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My Sincere Apologies


My Sincere Apologies


I deeply apologize to subjecting you all to the harassing comments of others; recently and in the past. I let it go on too long in each case, and for this I greatly apologize. It’s always my hope that people will see the incredible truth of the divine love of God; for all that it does in and for us, and throughout creation. In that hope, I mistakenly let inappropriate behavior continue when I shouldn’t have. So again I deeply apologize to you all.

I desire for this to be a place where we can bring up what is on our mind without feeling it or we will be attacked. To grow spiritually and in truth, we have to explore what we feel we are learning and the questions we have. And in many areas and venues this openness isn’t welcomed because fear, control and judgment. And I’m sorry I let the immaturity of others affect this venue. To question is important. To question the status quo of the mainstream belief systems is important. It’s an essential part to learning the Truth. So, I desire for this to be a place free from the ill treatment of others, that shuts us down instead of opens us up.

So, I’m going to be moderating the comments. I feel this protects your ability to feel free to comment without being harassed. I will post all comments whether in agreement with me or not, as long as they are honoring. Otherwise, it only causes harm. I’ll do my best to respond to your comments. This new format will also help me to form a consistency in responding.

For those who have said disparaging words that harm instead of help, I truly desire their highest good, as I do for all. For if one suffers we all suffer. I ask that they all, we all, are consumed in the divine love of our Creator, for this is what heals, renews, and refashions our souls into his likeness; which we all need. It’s the power and essence of life. There is a way for each one of us to come into this awareness. And I trust our faithful loving Creator to create that way in each of our lives.

I believe one day we will be united by divine love, as God will be all in all. He is love. He is sovereign. He is the Creator. He will fashion every soul perfectly in his love. So I desire only the highest good for all. I see our Creator’s love and it beyond powerful. I wait for the Day of Victory when we all see it reflected in our reality, because it has become a part of our soul’s inherent expression.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

16 thoughts on “My Sincere Apologies

  1. I look for your posts regularly and over the time I have know you it has been a blessing I cannot give a value to. We seem to be on parallel journeys and I find your insights and conclusions to be profound and true. As you do I am in regular conversation with God and I am so much further ahead because of what you shared….

    That is Love, the one God wants us to have, and it is you every day. your messages have a wondrous nature to them, I can easily go into visualizations and spiritual states when reflecting on them. As to your initial post, Jesus tells us to only seek out another to discuss matters of scripture with a mind set of peace an sharing as you did, one of Education and Elucidation, EnLIGHTennment…

    All is well

    Let God Arise, and Let His Enemies be Scattered!

    God Bless and Keep you always My Sister in Christ

  2. When we do not know what to do in any situation, I have learned it is best not to do anything. If we do wrong in not answering it is better to do this than speaking from immaturity. The old saying it is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt certainly is found in the parable of the five wise and foolish virgins. The answers will come as soon as we meet the conditions to handle the situation. We cannot fault you at all for what another says. I have often said two people can say exactly the same things and one can be justified and another is not. This is because God judges the intent of the heart and whether we say what we do to others with ” their” welfare in mind or not. The parable of the five wise and the five foolish mentioned above would be a good study for anyone to contemplate. One practiced “religion” while the other practiced loving others as they would have others to love themselves. One was religious, while the other was spiritual. Religion is cold, hard, ritualistic facts about the bible which some justify themselves by the study of it. The wise do not seek love in the scriptures but use it rather to validate the love they already have, know and feel. It confirms what already is, it helps to grow in the path of righteousness….”RIGHTEOUSNESS” does not come by law because he law is written to the unrighteous. We should know what is right just by thinking about it but selfishness, unforgiveness, and a desire to be right at another’s expense, clouds the mind of a shallow person, a person steeped in the ritual and the law of “don’ts”. While do not addresses the realm of the negative as in do not hate, the realm of the positive is to “do” love your neighbor. Love fulfills in a positive direction of growing toward the pinnacle of all that God is.

    The spiritual part of us never wants to harm another and we think by using the rod (stern word of correction) we do harm to another. We would if we did out of having a desire to see another suffer for their wrongs or their particular understanding of a particular subject. It is sad thing indeed to “have” to not spare the rod but it has it’s place. There is much truth in the most seemingly insignificant phrases in the bible, such as spare the rod and spoil the child. In explaining the natural to understand the spiritual, a thoughtful moment on this statement is putting the “rod” in the hands of “one” who corrects the child, the “immature” or babe in Christ. One who is mature in the ways of God can only do this properly by loving the “child” ( whether five or seventy five in the lord) and saying what they do with no selfish intent intended. God has one goal for all, so we must be matured to understand this one goal, and desire for God’s goal to be fulfilled in each and every child of God.

    How can we actually love when we do not understand the plan of God and how each of us fit into it? We lie to ourselves if we say we love God…and hate the wicked. Hate means to “love less” so we love even those who do and speak wickedness because we understand the plan of salvation means leaving the ninety nine and seeking the “one” out…to save also. When we come to the place where we “see” the plan of redemption for all people, we love all people, the mature because we share a matured love, and the child who needs the rod of correction for their future state is a matured child of God also. When we see the child all grown up in our vision, we see them in a loving state…and unlike the religious, not in a place of torment. The torment one suffers in hell is being having a mind of hell when our mind is in a place of having need of the fire to burn out of us the vanity of our self righteousness, leaving the refined substance of the gold which is the natural meaning of the spiritual.

    To have any meaningful dialogue about what matters is to share our thoughts with others without any expectation of having them agree with us. There seems always to be a fine line between handling a situation the right way. Just as Paul was very easy and gentle with those who were young to turn them to the way of God, he could use some pretty stern words to those who should have know better than to do and speak as they were doing, even one of his peers as was Peter. He did the right thing and Peter being a righteous man ( in the making) he took the corrective words from Paul to heart. In this case a righteous man was reproved and he loved Paul no less for pointing this out, although I’m sure he would have liked to have it not to have happened.

    One “must” know the plan of salvation of God for all people or one will condemn and criticize and desire for one to burn when they believe the word erroneously. If one thinks the plan is to literally burn for punishment how can one love another in the truth? They simply can’t. When one sees the end of another and that their end is met with the same love of God that God has for themselves, it is impossible not to love. Apostate love is love abandoned to to the natural realm of understanding.

    I tend to have a tendency to over explain things because I want another to understand the depth of what I say and this turns into more lines than I perhaps should take up here in this forum ..but…then….do we not love another to the point of having understanding. I perhaps should not keep worrying about it because I believe this is….a teaching and sharing forum where we want another to “know” what we believe to be truth. Knowledge is a fact about something outside of ourselves but when this fact becomes an inward principle it is no longer in the realm of the natural but has “morphed” into the spiritual.

    Therefore let us respect the belief of another and reserve the “rod” for those who do not possess the love of God although they may have a form (knowledge) of it. We cannot worry whether we hurt their feelings or not when we use the rod of correction for they ask for it to be used when they think they are of the five wise when in actuality they are of the five foolish, thinking their knowledge is Godliness, leaving the love for the other out of the equation. If our heart condemn us not…we do well.

    I also ask whether or not I should comment as often or as lengthy as I do. The frequency I can do something about, the length may be harder as we should want to make plain the Word to be understood so that we can grow in a way that helps.

    • Hi Sonny,

      Beliefs are an interesting force. We believe what we believe and not something else, that is what makes it our belief. Thus, when someone counters it, a tendency is to counter them in some way; whether disapproving judgment, correction, understanding, etc. When beliefs aren’t sown by the Spirit of Truth in love, then this counter is given out of defense of self, judgment, pride, disdain, self-exalation, condemnation, etc. But when a response is sown by the Spirit of Truth the response is given from a sharing of an understanding in love and if we feel our belief would help … to share that belief or understanding. Whether our response is received or not by another isn’t ours to determine, as you mentioned. But if we see someone going down a path when’ve been and we learned the possible error in it, it is ours to point it out, though they may need to travel that path. When we come from love there is no fear in our approach or response, even that they may not understand. So we speak and then leave it up to them and the Spirit to be received. Others can only hear what they are already hearing to some extent, whether they realize it or not. If what we share is too counter to their beliefs at the time, they will totally reject it.

      As you mentioned for spiritual truths and understanding, the understanding is sown in our hearts by the Spirit of Truth. So I think in sharing, we leave it up to the spirit of Truth to do the work in a soul. Though we offer the words out of a desire to help, encourage, etc we trust the Spirit to use them or not to. It may not be that person’s time yet to receive that truth or understanding. So whatever we do, we do in love – the desire to help with a pure loving motive. And we trust the Spirit to do the work in a soul and not ourselves, yet in our faithfulness we offer the words for you never know if the Spirit will use them or not .. or now or later. Once given, the Spirit can always bring them back up to a person’s awareness. I think this creates a healthy dynamic, where we aren’t tied to the response, so we speak more freely and in the manner of love without defense.

  3. Rachel, there are blogs and there are forums. While a blog seems to be for things less in depth and for one to leave their thoughts to others on and for “comments” about that person’s sharing I being of old school think that sharing subjects as important as the things you address are not worthy of just a comment but a discussion about it.

    I never really thought much about the difference of the intended purpose of one vs the other because a worthy sharing deserves no less than a worthy response. So… after being introduced to computers much later than the no. 2 pencil I grasped so rather well, I think I have a better grasp of the difference between commenting and sharing. I guess we’re never to old to learn new subtleties of light.

    • Hi Sonny – I see blogs like someone’s house. It’s an arena of the author’s personal space sharing their experience, thoughts, etc. A forum is more like a community center where it’s no one person’s personal space. Thus forums are more conducive to a back and forth dialogue. I think you would be great on a forum. It fits your communication style as I’ve come to know it. You have a lot of knowledge to offer and seem to enjoy the back and forth exchange — Have you thought about starting one? It would be interesting to be a part of.

      • I have, but have not come to a conclusion about it. We have discussed this in the past. My style ( if I have one) is not back and forth as in debating a subject for Jesus never “debated” a subject to prove Himself for He was truth incarnate. Of course there is a fine line between methods of conversation and sharing, and what one deems to be stating truth is what another believes to be debating it. It is a matter of where one is along in their own personal path. This perspective you have brings me to the thought of what we are to become addressing both sides of the issue of love and judgement. My “style” is to speak what I know and it is up to the listener to accept or reject what I have to share. We cannot be pleasers of men and pleasers of God at the same time but if the timing and meeting of the minds happens mutually, it is a very good thing. As we grow and our chaff is being separated from the wheat within, we tend to want to mix our message of misunderstanding with the true understanding of God. In the Old Testament the garments of God could not be mixed typifying we are to be clothed of one cloth, having one mind and intent, with desiring and having no mixture of the carnal influence with that of the spirit. And we must understand that we cannot protect our weakness’ by rejecting the spiritual truths.

        The following is something I wrote that fits our recent conversations and I edited it to address our present. It comes from a place we are to consider when considering others, as so many are confused about whether God is a God of wrath or a God of love, the answer is He is both for He administers both for His oneness of purpose. This is something we all have came through or are coming through to the “other side” of us. I hope this helps to see the love of God from the perspective of good and evil.

        The “two ” hands of God, mercy and judgement.

        We have been dealt a hand of seeing judgment, cursing, and sectarianism put before us and sometimes unmercifully so…so this is as good a time as any to address it while we are feeling it’s effects and presence. What we need to keep in mind is that only ultimate good comes from being exposed to all things. So to comment…let me say it is with no intent to belittle, harm or judge in an unrighteous spirit.

        In scripture it speaks of God having two hands, the right and the left. Does God give us only His mercy without His judgments? Do we only bask in His love without any correction or judgment? Do we go through life without the workings of only one of His hands and not both of His hands? If we see God as having nothing to do with evil, we live a lie for God created all things for the ultimate sanctification and “good” of all.

        God must establish a work with the basis of this particular work firmly in His right hand. But this work cannot be carried on without the aid of His left hand, His “corrective” judgement. Therefore God’s workmanship takes the careful guidance of both hands. The one of love and mercy typified by His right hand and the rod of correction and judgement of His left hand. Both hands have the same purpose as a potter sits down to make a vessel as the mind of the body directs both hands for the beautiful vessel the potter envisions to make.

        One hand leads into the love of God’s likeness while the other corrects anything that may get out of purpose outside of the plan of His vision. As long as the making of the vessel goes along with the right amount of softness and water (spirit) added to it, it will come out as envisioned. However clay becomes dry with the working of it and water ( the spirit) must be added along the process to keep the vessel supple and pliable until the finishing of the holy vessel is complete…which we are in reality.

        We as potential vessels of one order or another, are put on God’s wheel of mercy “and” judgement where love rules from the one mind of God into the two hands of His work…”in us”. Many try to decide as if God is only a God of wrath or is He only a God of mercy. He is both. Many do not want anything to do with God because their minds are fixed on only one of His hands, the left, the one of dealing with evil and judgement. And others will not admit that God created both good and evil for the same singleness of purpose. This is because they do not look at the total plan of God or as to the purpose of working with both of His “two” hands. Many say God is not responsible for evil (Isaiah 45:7 says different) We are the product of both of His hands, His love and His judgment. Do we not need to be corrected when we err outside of His will? Did God make one plan out of His love, and make another plan which dealt with evil? God in Genesis when His plan (creation) was “written” and completed and everything was preordained and predetermined, God said it was “good”. Although evil was created to be instituted at it’s intended time it was included in the statement of God’s plan being only good. God’s plan was to make us into His likeness and character through the method of His two handed approach, mercy and judgement. Both administered to keep us on the path to citizenship of and in His kingdom.

        We were created with the perfection of His kingdom in mind and we being participants in it. We were created subject to vanity, not willingly, but being subjected in hope of being fulfilled in His likeness and character. We must understand that all we know, hear and see is of God, both of His hands working for the “same” result.

        God purposes us to His envisioned end. We are poor and blind and naked in the beginning of our journey and as we are carried through it we gain sight into His will, His ways to the understanding of His completed plan. We are programmed to go our own way for awhile to be exercised in being subjected to this vanity. We learn by example, by mistakes of being faulty, by being a prodigal son, by being selfish, unruly and evil. We are this by design. We must learn to “see” the good in all of God’s plan, on the left and right for us to understand.

        When we see a young zealot wanting to do the will of God but not having a clear vision nor has been properly equipped to overcome, is because this one must learn it takes more of just wanting to judge from a left handed perspective to one of being established in Christ on the right hand.

        Judgement can only come from a basis of a matured love which God is..and the giver of it.
        Paul administered judgment early in his life but from not having a vision of righteousness but of self righteousness, one born of his religion. After many years of being processed into another way, Paul came to be able to judge righteous judgement far removed from his religious past. He now moved and walked by the spirit.
        We in our early childhood of our spiritual awakening still have the judgmental soul of a carnal mind. This mind of the soul must be converted and this is what it means we are God’s workmanship.

        God never uses judgement to harm but only to heal. If we are torn down from our Tower of Babel, it is only to build us again in the image of His true temple, the one not made with natural hands. Everything we experience even in our darkest of circumstances may come from the left hand of judgment but the right hand is holding us steady so that when the judgment for that particular circumstance is ended we know not to go there again…if we do the rod will then again be administered.

        The rod is a rod (word) of correction and it is one administered in the spirit of mercy. A word of correction brings one to the word of truth. The purposes of God for us cannot be separated into good for one and evil for another. This is where people go wrong in thinking they do God a service by taking a position on the left hand without understanding first that God must establish us in the foundation which is Christ on the right hand. Nothing can be administered without the outcome of the whole person being considered in the judgment. The end result is a loving kindness which we are to possess. One must understand the complete plan of God and how He uses both hands to complete His will for us to be able to have a meaningful conversation about any of it.

        Having been submerged or sprinkled with water does not qualify one to judge another for baptism is a beginning and not an end of our processing. Judgement of course can only come after love is established because this is the order of creation…Love establishing a plan of judgment to correct and to heal those who have been unwillingly subjected to being blinded…for awhile…that God may do His good work in us.

        Again, everything we see and experience whether on the right (mercy) or left (judgement) hand of God, His mercy and or His judgments of correction come from the singleness of His mind and purpose. God created the firstborn son in exactly this fashion using these same principles of mercy and judgement..for He was tempted in all points as we are. And since the son is created in the likeness of His Father…and it goes on to say “Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus”, are we not to have the same mind coming from the same processing as the firstborn? The scriptures tell us Jesus Christ is our example and pattern to follow. Are we not to follow what we see and hear from Him? Can we follow a pattern and an example and it make us something other than the image of the pattern?

        We must learn to expect that all that happens to us in our daily walk, whether in judgement or in mercy, we are being fashioned little by little into a finished product of the example and pattern of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Our way is to be His way for God does not have two plans, one of failure and one of success. There is no fear or belief in the heart of a matured disciple that God can fail us. Our end was decided before we were born into this world to experience failure through our fallen soul.

        I would like to insert some food for thought here for ones to consider.

        Peace and oneness can only come into us when we see that this peace includes all of God’s children of His creation. If we judge another to be deserving of a natural burning hell, this is evidence we are in the era of the left hand of God’s dealings and on the judgement side of things. We will remain in a corrective place of judgement until we desire to love others instead of wanting to judge them in a negative, condescending hateful way. When we learn to see judgment as a means to an end of completing us in His image, we see God only has one purpose and destination for all.

        I suppose we should have conversation about the things which are sent our way and mercy and judgement are what we are addressing at the moment. We must expect God to deal in our lives using the right hand of love as well as the left hand which holds the rod of correction for they are inseparable in this phase of earthly life. We share to promote healing and understanding…we can only give that which is given to us and when God opens our minds together on the subject of reconciliation for all, we can enjoy the company of others with a peace and comfort that can not be had without this understanding.

        I want to say that I have no axe to grind with any for whatever they may say or think of me for my views. I understand this is a progressive walk and though I may be judged rightly or falsely by another it makes no difference to my outcome nor does it make any difference of what I may think of another when I know God is the author and finisher of each of our faiths. I know the one who condemns me now will love me in the future for God will make this other person as whole as He will make myself. Which calling we fall into as to the thirty, sixty or hundred fold is for God to decide for being placed into one of these categories is about reward and not whether we are “going” to be saved or not. We are here to determine where we will fit into His plan. We are judged according to our level of righteousness that we possess and if anything is lacking we are judged progressively until we arrive in His image and likeness, His character. It will be a wonderful thing when we “all” of one mind and one accord.

      • Hi Sonny,

        I find as we progress in our understanding that we realize love includes “correction”. (Again, I don’t like the word judgment because it has been so abused in its reference to God. Man’s forms of judgment, which are absent of love, have been attributed to God in horrible ways and thus this word contains those connotations. Though I see your use of it and wanting to explain the truth of it.) Anyway, love and correction are not two but one – which I believe is ultimately what you are saying in your article.

        God is love all the time. There is not an act he does that isn’t loving. (Now we on the other hand, in our self-determination, work in all kinds of motives and judgments absence of love and justify them and sometimes incorrectly think God is the same. For example, the typical understanding of hell is a perfect example. It’s a horrible man-made judgment with an absence of love. However, we are constantly in the refinement of God, which is his love, in this realm – it is part of this realm’s purpose; to shape us and refine us. It is our fire. And if we learn through it, it refines us, if we don’t, it just feels like a tough life or hardship)

        When we truly love someone we desire their highest good. The spiritual laws that operate our reality hold within them the corrective devices. All is done. There is no other outside “judgment” or “punishment” like we had with our parents. God made all perfect and now all is working as it should. With them in place operating perfectly, they are his system of “correction”. The laws themselves do that; cause and effect. If I do something there is an effect to it. It is simply the working of the law in my life; a law that was crafted to bring about my highest good.

        For example, how we treat others is how we treat ourselves. (This reflects a spiritual law in which this reality is formed and our experience of it) How we treat ourselves is how we treat others. The degree we are judging of ourselves, we are with others. And our reflective reality that works like a mirror because of this spiritual law, reflects in others around us how we are treating ourselves as well as them. And when this judging is lacking love then that lack of love will show up in our lives.

        Now the appearance of this law at work isn’t always straightforward. We may be unforgiving to someone and it may show up as an illness in ourselves. Thus, why it is helpful to be aware of these laws, they help us to see the cause and effect dynamic in our lives. And the laws work according to our heart. We may be nice to someone to their face, but the law and effect will react to what we truly feel toward them in our heart. So what we learn is that to truly love from our heart with a pure and divine love is what creates perfect causes and harmonious effects. We can’t create perfect love in this soul of a self-determinded consciousness. Thus, the laws always seem to be working against us, as they are revealing our error. But this revealing is very important for in it we realize our need to have God’s consciousness so we can act in divine love all the time so we can live in harmony with these laws. I’m going into a much bigger arena here. So I’ll leave it at that. But, God made the laws this way, because he loves us and he is shaping us into souls who can partake of his consciousness. The laws are his correction. They were set from the beginning and are perfect in their function.

        If my parents didn’t have rules and hold me to them, then I would feel they didn’t love me. I would have gone wild and hurt myself far more than I did. Perhaps at the time I didn’t like some of their rules, but now I see they were there to protect me from my immature and foolish ways.

        God’s spiritual laws are perfect and are structured in love and are constantly at work in our lives. Everything God does is for our very good and it is of a true love. So for me I don’t see a judging nature in God as we think of it. I see a master craftsman building a reality that perfectly teaches us through its structure all we need to learn, if we are willing. And by its structure it “corrects” we who are in it by it’s cause and effect mechanisms. And along the way, realize it is divine love we need to be in harmony with all the laws.

      • Romans 15

        1 We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.
        2 Let every one of us please his neighbor for his good to edification.
        3 For even Christ pleased not himself; but, as it is written , The reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on me. 4 For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.
        5 Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be like minded one toward another * according to Christ Jesus:
        6 That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
        7 Wherefore receive ye one another, as * Christ also received us to the glory of God.
        8 Now I say that Jesus Christ was a minister of the circumcision for the truth of God, to confirm the promises made unto the fathers:
        9 And that the Gentiles might glorify God for his mercy; as it is written , For this cause I will confess to thee among the Gentiles, and sing unto thy name.

        Discussion is good, think Bible Study which I love!

        Taking about the Lord praises him and draws the Spirit deeper into each of us as the cross pollination natural to different souls sharing creates a new idea or perspective for all

        God Bless

  4. I have to agree with Travis:

    And….we share with you here because this site is conducted in the spirit and manner that God intends for us to participate in. No we’re not perfect, else we would not be exchanging encouragement for the goal of being matured in God’s likeness and character. I have looked and commented on a couple of others a couple of times, however your desire and intent for what you want to express is in the realm which is above the law. We all have to have a vision, a goal, a “love” to pursue the kingdom. You have this vision as your goal, so you as we, just have to move toward this goal without a fear of failing of missing the mark. When mud is slung at us, it will wash off….and we continue on the path of our vision that we particpate in the kingdom of all being as one…. as you so gracefully speak of.

  5. I concur with the Author . . .

    Not that I want to sound elevated or some what more spiritual . . .
    I thought that I had to add for to uplift somebody if not everybody this morning.
    An important principle of being a disciple of/or in spirituality is silence.
    For silence especially in meditation is indeed priceless/golden to a student/learning/evolving spirit.

    King David of Israel encouraged meditation on rich divine words . . . (the metaphor of the chewing cow with four stomachs).
    James the disciple put it like this:
    ‘My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,’
    Proverbs 18 is also a good mantra to read and and digest regularly.


    • Hi Alec, Your comment about listening and silence … they really go together. In being still and quiet, especially in our minds, it allows us to listen and hear … not only truly what another may be expressing, but also to take time to hear what the Spirit of Truth teaches us the interaction so then we can respond from a higher perspective. Thanks for the thought shared.

  6. Rachel,

    I follow you and agree in the spirit of what you are sharing. I use the word judgment as I believe the term is intended. It is like the cause and effect you are describing. In understanding as you do, there is a destination for each of us as God determines and as we go through this disciplinary journey we have to be guided to it’s end. God “judges” our action as to if it is in sync with His will and purpose and corrects us using what means necessary to justify the end. Judgment used as tradition has used it drums up images of a God who has a hateful disposition. God’s judgment when used in a way that it is intended has the same intended outcome as any other word which brings one to completion. I use it because it is used in the bible, however I try to use it’s positive direction and not the traditional use of it the same as “fire” is used incorrectly. It would be hard to explain the word fire without giving it’s traditional use and it’s intended use in reality.

    Just a thought to go along with our exchange; in the original manuscripts there were no capital letter, no periods, and no comma’s. There was no separation of sentences or paragraphs. This is because in the spirit, all words have the same oneness of meaning, meaning that all words when understood together cannot be separated into “good and evil”. This is because regardless of the word used, it is used in conjunction with any other word to bring about God’s intended outcome. Therefore judgment, as any other word, when used correctly can only describe the love of God. Therefore one word is no more important than another, thus no capitalization, no comma or period, no sentences or paragraphs that stand out from the other. Again, this is because it is only one word and all words have to be looked at in the context of the whole “word”. The whole “spiritual word” is Christ Jesius Himself and the whole natural “word”therefore “must” have one meaning to typify the complete and whole personification of oneness. So all words when seen as one describes one way. There is no separation or evil intent and meaning in any word when understood in the spirit. It is only when the scales of negativity fall from our eyes do we see all things as a unit of the whole.

    This perspective of the word both in the spiritual and in the natural is used in the context of the oneness we seek. There is no separation of anything into classes of good and evil….it is all good. When we are led to understand that in the beginning that it was God’s intent to create beings with their ultimate good in mind and everything that was put into motion after this good desire, it was to bring “all” causes whether classified as good or evil to one eventual effect. Therefore we should not allow ourselves to see the negative in any word, thought or cause. If we truly believe God is just, God loves us all, and His end justifies the means, the “all” means can only be good. Anything that separates is temporary just as anything that brings all into a oneness of God is eternal. As you say this can get rather deep but I know you understand this principle as I do, although you may not have thought about this in these terms I know the end we mutually see will explain the interim.

    As you say and I agree God’s spiritual rules are perfect when we understand them in the spirit…just as the natural words “all” explain the spiritual word when they also are understood in the spirit. We could explore this oneness to a much greater degree but I think it would take a “forum”. 😀

    “All” is good. “All” is one. “All” is love. “All” is from one God.


  7. Oh, and about your word “correction”, the word correction after translated in the KJV became “punishment”. So God “corrects” us, in turning us to Himself. Punishment conjures up vengeance where correction denotes a change toward love. So, I follow your direction, and intent.

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