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Day of Freedom


Day of Freedom


Our heavenly Father loves us beyond what words can express.

When we are distanced from him and his love, he is also distanced from us. When you love, this separation is its own form of imprisonment.

May we pray that the day of freedom dawns and our heavenly Father is known as he truly is and is “known” by all his creation. In this immortal joy is manifested.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Day of Freedom

  1. Hi, I love your videos and blogs! My journey started about 7 months ago and it was very overwhelming to say the least, I have gone thru a lot with God since December. I’m 31 and when I first really found him I felt like he was telling me that we are living in the last days, it was really scary to me at first and I went and told quite a few people and of course they thought I was crazy but for the first time in my life I truly felt like something really major is about to happen and I felt like God wanted me to tell people and then I thought Jesus is about to come back any day, and there’s lots of people prophesying on you tube now and they feel how I do but over the last month or 2 I don’t feel it as strong and I’m just not worried about it like I was, I just have a lot more peace about whatever is gonna happen and realize that I have no control so there’s no point in worrying about any of that. I’ve noticed you don’t really talk about this being the “end-times” or last days, so how do you feel about that? Do you think these people are truly prophesying that he is about to come back like the bible says, and do you think all these things will happen in our lifetime, that the world as we know it is going to end? It’s so confusing sometimes because what I felt was so strong I just knew it was from God but now it’s different so I don’t know if it was just my fears controlling that because now I just don’t have those fears anymore. And one more question I’ve really been trying to figure out is about what “hell” really truly is, there is so many nde videos out there of people that were taken to hell so they could come back and tell people about it and they talk about how horrible it is and how it’s eternal like the bible says but I’ve had a few people lately telling me that hell is here on earth, before you find God that is your “hell” and that “hell” is just a refining fire and it’s not eternal bc Gods mercy and love for you is never ending so if that’s true why are all these people claiming to have gone to a literal hell where there are demons and all this torture and stuff?? I’ve asked quite a few people about these things but I just get different answers and I just wish I could get the REAL truth, it really worries me that there could possible be a literal hell that tons of people will go to forever, (at least that’s what most preachers and christians believe)
    Thank u!

    • Hi Candice, at the beginning of our journey it can be confusing as we haven’t yet learned how to learn from the spirit of truth, so we tend to look to others who we deem to know … but you’ve been given a great gift through Christ and what he taught and revealed, the spirit of truth, so seek to establish a communion with this spirit, which was in him and of the heavenly Father, by taking time each day to write, pray and seek for the answers you seek from the spirit of truth and in time you will learn …

      There is no fear in perfect divine love … thus no fear in any of God’s plans for us or humankind. It is humankind projecting their fears and the realities they create upon our loving heavenly Father and his plans for us. As you come to know the true heavenly Father … you learn his love, which is pure, perfect, unchanging, entails no fear .. He knows we are but children, and we are all his beloved children, but many of us have forgotten who we are and think we know better and misjudge others and God.

      Hell is a word that has been attached to many horrible images .. again projections of human fear in the absence of the divine love of God. In regards to end times, etc. there is a lot of humankind’s imaginations at work .. and little truth for the messages of it you speak of are wrapped up in fear. Again, truth has no fear in it, for it is of perfect divine love.

      When we don’t possess the divine love of God, we are blind to truth, because divine love is the expression of absolute truth. And from this all sorts of erroneousness judgments, expectations, and fears develop, that we then act on and create a reality of that fear. This is a “dark” condition of the soul for someone in this state as they aren’t aware of God’s perfect love and their fears keep them trapped from it and creating more fear. This is the “hell”, and darkness .. and as long as we remain in this blindness, it is in a sense “eternal”. But this is why we are “saved”, but each one comes into this awareness at different times. We can’t save ourselves from our own blindness … and once you realize we are all blind, we stop judging others for their blindness … but instead seek the light that comes through the true awaking of our souls by the divine love of our loving Father that has always been there for us, we just couldn’t see it.

      I see you have a heart to know and there is much to learn… desire the pure truth and love and settle for nothing less and that desire will lead you to the right paths, for it is the path to knowing our heavenly Father. Seeking to know this divine love of the Father is essential. It is different from a natural love. It is what will change your soul, truly. It is what creates you into a new creation because in it you are freed from all fear, false judgments and false expectations. So, as you have already started, focus on love, not fear. As for those focusing on fear, thus hell, its only because their soul is still in that darkened state, so that is what they see. They need to be awakened to the reality and understanding of the love that their Creator has for them. And when they experience the divine love of God, that darkness will fade. Let your thoughts only meditate on what’s true, thus what’s of that perfect love. This love will reveal the truth for you … for it acts like a light in our souls revealing the truths of God and his plans for us, which are magnificent. It is humankind that perpetuates the darkness, not God. In God is light in which there is no darkness. In him there is life, there is no death. In him there is love, no fear. It’s a progressive journey for a soul to move fully into this light because the illusions of fear seem real, we make them real, not knowing they are illusions created by a soul absence of the love of God … but when you come to know our true heavenly Father as he is .. you realize they are only illusions, though powerful ones. But thankfully, his love is stronger. I know there is a lot here. Know you are in good hands, our Father’s .. and focus on knowing the nature of divine love.

  2. You say:

    desire the pure truth and love and settle for nothing less and that desire will lead you to the right paths, for it is the path to knowing our heavenly Father. Seeking to know this divine love of the Father is essential.

    I say in agreement:

    This simple desire far exceeds having a desire to know all knowledge and the meanings of all mysteries. This is because once all knowledge and all mysteries are revealed they only reveal the very truth and love we seek. Many of us spend years seeking knowledge only to defend our interpretation of this knowledge, when if it was only love we initially desired we would have skipped much controversy and sorrow of debating another in defending our perspective of knowledge at the cost of obtaining the very love of God for this “same” other.

    Nothing can exceed a desire to love……all.

    • Hi Sonny – When we focus on love … we truly start to grow. It’s interesting how Jesus told us to focus on love, and there is a lot more to it than we initially assume. When we focus on this beautiful attribute realizing it is something we need to learn and grow in, we do grow and the true understanding we need meets us along the way.

      • First seek the Kingdom of Heaven (love) and all these things (knowledge, food, raiment, etc.) will be added unto you, along the way…….yes, the horse works better in front of the cart.

      • Could I know please… How you focus on the love of God?
        It seems I am more image orientate… And I know it is written thou shall have no graven image… Plus my sin nature may try to hijack my though life. 🐕🐇🐈🐦🐏🐣 🐐

        (I like these emoticons :))

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