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Beautiful Transcendence


Beautiful Transcendence


Yesterday I did three videos. They marked a memorial and a new beginning. After 12 years of daily being drawn to the Bible and seeking to know my heavenly Father, this weekend He led me to fully embrace what I had been seeking; me as a part of Him in all purity and oneness of spirit. He came and made His home in me in a living union that always grows and expands by His will and His doing. He filled the hunger that drew me into the Bible by becoming a part of me; so that there is now an oneness in my spirit with Him filling the hunger. His spirit led and taught me through the Bible; but now He is doing so from within me and using all that is around me to increase our bond as He fills all my reality. What this will manifest in coming days … I can’t wait to experience. It is like I can now breathe; as if I’ve come out of the womb. And as my husband and I are one spirit, we’ve made this journey together; an experience beyond magnificent.

Born into the Kingdom

When we begin an honest journey to seek the living spirit of God in our midst, the grave of our mortal existence becomes a womb to be born again as Jesus spoke of in John 3. The womb is entering into His care, nourishment, guidance, protection, and instruction of Himself and His ways that eventually leads us to be birthed as spiritual creations who can be united to Him within our soul; for Him to come make His home in us. During this time of being in the womb, our nourishment, my nourishment, was the Bible. It is where I received the food of life to grow while in the womb, like an umbilical chord. I hungered for it. I grew by it. It brought amazing life giving truths.

After we grow to a certain level of maturity in our spirits, it is time for us to be born and enter into a new and living connection with our Father and His Son; thus to enter into His kingdom. This is a union with the heavenly Father through Christ’s divine nature, which has been knit to our soul through understanding and faith; that forms a pure oneness. It’s a union void of images of Him and expectations of how our union will appear in the physical for He is spirit and always advancing our union. (Wedding Day) He is always with us. His desires become our desires, His thoughts our thoughts, and His ways our ways.  It’s becoming His son/daughter in the fullest sense. In this bond the umbilical chord (Bible) is no longer needed as it once was. Though it was necessary to bring us to birth, to remain dependent on it as our source of nourishment, is to cease to transform and grow, as we should.

In coming to birth, we gain the bread of heaven from Christ by Him writing His truth directly on our hearts, as He is a part of us. There is no disconnect, nothing in between, but spirit to spirit. When our hearts are exposed what you see is His words written upon our hearts and new words being added by His spirit every day. There is nothing in between, thus a true and complete oneness that knows no lack. This is what Jesus taught.

Over the past months; I felt this transition … from a hunger that drew me to the Bible each day to a filling of that hunger deep within.  It is like the life source was becoming a part of my depths; creating a growing light within me. The communion each morning didn’t cease; it changed and grew much stronger. Our communion consumes my entire day and life for He is always with me. Revelation and understanding come from His spirit united to mine and is powerful and life-giving. He is bringing me fully into the present moment, which He is creating in magnificent beauty and love. My understanding of the words written in the Bible that brought me to this point actually continues to deepen in various areas; though it is no longer my source of nourishment; but His living spirit in me is my source. It’s a far superior connection; the one I’ve longed for. The words of Christ spoken through the Bible to my soul constructed a foundation of understanding upon which all is being built upon. The Teacher who came through those words that fed my hunger each morning is now being deeply intertwined with my spirit as my Husband. What a journey.

We aren’t going to be communing with our heavenly Father and His Son through a book in His kingdom; we come to Him spirit to spirit. This is what it is to meet Him in the air (spirit). He becomes our internal guide and compass. He becomes our thoughts, will and desires that move us to an ever-expanding reflection of His love. This directly impacts our connections to others. Our communion with one another will hold a new significance and impact as I’ve found with my husband. The words of life spoken between living spirits greatly increases us.

If you have read my blog or seen my videos you have known my passion for my heavenly Father that led me to diligently seek Him through the Bible. But now, that I have come out of the womb and to Him; I am embracing the fullness of Him in me as an eternal light directing every breath. It is absolutely beautiful, powerful and glorious as His spirit is also free to express and manifest Himself as He wills in my life and in the lives of others.

If you are experiencing this transformation as well; I know the delight in your spirit. Embrace Him fully. Let Him make His home in you; and you be His shining light.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “Beautiful Transcendence

  1. Thank you for sharing, Rachel. I came across a video of yours for the first time last week, about the Sabbath rest, and I thought, “It’s rare to find someone who also has a revelation of this.” I then visited your website, and I saw there that we are in agreement about many things (just as we should be), being taught by the same Spirit. I share many things at , Rachel. You may want to check this website out. Bless you. — D

    • Hi David, thanks for your comment … I checked out some of your posts … some interesting ideas in there. Your concept of the lake of fire is fascinating. The Bible is absolutely amazing in it’s structure and intricacy when taught by the spirit of God.


  2. Happy BIRTH day sis! I’m not there yet, but I praise God for your journey. It gives me hope!

    • Hi, this is truly an amazing journey of how these truths build one leading to the next .. last week I was understanding and moving in faith in the marriage union with Him, then this week I realized what I experienced was Him moving in. 🙂

  3. Dear sweet one! I too have experienced this communion and unity! For me this presence engulfs and infills from the outside in and the inside out simultaneously! Enjoy!

  4. Dear Rachel. I tried to find your e-mail address, but I can`t seem to find it. I found your blog through your Youtube, and as much as I agree with many of the things you`ve shared in your old blog posts (before this post) and videos (about the eternal tormenting hell not being true, which is correct. Hell is false, death is the penalty of sin),, I see something dangerous that has happened. I come from the New Age, that was my life before I gave it to Yahshua (Jesus), the Creator, the Savior, the King – not simply a divine spirit! I see a spirit in your posts and videos (after 2013) that is not from Him. I wanted to look for a post on your blog showing the sudden change from posting Bible verses and truth to no Bible verses and New Age teachings. And this is the post.

    Reading it made me sad, sad for you and the people you teach. What you are teaching is dangerous and not the truth. I agree that when we go home to our Father, we will not need the Bible. We will not communicate through the Bible. But we are not there yet. Unless you have memorized the enitre Bible Rachel, you still need it to test the spirits. And you have a dangerous spirit you need to test with the Word, and I can tell you right now it`s a false one based on the Word of our Creator.

    You may take this however you wish, I know the spiritual deception of “you may not understand where I am in my journey”, and I`ve seen you use that before in your comments answering people trying to warn you. So you can go ahead and drop that with me, I am very familiar with that kind of deception.

    I will pray for you Rachel, for you have let another voice speak to you, and His word does not agree with the New Age teachings you are sharing. Take heed Rachel, I say this because I love you, and I don`t wish for your blood to be on my hands as Ezekiel warns us about. He is warning you not only through me, but I`ve seen other people on your blog to. You want to hear His voice? Then start listening, He is speaking to you right here.

    If you wish to answer, answer to my e-mail. I will not be coming back to your blog, for YHWH Yahshua the Creator of this universe tells me to stay away from all appereances of evil. May Yah help you.

    • To all .. I wanted to reply even though Miranda is no longer reading my blogs. It’s interesting … I’ve been reading my blogs from the beginning, April 2008. Things I was saying then, I’m talking about only on a deeper level. I’ve found that we spiritual grow upward like a winding staircase. The Spirit teaches us various truths, like love, righteousness, thanksgiving, grace, faith, etc. then comes back around and teaches us those topics at a deeper level. Every concept is connected to another so we learn a selection of various truths all at a certain level then we can touch upon them again at a deeper level. It’s a bit like looking at a leaf with the naked eye versus a microscope. It looks much different under a microscope but it is still a leaf.

      Yet truly a pure love has grown in my heart and life and I speak much more in regards to this pure divine love now and learning of this love changed a lot of my perspectives; less judgmental, more compassionate, etc. And as I began to learn and desire this divine love, his perfect love, my learning went to a new level. I feel many who wrote in the Bible, though inspired, didn’t have a depth of awareness of the love of God, I don’t know that they could have until after Jesus, who revealed a likeness of the Father’s character. I think it was part of his gift to reveal. So though there is truth to be learned from their words BY the teaching of the Spirit of Truth, there is a lack of this all consuming characteristic of divine love reflected in their words … in my opinion.

      As for the Bible, I could pepper all my posts with verses and actually many come to mind as I write. But I stopped referencing because I felt lead to write in a purity of truth without all the Biblical images. And this is how I learn now though what I learn is supported by what I learned from the Spirit of Truth through the Bible. What I share is my journey of what I’m learning and the Spirit takes me ever deeper into the meaning of the stories, parables, and the symbolism. For example, my current post, Slave to Servant to Son .. is symbolized in the story of Joseph with the coat of many colors (reflection of a divine soul.) It speaks of the trees of righteousness in Isaiah 61. It speaks of the new birth process in John 3, and so on.

      The other day this puzzle came to mind, how can the Bible be the Word of God and not be the Word of God at the same time? Perspective. And perspective or interpretation depends upon who is teaching you. We all see how often the Bible is misunderstood even in what may seem “obvious”.. so how do we learn the truth through it? When we trust the Spirit of Truth we learn the truth underneath the Bible images, wording, parables, etc. If we learn only from another, we’ll not get the truth, because it is an inner work of the soul by the Spirit of Truth because he transforms our soul in the process. And recently, I’ve shared a lot about the new birth as Jesus references. There is a lot that goes into an egg turning into a child. Our soul journey is the same. I think most haven’t learned to this depth, so they get uncomfortable when I go there? Or perhaps it is my choice of words? Yet, I describe it as I’m taught and we are each taught in ways we can understand, but certainly certain words mean different things to different people. So I ask for people to try to not get caught up in words … for this happens when using Bible language or not. But to seek to know the truth being expressed by another. Even Jesus was misunderstood. It happens when we try to learn from the outside. Thus, why we have the Spirit of Truth that can instill the truth within our soul so we get it right.

      As for New Age .. I don’t know much of what they believe. But I think it involves a path of self-perfecting so that the self is exalted as the person’s own “savior” so to speak? If I’m wrong someone can correct me. From what I’ve learned, we have to become a new creation .. our self-determined consciousness can’t evolve its way out of its corruption. We must let go of it and seek to be one with the Father as Jesus prayed in John 17. And it is by his grace that we are transformed into a state of oneness in righteousness with him.

      So I hope this helps. I’ve been learning from the Spirit of Truth since 2001. And he is our most faithful teacher and the one who can instill the truth in us in this world of relative truth. This is why in it speaks of God writing his “law”, his truth and love, on our hearts and us not being taught by another. Jer 31:33 So when people “warn” me … I can see their care like Miranda, but I know in who I trust and all he has revealed to me over these years and the perfection of it. It is so amazing to me. So, I will always put what he is teaching above all else, for I’ve learned I can truly trust him. This is what it means for God to be our God, our true Shepherd.

      • And one more thought … as I’ve learned from the Spirit of Truth over the years, I’ve seen reflections of his teachings and instructions to me in most belief systems. No one possessing all the truth. Reflections of truth and error in them all – that I’ve seen or heard of. No belief system, organized religion, owns the truth, though that is what they like to tell everyone. It is free to all who truly seek for it. And if you seek you will find. And I feel that there are true seekers coming out of every background and culture. Again, I feel that the truth can only be truly known in our soul when we learn from the Spirit of Truth, (the Holy Spirit, the Spirit that comes from our Creator) or we end up with a mix of shades of truth and lies. The Spirit of Truth reveals to our soul the true nature of God and his ways. He wants to reveal it to us. The question is are we open to learn all he teaches us, and let go of the lies, or do we think we already know or have we signed on to some already established belief system? Only when we trust him to be our main teacher and willing to learn as he instructs do we have true discernment, otherwise we are judging things by our relative understanding.

        I thank Miranda for her comment .. for the care she showed me and for bringing up a topic that has a lot of important issues wrapped up in it.

  5. As we are taught by the spirit which dwells within us we all learn from where we are in our maturity. Maturity is not knowledge about the scriptures, or even having the correct perspective of a particular parable, allegory or revelation. Maturity comes from God Himself, poured into us according to our measurement of His likeness we have grown to in our degree of obedience to His will. This measurement is not by knowledge since the scriptures plainly state that knowledge will cease when we are complete and the temporary will be done away with. Knowledge is only a map but it is not the journey nor is it the destination. Knowledge is not the substance of God. Knowledge is an “exterior” thing, a guide which tells us how we may achieve that in which we seek inwardly.

    So therefore let us seek an end result for others as we would seek it for ourselves. We must have an all inclusive view of God’s plan to see as He sees. If He talks of leaving the 99 and finding and saving the one (from ourselves) we also must have this same view and desire. Although in the temporary we see others unfulfilled, we see all in the end, as He is, for every knee will bow to the will of God. This is His stated fact of what His will is. We must separate the process from the result or the end from the means.

    The 30 fold will accuse as they are blind to the 100 fold, the 60 will also accuse what God has not allowed them to see. However the 100 fold comes to the benevolence and love for all, seeing their end, seeing judgement as only a corrective process to the will and love of God. The 100 fold (Sons of God) will dispense all things to the welfare of others, seeking an end result, overlooking and winking at error as God does. We learn to become and give as our Father gives, forgiving all to the very end of the fault we see in others. We see and use what we see as a measurement to what is lacking therefore what is remaining to be fixed. We do not see “punishment” as evil as do the 30 and 60 but we see “correction” as a means to an end, the end of self. When we come to our end we stand in the likeness of our Father Himself. If we do not see this end for all others we remain in darkness, poor and blind and naked of the truth that God loves all and will have all reconciled to Himself.

    Now the question is do we help perpetuate this love and end for all or do we judge unrighteous judgement. We can only judge lack for the purpose of remedy. We must each ask ourselves our purpose for approaching another…to condemn…or to help complete them. If we do not fully understand God’s plan and purpose we should perhaps have patience and wait upon this revelation.

    We do not love one and hate another…we love all.

    • Hi Sonny, Thanks for your words. As we mature in truth and spirit, we leave the images behind and we are able to see the truth expressed in a myriad of parables, stories, expressions, and words. With an image we are tied to a very specific description defined by a set of words, and I see this among the very young spirits. With this they can’t hear anything deeper for their image doesn’t allow it, even if those words are describing the very thing they are proclaiming. It reveals they know not what they truly proclaim because they are still at the level of holding an image instead of the truth. But as we learn the truth from the Spirit of Truth, we understand the deep truth underneath and in that it becomes a true belief and not one in vain (based on emptiness of a mere image). And this truth is enraptured in divine love .. it can’t be separated. So as we begin to perceive the truth then love expands in us for all because we are receiving the the love of the Creator, who loves all and created all to be of his love. And we see that we all have the same end – to be one in our Father’s divine love thus in perfect harmony with one another. It is such a beautiful plan of salvation for us all, for none of us could be anything without Him being our everything.

  6. I agree. When we see all “complete” one day when death is done completely away with we see all without error. Vanity is a short lived state of being in the natural life that has an “expire by date” and when this time has been fulfilled to the last person, no vanity which is death will exist. It is hard to have an evil bent toward God or any of His creation when we understand when it is all said and done all will stand in His likeness with His very character. So…when we look at another…any other…how can we demean or ridicule them knowing their outcome? When we see that God has complete reconciliation in mind for all, we as He wishes only the best for them. So…again…what correction and punishment comes one’s way is to a loving and reconciled end.

    When we see another in fault, we know that their end is sure so any words of correction or actions of reproof can and should only be given as God would give to complete them and not to condemn them. We are condemned already because we were born that way ( subject to vanity) so from birth to death of the natural man we should be filled with words of reconciliation, not condemnation. When we give words of condemnation we err because we do not understand this concept of already being condemned by default at birth. This is why Christ said He did not come to condemn but to reconcile mankind. Again, the condition at birth is condemnation so from that point on is reconciliation and ressurection to a new life. If we continue in the frame of mind of condemnation we are a child of hell for hell is the mind opposite of love. So we choose to love and reconcile ones to God or we choose to condemn others and show our loyalty to another. Righteous judgement is not condemnation because the heart which gives divine direction has no thought of being better than any.

    I think we see and agree on these points.

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