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Wedding Day


Wedding Day

(My thoughts are beyond words today … so here is a pale reflection of the incredible beauty I am experiencing.)


“So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Matthew 19:6

The Harmony of Life

Harmony. True harmony is born out of a life-giving spirit. It’s a word to describe the perfect alignment of all things between living spirits. In harmony, the good for all is manifested in the present moment, which leads to the continuous perfection of all in the following present moments. In the harmony of living spirits, creation comes into harmony, for creation is the reflection of the spirits’ realities. It creates a fortified reality, as there is no division created by disharmony. There is nothing more powerful. Matthew 7:24

Harmony is created by the synergy of the characteristics of perfect character; the divine character of the heavenly Father.

To manifest harmony in our lives requires one dynamic; harmony of our character (spirit) with the heavenly Father’s character (spirit). (Regeneration of Thought) In this harmony, all else that is good flows. The perfect character within grows out of understanding and wisdom from the spirit of Christ in us (who is our teacher, wisdom, purified conscience). Understanding and wisdom are the powers of transformation for through them divine character is shaped, molded, and created.  Proverbs 4:7, 16:16

When our character begins to take on the heavenly Father’s character, our thoughts begin to be His thoughts, our desires His desires, leading to our words being His words, our actions His actions … thus harmony is created within us. Psalm 37:4 In bearing His character, we bear His name for we are His reflection, His offspring. Revelation 14:1

This harmony is the light of life for in harmony all souls are supported, loved and cared for in such a way that creates perfect growth. A harmonious union is a place where there is no hypocrisy in what you desire and what the heavenly Father desires for you. There is perfect integration of wills; your will in full submission to His, and His will a complete fulfillment of your desires (will). This causes exponential growth into eternity.

When this harmony is found in you; then it’s reflected outside of you in your perceived reality.  To be this harmonious spirit is to be light. Matthew 5:14-16 The heavenly Father’s presence within is reflected in your reality without.

Bringing the Divine into Reality

When two souls both abide in this harmony with the heavenly Father, then a powerful spirit is generated between them. Two harmonious spirits coming together bring the divine spirit formed within them to the outside because there is a place for that spirit to be connect to on the outside; the other harmonious spirit.  While alone we can reflect His nature that is within us, joined to another His spirit can enter reality, and not only be a mere reflection. This is Christ, the perfection of divine nature within us, abiding in our midst. Matthew 18:20

Sacred Marriage Union

When those two souls are one a male and another a female, they bring an even more powerful spirit of the divine into creation as these two parts represent the fullness of God; a life-creating spirit. The nature of God in this creation is represented in the unity of an ever-perfecting male and female; who together are able to bring forth life. Genesis 1:27

When two internally harmonious souls are purified and sanctified in an all-consuming desire for one another; in that they desire their spirit to fully become a part of the other; the framework of a sacred marriage is found. It’s a marriage formed by God, for His spirit created their unity, and a marriage that holds the presence of God. It’s a union created by life, in life, of life, and creating life.

This essential singleness of desire for one another in all purity, honor and beauty is formed out of complete loyalty and trust, as all others are forsaken. All others are forsaken even in their thoughts; for the thoughts are coming from a perfecting character. Matthew 5:28

All others are forsaken, even the most exemplary external images they can imagine of each other. For God to be in the midst of a union there can be no images (defined shapes or realities of the physical world) defining or driving the marriage union for God Himself has no images. Thus, for Him to be in the midst there can be no images of what that union will be. Therefore, in the present moment, the two see a manifestation of the heavenly Father in the physical; yet there is an awareness that the next moment is God’s creation and not their own, thus they cling to no image. (To be in a harmonious relationship with God means He is creating each present moment and not us by preconceived images.)

All else is forsaken, even the past.  By forsaking the past, the character of God within each individual is able to create what it will, unhindered by past affections or pains.

All that defines and drives this sacred union between two souls is the ever-expanding perfect character of the heavenly Father expressing Himself in His creation. In the created world, in their midst, now abides the presence of God within their harmonious connection; which stands as a wall of fire.

When harmonious unions are formed between souls, the Day manifests. It is bringing the kingdom of heaven from within out; the revelation (revealing) of Jesus Christ in creation.

Psalm 118: 24 This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.

May 20,2013 – My wedding day

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Wedding Day

  1. Another Masterpiece! But I have you bested! It is both in image and, not limited by image. Certainly the image does never supercede the spirit, just as newleyweds in their prime cannot have the superior wealth of accumulated love over a lifetime together though they are now old and wrinked! Led by the spirit never cancels out the beauty of the image of a gorgeous young couple in their prime in shining clothes! It transends and improves as does age to a fine wine; I am as in love with you as I am with my God for sowing in the seeds of love my friend! But your husband is your king and I/we your family. It is neither less love nor more but perfectly ordained and exquisetly designed by our Father; It is amazing! Even as the power and nature of law is without equal in justice, the mystery of love remains that it cannot be quantified and though it serves is higher than the law! It is multi dimensional and expononentially beyond our wildest imaginations! Soon…we will supernova into a thousand suns; You inspire such in men!

  2. Rachel,
    The Holy Spirit has blessed me with an experience im which a future spouse and I first approached (courted) one another each of us wearing royal regalia and then united under one crown and scepter. It was an overwhelming physical vision. I haven’t heard of anyone describing a similar experience and was hoping to get feedback from you as to your opinion.

    • Hi Redbird – there is no greater union than the sacred union of a man and woman within the spirit of the eternal Father; as this union is a picture of God’s nature. It’s a bond of royalty … in that you are united not only to each other but to the Heavenly Father, making a union of 2 a union of 3 and forever abiding in His abundance, power and love … His inheritance.

      What does it speak to you?

  3. The sanctity of marriage is beautiful, but when the Government begins wiretapping the telephones of our news reporters’, trying to either ‘be God’, or hear from him, by stealing your records, and being your Doctor, it’s a whole other issue, whether it’s the IRS, or the KKK, or the DNC.

  4. This is very deep, Rachel. My spiritual understanding seems to resonate with your concepts. I have to study this more closely.

  5. Thanks, Rachel. You wrote:
    “When our character begins to take on the heavenly Father’s character, our thoughts begin to be His thoughts, our desires His desires, leading to our words being His words, our actions His actions … thus harmony is created within us.”
    When we divert our thoughts away from contemplating and meditating on the invisible presence of God our Saviour/Creator, then, although God’s Mind is continually focused on us, we have dropped our connection to Him. It’s as if we put the phone down and leave God on hold. Then we go about our worldly activities. Most people who call themselves followers of Jesus . . . they do this all the time. God tells us, in MATTHEW 25, that these are the five foolish virgins, who eventually try to embrace God, but “the door is shut,” and Jesus tells them, “Depart from me. I never knew you.” This is my greatest concern — that the thorny ground of worldly cares will drop many of us off the cliff of eternal existence with God, and into an abyss.

    • Hi John,
      Christ went into the abyss to save all from just this; ourselves and our inability to see rightly. To understand His love that overcomes our fallen state is to get a glimpse of the power and depths of His love.

  6. Happy marriage anniversary.


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