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Rising Out of the Ashes


Rising Out of the Ashes


How deep is the Creator’s love? This is what I’m learning ….

Divine love reaches deep into creation. It travels to the smallest formation of matter that is first shaped by energy, because love is energy. This is how deep the love of divinity goes, there is no aspect of creation that can’t be and isn’t touched by it. It underscores the very foundations of creation.

What creates particle formations is energy. In the context of the energy of fear and the energy of divine love, this dynamic makes for an eye-opening awareness that alters how we perceive everything, for everything comes down to the interaction of particles and the energy that governs them.

Fear is energy. When fear is great, we experience its nervous energy. Love is energy. When love is great, we experience its vivacious energy. But even though we may not be consciously aware of the lower vibration energies governing our soul day to day, they are fundamentally coming out of fear (lack of love) or love. So, what form of energy is our soul connected to that is shaping our reality, from the smallest to the largest aspects of our lives?

Fear in our reality is like dust. It’s small, consuming, sometimes hard to detect, hiding in dark places, and showing up in unexpected places. It lingers in our thoughts. It shows up in our responses. It wakes us up at night. The combination of fear energy and soul particles create a virus-like nature in our soul; one inducing harm in a myriad of ways. However, when the energy of divine love connects to our soul it constructs a harmonious vitality.

Fear finds its genesis by falling into the crevices of our mind, buried, lingering, and accumulating in our thoughts and pouring into our actions, choices, and responses. Fear interacts and affects what we see based on our personal perception, for fear is in the eyes of the beholder. When we start to move out fear by faith in divine love, we see how truly pervasive it was in our perceptions, thus our lives.

If fear remains unchecked it simmers and causes all kinds of problems and often snowballs, for fear attracts fear, the law of attraction. One act of fear leads to a poor decision that creates more fear, and so on. Fear is often a deeply integral part of the fabric of our perceptions, thus reality, because of how it connects and shapes our deepest thoughts. Thus, it frequently goes undetected in our conscious awareness. However as we grow in our soul perceptions, we see it more clearly for what it is. But, most of us have become accustomed to its presence so it goes unnoticed, though it drives and determines many actions, which makes it all the more powerful.

Fear clouds our wisdom. Fear in our thoughts removes our ability to see clearly, like a dusty windshield. The more fear, the less visibility. When we don’t perceive our surroundings accurately, it creates a lack of wisdom. There is an inversely proportionate relationship between fear and wisdom. The more fear, the less wisdom. Driving with a dirty windshield isn’t wise, neither is acting in fear, it clouds our discernment, decision making … everything. It greatly dampens our passion, drive, courage, faith, and all that give us vital energy to our lives.

Further, wisdom deceases when we experience fear because it causes a “flight” or “fight” response. We withdraw (flight) in self-pity, stay in our comfort-zone, which is the no-grow zone, physically retreat, emotionally suppress, or socially withdrawal, etc. or we are aggressive (fight) by attacking, controlling, forcing, pushing, or anger, etc. Both responses cause harm to others and us.

We currently abide in a society that perpetuates and feeds on fear, because of the lack of awareness of its counter part – divine love. In this absence, fear is one of the strongest controlling agents in us, in our society, and in our world. This is why it is often used often to control, why it is effective, and why it is prevalent.

BUT fear isn’t real. It’s born out of lies.

Unlike divine love, fear isn’t real, but is born out of mankind’s will when he acts contrary to divine love, which is always done when a lie is received as truth or good. Thus outside its source, the mind of man, it has no power or reality. In the divine (absolute) truth, there is no fear, because it isn’t of the Creator’s making. It’s only the perception of mankind (place of relative truth) who perceive in lack; lack creates fear.

When we think in fear, then act in fear, we’ve made what was unreal real to ourselves, and often that spreads to others because of the fear they already hold. It starts with acting on lies, believing they are truth, and that makes them real in our reality. Acting on the unreal as real creates a chaotic spiral of creating more fear through faulty assumptions, self-fulfilling prophesy, defense mechanisms, and ill judgments. The combination of fear energy and matter creates a great weakness in us that causes a ripple effect of problems in and outside of us. Without divine love, fear has freedom to swiftly and dominantly expand. With divine love, love enters our weakness and starts driving out the debilitating fears.

Divine love is like a consuming fire. It’s the highest form of energy thus has dominance over all other forms, especially fear that is born out of the unreal. As we move into divine love, the dust of fear starts to burn away, for in divine truth, which comes with divine love, the lies are snuffed out and turned to ashes. As divine love moves in, we begin to rise out of the ashes of the dissolving fears until they are no more. In the light of divine truth, we see fear for what it is, then divine love starts directing us.

Here is a great beauty. Look under the smallest particle, and you will see the love of the Creator waiting to be activated by the human will. This love of divinity is what is truly real because it is eternal as it comes from the Creator, verses fear which is bound to the consciousness of mankind sown in lies. His divine love underscores all of creation down to the smallest particles, for all is of His creation. Divine love becomes real to the soul when it is known, believed, and acted upon.

Fear doesn’t exist in perfect divine love. It’s impossible because perfect love cares perfectly for all creation in every area. But this love has to be desired, chosen and embraced by the soul of mankind. It has specific ways (divine truth) that it interacts and doesn’t, and our mind, heart, soul, and strength (will) have to assimilate to those ways. Two opposing things can hold the same space at the same time, it’s either the energy of love or fear at the most base level of our existence. And the choice is ours. Powerful.

As we grow in understanding of love of divinity, we become a part of it as it works within us to renew our soul in love. It’s the energy of the soul that shapes all the particles it comes into contact within its sphere of influence. Through it, our heavenly Father raises us out of the ashes as His love travels into the deepest parts of our soul and exposes every dust particle of fear and burns it away.

A life without fear knows expansive freedom, joy, peace, love and power. As for the power, it comes from the increasing wisdom in the ability to see clearly once the dust is gone. Thus, we respond, act, and choose ways of wisdom that bring what is truly desirable into our realities.

May we all be “dusted off” by divine love.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

13 thoughts on “Rising Out of the Ashes

  1. “Who is among you that feareth the Lord, that obeyeth the voice of his servant, that walketh in darkness, and hath no light? Let him trust in the name of the Lord, and stay upon his God.” Isaiah 50:10.

    What the “fear” of the text is.

    It is not a slavish fear, nor a legal fear, for it is accompanied by obedience. But it is a filial fear–a fear to offend and displease God, proceeding from love to him, the fear of love and veneration such as affectionate children have for their beloved parents. That state of mind which good children have toward parents whom they greatly love and venerate, is which they cleave affectionately to obedience, and cannot endure the thought of offending, and bring upon themselves merited displeasure. You know how keenly good children feel the frown of a kind parent. If a cloud gathers upon his countenance, they are agonized, they cannot bear the sight, and must inquire beseechingly, “Dear Father are you displeased with us?” They have the greatest dread of the displeasure of their parents. So the child of God, fears to offend his Heavenly Father–to know that he is displeased is the greatest torment and he fears above all things to sin against him. This is the “fear” of the text.

    “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee because thou hast left thy first love.” Rev. 2:4.I. First love involves sincere devotion of heart to God. Of course it includes all that such devotion implies;–confidence in God; sympathy with his benevolence; in short, it implies just what is implied when a wife is truly devoted to her husband and when true benevolence underlies all.

    II. It manifests itself in an intense interest in his word. Think how much interest husbands and wives take in each other’s letters. You who have been separated from each other know this well and can understand even a brief allusion. Or take the case of children who are absent from dear home; you know how they prize letters from those they love and from those in whom they confide. So in the very nature of the relation sustained by Christians towards their heavenly Father, they must be intensely interested in his letters–his written words. –These letters come from one we love supremely and trust implicitly; from one in whom we take a lively and affecting interest. Of course we shall have a desire to read them. We shall study them intently, and oftentimes with tears. Charles Finney

    • You had me at:

      “It is not a slavish fear, nor a legal fear, for it is accompanied by obedience. But it is a filial fear–a fear to offend and displease God, proceeding from love to him, the fear of love and veneration such as affectionate children have for their beloved parents.”


      • I clicked on your comment under “recent comments” and it took me to your Cogent business website. Now I know who the other half is. You have a wonderful, insightful partner in life. I wish you both much happiness,


    • I hear the bell of truth ringing! Blessings to all!

  2. When all things are expressed through a genuine love as Rachel expressed above fear ceases to exist;

    Love and fear, two opposing natures, one is knowing and being in all that God is and the other, fear is a result of not knowing Him as He is. Love expresses itself toward others in seeing them as completed and finished in the full plan of God. When returning from his exile, when Jacob looked into the face of his brother Esau, it says he saw the face of God. What did this mean? It meant after Jacob’s conversion the night before as he wrestled with the angel and his name was changed from Jacob to Israel, Israel had a vision of who God was more than he had ever seen before since his natural birth. Where Jacob had seen things in the order of good and evil before, Israel (Jacob) now saw the purpose and intention of God in everything, even in the face of his former brother and enemy, Esau. Israel was now able to look down through the corridors of time and see all nations, peoples and things as in the purpose of God for all mankind, friend and foe alike. We are only a foe until God declares the veil to be lifted from our sight and our sight is restored to see the plan of God in it’s entirely, including being able to see the salvation of all. It is not possible to see the complete love of God when you leave out anyone of God’s children. You can only see in part and the only way for the in part to be done away with in your being is for the love of God to be seen and found in all of His creation. The parable of leaving the 99 and searching for the one helps one who is blind to God’ love complete this reality. One can only see one as lost who is lost themselves. (Lost from the will and reality of who God is.) Once one’s sight is restored they are no longer lost but are found. We are gradually “saved” from our darkened mind as we regain consciousness (regenerated) from our God given sleep state of mind.

    Therefore when we look into the face of another, as Israel (old jacob) did, we should also only see God (the eventual regenerated likeness),and it matters not what their past was about. As Jacob we are left for a time, to our own will, intellect and wisdom, deciding for ourselves what is good and what is evil. In doing so we in effect decide, having eaten from the tree of good and evil, who is worthy and who is not, who is damned and who is not. These attitudes are born into the carnal mind and are housed in fear and as long as we remain apart in our understanding of who our Father actually is in reality we remain blind. Love cast out fear as explained in the written word, so it is God who will cast out this fear from our very being as we become obedient to His will and ways. This is done little be little as we learn to love and not to fear God’s process for us. When we eventually come to the day (light) of the Lord in our being in it’s completeness all fear will have ceased to be. This casting out of fear comes from being brought to the place where we see God, our Father, as well as all others as one just as Jesus described in the new testament. It is our inability to see God in the face of our fellow man that keeps us from this all inclusive love. When we see the predestined plan of God for every man we then see God in every face. The saying in scripture “As in Adam all die so as in Christ all will be made alive, but every man in his own order”, says simply man is God’s workmanship and when He gets through with all in whatever order He brings them through, we will then be “all” found in God’s image and likeness as it was first
    pronounced in Genesis 1.

    We cannot obtain or fully possess this love in the image (character) of our Father by fearing or condemning our Father’s other children.

    We must see that all of mankind as being God’s workmanship just as we see, we are God’s workmanship. To clarify how we should speak, treat and deal with one another there is a wonderful example in the book of Job and in the complete discourse throughout the book in the dialogue between Job and his four friends. Job’s trying and testing was ordered by God for the purpose of proving the character God had developed in Job. Not having this true understanding of why God was testing Job, Job’s three friends began, condemning, criticizing and finding fault with Job thinking erroneously he was somehow being punished for displeasing God. It was not the business of the three friends to take the fruit (judgement) of the tree of good and evil and use it against Job. The three friends, as all of us are only allowed to eat of the tree of Life (Christ likeness). Had Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar spoke with Job with an understanding from a perspective God intends for all of us to have in dealing with others in their afflictions, trials and test, we would take the fruit (attitude) from the Tree of Life and use it in our dialogue. Instead Job’s friends, being blinded to the love of God spoke to Job from the intellectual, reasoning mind of the carnal man which obtains it’s diet from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When we get up in the morning as we go about our day and we see, judge and criticize those around us we eat of the tree of good and evil just as Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar were doing.

    If they instead had been on a steady diet from the Tree of Life, they would have understood, God was in Job’s processing and there was no need of criticism and the fault finding. When Job’s testing came to it’s end, God was displeased with Job’s three friends, for they operated not out of concern for their fellow man (Job) nor understood the why of it all but were instead enamored in expounding their own intellectual and pompous self knowledge of what they thought was going on. There is familiarity in all of us. Never the less there was forgiveness for these three friends and after they made amens by the sacrifices God required of them and upon Job praying for them thus releasing them from further judgment, God forgave them. They also learned a valuable lesson through Job’s testing. (They learned when their testing would come they would learn how to say and not to say things and how to do and not to do things.) So there was value in it all, for all of them.

    There was a fourth friend, Elihu, and although his discourse was not as bad toward Job as the other three friends he was nevertheless dogmatic in his assertions. Although Elihu’s discourse was not one that required sacrifice as the other three, it say’s that Elihu darkened council by his words thus signifying, although Elihu’s discourse was on a higher level than his three friends, he was somewhat proud of his elevated understanding. Elihu had also missed the point in seeing God was not in any need of any of the four’s intellect and meddling.

    As Rachel points out so accurately above, we must from a loving attitude approach our fellow man. We should have no other thought in mind for entering a discourse with another except for the explicit purpose of seeing Christ developed in them. In doing so we must have the wisdom to see them from where they stand in Christ and engage in dialog according to their need. this is what paul meant when he said he became all things to all men. In other words, he met them on their level of understanding without having any need to seek admiration for the knowledge given him from God. He understood knowledge as we should knowledge is given for the purpose of bringing all of God’s creation to completion.

    When we approach others whether in person, or in in writings, we must ask ourselves are we approaching them in the person of Job’s friends with condemnation and in an arguably behavior or are we seeing the face of God in them and speak from where they are in their journey. Should we overlook their sincere need and instead use our weak brothers conscious for a platform of impressing by darkened council? Do we speak from wanting reconciliation for our brethren or do we speak from intellect, knowledge and a worldly wisdom?

    Paul made a statement that he preached only Christ and Him crucified. What was he saying? He was saying he would only speak those things which would bring about the crucifying of the ways of the carnal mind (as in Job’s friends) leaving only the nature of the love of God in man.

    Love, when ably practiced (in time) will see all completed in their own order as we will see the end of all in Christ.

    We must see and understand that just as we see in the processing of Job, we see all of mankind regenerated in the same manner. “Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus.” When we come to this mind of Christ we will experience the love Rachel writes about. Let us be good to all for one day we will all stand in the presence of God and….. in the presence of all others, in their order, all being complete. This is the mystery of Christ. What a wonderful Father we have.

    So let us eat only from the tree of life (beatitudes) which is in Christ and encourage one another to do the same.


  3. And……the purpose of evil is for good.

    We often talk about the negative side of life, for example this subject of fear. There will come a time when we will learn to love and appreciate even the fear God has exposed us to for this short duration of time. When we see and understand the loving divine purpose in the works of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil we stand unafraid in the presence of these evil circumstances. The difference is that when we have been equipped with the whole armor of God’s understanding of His substance , we see from a perspective of the beatitudes in the character and likeness of our spiritual Father.

    Before our being cast down (out of heaven) to this earthly experience, we lived in peace and harmony with all. We were with God, there was no soul, no carnal mind to deal with. What did we understand God to say and what did we realize when the sons of God shouted with joy when God informed them of His plan to give us more freedom, responsibilities and a greater awareness and expansion of the gift of life. How do we know what was said and His intent? We know by observing the present world in type, shadow and allegory and in knowing what we are being exposed to in this life and that it is in preparation of the life to come, a more abundant life than we hard before we came (were cast down). What we were told in this pre-earth experience was that God had something better in mind for us, a new creation man, created for the purpose of bettering our circumstances and our relationship with our Creator. We shouted with joy of the coming greater gifts we were told about, but as in the natural there is an understanding that we must bring our body under a discipline and subjection in order to acquire the greater gifts of eternal life. In this life we work, toil, and press to have a better life for ourselves and our families, so it is in the spiritual.

    We look at the intent and statements made by God, we read and study the scriptures looking for the answers of “why”, why we’re here, what is the process’ purpose and how are we to benefit from it? We know that we must benefit from it for God did not call His intent evil In the beginning, He called it only “good” he did not call it good and evil. It was only after our Spirit being lowered into this body of dust and given a soul (Eve) did we view ourselves apart from God’s complete spiritual being. There is much to gain in understanding what God, our Father meant when he said we should look to the recorded natural world to understand the spiritual for nothing was made that did not have a spiritual counterpart. (God’s dialogue with Moses.) When we understand this parallel of the natural and the spiritual and we see it’s purpose and understand the why, we cease to question, and instead ask our Father for the spiritual answers to these allegorical parallels. (We are spirit beings having a natural experience for a short duration of time, we are not humans having a spiritual experience.) Our interruption of life’s spiritual realism we had before coming to earth and our temporary blindness is that we may experience a contrast of love. Why do some learn these lessons and hidden meanings and some do not? There are callings and orders given to mankind and simply put we are not all called to understand at the same time nor the same things nor for the same purposes. We must ask for direction and guidance to our calling for the sole purpose of seeking His will for us, His regenerating likeness being developed in us. This is why we should not pass judgement on another when we see them traveling a different road or who may have a different calling. A house would never get built if not for all the trades (callings) working together. Some ask amiss says the scriptures, they ask to become intellectually recognized, in order to “teach” others, to become lifted up in their self ego, and in another’s eyes, but instead when they teach another they make them a two fold child of hell than they were before. This is because they taught others to immolate their own carnal nature, pride of life (ego) instead of pointing them to the Christ likeness found in the teachings of the beatitudes. We must ask to receive His love according to His will, rejecting any desire to be admirably seen for what we know, for it is not in the knowing that we mature but in the substance of the being.

    What is the purpose for coming to this earthly exercise in apparent futility as some call it? Evil’s purpose is to amplify love, to create a stark contrast to the purpose and a new nature God has for us. When going to school for our profession we often times make many mistakes, doing things incorrectly, and thus we have our thoughts and desires formed and reformed until we have that a- ha moment of getting it. We get our understanding in that moment of our personal revelation of our existing talents and expertise. Our exercise in the studying of these matters brought out in us the talents that were already within us. So it is in the spiritual, we are gradually awakened to who we already are, a spirit being, learning a higher calling in Christ Jesus. For some it is a calling of being a servant to all (as in Christ), seeing the need of others fulfilled, pointing all to Christ. Others study to excite the intellect within themselves, to build themselves up in their own ego and in the eyes of others, putting forth great and awe inspiring messages straight from the bible, thinking they do God a service and the more people they can get to agree with them they think this elevates their standing in God, when in actuality they are building their own kingdom, an apostate throne room in and of their own mind. This is the subtly of the carnal mind, the serpent in our garden within.

    We humans erroneously when in fear, teach and expound all sorts of erroneous knowledge, thinking we do God a service by comparing ourselves to others and condemning others with these lofty assertions of self importance. Having been purposely exposed and exercised in blindness in this journey on this earth we begin to see God in the details of this experience . We cannot forgive unless fault is given us by another, we cannot grow in patience unless the love promised to us is withheld and instead a faith is instilled in us that we will be given this love at some future time. When we begin to experience this love without the fog of resentment, anger and bitterness for how “we’ve been treated,” we will more readily appreciate and embrace this new found love and embrace the ability to express this love, never wanting to go back to the squalor of our prodigal past. We in our spiritual youth call this life an evil journey for in our immaturity we only see the suffering in it all, a suffering we had rather not experience. But in our maturity we begin to see that all this evil is administered just as in the life of Job, by the loving hand of God, for when evil has done it’s work just as in the life of Job we, as Job will be given life’s double portion. Evil, having now having done it’s intended work in us just as in Job’s life, we now understanding evil’s purpose in our life. If there was an alternative, an easier method of regeneration, we must believe God in His mercy would have spared us the pain of this life. It is not in God’s character to let one needlessly suffer. When God’s love appears within us in sufficient light and has driven out our fears we see this death experience through the same understanding view as being of our Father and our Lord. Jesus Christ subjected Himself to this life’s experience as He foresaw the necessity in this process of being subjected to this exposure to evil circumstances, thus becoming our guide, shepherd, and pattern through it all. To help understand in a different light, I suppose we can understand better by looking at the natural, as intended, and seeing a child that has been given all the riches of this life without being given any discipline along the way in order to manage the gifts. When this love is not appreciated by the immature mind in not having shown any gratitude, we end up with an unbalanced situation we could have avoided had we given the gifts with accompanying discipline and teaching. So it is with our earth’s journey. There was a thing called adoption (unlike the adoption of today) in the old testament where a son was under tutors and governors until the age of thirty (the appointed time) where he could not administer his father’s business, estate, or kingdom until he was fully equipped and matured to do so.The young man in his upbringing was given gradual responsibilities and rewards as he developed throughout his schooling. It is therefore the same in our spiritual development. We are under the same tutorial plan of our heavenly Father until we are at the age of spiritual adoption therefore being equipped to carry forth the message, substance and expansion of our Father’s kingdom.

    We come to the knowledge and the purpose of all things when we with a single desire (eye) only to be found in our Father’s likeness, in His character and in His name which means his nature in the Hebrew translation. In the story of Jacob, he had a change of nature in wrestling with the angel and to depict this in the spiritual his name was changed to Israel because he now had a new nature. In our wrestling with our carnal nature within by the spirit let us overcome evil with good and have this same name (nature) change to occur within ourselves. It is difficult to understand and know the love of God in it’s fullness without understanding the purpose of His plan for all of His offspring leaving none behind. Many have fear from an erroneous belief of an eternal torment of mankind and therefore “attempt” to serve God to avoid this imagined damnation. Many go to a church building only for the purpose of being seen and heard so that those around them will see them as righteous and faithful in “good works.” Some go to avoid the punishment of a burning hell and not for the purpose of worshiping God because we have a love for Him and His plan of salvation for all.

    God desires obedience to His will, His ways, and to His kingdom plan, in desiring it being complete to it’s fruition. God’s ultimate desire for us is to be regenerated back to His likeness with a double portion, some 30, some 60, and some 100 fold. We are placed in God’s government as He desires and as He has predestinated us. Now if he predestinated us, salvation is not according to good or evil works as in Jacob and Esau’s example, but of pre-ordination. Look at Paul’s murdering past before God drawing him to Himself. In using a man of such religious pomp and pride as Paul, God shows us we are not called according to works, food or bad but by His mercy. We thank God for this understanding for we see in this example God loves us all and irregardless of our past we are accepted as we are. It is not as many suppose it is, in that we are being punished in some way for our evil natures. Instead, we are being corrected away from our evil nature. Our vein and evil natures were given to us by God ( see Isaiah 45:7). Beginning at the time of our natural birth and our ensuing growth we gradually begin to awaken and realize who we really are and from whom we had as our beginning. We realize that God never made a mistake from our spiritual conception in His mind, through this earthly journey of despair and hope and on to the resultant new creation in man of His making.

    When we see God’s plan we see His love for all of mankind even those the carnally minded would ignorantly, self righteously exclude, we also see His loving purpose in all evil, in being blinded, in correction (punishment) for we are His workmanship and when God through Jesus Christ is through regenerating us back to Him through all trial, test, and corrections we will stand again in His presence and likeness but with added freedoms and responsibilities of expanding the great expanses of the universe (s). We will then have a new and vivid awareness, and an appreciation and a gratitude we could never have experienced without the fall and being exposed to evil. We will then thank our Heavenly Father for our journey through this valley of the shadow of death for we will then see the value of being exposed to all this evil. We will now have a love with a more profound awareness and now we will see the purpose of our temporary blindness. God purposes and does all things for our ultimate good and in this circumstance you can say “the ends do justify the means.”

    All is God, of God and through God and all happens through His love for us, there are no mistakes.

    Love casteth out all fear, if we love God we will obey and love all of His plan including the evil that has been instrumental in our development. We then will be as God with no vision of good and evil, only good.

    Seeing all in Christ.


  4. And when that book is written upon our hearts, as scripture records, we become that epistle (word) read of all men. This is if we have read and understood correctly and thus give correct interpretation to and of the true Word of God, which is Jesus Christ. There is a true prophet and a false and the difference is that if we repeat correctly what is written on our hearts or if we just want to be heard for our much speaking. If we are God’s children we act like our Father, if we worship the apostate, which is the ego of self we condemn, criticize and subtly cast stones. I suppose Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote from their heart when transcribing onto paper so that many might be advantaged.


  5. Yes, we must all be
    Love must be critically
    found: found among
    the critics, and within
    the subtle.
    Rachel is very subtle,
    and very subtly loved.
    Sonny, you are transcribing
    in a beautiful fashion.
    Life imitates art, more than
    art imitates life.
    I think your writing a great
    I wonder if the Father,
    mimics his children?
    How can He find childish
    joy, without His children?

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