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Life of a Beautiful Melody


Life as a Beautiful Melody



Truth is like music.

The mathematical perfection of music fascinates me. In the rigidity of the precise structure of scales, intervals, and notes, flows an experience of a harmonic melody that seems anything but constrained. It’s free, fluid, expressive, and seemingly beyond restraint. Yet, it’s the very rigidity that creates beauty within the rhythmic flow. One note out of harmony with the laws of music and it awkwardly stands out. So, out of 12 notes comes a variety of expression that continues to let composers construct unique compositions day after day, year after year. It’s an incredible display of perfection.

Active truth, truth we act and live by, is very much the same. When we live within the restraints of truth, our lives find an explosive freedom of glorious beauties. In truth, we live in harmony with all that corresponds to life and that harmony creates peace within and without. Peace brings freedom to living, expressing, and being.

The expression of truth is love. If there isn’t love inherent in the expression of a “truth”, then it isn’t truth. Truth can’t exist without love, and love can’t without truth. Truth expressed through a soul is an experience of a boundless love that is ever increasing, not rigidity. There is nothing more freeing that living in love. Yet, true love always flows out of truth for truth maintains and perpetuates love.

When we live by the expressed ways of love, thus truth, our soul grows in youthfulness, freedom, joy, peace, and rest. Without the suffocating stenches of death; anxiety, fear, stress, worry, lack, depression, anger, etc., which are counter to truth/love, our soul soars. Our personality finds an expression without limitation in its unique individuality. Like music, though the truths are defined, precise and unchanging, when they are expressed through our unique individuality they create the most beautiful expression of our soul personality. Though we may all walk in the same truths, our individual expressions are vast, unique, beautiful, and beyond compare. This is the incredible structure of our Father’s creation; uniqueness and beauty without limits coming from a defined set of attributes and laws of operation.

Shaping our Perception

This freedom, which gives expression to our personality and individuality, is derived from our perceptions. When we perceive our reality through a lens of fear, our soul is tainted in its expression with the elements of fear/lack. When we perceive through a lens of love, our soul finds its true expression, as it’s not hindered by fear/lack. Therefore, it’s our perception that needs to be purified or “filtered”, so that we see in accordance with divine love/truth, for all the interactions of life follow our perceptions.

This filter in our soul’s perception exists as a singular point of knowing. It’s knowing that our Father’s love is perfect toward us every moment and always has been, it’s sufficient for every encounter, and it’s always present helping and moving us closer to him. It is a singular knowing of his unfailing love in the heart of our soul perceptions. These truths of his love become our truths through our individual faith journey. Faith is the means of establishing new truths as our truths. Once we know, faith ceases for it has done its work. When our soul eye, the seat of our perceptions, has a deep knowing of the perfect divine love of our Father, then it is filled with light pushing out all the darkness, then we perceive as we should, in truth and love.

Without this knowing of his divine love, our perception is darkened by the possibilities presented by fear/lack. Thus, this filter functions like a point of light. It’s a point of light that filters all thoughts that come through our perceptions, by enlightening them with truth, so that all we perceive is of light (truth) and nothing of darkness (lies, lack, fear, etc). In this light, we see our present moment encapsulated in His divine love, and this perception is our freedom, joy, and liberation to all the elements of death.

We know this point of light has found a home in our soul, when we no longer perceive in fear/lack, but instead there is a peace that surpasses all understanding. For the peace isn’t born out of our surroundings, though his truth creates harmony in our surroundings, but out of our knowing of our Father’s love … a love that never fails, never changes, is ever-present, and sufficient for every moment. When this point of light has it’s home in our soul’s eye, we behold our immortality, for there is no separation in divine love.

When this point of light/knowing is our truth, we “see” our Father. Our Father’s reflection in our soul is the harmonious interworking of truth and love. Thus, in this purified perception, we are experiencing the inflow of His spirit through our souls and into our lives. This inflow is experienced as divine love.

With this filter in the very core of our perceptions, it enlightens all our thoughts of our present moment creating an accurate perception of our present. Therefore, we respond and act in the ways that create harmony.

Our present moment is a snapshot in time creating a sequence of one moment following another. The present is where the future and the past meet in our internal perceptions. In any encounter in our present, from an encounter with an idea, thing, person, or event, our mind recalls past memories and understanding, as well as extracting new input of the present moment. The combination of the two creates our perception. When we have this point of light in the eye of our soul, that light purifies the recall in reframing our memories in divine love/truth, and purifies the new input to create an accurate picture of the present moment. When we perceive in truth/love, then what follows is the divine intellect and love for that moment that creates a ripple effect of many more beautiful moments.

The beautiful harmonic melodies of music have an ability to express the emotions of love. Love, like music, is the universal language, a language that speaks to every soul. Living in the harmonies of truth, our soul speaks this beautiful language in a vast array of variety, a variety without end.




Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

10 thoughts on “Life of a Beautiful Melody

  1. Our God…    You are always      m3        ty.        I am composing music inspired by you the last year.  

    Sent from iCloud

  2. Yes, Truth is His likeness, His nature.

    So well put, I can’t add a thing.

  3. that purifying light the eye of the soul in the middle of the heart can best be perceived when you engrave seven virtues into a stone very beautifull to see should always speak for this center of wisdom forever i agree

  4. oh yeah we are lost israelites why our inner emotional truth is vindicated by the holy spirit the gentiles most blue eyed and other ethnicity arent built with the spirit of the Living God within there heart but they understand and perceive the light in truth so store in the heart both foods intelectual and emotional one to have words like shovels for speaking the truth to those who know and vindicating as it is in tongues the truth to those who refuse to know first one is tranquil flow the second and brillant battle you win with love : )

  5. the righteousness of righteousness is holy spin it all in to the innocent love God gives us to under Stand alone

  6. sorry but your explanation ignites the light bright this stone is a pearl and a portal its a billion explanations of everything im very glad for you! pray for me truly that the stone doesnt become dark with scars but the outer rings in wisdom will bring us in when we are tossed with turmoil thanks sister ask God to help me sincerly thou

  7. Understanding relativity in all things I was looking also at the musical composition of notes. Each of us are a note. Some are tuned to a lower A or a higher A as the notes on a piano. Within each scale you have the same sequence of rising to the next scale of A for example which is a completion of all the notes within that scale. A to G then to A, completing the rise. Each of us start somewhere and as that song is completed in each of us we learn as the “individual” notes of our being are tuned to distinction. There are many starting points, there are many A’s, B’s and so on each completeing it’s it’s own law of circularity, each making a perfect circle coming again to it’s self.

    Each of us has a beginning and an end on the great stage of God’s making, each has a part to play just as the script is written, the stage is set and when each of us are tuned to perfection each instrument will harmonize with all others regardless of where their beginning and ending was and is found on the various scales of their individual circle. We “individually” are being tuned so that when the individual is completely tuned they will then “corporately” be allowed to play together bringing in a new age when all the sons will sing together in a unison never before witnessed. This stage is now set. Let us each be tuned individually by our Grand Master that we perhaps will be asked to play in the greatest song ever produced, the song of Moses, each being complete from wherever on the scales we began, each coming full circle until there is a new beginning, a new “A”, a new man in Christ Jesus. Then we learn harmony, not as individuals but as this one becoming many in likeness.

    There is a growing darkness we are witnessing in this present day in which we live but to those who would fear this coming be in rest and assured with this coming of darkness as in a natural day, there is always a coming of light following. In this present day we are witnessing not only the darkness but also the light, we began in the light “A” and we will finish in the same light, only with more glory, the glory being all that He is, on a higher scale, a higher awareness, a higher likeness .

    We are witnessing a descending darkness parallel to an ascending light so focus on the rising “son”, the light in each of our beings. For those who see the rising light will see it from within while those who are looking for Him without will miss this rising, ….by trying to observe natural events with the natural eye. Let us pray one for another that we will all,.. one day see,.. Him rise within each of us until the darkness of the mind will be swallowed up of the parallel coming light………..within. Look for Him where He is within this our temple, and we will see Him as He Is, in us, in all.

    Selah, praise God and think of this.

    • Hi Sonny, a beautiful reflection … As we learn to live in the divine love & truth of our heavenly Father we start experiencing an increasing harmony on all levels, and as you noted this is especially seen with others regardless of where we are or they are in our spiritual maturity, for divine love has an understanding and compassion toward all of creation.

      There is darkness here, but our Father is sovereign and in him there is no darkness. His ruling truths are of divine love … and they hold the utmost place. As we are altered in our perceptions by His divine love and the perfection of it … the darkness starts to lose its power. And I echo your prayers, that the darkness of the mind will be swallowed up in all by the perfect divine love that has always been present for us to partake of.

      • I am so grateful and appreciable we have this wonderful understanding of our Father’s love for all, and darkness is but a fleeting moment. We see light in all others where they see themselves in darkness. We are approaching a wonderful day (light) where we will be witness a brilliance never before in the history of all the previous ages. We will see this in Christ(s), plural. We are in the night and the darkness is greatest right before dawn, but what a light is awaiting. Let us look past the night to the new day in which many will be completed in the new heavens of our inward temple. When this inward light is complete, all will be light and the plan of god will be seen as only good, no longer as good and evil.

        You are so attuned to God, his light and His ways. It makes my day so much brighter when we agree “in Him’.

        Your message is not of yourself, this I know, and this you know. I believe you speak His heart. This is what we are to grow to do and be.

        Bless You (and William)

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