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Our Reflective Reality


Our Reflective Reality

A Hall of Mirrors


Do to others as you want done to you.

What you do to others, you do to yourself. What you do to yourself, you do to others.

Our perceived reality reflects the state of our soul. What we do to ourselves we are doing to others. What we do to others, we are doing to ourselves. What we give out is what we receive. What we receive is what we give out. We live in a hall of mirrors. The reality that we perceive is reflective of the state of our soul. The state of our soul is reflected in our reality. This world isn’t what most think, it is much more personalized because of the higher purpose it serves.

For example, if we judge others it’s because we judge ourselves, thus we absorb the judgments of others. Otherwise, others’ judgments roll off us because we realize they are the projections of their own self-judgments. If we are dishonest with others, it’s because we are dishonest with ourselves, and we become caught in the snares of another’s dishonesty. Otherwise, another’s dishonesty has no ill effects upon our reality. If we give hypocritical love it’s because we don’t have a true love within ourselves thus we have to “fake” it, and in turn we are the recipients of another’s hypocritical love. Otherwise, we possess a growing honest love within our relationships and interactions, and the insincere relationships fade away. If we extend a sincere love to others it’s because we have true love within us, and we receive a sincerity of care from others to the extent they are aware and able.

This hall of mirror effect includes the law of attraction, but it goes much deeper. The law of attraction entails attracting into our perceived reality certain people, situations, physical elements, etc based on our soul condition and what we truly project and give (not what we pretend to be or give). This is why as we significantly change, our friendships often change. Our reflective reality incorporates this law, but what fashions our reality goes much deeper. Our perceived reality is governed by the state of our soul, which is constructed of our consciousness, or awareness.

Soul = consciousness = awareness = truths we possess or lack = love we possess or lack

We each have our own perceived reality. I see a situation one way and you see the same situation a different way. Look in your reality. What do you see? Your perception includes two basic elements: 1. what your consciousness (awareness or lack of) experiences amongst the elements of the environment and 2. your judgments about those experiences.

Since our awareness is constantly changing however little or great, our current reality reveals the current state of our soul. Our soul is mutable because our awareness is changeable. Whenever we learn something new, it changes our awareness, which changes our soul projection. Our soul is in a constant state of fluctuation, however great or small. Thus, our perceived reality is fluid and constantly changing, and can be changed. Nothing is fixed. There is constant motion because all is energy. What affects that motion is the state of our soul, our consciousness, and the energy it houses, which is either of love or fear.

A higher consciousness (more developed soul condition) is one with more awareness. Awareness expands by sincere love. The more love within our soul, the greater our awareness thus we operate with a higher level of consciousness. Love puts us in the frameworks of truth, thus why we have more awareness.

One significant roadblock to desirable change in our soul thus reality is blame, (also expressed in self-pity, victimization of self, un-forgiveness, revenge, anger, condescending judging, prideful arrogance). When we blame we don’t take responsibility for what our reality is reflecting back to us, but we put it upon another. This blinds us so we don’t gain the increased awareness that will change our reality that we are blaming other(s) about. But as we eradicate blame from our lives by humbling ourselves to learn, we learn and this expands our awareness, which heightens our consciousness. Thus, our perceived reality is altered.

Our level of soul development determines what we experience in our reality. If you’ve gone through soulful changes in your life, then you have witnessed this dynamic. Because our reality is like a mirror as it reflects what our soul projects, as we change from the soul outward, our reality reflects those changes.

Once this truth is understood and accepted, then there is much to learn from everything around us. Ultimately our perceived reality is housed within the care of our heavenly Father, our Creator. He desires us to learn and grow into an oneness with him, so our mortal experience is crafted in this reflective way to help us learn and grow. No one sees our reality as we do. We see it that way for a reason, for there are multiple views we could have of it. If we are willing to learn, there is much to learn. When we open our soul perceptions and are willing to listen to what underlies our situations, interactions and relationships, then there is always something for us to learn. We never know as we ought, so we can always learn. As we grow in awareness, we grow in our ability to perceive these lessons, which continues to expand our awareness, which effects our perceived reality.

Now we see the impact of this wisdom, “do to others as you want done to you.” This is harder to do than one might think. It takes expanding awareness, humility, and a willingness to change in growing kindness, honor, and respect. It requires a willingness to forgive, and many other soulful qualities that sometimes don’t come easy when pride and fear fill our consciousness. But with receipt of divine love into our soul, these hinderances are overcome.

Don’t most of us desire to give and receive a sincere unchanging love; kindness, consideration, compassion, and understanding? If we truly desire to give and receive love, then we will grow in the awareness of this love and it will become a part of our reality. The capacity to love as we desire and to receive love as we desire comes from an oneness with the Source of love, our heavenly Father. Our consciousness is bound in limitations, but in establishing an oneness with him, thus his consciousness, we become limitless in our capacity to grow and transform, thus to expand in love.

The starting place to gaining a reflection we desire is to know and accept the divine love of our heavenly Father. This love creates an increasing magnificent reflection. It doesn’t come speedily, because it changes our soul in the process, but it comes. And when the reflection comes through an oneness with him, it is of his creation, thus it is our rest. To strive to develop a consciousness of true love apart from him is an endless cycle of frustration, but with him it is an experience of growth and expansion. If we want to be reflective of divine love, then we must return to the Source of divine love; our first love, the love from which we came, and become a subset of his perfect consciousness.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

16 thoughts on “Our Reflective Reality

  1. There was a time, I believed what you are saying. Yet, in EIGHT YEARS TIME – it has NOT rendered viable results. I understand the rudimentary concept of treating people “like you want to be treated” ………………. however, your theory holds flaws – I know this intimately. The more love I gave, the more respect, the attempt to admire – be honest in my dealings – the more deceit that was hurled at me – the more hate I endured and I have LEARNED THE HARD WAY TO IDENTIFY SOCIOPATHS – SOCIOPATHS CANNOT BE REASONED WITH ………. they lack conscious – it is best advised to RUN FROM SOCIOPATHS – giving them up to the source of all creation himself. I believe all that transpires in life is a means with which the source of all creation (God) teaches us valuable lessons. Yet, all I can glean – is no matter how diligent you are in your soul – it matters not. I know what is inside my soul – and the lessons I am learning – currently have me grappling with the seed of bitterness and hatred – to which, I struggle not to allow to take root within my soul. My soul literally craves, like minded people. I do believe in the source of all creation. I believe in the value and welfare of community. I despise that which is evil and firmly hold fast to gods moral law to which is written into man’s law. Yet, is NOT being enforced. I believe in acts of kindness, extending courtesy to total strangers – as life is like a fabric and we are woven together for a reason. Yet, reality is not reflecting MY BELIEF’S or what I KNOW IS INSIDE MY SOUL. There is an inherent flaw in your theory. I believe it’s because you are negating evil dominates this earth. I wish I could glean more information that would be viable – but, I just don’t see it.

    Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 23:25:40 +0000 To:

    • I think I know what you mean because I feel some of that in my own life. I have been diligently seeking the love of God for over 12 years – every day. I have tried to walk more and more in the ways I have learned – yet lately the suffering I experience seems to be growing stronger. I know what I am learning is truth because I can “feel” the experience of this love growing in my soul. I can most certainly feel the brightness of this “light” within me. What I do not understand is why the light of love is not expressed in the reflection I expect.

      We are told we do not understand as we ought – so what are we to do? I’d say to hold on to the truths and keep walking in them. Keep seeking and asking for greater understanding. Pray continually.

      Perhaps one day soon – our lights will shine outwardly.

    • Angels…….

      I read your response with careful attention to what you are struggling with and it is much the same for a lot of us. There are different callings while we are here on this earth and some are called, as you, to a more severe affliction of the soul. This is not by mistake, it is by God’s careful planning and each’s day is planned out for each individual and not one ounce of “too much” is added to their load that is not carefully measured by God’s mercy and love. No one suffers for nothing, not one as much as it may seem. I can empathize with much in what you say doe we have all been subjected to vanity, “not willingly” but subjected to it for a revealing of a greater awareness of all the attributes of God’s very likeness, for this is the purpose of suffering or the “fire” so to speak. Most see, in the natural, fire as something to be feared but once you understand that “God is a consuming fire” you see the fire as a cleansing instrument to in effect burn out all the wood, hay, and stubble in your life which depicts most of the things of confusion which you relate to in your comment. I have been walking in the way that our Father has brought me and I can say I have experienced all that you record here in your comments. What God revealed to me “several” decades ago was whatever knowledge experience in life it would be for my good and nothing would be out before me that was void of His love for me.

      Somewhat like yourself, I experienced trial after trial, test after test, seemingly without end in sight, and even though, I with faith understood it was all for my good, I could have wished it away. However I refused to give into the erroneous thought it could be anything else but God directing my path. In understanding Christ being our pattern and prototype, by studying His life and suffering carefully, I could and can only conclude their is a I loving purpose in all things. Now that “decades” have passed I can speak from experience, and not conjecture, imagination, or reasoning.

      I have been through my “Job” experiences and as Job, I can say though He may slay me I will serve Him through whatever comes my way. This is because Christ learned obedience through the things in which he suffered, therefore we no less are to expect the same. The fact that you reveal those many things you suffered and are suffering, it tells me the hotter the fire, the greater the gift of life you can and will experience when this fire you are going through will cease to be. This is because the fire will only destroy out of your life what should not be, leaving your spirit as gold purified in the fire of “suffering” as God intends. Space does not permit for me to go on but if I can summarize by saying that we are to come to the place where we are who we are and become who we are by his likeness in us that we allow to flow through and out of us with no expectation of anything in return from another, no matter how good or bad “they” are for everything you are and are becoming is not about another. We learn to expect absolutely nothing in return for what we give forth, the same as our Father and Christ. We are instructed to follow them and become as they. They give us their love and understanding in bringing us to their will and way. We are to expect the same of our own outlook toward others just as God, this will come…..with maturity.

      We should not look at others and expect anything from them, however nice it would be, we rather will expect, like our Father to love others (all) inspite of the fallen state of man. Learn it’s purpose and you will not only give up expecting love to be returned, but will learn to love the more, and as a result will be found in his likeness. Unconditional love.

      I hope you realize by your much suffering, you are much loved, and the greater the “heat” you are exposed to, do not give up and you will be greatly rewarded. Come to know peace and contentment in all that you are exposed to and know it only comes from the love of your Father for………….. “all”……… things work together for those who love and pursue God no matter their lack of seeing the value in their present suffering.

      I have suffered much just as many others have, and I have and do see the value in it and I can say that although I have not obtained all that is promised, I have a deeper understanding and a love for all people on the face of this earth that I could not have had otherwise had I not suffered the criticism and abuse of others. When we understand his predetermined plan for all of us we see all as we see ourselves.

      I wish I could share with you all that would help you but please remember you suffer for nothing.

      I wish you the very best and I know that Our Father will supply what is best for us.

      It has been over forty years for me in “the way” and I too, do not see the results that I know awaits me, if I do not give up. When the test, trials and tribulations stop, there will be nothing ( wood, hay, and stubble) left to burn out, then we have the long awaited peace.

    • Angel……

      You say, ” my soul literally craves like minded people.” While we desire and pray for others to be like minded, our emphasis cannot be on “them” but on Christ for He is our example and not others. When we concentrate on finding others with like minds we in effect form a religion of like minds which is division. The carnal mind in weakness looks for like weakness for moral support, for a feeling of belonging, for a leaning on others. When we only seek Christ and His likeness, we seek His “spirit” and in time we will see and understand others of like mindedness. While we see this in others, we see the Christ in others, regardless of their faults and their inability to love in return. Each of our times will come, just as in others, we with patience with for our deliverance. We will never find it in others, only in Christ. Christ means anointing and before Jesus Christ or Jesus the anointed there was Jesus the man just as we are all man in our fallen state. As Jesus learned things by suffering so we will also. We do not understand all things in our immaturity for what befalls us. This is the purpose of faith, for faith is the hope of maturity yet not obtained but if we believe we believe for what will be and not what “is” at present.

      There was a great long period in my life where God hedged me in to a place where there were no people of like minds to fellowship with, and I as you thought it would be nice to fellowship with like minds, but there was a knowing there that I had all that I needed by following the path Christ and desiring His likeness and ways and them only. In time as His likeness developed in my spirit more and more I began to see as God and Christ sees and that “all” is my brethren in various states of incompletion and I began to see the end of all as I concentrated on “Him” and not “them”. By doing so we become more complete as we “see” by the strength of our spirit and not from the weakened sight of the soul. As our spirit is “re”- newed day by day this means our soul is being “re”-generated back to the spirit finally resulting in the marriage of spirit and soul where once again we are complete in having all of our faculties “re”-united. This is the marriage supper of the lamb within. The soul is the created part of us where the spirit has always been, being the very likeness of God, our Father. All things came out of the spirit, the singleness of God. The soul is subservient to the spirit until it is once again united to the spirit, thus becoming one “again”.

      Our earthly journey is designed by our Heavenly Father, through Christ to be frought with opposites of Himself so that by contrast we have truly learned the opposites of love for others, so that we will then enjoy His very fullness, likeness and character not for just a few years while on earth but forever. A small price to pay indeed. It’s like trading a penny for all the gold, not only on earth, but all that there is everywhere. Gold represents the mind and spirit of God and when we possess this same mind we have all the fold that there is to obtain….in spirit. Let us concentrate on the destination and the road will be short to it.

      I pray we all come to the understanding of the entire plan of God, when we do we see only one plan, one spirit, only one God, one Christ, one us. Then we will see not the temporary opposite but we see all complete, all as one and in one……..spirit. No division of thought, mind or will. We will then live in harmony having been corrected by our being blinded…for awhile……while our processing takes place.

      May our hearts go out to all who read these lines for God has a special purpose for each and everyone that is born into this process to learning obedience, no matter how severe the trial. The fact that we are here proves we will receive the promise, as He promised all shall see God in their calling and order; “As in Adam all die, so as in Christ all shall be made alive, but every man in his own order.”

      Many want to discount this statement to mean something other than what it says and means. It is saying as we all believe that all fell in Adam. If we believe this then we must believe the same word “all” applies in the second part of the sentence as it does in the first part. This is the rule in the English language when “so as” is used to make the first part mean the same as the second part.

      When we understand all means all we see
      “all” along the same path back to God, some 30, some 60 and some 100 fold. We are here to be placed in these callings according to our willingness to “OBEY” Him and His obedience is required in loving as He loves, without division.

    • It’s not just what we see, but how we perceive it that starts to change with divine love. There is a lot of brokenness in this world and in ourselves that creates much pain and suffering for us and others, and this is our state until we are transformed by the inner workings of divine love that comes through a transformed soul (new-birth). Each person has their own path and our peace is to perceive them with the perspective (growing awareness) of divine love, which we learn to do through the instruction of the spirit of truth through our experiences. For this instruction transforms our soul by divine love and the truth it holds. We learn to express ourselves in ways that are honoring to ourselves, others, and the Father of us all in realizing we are all broken and need deliverance from ourselves by obtaining an oneness with our Father that transforms us. From my experience of “refining fire”, bitterness can take root when we aren’t honoring of ourselves, or when we think of ourselves more highly than another (making judgments). Divine love comes with divine wisdom that guides us in this understanding and establishment of peace. It comes from a very different source and understanding than natural love that contains elements of fear and judgment.

      Divine love casts no judgment, not even of ourselves. It holds no fear. Instead it creates in us a desire for others well being and healing. So as we grow in it, the judgments and fear fade. We aren’t in control of the workings of divine love, it has a perfect path for each person. And we have to be patient as love does its work in us, so it can do it through us. But when we love in divine love, we help the process of our growth and others beyond what we could do of ourselves because we are connecting to the strength and power of our heavenly Father, but we have to leave our expectations of change up to our Father, only he knows the perfect path for each one. There is nothing more powerful than divine love and as we experience this and are transformed in our soul, spirit and mind, we learn this to be true. One of the greatest gifts we can give others is to grow in this love, for they become the recipients. Few know this love at this time, thus it’s rare, for to be transformed by it is a narrow path that takes diligence to travel, but it leads to the oneness with our Father’s divine love.

      We long very deeply to be free from the limitations of ourselves and from the pain that others cause. And the way we facilitate this for us and others is to grow in the awareness of divine love which we do by growing into it through our experiences by realizing much around us is there to teach us and broaden our awareness. And realizing we have a Father who cares for us all and who desires to guide us along that narrow path into the continual expressions of his divine love in and through us. Love is a choice, always, every time.

      May we all be encouraged along this path into being expressions of divine love, which is only possible through a growing oneness with our heavenly Father, the Source of perfect love.

      • Rachel,
        I thought this was
        extremely well written,
        just on a purely literary
        basis, I felt it is the best
        portrayal of your thoughts
        I have read.
        I was very absorbed into
        the way this was methodically
        written out, as far as a sequence
        of relatable concepts.
        I’m just saying it really took
        me aback, for it’s literary
        clarity, as I was following
        each of your thoughts with
        zero hesitancy in understanding,
        I really enjoyed reading it,
        just purely on the basis of
        following the story of
        someone’s concepts,
        as if down the stones of
        a creek. It just carried me
        through with no thoughts of
        vagueness on the readers part,
        ~whether the reader is of your
        persuasion on a spiritual level
        or not, I was able to grasp
        your complete ideological
        pathway here, in some pretty
        deep passageways.
        (for what it’s worth)

      • Thanks for your kindness. I often feel most weak when I write, so I’ve learned and continue to learn to trust and let go during the process.

      • I just couldn’t help but comment and what is so obvious, in put downs, and vagueness and the entitle and prideful commentarial disposition of that satanic anonymous again. Going through that comment, thier is clear covert aggression going on there. I don’t see any value in his comments in fact I know he is even lying… Because everything you wrote is coherent and cohesive. I know if a person doesn’t understand what you say, it is on them to learn more on Spiritual things. I just can’t help but notice his covert aggressive putdowns and vagueness, in some of his expression. Reading just comment always Lea e me with a nadty headache and it is because I know his comments are really pretty foolish.

  2. Good sharing of wisdom. Thank you Rachel.

    People of a higher conciousness must always ooze with love; forgive others if they don’t know what we know – never condemn or judge them nor ourselves – never expect anything in return; only but a deeper experience/journey into the divine light spectrum and the maker’s sound frequency for ourselves in all of our giving-off the light and love that we have received through grace.

    Sadly many many followers of Christ Jesus our ascended master have not had the opportunity to take a deeper look-see at what the Christ was saying in all of his utterances.

    This write-up adequately expands on the ‘do unto others’ statement.

    Love you all

  3. Please excuse my typos.

  4. much to say about death and the flesh so ill just let my heart talk, the sinner who justifys his actions becomes mentally imprisoned to death by thier defense of a physical body that is subject to death but those whois will it is to align with God put to death the body and sins and are free to live before God in the spirit, but what happens when one in the spirit talks to one justifying the flesh and is perceptually bound to death unable to comprehend the truth beyond the body, therefor we see something wild something terrible to behold those of the spirit in a natural way condemning the bounds which enslave others to death, this makes me tremble! for unable to perceive the eternal and clinging to something mortal those living under the skin and holding fast to the justification that continue to allow them to sin become condemned by those of the spirit who dont condemn people but naturally by justifying the spirit with truth tighten the bounds of those justifying the flesh, so where lies the line? how do we convince others to put away that which enslaves them to death and imprisons them in the bones? do we of the spirit not fan them? do we not reprove the truth repeatedly until one perceives the fire they cling to? yes we do and so you see a role to play which can be deemed quite devastating to help God torch the things of the flesh by condemning them within ourselves shall we then justify them to others? shall we not roll out our understanding about how evil produces curses on itself? what happens when those of the flesh refuse the eternal spirit have you not seen? have you all talked to non believers when you speak from the heart does not their heart accept the truth? do you perceive the mental boxes of death they are trapped in? when you connect them to their own heart by speaking from your own are not these boxes set afire? be not afraid of these boxes of fear which we can and are obligated by the truth to destroy for the freedom of the spirit it contains for these mental boxes are false unreal encapsulations that enslave a spirit into the concept of the body subject to death which is false! but lo many are thick and much investment has been made ah a cruel day for the wicked who rely on death to hide them i see bodies disolving and spirits evolving! but some arent turning! im terrified thinking to help teach the truth brings some like a moth to the flame and they feel the love in the truth but unable to apply it it creates within them a contradiction the truth we give fights with the lies within them and burns the box to the very dust so it seems sins builds a idol an ego a flesh perception mentally which the truth burns until we are who we are before God and no more in the true perception of our heart and then there we perceive that good kingdom that the Heart of hearts the Most High Rules! : )

    • If you truly have Jesus in your heart,
      and have the Holy Spirit within,
      and I say (truly) in truth, have this,
      it is possible, that we sometimes
      are guilty of over magnifying the problems
      that people experience in the flesh.
      The ‘sacrifice’ of Jesus on the cross,
      (and this is different than Rachel’s idea),
      (as I understand her)
      is a canceller of peoples, debts, including
      their sins, committed in the flesh.
      So the battle has been accomplished, and
      it’s a matter of simply taking advantage
      of what Christ has provided.
      The strongholds have been broken, and
      it’s a matter of laying down the old life
      and understanding what Christ has
      The devil likes to magnify his influence,
      but actually he is a liar,
      and his authority has been broken.
      In turning to the light, it requires true
      honesty of heart.
      This is what will break the bondage of
      flesh, simple honesty.
      But Jesus sacrifice will supply the
      cleansing continually, as you are turning
      to “him” for your sufficiency.
      So, is all this mental?
      No, it’s in the spiritual world,
      an accomplished fact of forgiveness.
      So if one is honest with oneself,
      you won’t be justifying anything.
      It’s simply a matter, of being honest
      with yourself.
      As Jesus said, “the Truth will set
      you free”.

  5. this mirror concept i have been feeling its almost like when you live in the heart in truth you see clearly the world as God made it and when people look at you they see you looking at them perfectly clearly so they see themselves more clearly through a heart given sight to see clear! so when one seeing though a heart sees one that is doing bad they see you seeing them do bad and thus blame your clear perception instead of whats being obviously and clearly being perceived being done! cool!

  6. excuse me if its not appropriate to share but i just wanna share with those who can value such things truth is just amazing and figuring things out for me is like emotional chemistry and compounding truth is like solutions to formulas of lies and deception so id like to just give a few of these emotional molecular compounds of truth to u all; clear mind makes a clean heart, clarity is a clear and moral mind which empowers your epicenter of emotions in your chest, the state of our heart is our moment by moment report card from God, good things our heart absorbs bad things entrap us in our minds, bad ideas lead to bad actions, good intentions produces properly articulated solutions reabsorbed into a loving understanding, Wisdom from the Almighty is the code to properly perceiving the universe speaking this eternal language will explain everything FOREVER!, the wave of the spirit from the Most High is vindication of absolute truth and means your Creator loves you very dearly, all hearts are bound by one love so speak it to all for within them they know its true!!! dont think about what you will say have faith and speak you will watch words roll like water gushing from a crystal clear reservoir, in the world of hearts he with the most love rules over us and the chain of command is a lovely ladder leading to the Most High thanks Rachel for stirring the deep like perfume stirred are wise words that are heard : )

  7. The upright heart is known for integrity, honesty, and living truthfully. People follow those who live truthfully. This doesn’t mean you don’t struggle with your soul and flesh. It means you won’t live with compromise as your standard. People with integrity live accountable lives by seeking accountable relationships. They have nothing to hide. They refuse to hide their shortcomings. All My children have shortcomings. What you do with them is the key to being free.
    (The Father)

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