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Disabling the False Self


Disabling the False Self

Becoming Spirit-Driven


As living faith grows it disables the strength of the self-determined consciousness.

As the soul moves into divine love, it desires nothing of the self-determined consciousness (false self), because it counters this love. Along this path, the soul is led by the Spirit of Truth to let go many elements that strengthen self-determination, one being its results-oriented mindset.

A Willing Exchange

This part of the soul journey in the confines of the self-determined consciousness is about the heart. At this stage, our words and actions will fail to express a divine love, because they are temporary confined to the self-determined consciousness. Yet, the heart is free. It can desire to live according to divine love. Thus, our soul transformation into a divine soul begins with our desires. As we learn about divine love, it shapes our desires. Through this understanding, faith is formed in divine love, which then the substance (the divine consciousness) can fulfill; for faith precedes creation. This desire and living in faith in divine love is what shapes the true self with the constructs to receive the divine consciousness.

As the soul willingly desires to let go of its self-determined ways to embrace the new way of the divine consciousness, its inner framework is refashioned. This willingness of desire crafts the soul structure of the true self that is pure and sacred, which the divine consciousness can unite to. Everything the soul does here in this finite realm serves to prepare it for oneness… everything. In the end, all will serve good. If it doesn’t appear to be serving good, it isn’t the end. When this truth is embraced, the soul sees everything as serving this higher purpose and its understanding grows exponentially.

Living from divine love and wisdom is how a soul operates as part of the divine consciousness. So this willing move in faith to live this way is part of the preparation for that consciousness. Thus, within the realm of its desires and intentions, the soul goes through this exercise of letting go of those elements that strengthen the self-determined consciousness to embrace the ways of divine love.

Letting Go of Results and Expectations

The outcome of a soul’s expression through its words, creativity, personal and business decisions, lifestyle, family life choices, personal interactions, and so on is either driven by self-determination or resting in living faith. Part of the process of willfully letting go of the self-determined consciousness (dying to self) is letting go of its self-imposed results and outcomes; what it has judged as good and desirable.

Self-determination is strengthened by its sense of power to obtain a certain result, outcome, or expectation. Living faith leaves the results to divine wisdom’s orchestration, which is beyond a soul’s capacity to comprehend. Instead of pushing for certain results, the focus is acting in faith in divine love and wisdom as best as one knows at the moment, and leaving the results up to faith. Though, a soul never knows, as it ought to know, living faith does. So when a soul abides in living faith, it trusts that faith to bring the perfect orchestration of the highest good; not its own strength or understanding.

Following the Internal Guide

Thus, rather than focusing on the end goal as the external world has taught, the soul realigns and focuses on living according to the divine love and wisdom it has been inwardly taught by the Spirit of Truth. It leaves the leadership of the external world and follows the internal leader of the Spirit.

The Spirit of Truth is the only one who can teach the soul the ways of divine love; because the source of this love resides where only he can reach. It’s a place of the real within the unreal; a place only he can go to into our soul. Once a soul begins this journey into divine love with the Spirit, there is no end to the instruction. It exponentially expands until the Spirit and soul are one.

Letting go of a results-oriented mindset can be scary and liberating. We feel we might not get what we want. It sometimes feels foolish because it goes against the flow of the world around us. Yet, in letting go of the results, we also begin to let go of fear, control and judgment; all elements of self-determination. These cast illusions of protection and strength to the soul, but they only imprisoned it.

Most of us have something that defines who we are (in whether we have it or not) and gives us value, so that when we obtain it we will have the value we seek. Though it never truly fulfills. In our self-determination we try to manipulate or govern the results, outcomes or expectations in this area because our worth is tied to it. Thus, it’s what we try to control in our lives, what we think most about, and what is hardest to let go of. This is the area we face our greatest challenges.

When a soul is ready, the Spirit prompts it to let go of these deeply seeded anchors of the soul that strengthen self-determination, and become re-anchored only in the love and wisdom he has brought into the soul. During this phase, the soul faces failed expectations in its most valued area that all strength may rest in living faith instead. Though this transaction, the soul is no longer driven to achieve a certain finite result of the external world, but lives according to the internal love and wisdom gained through the Spirit; and leaves the results up to Faith’s creation.

The soul is ready to let go when it has received sufficient understanding in divine love. A soul can only let go of the self-determination when it knows something better to grab ahold of. If there is doubt, it won’t let go. Especially in its most valued areas. So this journey begins by learning about divine love, which again only the Spirit of Truth can reveal to the soul.

We’ve been taught to be results driven. In God’s ways, his ways are not our ways because they always work according to the highest good, which we can’t know because they are beyond our knowing. Thus, in living faith we let go of the results. In this harmony with him, we function in new way that often feels disharmonious to the world’s ways. Thus, we can feel on the outside of life and others’ lives for what defines our life has become different than what defines theirs. Yet feeling the power in the truth we receive from our inner Teacher, we follow his instruction and trust him with the outcomes. Our end is oneness, the path there is unpredictable, but it is found by following the instructions of the Spirit of Truth day by day, moment by moment. In this living faith, he works all for the highest good. Thus, we rest in the awareness that all is happening, as it should be. And through it all, the ups and downs, and facing the deepest and most challenging parts of our being, we are prepared for oneness that delivers us from all that imprisons us.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “Disabling the False Self

  1. You say:

    “Once a soul begins this journey into divine love with the Spirit, there is no end to the instruction. It exponentially expands until the Spirit and soul are one.”

    This is so true, where Eve came out from the first Adam, she will return back into the second Adam, which is Christ…..within.

    What you are saying is true for all, each and every person that is born into this world will have “their” soul united to “their” spirit.

    So, if this is true as we agree it is, when our soul is enlightened to her high calling by her progressive closeness and oneness to the spirit, we come to that “place” where we cease to fear, mistrust, doubt, condemn, hate, and have no feeling of superiority, we then can have a peace and contentment in knowing there is nothing to be anxious and worry about…for “any”.

    Then as you like to say we “all” will be the harmony we seek. What truly gives us peace and contentment is in knowing the true end for “all” people. It is impossible to love and have this peace and contentment as long as we falsely believe we will make it and another will not.

    In understanding the word “all” in it’s complete meaning it changes a lot of traditional views about “all” people.

    So we continue…

    • Hi Sonny, I totally agree … and so wonderfully said. As I’ve grown in my understanding of divine love, I’ve learned that this love doesn’t exclude a single one. It’s counter to its nature to do so. And divine love is the one power to bring every soul into reconciliation to itself. This is the power of God. For one to be left out means that God isn’t sovereign, but the will of a lost and blind child. Divine justice is when all are loving all for eternity, and the process of reconciliation will bring each one of us to this place in our own timing. I believe this was the plan from the beginning and going through this experience of our self-determination makes this union of divine love possible.

  2. Thanks be to God for sharing this wonderful insight. Divine Love and Wisdom. The Image and Likeness of God.

  3. wow! amazing! That transition of having gifts and then being de-inspired by them for there use because they do not seem to have the right reasons anymore. than starting to realize it was what you were connected to with those God given gifts. That transition of being inspired again by the very gifts you were being turned off from. Because of his timing and your patients only to come to a place that you realize those gifts inspire you again because of your unwavering faith he brings those and that to you for his reasons which are our reasons. the good stuff. One of my gifts is not being a writerLOL but i just wanted to share. I have passed on this post to many in my life because of the very words that were flowing thru you. We all have many who just feel they are there own God or they just need the universe and Jesus who? Some of the work I do i have called it The Bridge Maker. This post you have done is a very nice bridge north for many. Thank You Rachel. You are a beacon~

    • Hi Travis, thanks for sharing your thoughts … it brought to mind the thought that every gift we have is only a gift when we give it back to God to relinquish our self-determination in directing and creating through that gift, then he returns it to us fueled by his divine love … because only in this love do we truly give through our gifts. If that makes sense?

      I’m glad you shared it … truth when received upon prepared and fertile soil of the soul can be a liberating blessing.

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