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Governance by Fear vs. Love


Governance by Fear vs. Love


For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7


Immanuel came to give us of His spirit, a part of the Heavenly Father, to regenerate our minds, hearts, souls, spirits, and flesh in divine love. In this transformation, leading to new creations fashioned in His likeness, the Father’s spirit through love, not of fear, governs us.

Born into Fear

In being disconnected from the ways of divine love, fear has ruled us from our birth. We are taught at a very young age to act or not act in certain ways by fear; fear of punishment, being yelled at, spanked, intimidated, threatened, ignored, rejected, or neglected. We are taught to obey through fear by our families, employers, teachers, officials, spouses, religion, and other relationships.

Further, from our beginning, people treat us in non-loving ways; ways that induce harm thus fear; criticism, judgment, harsh treatment, oppression, abuse and so on. And how thankful we are for the kindness received amongst these. However, we spend the rest of our lives trying to avoid those treatments, thus living by fear. It directs our thoughts, words, actions, behaviors and choices.

Governance of Fear

Governance by fear creates a plethora of problems. Here are three. First, those being governed can never draw close to someone who uses authority by fear, which creates a ubiquitous fear in their lives. Fear creates distance, not closeness. It causes us to want to run from and not draw near to others. If someone desires love from us, presiding over us by fear doesn’t work. We can’t have a relationship of love on a foundation of fear. Fear divides.

Second, if the authoritative party desires love from us, a rule of fear doesn’t allow those following to truly act in love. If we are governed by fear, we make decisions to avoid the fear (criticism, judgment, punishment), thus we aren’t making decisions out of love. We may be more obedient to defined rules, but that doesn’t create new and abundant loving results, only self-preservation. A mindset of fear verses love creates two very different outcomes. A fear-based rule can’t create a love-based reality.

Third, fear gives birth to lies, deception, and hiding ourselves from others, because we fear the consequences. It’s very hard to be totally open and honest under a rule of fear. We want to cover-up our mistakes and that makes it hard to grow and learn from them. For the one to teach us the right way is the one we are trying to hide our mistakes from. Further, we can’t bear the disapproval housed in fear, so we hide ourselves as much as possible. Thus it makes it difficult to deal with our weaknesses and brokenness for our anxiety of those areas being exposed keeps them hidden and unhealed.

Being established on this framework, our fears dictate most of our actions to some degree. In fear of disapproval, being left out, made fun of, forgotten, unloved, and disrespected, we act very differently than if we didn’t fear these things. We all go great lengths to avoid our fears. We haven gotten so use to responding based on our fears we don’t recognize it. It is an undercurrent of our lives to such an extent that it shapes our personality.

A Change of Governance

A ruler of any type of authority can govern by fear or love. Obviously love is far superior for it manifests actions from the followers out of love and not fear, which produce far superior results. However, those under love’s reign have to understand and know love. Without understanding it, they can’t be governed by it. If there is a treasure chest in front of you, but you are blind and can’t see it, you won’t grab a hold of it. Fears are immensely prevalent, seen and known, and divine love is not, so people remain in their fears.

Because fear has been our foundation from our birth, we have to push through fear to seek to learn and know divine love. (Divine love is far different than the love we learn from the world, which is peppered with fears.) The path of understanding divine love isn’t an easy transition for fears go very deep into our subconscious, and are tied to lies and harmful experiences. But this is part of the renewal of our minds by the Spirit of Truth who sets us free so we can be a creation governed by love.

Freed from Fear

Once we intimately know divine love so that we begin to give and receive it, it starts to replace fear in our lives. Through this growing awareness of what is of love and what isn’t we start to become free from fear, and start to be governed by love. Fear is based on lies so it can’t stand in the face of truth. Love is truth, thus in knowing it, it prevails against the fears. Truth always defeats the lies for lies aren’t real and truth is.

Divine love is the fulfillment of all our desires. When we start to experience it, we are transformed by it into spirit-minded creations who think and act according to the ways of God. It becomes our sole desire. Thus, one foundation is replaced with another, and we start to walk in the spirit-mind governed by love and no longer the flesh-mind governed by fear.

New Covenant

The new covenant between our Creator, who is love, and us is a governance of love. Love is the supreme mindset of a creation. It’s one in which the creation will do amazing acts of goodness for others. It’s one in which the creation can always grow and expand into eternal life. It’s one in which the creation desires to become so deeply connected to it’s Creator because it’s drawn into the source of love.

Love seems weak and fear strong only because people have not known divine love. Fear has been the ruling entity in this world. Yet, love is far stronger, for once we taste it, all we want is to go deeper and more of it. We will turn from all that is contrary to the point of becoming willfully and fully governed by God Himself. There is nothing more powerful. The heavenly Father’s righteousness reign is one of love. It is in love that He will come to us to make us His dwelling place in the spirit.

May we be spirits who seek to operate by divine love within ourselves and with others. May all of creation be released from its bondage to fear.

Isaiah 14:3 It shall come to pass in the day the Lord gives you rest from your sorrow, and from your fear and the hard bondage in which you were made to serve,

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “Governance by Fear vs. Love

  1. Amen Sister. This is real talk right here. God Bless You Sis.

  2. Thank you that helps me so much to know what Father is doing and teaching me I am a slow learner but I think it is because of fear.

  3. Nice! Does the.subject line of fear automatically get handed to the one of love? Hasn’t it always isn’t the judgement in truth that cord which keeps fear into the unjust and love into the just? Truth mining takes place deep within love which enlightens the mind grows the heart God has cool kids : )

  4. Rachel, All:

    So true. Once we understand the building blocks to spirituality we love “all” of God’s plan which include our fears as well as the other shortcomings. We must be exercised through these fears (and other things) in order to understand the lessons of life. When we learn to know God through the Son then we understand these obstacles bring us back to the Father. All things were created for our ultimate good and reward. We must understand that having fears and having overcome them is what is expected of us. We learn not only the downside of mistreating others and being mistreated but the ultimate value in getting through these inflicted fears and learning to love instead. Gaining the mind of God will lead us to see the love of God in all things including our very fears. God designed a process that would ultimately give us more than we had before being introduced to this earthly experience. See the value in all things, leaves nothing but a loving, although “disciplinary” Father. In looking at the natural to understand the spiritual, a loving parent will discipline a child for the ultimate love they will have when the grow to maturity. We must see the love of the Father in “all” things. In the most horrid of situations we see and face on this earth, there is love in the end and without these things we as humans will never have learned the opposite of love. Schooling can be harsh but the outcome is singular. Every knee will bow and “we all” will know this love of the Father. There can only be love in all things because God is love and through this life’s journey you will have learned the most valuable lesson of all; To love your fellow man as yourself without fear, without restraint, and without any form of condemnation whatsoever. We learn this love by being exposed to our fears, as well as all our other emotional lack in all it’s form. We see the love of God in all and in all things. This is the ultimate goal of God in our life, our maturity, our perfection.

    If your goal is first and foremost finding the love of God and not doctrine (as this blog explains) you will find it. Pursuing knowledge and doctrine will lead you astray, if you pursue love (God) you will not only find it but all spiritual truth in the scriptures will be revealed for they all explain this selfsame love in type, shadow, and mystery. All scripture reveals this love but you must desire an intimate relationship with your Father above all else. “Knowledge” of love is good but the actual substance of love is better for love is the end journey and why we’re here.

    This blog’s author see’s afar.

    God Bless you.

    • Hi Sonny, once again your words are a gem. May they be a blessing to all who read them, as they are to me.

      • Could I please know, your stand on the 4th commandment Rachel?

      • Hi Jedi, I’ve been out of town, so I haven’t had the chance to respond. So sorry for the delay. After reading through what you believe, I find that we vary on many accounts. As in what we have learned of our Creator, his plan for his Creation, how he feels about his creation, what his love is like and what it means to follow him. I mention this as a precursor to answering your question because our beliefs affect how we see everything. 🙂

        As for honoring the Sabbath, early on in our soulful journey it can be beneficial to set aside a specific day. Thus, why those in the OT had a day. For at their level of maturity, this is what they needed. It reminds us that God is in control, that he sanctifies us, and to trust him with our lives. Exodus 31:13 But when we start engaging the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, and gaining instruction from him, we progress and we begin to live every day in that rest. It moves deeper, from an outward act to a state of soul. Then, I believe we next come to a place in faith, that we rest from trying to “save” ourselves or obtain salvation or trying to self-perfect, because we realize that we can’t. We need a new soul, to be a new creation. A soul that isn’t self-determined as ours is now. There is nothing we can do to obtain a resurrected soul … not evolve through self-perfecting, not through self-determination (because this will always counter divine love), not by being a part of some group or doing some rituals. It’s by becoming a part of the living God in a oneness as Jesus Christ revealed, so that we are totally governed by him and nothing of our self-determination. It is the gift of God, because he is love. This is our rest. So we honor the Sabbath rest when we truly embrace in faith his gift to us in love, and enter the rest he gives our soul. Truly an amazing love.

        Further, we realize along the way that his love would always “save” us. It was never a question in his mind, so to speak. I believe this is important to understand about his love, for in understanding his love we come to understand our Creator’s likeness and begin to move away from an incorrect image of him to his true likeness. All this is done in Faith for until our Creator reveals himself through our soul in this creation, a multitude of images will abound because it’s one’s belief against another – the results of self-determination. But when self-determination is no more and God is all in all, we will see him and know him as we should. So in learning of his love we learn that “saving us” was never a question, but it does involve a purpose and plan being played out because our soul experiences what it needs to be immortal. When we take time to meditate on the deep meanings of rest with the Spirit of Truth, there is much that we can learn about the symbolism and likeness of a Sabbath Rest …

        Thus as Jesus said,
        Mark 2:27-28 And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath: Therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath. Because he opened the door to salvation, the ultimate rest, when all of us and all that we are is governed by God’s spirit because he is all in all.

        Hope this makes sense.

      • I had misclick send.. This is the true message.

        Thank you… If I didn’t make sense of this, some thing would be wrong with me.

        I have acknowledged a deepness with your words, I feel it is greater than what I understand. Yes I agree wholeheartedly with the message. That Jesus is our rest, for He gives us true Life… and that honoring the Sabbath day of the LORD, helped the chosen to wax strong in GOD.

        If you choose, I would like to share why I believe the Sabbath is also a perpetual sign to observe.

        Could I please know, if it is the doctrine on hell fire that we differ on, or is thier more.. and I will like to listen, to your side. 🙂

        I hope my words were respectful. Also I will like to apologize for my pass comments again… Looking back, I wish I responded better.

      • Hi Jedi, We try to express what we feel and believe and so often our words fail us, thus we must try to “see” the other person beyond the words. Though I do try to learn to express myself better. How I wish we could simply communicate soul to soul .. in a way beyond words. Perhaps this is what we shall do one day.

        Sure, share your beliefs about the Sabbath. I’ll be interested in what YOU have learned from YOUR journey. I want to hear what you have experienced in your path from your belief, and how your belief came from your path.

      • During my journey, I’ve learnt that the Sabbath was sanctioned before the fall of mankind. I’ve learnt that, though the Sabbath command was two fold, the commandments and ceremonial. Jesus Christ fulfilled the ceremonial… Though the 4th still stands. I’ve learnt that In the Bible Jesus Christ even expected that we still keep the 4th after He is gose. Matthew 24:20. I’ve learnt It is the only one of the ten which defines the living God who created the heavens and the earth and all things in it.

        From my path, I’ve experience a more earningness to keep the Holy day GOD put aside, holy by not deliberalty profaning it.
        My belief came from my path… Because I chose to follow what the Bible was saying about the 4th, and what Ellen G White wrote about it. I wish I could express more deeper than this.

        Hmm… Before I replied I was watching the True Sabbath rest on stirringthedeep on YouTube, and I believe that also because Jesus is our rest, as it is written by grace are we saved true faith and not of works, and as it is written come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

        And I believe it is very important what you expressed in the true Sabbath rest to be part of anyone who will honor God’s holy day, because we have to know the LORD of the Sabbath to honor the Day He made holy.

        Personally… I don’t think I honor His day as I should. As Ellen White said the Sabbath day shouldn’t be a time to stay at home and just watch sermons and read, but to be out in nature seeing the splendors of what GOD made… and perhaps because I feel what you’ve expressed in the Sabbath rest I don’t fully have. If that makes sense.

        I know when we are reconcile back unto God and we behold Him face to face. Everything will be perfect 🙂

        I hope, I’ll be in Heaven with GOD.. and I hope I’ll be worthy to call you sister. 🌈

        Peace and Honor

      • I would like to know what you though about the evidence I gave for the 4th commandment?

      • I would also like to know… After 14 years of reading the Bible. How is it that you didn’t know that the 4th commandment still is binding? I’ve seen many evangelicals say they don’t need to keep the 4th because Christ full fill the law. But I know such reasoning isn’t fu!ly the truth. For the Sabbath was given two fold… Christ finished what He came to do and gotten rid of the ceremonial Law…. but that doesn’t get rid of the actual 4th commandments. Only the ceremonial version… The second fold and not the first fold also. I’ve seen many who read thier Bibles as much as you, some proclaiming 40 years. Yet they say the same thing… But now I give you the light I have. The light all true believers will have to follow regardless… Of thier previous thoughts on the 4th Commandment. How can I not be upset when I am called self righteous?

        When all I did wasn’t for self…. I stood up for you, I pointed false doctrine, pointed out unscrupuous communication and vageueness which isn’t good for onces hearing. A lack of respect for ones mind.

        Yet I am called things which I am not? You don’t even know how you and Sonny whom himself is a hypercrite from his own words, has tempted a man.

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