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Extending our Souls to Love


Extending our Souls to Love


Each moment brings us to a place of choice. Our lives are constantly exposed to choices; some significant and some seemingly insignificant, which in totality create our lives at this present moment. Though as I’ve learned, there are no insignificant choices. The smallest ones lead to impactful outcomes.

Choice is a freedom we’ve been given. But it’s a freedom that can lead to bondage or more freedom. Choice is what gives shape and expression to our individuality. But our choices can suppress or enhance our individuality. Our response to life’s circumstances is always a matter of choice. Choice is a big deal, and thus may we all “choose wisely”.

The Choice for Divine Love

The choice above all choices presented to us that in turn impacts every other choice, is the choice to be partakers of the divine love of our heavenly Father. It’s a choice because love is voluntary. This choice progresses our soul development to find an oneness with our heavenly Father.

Though significant, this choice is only the beginning of many more, which in their connectivity continually manifest the beauties of divine love in our lives.

Divine love is established on immutable truths. Thus to come into our Father’s love, we will be presented with these truths and whether we will embrace them or not. We are mutable and our heavenly Father, his love, and truth are not. We are the ones that choose to come into harmony with him, and not him with us. His essence is harmony. It seems self-evident when spoken, but we all have lived as if our Father’s love, thus truth, morphs to our ways and the “truths” we live by. In regards to our heavenly Father, there is only one direction of change, our lives toward his divine love. If we embrace his truths by acting in living faith until they are our truths, then we experience an ever-increasing awareness and genuineness of his divine love in our lives.

Knowing that divine love is the creative force of harmony, when we experience disharmony, in whatever form, it’s a moment for self-examination to the cause of the disharmony, so it may be replaced with what creates harmony. In this contrast of what causes harmony and disharmony, we begin to learn of the spiritual laws of our Father. Every “law” serves love. It’s in the contrast of understanding what is of harmony and what isn’t that teaches us to choose what is of harmony, thus the truths of our Father, until we find an immortal harmony with him.

Accepting Divine Love

As we progress along our faith journey into divine love, one of our biggest acts of faith is accepting HOW our heavenly Father’s loving-kindness works in our individual daily lives. It’s the acceptance of his timing and timeline for our lives, his manner of working and moving in and through our lives, and the outcomes along the way that occur as a result of his divine love at work in our lives. When we choose to find an acceptance, thus harmony, with the workings of his love in our lives, then we find a peace in our souls that transcends a mere mortal understanding for we are flowing with the perfect workings of our Father. And the end results of his workings are freedom, peace, love, beauty, harmony, joy, contentment, and every glorious expression of life we desire to dwell in.

Our heavenly Father’s love for us knows no end, thus he never “gives up on us” for that is contrary to the very nature of divine love. And, we aren’t ones who are ever “looked over” for our insignificance at any time, for that mindset doesn’t exist in his divine love, for we are greatly valued by him. This love isn’t something we have to gain or earn, but something we simply have to realize has always been with us desiring us to draw near. For love to be made manifest in an individual’s life it has to be given and received. Thus, two souls both have to extend their soul to the other. If love isn’t extending from both, then the unifying nature of love isn’t established and the harmony that grows out of that unity isn’t manifested. Our Father’s love is always outstretched to us. May we extend our soul in love back to him by choosing to come into harmony with his truth and love. May we trust in his bountiful grace to create this fulfillment as it carries us through every weakness.

Learning of and accepting the Father’s love for us sounds simple, but with the myriad of lies that we hold as truth this depth of awareness of his divine love is initially unknown to us, and therefore acceptance isn’t possible. We can only accept and respond to what we know. Thus, what is required is our own individual journey of faith. It’s a journey of seeking divine truth and/or divine love, walking by what we learn in faith until those truths become a part of our soul substance. Along this journey, no matter where we start from, his guiding hand leads us out of the blindness of our own mind and into an ever-growing awareness, thus reality, of the perfection of his love.

There is no separation in divine love. We only have a perception of separation because of our lack of awareness. But, as we seek and learn truth and love in our lives, we will encounter this immutable truth of divine love. Understanding this love on a personal soul level is what enables an acceptance of this love. And in that acceptance we are completely transformed by it from the inside out.

Our heavenly Father is always influencing us to a full acceptance of his love for then the circle of unity is completed; we receive his love and in that love he receives our love. It’s an inseparable bond that causes us to be an immortal being.

As I mentioned, a significant part of accepting this love is letting go of our expectations about how our lives are taking shape, and learning to trust our Father with our expectations. This trust takes time to develop. Yet, it’s in this deep letting go and therefore deep active trust that we find undeniable peace, a deep soul development, and increasing awareness thus expansion of divine love in our lives. Giving our trust into our perfect loving Father’s hands is the most glorious freeing experience we can know in this earth life. In this trust, we release our limited perspectives of our situations and trust the perfect working of our Father’s loving kindness, a love that works in ways we would never have thought of or considered. In this we choose to embrace his love, the truth, and reality that he IS working perfectly in our lives.

This understanding totally change how we view our circumstances, situations, encounters, relationships, and self-progression because we see all moving along his path, at his timing and in his ways, not “our” path. He is moving us in ways that are perfect for our soul development, thus a growing harmony and oneness with himself.

Our experience of divine love is our personal witness that we have found the truth, for divine love testifies to its truth. Once we’ve experienced this divine love by coming into accordance with it, then our search is over for truth, for all truth flows out of this love. What follows is a continual exploration of going deeper into truth, thus love, in the realm of our heavenly Father.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

31 thoughts on “Extending our Souls to Love

  1. “in my Fathers house are many mansions”…Your’s Rachel will be a gathering place of wonderful experiences!

  2. I think truth is the creative

    force of harmony, and


    If the world were in it’s pristine

    state, then harmony would comprise

    all of truth.

    In a fallen world where men know

    good, and evil, and there are evil

    spirits under Satan, fighting against

    your relationship with God,

    then you are given authority to

    resist, and overcome this.

    If you find yourself in a state of

    harmony, (not necessarily inwardly),

    you may find that you are denying

    the truth rather than walking in

    the truth.

    James said, resist the devil, and

    he will flee from you.

    Not, as some might assume, in

    `imagine peace and it will come`.

    There is a resistance to evil,

    which some might consider


    In turning your life over to God,

    in Jesus, you will find that your

    whole life is in disharmony with

    the world.

    John the Apostle said, if any man

    love the World, the love of the Father

    is not in him.

    The Cross of Christ was a yielding

    to disharmony, in order to gain victory

    over evil, for the sake of others.

    Greater love hath no man than this~

    that he,lay down his life for his friends.

    If you are laying down your life,

    is that harmony for you?

    Or do you find harmony, only when

    your soul is at peace?

    What is the conflict you are in,~

    and how do you recognize harmony?

    When you are making everyone,

    including yourself happy?

    For me, that is the building block for

    truth, the beginning stage of building

    for truth, but truth must encompass the

    complete spiritual reality that one is

    experiencing, with others in the world.

    Without understanding the spiritual

    world as presented in the Bible~

    a disharmony, between, good and evil,

    God and Satan,~

    harmony may become a self serving

    agenda. In other words, an idol.

    Is harmony your idol, a state you desire

    to remain in and worship,~or is it

    a tool and gift from the Heavenly Father,

    to fight for truth? and to bring disharmony

    to Satan.

    (I say these things not to Rachel but

    for all).

    • Hi all … as I’ve learned about our Father’s perfect love I’ve learned that he has created no enemy against us .. but our own will creates our own enemy within our soul .. and thus we make enemies on the outside. All very disharmonious.

      In his divine love, there is no lack … he is truly the perfect Father. (May we all be able to comprehend the depth of this statement.) But when we are unaware of his divine love for us and the fullness and perfection of it, we see in lack and in fear .. even in our perceptions of him and aspects of his creation (this life or afterlife). This creates disharmony because of actions/words/expression coming out of lack and fear. But as we desire his divine love to be a part of us that is beyond our natural love, then little by little it flows in us through prayer & faith, and grows through the truth (spiritual laws) of it’s ways. This receipt of his love and the corresponding truth that this love reveals changes us in every way. And those changes bring harmony within us until we are perfected in his love, thus without error against his ways. And one day, all creation will reflect his perfect harmony that is crafted by the spiritual laws that establish his divine love, a love that never fails, but completes the installment of the love it set out to create within all the universe.

      I think it is so important for all of us to remember that we are growing out of a completely darkened mind, thus all our understandings are somewhat off, to varying degrees, especially about our heavenly Father; for a mind lacking divine truth projects error onto everything in some way. Thus our once held beliefs are molded to his truth and love over time.. an ongoing refinement. Thus we always put his leading first, wherever it may lead, .. and as he starts to shine light on some of our “beliefs”, we see the error of what we held as true, even about him; for his love instills a desire to go beyond what we’ve accepted as true and to know divine truth. A growing change in our beliefs is a witness that we are seeking his truth and/or love because we are moving out of a darkened mind, and our beliefs will alter until we meet him “face to face”, which is to be filled with this divine love. Then our beliefs will continue to deepen versus change as we ever expand in and by his love.

      As we desire to know the absolute/divine truth and we continue with the renewed choice each day to seek for it … we learn how our once held “truths” had error .. this is how his truth (light) enlightens our minds. Not all at once, but truth by truth, for truth builds. As we start to “see” … we are also moving into divine love, which is reflected in our changed soul condition.

      May we all realize that there is a perception of inherent lack in our perceptions and understanding of our Father and his love (a perception we all vary in, at varying degrees). May we continue seeking the truth and love that is beyond our darkened minds … for though it is beyond us, it’s our Father’s strong desire to enlighten our understanding so that we may know the depths of his love for us and thus be connected to him in love.

      This ultimately is our journey out of darkness and into the marvelous light. Like a child coming out of a womb and seeing his/her father face-to-face.

      • If your mind were the answer Rachel, then your mind would lead you back to Jesus, and you would believe what he taught about this subject, that He gave us from His Father.
        It is the Spirit of the Lord alone who can reveal who your enemy is. Otherwise your mind “will be” your enemy. In that saying you were correct.
        Why not let the Spirit of the Lord lead you back to Jesus?
        That’s the question.
        Your answer is not what He taught us from the Father, so who is your Father?
        None of this is a put down of you, because I have been down the path before you.
        Seek the truth, not what your mind is telling you.

      • Hi .. I was praying about you and this comment this morning and I want to suggest something to you and those who may share your sentiments…

        How amazing it is to know the true heavenly Father, which when you know his divine love, you start to perceive the true nature of his soul, little by little. You can’t know him without knowing of his perfect love, in which there is no fear. Because, you receive his love as a part of your soul, thus a part of your experiences in you life, which are a truthful testimony to the presence of him in your life.

        Ask our heavenly Father, our Creator, the one whose love is perfect toward us … why you fear love? or why there is fear in your understanding of love? Though you may not be ready to receive the answers to these questions for whatever reason, as you continue to sincerely desire to learn and grow in absolute truth and love, not settling for the finite understandings of humankind but ever seeking to go beyond, you will encounter these questions deep within your soul. The spirit of God will shine the light upon the answer. It will go deep as there may be several lies to traverse through, but the answer will be simple. Don’t assume you know the answer already, there is more to understand.

        Until you know a love without fear, and that drives out fear, you won’t fully understand my words for this love is where my words are coming as Christ Jesus and our Father teaches them to me according to my spiritual maturity. We are all on a journey, and we are on it together. It’s a growth without end, yet with different seasons. Our journey’s vary as much as each one of our personalities differ, for is a very personal journey. And our expressions/descriptions/interpretations of our journey differ as well because of the differences in personalities and corresponding soul condition. But when we all desire to move toward the absolute truth … you’ll see we are actually all growing according to an immutable truth and love. May we encourage one another toward always seeking to move toward the true light, whose Source is far beyond us, yet desires to be with us as a part of us.

      • I can see you have studied the scriptures much, Rachel, as Paul and have moved beyond the letter as Paul taught. As Paul spoke of three heavens, there are three levels of understanding of the written word, the literal, symbolic and the spiritual. As we grow and as you have shared, we see things further and further away from the literal explanation of things for we must become that we have only heard about, .. .in time. We must patiently wait for our seasonal growth, as we wait for the yearly harvest. It is line we are being harvested, season by season, little by little, precept upon precept.

        Sometimes we look at our “storage bin” and see our lack but knowing there are other seasons coming, we with patience wait for another season of growth knowing it will come, if we do not give up and wait patiently for it is His promise to fulfill His promise in each of us. We all grow from where we were and are. This is all we can do. In studying the scriptures it has been my experience even in bible studies with ones of similar upbringing and often from the same immediate families there was and is much contention on what a scripture means. One would say, it it literal and that is all it means, another disagreeing would say it is not literal, it is symbolic in it’s meaning, and another will say the whole bible is spiritual.

        So we all see as we are led to see and our minds are opened to our Father’s will and His ways. As we obey the little we are given, we move through the different stages of spiritual growth, first the blade, then the ear, then the full corn. Three again. What I observe in the three levels and the people who believe in the literal, vs the spiritual meaning of things is that they are all correct…. in their level of understanding, they are where God has them. We are matured according to the obedience we have given to our Father to that which directly precedes that we have been given before, for it is written… with what measure we meet it will be measured to us again. Live that, that you know, and you will be added to…until we come to that place where God wants us… spirit. To a literalist, things are literal, to a spirit filled disciple, things are spiritually understood. Having observed people grow through the different levels I have observed that those who have moved beyond the literal and see things in a more spiritual way are much more compassionate than those of little spirituality, or literalist.

        Paul said :
        I must needs glory, though it is not expedient; but I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord. I know a man in Christ, fourteen years ago (whether in the body, I know not; or whether out of the body, I know not; God knoweth), such a one caught up even to the third heaven. And I know such a man (whether in the body, or apart from the body, I know not; God knoweth), how that he was caught up into Paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter. On behalf of such a one will I glory:but on mine own behalf I will not glory, save in my weaknesses. end quote

        Paul here is saying even, as spiritual as he was did not know the substance and growth of this man he met fourteen years ago. The key words here are “in Christ” and this man had moved as written into a realm in which words were unspeakable. Words can be a frail comparison to that which truly awaits us, when we will have moved beyond the letter and are consumed in His likeness which can hardly be explained using the human vocabulary. Ones who are so word bound have not moved beyond the literal, beyond the symbol, understanding life in a more spiritual way. The spiritual builds stone upon spiritual stone, while the literalist builds with only that they know and understand and we cannot fault them for their lack for we had this lack as we also moved through the stages and continue to move and grow. However as we move through the heavens we understand that that is indescribable and as we make feeble attempts to share, the words often times are just not there.

        This is because just as in Paul’s description of where he witnessed a man’s being in the third heaven experience, what I believe Paul witnessed was beyond description using the words written on a page which can only bring us to a place where it will be impossible to give proper description to such a holy existence. When in the mind set of a literalist, a person can never be explained the virtues of the next step until God prepares that person to be able to stand in the next step. We should not criticize these children for we too ask God for mercy to go on and take the next step. We, as Paul, will grow to see people on the level they are on and respond accordingly as Paul said he became all things to all people. He became in conversation where they were in their life and spoke on their level and had much patience with those of lesser understanding and of little substance. We must learn to be no less and tolerant as well of all as possible.

        Paul, as Jesus, had only harsh words for the Pharisees and Sadducees as Paul himself came from a strict sect of the Pharisees. They were strict legalist, knowing the scriptures and well read in the bible. However they could only see the letter, not even the symbol and certainly not the spiritual interpretation. These Pharisees were very religious, steeped in tradition, and blind to spiritual truths. It is no less in our day. Some,as the Pharisees, look to an outward temple made with “human” hands with human literalist understanding and have moved no further than the outward understanding, this is Paul’s teachings, we simply observe and learn in the capacity in which we are given.

        Only God can open the mind of each of us as we grow so let us not be so quick to judge another thinking our level of understanding is all there is. We will have less to be forgiven for and much to gain by our patient with others who have not yet moved into the temple not made with hands.

        Paul put people who were spiritual christians to death because of his darkened mind because he simply did not understand the lighted mind of Christ until…..Christ struck him down and turned him around. He too grew out a darkened mind growing through the levels of the heavens until he became all he “wasn’t.”

        Paul was used as an example for all of us to observe, he grew from a zealous religious mind, steeped in tradition, not love, he was a murderer the same as his father (at the time) from the beginning. He was every bit the know it all for “thus sayest the scripture” he would say and was quick to put to death those who possessed Christ in their beings, and did not follow his literalist doctrine. Paul soon learned that his prior concept of religion was only an excuse to condemn others; when he grew in the spirit of Christ of which he previously murdered not only literally but with his mouth of vanity, he now tolerated those he previously disdained because as you say, Rachel, he now had a new mind, given him of the father, for God took his previous mind of darkness away.

      • Hi Sonny, an insightful explanation of these dynamics … so interesting isn’t it … about our perspectives of this reality and thus truth, and how they can go through these various stages in terms literal, symbolic and spiritual .. then with the spiritual .. there is much depth with many layers. This has been my experience as well. And when we are at different stages and not at the next, we don’t know what we don’t know, so we assume we think the stage we are in, is all there is … not being able to perceive there is much more to learn and know of a different nature, yet overlapping.

        Interesting you mentioned compassion, because I was thinking about this yesterday … in that compassion is an attribute of love that reflects a sincere care with understanding, and as you grow in truth/love then compassion deepens and expands as a result. Increasing compassion is a reflection of a spiritually maturing soul. Beautiful.

      • On the contrary Rachel,
        I understand exactly what your saying.
        As I said, I have been down that path before you.
        There is no fear in my love, if there were I wouldn’t
        be speaking with you. And the fact that I made
        myself vulnerable enough to approach you proves
        there is no fear of love.
        What I’m seeing is that you fear to make yourself

        For instance, in your commentary with me,

        your stating that in each of us is ‘darkness’.

        That we are supposedly ‘running from’.

        That sounds more like fear to me, than letting

        down your walls and communicating with


        Secondly, if each of us, has this ‘darkness’

        within us, we would hardly be ‘projecting it’

        on someone else, because your saying

        ‘it’s there’. I wouldn’t need to project it on

        you. Because your saying you own it.

        What I see you doing is this.~

        You have learned to observe the mind, and

        how it functions.

        And that’s fine. But what you are doing is

        just that, only observing.

        But eventually you will find that love doesn’t

        reside there, it resides in the heart, or spirit.

        This love is found only in Jesus himself,

        He Is Love.

        ~and the evil and fear is in Satan.

        This understanding is not a projection of fear,
        because Jesus taught this, and He would
        have been projecting fear.
        So, this was my subject, the teaching of Jesus.
        I understood perfectly what you were saying.
        But the subject is two fold.
        Not just, what you were sharing that you’ve
        learned. But what Jesus taught.
        Being vulnerable, and open, isn’t fear.
        ‘Your~ teaching’, or ‘understanding’, actually
        keeps you, from being vulnerable, and open.
        You don’t really share your heart, or love,
        you just share the mentality of it.
        It’s like a mental love, something that you’ve
        That’s why fear is a big issue with you,
        because fear is in the mind.
        But, really love is just a natural thing, like
        me sharing with you right now.
        ~Coming out of your heart.~
        It’s not something that I have to think about
        or wonder, does she have more than me,
        or will I arrive at this one day??
        That would be more of a path to, a fear of
        love, than accepting Jesus Lordship, and
        believing in His acceptance.
        So when your praying for me,
        pray that you’ll open up your heart.
        I’m not as interested in the philosophy of
        love, as I am in participating in it;
        and in knowing someone as they are.
        Fear isn’t a cancellation of love.
        Love is a cancellation of fear.
        So I hope I put an end to that for you.
        I hope that’s not a proper ending.
        So whatever amount of fear I have
        I know you have the
        tools to calculate it.
        Just use your mind, and keep a
        closed heart.

      • Hi … Thanks for your comment because it gives me a chance to share a couple of things. You’re right … in my writing I don’t share many details of my personal journey in the sense of how I came about what I write about, which is all through a very personal experience in my day to day life … for my journey as how the truths and love come into my life is very personal to me … as they are to each of us. And my path is different from everyone else’s, yet we can get caught up in contrasting our personal experiences, when we each have such unique paths. But what we all share is the universal truths and love of our Father that we are learning about through our individual lives, thus my writing is on these truths/love as I’m learning, which is actually quite personal for it reveals the progression of my own soul. The only way I know what I write is because I live through the learning of it. Yes, I have had many impressions of fears/lack, we all have,…and though ones linger in their illusionary state, it is in the contrast with the divine love that I see them for what they are. Thus, I see them as illusionary as they are exposed and replaced with truth, thus the reality of our Father’s divine love. We can make fear/lack/separation real in our lives by our faulty perceptions … in our Father’s love he gives us a new way of perceiving that removes the fear, lack and separation, for his love is and has always been there for us. This is an incredible knowing to have in your spirit.

        As for vulnerability … when there is honor, there is trust .. and in that vulnerability blossoms.

      • Well from you sharing that, I notice two distinct things happening here. And in a sense it’s personal,

        but in another sense it’s not, because anyone who is aware, will notice the same things.

        But what I notice is, that in one sense, you are dealing mainly with what I might call micro-spirituality.

        In other words, how the laws of giving and receiving love effect you in your daily life, and in addition

        to that micro-spiritual aspect, you have focused-in on it again with a micro-scope, redefining it down

        again to an even more, intensified or minute level.

        But then your trying to apply that information that you’ve seen and learned, back on to the Gospel

        of Jesus, which is on the Macro level (or large) scale, which Jesus has preached to the World.

        It’s not possible, to take the Micro, and try to explain what Jesus said to the World as Macro. (Enlarged version). Because Jesus told us about Satan, Angels, the Gospel, and the ‘quote’ “fears” on that level are real. These are real fears, that Jesus warned about.

        This is why you become offended at the mention of Hell, and sin, because, you are blanking them out

        of your World view, by staring at the Micro level.

        This is why it’s unjustified to accuse men, of inventing these ideas, from fear, because, Jesus as the Son of God was the only one, qualified and ordained of the Father, to tell us of these realities.

        In other words, Micro Realities do not cancel Macro Realities.

        (This I hope is not too crude a way of saying this, but it is what I am seeing as the reason you hold

        the perspective you do.)

        By sharing more of your personal feelings, you are able to step back and view the construct of how you hold these ideologies and where they come from
        and how they relate to the bigger picture, of consequences of

        life lived without the Savior, Jesus. This is the bigger picture. And includes the true, genuine real

        fears of the Universe, that Jesus warned about.

        These are the fears, that are cancelled only through Jesus blood, and not by works, on the Micro Level.

        We can gain no favor with God on this level. On the micro level we gain a better education, and ability to walk with God and Love him, and that’s important too, because that is the Kingdom of God. But the Kingdom of Darkness is ruled by Satan, not Men.
        At the macro (larger) level, this is what your dealing with, as
        a reality, in the Spirit World.

      • Here you were saying.~
        But what we all share is the universal truths and love, of our Father that we are learning about through our individual lives, thus my writing is on these truths/love as I’m learning, which is actually quite personal for it reveals the progression of my own soul.~

        Well, I was observing, your individual life is extending to me, so that wouldn’t be quite so personal.
        I was also observing, that you have no control over that fact,
        so you wouldn’t be causing any fear or lack to occur concerning that fact. Nor would you have been experiencing any separation
        over it, and it’s not an illusory state.
        So I’m wondering how far these impressions extend, or if they
        lie more in the realm of,~ ‘observation’.
        While on the other hand, might God be doing a work in your life, which you have much less control of than you think, and thus placing him back on the throne, and giving a different significance
        to my presence in your life, than simply a different metaphysical perspective (as you say, a different path)?
        I’m not asking you to accept this, I’m just saying you may have
        ‘chosen’ ‘a perspective’ for your observations.
        If you were in a car wreck next week (God forbid), you may come to a different set of conclusions.
        I’m not really bothered by your fears or lacks, and I’m not sure God is either. I ‘am’ concerned about your ‘illusions’ which you
        referred to. Do you think I’m an illusion? And where does God
        fit in to this? I mean, what if he wanted to change your universal truths, could you handle that? Or if He showed you they weren’t universal, would He still be God in your life,~ if He is now?
        I mean, who is God?
        Has God ‘wound’ you up, with these universal truths, like a clock
        and left you to figure it out?
        And then people come and converse with you, but they’re on a different path? So your journey is so personal, that other people
        can’t have empathy and connection with that, and your personal
        truths are so fragile, that if you share a mistake with someone,
        that’s life threatening? You might fall off of ‘success’ and be
        downgraded, to ‘normal’? ” I’m a normal person now? ”
        I mean, how, is God judging the success of all this, and how crucial is it, for you to succeed?
        Maybe God just accepts you as you are, without all your principles, and you’ll be able to share one day like a normal person, probably what you would refer to as, a Christian, in your ideologies. A born again woman, who doesn’t have to perform,
        but can fail. And still be accepted without examination and theory? Not yesterday, but today.
        I’m just asking you to look, at this. It’s a different newspaper, than
        the one you write. Maybe from another planet? But maybe God
        prefers to be in control, which would free you to be yourself.!!

  3. Harmony, disharmony. Depends on what we are in harmony with. I see what you are saying, however I do not see “harmony” with God as something “not to be desired.” I will add some clarity to it as I see it.

    Christ, Satan / Christ, antichrist, / good, evil/ harmony, disharmony. There is a spirit within man that is of the evil one and there is also a spirit in man that seeks truth. In the statement “choose you this day whom you will serve” explains the dual nature within.

    To “harmonize” with the one you have to have “disharmony” with the other. Choose whom you seek to harmonize with and reject the other. To lay ones life down for Christ or for another you must harmonize (seek and be in His likeness) with Christ in order to do so.

    If one is of an apostate mind, not knowing the difference in the harmony of our Father and therefore harmonizing instead with the carnal mind, the one who sits as an “angel of light” and sows discord and disharmony this one will most certainly be worshiping the idol of their own deception. Thinking they do God a service by calling good, evil and evil, good, not understanding that the carnal nature of man which is the satanic mind parading as an angel of light (messenger of Christ) only seeks in finding and teaching condemnation instead of the love of Christ and one is most certainly poor and blind and naked of any substantive truth.

    There is a lot of truth in the saying “By their fruits you will know them”. The fruit of Christ is in being in harmony with Him, in His likeness. This automatically will put you in disharmony with the evil one, this present world. By walking in harmony with the evil one, one is continually looking to condemn and find fault with others and their beliefs thinking they do God a service. However, just as the old testament warned not to mix cotton with wool in ones clothing, or water with their wine, God is telling us not to mix vanity with righteousness, and love with a variant nature. This simply means in it’s most basic terms ; to love one another, pray for one another, not being bent on finding fault but be full of compassion and hope for another while seeing them in their sin nature. Yes, we have been given discernment to see the fault in another in order that we may pray and lend words of encouragement perhaps leading them away from the “harmonizing” with this world and harmonizing with the spiritual ways of our Father. Let us drink the undiluted harmony (wine) of our Father and not mix that spirit nature with another fabric of discontent and be clothed upon with the single fabric of oneness and not be of a dual nature as depicted by the mixing of cotton and wool clothing. Let us be clothed upon by His singleness of nature and let us desire to see in others this singleness of hope also.

    May our father lead us all into His oneness, His likeness, His harmony which is not the harmony of this world. Let us rightly divide the Word of God, which is Christ and as Paul said, put on (be clothed upon) His nature.

    If you are in Harmony with Christ, you are in disharmony with the world. In like manner if you are in harmony with this world, you are in disharmony with Christ. A pure “desire” to love God and his fellow man (the two greatest commandments) will lead to a clarity of rightly dividing the word and seeing “Him as he Is.”

    We see as we are led to see, we are to be patient with those who say they see but do not. It is the compassion or lack thereof that one has for another that usually reveals one’s fruit and whether their clothing (spirit) is singular or of of mixed and dual nature. Let us love the one and reject the other. By doing so we grow toward the light leaving behind the duality found in darkness. We all pass through the night but what a wonderful morning awaits us.

  4. And…. Rachel, I do see your desire to become finely tuned so as to be in complete harmony in Him, and with Him. We speak a foreign language (in unknown tongues to this religious world) but we speak with clarity in the spirit of oneness….in Him. Stay the course, you are sailing through stormy waters, but on course never the less. Bless you.

    • Food for thought~

      2Co 10:12
      For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.

      This verse shines a light on true love.
      May we all aspire to it.

      • Your so right, we should not follow another man (for this is not wise) and seek his (man’s) approval but seek the approval of Christ and in Christ. And in looking to be followers of Christ Jesus we should not look to another man for commendation and not measure ourselves by one another’s group mentality and standards but we seek and are measured by Christ Jesus’ measurements and his standards alone. These standards are to found in the beatitudes in the “Tree of Life”. The standards emitting from the “tree of good and evil” is one of false judgement and is found in the accuser and in the accusers group of like minds, depraved of the fruit of the “Tree of Life.” These are ones who relentlessly are determined to tear another down all the while claiming they do God a service. They truly are poor and blind and naked, devoid of Christ love while presenting themselves as messengers of light. It is sad indeed and we should pray and love these ones in spite of themselves.

        Darkness condemns light while light condemns no one. Those of the light of Christ are tolerant of the darkness in others while darkness only continues to condemn. While being born into vanity (condemned), not willingly, we therefore should spend all our waking hours seeking to be delivered of this vanity and pray also for others to be freed from the same.

        In Galatians it speaks of ones who create and adhere to divisions, factions and parties having separated themselves from the true church and have thus formed apostate churches and groups which can only commend themselves as they have left the true church which it’s head is Christ. Having separated themselves from Christ and His standards they now have no one but one another to be measured and and commended by. So let us not separate ourselves into one of these factious groups and measure ourselves by ourselves within this vein group but less us follow the only one who is the true measurement of the Father and that is Christ Jesus. Therefore, the verse quoted above is saying, let us not commend ourselves among ourselves and seek approval from one another (in the religious flesh) but seek to be measured only by Christ’s standards. To seek approval from one another is vanity and it ends in strife, argument and debate, and such ones become of a foul sprit condemning others of their beliefs while they themselves seek approval and support of other condemning spirits. There is subtle fine line between light and darkness. So if we seek the light of Christ and follow Him independently of what others may think then we independently “may”become one of the corporate number. We cannot make ourselves of the number , it must be Christ who does the commending and measuring.

        I would like to add that the new testament, while it speaks in parables to all, the true “nature” of the message and mystery is revealed to those who do not follow the religious crowds of those who commend one another in the flesh, but to those who have followed on to know Christ, all the while taking the criticisms from those who seek to tear down others and not taking on a spirit of building up. Let us choose this day whom we will serve and from what spirit we will serve from.

        Let us not be determined to see others fail but have a spirit to lift them from their world of never ending criticism . Hitler, as Pharaoh, was raised up for just such a purpose as he served. However, both will stand before God having suffered through the fire of God’s judgement and correction. It is said if a man fails in his attempt he will suffer ruin but will never the less be saved, but though as by fire. His reward will not be as great as it could have been. It also says God is a consuming fire. All the wood, hay and stubble (vanity of man ) of man’s carnal ways will be burned up by God’s consuming fire, while this same Godly fire will purify the gold (spirit of God) within this same temple of God in which we are. We stand or fall to God, not to another. Therefore, who is it that takes the place of God passing judgement on another man’s (God’s) servant. We really need to stop and think of who we are truly representing when we put forth our words, our understanding.

      • What I find interesting is,~ you,~ are the one, tearing down other’s.
        Your whole speech here is an accusation of the Church,
        and how evil all these people are.
        And yes, it does seem you are determined to see failure
        in these groups, and your whole speech is a criticism of
        Basically speaking you’re doing the very thing you have
        condemned others of, and on the contrary, there are
        no groups of people that are trying to find fault with you.
        If there is fault in you, it is self evident from you, not being
        in line with God’s word, and no one will have to find it.
        Jesus said, you will be judged by every impotent word
        you speak. So no one is judging you.
        God’s word is judging you.
        The Apostle Paul said not to even eat with a brother,
        who is involved in immorality.
        So there is a difference between criticism, and reality.
        If you are truly following God, you will not be criticizing
        church groups.
        I find great fault with your Bible interpretation.
        This is where any true criticisms should be placed, and it is
        sanctioned by the Word of God.
        The Apostle Paul said, if any man preach any other gospel,
        let him be accursed.
        Are you cursing others?
        And who is accusing you?
        I think it’s clear that, you,~ are doing the accusing.
        To preach God’s word, and associate with Church groups,
        and to teach God’s word is the commission of God.
        The Apostle Paul said, “Submit to them that have rule over you,
        for they watch for your souls”. This is referring to Church government.
        So that would have to be a group, and it would have to
        be a faction.
        What Paul is calling a faction, is people who criticize the Church,
        and pull out of the Church, becoming they’re own authority.
        So, if you are in criticism of that statement and in rebellion over it,
        then again, that is self evident in your speech as error.
        So, no one has to accuse you of it, or judge you over it,
        it’s a false judgement, against God’s word, that you participate in.
        There is no where in the Bible that it is says “light condemns no one”. So that statement is a lie of Satan, and is a statement of darkness, because it is untrue.
        There is no where in the Bible where it says that ‘light tolerates
        darkness in others’, that is a lie of Satan, and error.
        The Bible says~ ” that light, exposes darkness “.
        And this is why you “feel” condemned, when the lies that you
        hold,~ are exposed, you say people or groups are condemning you.
        No, one is condemning you. Condemnation comes when lies are exposed.
        There is no where in the Bible that it says to “follow Christ regardless of what others may think”, again another fabrication of Satan.
        The Word of God, says, submit yourselves “one to another in the fear of the Lord”.
        What your saying is you submit to no one, essentially, because you are hiding from the light.
        The light is God’s Word, and it is not of any private interpretation.
        You are clinging to your own private interpretation.
        The Bible is not a mystery doctrine.
        From everything I’ve heard in your comments, I would probably
        be safe in saying, that you are well over into Gnosticsm, trying
        to follow your secret doctrine, and turning your back on the Church.
        The Church is not a “secret organization”.
        We’re out in the open.
        I mean, we’re out in the open. You can check my statements
        with the Bible, and see if I’m correct.
        What I’m saying here is either~, the truth,~ or it’s a lie.
        I’m telling you~ the truth, or~ I’m telling you a lie.
        It can’t be both.
        So you decide if I’m judging you.
        Am I judging you, for telling the truth?
        That wouldn’t make any sense.
        I’m either telling you the truth, or I’m a liar.
        You decide, and you won’t feel judged.

  5. Corinthians:

    Finally, brothers, rejoice. Aim for restoration, comfort one another, agree with one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you. Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the saints greet you.
    The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

    “Aim for restoration” in the above verse is key to all we do in our quest to be found like our Christ as this is the goal, this is the mystery, this is the hope of all mankind; “To be restored.” Why does it say “restored” and not some other noun?

    To restore something means to return something to a former owner, place or condition.

    In the case of this verse all three definitions are true. 1. We aim to be found like Him, restored to Him, as we have been given to Him by His Father and ours thus returned to the rightful owner. 2. To the former place with our Father from which we came. and 3. To be restored In the same condition from which we came although as in the case of Job, with a greater appreciation, a deeper gratitude, and a double portion. The scriptures speak repeatedly about restoration, regeneration, and reconciliation. The prefix “re” means to do something again, to return to a place from which we came.

    Brethren, this is our goal, to be found one day in “His likeness” to be “re”conciled to Him in all of His substance. What other goal could there possibly be? Is it contrary to God’s word to seek being compassionate, understanding of other’s weaker plight, forgiving those who would cast us to ruin because of a difference in “opinion”. Is it an evil thing to seek His likeness as we are commanded to do? Is it aside from His command to seek a holy communion in Him and with others of like persuasion. Is it wrong to build upon Christ by desiring ourselves as well as others to be “restored” to a better condition?

    We seek Christ and His substance, this is our goal and no we do not all see truth alike for we, while being found along this road to restoration, are not all at the beginning, nor are we all at the end, but on the road never the less. We are somewhere along it’s course and we should with love and respect treat all as though they are the children of God, not prematurely judging, accusing, and condemning another for our own lack of substance and understanding. We with patience wait for our fulfillment, as says the scriptures.

    it seems the dividing point and contention among many is the concept of how one believes about the subject of salvation and to whom it pertains. It is almost like belonging to one political party or another, once you mention which side you belong on, you are immediately cast as unfit by the other side. While this is my observation of how certain individuals conduct themselves, there is admonition found in the scriptures about passing this kind of judgment upon another. It is found in the saying “If meat make your brother to offend, eat no meat in his presence.” What it is saying and goes on to say is be respectful of another’s meat, another’s knowledge and anthers path. We should as instructed in scripture and in all good conscious be patient with those who would revile, cast stones and find fault with every word and teaching you put forth. These are clouds without water, being blown around, criticizing what they know not for they think their gain in knowledge is substance and by pointing out another’s lack in their own opinion they do God a service. They give no structured advice, but personally affront others of different views, knowledge and substance. this should not be. Children have to be given time to grow and we should not be so critical of them when we see their desire to progress. Let us not wound their weakened state, but let us encourage.

    To read a statement about wanting to harmonize (becoming) with one’s God is hardly cause for criticism.

    • That’s the whole point. There is nothing in your belief system about being restored to anyone.
      Your aim is to criticize the Church, and claim you have the secret
      revelation that others, don’t have.
      If you are following Jesus, yes we do all see truth alike, because,
      it’s in the Bible, the Pastor teaches it and the people all agree.
      If you are not in a agreement with truth, then you are being deceived
      by the evil one.
      This is what Jesus taught, and when you come to Church, if you get off track then you are brought to recognition of that fact by your brothers and sisters.
      Yes, the Bible teaches truth, and it is ‘agreed upon’ in the Church.
      Not outside the church where you bend it out of order, or outright
      get it from Satan’s lies.
      That’s where your faction is, outside, not inside the Church.
      This is all basic Bible doctrine, but you have gotten off track, and
      created your own dogma.
      People do not have “different truths”.
      The truth is in Jesus, and agreed upon together by the Church.

      The meat you are referring to is~ “food”,~ meat is at the Table.
      This is~not referring to different and strange doctrines.
      Different and strange doctrines come from Satan.
      Again here, you have taken the Bible out of context.
      Come back to Church and get your heart right with God.
      Repent of false doctrine,
      and live for God.

  6. By my pointing out that the only thing you have to offer is criticism. I respond to your direct affront, answering you directly. It is your lack of respect for what I Rachel or any other has. You give your criticism freely. Have I asked for you or any other to agree with me or see as I do? No, I have not. No where in any of my comments do I affront you or anyone else. If you take my answer to you of accusing me of things that are just not so, what do you expect. Do you think you should accuse falsely without being answered. Go back and look at my comments and your replies. When one boldly asserts oneself as being correct and all others wrong without respecting anothers opinion is the problem I see here. I don’t see as you see and that is ok with me, however you read Rachel’s comments , mine or some other and you immediately go the fault finding route. You have missed the boat completely if you think your doctrine trumps the kindness Rachel speaks of. I went back and read Rachel’s article closely after seeing your comment. I do not see your accusation of her at all in what she had to say. I comment in agreement with what she has to say and you come out with this rant about us measuring ourselves among ourselves. While you hide being the anonymous title it is like one in darkness throwing their insults, enjoying putting others down, yet hiding in the dark feeding on insults and pride. I respect your belief and I do not criticize this at all. what I do affront you about is your evil, fault finding nature. Paul taught kindness, respect and tolerance for others. What he boldly spoke against is speech such as yours. Don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing you but I am speaking against your harmful attitude and ways.

    Do you think you should speak as you do and affront others who have not affronted you and expect no reply from them? In this very moment I have a compassionate attitude toward you but I do not toward your evil, fault finding nature. Do you not read there is a false church and a true? It is obvious we disagree on and what it is. Millions disagree on this. If one even believed correctly about this doctrine and believed without love, one’s views are vein and without merit because it is not of Christ but of the variant nature, the carnal mind.

    My replies are to your unkindness, not to your belief or doctrine. Your attitude is straight out of the religious mind which I do not agree with. I apologize to Rachel and to any who read these lines of admonition to you, but you need a good lesson in respect for others and their beliefs. Like I said I don’t have a problem with anything you believe, although I have little respect for your attitude and the way you conduct yourself in conversation. You provoke, unprovoked. Where in scripture do you get the idea you have free rein to judge another as you do. There is no way to have a civil conversation with you, as you affront others, and when they reply, then you without any compassion at all, attack. I am one who believes in the salvation of all mankind, this is true, and I believe we should treat all with respect in discussing our views. I notice that in ones who believe some will go to a literal, burning hell, are trying to send as many people there in the present as they possibly can.
    I believe you will make it after God has processed you according to His will and purpose as I believe it is the same for all others. What he will process out of us is this attitude that some are somehow better than others. I believe in the people in all churches, whether the apostate or the true. What I speak against is not the person, but the religion a person hides behind while they spew a hatred for others who see different than they themselves have. I have no such attitude towards any person, I do however have a problem with the false church which it speaks about in the book of Revelation. There is a false church which God, Christ and all the apostles speak against. I understand this false church, I see the damage it has done to the ones held by it’s spell. They do not teach, preach or perpetuate love but a doctrine of words. This is what distinguishes one who has eaten from the tree of life and the one who eats from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

    My problem with you is that you never promote healing, you read our comments and look to find fault. As I said I re read Rachel’s article after your comments and all I could see was one who had nothing better to do than look for fault. If you spent just a portion or your time mending instead of tearing you might be able to see what Rachel is trying to share. I do see it and I agree with her sharing, I agree with her that a love for another surpasses whether we see doctrine alike or not. If this makes you upset that one such as Rachel has no guile, I suggest you carefully read her articles again. As I said before, I separate you from your attitude, you I love, although your attitude is not of God even though you profess with your mouth, your heart is far from god’s love for His other children simply because you do not see as they see. Your nature is carnal, taking the word of God, attaching your doctrine to it, and thinking you do God a service by attacking others because of their beliefs.

    Can not you give your perspective and belief without the attitude? I really do not like responding with my bluntness as I am now doing but when one is attacked as you attack others, I have no problem spelling it out with bluntness, as you do not respond to respect conversation. Rachel is simply sharing her thoughts, her journey, her love as she knows best.

    If you find fault with such a gentle soul as Rachel, you are poor and blind and naked and of void of any truth and love for another as one of the members of the apostate church as depicted in Revelation. You are an example and a product of the false church, saying words of scriptural foundation, but not becoming the love of which they speak. You choose to ridicule because you do not have the power to love, to forgive, to bend, to have compassion on those who see different than you. You are an example of why I have nothing to do with those institutions who teach others to speak words but have no love for their fellow man. Ones such as yourself search the world over (internet) over and perchance having found one proselyte you make them two fold the child of hell as before. This is because you do not teach or seek a relationship in and with the love of God with others, you instead seem to hate others for their views and doctrinal beliefs. If not why are you so quick to spew your vile nature.

    I, as Paul, will speak against the church depicted as the whore in the bible who’s doctrine has led many into a false hope of security. I however will continue to love all the people within this apostate church system. Do you affront God also because “HE” said come out of her my people and partake not of her sins. I, no less than He says the same thing. Does god hate His people locked into the systems of man? No, as He says “Come out of her “MY” people. With careful study you will see God speaks against the false church depicted as a prostitute. He speaks out against the “ways” of ones steeped in the tradition of the whore. God, and as god has taught me, speaks not against the good spirit within man but against that that will be cast out of man, his wicked and vile nature, spewing out hatred in the name of God. You need to come out of her yourself, and learn the value of loving another, praying they will be released from a false concept of what the church is. It is not a church of ritual and rules, but is one of toleration. I see you see none of what I say, and I am ok with this. I am not ok with your attitude which you have been taught by this false religious mother of harlots.

    I have been friends with many for over forty years now and of many religious backgrounds and beliefs and we discuss the scripture often and some see the Godhead and the like different than I, some see things in a more natural way than I, yet and in all of our differences we speak with respect in addressing our different views to one another. We continue to meet and talk, knowing we see things differently, yet we see a far more important doctrine in our midst and that is the doctrine of Christ. We see this doctrine as one not of words and beliefs but one of love for one another which transcends our opinions, views and the way wee see doctrine. We love one another in spite of what we believe and how we see the Godhead, etc. This is because we see the tree of life aside from the tree of knowledge. We see that it is more important; to love one another, giving respect when in disagreement, not taking offense into account.

    Yes there is a time for all things as it says in Ecclesiastes and there is a time to speak out bold to one who has no respect when addressing another.

    If you wish to correspond further, log in with your name, come into the light, and learn what truth is, truth in it’s very essence is Christ, His ways, and His Father and our Father’s ways.

    I am not a legalist, trying to find my way in a written word, the spiritual Word is Christ and although not in completeness, His Word is written in my heart. I remember when it was words on a page until my eyes were opened to the true Word, ones not written with hands but by the very spiritual hand of God.

    As I have said many times I wish you and all others well. I know God will complete you through the process in the ways of His Son, I pray for you to see the love of God has for you. I am not complete, but I left the apostate church 40 years ago with it’s teachings of hell fire and brimstone, pomp and pride. My church is in my temple, in my very being and all I meet in a given day is my brother, they may not be where I am and I may not be where they are but I see Christ in all. It may be the dormant seed laying idle but never the less I have respect for all although form time to time I may confront my accuser as I have you.

    May we all continue to search for the path and the truth that matters, a respect and a love for another.

    I do wish you well, I hope you come out from behind the written word and learn the ways of the spiritual word which is the love of Christ.

    • Your going to have to turn to God and repent.
      I don’t know if your a legalist, but you need to get
      saved and repent and come back to God.
      There is nothing Christian or about Christ in your heart
      You know, all of your complaints are out of order and
      are nonsense.
      You’ve come to the point where you really don’t know
      God anymore, at all.
      All I can do is ask God to help you, and have mercy on
      Your that far from the truth, where you can’t even hold
      a decent conversation, without going into lunacy.
      That’s the whole reason to go to Church.
      Maybe one day God can restore you, because you can’t
      even perceive love.
      Someone, could kiss you, and you’d say they slapped you.

    • I believe that you are so infatuated with Rachel that you will defend her even when she is wrong. In other words, you’re in-love brother.

      • I would not only defend Rachel if I felt she were wrong as I would yourself for you are God’s child the same as she. To me it is not a matter of being right or wrong but having the eyes and understanding to see if one is sincere in their desire to continue, thus growing in His likeness and is compassionate toward others of different persuasions, beliefs and doctrines.

        Micahel, I do not see God’s teaching in ritual, rules, and belonging to a certain faction, I see things as in accepting all where they are right now, saint or sinner for a present sinner is a future saint in my understanding. We are all awaiting our call to our specific calling and order, as the saying, “As in Adam all die so as in Christ all are made alive, “BUT” every man in his own order. This verse is but one of many which ties the word “all” to mean all.

        It is not Rachel I defend but her ability to accept even those who cast stones at her and judge her according to a “doctrinal belief’.

        And your right i do love her…………in Christ.

        Michael, I wish you well and I earnestly want the best for you and i believe God, our Father will give you His best.

        And…..I love you too……in Christ. 🙂

      • Michael, you are in great error in your intonation. We must be careful not to dishonor the soul connections that our Father is working through, for when we do this we dishonor him.

        Let’s try to perceive that no one has a complete understanding of truth, thus we vary in our journeys. But as we seek the absolute truth and divine love, which together in their workings is a reflection of our Father’s nature, our understanding grows in him and in his creation. As each one seeks in their own way, we develop varying understandings of truth and love, because we are at different levels of spiritual awareness/maturity. So in our differences, we are to possess understanding and compassion, not judgment and condemnation. And give the love we know, for it is love that heals. We are to encourage each other to continue to make the choice each day to know absolute truth and perfect love. Judgment is for each individual soul and the spiritual laws of God. What we realize about divine love is that it is no respecter of persons, it reaches out to every soul on a very personal level in perfect divine love.

  7. I think our words and attitude speak for themselves.

    • Our words speak for themselves,
      but not God’s word..?
      Interesting concept.
      That’s an interesting attitude.
      God I believe my words,
      but not yours!???

  8. Rachel,

    By the way…I love your article, as always, and find them refreshing and complete in themselves. You share your thoughts without expecting any to agree, it is there for the taking…or leaving. As it should be. Do we agree on every issue? No we do not, but as you understand and know as I understand and know, there is a world beyond the ink on a page, and in the allegories written to hide the truth form those too immature to grasp the substance of what you are sharing.

    I aslo, seek this harmony, and “in part” I acknowledge it’s existence within and I see it in you also. You have a wonderful gift of expressing the mystery of God’s likeness beyond the letter and this substance is not obtained through legalistic and much study. It comes by a simply desire to be as He is. Yes we are faulty, not fully mature but this is the way, this is the path set before us. We have been given much knowledge, this is certain but beyond the knowledge there is a greater calling God, our Father has placed in our hearts. We may fail many times and stumble along the way but I as you believe in a Father which is there to pick us up, not condemning us for our mistakes (for we were born into condemnation, not willingly) but encouraging us to go on.

    It’s not a matter of being complete in the present, but acknowledging our weakness, our lack, and asking for the grace and mercy to go on. If you see something I don’t or I see something you don’t there is a common love that surpasses these differences and it is much more important than the lesser sum parts of knowledgable and events of legalism.

    I encourage you to do no different than what you are doing and in saying how you are saying. You are mature beyond your years and I deeply admire this maturity in you. I know your inspiration comes from our Father for this wisdom does not come by or of the carnal mind. It is rare to see such a love, respect, and care for others as you express. I believe you see that completeness cannot come unless we move beyond the letter and to receive we must give so that we make more room to receive the more. To gain, we must give until we have given our all, sacrificed our all, until the sacrifice (of self) has been replace by all that He is and we become. I do look forward to that day, I know you do.

    Again, I enjoy our mutual understanding of being and becoming the harmony which we seek. So true and it will happen in time.


  9. Great exhortation. Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 20:43:50 +0000 To:

  10. I knew anonymous was of the devil but I didn’t know it was this creepy

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