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I Am Priceless


I Am Priceless


Years ago the awareness of my inability to truly love reached an all time high, which brought me to one of my all time lows until I realized it birthed the consuming desire to divinely love all always, which is the key to eternal life. Upon the wings of that desire, the instructions of how I could love this way began to flow from the Spirit and into my soul in a perfect orchestration that constructed new thought-forms within my soul consciousness. Ultimately, my soul needed to possess a consummate oneness with the divine consciousness, for only the divine consciousness produces divine love.

Since then, I’ve been in pursuit of the manifestation of this sublime oneness on all levels of consciousness. What I’ve perceived within my soul is the unfoldment of the most beautiful living love story that extends back to Genesis, which almost daily grows more beautiful.

We love our Creator, yet he loves us far more. The Supreme Divine Spirit continually leads us home (into his divine consciousness) until all are home.

My pursuit creates a humbling and enlightened path. It exposes every nook and cranny of my soul to the purest light, which burns away all that hinders divine love’s expression. This desire leads me deep into the planes of divine truth where divine love is revealed and defined. Consequently my inner awareness continually expands in truth and life, creating new thought-forms and birthing the divine consciousness in my conscious awareness.

In the past, I’ve written about how an inherent “lack of value” sits at the root of our self. (Our Core Issue Affecting All Else). Possessing this characteristic prohibits divine love because to manifest divine love is to act out of an infinite value for all, including yourself. Possessing infinite value is the result of giving and receiving divine love.

Infinite value is created by ever-expanding growth (life), which comes from the energetic vibrations of divine love flowing through us. Lack of value is created by the lack of growth (death); which also is doing the same thing over and over. If something is dead it produces no true growth, thus no true value. If something is continually growing then it produces ever-expanding or infinite value.

The Divine Self (manifestation of the Christ consciousness) is life. It continually gives and receives divine love. This love is the essence of its being, and what makes it grow and eternally alive. Therefore, inherent to the Divine Self is infinite value. Our shadow-self is unreal (dead). Its able only to imitate what it believes divine love to be – it can do no other.

Our shadow-self is formed out of the illusionary perception that we are separated from divine love. This forms a core belief that we are unworthy, rejected, unlovable, or somehow less than perfect. It is a state of consciousness we pass through, like a dream, in order to shape our conscious understanding of divine love. Therefore, inherent to the shadow-self is a lack of value and its corresponding lack of life (death). So, infinite value is an inherent quality of the Divine Self and a lack of value is an inherent quality of our shadow-selves.

Everything that our Creator does is purposeful and perfect and of infinite value. Though our shadow-self doesn’t create infinite value, its purpose is infinitely valuable. It allows our soul to learn the many characteristics of divine love that are revealed to our consciousness through our perceived imperfections.

When we are bound to the shadow-self in our mind, we are unable to manifest divine love, thus we experience an inherent lack of value. We can desire divine love, and learn about this love from the Spirit, but as long as we are unconsciously cloaked in the garments of our shadow-self we can’t manifest it. Therefore, it is only when we become conscious of the Divine Self that we can manifest divine love and possess infinite value.

Once our soul is prepared for this transformation (by obtaining the necessary thought-forms to manifest the divine consciousness), then our mind begins a monumental shift from serving the shadow-self to serving the Divine Self; which I’ve been talking about in my previous posts. The mind gains a new master, the Christ consciousness and the self-directed consciousness is dissolved. When this transmutation is complete, then infinite value and divine love are experienced and expressed through the soul, mind and body. The I Am is out-manifested on the plane of the senses bringing the divine consciousness to all realms of consciousness, thus into Creation.

Though I’ve struggled with my inability to love as I desire, it is what motivates me to pursue what my soul knows is true but what my flesh eyes don’t yet perceive. As each contrary thought is brought into my awareness and cast aside for the divine thought (our conscious part in our metamorphosis), an eternal light fills my eyes. This internal light awakens my soul to who I Am and that I Am an expression of the divine consciousness. It’s an awakening to what has always been (“the kingdom is at hand“). In the light, I Am divine love. I can be no other, for this divine love is all that truly exists. I perceive the Divine Self in all of creation. And in this light, the shadow-self and all the personalities and struggles it manifested fade as a dream in the morning light.

My contentment resides in the truth that my expanding awareness into the divine is our Creator’s workmanship in me, which end was accomplished at his first thought of it. His process of enlightening my mind is perfect. And as infinite value surmounts my thoughts, all of creation is lifted up in divine love.

There is only one Consciousness, one Mind, one Divine Self of which we are all a part. When this truth is our truth, this singleness of Mind is out-manifested into our mind, body and all that we perceive. These new garments cloak us in boundless joy; the reflection of our Creator’s out-manifested form.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

14 thoughts on “I Am Priceless

  1. Most call god the absolute. the ABSOLUTE(timeless state) is made of ALL OPPOSING FORCES. in OUR relationship with god, we get to EXPERIENCE every aspect of what the GOD SELF creates in us(through the ETERNAL WORLD which BINDS us. everyone within their OWN LOGIC(through god) is correct in their own and incorrect through the opposing forces. in DUE TIME, each person must let go of what keeps himself apart from everything else, and we must learn to BIND our logics together(WITH the COLLECTIVE RELATIONSHIP in the world in which the GOD SELF creates THROUGH US). We must not SEPERATE OURSELVES from ALL THAT IS, as that is when we tend to fall apart. There is NO RELIGIOUS VALUE that is needed as it is about the RELATIONSHIP that god has THROUGH US(in LIFE).

    the MIND/BODY/SPIRIT all take up the same space as there is a GREATER TRUST within the COLLECTIVE I AM…

    i love what i read, it shows me the world is awakening(to the greater I AM). do not seperate yourself from the god that flows through you..

    • Hi Loni,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I too am so grateful to see the growing awareness of the beautiful truth of oneness that eradicates all separation on many levels. To be able to deeply perceive oneness in all things creates a powerful dynamic in what our souls create and express. Each one according to their purpose moves into this awareness and we also move as one. As this awareness expands, harmony is manifested; which brings expressions of joy. Indeed, everything is about relationship. 🙂

  2. Praise God for this great revelation Rachel!

  3. holy spirit is so working in oneness with ur soul rachel its truly amazing indeed it is what i want to know is this rachel when are you coming back on utube and making new videos ❤

  4. it would so wonderful to view you as you speaks the words of life eternal amen

  5. Rachel,

    I also remember growing up with a desire to be complete. I had the knowledge, understanding and even the wisdom to know the difference of where I was and where I knew I wanted to be. Yet, even though I had the map to go to the place, I had not the means ( Devine love) to go there so it stayed a hope for many years. As I grew through life’s experiences this love began to become a part of me little by little….yet not in it’s fullness. It was always somewhat sad to be able to see and imagine this divine consciousness and not to possess it.

    As you say and I agree we must be prepared, the “seedbed” of this earthly body must be plowed, loosened and softened to take in the seed just at the right depth, moisture and heat. It may take many repetitive yearly cycles to accumulate enough growth to store in our storehouse an abundance of the increase to make a difference. This accumulated crop is just this divine love you speak so well about.

    The seed must be able to produce a shaft which breaks through this crust of our earth where the seed must reach the divine light to grow into a full ear of “corn”.

    So as we grow in this new light we “become” as He is.


    • I love what you have written here. So we’ll said.

    • ETERNAL works at the perfect frequency(trust in I AM). As EACH OF US lets go of what seperates us, we realize that there is no need to WAIT. Each person SHARES the same ETERNAL HEART(now). When we ALL STEP INTO our greater I AM, each of us becomes a GIFT FROM ABOVE for EACHOTHER. Even the WORST IN US play out a value that our HEART is always REVEALING TO US. we have to place trust in a PATH that allows us to CONNECT with our greatest I AM(collectivy). the LIFE(corn) is the result of the seeds(as we are those seeds that flow through the eternal)….

  6. I was wondering. Are we in fact little gods?

    • Hi, It depends on how you define the scope and the use of the word “gods”.

      From my point of view, there is one God, there can only be one and we are his expressed thought. In creating us, he created us to think, which is a form of creating. This ability serves to ultimately manifest his attributes in creation.

    • think of what you call god as ETERNAL(father in BEING)…. the ONE GOD flows through all things as our GREATER I AM gives the eternal(through god) strenght. we ARE THE LOVE(strenght) that is the LIFE that flows through the ONE(eternal in which we are all brothers(little gods)

      sometimes we get twisted up in the use of each word, but we all FEEL the source(as ONE flows through us)

  7. think of what we call god as ETERNAL(Father of god). and the ONE(eternal) is the LIFE that we all share(brothers aka little gods(children)). as we GIVE STRENGHT to eachother, the GOD in being MANISEST INTO EVERY CELL of your individual and eternal BODY. the world is shared as WE(one) is the life that is in ALL THINGS(as we live in the eternal)….

    sometimes we get twisted up into the use and meanings of the words, that we forget that we SHARE the same DATA(eternal GIVING)

  8. Philippians 2:5-6: ‘Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God’Matthew 5: 48: ‘Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.’ “in the name of Jesus Christ” is very different than merely saying “in the name of Jesus Christ”. We learn what it means to be quickened by the spirit of God. We also learn the meaning of the word “Atonement”. we are his children in absolute fact of the matter of us being embryo gods.THE ANSWER IS YES!WE ARE GODS. IN THE FULLEST SENSE OF THE WORD, GOD!! AMEN

  9. “…And God said, ‘This is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and the eternal life of man.’ Since that is God’s work and His glory, it is also ours, for it would be impossible for Him to accomplish it without our co-operation. We must understand life and its purpose. We must comprehend our place in the great scheme of things. We must fully comprehend the great drama of the ages that has preceded our advent into this world, to take our place upon the stage of existence, and to fulfill our parts with honor. We must understand also the things that are coming on the earth, and the things that will continue to come until Righteousness is sent to rule. How can we act well our part upon the stage of life unless we understand the great plan of life? And life was meant to be eternal progress, not drab, deadly, dull, unprogressive existence.”

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