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A Natural Spark or A Divine Glow


A Natural Spark or

A Divine Glow



Compassion, an expression of love, is a defining characteristic of one who sees, understands, cares and loves.

In our natural love, we have compassion for others when we possess a certain level of understanding of their life experiences. The more we know of their defining life experiences, the more compassion we have. This is true with anyone; even those who are very hurtful. We may not like the harm their actions/words create, but knowing that their actions come from their painful past generates a compassion for them. This truth, I have realized for some time. Compassion flows from understanding.

Uncompromising Compassion

What I’ve learned more recently through my experiences is that with the receipt of divine love, we gain a perception of others that sees them more deeply even without a personal understanding, because we are “seeing” them through this divine love of our heavenly Father.

As divine love shapes our perceptions; we see into the souls of others and their beautiful potential. We see that they are dearly beloved children of our Father, no matter their current soul condition, and we feel a reflection of this love within us. And when we see them suffering, for whatever reason, compassion is ignited in us. Our desire intensifies, as divine love expands within us, that they too may be freed from all that blinds and binds them, a freedom that only divine love can bring into their lives. In response, our soul extends outward to them with compassion and a desire for their suffering to be alleviated.

As we grow in divine love, we experience an increasing compassion toward others. It’s not a compassion that is segmented, in that it extends to some and not others, at some times and not others, or in some situations and not others. It doesn’t flow from ourselves, but from our heavenly Father through us, and his divine love extends to every soul and living creation. He is the true Father of all, and a Father whose love never fails and is always constant, for it’s immutable as he is. Thus, as we become recipients of that divine love we start to experience this all-consuming boundless love. Because divine love is of our Father, it’s a love when possessed by us holds his characteristics. So it isn’t a love that we normally see. It holds a purity of truth, a higher intellect, and an unpredictable nature in its expression. It’s a love beyond us, yet becomes a part of us as he forms a oneness with us. And when we’ve experienced a drop of the realness and truth of this divine love, all we want are those drops to become a living stream flowing freely through us to others.

A Divine Glow

Divine love begins as a drop of liquid light of love in our soul that emanates a radiant glow. Though it’s a drop and the emanating light dim, it’s shining constantly. It’s a part of immortality, thus it’s always constant because of the inherent life it possesses. It continues to grow brighter as we continue to draw near to the Source of divine love. This radiance from within is the beginnings of divine love within our soul, thus with it we start experiencing a deeper and truer love for all of creation, and compassion is a significant part of that love. It starts small, but it starts for all. It has an all-consuming nature ridding our lives of lines drawn in the sand that create separation.

In it’s light, all that causes distance in our souls from others starts to fade; judgment, fear, lack of care, criticism, condemnation, un-forgiveness, ill-will, pride, and so on as the Breath of life holding mercy, forgiveness, humility, healing, acceptance, and renewal fills our soul. This divine love is what it is, not because of us, but because of the Source who it’s continually flowing from.

As for our natural love, it is consumed by divine love casting a beautiful reflection.

A Natural Spark

While divine love is a glowing constant in our soul, our natural love waxes and wanes with the drama of the human soul. Natural love or human love is born out of our relationships and is generated by our own self-efforts to love. It sparks at times at not at others. It sparks for some and not others. It sparks for a while for someone, and then diminishes. Yet, divine love just is, whether a drop or more. It’s a steady light glowing in our soul that exudes care and thus compassion for all creation that never stops glowing or growing.

As beautiful and powerful as this divine love is, it isn’t something we can give of ourselves. It flows through a true harmonious union with our heavenly Father, the Source of this transcendent love. But the blessed answer to this gap is that our perfect Father desires nothing more than for us to ever be flowing in the stream of his divine love. This love is always present, always wants to give love, always wants to be connected, and always wants to expand. So in our desire for it, it will only continue to expand in us as our soul is transformed to receive and give it. Thus, its outflow to others only continues to grow more beautiful, which is a defining witness to the truth abiding in our soul.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  1. This is the Truth. For God is Love. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. That’s really beautiful.

  3. Hello Rachel:

    So true. Compassion as well as forgiveness are parts of the overall divine love you speak of. When you said compassion is not segmented, it joins with the same as forgiveness in that when we approach maturity, it is not an event that happens occasionally when someone does you harm and you “forgive” them. As compassion (or any other attribute of God’s nature), cannot be separated into “events” neither can forgiveness. If you will allow me to “add to” your enlightening article as they always speak to me in a singular unified spirit.

    We hear so much about being forgiven or forgiving others when a harm or an insult is passed your way. When we approach the third heaven realm where we see the law in our rear view mirror and the grace and kindness of God ahead, we leave the natural sight also behind and we start to move into a realm where the law cannot explain for the law is written, addressing sin, not spirituality. When we leave the symbolic of only which the law could cast a shadow, and move into a place where little shadow is cast, (When the Son is directly overhead) we see in full light. Forgiveness then is no longer an event, it is then our nature and we are in a state of perpetual forgiveness, not waiting for an event for we learn to take no thought for the insults. This can only happen when God through our Lord and Savior has revealed His plan to us in all it’s parts, including all in His glorious plan of salvation of all. We then do not look for sin in another because we know it’s there. We look to and at all we meet with a new expression. The forgives is there before they offend, the compassion is there when they do offend. It matters not to the mature in Christ because we see their end. We see them in the same nature someday as we know we will have. We look to their end, not considering their lack of care, understanding and compassion because we know, they too, will someday see the same complete and loving God as we have been allowed to see.

    Where we stand in the present, we compare it to our past, not understanding the events God has planned for us in the future. We understand where we’ve been and the darkness we were exposed to in our past only illuminates what we now see and gives us all the more encouragement and lack of fear to fact what is before us. Admitting we are not complete in our present state, we speak from our past experiences and where God has presently allowed us to stand in the present. We therefore have learned to live without fear but with a newfound boldness tempered with compassion. Entering in to that third heaven experiential state, we will continue becoming as one where our compassion, forgiveness, and then our complete love for all is not segmented, it is just who we are. We are then no longer in the natural realm of emotional events, we move and will move into becoming as one with our Father, our Christ, and eventually all.

    Compassion, foregiveness….without beginning, without end, without event. I totally agree.

    • “We then do not look for sin in another because we know it’s there. We look to and at all we meet with a new expression.”

      Very well said. I like this because I got TWO blogs in one!

      • Thank you thoughtware for your kind words. Rachel has such a depth and parallel thought to mine it’s a little uncanny until we understand we are who we are without any labels. When you take away any and all labels what you have left is how you truly see and treat others. We have no rules, doctrines or sects to lean on or to defend. We have learned we really do stand with no other desire than to be filled with His likeness, a likeness that fulfills all hope. Life is in the simplicity of not having to decide in any given day who is worthy of our time, our words and prayers. Once we understand that “As in Adam all die so as in Christ all shall be made alive, but each in his own order,” e.q., we do not judge any, for all you meet is either a present brother or sister in Christ or a future one. When this truth really registers in our being it truly is a wonderful way to go about your day. We see all “eventually” as “one” so lets not look for fault but encourage all, it may just be a nod and a simple kind gesture but knowing their end when they do not themselves, makes it a pleasure just to know our Fathers intent for them.

        Again, thanks, your short kind words speaks volumes.

    • Hi Sonny, what a wonderful addition to this post .. it is like two blogs in one. 🙂 Again, your words are insightful and enlightening. The attributes that this love brings to our soul; and thus our experiences with others brings an incredible freedom and peace in many ways.

      • Thank you kindly, I appreciate you having me……and tolerating me..? I only hope what I have to say is helpful and beneficial to some.

  4. So true!!!!

  5. I had been thinking maybe I should put some of my thoughts and writings out there as for a few years I have been pretty much in solitude as far as meeting with others. Rare and occasional. At one time I was somewhere several days in a week and traveled to other states. It was an experience and then things began to consolidate into what I felt was a sectarian attitude in the “group” without the “outward” label. Labels start in our soul and move to others with a like understanding. When the understanding starts to become “we have it” or we are special we need to stop and think what a label or a denomination is. When our soul is dominated by the “other man in her life” the “carnal mind” and gives her (our soul) time to it, she (our soul) becomes the prostitute as depicted in the Old Testament through to the Book of Revelations. (The woman or false church of harlotry). She then moves into agreement with others of like minds and thus religion is formed in an outward manifestation. As much as I enjoy studying, having knowledge revealed and understanding mysteries, it pails in comparison to when God, through the processing’s of Christ, starts revealing a new day (light) in our very being. It is spirit talking to spirit for it is the Holy Spirit that starts to move us and not the letter of the law. We start out having the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the letter, however when God starts drawing us to a higher realm, a higher calling, the knowledge loses it’s luster for it is something of an external understanding, something we understand by the seeing of the natural eye. When we start to be drawn into a more spiritual way, we move in a realm of being, becoming that we saw from afar by knowledge in the past.

    At first I was reluctant to share this moving into a higher realm of understanding and substance because my past experiences with people teaching, speaking and preaching the gospel from a knowledgeable point of view did not set right in my being because I saw the saying, but not the doing. I did not want to be looked at like this for myself and I did not care about the recognition that many sought for what they spoke about. To me it is not what you speak, however true, I felt the words must be spoken from more of a substance and not by rote. Thus I looked into my soul and saw a mix of part knowledge and a “partial” maturity of my spirit. Many, and much, praying later although not being as complete as I would have liked, I felt confident enough to speak maybe not from as much substance as I would have liked, I felt comfortable enough to speak as Paul, “not as though I have obtained the fullness” but I see it before me and the end of the path is in view and complete “enough” in my being to speak from experience. I do not have any desire to join in the soulish realm of religious desire of being applauded for my words or feeling that I need any support from the world so to speak. It has been a journey and I know I am nearer to the end of the road than when I started. I do not and cannot judge how much road is left in front of me but looking behind it has been a road I would not want to repeat nor want for others, however this road has brought to me my present illumination of spirit, a compassion and love for others I once only longed for.

    Knowing, and God revealing His plan to me in the way that He has brings a completeness to my soul and an outlook toward all of humanity that completes me. It is in such a way, that I do see all differently than ever before, I see a wonderful plan in that salvation is not the issue here on earth, it is where we fit into that salvation, in what order and into what calling God is preparing for each and everyone of us. The peace of knowing that all I see and meet is one to be loved, if not for their present frame of mind and actions, we have a compassion, knowing that when their processing is complete, we will all stand in our respective callings and orders, complete in the substance and spirit of our true Father.

    God does truly have a wonderful plan, I pray that all, as soon as possible come to this same wonderful understanding. If God does not open your eyes in our present day, rest assured all will eventually come to His presence, His likeness, this is His promise.

    In Christ

    • Hi Sonny, I truly enjoy reading your perspectives and thoughts, as I see a growing spirit in you in the ways of truth and love as it streams from our heavenly Father. And in these seasons of maturation, we only desire to portray his truth and love the best we can yet we are humbled to know our vast limitations, yet the love compels us to share what we are learning, and we know that love covers all our weaknesses. I’m thankful that you take the time to share as you do here. As we mature, we learn how we all have our own experiences, perceptions and perspectives. And yet as we grow closer to the true Source of all life, the underlining truths and love that we are learning show their immutability amongst our varying personalities and how we learn. It is truly a blessing and gift to see this in another.

  6. Last three video’s and macro inclusion.

    Let’s say you were in the Iraqi war,
    serving your country,
    being fire at by enemy soldiers.
    And became severely wounded.
    (I seem to remember someone telling
    me, that “we create our enemies”)
    (There are no real enemies).

    Let’s say someone you love is dying
    from Cancer. But they are an extremely
    loving person, and have done, no evil
    against anyone, or broken God’s
    commandment to love.

    Suppose you are running on a hiking
    trail, and are attack by a mountain lion,
    or Grisley Bear, and become extremely
    disfigured, and crippled.

    In each of these three Macro Inclusions,
    you would need more that divine law,
    to survive.
    Here you would need the authority
    teachings of Jesus to survive.
    No amount of mental gymnastics
    will help you here.

    In these three instances you would
    be asking
    (I thought God was only good)?
    or, (why didn’t He, help me, if God is good?)

    Step back and take a look at, the bigger
    picture, before limiting misconceptions
    about God, and before judging
    who God is or is not.

    • Hi, tell me about yourself and your path.

      • What would you like to know?

      • Anon, Anything you would like me to know about you that would help me understand your point of view, as you share much here on this blog, for example … how did you come to the beliefs you hold today about our Father? your personal journey of coming to your perceptions of truth?

    • Hi Anon, Actually we don’t need more than divine love to survive when you understand all that divine love contains (including divine intellect). Not a natural love, but divine love …

      Divine love is very different than natural love. Though they can be harmonious with one another, when one knows both divine love and natural love, you experience how different they are. Divine love a different type of love, and only by experiencing it can we fully understand the differences .. otherwise we don’t know what we don’t know. It leads us differently in life, it changes everything about how we perceive thus how we interpret situations which affects our responses and choices. There is nothing left untouched by its presence in our lives.

      • I would assume then that divine love, would lead you in line with God’s written Word. If it didn’t, you would have no way of correctly obeying the Heavenly Father himself, when his direct commands violate your interpretations of love.
        Following the Word of God is what keeps you out of the realm of situational ethics.
        For instance, the Apostle Paul said that, the law was a school master, to lead us to Christ.
        The law would include the Ten Commandments.
        Here God said, Thou Shalt Have No Other God’s before me.
        If we Know and Understand, that Jesus is God, then to directly
        disobey His words, would not be in line with divine love.
        For Instance, Peter told Jesus, “God forbid you should go to the cross” “It shall not be so, Lord”.
        Jesus said, Get thee behind me Satan.
        Thou savoroust not the things, of God, but the things of men.
        (Peter’s divine love for Jesus, were a direct violation of what the
        Father, was telling Jesus.)
        Divine love is not necessarily, “the best situation for me today”.
        Divine love is obeying God’s Word. This includes the Rhema, Word of God, which is~ “the preceding word of God” for me~ today.
        This will never lead us away from Jesus Christ, or into private interpretations, of Jesus Words, or of the New Testament.

      • Anon … all that makes up divine love is based on the words of our heavenly Father in that this love reflects his absolute truths .. for his love and truth are two sides of the same substance. We can’t separate truth and his love as people often separate their mere natural human love and truth. Natural love is attached to relative truth (what’s good for me, or what do I think is good). Divine love is attached to absolute truth (the goodness of God that only he can define for you.) Thus when we enter into his divine love, we also come into line with his ways and truth. His love doesn’t conform to our ways because it is immutable. We are the ones to change to it and as we do we come inline with his truths. Consider the 2 commandments given by Jesus Christ ..

        When the Bible was written … especially pre-Christ, they didn’t have a depth of understanding of divine love, thus we see the absence of the fullness of this characteristic in how they perceived God .. thus the words written in relation to him. Even after Christ, who opened up this door to divine love in our soul, the apostles were just growing in a this deeper truth and reality that Christ brought to light. For they thought for a long time that he came to establish an actual kingdom like one of this world.

        So as we grow in our understanding .. continuing to learn from the Teacher, the Christ, we grow in a deeper understanding thus clarity of this divine love and how it brings a deeper clarity to the truths of God that we hold.

      • I agree with every point you’ve made here Rachel. But to bring what you’ve said, here, into context, I would have to again, broaden the subject matter a little bit here, by making a few simple statements to shed more light on the subject.
        I agree with all you said, but, in approaching it, the way you are
        revealing it; or the terms your speaking in; there is a lot about
        the Lord that is being left out of the picture.
        For instance, there are callings and elections, and authority, given
        to the members of the body of Christ. Including the men and women in the New Testament.
        So, when your reading the New Testament, you are reading the authority of God himself, because it was given to them to be preached “as God’s Word” to the World.
        So they were~ perfected enough~ “in Love”, to have been given this commission, by the Lord, and their words carry His authority to us today.
        God covered all the bases in the New Testament.
        When we are approaching the subject of divine love, there is~ the subject of “obedience”, as well. This includes what authority one
        will be given to comment on the subject of sin, or the consequences of sin, etc……
        The point I’m trying to make is, from a New Testament point of view, there is a whole lot more involved, with the subject of divine love, than just a “tweeked personality”.
        For instance, if I were to start talking about “sin”, and the realities
        or consequences involved, that might make you uneasy as to whether, I’m walking in divine love. At that point, without walking closely, with the master, you might cop a perspective, that I’m out of line. But in reality, depending on what God has called me to relate about His word, to other people, the reverse would be true,
        because He would have spoken to me to exercise my calling for the sake of people He wants to know the Truth.
        So at this point, divine love, is being determined by one’s decision to listen to what God is saying.
        This is where authority, and divine love meet together.
        To determine if the Word’s I speak are Truth, you will need the Bible, and the Divine Teacher to know.
        For instance, Buddists, do not know Divine Love. They may act in accordance with it, but don’t have it, because it’s in Jesus.
        So in order to judge what I’m saying here,~ test it with the New Testament. Someone can tell me they have Divine Love, but without Jesus in your heart, matched with His teaching, all that’s there~ is a shell.
        We are all cracked vessels, so~ He is Divine Love, and He gives us grace daily, and He gives to us~ His Divine Love~ daily.
        This does not mean we are not ‘able minister’s’ of His Word.
        Because we deliver it by Faith, and we trust Him to make up the difference. Point being, there is no point of waiting~ for Divine Love to arrive, before we are qualified to minister.
        Some people don’t “hear”, because “they” don’t have divine love.
        So Jesus said, Blessed are they whosoever are not offended in me. He didn’t say, Blessed are you, because I never offend ‘you’.
        He offended people all the time. Yet He walked in divine love.
        He told one woman, Ye know not what you worship.
        So, Divine Love tells the truth.
        The hearer is the one responsible for seeking truth.
        Jesus said, He that seeketh the glory of His Father, no unrighteousness is in Him.
        So we have faith that His ‘revealed glory’ is in the New Testament,
        because they were His disciples, and they had the Holy Spirit.
        So, if this is true, and if what I say here is true, then the Holy Spirit, will give it~ His stamp of approval and authority.
        And you can check it with the New Testament.
        Then all other revelations, come out from that, but they have to come under that revealed testimony in the Word.
        So that, would be my testimony of Divine Love, about Jesus Christ as revealed to me, and from my experience of Him.
        And you can line it up with Jesus Word, and the Apostles testimony of the Holy Spirit. If your heart is honest~ you can see if
        I’m speaking Truth or not, because, Jesus said, my Sheep know my voice, and the voice of another, they will not follow.

      • Hi Anon, In learning and talking of an infinite God, there’s always more to say, isn’t there? Every word we speak is touching the “tip of the iceberg” in our understanding. So a little more about the tip ..

        I understand your perspective and passion for the Word of God, this was my passion too … and still is, though my passion has lead me to the another level of understanding of the word of God … the living word (taught by Christ) that encompasses every immutable truth. This divine love produces the living word in each of us, which is the “Christ in us”. Jesus can’t be in us as he has his own personality and soulful spirit as we have ours. Yet his anointing, “the Christ” is the part that we share with him that is from the Father. We share this with him through this reception of the divine love/truth for this love & spirit is the living word in us (again this truth and love are inseparable, because divine love is the fulfillment of “obedience” and the “law” for when we love with the love of God then we are living in the truths of God, thus obedience, which removes error (sin) from our life. In this, we have harmony with our Father for we are living as a part of him and not counter in our own self-will.)

        This divine love by its nature instills the living word in us, guiding us by its divine wisdom. So yes, it always tells the truth, and does so in the perfect way a soul can receive … for it is the expression of truth. When I think of how we speak with others, I think of how God speaks to me … there is such a depth of care, truth, sincerity, love, no condemnation, no judgment … in a way my soul receives perfectly and is changed by. Love heals. He clearly lays out the consequences and my error .. but it is the way it is done, I know of his deep care for me. And his ways are unpredictable (unlike a natural love, which we all know the image of) because it flows from the truths of our Father, and not our relative truths. Divine love is very different from natural love for it holds the truth in it’s very essence, thus it responds differently to situations/people than natural love does .. though they can be harmonious, as divine love encompasses the natural. Divine love is the truth/spiritual laws lived out. Thus to know divine love as part of our substance is to know and live in the truths of our Father .. immutable truths that contain all his spiritual laws, thus we have the living word as a part of us, “the Christ”. Only by this divine love can we fulfill the spiritual laws .. and we can’t obtain or generate this love from our own soul, it comes from beyond us, from the Father, the connection that Jesus Christ made available through the faith and truth he lived in. When we have the love of the Father, we live in his truths to an extent we could never do on our own.

        Growing in harmony and connection with the heavenly Father is a journey that entails this divine love expanding into all of our soul, being, reality, choices. It’s very different from natural love, but until we personally experience the differences by knowing both loves, it’s difficult to see or perceive the differences between natural and divine love. We only think in a “perfected” natural love.

        Because this love is of our Creator, it extends to all; no matter where our starting point is. As, we walk in it; because it is an immutable love containing absolute truth, no matter where we come from, we will all meet and come to the same end, though expressed differently according to our individuality.

        Those of the OT and NT spoke in what they knew .. and there was a truth that they portrayed (which when in divine love you understand to new depths)… yet without divine love as a part of their spirit, thus lacking the living word of God … they didn’t present a clear and accurate picture of the heavenly Father or his ways. But it shows the tremendous mercy of our Father, for he worked with them in what they knew, as he does the same today with us,… always wanting to draw them to himself. And our Father’s heart still isn’t perceived rightly for his love is far beyond our concepts of love. But he gently leads us along … working with us where we are at. But as we start to receive and expand in this divine love, we realize it encompasses every truth, word and understanding we’ll have. This is why it was this love that fulfills all the commandments.

        Without divine love we lack the living word in us, for it is the perfect expression of truth. Divine love reveals and makes truth a part of us by forming a transforming spirit in us that’s part of the Father.

        The deeper I go the more amazing his love is for us … for all of humankind. How blessed we are to have a desire to draw close to him in truth and love.

      • Well several points.

        Leave out the OT.

        Why would you assume that the

        men who wrote the New Testament

        did not have your level of divine love?

        I wouldn’t know how you would have

        grounds (fair grounds) to assume that.

        Also, I can handle your statement in

        most ways about the Spirit or anointing

        being in you.

        But that is not going to eliminate the

        teaching in the Bible about the lordship

        of Jesus.

        From your ‘new’ approach, I have an idea

        you have left the teachings of Jesus.

        Jesus also said,

        “Except you abide in me, and I in you,

        you can do nothing.

        I am the Vine, you are the branches.”

        So here He has said, He is in you.

        The Holy Spirit gives testimony to Jesus,

        and convicts of Sin.

        This is written in the N.T. and is a statement

        by Jesus,

        “When He the Spirit of Truth is come,

        He will convict of Sin”.

        So is that ? Divine Love speaking to you

        here? or do you have a need to re-write


        I’m not trying to bury you with the Bible.

        But divine Love will only follow the

        the statements that Jesus has given.

        So my question is, what have you done

        with Jesus?

        You’ve re-invented His Gospel ‘to~ not’

        including him in your format.

        ( I think that would be fair to say)?

        (Clarify if I am missing your understanding

        Two points~

        Your not the first person in history who

        has tried to present, the ‘higher love’


        And I’m not the first person, to point out

        that it is, really a ‘man made’ scenario,

        and not a God given one.

        So my question is,

        Why not come back to ‘first person’ who

        is~ namely, Jesus?

        Any anointing you have, if it is real, is

        from Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

        So why are you trying to find a higher


        Why not stick with Jesus, and the Word?

        Why are you searching for a different path?

        What’s your motivation?

        Or,~ why not do it God’s way?

        Are you saying Jesus, didn’t know what

        He was talking about?

        I don’t think your going to convince him

        that ‘your way’ is better.

        None of this is to accuse you of anything.

        I’m just relating back to you what you

        have told me, and what Jesus told me.

        So Jesus, said “my sheep know my voice”.

        But I’m not finding His voice in what

        your telling me. I’m finding a different


        I think you are a very loving person.

        So, I don’t think love would have a

        problem with me asking these


        Lastly, I know what divine love is,

        because, I am a follower of Jesus of


        Forgive me if I have misunderstood

        any of your comments.

        I’ve written these things back to you

        just in a casual manner, from my

        knowledge of the Lord.

        I’m not trying to be overly scholastic,

        but I know Jesus and I know what

        he taught.

        I’ve never found any teachings on

        Divine Love, that trump His.

        So do you see yourself, in line with

        these statements from Jesus?

        Or, do you have another Lord?

      • Hi Anon,

        Christ Jesus brought a living connection to the love of divinity, which produces a living word (divine truth) in you, to humankind .. thus the lack of it expressed in the OT. But they could have a natural love and could grow in it .. but divine love is quite different.

        This love of divinity or divine love is what produces the “new birth” in us that Jesus briefly referenced in John.

        Spiritual truths can only be truly known when experienced … this is very true with this divine love. When you understand this love, then you understand with more clarity the teachings in the Bible. Christ Jesus will teach you about it if you seek to know for it is the cornerstone of a new birth in your soul. But it must be experienced in your soul for you to truly understand … like all spiritual truths. Being changed by this love is the narrow path, for this divine love is unchanging and changes our soul to come into line with it. It’s going deeper into what Jesus truly taught.

      • So are you saying Jesus Christ~ is your Lord, and your Saviour?

        Or, are you saying He was merely~ a teacher of divine Love?

        There are many people that are teaching divine Love.
        But Jesus is not their Lord and Saviour.

        Could you define your beliefs here.

      • Hi Anon,

        In one sense, when someone is your Lord then you wholeheartedly follow their truths .. in other words you are “obedient” to their truths and Christ Jesus taught to love God and love others – so when we live in these, then we are honoring him as our Lord. When we embark upon the first commandment, we encounter this divine love because this is the kind of love that flows from the soul of God, which transitions our soul leading to a new birth (a soul growing out of divine love and not just the natural love it’s born with). Embracing this first commandment is the beginning point to immortality. And if we love God then begin to be partakers of his divine love and thus we walk in his spiritual laws/commandments.

        On the other sense, Jesus came to reconcile/reconnect us back to the Father. It’s the Father’s spirit emanating from His soul that connects to our soul, through the divine love, and directs our soul as our own breath (part of new birth) .. this is why he is our God and Father and not Jesus.

        And as for Savior, yes .. through his life and faith, Christ Jesus, brought a new spiritual reality to this earth. In this, we were able to be partakers of this divine love (as reflected in his brief teaching of the new birth and that the kingdom was at hand), that transitions us into a new creation. In this he is a savior indeed! Through receipt of this divine love, we are connected back to our heavenly Father and in this union with our Father we have the breath of life, as his life that transcends all that is of death.

        But we also must remember, that in divine love, we were never truly separated from our heavenly Father for it’s impossible in divine love (we only live in a perceived separation of our own mind lost in our free will) … He reveals to us that not even death can separate us from his love, and certainly Christ taught us this.

      • Statements from the Bible, taught by the Holy Spirit, that directly contradict your viewpoint.
        If you are claiming a walk in which you, are acknowledging Jesus,
        why would you contradict these statements, in your search for truth?
        Here, in God’s written Word to mankind, it states that Jesus is God.
        Why would you allow yourself to be led, away from the Word of God, rather than receiving truth?

        And Thomas answered and said unto him [Jesus], My Lord and my God. John 20:28

        …lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. 2 Corinthians 4:4

        In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins: Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. Colossians 1:14-17

        …Who [Jesus], being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: Philippians 2:6

        …For in him [Jesus] dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. Colossians 2:9

      • Hi Anon,

        There are many interpretations to the Bible… as you see by the myriad of religions and denominations. Thus, the search for truth .. is a search for the absolute truth that is taught by the spirit of truth of our heavenly Father, truths which we are ever growing into. No doubt the search for truth isn’t as straightforward as it seems it would be. But in our Father’s love for us, if we truly desire the truth and are not satisfied with humankind’s finite though ever expanding perspective, then we will learn through our soul connection to the spirit of truth … for he is faithful to lead us perfectly. But it is most definitely a process of learning and understanding .. that entails quite a bit actually. So it’s an understanding that deepens the understandings of what was written .. and clarifies the meanings little by little. My words simply don’t suffice to express what I’ve learned through my spirit and we are all at different points of understanding… thus why we each must be taught by God and it is he who rights the truth upon our souls .. in a soul to soul communion. We are all on our journey of learning and in understanding, and to a certain degree will always hold our unique perspective, for we each have a unique perspective .. it’s part of our individuality. However, the common desire is to grow in being an expression of this divine love of the Father as Christ taught… for this creates a beautiful connection between our individual souls and is the essence of life. So in honor of all that Christ taught … may we remember it is our expressions of a sincere love, a love that comes from the Father, that is most significant … as for learning the details of our relationship with God and how he created creation and the spiritual realm .. that is more of an individual journey because of our varying perspectives and he is the one who can teach us in ways that we can perceive and understand based on our unique viewpoints of life.

        In the limitations of my expression and words … here is a bit more of the tip of the iceberg. Though like all, I’m continuing to learn … realizing there is much to learn.

        Jesus Christ reflected the spirit of God, our heavenly Father, as he had grown to a fullness of the divine love/truth within his soul, as signified at his baptism, … He was the firstborn of this new-birth of every CREATURE (thus he was a creation of God thus not God who is always beyond creation yet attached to it.) The Creation is not the Creator .. the Creator is always beyond the creation itself, yet can interact and be a part of it. Christ Jesus showed us just how deep this connection can go …

        He possesses a very special soul connection to the Father … that he will always possess (There is much more here to learn)… but he and our heavenly Father aren’t one in the the same (this is why he prayed to the Father and taught us to pray to the Father).. but it’s like a parent and child. The child holds the spirit of the Father/Mother and came from the Father/Mother body and has traits and likenesses .. yet is still his own individual. So there is a likeness, a reflection, a oneness of spirit … yet individuality. And a child doesn’t take anything away from the parent by being like them in reflection.

        All was created through Christ Jesus in that he brought to this creation the divine love of our Father, which all will eventually enter into and be created through .. of which we are still it the developing stage, obviously. We were made in the image of God … we become the substance when we receive the fullness of the divine love/truth in our soul.

        This oneness with God that Christ Jesus revealed was incredible and he wanted others to partake of it as well .. thus the teaching that the kingdom is at hand … and he is ever growing in that oneness for God is infinite. So as the firstborn he will always hold this place in Creation.

        And we see in part … we don’t see in whole.

    • Thanks for taking the time to go into detail on your beliefs.
      I can appreciate where you are, in your understanding.

      There are two things that I notice in your statements that
      I think are illogical, and I hesitate to use that term,
      you might say, I find them implausible.
      Out of sink with reason.

      There are two kinds of truth.
      Truth you grow in, truths you experience.
      Then, truths that are true, and always will be true, regardless of perspective or experience.

      As far as our perceptions of God his greatness, his love, his multifaceted universe, obviously there is a lot to take in, on an
      individual basis.
      But as far as truths of “Who” Jesus is, in relation to the Godhead,
      I don’t think these are truths that are interchangeable, within the scope of our mentality or perceptions.
      In trying to understand the written Word this way, not only are you
      open to deception yourself, but you will be obviously left in a position
      of leading other people astray, from truth.
      You’ve always been one strong in your defense of truth.
      But I feel you have left the safeguards that God has given to ultimately
      determine when something is right or wrong.
      David said, “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light to my path.”
      Not ~ “A pathway to my lamp, and a path to my light.”

      I think the Bible is made to be taken literally, and not figuratively.
      Here is what I perceive you doing.

      Instead of seeing the Bible as, ~
      ~ a literal book, that is spiritual in it’s teaching by it’s essence.
      instead of approaching it as a book of spiritual essence,

      you are seeing it as~

      ~ a book of stories, and histories, and philosophies, that you are
      trying to ‘make’ spiritual, or in which you are trying to spiritualize
      the contents of what you are reading.

      I believe Jesus is God, Just as the Bible says, and those quotes,
      are spiritual in essence, and they are the Truth. The truth of who God is.
      I see you taking the Word of God, and trying to ‘spiritualize it’, and
      make it become, a spiritual work, whereas
      the spiritual truths are inherent in the statements within the book,
      in the form they are stated, and in the same context.

      I think the Work is already spiritual, and we eat it, absorb it, and take it in as truth.

      ( A side note~ When Jesus said, you will pray to the Father, yourself; –He said~
      “in my Name” pray to the Father.)

      Thanks for your kindness.
      I pray if my words are true, God will give them life.
      You’re always in my prayers.
      (sorry I upset Sonny, I was really trying to make a better connection with him)
      (I couldn’t answer your question on ‘my history’, because there are too many people that are not following the Bible or God as a literal, historical, spiritual book, on this site)
      (they wouldn’t be able to understand the miracles, and mysteries, and
      fascinating things I’ve known and seen, because they look down on historical teachings, and the history of the Church, and the living Jesus
      and ‘belief in peoples testimonies’ of the Living God.
      You cannot comprehend this ‘world of wonder’ without faith, and~ ~disbelief, is a canceller of all wonder and beauty and mystery.
      Doubt, and misgiving, and suspicion, disconnects people from hearing
      and understanding the world of miracles, and wonder).
      In short, no one would believe me.

      • Hi Anon, I was happy to share the discourse with you. I understand your position. May we continue diving into the reality of the beautiful truths of our heavenly Father.

      Steps to Christ… You need Jesus

  7. good people instruct the ignorant and teach understanding to the misunderstood since ive seen your videos and have thought to dialog with you understandings you have just ignored me and made me feel small like nothing i contribute matters not for myself do i speak but how many reach there heart out to understand and you leave them without even a crumb, are you gathering people to yourself to torture them have you been to heaven that you can tell the way? then why deceive lost soul and lead astray strangers? blunt thou i be its seems what your doing is contrary to what u teach what is the use understanding anything unless you can relate it and what use is it to me what you have learned less you can teach me?

    • Well, I care about you Stephen,
      but Rachel, is afraid to love.

      • I know the author has walked with GOD for a very long time, and her messages show that agape love which can only come from GOD. I see the author’s love in every blog post, video, comment, word she writes… And that love can only come from GOD.
        I know your kind stranger… I don’t value your slander and lying attack against the author… Which in fact shows you don’t have any love. Because if you did, you would have the desdance to not behavior uncivil and unscrupulous the way you do.

      • I know that you don’t speak of true love which is agape, the love the LORD Jesus Christ commands all to have… This is unconditional love. I know you really speak of lust, a thing that isn’t love but something from the pits of hell… Thier is no greater love thaN agape. Thier is nothing more and to say other wise is to make one self a liar and a fool. I know you speak like a fool and your comments are… Unswaying because of its lies and crap. I hope that you repent of your scoffing and lying before your probation is up… the Author have much loving kindness towards yet you would use abusive and vague language. I know that is satanic… I hope you chose GOD before it is to late

    • Hi Stephen, I’m truly sorry if I made you feel that way, that wasn’t my intention. Please accept my apology.

      Deep understanding of spiritual truths comes from the outgrowth of our own journey. (this isn’t readily taught in organized religion, as they often like to hold that place of instruction in people’s lives. This creates a misunderstanding about how we truly learn the things of the spirit) I can share what I’m learning, but you can’t obtain the depth of what I’m saying, unless you have already learned some of what I’m sharing. (then there can be a deeper exchange that helps the growth of both) This is the meaning of having the “ears to hear”. (we can hear what we need to .. but we can’t hear what we aren’t ready or prepared to hear) Just as I can’t truly understand certain truths another may share until I learn them at a deep soul level for myself as my heavenly Father and his Christ teaches me. So it isn’t misleading .. it is just from a perspective that we don’t have yet. Truth builds. Thus we each need to trust our heavenly Father to teach us, and his Christ. He is our perfect teacher. He can search out all our depths to teach us the truth as we are able to receive. The key is for us to desire the absolute truth and divine love that flows from him, and making that progressive choice each day.

    • Hi Stephen … one more thought. We can learn history from others, but it’s history crafted by many perspectives. It can teach us various things … but what supersedes all that we learn in this way is what we learn of the matters of the heart that are always working and relevant to this present moment through our spirit connection to our heavenly Father. In these matters of the heart and the nature of love; his divine love is the supreme teacher; for it resides in our very soul.

    • I can’t take what you are saying seriously… I don’t tolerate the kind of unscrupulous approach you do, I see that you are trying to play the victim as if you were hurt and I see your trying to shame and these thing I don’t tolerate because If your were civil you would behavior your self in a civil manner and simple ask in a polite and moral fashion, rather than to imploy such an unscrupulous conduct of yours, that As I see you doing manipulative conduct.

  8. thanks buddy and rachel how can u say God isnt wrathfull punishing sins as they deserve God is just and why in revelation do people hide in caves fearing the wrath of the lamb, why also in revelations does God send entire armies of demons to punish trangressors? his wrath is actually already in sin and anyone sinning, God’s wrath dwells upon them by reason of the absence of grace which leads to physical and mental corruption of emotional and intelectual understanding. blam!

    • This image of God that is being placed upon him is one that lacks understanding of his divine love, and the immutable nature of it. We understand what the Bible says by the perspective that we hold. We must let our Father craft that perspective. As we come to know the true nature of our heavenly Father and his perfect love, then we see that this was written from a perspective of one lacking a depth of understanding of his divine love. This is why we are giving the ability to learn from him spirit to spirit, so that we may know the truth of his nature.

  9. and one more thing why do you keep speaking out agianst judgement as something unclean less your judgement is off, for it says in psalms rise o god and judge the earth, judgement is important and to think of it as bad is very bad judgement is needed in each person to form a good mind to see clearly so whats to say, can we judge others? absolutly knowing our own wrongs and righting them is judging ourselves and to see other doing what you have corrected in yourself is it wrong to give them the solution to your past riddle they are entangled in? if you dont like judgement maybe you should overcome your fear of it by judging yourself less your fear come true and God send one to judge you and if you think noone has the right Thats What they Said in Sodom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yet could their judgement for immorality be avoided? did noah witness to God that the world was wicked? he was spared not participating in a world he judged to be wrong by the tools God gave him to understand the truth that with God is wrath and with his son he has placed supreme judgement over the earth to teach everyone what is absolutly right and what is absolutly wrong

    • Our heavenly Father created this universe, thus its end is universal harmony that grows out of the workings of his divine love. As we grow in our understanding of the heavenly Father, we learn that his purposes in all that is created is to create this universal harmony. It’s people’s unawareness of this divine love that creates all the suffering, pain and chaos. The ripple effects in abiding in our own disharmony are great and vast. This divine love is an aspect of God that most have not understood .. yet as people do it will change the world, for they are seeing our heavenly Father as he truly is toward us … a perfect loving Father. Imagine, if everyone truly understood how much he loves and cares for them.

  10. When God created sin, He created it, forgiven.

    • Absolutely beautiful.

    • God didn’t create sin Sonny.
      I don’t know where you
      derive your interpretations from
      but you need to get a handle
      on context in the Bible.

      I think you would be more
      honest if you call yourself a Buddist.
      There are many people, following
      there own misunderstandings about
      the Bible, and the Bible warns against

      The question is~ are you honestly
      misled, or do you choose a path
      or your own making?
      Either way, my statements are not
      against you.
      I’m saying, let the Holy Spirit lead
      you back to the truth of the Bible.
      You shouldn’t even let Rachel lead
      you away from it.
      If you do, who are you making, or
      following as your Lord?
      Jesus, or a spirit which leads you at
      I think these are honest questions.
      I think everyone can respect honesty.

      • I think you mean that God did not create man’s “perspective” of what sin is. I’m sure we could agree that God created all things.

        As Jesus taught, we in order to enter the Kingdom and “see” God, we are to be as children, right?

        Does the child sin? Or does the child make a mistake based on his limited understanding?

      • You kind of lost me on that.
        Sin is not a thing, it is an
        God could not participate
        in the act of sin.
        Jesus, did not participate
        in the act of sin.
        Are we following the Bible,
        or playing mind games with
        the word perspective?
        Sin is disobedience to God’s
        So obviously God could not
        be disobedient to his own word.

        Satan tempted Adam and Eve
        to disobey God’s word.
        Written in Genesis.
        For me, the term perspective
        is a creative way of trying to
        avoid the truth.
        This is what Satan did in the
        garden with Eve.
        Satan said, “God said this, but
        He actually meant something
        different than what you heard him
        That’s the root of sin.
        A perspective that is not literal.
        Then act on it.
        In other words,~ you say that the
        Truth is revolving and changing
        from person to person, according
        to a moving perspective.

        Jesus said the Truth is a rock.
        You can build your house on
        the truth, and it’s not the shifting
        sands of perspective.
        Jesus said, my word is truth.
        If Jesus words were perspective,
        they would have no meaning.
        So there cannot be any sin in
        Jesus is God.

        (Hope this helps).
        (How do people get so far from
        the Bible.)?
        (It’s pretty plainly spoken)

      • perspective noun
        1 outlook, view, viewpoint, point of view, POV, standpoint, position, stand, stance, angle, slant, attitude, frame of mind, frame of reference, approach, way of looking, interpretation.
        2 view, vista, panorama, prospect, bird’s-eye view, outlook, aspect.

        God has perspective for He is our frame of reference and we are to grow to this same perspective. You just beat the air out of a conversation, really! You argue your own foolish point of view revealing you do not have a grasp of the english language. Anonymous, you are yourself guilty of what you are accusing others of being. Are you really as self righteous as you come across? Do you really not know the meanings of the words you use when you so foolishly try to say one is wrong when they use the word correctly and you use the same to substantiate your position? You have a zeal, but it is not for living in truth, it is in the thought if you put others down you raise yourself up. This is far from Christ, in fact the terms you use to belittle and describe others for what they believe, fit yourself very well.

        And :

        Rachel, as you or anyone else does not lead me, I follow Christ and if another follows the same avenue, we see things alike.

      • When one is answering someone, you humbly use the knowledge and words that you know to communicate your thoughts. Doing this hardly makes one self righteous. This is the simple way that conversations are held. Thank you for the criticism. I take no offense in it at all, as I am sharing what I know from the Word.
        The word of God is pretty serious subject matter.
        Sorry you’re so easily offended, but my response was not to you,
        in the first place, and I probably would not have used the same
        wording, if I were speaking to you.
        My comments were about context, and references to perspective.
        Again, you left the subject matter, to speak from your offended
        emotions, so I have no way to respond to your comments other
        than as I do here. I’m not going to enter into slander to reply,
        as I repented before the Lord for having used sharp language in the past.
        The conversation here, was simply based on the thought that~
        God did not create sin.~
        Since my comments are based on the Word of God, this requires
        faith to speak about, not self righteousness, as my righteousness
        is coming from the Word of God. This is another subject matter
        you might want to learn something about.

        The subject matter is a serious one, so you’ll probably have to deal with how you are offended, within yourself.
        All I can do is speak the truth. If you believe you speak the truth,
        I know you won’t be offended.
        If your sharing your thoughts about the Word of God, or Rachel’s
        subject matter fine. This is what my comments were about.
        There was nothing in my comments, putting anyone down, I was
        very careful not to do so.
        But my comments were real and you may take them seriously,
        as a conversation about the Word of God.
        I think your theology, is much closer to Hinduism, than anything
        presented in the Bible.
        In that statement, I was being completely honest.
        I think you serve ‘many Gods’, God’s of perspective, and not the
        God of the Bible, or you would speak from God’s Word.
        In that I was being completely honest in my statements.

    • I will like to share, what I know.
      Before sin entered the world, GOD already had a plan to save mankind. I feel the reason why it is written that GOD made sin, is because GOD made the option capable to rebel against His law… by giving free will, a sign of infinite love. Though that may song like .a sound theology.. it goes against the very character of GOD. Whom it is written that in Him their is only light and no darkness… the transgression of the law is sin and thus will lead to death, as i’m sure we know. GOD is the GOD of life and not of death
      “For he is not a God of the dead, but of the living: for all live unto him”- Luke 26:38… I believe it is rebellion that makes sin and not GOD that makes sin… GOD as He did in Job just permits it to be for a time. And I know after this earth there will never be sin again

  11. Isaiah 45.7

    I form the light, and create darkness:
    I make peace, and create evil:
    I the Lord do all these things

  12. To all :

    God created everything, even Christ, and then everything that was created was created through Jesus Christ just as the scripture states. There is Strong’s concordance’s meaning, Young’s and other bible dictionaries. Yes, there are many interpretations of the bible and many translated bibles. Which is correct many ask? If we follow the leading of the spirit, we follow it’s leading and we have no fear of being mislead from anyone or anything as our faith is in the spiritual word and he promises us He will deliver us back to the Father. There may be ten different views on a bible verse and we can sin greatly in how we discuss it but there is only one love which binds us all, therefore which do we defer to, the letter or respect which is love of a different name?

    I have commented on nothing here that is not taken directly out of the scriptures. It is evident that we can all read the same verse and get as many views on it as there are people in the discussion.

    I supplied Isaiah 45:7 as God the Father creating and taking responsibility for all things, even creating evil and sin. It’s not a buddhist saying, it is God’s saying, and I supplied the verse verbatim.

    And yes the child sins but as God explains Himself, in the bible, where there is no law there is no sin. Paul explained when he understood the law, sin revealed itself and he died to this sin awareness. There is an innocence not only for the natural child but for the spiritual ones as well. Where sin abounds, mercy abounds the more. There is not a sin that mercy does not cover. God created the inherent sin nature in each of us for a purpose. One cannot be redeemed or re-anything unless one is first sold into sin and a price is paid to redeem them back. Redeem means – to buy back.

    We as spiritual children just as in the natural sin both ways, by the inherent sin nature, and by our limited understanding of god’s ways, thus disobeying. We are held accountable when we sin but His mercy and compassion covers the sin. God gives to each of us the strength to overcome the evil one according to our previous obedience to Him. Until we are given the strength by God to overcome we remain in our sin nature and we are kindly covered by His grace. When God draws us and starts the process we then are held more accountable for our growth for we are given instruction to His will and way.

    Sin is inherent at our natural birth, as the introduction of sin comes with the “bible” saying, “Man was created subject to vanity (sin) not willingly, but subjected the same in hope”. Hope of what? Hope of being released from this inherent sin.

    In the many being subjected to vanity/sin it states this was part of the creative process. God created “all” things, this means every good and evil thought, every kind and mean spirit. He hardens whom He hardens and brings forth whom He brings forth. God is absolute, there is none before Him. God created Satan for His purpose in testing and maturing all. Where in the book of Job did Satan do anything on his own without obtaining the consent of God first? It “never” happened. Not then, not before then and not since and in our time.

    In every instance of Job’s testing, God our Father gave instruction to Satan to what Satan could and could not do to Job, in detail without deviation. Find one instance to the contrary in the book of Job or in any other book for that matter. If God gives to us an example in Job of who is in control does anyone think it is any different in any other place in the scripture or anywhere else in the universe? “Sin” is “destruction” and it is “disobedience.”
    God says, He turned man to destruction. And why? It says, so that He can then turn man back to Himself through a process. If this is so and the bible states that it is what did God turn man to in “destruction” if it was not the sin nature? Sin “is” the destructive nature of mankind that God clearly states He turned man to and away from Himself. So, yes it does state God created sin in more ways than in Isaiah 45:7.

    I understand the false concept that God couldn’t possibly have created sin. This is said to absolve God of what He Himself makes it clear, “I create evil”. One would have to be completely illiterate not to equate sin and evil as being one and the same thing.

    God created all things. All things were created for a good and kind end. How can one show mercy, compassion, forgiveness or any other attribute of the Father unless they are met with opposition? Opposition (sin, evil, hate, condemnation, etc,) is destruction.

    Do I study for nought? Does any other? I think we all study the scriptures to be found approved, some of the Father, some of another. Do we all “get it” all on the first day we come to Him? Are we drawn out of darkness into the light in one day? It is a process so let us exchange what we have been given in good conduct. Here a little and there a little eventually gains us a lot. Let us not judge that we be not judged.

    There is a distinction of judgement that the carnal mind cannot understand. We judge bad behavior in another and then we judge that we do not do these evil things in ourselves. We do not judge the one doing it but their actions. We show compassion and understanding to them but not their evil surmisings. Judge and condemn not the person doing this but judge if you should be acting and talking as they talk, condemn as they condemn, and ridicule as they ridicule. They are poor and blind and naked because they do not have the mind to rightly divide the word and conduct oneself in a right manner. Do I 100% percent. No, but I see the path and when I err, I know God is there to encourage me to go on and I do regardless of the way we vary in perspective. And, I with all humility say I should look at each of you in the same manner and treat you with the way I would like to be treated. It is not always going to work this way as Christ Jesus was put to a natural death for speaking as He was led and we know He was “The Truth.” We can expect no less from our fellow man when they would stone us for no other reason than differing with them. Do we serve Christ or the evil one? What is our speech toward another, what is our attitude? Is it from the fruit of the “Tree of Life” or the Tree of knowledge”?

    The whole purpose in Job’s processing was to be tested against the destructive nature that was around him and given to Him. It was God Himself which turned Job to destruction to process and bring himself back to the Father.

    If God did not create the universe (through Christ) and all things in it then who did? I give no power to any other entities than my Father and my Christ. Satan was created for God’s purpose and had no power except that given Him from God. And no, Satan did not wrest power from God and disrupt God’s plan. If a person, such as you and me, named Paul, had power to turn one over to Satan (for a season) and then receive him back again, what power does this one called Satan really have? If God gave a human such as Paul this power to have one corrected by Satan and returned to the Corinthian church where does one get Satan has any power to disrupt God’s plan? Does this not concur with Satan’s true power in Job? In other words he has none independent of God.

    Sin will cease, when the last enemy within us is put to death, representing the end of our testing. Sin is addressed in no different light for God is no respecter of persons.

    I would like to add a comment here to all who read my comments. I will answer all to the best of my ability and with patience if respect is given. I do not expect and desire for one to agree with me for I do not open and close the mind of another, I write, I speak, I share, God is the one who opens or closes the mind of each of us. We do not open or close so let us conduct ourselves as one of this understanding. So if one wants to act childish and belittle and call another names because they think of themselves as being more intelligent, then converse with someone that enjoys the name calling, the condemning of others, and speaking with a self righteous attitude. I will converse with anyone to a point. If anyone wants to continue in their lack of respect and name calling, join a religious sect that condemns others with different views from themselves and blindly follow this way until it too late and you find there is not enough oil in your lamp when Christ comes to claim those that are His.

    For myself, I believe all including the ungrateful will be saved as : “As in Adam all die so as in Christ all shall be made alive, but every man in his own order.” This scripture must harmonize with all other scriptures on both sides of the belief system of who is and who is not going to make it. Salvation is a given, where our order and calling is here we are placed in salvation.

    We are judged not by our knowledge but by our level of substance in Christ. “For what measure you meet will be measured to you again.” This bible verse is sating as we grow, obey and measure up we will be increased in His likeness. His likeness is not condemnation, His likeness is not the childishness of immaturity. His likeness is compassion, mercy, patience and forgiveness as well as all the other beatitudes. It is not in debating differences of opinion or who is categorized as being like this religion or that religion. I am not of any religion and have not affiliated with the sectarian spirit of religion for many decades. All I meet is a child of God trapped in an apostate church system or not, and I owe each as much respect as has been given to me. It is not how one perceives me that God holds me accountable, it is how I view others and in what substance I have attained to. The substance I am referring to is how much am I like Him?

    I know who my judge is and I know to whom I stand or fall. It is not to another as some suppose. If I am incorrect in my way as any other, I have faith and confidence if I am living all I know I will be reproved and corrected from my error. This is His promise. I believe this for all who read these lines as well. You do not stand or fall to me nor I to you. What is instructed for us to do, is to pray for another, share that we have with another and if any disagree, God lays out the ground rules for conducting oneself in a civil manner.

    When one steps over the boundaries time and again and I respond with a reproof of this individual, rest assured there is no harm intended, quiet the contrary, it is to right what I believe is being misunderstood as to what I say.

    Am I mislead? Are you mislead? Do I have all the answers for you or you me? NO we see in part and we function in part until that which is whole comes our way. We were born into a darkened world to then be led back out of this darkness. The bible calls it regeneration, reconciliation, reproved ( as in being “re” proved.), redeemed and regenerated. Re means: to do again.

    There are many wonderful stories in the old testament that explains in the natural a man being redeemed after being sold into slavery or servitude. Redeem means to buy back something you previously sold. We all were born (sold) into slavery. At the point of our natural birth God starts the process of redemption as this was the point of sale. The point of being redeemed is when we have been given again what we had before the sale, what was taken from us. We were spirit before the sale and we will be spirit again after our individual redemption, only with an added portion, some 30, some 60, and some 100. To each as God wills and we have measured up to His measuring rod. Christ is the measuring rod in the old testament and we will all be measured according to how we measure up to His likeness. It will not be our storehouse of knowledge, understanding and wisdom we have that we will be measured by, it will be how we have shown, compassion, mercy and patience to others just as our savior has shown us to do. Knowledge will cease says the scripture but love will endure for ever. So it makes since we therefore should concentrate on that with is going to be permanent for it does not take all knowledge to be completed, however it takes all the likeness of Christ to have eternal life. So…

    Space does not allow all I would like to share and explain in comparing the natural to the spiritual. If any in sincerity and in the purist of a common desire to become as He is, I am without end in my efforts. If it becomes a childish, disrepectful, endless debate of the egos, I am not interested.

    I am interested, as my lord and savior in leaving the 99 and bringing in the one, make all His children 100% complete, in their order and in their time.

    With all respect

  13. You say:

    1. You kind of lost me on that.
    Sin is not a thing, it is an

    Answer : In the english language sin is a noun which is a thing.

    2. Then you say:

    Hope this helps).
    (How do people get so far from
    the Bible.)?
    (It’s pretty plainly spoken)

    I say, by saying what is, as what is not, and what is not as what is, just as you erroneously state, “you lost me”. You lost yourself in continuing to use factual statements as false and false as fact, just like in this example. If your going to disagree, do it without calling another lost as when so often in your discourse when the error is revealed it right the reverse.

  14. My comment was that I was lost, as concerning the meaning of, or reasoning of Thoughtware”s statement.~

    ~So, I was not calling another lost.~

    I was saying “I” was lost, as to understanding his logic.~
    (So, the deprecation was on myself, not on Thoughtware)

    And then again, I was replying in a very casual relaxed manner, as to the nature of a very philosophical point that Thoughtware had kindly presented.
    I was not replying from a state of paranoia, or anxiety, concerning my motives,
    seeing that I knew my motives were completely pure.

    I also, knew that Thoughtware’s motives were pure.

    My comments were to him.
    Sorry you misinterpreted, and misunderstood.
    Have faith in other people!

    • What about addressing sin is a thing, not an act also as you said. Where is my misunderstanding or misinterpreting of the sin question?Is “sin” a noun “thing” or not as “you” misinterpreted. When you make a mistake like this it would go far to admit it instead of not addressing it and saying it is someone else’s problem of misinterpreting . You were so quick to judge my statement about sin and completely miss the point. And when you are corrected, rightfully so, you ignore your error and say conveniently it is the other who is misunderstood.

      The bible is full of the sin question and God taking responsibility for creating it, who else created it if God through Christ did not?

      Here’s your erroneous comment:

      God didn’t create sin Sonny.
      I don’t know where you
      derive your interpretations from
      but you need to get a handle
      on context in the Bible.

      Must I study for another, must I list the thousands of of verses that address the “sin” question? Yes, God did create sin. If you disagree fine, but as you yourself say, provide the verse to prove your point but do not diss another when they do provide scripture that you say we “must” go by.

      Is evil sin? Yes it is. And if God said He created evil, He created sin.

      Isaiah 45.7

      I form the light, and create darkness:
      I make peace, and create evil:
      I the Lord do all these things

      You say to me that Buddist do not recognize Christ and do not believe in Him. Is there a dialogue in any of my comments that I leave out Christ and say I do not believe in Him? Yet while you are contradictory in the meaning of a Buddist, by calling me one, you throw it out there, not in accuracy from your own definition but to “slander” as you say you do not do. So since I do confirm Christ repeatedly, I cannot be a buddist, correct? You then must therefore be using the term to insult, to demean, for if you are not, why call me one for example when my comments identify myself with Christ? And when I call you out on such an insulting manner you have in addressing another, you say it is because I or another are so “easily” offended or we just misunderstand. Would it not be better to reserve judgement on another and at least take thought for what you accuse another of?

      A buddist with a kind spirit and of an accepting attitude, respectful of others would be more welcome than a person who claims Christ but their heart is far from Him. There is a lot of falseness in the Christian church, we do not have to look to other religions or sects to find falseness.

      I am not one easily offended as you say, it’s just that it is not so often I run across people who are as inconsiderate as you, and believe that since they read the same bible as another, another’s view does not matter and since these others see things differently they are deserving of insulting, demeaning and false accusations. Your speech is of an offensive nature so if ones does get offended by it they are correct in their response to it, by being offended. I am not offended by your views, but your attitude towards others are offensive, your substance is not one of Christ although you use His name to cover your sin as though you are innocent in what I am accusing you of and, rightfully so.

      This is the way I see you and this is the way you are, your fruit is not from the tree of life which is based in kindness, your fruit is “mostly” from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thinking that the “knowledge tree” cancels the “life” tree. Religious people eat knowledge all the time, as we all do but we must move past the tree of knowledge and eat of the tree of life.. which fulfills all knowledge.

      Now am I judging you or am I responding to your continued self righteous behavior of attacking all that I say and share? If you think you are righteous enough to “set others right”, you should likewise expect the same when they respond and reply to your insults.

      Does one not have a right to address their accuser according to scripture? They do but it should be tempered with caution. Do I think you intentionally have an evil bent? No, I just see a loose, undisciplined mouth thinking you have the right to insult those who do not see and agree with you. Just because you read the bible “too” does not mean that all you address or see different than you “is” wrong.

      This is why I continually encourage respectful dialogue. It’ hard to have it with someone who is so negative toward others for seeing things differently. Remember, I do not differ or comment on your beliefs, I differ on your way of overruling all others by your own view. Do you seriously think that myself, Rachel or others study for nought? Do you really think you have all the answers and we should bow as you insinuate we should to your interpretations? Come on.

      I have written enough on my views of tolerance for another’s views so I will not reiterate it here.

      So, I am not addressing you in being offended by what you say, it is that your are incorrect in your assessment of others while in disagreement.

      Again, you may mean well in your zeal but you must learn to harness your insulting mouth and your disregard for others views.

      Having said this, I noticed in your last comments to Rachel on the 13th at 3:11 it was “almost” like a different person altogether, a kinder version, “more” Christlike, more respectful. Makes it much easier to exchange ideas.

      I do not take any pleasure in addressing my accuser for false and unfounded accusations but as long as they keep coming and I feel it necessary I will, not to offend for the offense finds it’s place and it registers where it belongs.

      • I’m not bothered by your criticism Sonny.
        But that’s the way you feel.
        The discussion was never about feelings.
        And it was, a discussion.
        Not an accusation.
        If you believe in perspective, then see, and hear.
        There is no insult in seeing and hearing.
        There’s no insult in seeing and hearing, what I see.
        The insult comes in interpretation.
        How you interpret what I’m saying.
        Have faith in others.

  15. You say;

    My comments were to him.
    Sorry you misinterpreted, and misunderstood.
    Have faith in other people!

    and you said:

    God didn’t create sin Sonny.
    I don’t know where you
    derive your interpretations from
    but you need to get a handle
    on context in the Bible.

    These types of comments being contradictory in my opinion leaves me a little confused as to why you say these things. Sin is a noun as I said, and you say it is not. Sinning is considered a verb as in committing the act, but sin is a thing. This is a small example of the multitude of like comments that one can get no other message from other than they mean to find fault. I know what sin is and what it means. There is inherent sin, the sin nature born into us all. We house this nature and we can act on it or not act on it. It is a thing “until” it becomes an act. In all resect to your saying it is not a thing, it is a thing. Now I don’t mind at all that you see it as something different than I but you seem to methodically do this again and again saying that others on this blog need to return to the Lord, return to the bible, etc. Read again my comment “To all” and whether I address sin, or the word perspective, I address them with proper meanings. Perspective for example is a view point, that is all it is, whether true or false, it carries no nature other than the way it is being use by the user.

    After much thought while at first overlooking your error in addressing others, I wrote, addressing the negative comments you made toward, Rachel, myself or any other that did not see as you and I perhaps was stronger in my approach than maybe I should have been but I was careful to address the vanity in you and not the person. I felt if you chose to keep accosting others as you were doing, then maybe I should meet you with a little stronger admonition. This was not to belittle, accuse, or condemn but my words were addressing what saw as a fatal flaw in your attitude.

    Having said this and I do mean no offense, let me share a few things about myself that you do not know. Because you use terms as, we need to “come back” to the Lord in addressing others and that you don’t know what bible we are reading and we are buddist, Hindu or some other let me share where I do come from and where I get my understanding in the best way I can and the path I have journeyed:

    End to my personal reply to my accuser.

    So let me further address all as to what this is all about and where I get my knowledge, thoughts, ways and perspectives.

    I believe there is a purpose in all things and our meeting here for all we know is arranged by Christ Himself. So let me share a little more of where I am coming from to you and to all who are following this blog.

    The knowledge I have shared with others on this blog comes from a direct knowledge of the scriptures and a personal relationship with the Father and our Lord and savior to the best of my ability. My earnest desire for studying is to one day be found in His likeness. No other desire do I have. I have no desire to seek admiration from another. My desire is to Him and if this desire is accepted of Christ then I am accepted in all that matters. This is because I follow no man, no institution, and no sect whatsoever. I follow the leading of God as much as I know how and am instructed with the strength he gives me to do so. It has been a journey I must say, not an easy one. When one makes God their head and no other, your world becomes significantly smaller because your pastor is Christ Himself. (“There is no need for man to teach you for the Father will lead you into all truth”) This paraphrased famous quote from the scriptures is not written to all callings and to all orders at the same time, God makes this very clear as all do not have the same gifts either. Though this is my path, it may not be for another, yet I respect all in their respective callings.

    All cannot be plumbers in the building of a house, it takes each with their own God given talents to build a natural house, so it is in building the spiritual house. So with respect we do not disparage another because we do not understand their words, their talents, and understanding or how they may have been led to see. This is what I mean when I say I am fine with another regardless of their knowledge, superior or inferior to mine. And I am careful to not go beyond the conversation at hand most of the time. When the Lord dealt with me in a more serious manner some forty years ago, I was an avid reader. I read sometimes 2 to 4 books a week.

    This all changed one day as I was alone one day in my living room and there was a bible laying on the table in front of me. It was “greek” to me in many ways. As the Lord kept urging me toward a relationship with Him, I did not know where I would go and what I would do or where it would lead. As I sat there thumbing through the bible, I finally said a small prayer to God at that time and it was something along the lines of,” Lord if you want me to study this book and devote myself to it, I will and you show me what my path is and what it is I should know. Things changed dramatically from that day unto this one, some forty years later. (Before this time I had been in “church” at various times and with various labels from as early as I could remember.)

    After this urging from the Lord, I read “nothing” else for several years, save, the bible. I was not married at the time and it was some years before I was. Sometimes I would get up before sunup, and sometimes it would be midnight before I would stop, sometimes 20 hours a week, sometimes 80 and sometimes even more. Some days only an hour or two, depending on school, work or other “interference” and I looked at it as interference as I could not wait to get back to studying the scriptures. I traveled to meetings, bible studies sometimes 3, 4, 5 times a week and this went on for a few years and as I became more familiar with the word and what was revealed to me, for me, I began seeing beyond the letter of the law for I was being taught there is a written law and there is a spiritual counter part of which the law could only describe vaguely in a shadow, in an allegory, type or shadow. I learned the written law was put into effect to help understand the spiritual being within. I think we can agree on this for it is easily understood from he face value of the scriptures.

    I have devoted hardly any time to any other pursuits although have always been self employed, a business I spend time with, although reluctantly. This is because this world has lost much of it’s appeal to me as when I first was drawn as described above. And throughout the years it has lost virtually all appeal. I have a wife, children, and grandchildren and although I love them as I should these do not come before my devotion to my Father. And I know should I lack anything else, God will reveal my lack when He gets ready to, just as He has done in my past. I know it will happen because I have been allowed to look back on my journey and have been permitted to see where I was and where I am. Taking this perspective, I know where I am going, not because of any self worth, or greatness to be found within myself, it is because I see Him as His is and desire to be finished, “In Him.”

    So, God has shown me from the scriptures what He has for me and I have learned there are many callings and orders. We are not all being prepared for the same order, this is clear.

    What God reveals to one, He does not necessarily reveal to another, some He leads deep, some not so deep, this is why I say if we don’t understand what another is saying, ask them about it, and if you don’t agree, fine, it’s not for the other at this time.

    I believe strongly in the beatitudes and that they take priority over knowledgable events and stories in the bible. Kindness trumps, whether Moses spent 39 1/2 days doing something or forty days. I have seen people get angry with one another over such childishness and splitting hairs over things that just didn’t matter regardless of which event was correct. The ‘event” was just not as important as how they exchanged with one another and the respect they should have shown in discussing their differences. They forsook the love for the other and in it’s place, they thought the meaning of a word or phrase was more important than the respect our Lord so clearly stated was more important. We all have our priorities of what is more important to us. It is rare to see one of a higher calling where knowledge does not trump a deeper respect that one has for another in conversing.

    My studies led me to a much deeper walk with my Lord, I have not studied any particular sect or religion. I know people who have and moved on to another, and another, and then another. For me, I thought if I concentrate on what is, to the best of my ability, I don’t have to study other religions, in fact God early on showed me from the written word we call the bible, I could study the letter of the word and never come to the knowledge of the Truth. This gained my attention and what was revealed to me was He could give me all knowledge, all understanding, and all wisdom and should I not gain His stature, His likeness, His love, I have gained nothing of any true value after many years of studying the bible. The love and respect we exchange with another is far a greater revelation than events of the bible. There is a natural understanding and there is a spiritual understanding. We move from one to the other and it is a difficult process for some because one is literal of old testament types while the other is spiritual as the law could only make a feeble attempt at describing the true thing. (Christ)

    Early in my calling, God put it in my heart to seek Him from the direct inpouring of His spirit and follow His leading. When I studied, I studied in the light that, what I was studying, I was studying to “know” Him and not to be a walking dictionary of terms and words about biblical events.

    In other words we study in vein if we do not study to become like Him complete with His nature. I am solid on this “perspective” so I pay more attention to the beatitude parts of the scripture and not to the legalistic parts, although I understand their meaning, I also understand the priority of them in our everyday life. The legal only outlines and gives you a direction or a description of the spirit. Knowledge is a path to Truth, however it is not the truth and cannot be the truth because “The Truth” in reality is only Christ. There may be facts, but there is only one Truth.
    Knowledge are words on a page and can describe a thing but can never become the thing. God must use His spirit directly to call us, to grow us, to mature us until we stand one in Christ as Christ is one in His Father.

    So……yes I do not like being called something I am not just because another does not take the time to get to know another before the negative comments start to fly. This is one area I have always been uncomfortable with when addressing another when they overstep their authority and boundary.

    I am who I am, all others are who they are, let us meet together with a love and respect first, then if strong enough in sprit we can discuss all things for we realize the thing is not as important as one another in and of the spirit.

    So are my years of devotion and study null and void because another does not and cannot understand where I am? And likewise are all others’ opinions on here or anywhere else with different understandings null and void because of others lack of clarity of what this scripture or that scripture means?

    There are various levels of understanding we grow through and as we move through the various stages we become to some others as though we speak a foreign language. And others ahead, may even speak even deeper things. My experience is not to judge another in their understanding and leave them be unless they judge demeaningly according to their level of understanding. This is wrong for me to do, for you, for all.

    I hope this “sharing” helps clear up some erroneous perspectives of who “I am.”

    With all the love and respect “that I can muster”.


    Love you all, for I have faith in you all.

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