        So I think the idea of defending you are referring to is an assumption.
        I think you are assuming that someone is defending something, when actually
        they are making it apparent.
        These are my thoughts, I don’t know if they are something you resist in your religion
        or if they can be shared or communicated without association.
        Or if that makes them real, or truthful.
        I think that would require investigation.

      • Mishai, truth needs no explanation, for it is above all that is believed to be true. Rather than believed, Truth is known.

        Truth needs no defense because truth never attacks, and consequently can not be attacked. When I say that “truth is”, I am saying that it is everlasting, eternal and unchanging as these are the characteristics of truth. When I speak of “arguing” I am saying that a mind that has yet to become aware of truth does not yet understand its eternal, unchanging nature and therefore believes it must “argue” truth into existence in the mind of another. This is a belief that the impossible is possible, which characterizes the reality the mind experiences.

  4. Some of the questions about logic studied by students of the philosophy include: Given that logic is not an empirical science, how can we have knowledge of basic logical truths? What is the connection between logic and rationality? Can mathematics be reduced to logic? Should we revise logic to accommodate vague or imprecise language? Should we revise logic to answer the liar paradox and other paradoxes concerning truth?

    • everything can be reduced down to vibrations the “universal spiritual connector” its boundaries are limitless….it can alchemize into THE GLORY OF GOD..

      • God gave you a mind, not a gyroscope. Everything can be reduced down, but he didn’t give “you” the power to reduce it down. It’s limitless, but He didn’t give you the power to control, the limitless, because, then you would be Him. The Glory of God is not something we own, it’s something God let’s us experience. When you find this, you will not fantasize about eternity, or fantasize about power, because He is the one working with you, the wonder of it is what he created us to be, So, whether you have experienced great power, and wonder, or small power and wonder, both are acceptable. It’s not about proving something about our grandeur, we can be ourselves with God, and discover, but we do not fantasize, about grandeur, or allow our minds to dwell outside the parameters, as you say of God’s word, which goes far, and the reason this is so, is because the devil lives in the spiritual realm and if you let your mind and spirit wander there, without His Guidelines, you are vulnerable to be attacked, and it’s not a game. God set Parameters, to protect us not to confine us. It is a spiritual world, not a mental world, but your mind, is where you must learn and make decisions. Spiritual games are dangerous. Some people thing that the spiritual world is a free for all, and it isn’t, unless you desire to be oppressed. Jesus only is your guide and protector, not releasing your mind and spirit like a gyroscope, into experimentation.
        I am saying you, but I am meaning all of us.

      • Why so many “identities”: Mishai, Maria, Ann, Jason, Susan, Brad??

    • “there is indeed a simple answer to any question if we would go to the source of it all..and stop trying to feed Our EGO!!!

      • The id, ego, and super-ego are three distinct, yet interacting agents in the psychic apparatus defined in structural model of the psyche. The three parts are the theoretical constructs of how the activity and interaction in our mental life is described. According to this model of the psyche, the id is the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends; the super-ego plays the critical and moralizing role; and the ego is the organized, realistic part that mediates between.

  5. God is beginning to shake up and stretch epistemology, I saw God shaking and tearing down the arch rivalry in the spirit world, and the Lord begin to stretch even logic, and to stretch the material, and the ether of what is not, from even a land that is, and that became an arena where truth was captured only in the heart and the heart became the boxing ground, and even the element of surprise and once people thought they had the truth, suddenly it began to change into the form of a Lion, and then the Lion became a Man, and the Man was the Lord, and he began to reverse from all sides what was commonly referred to and this created a confusion, and the confusion began to be encountered, and the encounters began to form around love, and no one could then doubt that love was what was essential, and that it could only exist within a true heart, and the heart was filled with the sayings of God, and God began to brood over the sayings and the brooding birth communication and as communication came forth it was like an eagle flying and the eagle could only fly to the place of it’s nesting, or the place of it’s feeding and when one began to contemplate the parameters of the vision it was only comparable to the stars at night, and the stars were the true saints that had the true Gospel of Jesus, and those in the darkness were invested in the hearts of the Saints of the Most High to carry them in prayer to face the Only One who carries the Truth, and the Truth was the Strength of Lion, that was the Lord, and the glory of His presence was the essence of the truth that by sacrifice, and by knowledge, and by His love He began to carry men into His self who took whatever form He desired, and even into His Written self He became the truth of the Word of God, and it was a more beautiful knowledge than all who approached it could deny, or that it could be compared to for when men thought it was all, it again transformed into the Lord, and they had to find themselves within Him or they were attacked within and by the unseen realm, and the Lord allowed a punisher to encounter those who did not believe, because of His love to find them, and the Angels were telling them to return to the Gospel of Repentance, not just the Gospel of Truth, but to the Gospel of Repentance, and those who were humbled and sought after Jesus were saved.

    • very interesting!! to be able to see in the spirit world is most special gift….


    “Man, know thyself, for within thee is hidden the treasure of treasures.” “The elements are the tabernacle of God. Yea, man is the tabernacle of God; even temples.”

    The temple of God is a house of many mansions for, within each room, new and higher teachings and powers are revealed to him who becomes a disciple of Light or brings himself under the discipline of the Spirit of Almighty God. He is a disciple who is disciplining the physical body and mind to bring all the animal traits and impulses under the rule of the Spirit.

    Man IS the temple of the Living God and not until every room of that temple has been opened and explored and its marvelous contents and powers revealed can one receive a “FULLNESS OF THE FATHER.” Each room contains blessings and knowledge and power that is unspeakable for the simple reason that it cannot be spoken. These are the sacred, secret things that no man can share with another. To speak of these inner teachings openly is to profane the holy law. It is permissible to speak of the powers of the temple, of its various rooms, and such things. But to speak of one’s personal experiences as he is given a knowledge of all that it contains in minute, glorified revelation for himself is forbidden. Nor can he share with another the degree of his progress as he travels this road of inner glory to the very throne of God.

    Only as one goes forward, endeavoring with all the strength and power of his being, to cleanse the inside of the cup, can these doors be opened to the Master, even to “The Light of Christ, which is given to abide in every man who cometh into the world.” As It is accepted and brought forth, this inner Light becomes the personal Redeemer of Him who contacts It. As one opens his soul and being to receive this Light it begins to fill his temple with its radiant, revealing rays of unutterable glory. And the temple which, heretofore, was occupied by thieves is cleansed. As the inner rooms of the temple are opened and the deep mysteries contained within man are revealed, Christ truly takes up His abode with that individual. And he also abides in Christ.

    When every room is opened and their divine mysteries and powers comprehended, then it will be that Christ will reveal the Father — and one receives of “THE FULNESS OF GOD!”

  7. Man is a marvel and a wonder beyond anything he has ever thought or dreamed. Man has locked within himself the realms of the three degrees of glory, the telestial, the terrestrial and the celestial. And he has the capacity to select the level of his own existence. He will most assuredly inherit whichever one he chooses to abide in mentally while here on this earth for it is here where the selection is made.

    There is the outside, emotional man, consisting of his carnal flesh and its attributes, subject to pain and vicissitudes, rocked by his hates, devastated by his mortal conflicts and frustrations as he is carried along the pathway of his own lusts and physical desires and unproved beliefs.

    Any who dwell only on the outside, emotional level of their natures, riding the ferris-wheel of life in an up and down state of uncontrolled exuberance to the low depths of anguish and despair are being cheated. These unstable ones, are like ships without rudders. These can hate harder, dislike more violently and judge more harshly than any others.

    The scholar, the true seeker, the sincere searcher may each ride his own smaller, controlled ferris-wheel from the lesser heights to the depths and up again, yet not at such a great variance. They are more or less aware of a hungering for answers to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. The tragic thing is that far too many are satisfied with only a small portion of knowledge, or just half-truths. If one does not go far enough he may often assume that every thought or idea he chances to hear, or is willing to accept, is the ultimate TRUTH of ALL-TRUTH!

    I knew a woman once who believed there could be no truth or fact unless she had hatched the idea in her own mind, or unless her own selected leader imparted it to her. And bless her, she was completely carried away with just slight unveilings of truth or with partial truths and so she stood still while TRUTH passed her by.

    It must be remembered always, NO ONE PERSON HAS A MONOPOLY UPON TRUTH! Truth will be revealed to anyone who will seek for it or ask for it! Truth belongs to God — and is awaiting the discovery of every individual on the earth who will only “ask and seek and knock!” “FOR EVERYONE WHO ASKS RECEIVES! AND HE WHO SEEKS FINDS! AND UNTO HIM WHO KNOCKS IT SHALL BE OPENED!” This is the most perfect assurance anyone can possibly have on this earth that his search TO KNOW (for himself) will not be in vain.

    And so man is the great marvel and wonder who has remained unfulfilled as he has been satisfied with the outside, emotional, every-day, carnal level of his being.

    Then there is the mental being of man, who too few have ever really associated with at all. Few really think! Modern education is more or less a cramming process as the thoughts and ideas of others become stashed and crowded into the minds of the students. Thinking involves a process of choosing and eliminating and of PROVING. Thinking requires that the mind be harnessed and placed under control as one learns to concentrate upon the subject of his inquiry until he has tested and proved his idea or solution.

    The mind must become the servant. It must learn to obey. It must accept and reject as it PROVES ALL THINGS. This is required if one is to fully KNOW THE TRUTH. And in this training even the mind evolves into a higher capacity of functioning.

    So is man endowed. And so is man’s capacity to KNOW for himself. And the full KNOWING can only be established as one PROVES or EXPERIENCES any TRUTH.

  8. When one finally enters the realm of KNOWING, his emotions will have been brought under control, the powers of his mind will have developed the marvel of their full functioning, and he will be prepared to be “TAUGHT OF GOD!” And by his own developing he will be prepared “TO COMPREHEND ALL THINGS!” This is the condition in which he will have developed the ability TO ACTUALLY KNOW! “Nothing will remain closed to him, for he will have discovered that he is truly the door to everything,” as the writer of the Odes of Solomon testified.

    This realm of “All-knowing” goes beyond the mental realm. Or rather, it is reached when the mind itself has evolved into its highest point of functioning. Or when the conscious mind has joined with the super-conscious mind in a divine contact of development. It is the realm where PEACE abides — “THE PEACE THAT PASSETH UNDERSTANDING!” This realm where love goes beyond thought. Then it is that one can KNOW TRUTH FOR HE WILL BE ABLE TO EXPERIENCE IT, not just hear or read about it.

    And there are many in this precious day and age who will never be satisfied with anything short of the full TRUTH. For these are the promises given: “Seek me early and you shall find me!” Yes, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled with the fulness of God.” Or to express it in another way: “THEY SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH” fully and completely.

    This inner realm of glorious KNOWING is difficult to describe. It is so far beyond emotions and even beyond thought and the carnal existence there seems to be no terms available with which to make it KNOWN or comprehensible. It is the realm of deep, inner stillness.

    The contact with the TRUTH or understanding or divine knowledge that goes beyond thought or feeling is an inner discernment that was implanted in every living soul from the beginning. It has become a dormant faculty in most because it has been neglected and unused.

    • Good stuff. I think the Truth has dawned and is even now doing its work, like the “sun” does its work on the seedling. We are not the hard-crusted (dead) seeds we believed our Selves to be after all, but living expressions (sons/daughters) of God developing in Self awareness.

      I hope many other seedlings will share their “sunlight” here.


  10. It’s an incredible journey to share … We can only truly connect in Truth and when we do we see the spark of our true Oneness.

    • Amazing Grace”how so sweet is Gods divinity, becoming alive…. and “the world to behold” THE SUNSHINE OF LIFE ETERNAL ..

  11. About illusions:

    In the recorded scriptures it speaks of the natural being temporary and the spiritual being permanent or eternal. The scriptures speak in the allegory of Adam and Eve of a deep “sleep” being placed upon Adam. After this event many other allegories and mysteries are introduced, such as this earthly life being compared to a dream, illusionary images and symbols of reality. Dreams and sleep are created things, they are not of the true eternal stature of the spiritual world, but created things of this natural world. This is where we get the idea of this life being an illusion, or a dream. This natural life is described to us as being asleep to the world of reality, an illusion meaning it’s not our true state of being.

    When we are instructed to “awake” (be resurrected) from this dream state, we are asked to wake up to reality and to walk in “the way” which is in the likeness of Christ. The scriptures are full of natural types and shadows, allegories, parables, mysteries and events which represent the true things of the spirit world from which we came. In one place this is explained by God, is to Moses in the building of the tabernacle when God told Moses to build the type exactly as his vision was given him. This is because there was and is an anti type to this natural temple. We are the true, the anti type for we are the true temple of God. There is no spirit in bricks and mortar.

    So there is a lot of waking up to do to enter back into the spiritual realm where God and Christ exist in reality. So when we use these terms of illusions and dreams describing the natural as a temporary thing as God describes it, we are confessing and agreeing with God that we are not of the temporary world, but of the spiritual realm and life with God that has never departed from us. The dream or the illusion of this life being reality, of which it is not, started with the creation of Eve, our soul, another allegory for us to see that everything related and created in the natural world represents something in the spiritual. This natural world being a parallel to the spiritual world.

    So in keeping with the subject matter we are all here discussing, let us keep in mind this law of God. For example death in the natural is not the end of life as the carnal mind would have us believe, for at this point of “death” it is but a transitioning back into our true existence, the reality of our spiritual life. This, we call redemption, reconciliation, regenerated, reborn, etc. The reason for this temporary diversion into this mortal existence and the blindness to the spirit world in which we left was and is for our benefit. We had to be lowered into this temporary, natural state of being and blinded to our true existence in reality, to be taught and disciplined to be able to accept the life and the life more abundantly in which we were and are promised.

    The promises made to Abraham that “all” nations would be blessed through and according to God’s predestined promise was not according to the law which was not even in effect then, but came some four hundred plus years into the future. If the law was what was to give life, it would not have been “temporarily” put into effect. The law of sin and death had no bearing on the promise of the life that was to come…which came with Jesus Christ.

    So however we may choose to define this temporary existence let us not split hairs over terminology for they pretty much mean the same thing. A dream to one can be called an illusion to another…for neither are reality. Let us rise above the terminology another may use and try to understand the reality of what this dream state or illusion is trying to teach us. We were blinded as was Adam when God formed within our mother’s womb a body of clay and breathed His spirit into us, thus starting our death experience and process just as did Adam and Eve start theirs. Again, these natural events have their parallels in the spirit and we are to study the natural to understand the spiritual. However let me insert this thought here again, we are not to put any faith in the shadow of which the law is, we are to put it in the true image that only a shadow can “outline.” I say this because people who put their priority in establishing righteousness by the law, called the written word, are worshipping the shadow of the thing and not the true thing itself, which is God through Christ.

    The scriptures and the law are wonderful things to study but they are only secondary things as they can only describe the thing but cannot “be” the thing itself….in reality. Being in Christ likeness is being in reality, while worshipping the shadow of Christ or the “explanation” in the law of Him is not worshipping Him in spirit and in truth. We must pray to understand the difference in law and grace.

    Returning to the subject matter of reality verses the illusion of reality, we need to understand the reason for it all. We are all being awakened gradually out of our natural dream state, an illusionary temporary existence of our journey here on earth to learn and to be disciplined to accept life and life more abundantly. It is hard to discipline a child when there are no rules and no fear of failing to lose something they hold dear to them, the life they love. I am persuaded that God hid His wonderful plan from us temporarily and subjecting us to this dream world by blinding us to our reality, in order to give us what the Bible codes as a “double portion.”

    If we were to love a child so much that we wanted them to have all that we can have and give, and to take it and do good with it we would want for them the best training and to be under the best tutors and teachers available. ( read and understand the story of the adoption of a son in the Old Testament when he becomes of age to take and manage his father’s kingdom at age thirty, where he was under governors and tutors until the appointed time.) So it was with Christ being raised up by His Father as we will also be tutored until our appointed time to receive the same.

    We will live this life as seeing through a glass darkly until the full “Son” rises in our being where there is no more shadow and no more need of an external law for all will have become reality again…only when we awaken this time it will be to come forth in a more abundance of life than we had before we “fell” asleep. This life is not the reality from which we came or to that in which we will return. We have been sold into a slavery of a selfish, carnal existence for a short time in order that we may learn what it is like to be selfish and sin, and then be resurrected into a new being of selflessness. If we will study the natural tabernacle that Moses built you swill see God was always there in the Holy of Holies, out of sight to the natural man. There was a curtain veil between the Holy place and the Holy of Holies to keep man out of peering into the place where God dwelt. This was and is a temporary veiling of the spirit world where God is.

    This compartment, this Holy place is within us on the other side of the veil from the Holy of Holies, or what we call the flesh and as long as we see things with a fleshly eye we will remain blind to the ways of God. But thank God, the veil was rent at the resurrection of Christ in the natural temple of Solomon, symbolizing our veil being rent from top to bottom, in the temple of which we are. We will all awake from the temporariness of this dream we fell into…back unto the life of reality, with God. Let us not be so concerned about the perspective and understanding of another as God will deal with both them and us according to His timing and according to “His” will. As we each makes our mistakes on this wilderness journey, we have a merciful, patient and forgiving God that will see each of us to our end…in Him. Every single thing that was created, both good and evil…is but a means to an end…the end of our carnality, ending in His likeness. We will “all” see and partake of this oneness in Him…as we are called.

    • If you were being awakened out of a Dream State, how would you know that? You would either be in it, or out of it, but you wouldn’t be “being awakened out of it’. You wouldn’t know where you are, unless you were Awake. You are either awake, now, or you are acknowledging that you are constantly unsure of what is going on. The Bible teaches that you can build you’re house on the sand, or the Rock.

      • lol

      • Mishai, I’m grateful for this question.😊 To believe something is true is not the same as knowing something is true. And the foremost thing we should know is the truth about ourself. When one begins to awaken, as you may know, the self begins to seek for understanding. Initially it seeks to escape its pain and suffering – and looks to God, which is a truth inherent in every self. (I speak of self, but you may use different words such as “soul”).

        If truth is sought directly from God, which is to say by looking inward, “through” the self, it can become known. Truth, being fractal in nature, can be looked at ever more closely to reveal an ever-increasing understanding. This is to say that when a truth is first received it is always known in full, yet can be increasingly known. Thus, even the first glimmers of truth in the mind reveal that reality is unreal, because it does not reflect the truth the mind knows. It also recognizes that what it knows is not in accordance with what it (and the world) believes. This is the beginning of awakening, which is now consciously understood in the mind.

        Truth always calls the self to seek deeper into the truth it knows, that it may grow. When the self seeks to know its truth in an ever deepening way it is called “awakening”. This awareness is the knowledge of eternal life and the realization of the kingdom to the self.

  12. The worth of a man’s soul? One has but to contemplate the beings who have forfeited so priceless a gift to comprehend its worth. It is more precious than the diamond stardust of the Milky Way and the riches of many worlds. Within the soul is contained all the power that is, even all the dynamic powers of creation. Within the soul is contained the powers for the fulness of joy, complete happiness, eternal love and progress and achievement. Within the soul is contained the very Seed of God and within that Seed is held a man’s own divinity, his power of complete fulfillment, even of godhood.

    The worth of your own individual soul is beyond the worth of this entire earth and all the vast riches it contains. Your soul is of inexpressible worth. Within it is contained the jewel beyond all jewels, the treasure beyond price, “which, when a man finds he sells all that he has in order to possess it!”

    Yes, “If a man gain the whole world and lose his own soul” his hands will be empty indeed and his existence be a thing of naught or even detriment.

    That jewel beyond all price contained within a man’s soul is the spark or seed of God, the Almighty Father, the Divine Creator of heaven and of earth and all that in them are. It is the gift beyond all other gifts. Within it is contained the enhancing, breathtaking beauty of all creation and all power. Within it is contained all perfection, all joy, all fulfilment and completion and all knowledge and good. It does not contain the power to conquer others, which is negative. It contains the positive powers of unlimited happiness and progress and everlasting joy. Within this divine gift is contained the power to bless continually, to glorify, to lift and to exalt all things and all conditions connected with one’s own existence as he uses it to enfold others in his love. As one brings forth this most priceless gem, the seed of God held within his soul, he becomes a very part of the great love of God, as it fills his being, then flowing forth from him it will help heal and bless a world.

    Within the soul of man is the gift of poise, which is divine majesty. Within the soul of man is the power to rule over every condition or vicissitude. Anyone who fulfills the law of his own being will release the full outflowing power of God right within himself and then “all things will be subjected unto him, both in heaven and on earth; the Light and the Life; the Spirit and the Power.” He will be filled with Light and comprehend all things. Such a one becomes a sacred channel through which the healing powers of God’s almighty love flow out to renew in the fulness of life more abundant, joy more exquisite and knowledge more complete. Within this sacred jewel is the power to accomplish every noble task, to fulfill every worthy assignment and to bring forth every righteous desire. Within the soul of man is the power to KNOW and to walk with God. Within this sacred power of the soul is held the gift of Life Eternal, “For it is given to abide in you the record of heaven; the Comforter, the peaceable things of immortal glory; that which quickeneth all things, which maketh alive all things; that which knoweth all things and hath all power.”

    When man turns within and begins the quest, or the search for his own soul, God will take care of all outside conditions and then one will no longer need to battle and labor for the necessities of life. “He who seeks first the kingdom of God,” or the kingdom of heaven, which is within, “will have all things added unto him” and all powers. He will need to take no thought about what he will wear or what he will eat for all these things will be provided from the great universal storehouse of living, eternal substance. They will be formed from the “substance of things hoped for,” which contains the limitless supply of energy and atoms that fill the great immensity of space. This divine material will be gathered into form according to the individual’s need. “And Solomon, in all his glory, was not arrayed as one of these,” for their apparel is woven of the living vibrations of everlasting light, spun upon the loom of God.

    The atoms that fill the limitless reaches of space can and will be instantly at his command and can be gathered into the elements and materials for his every need. His own purified desires will form the mold or pattern into which these precious atoms, or “substance of things hoped for” rush together, congealing into tangible form to fulfill his requests. This is the law of the higher kingdom, or the kingdom of heaven, which is within. These precious powers and gifts are awaiting man’s acceptance of them as he grows into the glory of his waiting soul….

  13. The CONSCIOUS mind is the mind in charge of every-day living, of choosing and rejecting, of thinking really. For it is the realm that makes choices and decisions. It is the realm which rules man’s conscious actions and decisions. It is the realm which rules man’s conscious actions and persuasions. It is the conscious mind that sends all the materials or elements of his own building into the subconscious to be used for his “weals or his woes.” “Men imagine that thought can be kept secret, but it cannot; it rapidly crystallizes into habit and habit solidifies into circumstance.” (James Allen).

    The SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND is the Spiritual mind or the one in contact with the Spirit of Almighty God and the higher functioning of man. It can only be contacted and used by those of pure thought and high devotion. Its powers are manifested in life as hunches at first. It is the source of inspiration and of superhuman strength or ability when called upon in emergencies. It is the source of miracles, delivered upon those rare occasions when it is a matter of life or death, failure or victory when they hang in the balance. But as one “asks or seeks or knocks” this divine SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND is opened to bestow its choicest blessings of understanding and divine powers. And this realm is always there for man to use. “Call and I will answer, saith your God!” “For EVERYONE WHO ASKS RECEIVES: AND HE WHO SEEKS FINDS! AND TO HIM WHO KNOCKS (on the door of the SUPERCONSCIOUS) it shall be opened!”

    This Superconscious Mind is mentioned in the scriptures as the “CHIEF CORNER STONE, which was rejected by the builders.”

    This “chief corner stone” is the one Christ was referring to when he spoke these words: “Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and DOETH THEM, I will liken him unto a wise man, which buildeth his house upon a rock.” (Matt. 7:24-25). The information is given in the Sermon on the Mount, for it is at the end of this most famous of all sermons that Christ reveals the reality of the ROCK on which one must build in order to stand firm against the storms of life.

    Yes, “Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings and doeth them, I will show you to whom he is like:

    “He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock; and the flood arose, the storm beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it; for it was founded upon a rock.

    “But he that heareth, and doeth not, is like a man that without a foundation built an house upon the earth; against which the storms did beat vehemently, and immediately it fell; and the ruin of that house was great.”

    And Christ also said, “And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?”

    “If ye love me ye will keep my commandments.” And these HIGHER LAWS ARE HIS COMMANDMENTS. These are the Spiritual laws by which one gains access to the higher superconscious mind. And if ye keep my commandments “Ye need never die!” When one has gained access to that higher mind he will become spiritualized and be prepared to be “BORN OF THE SPIRIT” and will never die. This is the PROMISE.

    Few have ever accepted these higher, glorious revelations as a way of life. Few have every applied them in their everyday living. And only by the LIVING of them can they be PROVED and their unspeakable powers be placed in man’s hands.

    • The Bible actually says that, “We are no longer under Law” The Law of The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus entails freedom. The Bible says, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is There is Liberty.” The Born Again spiritual life begins, when your stony heart is recreated in Christ Jesus. Then you are “Linked” to Jesus and He is in Charge. Then we follow the Spirit. The Bible mentions nothing about the higher supra conscious mind, because that is Flesh. Jesus said, “The Flesh profits Nothing..” but only a Changed Heart. ” I will Take The Stony Heart Out of Thee”.

      • so sad lol

      • No need to be sad. God is powerful. He can bring you out of any sadness.

      • Can you explain what you mean by being linked to Jesus (who is a person), but then explaining that consciousness is flesh? Or what you believe the spirit to be in order that we might follow it? Or what a stoney heart is and what it might be changed into?

  14. “And if your MINDS be single to the glory of God your whole bodies shall be filled with Light and there shall be no darkness in you. And that body which is filled with Light shall COMPREHEND ALL THINGS!” Such is the PROMISE. And the minds mentioned are the three minds belonging to each individual.

    The subconscious mind, as stated before, is the mind or the realm which governs the physical body and its functioning. It keeps the heart beats measured, the breath controlled, the liver working and all the rest of the magnificent structure of man operating in rhythm and perfection. It controls the pituitary gland which is more or less the master gland which supervises the adrenals and pancreas and the other glands of the body. It also contains the archives of memory and the power of proficiency in all skills, which are the keys of mastery in any profession.

    Also within the realms of the subconscious mind is held the keys of one’s destruction when misused. This subconscious mind is fed and trained by the conscious mind and it accepts the thoughts that are sent into it — GOOD or BAD. And it acts accordingly for the glory and benefit of each individual or for his destruction, according to his thinking habits. If it is fed nothing but jealousy and hate and filth one will assuredly “reap the whirlwind.” For those thoughts and vibrations he releases become himself. “As a man thinketh so is he!” If one’s subconscious mind is fed on the vibrations of love and joy and confidence and gratitude his very life will be filled with the wonder of that which he has planted within the depths of his own mind. And the result will be vibrant health and Light and understanding and eventually perfection. James Allen expressed it perfectly in his little book, AS A MAN THINKETH. “Man is made or unmade by himself; in the armoury of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself, he also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace. By the right choice and true application of thought, man ascends to the Divine Perfection; by the abuse and wrong application of thought, he descends below the level of the beast. Between these two extremes are all the grades of character and man is their maker and master.”

  15. This “chief corner stone” this “capstone” that has been rejected by the builders is that divine contact with God through the Superconscious mind. When this Super conscious mind is permitted to function its power is impelling and all-knowing. And it is as one makes contact with that mind that he “COMPREHENDETH ALL THINGS!” Yet man has ignored and rejected this glorious seat of all-knowing from the beginning.

    Each individual has built his physical body from the elements of the earth as day by day he has partaken of the foods which mother earth has supplied. He has thus built his body of the temporal foods and elements as he has constructed for himself a physical body. From the day of one’s birth the physical being of every individual is stressed as one learns to focus his eyes, manipulate his hands, train his feet to walk and all the other conscious functions of mortal life. The subconscious remains in charge of the growth and inside functioning. But the spiritual part of the child is ignored. Many foolish parents think that filling the children’s minds with dead scripture, and orthodoxing them into narrowed conformity stilted by sectarian ideas that they are developing the souls of their off-spring.

    The soul is not developed by this demanding, not any more than the physical body will develop and grow by rubbing the food on the outside. Growth is always from within. And if a child can be trained in the principles of LOVE and kindness and appreciation and service as it is taught to worship God in a glory of vibrating nearness then that “Chief Corner Stone” will no longer be a rejected factor in his life.

    That Chief Corner Stone is portrayed in all the inspired drawings of that Great Pyramid of Gezeh, in Egypt. Its chief corner stone, or cap stone was truly REJECTED BY THE BUILDERS, even as man’s has been. That great edifice of stone is symbolic of man himself. It is a temple of unimaginable wonder. There are hidden, sacred rooms, sealed up and waiting for a generation that will be willing to live the higher laws of Jesus Christ and who are worthy to receive the unspeakable truths through the purification and sanctification of their lives.

    The chief cornerstone of that sacred monument of stone was rejected by the builders in the true symbology of man’s individual rejection of the revelations of truth and power as he fails to open up the Superconscious mind to that divine contact with God. Yet under the inspiration of the Almighty God, that sacred symbol was selected as one side of the seal of this great nation, which is meant to stand forth as a democracy of freedom and hope and Light to the whole world.

    That glorious seal of the United States of America was chosen under the direct hand of God and is engraved to be placed upon all official documents of this land. In the seal, as in the ancient records that rejected capstone is suspended just above the pyramid, with an eye — “THE ALL-SEEING EYE” of everlasting Truth and Knowledge and Power suspended above it, waiting to be accepted and put into place.

    The other side of that seal is the Eagle — symbol of everlasting life. Or as Isaiah said: “They who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles: they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.”

    Or as Christ said, “Those Saints who keep their bodies (or temples) undefiled and pure, walking in obedience to the Commandments (The Sermon on the Mount and the Two Great Commandments of LOVE) shall receive wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures. They shall run and not be weary and walk and not faint, and I, the Lord, give unto them a PROMISE, that the destroying angel shall pass them by as the children of Israel and not slay them.” Which is the Promise to “BE BORN OF THE SPIRIT, that they can come and go as the wind and no one will know from whence they cometh or whither they go.”Anyone who builds his life (or house) upon the Revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ, not just upon narrowed portions of accepted conformity, but upon HIS full teachings or His Revelations, will continue to receive revelations for his own life and time and all the evils of life and the falsehoods of hell will not be able to prevail against him for he will have placed that chief corner stone upon its proper place as a source of divine contact with God for every moment of living.

    Yes, “Live my words and you will KNOW OF THEIR TRUTH AND THEIR POWER.” For the very power of them will be released into your lives and the gates of hell cannot prevail against them.

    “Trust not in the arm of flesh, for cursed is he that trusteth in the arm of flesh,” for he is built upon a sandy foundation and will fall.

    “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart — and lean not to thy own understanding.” Bring forth that divine contact with Almighty God and you will be directed in all your ways. And in this way only can you “purify and sanctify yourselves before Him, even as He is pure!” For when He appears it will not be to purify us, as the false teachers proclaim. “When He appears WE ARE TO BE LIKE HIM!” We are to be purified in order to meet Him. We are to be already sanctified and completely prepared!

    Within the laws of that divine Sermon on the Mount and those Two glorious Commandments of Love is the fulness of the power of All-knowing, and All-fulfilling and All-glory!

    Rev. 2:17, is given this glorious Promise: “To him that OVERCOMETH will I give to eat of the hidden manna (which is the bread of life that a man need not die) and I will give him a white stone (THAT “CHIEF CORNER STONE” OR ROCK OF REVELATION OR contact with the realm of COMPLETE KNOWING and he will be able to COMPREHEND ALL THINGS). And in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.”

    There have been boasting, blasphemous ones who have testified that they have received that glorious stone and that New Name though they have not OVERCOME one single, tiny flaw of their ugly, mortal personalities or traits. By this you may know they testify falsely, no one ever goes forth proclaiming that he has received that sacred experience. His very boasting would disqualify him.

    This precious stone, this Rock of Revelation, can be claimed and used by those who purify themselves before Him, and this is done by LIVING HIS laws, not by outward show or boasting. But it is possible for every child of God to begin to use that precious stone or superconscious, divine spiritual mind through LOVE and obedience. That contact has been made temporarily by athletes, under great stress. By them it is called “THE SECOND WIND.” It has manifested as super strength upon occasions of great necessity. But it is available AT ALL TIMES to those who will only BELIEVE AND PREPARE THEMSELVES TO USE IT.

    The contact with this superconscious, or spiritual mind is possible for every child of God as he uses it to grow into the Spirit of Revelation.”The Spirit of Revelation is in connection with obedience to the great laws and commandments of Jesus Christ. Yes, “The Spirit of Revelation is in connection with the promised blessings. A person may profit by noticing the intimation of the Spirit of Revelation: for instance, when you feel pure intelligence flow into you, it may give you sudden strokes of ideas so that by noticing it, you will find it fulfilled the same day or soon. Those things that were presented unto your minds by the Spirit of God, will come to pass; and thus by learning the Spirit of God and understanding it, you may grow into the principle of revelation, UNTIL YOU BECOME PERFECT IN JESUS CHRIST!” And this is of God! And it belongs to all mankind if so be they will humble themselves in purity before Him.

    This glorious principle of revelation is not the wild, abandoned statements made by the self-righteous seeking acclaim, or by those only mouthing their own personal, vain-glorious desires. This principle of revelation belongs only to those who have practiced and fulfilled the First and Great Commandment in its fulness, Or until they themselves can vibrate and generate love. Only then, is the braggadocia-self set aside. And only then can God’s words come through pure and undefiled as one receives the crowning marvel of that precious, sacred capstone — that “NEW STONE” of Revelation in which that “ALL-SEEING EYE” is opened fully to behold the great wonders of Almighty God. Then one comprehends all things.

    This is the complete contact with God in which one actually KNOWS or EXPERIENCES those most holy things which eyes have never seen nor ears heard, nor yet has entered into the heart of man.

    And anyone who boasts that he alone has the gift of Revelation is struggling under the veil of gross darkness and self-deception. And he may even deceive multitudes by his self-acclaim but his condemnation will be only the greater, for God has given the keys by which anyone can grow into the Spirit of Revelation, until he becomes perfect in the Lord Jesus Christ, as he continues to receive Truth upon Truth until he KNOWS ALL-TRUTH.

    And unto such “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!”

    • Until you Become Perfect in Jesus Christ? What is that supposed to entail? Until You Become? What kind of Perfection, and Who is Going to Notice It? People are going to walk up to you and say Oh You Are So Perfect? Perfection comes to us only by What Jesus has Already Accomplished. Not by anything we become.

      • omg lol

      • Lot’s of Love. Praise God.

      • you are a total joke lol

      • Hallelujah. God has given us the freedom to laugh. Glory to God.

      • Anyone who fulfills the First and Great Commandment will also have fulfilled the Second One. No one who loves with ALL HIS MIND could possibly think an evil, unkind thought against a living soul. In fact, “his mind and lips would have lost the power to hurt and wound, and his voice will be heard among the Gods!” He will have fulfilled ALL THE LAWS and the prophets and will no longer be under the laws or the Prophets. He will have moved into the PROMISES OF ALMIGHTY GOD, even as the ancient Patriarchs.

        Such a one will become clothed in Light instead of in his own mortal nakedness. He will need none to teach him. Neither will he need any to prophesy over him. And God Himself will be his Teacher as he enters that Straight and Narrow Way that leads to LIFE ETERNAL!

        This Straight and Narrow Path is so sacred and so holy and so filled with the POWER and the LIGHT of God that anyone who would assume to take over leadership or to display any degree of self-importance will be left behind in his own darkness.

        Some of those who seek to display their imagined importance are often dangerously deadly, in that they are only standing at the wide, broad path that leads to destruction, enticing all who listen to them to enter therein. Such will deceive the very elect if possible.

        Shortly the keys of DISCERNMENT will be revealed so that none need to be deceived. And the main safeguard against such is to keep a constant prayer of praise and love and gratitude singing in the soul. This glorious devotion keeps one in tune with God. And the word is: “My sheep hear My voice and they know Me, and a stranger they will not follow!”

        Some of these deceiving ones are deceiving themselves most of all. They may believe they are at the very journey’s end and are waiting to be invited to sit with Christ upon His throne, and realize not that they have never set one foot upon the sacred Path.

        Any UNSEEMLY act or repulsive demonstrating is but the little, ego-self bearing witness of itself. Only majesty is carried by those who are truly on this Holy Path that leads to Life Eternal!

        If one loves his neighbor as himself that ugly, evil egoself is automatically OVERCOME in the great, glorious, triumphant OVERCOMING.

        Those who permit themselves to become afflicted with the deadly “I DISEASE” will soon become completely blind as they go rushing headlong along that wide, broad path that leads to destruction. They are the blind, leading the blind as they shout forth their imagined instructions. These can never be taught simply because they already think they KNOW IT ALL. They cannot even LISTEN to anything except their own words as they continue to reiterate their own experiences and proclaim their own importance. If they do not humble themselves then God will humble them, in time, and it will be a great, public humiliating experience as they are invited down.

        Those who travel the divine Highway of Light live in the present, not in the past. They do not drag the past along with them in their tedious recitals of ancient memories. They leave the past behind, for “he who looks back is not fit for the Kingdom.”

  16. The Caterpillar and the Butterfly

    Scientists have discovered an infinitesimal gland in the brain of a caterpillar, that if removed or injured, the worm can never develop into a butterfly. It may go into its cocoon and fulfill the outside laws of its own perfecting yet fail to bring forth the actual inside achievement. In order to fulfill its promised destiny it has to put the outside flesh aside and let that inner-knowing take over. And only as that tiny gland is developed can that full functioning take over. And only as that tiny gland is developed can the full functioning of a brilliant, evolved caterpillar be accomplished.

    This should become the knowledge of every living soul, for without that chief cornerstone being used, as the pineal gland is developed and opened one will remain but a worm, a grubby mortal in comparison to the promised possibilities of his full, divine accomplishments.

    There is also within the caterpillar another gland, infinitely tiny, located in the center of its body. And man has both of these glands also. They are right within himself. The one in the brain changes the thinking, being personality of the worm conscious, which transforms the mortal conscious man into a new being as far above his mere human condition as the butterfly is above the worm. The change in the caterpillar lifts it above the drab, ugly earth into new heights and realms of vision and grandeur. It has a new heightened awareness of itself and its surroundings.

    The central gland develops the very wings needed to match the advancement in thought and comprehension. The caterpillar is no longer a crawling insect pushing and dragging itself along over every obstacle in its path. It can fly above the clods and sticks and stones and mountains of grass. It can travel in a minute the distance that would have required a full day of grinding effort in its previous condition.

    The caterpillar is the perfect symbology of man in his unawakened state of mortal, worm consciousness.

    And Christ declared: “I am come that ye might have LIFE and have it more abundantly! Even Life Eternal!” This information is glorious indeed!

    “Man is that he might have joy!” Joy in his life! Joy in every moment of his living and his being! Joy in the new-found glory of “BEING BORN OF THE SPIRIT” for the transition is literally an advancement from that worm or mortal consciousness of man into the Christ consciousness, with the “power to come and go as the wind!” “Life more abundant!” It is that and more! It is life glorious, beautiful and in its full complete functioning. It is man evolving into a higher state of existence without descending through the gates of death.

    That divine capstone — the superconscious mind within man, when developed, perfects that pineal gland and opens that “ALL-SEEING EYE” of divine understanding so that “he is able to comprehend all things!”

    This holy, spiritual center in the brain is the realm of the superconscious or divine mind in which one gains contact with God. It is the realm of super-understanding, super achievement and super or full-knowing! It is a realm and a condition as far above the worm, or mortal consciousness of man, as the brilliant colored, soaring butterfly is above its former inclinations and thoughts.

    And within that middle gland, located within the great, living heart center, is the one that can help transform the physical cells of man’s being into their required perfection that he might “BE BORN OF THE SPIRIT!” as Christ explained to Nicodemus.

    This is the true heritage of man. This is the purpose and the plan for man’s true existence, that he might OVERCOME mortality. And “If your mind and lips lose the power to hurt and wound your voice will be heard among the gods,” and you will henceforth associate with the higher beings.

    The wages of sin is death. But if one OVERCOMES ALL SIN, THEN DEATH HAS NO CLAIM,” so declared the ancients in their divine knowledge as they were “taught of God!””And they are called gods unto whom the word of God comes!” The “Word of God” can only come (direct) to those who have learned to make contact with that higher, spiritual mind of all-glory as they begin to walk in majesty. There can be no sloppiness either in attitude or habits as one steps into this higher functioning. One’s very vibrations must be kept on that highest level of expectancy and joy.

    “And in that day they shall all be taught of God * * * and they will need no man to teach them!”

    The teachers, mentioned, will not be needed except to instruct others in how to open up their own individual minds and hearts so that each will be able to receive that divine instruction direct from the Father of Spirits — “AND LIVE!” This will be the only function of any teacher. No preaching or haranguements will be accepted.

    That seal, or pineal gland, or ALL-SEEING EYE must now be comprehended and OPENED. This opening can only be accomplished through the natural process of developing divine LOVE. It cannot be achieved through force or violent exercising. This sensitized jewel, this precious gem is so delicate and so divinely exquisite it can only be used as it is polished with LOVE. And to be useful it must be held in more gentle tenderness than any infant wrapped in swaddling clothes. This sacred gift is attained through humble devotion and love exercised in the fingers of perfect FAITH. And the time for the worthy ones to begin to comprehend and to gain access to this most sacred gift is NOW, for the time is at hand.

  17. The Bible says the Body is tempered by many members and our uncomely parts, are given more attention.
    If you remove the mind of a caterpillar , he won’t develop into a Butterfly.
    If you remove the stomach of a caterpillar, he won’t develop into a Butterfly.
    Spirituality has to do with the Spirit of Man. Not his physical body parts.
    When teachers come together, sometimes things must be given a new direction, and a renewal of Spirit will break, worldly arcchtypes.

    • a generic lame answer,not pertaining to the topic, most weak sad…YOU HAVE ABSOLUTE NO SPIRIT IN YOUR ANSWERS.. JUST DEAD LETTER BIBLE VERSES…

    • Mishai, maybe it would help everyone if you wrote plainly. If you have understanding please share plainly that we may all grow by what you have shared. I understood amos/teresa’s post about the caterpillar/butterfly to be one that used symbols to express what is beyond symbols. Is this what you understood?

      • It was kind of you to ask. That shows a true spirit. At least the spirit of kindness. There was a juxtaposition, between the spiritual and natural symbols where the emphasis on the pineal gland was placing the mind as being at the center of a spiritual understanding.
        In any case, your spirit is the center of your heart. Your mind is just the observer, and communicator. The idea of a third eye, I could comment on but I don’t want to offend anyone. What ever awakenings you have, as you said in a previous post, can be shared with other people. Ok, ask yourself this question, and you were commenting previously that there is a difference between, belief and knowing. When you have these awakenings, these grandiose spiritual awakenings, and I am not making fun, I am saying, these grand awakenings? do you understand? Ok, does all of that great mystique, take into account your life as an infant? Your time as a baby? When all your awakenings were very natural? Just part of everyday life? And who was watching over you then? The god self within? The power within you? So I am not making fun, I am saying that God is greater than the spiritual awakening within, He is greater than that?
        So I am running some subjects together because sometimes a symbolic explanation can be tied to something that does not represent enough of the pieces to get at the basics of what is being understood.
        Ok, if you have a spiritual awakening inside you, and you call that the source, then the revelations that come, which I agreed with your analysis previously on that, but the revelations that come, for them to be truth, have to be based on a bottom line, that was already there. So that bottom line is really where God is. The inner man is the antaean, not the source of this spiritual realm.
        So, I am offering a suggestion that says this. I agreed with your interpretation of inner revelation. That is the process that occurs. But I am offering the idea that the process is not God. The process is the observer, and if you understand yourself as being made in God’s image, it is Him, prayerful it is Him that plants the seed, in you, and that’s the function of the Word. I am tying some subjects together.
        So, in being in agreement with your understand of how the this process occurs within, and then me saying that there is something more, that is not forcing you. There is no force there, and the reason why is because, yes there is a knowing, but then believing comes after that.
        For instance, you know that the process is there, but then you have to believe that God gave you the process, going back to being a baby.
        The knowing is to bring us to believing that God, outside, God, coming inside by spirit, and that He, another person, not us, is there before us.
        Ok, I am sharing this at your request. I am sharing it in a revelatory fashion. Faith means hearing, and then hearing one believes. A different process from the first.
        It’s not all from self to self. Some is from others to self. Hopefully based on who God is.
        Fair enough?

      • Sharon! Very nice and I think there is agreement with much of what you said. I hope we can continue the conversation.

        You brought up many good points, but for the sake of keeping posts short and more easily digestible, let’s set aside the concepts of “awakening” and “God’s image” and focus on the difference between knowing and believing first.

        You said that “there is knowing, but then believing comes after that”, and I wonder if this is correct in regards to truth. If I already know something is true, why would I then need to believe it? But its seems very possible that I could believe a thing correct, only to discover it was incorrect and I did not actually know it. I can believe wrongly, but I cannot know wrongly, otherwise I don’t really know. And if I can believe wrongly, what but knowledge could come after and correct me?

        Since we live in a reality in which it is possible to have many different beliefs about what is true, knowledge must come after belief so that truth can be known.

        Would you agree with this?

      • I appreciate your approach to knowledge and have a keen respect for those people who respect truth.
        I as well like keeping things digestible.
        Several individual points come to mind when I read your comment.
        Since we live in a reality where it is possible to have many different beliefs about what is true.
        The thought that comes to my mind is, what reality?
        It sounds like the sentence should read, We live in an unreality?
        Ok which is true?

        When you say true, do you mean unchangeable?

        Do believe that the word True, includes you?
        Are You, true?
        Are you infallible, do you make mistakes?
        So, which one of you will I believe is true?

        Ok, so if I tell you things that are true,
        You will be able to believe that, based on the same critique you have applied to yourself.
        Are You, true?
        Am I true?

        If I am true (honest), and you are true (honest).
        You will be able to believe, if what I tell you is true.
        But my report of what is true, comes before your believing.

  18. u have a way of making the bible of no effect …only to those that fail to go to god firsthand..

  19. Praise God. Share what effects you are trying to get. I am not sure what you were after?

  20. The Gifts of the Spirit
    I Cor. 12:8-11

    I. Word of Wisdom

    II. Knowledge

    III. Faith

    IV. Gift of Healing

    V. Miracles

    VI. Discerning of Spirits

    VII. Diverse Tongues

    VIII. Interpretation of tongues.

    These gifts are also enumerated in I Cor. 13, including the ability to speak with the tongues of men and of ANGELS, the power to move mountains, raise the dead, give all that one has to feed the poor and even his body to be burned — yet without the divine love these gifts are worthless, and in vain.

    The Fruits of the Spirit
    Gal. 5:23

    I. Love

    II. Joy

    III. Peace

    IV. Longsuffering

    V. Gentleness

    VI. Goodness

    VII. Faith

    VIII. Meekness (humility)

    IX. Temperance — “Against such there is no law!”

    Anyone who has the Fruits of the Spirit made manifest in his life needs no other witness. The approval of God is stamped upon him for such a one would have perfected the unspeakable power of the First and Great Commandment of Eternal LOVE.

    Without the divine gift of love bearing witness of the GIFTS they are but sounding brass and clanging cymbals. It is to these, the outward demonstrators, that Christ will say when they demand that He acknowledge them and their works as they proclaim, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? And in your name cast out devils? And in your name do many wonderful works?” Then comes Christ’s answer, direct and without apology: “Then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

  21. These are all great man. Amen to that. As far as another witness, it says in John there are three that bear witness in Heaven, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And there are three that bear witness in the earth, The Water, The Word, and the Blood.
    If one doesn’t need another witness, why are you one. Why are you witnessing?
    If you are witnessing others can witness as well. The Water, The Word, and the Blood.
    The Bible says his blood cleanses us from all sin. So, look to Goodness and brotherly Love.

    • This Straight and Narrow Way is no place for those seeking to exalt themselves or who are possessed with the unholy spirit of demon-stration. This sacred Pathway of Light and glory can only be traveled by those of perfected love and deep humility. “By their works ye shall know them,” not by their words. When their prophecies fail and their words remain empty and unfilled all men will become aware that they are only demon-strators of the ego-self and not of God.

      “Thus saith the Lord God; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!” (Ezek. 13:3).

      And so I have been instructed to include this warning that none be deluded by the false acclamations of the demonstrators. Seek rather to KNOW GOD for yourselves. Let God alone be your Teacher. Let none block your way by their self-importance no matter how awesome or righteous they may declare themselves to be.

    • The Demon-strators

      It is most certainly true that “THE LAW MADE NOTHING PERFECT, but the bringing of a better hope did; by which we draw near to God.” (Heb. 7:19).

      When Moses returned from Mt. Sinai, with the sacred revelations of God, he found the people had thrown restrictions to the wind defiling themselves in a wild, unrestrained hysteria. Such was the pattern of the heathens and of all the Christians who have not learned to walk with God in a majesty of control and divine power.

      Miriam, who was eight years older than Moses and his brother Aaron, who was three years older, assumed the leadership of the people after Moses had been absent longer than they thought proper. Both Miriam and Aaron assumed the responsibility of holding the people together. Then to prove their right to such claims of leadership they began to demonstrate their right of authority. They did it with the most righteous intentions. And those who gave them their support offered it as willingly as they had given their allegiance to Moses.

      In the sincerity of their misguided self-ego they began to prove their powers in wild and unseemly demonstrations as they were carried along on a wave of abandon and uncontrolled hysteria. And they became subject to the spirit and not the spirit to them. Whatever power they could have been entrusted with was dissipated and squandered. It was wasted and a spirit of self-acclaim and self-righteousness gained possession of them as they abandoned themselves to be used by the forces of darkness. As their ego-selves responded to the momentary power they thought they were being edified by.

      This is still a weakness of mankind today. And there are churches which still encourage such heathen, unseemly displays, not realizing that the Power of God is only manifested in divine majesty. Many think they are being led by the spirit as they hit the high pinnacle of an uncontrolled hilarity of spirit. But the road they travel is the road that is dictated by the little personal-ego self as it gloats in the supposed greatness of itself. And these misguided ones are on that broad, open Path that leads to destruction, because they will die as their leaders before them have died and gone into the grave. This is but one of the roads of that broad, open way that leads to destruction.

      And as those who are carried aloft on the tide of the wave of a false exhilaration soon find themselves down at the very bottom and wallowing in the depths of despondency. Their emotions are like the rising and falling of a “yo-yo”. This condition is not of God, this false exhilaration, this shouting and uncontrolled manifestation. It is only the little ego-self demonstrating its own imagined importance.

      And so were the Israelites of long ago led astray by the outward show of shouted acclamations. When Moses returned to find all of Israel swept along on this false tide of heathen worship he dropped the sacred plates which God had engraved with His finger and they were shattered.

      They had constructed a golden calf as they had offered their treasures to the Lord. The calf was to symbolize their devotion and their love. It was supposed to represent the symbol of their adoration. But almost immediately the symbol became the reality and they were worshipping the golden calf. In their wild abandon they were led completely astray, even as many professing Christians have been today.


  22. Sharon (Mishai?.)

    Do you know when you wake up from a natural dream or do you remain in it? We who are of sound mind know the difference when we are awake and when we have awoke out of a dream. The scriptures are full of examples of dreams and imaginary situations. One need but to only read about waking up unto God from this carnal life. Mishai, there are many on here who use your same sentence structure and negative presentation. Are you giving yourself all these identities or are you writing their script? I hope you wake up from your condescending disposition and wake up to what living and walking after Christ is all about.

    The carnal mind, the devil, the ego, which wears sheep’s clothing (religious name of Christ) goes about seeking whom it may devour with words of deception and with a demeanor of negativity. This person is still in the dream world of the type and they will remain in this negative world until they awake from their many words of delusion into the likeness of Christ. Mishai, you are one as who beats the air, not every landing your words on solid ground. I do not mean to belittle you, you need no help in this. I don’t agree with everything, everyone says to me in everday life and on this blog…however I have learned to have respect for you and your opinions…however I have no respect for your choice of conduct and your choice of words. I know that one day God will deal with you as he does for us all….and I know that God will turn you in time to see Him as He is and that you as I or any other will benefit from our correction.

    Sharon, (Mishai), or one of these other aliases, Maria, Ann, Jason, Susan, Brad…whether or not you are all one and the same, you “all” have this misconception in common. Because when you see that others have different beliefs and perspectives than you, you believe you are supposed to attack one of opposing views. You are completely in a dream world of self righteousness of which you need to wake up from. We have all had to wake up from this life of make believe, and it will be no different for you..or anyone else of the imaginary friends we may have. Eve was in her dream state when she tried to intellectualize and reason her way unto God but instead her and Adam were removed from reality and placed on the other side of “the gate” which is Christ likeness UNTIL they could come to learn not to use words of reason to replace the character of God. Eve is a metaphor for for our soul and it is our soul which intellectualizes and reasons just as the type (Eve) attempted to do and it is our Eve who must be disciplined to turn her back on her adulterous ways and return to her husband the spirit. Once the time of the betrothal is over the spirit and the soul can reunite and walk as one as they did before the fall from grace, we can then see with clarity and not as looking through a glass darkly.

    When we walk with Christ to His final destination and resting place it will be because we have awakened from following our own opinions of what we think is real and follow that which is real….As a man thinks in his heart so is he, so let us think on the beatitudes of the likeness of Christ and not on the judgements nature of our carnal mind. As we transition from the carnal mind to the spiritual mind..we awake from a bad dream. Let us show respect even in our disagreements..for by doing so, we are being “reproved” from one mind to another….in Christ.

    • Yes, don’t follow your own opinion’s follow God’s Word, Amen I don’t know about anyone’s dream state, I don’t find that terminology in the Word.

      • All one has to do is pull up a biblical search query and insert the word “dream” or any other word and they will find plenty of terminology. I noticed you didn’t answer the question of the many names of “ Mishai” in your reply. Any respectable person would have been indignant of such as accusation…however…you avoided it. Is this what the terminology of wolves in sheep’s clothing means?

        Mishai, I am not going down the road of being argumentative with you which I am on the brink of doing. Use your “honest” name for what’s in a name besides a person’s true nature? May God open your eyes to the true church which is within you and you will then worship Him in spirit and in truth. You must turn from looking at the church as something you “do” on Sunday morning or maybe one other hour of a day. In Christ all hours of every day is the same. The natural man sees one day different from another and the spiritual man sees all days alike. The spirit cannot be divided into “time” slots.

        Please stick with one name on here…you shouldn’t disrespect people like this and play them as you do. You say you follow Christ, is this deception Christ like?


      • Mishai, I think it would help everyone if you would explain what it is in God’s word that we should be following and why.

  23. If we think only on the positive things of Christ the negatives will fade away by default. Love will simply swallow up the fear of of walking in the spirit.

    • 👍👍👍

      • This is Sharon that was speaking.. I assume you were asking me. The Bible is the recorded dealings, of God with man throughout history. It is a description of many things, but it is the roadmap to understanding who God is, how He operates, and about His love for man.
        It describes the spiritual world. And how to contact God, hear from Him and the parameters of the spiritual world. Consistent to what is taught there, was why I was elucidating.
        So, what you would be following, are the Words of Jesus, that were given to Him from God.
        And what is written by the Apostles.
        The book is about Love, the relationship between God and man.
        This love is what is behind the teachings.
        Then the relationship between the Lord, and the Apostles, who were chosen to bring clarity to what Jesus taught, because the words were given to men.
        The Words of Jesus to men, the words of Jesus to the Apostles.
        That is the foundation for following the Lord.
        What branches out from there is under that umbrella.

      • Ok, from now on I will call you Sharon, rather than Mishai, though you have used this and other names for your Self. In this place you are free to speak your mind, so there is no need to hide your Self.

        Regarding my earlier question, I did not ask you what the Bible is, for it is a book that can be read by anyone, and like anyone I am familiar with what it says. I wondered instead about your position that we should follow God’s word. I wondered who or what is this God, how we can come to understand the “word” of God and why you feel that we should follow these words?

      • How do you believe that I misunderstood your question?
        This is a prayer group.

  24. Anyone who has the Fruits of the Spirit made manifest in his life needs no other witness. The approval of God is stamped upon him for such a one would have perfected the unspeakable power of the First and Great Commandment of Eternal LOVE.

    Without the divine gift of love bearing witness of the GIFTS they are but sounding brass and clanging cymbals. It is to these, the outward demonstrators, that Christ will say when they demand that He acknowledge them and their works as they proclaim, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? And in your name cast out devils? And in your name do many wonderful works?” Then comes Christ’s answer, direct and without apology: “Then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

  25. And the promise of the Spirit of the Lord being poured out upon ALL flesh is the full preparation for those who are to be “Born of the Spirit that they can come and go as the wind” to give protection and service to those who have not yet fulfilled all righteousness. And only the righteous will so respond to the glorifying rays of the Spirit of Almighty God. The wicked will be in no way prepared to respond to this purifying light and they will lift up their voices and curse God and die, as is revealed in Rev., chapter sixteen and Isaiah 30:26.

    Now, this must be made clear: When the righteous respond to the powerful rays of that released Spirit of God, according to the foregoing prophesy of Joel, there will be no wild, hysterical abandon in their actions or reactions. They will prophesy and glorify God in a power of humble majesty and in perfect control.

    God’s Almighty Power can only be made manifest in those who have brought the Light and the Life and the Spirit and the Power into subjection as it is released through them to glorify God instead of themselves.

    This prophecy of Joel’s first informs us that those who are of Israel, or who are men of light and love, are taken into God’s special care and will be enfolded in His Power — and will never be ashamed.

    Then comes the intensified pouring out of His Spirit upon ALL flesh. Next comes the signs in the heavens and in the earth, followed by the sun being darkened and the moon being turned to blood, or appearing deep red in color.

    And after these things comes “THE GREAT AND DREADFUL DAY OF THE LORD”. “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days shall be shortened there shall be no flesh saved; but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” (Matt. 24:21-22).

    Only in deepest trust and love and divine control can one be prepared to be “Born of the Spirit, that he can come and go as the wind” to render service wheresoever he is directed. And such as these are no longer classified as being of “FLESH” for they are so filled with the Spirit of Almighty God their very flesh has become spiritualized, else they could not have been born of the Spirit. These will never be ashamed nor dismayed nor distressed nor injured by those great tribulations which will be poured out without measure during this “GREAT AND DREADFUL DAY OF THE LORD.”

    Those who are “Born of the Spirit” will be spared for they will be immune to the things that afflict the flesh. “And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not.”

    This glorious “Birth of the Spirit, this complete control is best described by the NEW SONG, which none but the righteous can learn. None but the righteous can learn this sacred, powerful, dynamic Song because it cannot be uttered in words or by music, or in boasting, noisy, uncontrolled acclaim. It is a SILENT SONG of inward rejoicing of released “Glory to God” that arises from the depths of one’s soul, in vibrations so powerful and so high no music or words on earth could ever express it. They could only defile it and squander and dissipate the power of its everlasting, purifying glory of Spiritual perfection and complete fulfillment.

    In silence only is Power generated and held. The New Song is a song of everlasting Power, released in SILENCE as the full VIBRATIONS OF THE SPIRIT OF ALMIGHTY GOD ARE RELEASED THROUGH ONE’S BEING. This New Song is the Song of TRIUMPHANT OVERCOMING as the flesh is overcome and all that pertains to it.Even the “Life more abundant” is contained in the singing glory of that “NEW SONG” of Eternal triumph — the Song of OVERCOMING as one uses the great Christ vibrations of Praise and Love and Gratitude as he spiritualizes himself to receive the full glory of the “Birth of the Spirit, that he can come and go as the wind” in a selflessness of service beyond words or demonstrations or self-acclaim.

  26. Without the divine gift of love bearing witness of the GIFTS they are but sounding brass and clanging cymbals. It is to these, the outward demonstrators, that Christ will say when they demand that He acknowledge them and their works as they proclaim, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? And in your name cast out devils? And in your name do many wonderful works?” Then comes Christ’s answer, direct and without apology: “Then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

    “Iniquity” is from an old Anglo-Saxon phrase, meaning “lack of inner quiet” or contact with God. It is a condition of emotional disturbance or abandonment or an hysterical display of UNSEEMLINESS. In this condition the contact with God and His power is impossible. “The Peace that Passeth Understanding” is unknown. “Be still and KNOW that I am God!” Only in that inner stillness is this accomplished. Only through that deep, inner quiet or Peace does God operate. Only through that majestic, divine holiness can anyone contact or use the POWERS of God, or rather, permit God to do the works of accomplishment. And since these uncontrolled, emotional, immature ones are working entirely through their own displaced abandonment, without any contact with God, they are working in “iniquity”.

    Only through love, developed into a sublime devotion of selfless, melted humility of almost incomprehensible PEACE can God or Christ assist in any works. These demonstrators are truly working in “iniquity” without any contact with God. And in our day “iniquity” is understood to mean “great wickedness,” which it is.

    These abandoning ones are abandoned to themselves — and they demand the same “iniquity” of all whom they contact. They realize not, in their emotional uncontrol that they are but serving the disturbed, immature, emotional cravings of their own mortal selves. And Christ will rebuke them saying, “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” What he will actually be saying is: “I had no part in your professed “mighty miracles.” I was shut out by your own “iniquity” and I do not know you.”

    Only in and through the great peace, or inner contact, that passeth understanding and in perfect, selfless love can the divine, majestic powers of God operate. And when they work there is never an UNSEEMLY display. Divine majesty is manifest in every act of God.

    Many of these demonstrating ones may be performing “Mighty Works” according to their lack of understanding or enlightenment, as they make their unrighteous demands for recognition upon the Lord. Their works are but their own works, performed in pride and arrogant self-righteousness; and their works will be rejected along with their mighty claims and their unrighteous demands for glory and rewards. And so it is that the GIFTS can be misused and abused and defiled by self-righteous, inferior mortals who work in unrestrained, unrestricted abandon.

    It is not by the use of God’s dynamic gifts that the righteous will be known. It is by their FRUITS only that they will be acknowledged and accepted. “By their fruits shall you know them.”

    There are some of these misguided ones who believe that the gift of tongues is the whole purpose and meaning of life and that those who do not possess this gift are totally unacceptable to God. In this they err greatly! The gift of tongues is the most easy gift for the evil forces to mimic in a counterfeit display of supposed power.

  27. Only in, and through love does God work. All the gifts can be demonstrated and performed by unholy ones seeking to impress others with their own powers and personalities as they place themselves upon the “HIGHEST SEATS” to later be invited down. Thus it is that the righteous are not recognized by their gifts or acclamations. But “BY THEIR FRUITS SHALL YOU KNOW THEM!”

    And with the FRUITS the manifestation of Love and Humility are always made manifest as they bear witness of God’s acceptance and approval, not in words, but in POWER.

    “God will not be mocked!” And those who VAUNT themselves, or behave themselves UNSEEMLY are but mocking the majesty and the glory of God’s sacred gifts and of God Himself! And these will stand under great condemnation at the last day.

    As the Fruits of the Spirit alone can bear witness of one’s true status it must be known that only as love is developed within the soul of man can he begin to bear these precious Fruits of holiness. These Fruits are gentleness and love and humility, and the precious attributes which Christ acclaimed, as He designated Himself as the Vine, and God as the Husbandman, and Man as the humble branch. It is only from the branch that the Fruits can be brought forth. And that bringing forth of the real Fruits of the Kingdom is always accomplished in a joyous ecstasy of selfless service for the glory of God and for the benefit of man. And Joy itself is the second Fruit of the Spirit. Without it nothing can be made perfect. And joy is not an hysterical, uncontrolled display. Joy is the glory of God flowing out from the depths of the soul, in perfect control and glorious humility.

    Glory be to God for a privilege so great as being permitted to live upon this wonderful earth! And to live in this most dynamic age of all ages is an honor indeed! It is beautiful! It is glorious! It is divine! …AMOS AND MYSELF WE WISH YOU ALL THE VERY BEST AMEN!!

  28. It is a wonderful thing as God brings us closer to Himself and for the veil to fall from our natural eyes to believe, walk and see in the spirit. Where many see pain and suffering in other’s lives and think they are receiving justice for some hidden sin, the spirit in us sees the wine press at work pressing all that is good out of the “flesh” of the grapes leaving the best juice of the grapes for the making of the best of the new wine. It is also such an honor to be able to get to the place to look at the world with all of its greed and power hungry people that think nothing of killing millions of people for a few days of wealth and pride in the power of the flesh and still understanding that God looks upon all this seeming madness…and can call it good. To see the worst of circumstances in this world and young and old suffering to their end in this life…and still be able to say…as Job…though God slay me I will yet serve Him.

    To be able to say we understand the love of God in all this and be able to trust and know Him as He is, is the most wonderful gift that can be given to anyone. I am not at my end, but I am far enough along to see….the goodness and only the goodness in God in both the good and the evil that happens on this earth. Jesus suffered immensely while He walked this earth and for all the good He done, even to those religious ones who falsely accused and murdered Him He still maintained that His plan He created Himself was all for only our good. For us to learn what is, we must experience what is and what to do and not to do. Without the creation of evil and experiencing it we cannot learn to choose the good and resist the evil.

    In order to be able to choose to move toward God and solidify ourselves by our obedience to him, we have to have something to overcome and to walk away from, to overcome. Trials, test, and tribulations are created things that endure for only a season…and when the season of the final harvest comes we will be see as He sees and we will live into eternity doing as He does, filling and expanding this universe with more of the same. There is no failure with God and He never started anything He could not finish and He did not start us to fail us. Search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life and when you don’t find Him there…turn to the living, spiritual Word of God which is Christ and be humbly thankful that we have a heart that we see others as finished brethren just as God sees them finished in His likeness, not holding our sins against us. Let us be like our Lord and savior and all that we meet, we see all others as ourselves…to be finished….finished in His likeness. We love the God who went after the one so making it so that. To one was lost.

    To see God’s mercy, kindness, compassion and forgiveness, we have to become it to give it and if we cannot give as He gives we are yet in our blindness. God could have created and designed this world in any manner He chose, and as evil as it may seem…all things work together to those who love God. And for those things we can’t yet “see” …we have faith that all will.

    Yes, even to those who would do to us as was done to our Christ let us one day be able to come to the same heart and mind…to love them as we know their end in Christ is His mercy and His grace..

    It is….”all” good.

  29. For “My Kingdom is not in WORD, but in POWER, saith the Lord.” And that POWER can only be revealed in the Fruits of love, joy, mercy, humility, Faith and in a devotion that can only be displayed in a melted tenderness of inner glory as one sings that New Song from the very depths of his soul, not from his lips. “Yes, with their lips they confess me, but their hearts are far from me!”

    Only from the heart can that Song be sung — that song of infinite love and praise and gratitude and devotion and everlasting exultation. That Song, released from a human heart, contains the power of every individual’s exaltation. It contains the three major vibrations of utter glory, blended into the grand symphony of Celestial, triumphant OVERCOMING!….AMEN

  30. And now, to return to the last verse of that glorious thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians: “And now abideth FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY, these three; BUT THE GREATEST OF THESE IS CHARITY!” Or the pure Christ-like LOVE!

    Only the gifts or qualities of Faith and Hope and Charity are eternal! Only these three are of lasting value. And only these belong to him who can stand before God as a Man — a true Son — who possesses these divine treasures which neither moth nor rust can corrupt nor thieves break through and steal. These are the jewels which are possessed by the soul as he purifies himself. “These are the treasures in heaven!” And these cannot possibly be put on display.

    Then why should anyone boast or brag or behave himself in an UNSEEMLY manner as he pounds his little drum and rattles his brass toys and clangs his noisy cymbals of demonstrations in an unholy manner as he defiles himself and the holy gifts of God?

    He who would be perfect as the scriptures indicate in these words: “When that which is perfect is come,” will understand that these inferior, partial gifts will be done away. This is true! But the greatest truth is this: as one develops that most holy Commandment, that First and Greatest One of All, he does perfect LOVE right within himself. This is the one unfailing, glorifying accomplishment. It is the assurance of maturity or Sonship, for such a one will have put aside grubby mortality and will have advanced into a divine son of God.

    This is a possibility for anyone who will lift his vision to behold the glory of God and then hold his mind focused upon that glory. In this exalted vision the little, childish, immature self, with its desire for show and its pride and VAUNTED demonstrating will be OVERCOME. Then only can one step forth into divine maturity.

    The most marvelous truth is that one does not need to die in order to make this giant stride. For it is only in this life that the opportunity is held forth in its fulness for COMPLETE OVERCOMING. It is while in this body of flesh that the soul can be most gloriously perfected.

    This great, beautiful, eternal NOW is man’s golden opportunity to fulfill all things. In this life lies the eternal challenge and opportunity to prove Christ’s words by LIVING THEM — and so receiving the power contained in them.

    Live that First and Great Commandment and all the Fruits of the Spirit will be brought forth in you — these sacred, holy treasures, these jewels of divinity. And these jewels are the Fruits of the Spirit. They will go with you into the next world. They will never be done away. And you have the power to clothe yourself in the glory of them. And they will bear witness of you. For it is only by your FRUITS that you will be known as an approved Son of God…..HALLELUJAH!!


    • Could it be possible that a self created in God’s image could not possess love, when God is love? Or, is it more likely that we are seeing wrongly, and perceiving in others what we perceive in our self?

      • Yes, We contain within us all that He is, for He has never left us. The “compartment” in the Holy of Holies” is where God has always been and it is our blinded soul that is seeing wrongly. It is when we listen from the place where God dwells within do we understand that we are of the same love as our Father. Eve was blinded by her own desire to be as God is outside of His will. When our “Eve,” our soul regains it’s consciousness we will no longer look for any fault but look for the love in all people and all things. Yes as long as the realm of the Holy of Holies through the rending of the veil has not been made available to us we can only use the realm of the lesser to communicate. You are right, what we personify and focus on is of our present character. As we follow in the pursuit in the ways of Christ, we look for the same good in all things.

  32. We are all along our path of God’s choosing…and He knows our beginning and our end. As we will all have our end in Him, eventually, some will attempt to tear down that which God has built and as a result they will reap what they sow…and they will be torn down themselves and stripped of the man of sin. There will be a stripping away, and for some it will be a shorter work than for others, however this timing for each of us is of God’s choosing. Whether we are of the left or of the right hand, we will each come forth to be “re” proved, reconciled, regenerated…and at our processing’s end…resurrected into the likeness of Christ. Some of us may seemingly spend an inordinate amount of time battling the self in man, whether in their own self, or in the self in another.

    In one that is young in the Lord and has more zeal than understanding they do tend to make a mess of things and put doctrine before the beatitudes as these young ones believe knowing about something is the jewel, when knowing is only the shadow of the true. However as we mature we put away such foolish thinking about the outward world with its rules and regulations, believing the shadow of a thing is more important than the thing itself. The shadow is learning about God through the law, however the thing which cast the shadow is the very likeness of Christ. The entire book we call the Bible is about coming into the fullness of Christ, and as well as the knowledge is we get from the Bible it is still not the Christ we seek.

    So as we desire for God to be lenient with us in our sinful condition, we must must pray that God will also be as lenient with those who are also bound in their sin. And we have to ask for those who would even venometly oppose all we stand for…for in so doing it is written..that we will heap fiery coals upon their heads…This means by providing a good and sound word to them…the fire of the word will one day take effect and as God’s word is described as a consuming fire, a good planted seed of the word will someday take effect in them and sprout and grow into a full ear of corn..which the bread of life is made from..or the finished product…only in Christ. God does not or will not give up on any so neither can we have a different mindset. He does give some over to a reprobate mind “ but only for a season” until God again says for them to “come and stand before me as I now start your journey as I have for those who have came before you.”

    When we hold a finished product in our hands, we may not know about all of the processing it went through to get it to in its present condition and likeness, however regardless of its past, the important thing is, it is now complete and is to be used for its intended purpose. Likewise let us look at each individual we meet and do not prejudge them for their present condition but see them as though they are already finished. It’s like a teacher not requiring a first grader to see the same as a twelfth grader but who works with the young in order to get them to a place of graduation or “adoption” as it is called in the Bible. When we look at a lump of clay that has not yet been formed into its predetermined use, it has no appeal in its present condition. However when we are shown a prototype, pattern or an example (knowledge) of what it will be like, we can then look at the lump with an anticipation of it being like the image we have just beheld…

    Some clays are harder to work with than others but God knows just how much of the water of the spirit to add to our hardness of heart to make it supple enough to be formed into His likeness. If God does not give up on the least of these, and we are asked to let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus, are we not to look at all just as He also looks at all? Sometimes we may be required to shake the dust from our feet and move on…and leave it to God to revisit them according to His dealings with them. It is just that it is now, not their time, but give it a week a month, a year or even longer and God will do His work in them for eventually every knee will bow to the will of God.

  33. We must come to be as a rock in the winds of adversity to be proven by them…so if the winds (people included) do not come our way to prove our resolve…we remain unproven. So we thank God for “all” things that come our way…for each seemingly unimportant, minute detail in our life has its purpose. Of the evil and of the good. Job said it well. We we come to the place where we are not offended in word, and can love another in-spite of their lack of decency and understanding toward others…we are starting to see a finished product emerging from the worm to the caterpillar. With anticipation we wait for it.

  34. When we get to a place inside of ourselves…where we can say that we “love no matter what” all things we have experienced in this life has been reduced to understanding the one great commandment.

  35. Beautiful! Yes, we are much more than we see. Spirit focused like a laser light beam into a physical body, with a lot of unseen energy round about us. ❤️🦋🌀

  36. Every man needs the spirit of revelation from God. I do not mean that childish spirit found among many who aspire to be sons of God that is always striving to come up with some new and far-fetched idea that they can call a revelation. As George Hawtin once said, “It is not a flurry of fantastic fancies that we need, but a great spirit of wisdom and understanding given by God that will unfold to us the immutable almighty omniscience of God’s eternal purpose.” The blessed book of Revelation is not a series of fantastic fancies, but it is the heart of the Father giving to His elect the ability to receive and understand the purpose of His divine mind which has been planned from before the foundation of the world…..

    “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him, to show unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass…” (Rev. 1:1).
    During the historical period in which the King James Version of the Bible was translated, the word servant carried the same meaning as our word slave does today. The Greek word doulos, rendered servant is better translated slave or bondslave. In olden times a household servant was chattel. He was like a horse or cow in the sense that he was owned “lock, stock, and barrel” by his lord and master. He could not determine his destiny in this world any more than a Southern slave before the Civil War. Douloi were the property of their masters and their calling was to obey the will of the one who owned them.
    It is remarkable to notice the frequency with which the New Testament writers insist on the use of that word “bondslave” as describing their relationship to Jesus Christ! It is the favorite designation of the apostle Paul who began a number of his epistles with these words, “Paul an apostle and bondslave of Jesus Christ…” He even gloried in wearing the bondmarks of the slavery of Jesus! The apostle Peter describes himself in the very same terms. And the book of Revelation rings with the word, touched by heavenly light, transfigured and glorified! This wondrous book is prepared for bondslaves — they are the ones for whom is reserved the unveiling of Jesus Christ! The bondslaves are the ones who are shown “the things which must shortly come to pass!” They are the ones sealed in the forehead with the Father’s name! They are the ones who receive the rewards! They see God’s face! Heaven takes our most dreaded terms, and makes them sparkle in its own celestial light, till what had seemed the synonym of terror becomes the goal of our fondest hopes in the kingdom of God! The bondslaves of the royal house of Christ are the kings and priests upon God’s throne! That is what the book of Revelation reveals. Oh, the mystery of it! Oh, the wonder of it!


    “…saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing” (Rev 5:12).

    The Lamb is here declared to be worthy to receive power — as well as wisdom, riches, strength, honor, glory, and blessing. Remember, the things John beholds in the visions of the book of Revelation are things that were yet future at the time he was shown them, the “things which must be hereafter” (Rev. 1:19; 4:1). How can Christ, who had already been given all power in heaven and in earth, receive power? We know that all power originates with God. “God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God” (Ps. 62:11). Fifty-six times the scriptures proclaim God to be THE ALMIGHTY. Almighty means “all-ruling, all powerful, absolute sovereign, omnipotent.” The omnipotent God gave our Lord Jesus Christ all power in heaven and in earth! The question follows — How can Christ who has already been given all power now receive power?

    The truth is, of course, that although God is the supreme authority and power of the universe He does not hold or exercise that power either arbitrarily or unilaterally. While man is not truly a “free moral agent,” yet God does cede to His creatures the power of choice, decision making, and spheres of authority and dominion. From the very beginning God ordained that man should choose to eat or not eat of the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God did not interfere with man when he made an unwise choice for He had a great purpose in mind. The one question possibly asked more than any other is: Why did God permit the present reign of sin, sorrow, and death? Why did He permit the serpent to present the temptation to our first parents, after having created them sinless and upright in the image of God? Or why did He place the forbidden tree in the midst of all the others? Despite all the attempts to turn it aside, the question remains — Could not God have prevented all possibility of man’s fall?

    The difficulty arises from a failure to comprehend the plan of God! God could have prevented the entrance of sin, sorrow, and death, but the fact that He did not should be sufficient proof to us that its present permission is designed ultimately to work out some greater good. The problem lies not with God’s wisdom or ability, but with man’s denseness and dullness of understanding! The natural man lives in a fantasy world. There are many species of insanity. All sin is insanity, in different degrees. The carnal mind is an insane mind given wholly to destructive delusions. The natural man is mentally ill beyond comprehension. The carnal mind is spared from this classification in our world, only because the vast majority of the inmates in this vast asylum called “society” is equally mad and in harmony with the delusion. There is a universal insanity of the so-called “wisdom” of this world, inherited from the deranged serpent in Eden. The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God! This mortal, this deranged mind of old Adam, must be put off, and the new man or real man, the sane man in the precious mind of Christ must be put on. The carnal mind is exceedingly stupid. Carnal reasoning is dull-witted, lame-brained, simple-minded, silly, and absurd! God’s plans, seen in their completeness, will always prove the wisdom of the course He pursues. Some inquire, Could not God, with whom all things are possible, have intervened in time to prevent the full accomplishment of Satan’s designs? Of course He could have! But such interference would have thwarted the accomplishment of His own wise purposes! His purpose was to make clearly and eternally manifest the absolute perfection of His own nature and the integrity and correctness of all His ways, and to prove to all men, angels, and creatures in all worlds and realms the unavoidable disastrous consequences of departure from them.

    Sin, sorrow, and death are God’s great cosmic object lesson! God could have made all of us like robots, programmed to be holy and to act righteously at all times and under all circumstances. But should He have done so, the one thing we all would lack is character. We would be holy, but without the knowledge of why we are holy, or the understanding of the consequences of not being holy. We would not be holy because we desired holiness, or because, with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, we chose to be holy. God didn’t want robots! He wanted sons and daughters! God, in His omniscient wisdom and knowledge, understood fully the difference between good, evil, holiness, and life. He planned for us also to understand! Not by being told, counseled, or trained like animals, but by experience. Oh yes, experience is the best teacher! Our heavenly Father purposed to take us a route through which we would learn experientially the true nature of all things, that through the interchange of good and evil, and the deep dealings of the Holy Spirit, every man and every creature ultimately would be brought to the place where they would knowingly, willingly, and eternally choose and cling to the way of life, light, and love! Aren’t you glad!

  39. The Limitless Glory of Love’s Renewing Power

    As one learns to love God with ALL his soul, he soon trains every cell and fibre and atom of his entire being to accept love until his whole being becomes the very essence of pure, divine love. One can so command his soul to receive this love, flowing through his own heart, that his physical body will be changed and he will become literally the very fulness of that divine love of God.

    As one spiritualizes this physical body in this manner he cannot grow old or ugly or die. He cannot be ill or experience pain for these things will be transmuted or “done away in him.” These negative conditions, these physical harassments are overcome in him and he fulfills the words and the promise which states: “He who overcomes the evils of his life and loses every desire for sin * * * will be wrapped in the power and glory of his Maker and will be caught up to dwell with Him.” This is the power of overcoming made manifest. It is the glory of translation. And those who deny these things know nothing of God or His divine powers or of His eternal PROMISES. “For nothing is impossible to him who believes!” This comprehension of the power of love and of learning to send it through the entire body is part of the divine method of OVERCOMING mortality with its sordid conditions and grim penalties.

    At this point one has not only been able to buy the gold tried in the fire he is invited to “Buy the white raiment that he might be clothed, that the shame of his nakedness will never appear” — or the shame of his physical, mortal weaknesses.

    It is quite possible, through this exerted effort of sending out love, through every living cell of the mortal body, to transform those cells of flesh into Spirit. Then one can take on the glory of the Spirit as he becomes clothed in Light, or in that precious “White raiment,” promised by God. And every haggard blotch of age and mortality, every wrinkle of ugliness, every mark that has been engraved upon the body through dislikes, hateful thoughts, jealous, greedy or selfish thoughts can be erased and the shame of their physical imprint will never appear or become apparent.

    This is the process of Translation. It is done thought by thought, cell by cell, as one completely spiritualizes his entire being and becomes clothed in Light. Thus one can be transformed into a vibrant being, clothed or arrayed in the “White raiment” or in the beautiful power and Light of immortality. For “Man can evolve from the man kingdom into the God Kingdom.”

    Anyone can do it! Just love with ALL your soul and prove it!

    “Live the laws and you will KNOW!” Use your strength to practice and fulfill and so prove the unspeakable power of His perfection and of His promises! “For if you do as He says, then is He bound! And if you do not as He says then you have no PROMISE!”

  40. Now, we must take another step along this road of overcoming, which, in itself, is a road of utter glory!

    This step can be taken in perfect stride along with the two foregoing ones. They are really one and the same for one cannot possibly take one of them without taking the others unless he desires to fall flat on his face and refuses to pick himself up and go on to full mastery.

    “Love God with ALL your mind!” This phrase is backed up by many quotations from the ends of the earth. For instance, “Think no evil” “Let your mind and lips lose the power to hurt and wound and your voice will be heard among the Gods!” Or, “Think only the most beautiful things possible!” Or, “Think as God thinks!” Or, as Paul declared, “Let the same mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God.”

    Then there is the great and glorious promise contained in the following: “And if your minds become single to the glory of God your whole bodies shall be filled with Light, and there shall be no darkness in you. And that body which is filled with Light comprehends all things!” And the promise is that God will unveil His face to such a one.

    This contains the unspoken promise given in the purifying of the gold as the dross in the crucible of man is relinquished and purified or drained away so that Christ can behold His face in that reflected pool of molten purity. And the individual, thus purified, is able to behold the face of Christ. It is the same promise and the method of receiving it is the same — the perfecting of love…..

  41. As one loves God with ALL his mind he will give up or relinquish his own little narrowed, bigoted ideas for he will outgrow them completely as he outgrew the toys of childhood. And he will feel a renovating process begin to take place in the dark caverns of his subconscious. This realm of the subconscious mind is where every discord, every hurt, real or imagined, has been stashed away to corrode and stagnate in the sewer level of the brain. All the shameful, hidden, sneaky, unworthy actions, every selfish, undesirable motive, despicable shadow of jealousy, every inferior trait is stored into the depths of those dark recesses of the mind. Every undesirable memory, every weak, hateful trait of character is smoldering there to be hidden from the eyes of the world. But they have NOT BEEN OVERCOME. They have been accepted and nourished and fed on the vitality and strength of the individual who harbors them or who has ignorantly permitted their existence to continue beneath the covering of his own blindness.

    These are the realms the psychiatrists are trying to heal by their often harmful delving as they open these Pandora boxes of evils.

    It must be acknowledged that there are these levels of hidden, negative memories and guilts that can destroy one’s mind — and life. And there are those individuals who dwell constantly in the sewer levels of their minds. These have become overpowered and overwhelmed by the darkness of their own creating. They are unwholesome and repellent. They permit themselves to become sewer rats as they dwell mentally upon all the evils of life, seething in their self-pity, their hatreds, their imagined wrongs and the burden of their own dismays. They are to be doubly pitied as they seek for love, not by earning it, but by trying to force it from others. These dwell only in the dark hallways of the past.

    Love returns to him who gives it out. One does not possess love by pretending he has it as he makes excuses for all his lacks. And often these unloved and unlovable ones believe they are disliked because of their greater righteousness. And they do not realize that actually they have no claim whatsoever upon righteousness as they justify their undesirable state. They dwell in the realm where all their individual faults and weaknesses and contaminated dislikes are hoarded.

    No person who gives out real love — “the love unfeigned” — is ever friendless or unwanted or alone. Anyone who loves with a great, unselfish devotion will as automatically draw people to him as the sun draws the faces of the flowers upward to his rays….

  42. If you wish to give advice, to comfort, to help — then teach those whom you contact, or who come to you for help, how to find God — teach them how to listen to that voice within their own souls. That is the greatest service you can possibly render anyone. Teach them how to “be still” and know God.

    That same “wormy” voice of conscience that can make you feel like the very “lowest thing on earth” is also the first to pat you on the back when you do the noble, or the splendid, unselfish thing. Its very approval sings out in a melody of glory at every task well done. It never lies. It never flatters. It never over-estimates. It just knows and is. It is the very Spirit of Truth or of “Light that enlightens every man that cometh into the world.” It is the truest friend man ever had. Listen to that voice and you will never fail in anything. You will never feel deserted and alone as long as you listen to that voice, or the Word of God planted deep within your own soul. You will go forward from one achievement to another as you learn to hold to it, even as to an iron rod. Thus you will climb the ladder of destiny — your own great destiny — for within every human being the seed of greatness lies waiting. Only by and through the direction of this voice can you go from grace to grace as new levels of progress unfold.

    There is no such thing as glory without effort, salvation without price. And in order to reach the light, one must learn to walk in the light. “And he whose spirit refuseth to receive the light is under condemnation.”

    Learning to heed this voice does not rob one of his free-agency, for it is his willingness or unwillingness to follow or heed it that makes life a glory or a failure. Every man is entitled to “free doom”. His free-agency is used in making the choice of unfolding his life in its true pattern of perfection, or marring it continually with his mistakes. In following the glorious voice of his true inner self, that knows and comprehends all things, he lives above the groping, blundering conscious mind, with its lack of understanding, its changing whims and moods, its instabilities. He lives in contact with the super-conscious mind at all times. And with this growing understanding, and divine contact he will soon find that the voice not only speaks after he has acted in blind, blundering ignorance — but will speak before the act is done, before the harsh or false word is spoken. Thus all mistakes can be eliminated. Two of the ancient Greek scholars claimed that whenever they even began to speak the wrong thing they would be stopped, or warned — and by following the warning their works have lived down the centuries.

    This glorious voice of approval that pats one on the back with such warm affection, filling his whole being with that “good feeling” within, is not the voice of ego with its blare of self-importance or self-righteousness. Ego is of the conscious mind entirely, and is completely mortal and of the flesh. That glorious voice of conscience is of the soul. It is the Spirit of Christ that is born in every man. It is the voice of God that Christ followed so lovingly and so gratefully. It is the vine, yielding life and strength and power to us, for of ourselves, truly we can do nothing of value. Only as we abide in the vine can our lives and our works become glorious. (John 15).

    The trouble with most of us is that when we get that “good feeling” over something we have done, we wish to hold on to it by retelling what it was we did — and just how we did it, even magnifying our goodness in the telling. This is a very grave mistake. That feeling is the abiding voice of God in the secret chamber of our own souls. It is the sacred voice that comes to each of us, individually, as we enter the Holy of Holies, or our own closet, or inner soul, to pray to God. This inner approval is an individual and sacred experience and is not meant to be shared openly, else if it is, we have received our reward — the empty praise of the world. When that public acclaim or approval means more than the reward which only the Father can give, then we may have the public acclaim — but it will be empty and meaningless compared to that loving direction that will lead us on up the high stairway of achievement so that it may be made apparent openly by the power of Almighty God Himself. Any man who “toots his own horn” will fail utterly in receiving great honors from His Father in heaven. Thus understanding just how this glorious power or law of God works in our lives we can understand just why it is not good to tell our left hand what our right hand does, for by so doing we have received all the reward we are entitled to — the reward of the flesh, and have forfeited our right to the greater reward — the reward promised by our Father. The very telling of the good we have done becomes boasting and immediately places a false standard before us. This method causes us to lose contact with that inner voice which contains our true pattern of life. Gradually the flattering praises of men become the only voice we live for, and the greatness that was meant for us has been sacrificed upon the altar of vanity.

    Christ was never known to repeat in words any good He ever accomplished — but living true to the voice within he was rewarded openly — two thousand years of homage paid by the loving devotion of a world.

    Only the approval of that inner voice matters in anyone’s life. No outside opinion counts, for the full, glorious pattern of each individual’s life is enfolded minutely within that seed of all-knowing, locked waiting within each man’s soul. It can only be brought forth gradually as the seed grows into the plant, and the plant is glorified by the unfoldment of its own blossoms. If man desires to get in step with the great forward marching glory of the whole universe then he will have to do so by learning to heed that voice of conscience, or that “still small voice” within — that guiding voice of light that stands knocking on the door of his consciousness, waiting to be admitted. This is the light that was apparent from the beginning — and man rejected the light. Follow that inner voice or guide and you will ascend to a life of honor and fulfillment as surely as the flower rises from the seed, the oak from the acorn, or the bird comes forth from the egg.

    Know with all your heart and soul that you have His approval and your road will become a road of high honor though it leads to the gallows — and though you lose your life, yet shall you find it, for all things shall be added unto you and your works will stand forever as a beacon light to those who wish to stand above the low, common, mediocre way of life.

    It takes great courage to stand alone against the world, to live true to your own destiny and calling for the simple reason that so few have dared to step forth and live their own lives in the complete freedom in the perfection of God’s sublime direction. But as one understands the road of his own high destiny courage will be given, it will enfold him as a shining armour. It is the Joans of Arc, the Columbuses, the Magellans, the Roger Bacons and the Patrick Henrys who were willing to give their lives for what they felt to be true that have been the truly great of the earth.

  43. People will come and go from our lives and while we reject no one, the carnal mind will separate itself when it doesn’t get its way. Love remains steady and is patience,
    long suffering..and is kind. The carnal does not remain steady through adversity, for when others do not play their game..they move on looking for someone who is weaker than they. The carnal mind places boundaries on it’s love and this is evident in the arguments of it, however the spirit of God covers all people and all things until the consummation of “all” things. Should we give up and not forgive the insult of another, knowing that we are forgiven as we forgive? So if our patience and long suffering has a limit, we the admit we are limited. So we pray that God may be patient with us and forgive us unto our end in Him…and instill in us to do the same toward all. “Let this mind be in your which was also in Christ.”

    By their fruits…we will know them. We often reference and quote 1 Corinthians 13 as though reciting it is enough, therefore we “try” to establish righteousness by the letter. The we turn right around and judge in direct contradiction to the spirit of 1 Corinthians 13.

    1 Corinthians 13:4-9 The love is long-suffering, it is kind, the love doth not envy, the love doth not vaunt itself, is not puffed up, doth not act unseemly, doth not seek its own things, is not provoked, doth not impute evil, rejoiceth not over the unrighteousness, and rejoiceth with the truth; all things it beareth, all it believeth, all it hopeth, all it endureth. The love doth never fail; and whether there be prophecies, they shall become useless; whether tongues, they shall cease; whether knowledge, it shall become useless; for in part we know, and in part we prophecy; and when that which is perfect may come, then that which is in part shall become useless.

    Saying: We vaunt ourselves up when we are not being agreed with…showing little patience, we are not long suffering but are ready to ridicule another for the slightest of an offense in a different perspective on doctrine. Love does not vaunt itself and is not puffed up. Does not impute evil. Love endures all things and all people unto the end of them just as Christ endures us unto the end…of…we ourselves. When someone cannot obtain the following they think they deserve from their arsenal of words and going from meeting to meeting or trolling the internet in search of followers…they reveal themselves. When one can pride themselves in quoting the most humbling of scriptures in the most vaunted of attitude, we see this fruit is not edible for consumption. These say I love you, yet in the most unloving and mean spirited way, it is pretentious. These are yet children pretending to be grown up for they have acquired the knowledge of the thing, but have yet to mature into the substance of the thing…which is Christ.

    The high calling in Christ is above this carnality of which some who claim sonship..are sons in name only. We can not name it and claim it, we have to let it totally consume us. We are all on our journey, chosen by God of whichever order it is…and as Paul made the statement that though he may preach the gospel he may still not be able to claim the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus. He would certainly still be saved but could lose the high calling…yet though as by fire…through the further purifying, consuming fire of which God is. In other words we can speak and defend our knowledge, wisdom and understanding until we give out of breath, yet if we do not move in to possess our land of inheritance “and possess it” we have not found the true character of and in the love of God, and we will remain in the shadow of the thing which is only our knowledge and intellectual understanding.

    This is the spirit of antichrist.. which is in us all…for anti just means anyone doing anything against the will of God… Ones who are only full of knowledge, yet not full of the spirit wants to draw men unto themselves to bask in the praise of others as they themselves have fleshy beings in which they admire, worship and follow. Those who have a proper understanding of what following man really means, the high calling cannot be held by anyone who follows and praises other people whether saint, apostle, teacher or prophet. One who is called out is called out to follow only one God through one Christ. It matters not that another was the greatest prophet that may have ever lived, they still are not to be put on a pedestal for this reveals our true nature and weakness.

    While one cannot lose their salvation for following another human being, they cannot have any covering (of man) on their head and be of the high calling in Christ…regardless if they know all the symbols, acts and mysteries of the Bible. If we do not pursue and obtain the love of God we accomplish nothing. A man having a covering on their head as the scriptures teach simply means having another person in their life which they admire beyond just having a humble and proper respect for them. We can fellowship and listen to others for hours on end..however we reserve our allegiance and praise to only one. If another reaches the pinnacle of the high calling in Christ by following and obeying God, how is their success going to be our success? We each stand or fall individually to our Lord with no “head” covering between us.

    The high calling is not a competition as the carnal mind would have it, for love is not to be competed for…it is eventually available to each in their own order. In my particular journey as I met and spoke with the likes of George Hawtin, Ray Prinzing, among many other students of the word, and none of these including myself put little emphasis on the knowledge of the word or any “pride” in having many of the mysteries and revelations revealed to us.

    This was because we knew and agreed that the likeness and character of God was not acquired through much study, but by a sincere desire to know Him in a substance of character. As many have shared here on this site, a proud and arrogant man can take these magnificent truths and make them of none effect. This is because one cannot even take all the knowledge of the scriptures and even though, they may know all mysteries and have not acquired the spirit and the character and likeness of love, again it is of little worth.

    We will not be heard for our much speaking or attempting to be approved by our much learning…as good as it may be…it’s in that simple quiet spirit of love we have for another which cannot be had or proved by the greatest of explanations or teaching. In my experience I have met many in the sonship message with astounding understanding of the written word, and yet with these “riches” of overflowing abundance many were held captive to “knowing” instead of being. As we go through life and observe one’s of the elect and the very elect, we see a small discernible difference in the two.

    There is no desire to be recognized in the high calling by others for what one may know and understand about this calling, and also there is no desire to be recognized as a son, for if we were to obtain the high calling in Christ, it will not come by a multitude of learning or intellect, it will come upon a person by being obedient to the will of God…I don’t think any will have anything to prove to anyone for the high calling cannot be explained in word, it must be acquired in the silence of oneness with God.
    Yes, it would be a wonderful thing to fulfill such a calling in Christ, however it is not a way of pomp or of declaring it by naming it and claiming it, it will come from a heart of a sacrifice that lays all of self aside. It is a calling that will be a servant to all, to make sure that all needs are Christ meets all of our needs. The high calling will be servants to all for they will be required to meet the needs of those who sit at meat..or who are being served and fed the higher foods of the way.

    To make the high calling, the prize and accomplishment will not be in the making of the calling as to a “position,” for there will be no pride in it, for it will come from a place where such ones would have all others to come before them if it were possible. To pray and to desire to see God’s plan complete is our only prayer and where we fit into it we will accept it as God leads and calls us to our place according to His will.



  46. Only as one learns to follow the infallible guide within his own soul — that “Still small voice” of love and gentle tenderness, of knowledge and power, which is given to abide within each man, can he fulfill his destiny in honor.

    “For it is given to abide in you; the record of heaven; the Comforter; the peaceable things of immortal glory; the truth of all things; that which quickeneth all things, which maketh alive all things; that which knoweth all things, and hath all power, according to wisdom, mercy, truth, justice and judgment.”

  47. It is most certainly true that “we aren’t what we think we are — we are only what we think.” If we think according to the rhythm and pattern of our own melody of life there can be no failure, no darkness, no dismay. There can be only unfolding light and glory and joy and happiness.

    “And Christ truly said unto our fathers: if ye have faith ye can do all things which are expedient unto me.

    “And now I speak unto all the ends of the earth — that if the day cometh that the power and gifts of God shall be done away among you, it shall be because of unbelief.

    “And woe be unto the children of men if this be the case; for there shall be none that doeth good among you, no, not one. For if there be one among you that doeth good, he shall work by the power and gifts of God.

  48. Yes, as we journey through this life, it is as an obstacle course with thousands of self created paths with as many voices. As we grow in Christ the natural fades away, little by little. We no longer go in search for glory and being approved by even our peers…for what we have been given is according to God’s grace. We do have to move far beyond our knowledge and our understanding although it is all good and it has its purpose, obviously so. The ego in man can be a very cunning and deceitful spirit for it can even fool itself into thinking more of itself than what God would have us to think of ourselves.

    The ego speaks “at people” while the spirit speaks “with people” and this takes little discernment to distinguish.

    It is the truth or the dawning of the spirit within that reveals both the antichrist and the Christ within us. It is when we can open the natural book, and any part of it including the natural book of Revelation and see that all of the description of both the ego and the spirit is embedded deep within it naturally…and in us…spiritually. All of the man of sin, the first Adam and all of the spirit of Christ, the second Adam are to be found in the compartments of the natural tabernacle. However in understanding that so it is in the natural so it must be in the spiritual, as we see Christ.

    The knowledge and understanding of a thing comes before acquiring the thing itself. We witness this in ourselves as we grow if we can be humble enough to acknowledge our Adamic makeup and pray to be released and redeemed from it. As we acknowledge our faults, we make our sacrifice to God, giving up the beast within. We do not take our own sin from us just as the children of Israel could only bring their sin offering to the gate of the tabernacles outer court…and no further…and it was then that the priest took the “animal or beast” offering “from” them and completed the sacrifice. It is so with our high priest which is Christ that when we come to the gate in which He is, and offer our sacrifice of acknowledging our sin does “He take it from us and do away with it.” It is from here in which He must do the work and it is we who must be still, be patience and let Him take it to the alter which burns with the consuming fire of God and let the Fire do His work.

    We see in part because we only love in part and as we continue to have our eyes opened we increase in the love of God. We cannot measure the love that is accomplished in another or even in ourselves or should we make it a measuring contest. We are clearly instructed not to measure ourselves to others as far as who “knows more”, or who “has more” of the spirit of God in them than another…this is also of the ego in man, immature and childish. The Christ within us accepts all as they presently are…and ones maturity or lack thereof should not dictate our choice of words and attitude toward them. Again the spirt of man in its transition from the natural to the spiritual will hang on to its “pride of knowing” things until the thing itself which is Christ…takes this pride of knowing from us…and replaces it with a spirit of being and of “no recognition” and with a spirit of talking with our brethren in peace and harmony. There is quiet a difference which reveals our true substance ..and who we follow…self with an ego…or Christ where we see others just as important and loved as ourselves. And this is regardless to our degree of discernment God privies us with. Godly discernment is given to raise one up out of the pit, it is not to cast one into it. And it is the fruit of our lips, our choice of words, that we use to describe and compare ourselves to another with..which is revealing…and this ought not to be so..

    As we use the lowly tools of words and speech to help build the kingdom of the true Word which is Christ, let us strive to do so with the humbleness in Christ, as we leave the ego and pride of the first Adam. This progression and measurement and rate of growth is to be approved of and measured by God Himself, it is not to be measured, compared and ridiculed by “the other of us,” the ego. If we do these lowly things…we are not fully matured in Christ. Let us “all” humbly pray that “all” others will receive the agape love of God that we may “all” eventually enjoy the love of “all” others.

    God bless

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